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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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tall frame, speaking little except to ask for the court appointed attorney. there was a 911 call about domestic abuse came in prior to shooting. the officers arrive and found hamilton at the front door and the affidavit states he opened fire with a rifle. >> after other officers got control of him they found crystal hamilton's body in a bedroom. the couple 11-year-old son was not armed. the affidavit stated hamilton admitted shooting his wife and the officer. >> trying to save somebody. doing her job. officer jesse hempen is doing well. officer david mckeown has a long recovery ahead. family and fellow officers are preparing for ashley's funeral. >> bless their heart, there is no protection.
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>> there will be a funeral procession where the funeral will be held tomorrow. the viewing will be at 10:00. the law enforcement alwaysers will take precedence when it comes to seating. stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you. officer ashley guindon is being remembered at her high school alma mater. students at merrimack high school began with a moment of silence to honor guindon. she graduated there in 2005. >> to see a young person go off and commit a life to public service and taken down on her first day is beyond imaginable. leon: johnson says her father died in 2004 after serving a tour in iraq and says he most remembers her resilience and ability to move forward. >> meanwhile, family members
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wife at the center of this original domestic call also coping with a tragic loss. we continue with amy aubert who spoke to hamilton's family. amy? amy: you can see the growing memorial behind me. that is where the family gathered this morning and they tell me the hearted goes out to ashley guindon's loved ones as they cope as well. >> my baby is gone. >> family of the 29-year-old crystal hamilton gathered at the scene where it happened. >> real. look at everything to see there. knowing she is not around. >> facing a reality. a reality they never saw coming. >> to be able to be in her presence was a blessing. >> wendy describes her sister as friendly, hardworking and always wanting to help others. >> a family that had been divided. she
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to me that is the ultimate sacrifice. >> howard says the sister and the suspect ronald hamilton were high school sweethearts and says she doesn't hold any bad feelings against him. >> crystal would want us to go on and forgive. she would want us to rejoice in the fact that i got to live my life. >> she says the 11-year-old nephew who acarding to the police was -- according to police was inside the home in the incident and ran out in the encounter is asking why. >> hi understands dad is not coming back. mom is not coming back. a loss of both parents. >> reminder of a loved one full of life. >> it's a better place. >> the prince william county public school system tells me they have a crisis team a
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the 11-year-old is enrolled. saying anytime they have a significant event like this, it can take a big toll on the students. live in woodbridge, amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: thank you. reminder that the public is invited to officer quinones's funeral tomorrow in woodbridge. for all the detail goes to our website leon: breaking news in jesse matthew case. we have a look at what the murder suspect is expected to do in court this week. what is the next step? jonathan: the man accused of killing two women in our area is expected to enter a plea in both cases wednesday. jesse matthew accused of killing hannah graham and that trial scheduled for july. that d.n.a. linked him to the death of morgan harrington last seen in 2009. if convicted he faces the death penalty. matthew serving three life sentences for the a
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murder and assault of a woman in fairfax from 2005. alison: thank you. breaking now officials at the national zoo temporarily closed the kids farm exhibit. e. coli was found in a few animals now placed in quarantine. e. coli was discovered friday after test results revealed a get and a cow tested positive there. zoo officials say the quarantine will be lifted after three consecutive weeks of negative test results. leon: too bad. today was a beautiful day to be out there. alison: beautiful! >> beautiful day outside. leon: look at the shot. imagine now at 5:05 that sun bouncing off the capitol building. beautiful look there. the last day of february. leap day. leap year. this won't last all week long, though, folks. enjoy it while we've got it. standing by when a look at the cold is coming back. doug: it
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a beautiful and 60 degrees. the importance of wind speed and direction. if the winds were out of the east at 14 miles per hour, the temperature at ocean city would be 44 degrees. so a big change in the winds. we are enjoying a gusty wind at 14 miles per hour here. in the capitol. but with temperatures are mild. it makes a difference. 65 in fredericksburg now. 62 in kulbir. it's cooler -- 65 in culpeper. cooler northwest of town. tonight is clear. winds will run through the computer modeling to show how the windy min niche. drop in 30's most areas. lighter winds for sure.
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super tuesday looks sweet. we will fill in the next seven days in detail and i will learn to speak english in the meantime when i see you in a few minutes. alison: let's stay with super tuesday. crunch time in virginia. both parties front runners are spending time in the commonwealth today. at the campaign stop at the rad forth university, the protesters were kicked out of the event. but they kept voicing opinions outside the rally. trump responded saying all lives matter. then went on to criticize his competitors. mainly hillary clinton and marco rubio. she reminded the crowd what happened the st
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house. leon: speaking of super tuesday voters in the 12 states head to the polls tomorrow for the big event. that means a lot of important delegates are up for grabs. the senior political reporter scott thuman joins us to explain what delegates are about. scot: let's discuss where we stand at the moment. keep in mind it includes super delegates. the party leaders and the officials and people that are able to choose candidate regardless of the state results. they can change their minds. on the right, the republicans, donald trump, 82 to cruise's 17. marco rubio 16. this is the biggest day in the election cycle. this is when most states vote on one day. a lot of delegates are up for grabs. this is the map and the states that will be voting super tuesday. democrats are giving way to 1,000
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two of the states are confusing. the last are voting for the republicans. later for the democrats. in colorado just the opposite with the democrats getting their vote. virginia is a purple state in the general elections lately so it gets attention and focus and advertising spending. rich state for delegates. republicans 49. at the moment the polls indicate double digit lead for donald trump on the republican side. hubie and cruz are almost side. hillary clinton has a solid lead. but this is all about get out the vote effort. the polls close at 7:00. we will have the analysis and break down results in a
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we have you covered for the super tuesday needs. after super tuesday a lot of states are winner take all. right now virginia you cannot necessarily win and get delegates. it grits tougher. leon: but it won't get boring. for sure. talk to you in a bit. abc7 is the vote 2016 station. stay with us tomorrow for the complete super tuesday coverage all day long. scott will be back to host special coverage at 9 it:00 p.m. on the sister station newschannel8 and streaming online at alison: all right. but first coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- an important member of the local police department missing. how you can help find milo. leon: plus after the weekend tragic shooting in woodbridge we get in numbers on my domestic violence calls are dangerous for officers. >> residents say a
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a triple fatal crash. what the solution is and who they say kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid
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alison: streets in southeast d.c. are back open after a multi-vehicle crash this morning at at least three cars were involved in
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at 14th and east capital streets. fire officials say one person sent to the hospital. there is no evidence it was a chase. leon: police arrested edwin ponce martinez after he was identified in a suspicious vehicle. they believe he broke in the department a couple of weeks ago and threatened the woman inside and sexually assaulted her. >> we want to bring him to prosecution behind bars for the rest of his life. leon: he is charged with burglary and rain and providing false identification to an officer. >> four prince george county schools locked down for an
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investigate a shooting. >> brad has more on what happened. >> a lot of people, thomas was going about his business visiting a doctor when it happened. >> this is disgusting and terrifying and senseless. >> a shooting victim stumbles and the witnesses hear two more shots and he goes down. >> they stop traffic and the nearby high school is on lockdown as precaution. detectives question witnesses. >> they don't believe it's randomming.
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was after the jacket. it was likely drug related and part of a dispute between the shooter and the victim. >> for the victim we are told he is 17 years old and not affiliated with nearby high school. >> he was hut in an ambulance and the heart stopped. they were able to revive him. he remains in critical condition. >> crews will be back tomorrow to finish work on water main break. hamilton street will be closed from 38 to 39th avenue until repairs are complete. the adjacent sidewalk and a large section of hamilton street will need to be fix and
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have temporary water service lines. leon: guys from new jersey may not want to go home after seeing the weather today. alison: great day. doug: >> it will get rainy and windy here. there is a possibility of snow and rain here. >> but the best news of all is next week we will warm up. >> on location. 52 there now. >> it's gorgeous. it has been gusty today. it will improve and the winds will diminish. the temperatures around the area are in the mid-50's. they have been in that range most of the day. north and west of
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we have 62 or 63 for a high. lot's talk about the 70 degree weather. tomorrow is the first day of march. the first day of the meteorological spring. give you a list of the times in the last few years we hit 70 or higher for the first day. january 30, a warm day at 72. we hit 72 on the first of february in 2012. so maybe we'd be close to 70 for the first time this year. 51 in columbus. with are -- we are not in the 70's this time around
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clear skies. 36 to 42 degrees by the morning. not much to show you on the satellite and the radar. get rid of it now. the future cast shows sunshine in the morning and the clouds will gather in the afternoon. when that comes through it will hit the area with rain and gusty winds. and snow in the mountainous areas through the morning. the sun should return later in the afternoon for wednesday. thursday it will calm down. friday, that is a change of another little system of the rain or snow. maybe snow in the morning. we can't rule out grassy area accumulation. look how colder. we will warm it up after that. the weather story tomorrow is sw
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in the afternoon 60 degrees with increasing cloudiness. spring is coming slowly. alison: it is. doug: the fall back for the winter we get. leon: all we care about is that it is coming. coming up next the search for a missing police k-9. horace: i'm horace holmes. what would you do and how much would you pay to find a lost pet. we share with you a woman's local quest and the high-tech tools she is using and you can use if the pet goes missing. alison: bachelor night tonight on abc7. you can details and more in inbox by sunning up for fan blast at
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eat well for less. only at my giant.
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happening now, prince william county a search is underway for a missing k9 officer. milo was last seen sunday night on rahill court in dale city. police tell us that miloú is friendly and not aggressive. if you see him or if you have any information at all, please call the prince william county police department right
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leon: some people look at pets or dogs like animals but a lot of us are members of the family. that is how we feel about them. what links would you go to find the pet? alison: "7 on your side" want to find out. tonight at 11:00, the troubleshooter will tackle the issue. >> this is a gps tag. if you get close to the pet you hit a button and go after the pet. gone are the days that all you do is put up a flyer if the pet goes missing. >> the search for lost pets have gone high pet. ke
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ran away two years ago. >> i have dog track. you can lay the trails. >> but she is an expert to devise a plan. >> she says it has reaped amazing benefits. she has 5,000 followers on facebook. on the bring ask home website, build army of the volunteers to put up the posters and search for a sighting of her dog. but social media is going well. they generate ideas. >> steve's cat missing for a month. >> the pet is like a soul mate. >> g.p.s. technology used to help any owner track the pet if it runs away
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there are devices like this that will attack to a collar or the micro chips injected under the skin to track on your phone or computer where the pet is at any time. then there are drones. janet is hiring a company to help search for havoc through the heavily wooded rock creek park. the search will not end. >> i know he is alive. >> determination. neat tools, too. coming up tonight at 11:00, we will hear more of the story. we will reveal oh she built network of thousands helping right here in her search for the dog. show you evidence that she claims after two and a half years that he is still alive. leon: hold out hope. you hold out hope. >> member of your family. alison: we will see you at 11:00. leon: coming up at
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emowjys as evidence -- emojis as evidence. a legal debate to have you rethink what you type. alison: d.c. streetcars are up and running and how are they planning the commute? we will check in to see more at "abc7
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form of birth control called essure. moments ago the food and the drug information reviewed information about the product and what the maker has to do going forward. joce sterman has the latest information. >> women who banded together to talk about major complications from essure which is a permanent device in the fallopian tubes testified last fall how it changed their lives and now they are getting change from the f.d.a. but say it is not what they wanted. after reviewing from feedback and the special panel that is asked to look for essure they are asking for post study to do more.
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it has been the subject of controversy. we told you how thousands of women complained about the problems linked to assure and they were documented in a federal data base. women in the facebook group talk about thousands of them that say they are disappointed that they will stay on the market and say more women's lives are on the risk while post market studies are done. they have provided day to show that it's unsafe and should be pulled from the market. but they are backed by a decade of the science. we reached out moments ago for the reaction to the f.d.a. decision and not heard back. alison: ronald hamilton made a court appearance this morning after being accused of shooting and killing his w
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dispute saturday in wood bridge. he thought at three hours when they arrived. hamilton is facing several charges. the county state attorney will likely seek the death penalty. the next hearing is set for april 18. do mestk vie leng cars can be -- domestic violence calls can be risky. >> many names on the memorial in d.c. >> safe to say between 20-30% of all the names on the national memorial are the result of officers responding to domestic disturbance calls. >> the death of ashley guindon pointed out how dangerous responding to domestic violence can be. police have known for years it's bad.
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an officer from the metropolitan police department jerome lucas said he has been attacked and it can deteriorate quickly. >> you deal with them and then you have other family members and you call for the reinforcements. it gets that bad. >> the international association of chief of police. >> we have done work over the years on the response to the domestic violence. situations that are tense. >> the research shows of the 41 police shooting death nationwide in 2015, seven were domestic violence related. the five-year study found domestic violence attacks 13% of the officers are shot at the car on arrival. 27% shot between the car and residence. 36% shot as soon as they walked in. soon to be added to the wall is the name of the officer ashley guindon. reporting from northwest washington, sm
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news. leon: domestic violence was a topic of discussion in a supreme court argument today. high court considering placing new limits on the federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning gun. the debate took an interesting turn today when the justice thomas asked if any other law violations suspend constitutional right. that was the first time that thomas asked a question in court in ten years. alison: three members of the same family died over the weekend when two cars collided in bethesda. tonight people are again raising concerns about the danger of the spot >> a b.m.w. coup t-boned a shevry volt trying to turn left. the b.m.w. driver survived and three of the four in the volt died. mother, father and their teenage
5:35 pm
>> residents say they long complained about the 45-mile-per-hour stretch of the river road. in 2008, more than 500 people signed this petition. demanding a traffic light. the straight highway administration said no. >> it is sad that it takes the loss of innocent people in an accident to make the government respond to the citizenry. >> today they told us they could not speculate about the cause of the crash. added engineers will review the intersection operations and conduct a new traffic study. >> investigators are looking at what happened. and why. today we learned the driver of the b.m.w. pleaded guilty in 2013 to negligent driving, speeding and unsafe lane changing and also been cited for spinning wheels and driving on the wrong side of the road. still,
5:36 pm
intersection home to makeshift memorial is primary culprit. >> i have to ask the state away administration what price do they put on the people's lives. >> deputies say he was running a prostitution ring. now his picture is on the wall of justice. that's coming up next. alison: tonight at 6:00, a rare look at the heroics act of the seal team six member. the nation's highest honor
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steve: i'm steve rudin. the weekend will be here before you know it. tomorrow election day the temperatures are 60 degrees. falling temperatures on wednesday. lower 50's by thursday and friday. the upcoming weekend looks better. 48 on sunday. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues. kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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jennifer: i'm jennifer donelan. this is a "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. tonight we have two new faces to show you. but we have good news for the wall. we have an arrest. d.c. police tell us lawrence jennings who was wanted for credit card fraud in multiple jurisdictions is sitting in d.c. jail. new tonight, kenneth harper, the spotsylvania county sheriff office is looking for you on felony charge of promoting prostitution. arlington county detectives look for ramirez before perreira for assault and battery on family member. they are also looking for goodwin for wounding. and martinez is wanted on three count of robbery and firearm charges. in stafford county new to the wall tonight as well is berryman. detectives say he is
5:41 pm
for second-degree murder. now, let's set the wall of justice in motion. and tonight, the spotlight is on rojelio. they need your help to find the 37-year-old who is accused of beating up his girlfriend and mother of one of the children in 2013. police say he threatened to kill her several times after an argument. >> for her safety as well as the public safety he needs to be taken to custody. we need to get him off the street. >> he is 5'5", weighs 199 pounds, black hair, brown eyes sant wanted for assault and battery on a family member. and police want him off the wall of justice to put him behind bars. >> he may be living with family in maryland. if you have any information, call the arlington county police. we'll see you next week. i'm jennifer donelan. alison: still ahead today --
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alison: students were injured trying to escape today but all four are expected to be okay. authorities have an idea of a motive but they are not releasing it now. authorities say two people were killed in a massive fire at marina in virginia. the fire at the dozier yachting center in ubana lit up the sky for miles. it started around 4:30 this morning. no word on a cause. they are investigating the possibility of arson. leon: all aboard, folks. the grocery expensive a
5:46 pm
started saturday. up and running for today's commute. brianne carter has more. how is it looking this evening? >> well, the full service is up and running but not on the streetcar. they have a number of the brand ambassador to get used to the new system. >> he got on the streetcar for the first full day of service. many riders told us they want to see what if hype is about. >> i would use this.
5:47 pm
30 minute to ride the two-mile stretch. we want to know is it faster to walk? my photographer rode the tracks and i walked alongside. it took me more than ought minutes to go ten blocks it took the streetcar half that time. >> you beat me. >> but even if it is faster many riders say the real question cost remains. >> something we watched for to see if the cars were on the track slows down the streetcar. back to coast. it will be free for six months. if saying if they have to pay after that, they would like to see something similar to pricing of the bus. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: thanks. the question is do people want to pay to save four minutes?
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>> this is a slow one for some spots and the sun glare is a factor. this is d.c. i want to move to map to talk about 66 southbound. we have two separate crashes that added to the suggestion. the bottom side of the beltway is heavy. leaving d.c. northbound on 295, the congestion to eastern avenue. if you are traveling at 14-mile-per-hour you will loosen up to the baltimore washington parkway. top side is heavy still. 11 miles per hour. as you will continue to the inner loop we have quite a bit of volume. i want to move to the waze map. route 50. solid red line is 50.
5:49 pm
the wazer saying it is heavy traffic. the reason is a crash that was earlier. as i pull out more this will give you an idea. solid line of bumper to bumper traffic. that is a look at the traffic. back to you. leon: thanks. coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- rare look in the secretive ways of the seal team six. one member was awarded the member of honor. a rare living recipient. and land purchase raising red flag. the watchdog investigation ands what it turned up in relationship between the county and the landowner. exclusive that you will only see here at "abc7 news at 6:00". alison: first talk more about the weather.
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this is the first time we have had this this late. look what happens now and june 20, the summertime. 6:00 p.m. sunset, two hours and 37 minutes later by the time we hit june. this time of the year the daylight will get longer and warmer. today is a preview of field of spring outside. the temperatures will hit the lower 60's. at this hour, a live look. sunshine on the steeple. 63 in fredericksburg. leesburg at 55. diminishing winds and clear skies temperatures drop. there is not much
5:51 pm
wise. we will get through the day tomorrow and start with the sun to get up to 60. the clouds roll in. sunny mild. and beautiful. the next seven days. 62 with gusty rains. clearing in the afternoon. friday morning is a chance of the snow or the rain. temperatures will climb to the upper 30's. see if it will be impact or not. warming trend underway for the following week. leon: it sounds good. leon: robert burton checking in. boxing royalty. leon: be careful. >> exactly. a lot of money -- [laughter] robert: a lot of money in the d.m.v. today. they are promoting upcoming battle. the about billions team was there. with the fearless
5:52 pm
>> they are my enemy now. that is what it is. yeah, i will beat the [bleep] out of ashley. >> ashley is a guy. that was for division world champ referring to floyd mayweather fighter. they are competing for the d.c. armory on april first. different side of mayweather promoting instead of fighting. >> it's great. i am blessed i still look young and i feel good. >> miss it? >> the boots are sweet. >> gucci boots. i have the riders look today. polo look. >> okay.
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football the redskins have until tomorrow, 4:00 p.m. to be exact to put franchise or a transition tag on kirk cousins to give the team more time to negotiate. according to report the franchise tag is likely. deadline to part ways with this guy, march 9. the skins have until that day to trade or release rgiii before the bonus kicks in. meanwhile, rgiii was in waco this weekend hosting the second annual salute to fitness event. jumping jacks to be had. he did not take questions about the status with the redskins but said he was happy to be home. the versety was there as well. uh-huh. coming up in sports at 6:20 more from florida. erin hawksworth sits down with ryan zimmerman and they talk about the state of pro baseball in the district. leon: all right. robert: good stuff. leon: a fight between
5:54 pm
and adrian. alison: and gucci riding boots. >> knee-high gucci boots with white pants. leon: whatever floats your boat. alison: emoji that landed a
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alison: they are characters to tell a story. emowjys, images like smiles, sunshine or guns and knives. a fairfax student is in trouble for the character she chose to post on her instagram account. but the can they be used as evidence? cheryl conner has the story. >> they are called emowjys. find them next to letters when typing a text. just like words, they have meaning. >> you can use them to tell a story. like i'm going to fly off. >> the message on olivia's phone wasn't as nice.
5:58 pm
threats. like the skull or a bomb and a gun. >> the eighth grader attends sydney middle school in fairfax. >> we blocked them. i didn't see it. they couldn't see mine. >> the news spread and a letter went home to the parents. >> basically they sent out an e-mail to say there is an instance at the middle school. >> the school system is keeping the details tight. so is fairfax police. the situation has been handed over to the commonwealth attorney. olivia's mom is an investigator for the phone and the social media account.
5:59 pm
>> in fairfax, cheryl conner, abc7 news. >> coming up now at 6:00, we have breaking news in the matthew case. plea deal. plus funeral arrangement for officer shot and killed in the line of duty. at the same time, the suspected cop killer in court. and seal team six awardedwardede the medal of honor. edward byers story is coming up. ahead at 6:00, the watchdog exclusive. a county multimillion dollar land purchase is the relationship between the leader and the sellers that is raising questions. it's all coming up now. >> this is a breaking news report. maureen: breaking news. jesse matthew charged in the disappearance and the murder of both u
6:00 pm
graham and virginia tech marvin harrington. he was supposed to go on industrial this year and will be in court on wednesday. we will have the announcement after the hearing and as we get more information. >> officer ashley guindon working her first full day on the police force as fate would have it, she was gunned down hours in the shift. >> the funeral will be held tomorrow. >> officer or harold hamm did appear in court today to face capital murder charges. we saw an affidavit that said hamilton did shoot his wife and police officers. at the police officer where ashley guindon worked the


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