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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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and prince william county police officer, her day on on te job. ronald hamilton is facing murder charges for the shooting shooting in woodbridge. we have team coverage beginning with stephen tschida with the latest on the investigation. stephen: ronald hamilton appeared in court to face capital murder charges. he is charged with shooting three prince william police officers and his wife. fatally shooting ashley guindon. you can see the memorial is growing throughout the day. the day since the shooting on saturday. we learned guindon's mother came here to this department today to meet with her daughter's fellow officers and prosecutor paul ebert. the prosecutor told me 20 minutes ago he spoke with guindon's mother and said it's her only child and her life will never be the same. via closed circuit tv, army staff sergeant ronald hamilton made a court appearance from a prince william county lockup. the 32-year-old is charged with capital murder and array of
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he is alleged to have killed his 29-year-old wife crystal saturday at their woodbridge home. prosecutors maintain she called 911 prior to the shooting and when the officers arrived hamilton opened fire on them, wounding two, killing ashley guindon. guindon's first day on the job. >> i always call this an officer's worst nightmare. to go to a routine call and wind up dead. stephen: ashley guindon's funeral is going to be held tomorrow. the law enforcement officer take the precedent for seating. the other two officers that were injured jesse hempen. we understand he is doing well and recovering well. the other officer david mckeown, he, we understand, has several surgeries ahead and a long way to recovery ahead of him as wel
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reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. crystal hamilton's family says their hearts go out to all the families affected by the tragedy. amy aubert picks up the coverage from the scene where it started. amy: that is right. we are in woodbridge where it happened. you can see just behind me here a memorial, flowers and the messages that placed in front of the home. that is where the family of 29-year-old crystal hamilton gathered this morning. her family said she always had a smile on her face, heardworking and caring, telling me she loved working with the wounded warriors. her sister wendy howard tells me that crystal and ronald hamilton were high school sweethearts and she doesn't hold any bad feelings against him. take a listen. >> crystal would want us to go on. she would want us to forgive. she would want us to just revoice
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live my life. >> it doesn't seem real. looking at everything you see here. knowing she is not around. >> face the reality. it's really true. amy: howard says her 11-year-old nephew who was home at the time understands what happened but now he is asking why? the family does say they are still working out custody arrangements. again, the family says they want to thank all officers involved. specifically saying their hearts go out to the family of ashley guindon. live in woodbridge, amy aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, amy. thank you. we got to let you know there is an e-mail and facebook post floating around about a go fund me page to raise money for the officer guindon's funeral but the calls for that are scams and you shouldn't contribute to those. michelle: a shooting
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but the question is why. brad bell is looking for answers. brad: it happened here along capital greenbelt road at 8:40 this morning. many people witnessed the horrifying crime. look at the video. a massive crime scene. police rushing to the area after a 17-year-old boy is shot. and shot again. he falls in greenbelt road. listen to this woman says about what she witnessed. >> i heard three gunshots. you ducked down. i ducked behind this gentleman. i saw the guy go down. that was it. >> terrifying. >> it was horrifying. absolutely terrifying. brad: for that victim we are told he is 17 years old. and he is not affiliated with nearby duval high school. he was actually put in an ambulance. his heart stopped. paramedics were able to revive him. at this point we are told he remains in
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in lanham, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: in fairfax county mclean high school canceled classes due to a bomb threat. the school evacuated students to the football field and the investigators did a sweep of the building. they didn't find anything but they decided to send students home out of an abundance of caution. jonathan: there is a call for change today after a deadly crash near bethesda high school. three members of the same family killed in the collision on river road. pile road saturday night. this is when it happened. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis explains neighbors say this is and has been a dangerous intersection. kevin: white crosses covered in flowers marks with a b.m.w. coup t-boned a chevy volt electric car. the lone occupant of the b.m.w. survive and three of the four in the volt died. mother, father and their teenage son. the family's teenage daughter pictured here on facebook survived but remains in
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residents nearby complained for a decade about the intersection along river road. 528 people signed a petition in 2008 calling on the maryland state highway administration to install a photographic light. but it never happened. the roadway is six lanes wide and the speed limit 45 miles per hour. still many drivers ignore that. >> what price do they put on the people's lives that are no longer here? >> it's horrific. three members of the same family died here. >> charred flares used to block the traffic remain on the side of the road. we'll tell you wha
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saying now. in bethesda, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: preparations are underway for the prince george's county department of public works to fill the potholes caused by the cold weather and the snow. the countywide pothole blitz begins tomorrow. drivers are advised to be aware of the trucks and crews working on the roadways. travelers are encouraged to slow down approaching the work zones. jonathan: some of the potholes are huge. michelle: tough to avoid. jonathan: somebody on staff, i won't mention a name lost one tire and had to buy two new ones. michelle: i know who he is. the weather will help the road crews. jonathan: they need it. let's bring in doug hill. doug: gusty winds and 62 at reag national airport. it's 64 a
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a great leap day weather wise. sustained winds 125. the highest gust at annapolis at 35 miles per hour. it will be clear tonight. we will plan ahead to super tuesday, sunshine in the morning. few clouds in the afternoon. highs again near 60 degrees there. could be significant weather here in terms of the winds and rain on wednesday. another system on friday. a lot to share in a few minutes. organizers of the popular all good music festival say it's not so good anymore. at least they are not going to have the concert event at all this year in jefferson county, west virginia but they hope to have smaller concerts celebrating music, community, arts. michelle: for many of us our pet is a family member. what length would you go through to find a missing pet? "7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes talked with one local woman
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dollars and countless hours over the past two years looking for her lost dog. horst janet is the pick -- horace: janet is the picture of determination. she is going through roller coaster of emotions to bring her dog home. but she has built a network of the volunteers helping her and establishing a blueprint for how to launching 21st century search for a lost pet. >> i have been fortunate that so many people have come out and said we want to help. there are hundreds of kind-hearted people in d.c. and virginia and maryland that have given up their time. they put up the posters. they go to feeding stations. they meet me. they put food out. horace: she has thousands of people helping her out. she is using neat
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tell you how she did it and show you the devices and how they work tonight. jonathan: this hits home for so many people. if you have a pet it's a family member. horace: it's not just putting the poster up anymore. high-tech now. jonathan: thanks. women who work in the field of technology shouldn't be looking in the silicon valley for employment. the best jobs are right here in the district. according to forbes, washington, d.c., tops the list for the women of computer and the mathematical occupations. they make 99.3% as much as the men in the same roles and feel 40% of the area jobs. that number shrinks by half if you go west to san francisco. michelle: coming up, this year's oscars is in the books. >> but not without university. university -- not without controversy. we'll explain. later for us -- president obama: that's sweet.
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come when your son gets the medal of honor. jonathan: honoring the heroic act that led to the sweet moment at the white house. we have it for you. >> the first full day of picking up passengers for the d.c. streetcar. so, what do riders think? i'm
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jonathan: if you filled up you know gas prices are starting to rise. the national average was $1.75, four cents higher than a week ago but cheaper than last year. in d.c. the average is higher at $1.93. maryland, $1.783. virginia the cheapest $1.76. michelle: after years of delays the d.c. new streetcar system started to carry the first passengers over the weekend. today was the first test for rush hour commuters. brianne carter is live along eighth street. how are things going? >> well, michelle, it depends on the time of day. we have seen five or six people waiting on a platform like this to get on the streetcar to dozens already on board the new transit option. many people we talk to today say they are not using it to commute. they just want to hype on and chec
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streetcar. we did notice that people are getting used to the streetcar doors. if you want to get on board you need to push a button on the door to open if someone is not getting out from the direct door. others getting used to the route for where they can get on and off. right now the service is free. in the next six months ddot expected to announce a fare structure. many riders say that is what they are waiting to see, what does it cost to get up and down "h" street. we ask the first-time rider what is they think is worse. >> i think they can keep it going free and get the transfers to the regular metro. brianne: others said they think pricing to thes but would be fair. we put the streetcar to the test. we bapt to know how efficient is it to get up and down eight street. we put a camera on the streetcar. i put on my walking shoes. we went the same route at the same time. who got there faster
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find out on "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: check on traffic. jamie sullivan? jamie: brianne carter would make it across the american legion bridge faster than the cars. we are talking about the vehicles you are in, not the streetcars. bumper-to-bumper on the inner loop and the outer loop. this delay we are used to seeing if you cross the bridge from virginia on the inner loop to maryland. well, today it's heavier. so we move to the map. that is because of a crash. on the inner loop. well, i disappeared but pull up the map to give you a better idea. here is what we have going on. the crash near 95 in maryland. on the inner loop of the capital beltway. with this accident the backup, you see the 18 miles per hour? that is just adding to some of the congestion we have right now. but what we do also is going to be some slowing.
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38 minutes to travel stretch on the top side of the beltway. as we move to virginia traveling 66 eastbound, the crash near nutley street with the backup before route 50. we are seeing the heavy volume. sticking with virginia. 59 we are okay heading south. dumfries, it's blocked. 270 northbound on the spur you can see the traffic by democracy boulevard because of a crash near west lake terrace. a busy afternoon. nice out there. jonathan: spectacular. thank you. starbucks planning to set up shop in the intimidating market yet. ily. coffee chain announced the first starbucks will open in milan in early 2017 in partnership with an italian brand manager. this is a symbolic move for the company and the ceo because he came up with the idea to bring expresso drinks to the unied
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michelle: astronaut scott kelly is scheduled to return to earth in 31 hours after 341 mission in space. scott kelly and his twin mark taking part in an experiment monitoring the impact of life in space on the body. jonathan: it will be weird because he has been in zero gravity. you can pluck your food out of the air. that won't happen here. michelle: not an easy transition. our weather is very nice. we have spring fever. >> it's sweet. temperatures in the 60's. gusty winds. 62 degrees. several things will happen. tomorrow is pleasant. wednesday is rainy and -- windy. we could even see snow. only the messenger. look at rockville of montgomery college. 55 degrees. farther north and west from
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the sun sets at 6:00 p.m. sharp. everything looking good here. tomorrow is the beginning of 2 meteorological spring. 63 in forfeit washington. 53 in ash burn. 65 in dale city. 65 in largo. the rest of the temperatures far enough south and you will break nice air. raleigh and charlotte is low 70's. cooler but even this year columbus with a 50-degree afternoon, that is nice. tis turbans is moving our direction from the north to the west. late tonight and wisconsin morning. future cast. warm weather is squeezing in tomorrow with the 60-degree temperature. clouds will increase. i moves eastward to bring us rain and gusty winds
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this is a quick moveer and that is good. the super tuesday forecast is sunshine, afternoon clouds and highs about 60. wednesday. 60% rain. temperatures in the 50's. falling in the afternoon. chilly and partly cloudy. 45 for thursday. friday, a storm system haven't formed yet. the models are coming together. 60%. highs in the upper 30's. clearing skies friday. warmup for sunday and monday. it will continue all of the following week. so spring lovers hang in there. it's coming. jonathan: almost there. jonathan: coming up at 4:00 --
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the legal debate that could have you rethink what you type. michelle: the red carpet is rolled up but the stage isn't done. we take you to the after-party next. jonathan: he is the political incorrect superhero. he continues to smash records. "dead pool" topping the box offi
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jonathan: back with a look at the image trending after the oscars. that is a rapper on the red carpet. but behind him is aaron rodgers was there photobombing him. that is a good one. michelle: talking about the oscars, something else. famous face that is absent from the memoriam is gouda was known for his role -- abe vigoda and well known for role in "godfather." and his family is demanding an apology. jonathan: i can't believe they would overlook that. michelle: a lot of questions there. there are calls for more diversity.
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the right and oprah on the left. the website total beauty sent a tweet commenting they never knew that oprah had a tattoo. she doesn't. that is whoopi goldberg. whoopi/winfrey. maybe they are confused. the company deleted the tweet but not before being raked over the coals. apologizing saying they will donate $1,000 to the charity of their choice. michelle: how is a mistake made like that. jonathan: how do you confuse the two? michelle: i don't know. someone is really getting a long conversation this morning. jonathan: you think? or looking for a new job. michelle: that, too. all right. of course, everyone is still talking about the monologue with chris rock. the opening monologue. what did you think? we want to hear from you and what you thought of the tone in light of the hollywood diversity question. join in on the conversation on the facebook
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jonathan: once the stars were gone the stage set for michael and kelly. michelle: and kidd-gilchrist was there when they well -- our colleague kidd o'shea was there. kidd: what do you do after winning an oscar? hang out with michael and kelly. >> welcome brie larson. kidd: she didn't get much sleep after the win. she partied and showed off her new trophy. >> i have got around. >> the next stop is vietnam where she is filming. >> you just flew in from vietnam. >> yes. >> how exciting. >> worth the trip. >> thank god. i was three sketchy flights. i really hope i win, because otherwise, i risk my life for -- >> when it comes to the host. they haven't gotten much rest. >> kelly found it hard to wear heels the morning after wearing dancing after post oscar party and no sleep. >> is it
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stylist to wear the tennis shoes today. >> i begged and pleaded with her to put on tennis shoes. she said she would rather murder me than allow me to wear sneakers. >> you made a mistake. you went to bed. >> i went to bed. amateur move. i should have listened to the boss. inshould have stayed up. >> rookie mistake. >> powered through it. >> i feel, i feel worse now than i ever felt when i stayed up. >> i told you! michelle: coming up on the "abc7 news at 5:00" -- waiting to take the stand. look at week two begins against the man accused of stalking erin andrews. >> presidential campaigning comes to a local
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: on the campaign trail it doesn't get much bigger than tomorrow. the eve of super tuesday. a new poll showing it could seal the deal for two candidates. the cnn/orc candidate finds donald trump leading the field with 49% of vote. his closest competition is marco rubio with 16%. on the other side democrats, hillary clinton tops bernie sanders by 20 poin
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virginia today. suzanne kennedy live at george mason university in fairfax with more on vote 2016. suzanne: well, jonathan, students and supporters have been lined up all afternoon at the hub on campus of george mason. they were told a few minutes ago they are at the capacity and the students are starting to go in the backdoor here to overflow area. this is the most important day of the campaign so far. super tuesday. candidates crisscross the 12 states where people will go to the polls and cast a ballot tomorrow. here in virginia. republican front runner donald trump held a rally in radford, virginia, midday. i was interrupted several times by the protesters. some from the black lives matter organization. the rally was stopped at several points and the protesters were escorted out. in fairfax, hillary clinton will be at her second campaign stop of the day. the first was in
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to hear her speak. >> i was so excited that hillary is here. i left work early to come see this. really getting excited. what is really exciting is having the students so passionate at their age, being so passionate about hillary also. >> i plan on voting tomorrow. which is excited that she came today so i could figure out 100% sure who i was going to vote for. suzanne: secretary clinton was supposed to start speaking at 4:30 and a little late to the event 45 minutes so we anticipate there will be an impact on the event here. coming up tonight at 6 of:00, we will talk to the virginia voters and see what they have to say about the very important day tomorrow. super tuesday. reporting live in fairfax, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. here is why it is so important. more than a dozen states holding pr
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tomorrow. with more than 1,600 delegates up for grabs on both sides. it is big. in virginia it adds up to 49 delegates on the republican side. 110 on the democratic side. we will show you how some of the other states break down. that is coming up tonight at 5:00. stay with abc7 for team coverage of the super tuesday. we have crews in virginia and analysis from here in the studio on abc7 and on the website at plus the chief political correspondent scott thuman will host a primary night special at 9:00 on the sister station abc7 newschannel8. michelle: super tuesday, we're going to have a super forecast. check in with doug hill. doug: looking beautiful. for february 29, gorgeous weather like this is something we don't see or get to talk about that often. tomorrow is a repeat. what you said for super tuesday, the weather will be fine. 62 at reagan normal. west/northwesterly wind at 15. air is dry. winds will diminish tonight. we have had impressive wind gusts through the afternoon. temperatures north and west of th
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cooler all day long. they will continue mid-50's north and west. 60 in andrews. 64 in manassas. in the evening we have clear skies. early tomorrow morning it will range 41 for a wake-up temperature in brentwood section of the city. 36 degrees in ashburn and german town. 30 in dale city. the winds will trail off tonight and be pleasant tomorrow. late in the afternoon, the wind gusts will increase out of the southeast. as we continue through wednesday, not only would it have strong winds but wednesday is a rainy day as well. maybe a storm to follow friday. steve rudin will have more in a couple of minutes. michelle: thank you. new developments now. the police arrested a suspect for series of sexual assaults. bonilla arrested last october and charged with two count of the
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to defile. now 19-year-old man is behind bars for his role in the attacks as well. they are both held without bond. jonathan: testimony resumes for a second week in errin andrews' civil trial. she is seeking $75 million against a nashville marriott hotel and the man convicted of stalking her. she is expected to testify this evening that the hotel was negligent for allowing david barrett to record video of her changing clothes through a peephole in 2010. the hotel maintains that barrett is a criminal who tricked them to gaining access to the room next door to andrews. justice clarence thomas asked a question in a supreme court argument this morning for the first time in ten years. thomas ask a question of the justice department lawyer in a case over whether people convicted of domestic violence could be banned from owning guns. this is the second week they have heard arguments since the death of justice antonin scalia.
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ruling today about chesapeake bay. we tell you what the justices have to say about the clean-up and the he isor ration efforts coming up. jonathan: but first -- president obama: 11 overseas deployment, nine combat tour. recipient of the purple heart twice. bronze star with valor five times. jonathan: talk about heroic and decorated. the honor the navy seal is added to the long list of
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the sunrise and just the beauty of the city. celebrating leap day here at the liberty memorial, it was a perfect way to celebrate the holiday. michelle: i'll say. with that a team of sky divers celebrated the leap year taking a leap out of a plane. the 5,000-foot jump was over kansas city. jonathan: because they have the helmets they wait until the last minute to open the chutes. closer to home this is how the leap day started in our area. soak that in for a second. i am char e-mailed the picture to us. the sunrise in centreville. you can e-mail us the photos. there are good ones to take or the vid
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michelle: you may wonder why do we have a leap year? it takes the earth 365.2422 days to completely orbit the sun. but the gregorian calendar uses 365. so a quarter of a day is skipped each year. got it? so as a result we add a day every four years to make it up. the map isn't entirely accurate since it's not a quarter day we are skipping but more precise than the calendar used in caesar's time. all right. with any sort of holiday, there are plenty of deals to be had out there. find out more information about that going to jonathan: this extra day became extra special for a navy seal. this man defines "hero." president obama presented him at the nation highest military honor. our jeanette reyes looks at the ceremony and the heroic act that led to
4:41 pm
>> navy chief edward byers jr. stepping out of the shadows to accept a high honor. as a navy seals byers risked his life in december 2012 to rescue dr. joseph who was held captive for four days by the taliban in afghanistan. byers wasn't the first to burst in the dark hide-out and save the american hostage. fellow navy seal was shot in the head during the rescue mission. byers followed shortly after continuing with the mission anyway. he is calling the 36-year-old a hero but says the young daughter doesn't see it that way. >> my daughter knows i'm daddy. she loves me just for that. if you talk to her one-on-one she will tell you the five different nickname she has for me. not one is hero. >> byers said he told his mom about the honor he would be receiving today and the first thing she asked if she is able to attend. she was able to go to the
4:42 pm
reporting for abc7 news, i'm jeanette reyes. >> congratulations. michelle: glad his mom was able to make it and be part of it. jonathan: nice. michelle: extra special. jonathan: congratulations to him and his family. so many men and women serving the country who do heroic things and they may not get the same honor. coming up at 4:00 -- >> e. coli shut down an exhibit at
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jonathan: get back to breaking news at the beginning of the newscast. the kids farm at the national zoo was closed after e. coli was found. diane cho has the latest for us. >> there is a sign up because e. coli was discovered in the animals. the animals are being quarantined. this particular strand of e. coli they found has potential to cause illness t
4:46 pm
the kids farm were quarantined and the public contact animal like gets and cows tested negative for the last routine in december adding that the bacteria could have been transferred from a wild animal or through a food source. according to the disease for control and prevention some are harmless but other strains can make you sick. michelle: new developments in the battle between the american farm you are bureau and environmental protection agency. the e.p.a. says the waste and the fertilizer are the largest source of the by a
4:47 pm
>> in tonight's spotlight on education they tell us how they are putting the college students in the classroom to prepare them to teach. >> we are starting with six and three. >> william plans to become a high school teacher. the 20-year-old says great teachers inspired him to follow in the footstep. >> i was sure i wanted to be a high school teacher before i was sure i wanted to do physics. he is celebrated to teach. double major.
4:48 pm
teach in classroom every day. 30. that is ther is pen tage of the teachers that are accepted to pursue it after graduating from maryland. >> they were excited to learn the stuff. so that was cool. gave me a lot of confidence. >> they could see what they are learning. >> trying to get a career and teach us at the same time. >> at cool spring elementary school, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: there o'mowgies about last night's broadcast. michelle: we are asking you what you thought about the handling of thedy versety issue at the show. kathy writes --
4:49 pm
>> pointing out -- >> join the conversation going to the facebook page. >> i like the oscars but i like the best picture and the best actor and the best supporting. the rest of it -- michelle: all the stuff at the end. jonathan: it's forever. steve: at that point you get to the good stuff it's already midnight. past midnight. >> i was here. we went out at 12:17. nice weather to talk about it.
4:50 pm
>> nice day to take a ride on the ferris wheel. spring is around the corner. we will gear up for a beautiful day. we may see clouds further west of us. 66 in fredericksburg. further west of us the higher sellvation. that is what we have. middle 50's in winchester. there is nothing going on at this hour. we will stay quiet. the forecast lows between 36 and 42
4:51 pm
clear skies. they will become calm moving to the day tomorrow. tomorrow can't blame the weather. make sure you vote and get out early in virginia. 55 by 11:00. 2:00 p.m. by 5:00. 59 degrees. tomorrow super tuesday will be dry across the mid-atlantic. the end forecast with a look at the upcoming weekend. it will be dry. it looks like winter wants to hang on a little bit longer. middle to uppe
4:52 pm
and sunday. look at the rush hour commute with jamie. jamie: we have an accident in sip ver spring. three cars involved. you can see the bumper off the front of the car. on the inner loop, 30 minutes on the inner loop getting from 270 to 95 in maryland. virginia is typical with the slowing. a live look at the accident activity the crews are on the scene. digital board that is pushing everyone to
4:53 pm
side. two right lanes squeezing by. this is near the 2 -- near 1234. beautiful day but busy. jonathan: at least it's nice out. coming up for us, do you wonder how some score the best deals? they simply ask. what you can do to get a better deal. michelle: eagle cam. two bald eagle nested and land eggs at the national arboretum this month. eggs should hatch in the next few weeks. watch the live stream anytime at
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john: if you are like most d.c. shoppers you don't enjoy haggling. smart shoppers know the art of getting a deal. we have experts secrets for when and how you can ask for a markdown. >> this mom of three says it is worth haggling. you are expert haggler? >> yeah. >> because she asked. >> all they can do is say no. john: when do you ask for a discount? we earn turned to >> ask for deal if it's open box item. they can give you a discount. she came up when you ask for a markdown. one, paying cash for big item. if the product
4:58 pm
described in the ad. anytime an item has a slight crash. >> if the item has damage or missing an item or a piece or a button. ask for a discount on those. >> with some products you should try to haggle, which leads to number four. cars, both new and used. dealers expect you to haggle. five. furniture, especially beds. six, large appliances. the list prices are set extra high so stores have room to lower them. >> to get a feel for haggling start at a small mom and pop store. don't be afraid to ask for discount at the big box stores and even the mall so you don't waste your money. i'm john john john -- i'm john . abc7 news. announcer: "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: a community and two families are mourning after the weekend shooting that left a prince william county officer and mother dead. alison: the man suspected in the shooting appeared in court today as the police force prepares to say a final goodbye to one of their ow
4:59 pm
tomorrow. >> stephen tschida spoke to ashley ashley guindon's mother. he is at the police station with the latest. >> this is the station where ashley guindon worked. you can see the memorial growing. people stopping by throughout the day. ashley guindon's mother was here for several hours today. she left 20 minutes ago. i spoke with her for quite a while. she says she is asking trouble comprehending what has happened. ashley guindon was her only child. charged with killing his wife and opening fire on three prince william county police officers killing officer ashley guindon, her first day on the job. 32-year-old ronald hamilton appeared in court to face capital murder charges. >> it's taking a toll on those who know the officers. very few dry eyes in the police department for the last few days. >> hamilton appeared via closed circuit tv surrounded
5:00 pm
tall frame, speaking little except to ask for the court appointed attorney. there was a 911 call about domestic abuse came in prior to shooting. the officers arrive and found hamilton at the front door and the affidavit states he opened fire with a rifle. >> after other officers got control of him they found crystal hamilton's body in a bedroom. the couple 11-year-old son was not armed. the affidavit stated hamilton admitted shooting his wife and the officer. >> trying to save somebody. doing her job. officer jesse hempen is doing well. officer david mckeown has a long recovery ahead. family and fellow officers are preparing for ashley's funeral. >> bless their heart, there is no protection.


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