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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a train derailing. one of its cars landing in a creek. >> we started seeing water coming into the bottom of the train. yes, and it was rising fast. >> rescue crews rushing to the scene smashing windows checking for survivors. crucial contest, voters heading to the polls today in four state, could it be bernie sanders' last stand as hillary clinton pulls away in the polls and donald trump hoping to pile up more delegates. we're live on another big day in the presidential election. floating to safety. new video of a pilot using the plane's parachutes to control a crash. and epic frustrating on the soccer field. medics having trouble carrying off an injured player.
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good tuesday morning, everyone. we'll start with the breaking news, a commuter train derailing in northern california, part of it landing in a fast-moving creek. >> dramatic new video coming in overnight. that train careening into the water after going off the rails in bad weather. rescue crews quickly jumped into action. smashing a window, a firefighter frantically searching for passengers. the a.c.e. train was carrying them from san jose to stockton in alameda county. >> it went off the track and stopped right at the edge which was a blessing. >> reporter: new video showing the partially submerged car laying on its side water rushing around it. >> the train flipped and started seeing water coming in the bottom of the train and rising fast and we all realized we were fine except for one lady, she was pinned at the top end of
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>> reporter: officials calling it a miracle that everyone survived and passengers still in disbelief that they were able to walk away. >> it's scary. it's still scary, you know, somebody was watching over us tonight, everybody got out. and everybody is going to hopefully be okay and, you know, all i can say is we've got a lot to be thankful for. i was never more happy to see flashing lights in my life. >> several people on board were hurt but all expected to be okay. >> this morning no word yet on the cause of that but one official said it struck a tree that had fallen onto the tracks and it was raining heavily at the time. that storm system part of the el nino-fueled system that pummeled the west coast from san francisco to san diego uprooting tree, collapsing roofs and even briefly knocking out power to l.a.x. if you check out this radar system those storms are finally moving out but more showers expected for the west coast. beginning on friday. >> to poli
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americans heading to the polls in four states. >> this latest round follows a big announcement from michael bloomberg saying he will not enter the race because his candidacy could help trump or cruz win the election. it's "your voice, your vote." we get the latest from abc's stephanie ramos. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning to you and kendis as well. a big voting day and we are one step closer to knowing which candidate will be their party's nominee. it's time for another face-off at the polls in battleground states. >> thank you. wow, i am so happy to be here. >> reporter: hillary clinton at a rally in detroit, michigan, telling the crowd she wants to be their small business president to help folks get ahead but she needs their votes. >> the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans. >> reporter: clinton feeling confident looking beyond bernie sanders and even thinking about how he can help her. >> i would hope to be able to
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reach out to his supporters if i am so fortunate enough to be the nominee. >> reporter: but sanders is not going anywhere. >> if there is a large voter turnout, we will win. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: to win the nomination, he would need to secure every remaining state by ten points with contests in idaho, mississippi and hawaii, the big prize today is michigan where both donald trump and hillary clinton have double-digit leads on their competition? raise your right hand, everybody. >> reporter: trump at a rally in mississippi overnight asking the crowd to pledge their support for him as the gop rival hangs on his heels in the same state. >> the men and women here and across the state are in the position to decide this outcome. >> reporter: senator ted cruz scoring wins on saturday in kansas and maine, but competing hard in michigan and mississippi where he and john kasich expect to do well. as for marco rubio he is still struggling a bit.
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only winning 2 of the 20 contests so far but says he is staying in despite calling from trump telling him to get out. we'll see what happens. kendis and reena, only time will tell. >> hoping to win next tuesday in florida. stephanie ramos, thank you. transcending politics are the sympathies and condolences pouring in for first lady nancy reagan. mrs. reagan will lie in repose tomorrow and thursday for public viewing before being buried friday at the ronald reagan presidential library next to her husband. the first lady will attend. mrs. reagan died sunday at her home in los angeles at the age of 94. vice president joe biden is in the middle east this morning where he's promising that the u.s. will destroy and, quote, squeeze the heart of isis biden spoke before hundreds of service members at an air base near abu dhabi a main launching point there specifically targeting isis fighters. biden and his wife are set to visit israel, the west bank and
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jordan. overnight the military revealing think details about a deadly drone strike hitting terrorists in somalia. a pentagon spokesman said more than 150 al shabaab militants were killed while preparing to launch a large-scale attack. it's the same group that detonated a bomb on a commercial passenger jet in somalia last month. getting alarming new images from the epicenter of the humanitarian crisis in europe. tens of thousands of migrants camping out now that the greece/macedonia border route has been closed. a majority are women and children living in horrible conditions. this as turkey and the european union have reached the basics of a deal which would allow more refugees into that country. well, a tragic passing to note. victoria mcgrath was injured in the boston marathon bombing and recovered and was set to graduate from northeastern this spring. mcgrath and her roommate were killed
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dubai. one of the heroes that helped him the day of the bombing said she understood the fragility of life. she was just 23 years ole. an update on the teenager critically injured last month's deadly shooting in kalamazoo, michigan. 14-year-old abigail kopf is expected to leave the hospital for a rehab facility. her daughters have been talking about donating her organs when she squeezed her mother's hand and her dad says she's now laughing and joking. a go fund me page for her has raised more than $50,000. erin andrews is thanking her supporters after winning a $55 million award in the case she brought against her stalker and a hotel in nashville. a jury says michael barrett should pay 51% of the penalty and the hotel should pay the other 49%. attorneys for the hotel companies involved say they're not sure yet if they plan to appeal. well, still ahead a recall involving a popular item at starbucks.
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a police officer pulling kids from a burning car. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. plus road hazard. nope, that's not a hood ornament. a car heading down a highway with a tree
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these incredible images showing a california highway patrol officer rescuing two women and two children from their burning car. the officer just happened to be behind that car in monther ray when it burst into flames. all four treated for smoke inhalation. no word on what sparked it. emotions sparked at the hulk hogan sex trial. the pro wrestler testified his former best friend bubba the love sponge propositioned him to have sex with his then wife heather.
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hogan says he eventually gave in but it wasn't until five years later that he learned a sex tape had been made and leaked. >> i was pretty robbed. i felt -- i felt numb. i still was holding out hope that bubba did not do this to me. >> he is suing gawker for $100 million for posting the video. gawker is citing freedom of the press. new images of a plane crash that we told you about yesterday. take a look at this surveillance video capturing the single engine plane as it hit the ground in new york from 2,000 feet up. that's after the plane deployed the parachute system, softening the impact. the pilot and his teenage daughter walked away from the crash virtually uninjured. just a scratch on his head, pretty remarkably, huh. >> before you grab your breakfast at starbucks there is a recall. they're recalling its sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich sold at more than 200 stores in "texas rising," arns
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concerns about listeria, no illnesses reported. >> today is the 11th annual national pan many cake today. ihop is giving one free short tack of pancakes. patrons can make a donation to a children's hospital fund. >> when we come back a shocker in the world of tennis. maria sharapova failing a drug test. sponsors already dropping the world's highest paid female athlete. a uterus transplant. this morning doctors and the patient talking about the procedure.
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ives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. possible tornado came across parts of this rural north carolina area causing severe damage to homes just west of ft. worth. it was the area's first tornado warning of the season. torrential storms are forecast for all of north texas this week. now for a look at your morning commute and the road conditions, look for flooding across nearly all of texas and the south central u.s. stretching up into the midwest and great lakes. more mountain snow over the rockies and wet roads again along the west coast from northern california into washington state. and if you're flying airport delays possible in dallas and houston. >> well, there is new fallout after tennis star maria sharapova admitted she failed a drug test at this
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australia open. >> she has taken a drug to treat heart ailments for years but it turns out that drug was declared a banned substance this year because it allegedly boosts endurance in some users. sharapova claims she was unaware of that change and took full responsibility of what happened. >> i know that with this i face consequences and i don't want to end my career this way. >> sharapova is starting a provisional suspension while her case is investigated. nike says during that investigation it is suspending its sponsorship of sharapova who is the top earning woman in sports and also watchmakes er tg heuer is not renewing its contract with her. the 26-year-old going by lindsey appeared at a news
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conference after the utah transplant. doctors say she got a matching donor just minutes after her name was placed on the waiting list. >> now, i have prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy and here we are today at the beginning of that journey. >> lindsey will have to wait for a near before getting pregnant. nine others have been scheduled to have the transplant. a woman facing drunk driving charges after police saw this. a 15-foot tree wedged into the grill of her car. she'd obviously ran into it at some point because police noticed the air bags were already deployed. the driver admitted triking the tree but could not remember wherever. for apparent of extreme driver error. watch this in miami. -- cam shows the driver of this garbage truck apparently distracted careening off the i-95 ramp and plunging
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below. he was cited for careless driving and not wearing a seat belt. now to some sports and taking it to the hoop this morning. >> that means some nba history and some teams punching their tickets to march madness. highlights from our guys at espn. max and the coach here with you. plenty of hoops to get to. we'll start at oracle arena. the golden state team looking for win that would be a record. 300 threes in a season. that would be number 300. he had 41 against orlando. a magic team that although they trailed by 17, going into the fourth they would not go away. klay thompson. he had 27 to support steph and the warriors hold on, now 56-6 all year. all right, chattanooga would win the southern conference title. tray m
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score 13, first ncaa tournament bid for them since 2009. what about the colonial/unc wilmington and hoff sta. denzel ingram, the late three. they deny the pride and they're going dancing for the first time since 2006 tfrjts in the m.a.c., these two cultivated an incredible rivalry. eye onna and monmouth and iona beats the hawks. monmouth has a good shot to get an at large according to our joe lunardi. >> that'll do it for us. enjoy your tuesday, for max, i'm the coach. see you later. >> thank you, guys. up next in "the pulse." putting his body on the line. a dad saving his son's face from a flying bat. and how not to carry a player off the field.
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®. from bayer. we're going to start "the pulse" with an amazing save. >> it happened during a pittsburgh pirates spring training game. pittsburgh tribune review photographer christopher horner got this split-second play by a protective dad, shawn cunningham when a bat slipped out of the hands of outfielder danny ortiz and went straight for his son landon. >> realizing that it was coming for us and specifically him and really all i could do was just throw my arm in the way. >> he is. he is my hero. he is the most amazing dad ev
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the game was an early birthday present for landon. he turns 9 next week and, of course, he's going to keep that bat. he deserves it, right. >> it's an early tenth birthday gift, as well. we'll hear, by the way, from the super dad shawn cunningham later on this morning on "good morning america." here is one for all the speed demons out there. a surefire way to leave everyone in the dust. >> there you see it. the souped up corvette. it's the world's fastest street legal electric car. you're looking at it hitting a record-breaking 186. miles an hour. this prototype was made -- made the run on the shuttle landing facility at the kennedy space center in florida. >> yeah, so the heavily modified corvette is being used to research performance improvements. i'd say it did a good job with that. >> i can't help but ask what's the insurance on this car. >> it's probably quite up there. you wouldn't be able
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it. >> nice job on the graphic. it sure is. a stretcher fail during a soccer match in israel. poor number 7 injured. he's the guy on the stretcher. you see him right there. >> yeah. >> take a look at what happens. first the guy carrying the front almost sits on his head then the guy in the back, well, then he drops the stretcher altogether. everybody is irritated. especially number 7. eventually number 8 plays the role of a good teammate and he just picks him up. number 7 there and carries him off the pitch. >> he has every right to be angry with the situation. >> that's the part i'd be more scary about. looking up and going, oh, no. >> something tells me those medics may not have a job today. >> it's all right. i'm getting off. more news after this, everyone.
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be plenty to like outside today. warm weather will have many people ready to break out the short sleeves and sunglasses! good morning washington. toss to eileen today: morning clouds. afternoon sunshine. warmer. highs: 70-75 winds: wsw 5 mph tonight: mainly clear and mild. lows: 45-53 winds: sw 5 mph to calm wednesday: mostly sunny and unseasonably warm. highs: 75-80 winds: sw 5-10 mph
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a chaotic end to a late-night train ride in california after a major derailment sends a car full of passengers crashing into a creek.
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after the passenger train derailed, and the front car crashed down an embankment. at least 9 people are injured, and four are now receiving treatment for serious injuries. investigators say it appears a fallen tree blocked the tracks, triggering the derailment. we will hear from emergency officals coming up in a few minutes. a boost for the commonwealth... as officials continue to feel the effects of the blizzard of 20-16. president obama has signed a disaster declaration for virginia. it will allow local governments and nonprofit organizations to receive federal funds to help cover the cost of clean-up after the storm... as well as repairs for any damage the blizzard did. last week, a similar declaration was signed for both maryland and d-c. it appears the presidential race will not be getting any larger this week. last night-- former new york mayor michael bloomberg announced that he will not make a bid for the white house. bloomberg had been considering making a run as a third party candidate. the new york times reports that the billinoaire was concerned that a three-way race could result in the election of donald
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police in illinois are trying to hammer home the dangers of drunk driving. thats why they released this next picture on their twitter account. take a look.. that is a 15 foot tall tree lodged in the front grill of a car involved in a d-u-i- accident. but the driver just kept right on driving until police stopped the car... as it drove on the wrong side of the road. the driver is now facing charges. it's xx and we're just getting started. super tuesday-- part two. presidential candidates prepare to face off in several big states.. we'll tell you who needs a big win.. to stay in the race. breaking news overnight. a train derails with hundreds of people onboard. the latest on the recovery effort happening right now.. good morning washington.
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today: morning clouds. afternoon sunshine. warmer. highs: 70-75 winds: wsw 5 mph tonight: mainly clear and mild. lows: 45-53 winds: sw 5 mph to calm wednesday: mostly sunny and unseasonably warm. highs: 75-80 winds: sw 5-10 mph
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on the presidential race. its now a week race. its now a week after super tuesday - and another round of voting in key states is set for today. raising the ante for presidential frontrunners trying to set themselves apart. abc's stephanie


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