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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon. on your side. jummy: breaking news happening right now. police investigating a shooting that put four schools on lockdown in prince george's county. it happened at 8:30 at greenbelt road and aerospace road. duval high schoo
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reed elementary, and magnolia elementary are all on lockdown. brad bell is live with the details. brad: first thing i want to tell you, the lockdowns have been lifted. operations are back to normal at all of those schools. the shooting happened this morning at this bus stop on greenbelt road at aerospace road. take a look at this video. dozens of police cars swarming the scene. greenbelt road closed in both directions. one person was shot. three shots fired. we believe the victim was hit two times. all happening at the bus stop. so many people on their way in and out of professional offices in the area saw what happened.
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>> i heard three gunshots. i ducked behind this gentleman. i saw the guy go down. that was it. >> terrifying. >> it was horrifying. brad: police have shared very little information about the victim. we understand that he is young. friends came here and said he is about 17 years old. that thelso been told young man in the ambulance on the way to the hospital -- that his heart stopped, but he has been brought back. he is in grave condition. as for suspects, police have cleared the scene. not been officially informed that any suspects are in custody. we will bring you the latest this afternoon. jummy: we are also
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following more breaking news in fairfax county. first responders are on the scene at mclean high school for a bomb threat. the threat came in around 8:00 this morning. the school evacuated students to the football field and did a sweep of the school. investigators decided to census -- send students home as a precaution. now, ronald hamilton, the army sergeant accused in a deadly shooting rampage over the weekend, appeared in court today. hamilton killed his wife during a domestic dispute in woodbridge and then shot at three officers when they arrived at the scene, killing officer ashley guindon. live withy joins us an update on today's hearings. sam: good morning. he came into court over closed-circuit tv. he said very few words. he showed
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court in april. typically in these situations there are dozens of prisoners inside the jail cells. was arounde, nobody hamilton. he was surrounded at all times by six shares deputies. he faces capital murder of a law enforcement officer, making him eligible for the death penalty. commonwealth attorney paul ebert has not decided if he will seek the death penalty. >> it could not be a worse case than this in my opinion. i will always call this an officers worst nightmare. to go to a routine call and wind up dead. in court today, ronald hamilton asked that his medical records the field. last night he signed releases making those available to those who request them. after speang
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last night, he changed his mind. it remains unclear what hamilton did in the army or what his job was at the pentagon. was not combat related. he is due back in court on april 18. reporting live in manassas, sam sweeney, abc 7 news. hundreds of people gathered to remember the fallen officer last night. withormer marine reservist a masters degree in forensic science was sworn in on friday and killed on her first day on the job. services will be held in her honor in her hometown in massachusetts. we will tell you how the victims are being remembered. super tuesday is just one day away. there's a lot of focus here in the commonwealth. donald trump is in radford, virginia right now.
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campaign rally. been rampings have up attacks, including the front runners refusal to denounce an endorsement from former kkk member david duke. we cannot nominate someone who refuses to condemn white supremacist. s. jummy: translator tweeted he disavowed david duke. trump for notred releasing his tax returns that he and senator rubio have. bernie sanders is hoping to steal back some momentum from hillary clinton. she is also campaigning in the commonwealth today. john gonzalez is at george mason university with details. john: riding the wave of momentum after saturday's win in south carolina, hillary clinton will be here in hours for a campaign rally. virginiaump is also in
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at radford university. fairfax county public schools expecting big crowds tomorrow. they are canceling classes, treating it like a snow day. it is super tuesday. states up for grabs. for the democrats, 880 delegates. 95 here in virginia. leadry holds a 60% to 33% over bernie sanders. 49 republican delegates at stake here in virginia. marco rubio continues to gain ground and spend money. ads.$500,000 in >> i think we have some candidates out there that are just going to be horrible and make us look crazy to the rest of the world. laws, trying to fix issues with unemployment. john: the polls will open at 6:00 tomorrow
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photo id, but make sure you head to the right polling place. we want to take a look outside right now. it feels like spring today. chief meteorologist doug hill is here. degrees atdy 60 reagan national. get a look at these beautiful clouds. no rain today at all. crystal clear skies. 65 fredericksburg. 63 manassas. 53 hagerstown. winds are kind of gusty. these will continue. wind will settle down this evening.
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afternoon. that is our average high temperature around the 12th through 13th of april. on this bonus day of february, leap day 2016. with high pressure building in, lots of sunshine today. tomorrow, the weather will not be an issue. we will see some rain on wednesday. towards the end of the week, another possibility of a storm system friday morning. we have an update on a marina fire that was burning out of control in urbana, virginia earlier today. two people have died. they lived on one of the boats that were destroyed. the fire is not considered suspicious, but an investigation into the cause is under way.
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crews are on the scene of a water main break in hyattsville. hamilton street will remain closed until those repairs are complete. a specialized team from new jersey was called in because workers had trouble shutting off water to the 89-year-old pipe. that is impacting traffic. let's go over to jamie sullivan. jamie: we are starting off in d.c. fourteenth street is closed from east capitol street to a street. at new yorkvenue avenue, a traffic light is out. treat it like a four-way stop. third street tunnel, in the single-digit. elsewhere, we are in a great place. no problems to report on 295.
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there is some work being done in maryland if you travel on the inner loop toward college park. this is scheduled through midday. you clear out past greenbelt. 270 moving very well. all the way north through gaithersburg into frederick. up, it's the nation's highest military honor. an hour ago, it was awarded to a navy seal. the prestigious ceremony and heroic actions that prompted it all. plus, the most talked about moments of the oscars and behind the scenes from the after parties. and doug is that with our next check of the forecast.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon. on your side. a navy seal who helped rescue a u.s. hostage in afghanistan is receiving the nation's highest military honor. jeannette reyes joins us live with the details. jeannette: that ceremony wrapped up less than an hour at the white house. finally stepping out of the shadow to accept this honor. he risked his life in 2012 to rescue dr. dilip joseph. he was held captive by the taliban for four days. the first to burst through the door. a fellow navy seal was shot during the mission.
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36-year-old a hero. he says his young daughter does not quite see it that way. >> my daughter knows that i'm daddy. and she loves me just for that. herif you talk to one-on-one, she will tell you the five different nicknames she has for me. i don't think one of them includes hero. jeannette: he says he told his mom about the honor and the first thing she asked is if she would be able to attend. president obama said of course and she was in attendance for that ceremony. apparently a lot of his friends and family came to support him. jummy: absolutely. you cannot go without mom for a moment like that. it was an interesting night at the 2016 oscar awards filled with surprises and even a few political moments. all thanks
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rock. >> hollywood is sorority racist. rhonda,e, "we like you, but you're not a kappa." jummy: leonardo dicaprio finally took home the oscar for his role in the revenant. he also used his speech to issue a dire warning. >> climate change is real and it's happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. jummy: best actress went to brie larson, as predicted. the biggest upset, the supporting actor. the most awarded film of the night, mad max: fury road. the excitement is still going strong a day after hollywood's biggest night.
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stars at the after oscars special. one of those celebrities was best actress winner brie larson. she says she's stayed up all night going to after parties including hanging out with lorde and taylor swift. >> what are you going to do after this? >> i'm going to hand this to my driver and i'm going to go to the airport to fly to vietnam. jummy: she's currently filming another project. the hosts have not gotten much rest. kelly found it hard to wear her heels the next morning after a night of dancing and no sleep. >> is it true you back your stylist to wear tennis shoes today? >> i begged her. i begged and pleaded. she said she would rather murder me and allow me to wear sneakers. >> you made a mistake last night.
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>> amateur move. i should have stayed up and power through it. i feel worse now than i have ever felt when i stayed up. jummy: this is the fifth year kelly and michael have posted their post-oscar show. you can watch them here on abc seven. 7. would you stay up? doug: in my younger days, i powered through. a little feel of spring in the air. we will get chilly later in the week. a slight chance of rain or snow. looking live at alexandria. 61 degrees right now. that is gorgeous. temperatures will get warmer. we had a cold front go through.
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west. 63 manassas. 62 culpeper. 64 reagan national. 63 annapolis. makes a bigection difference. we wanted to look at the first time in the last five years we have hit 70 degrees. 17. year, march 1, 2012. and it was valentine's day in 2011 when we hit the 70 degree mark. it's a sign that spring weather patterns are slowly starting to emerge. gusile-per-hour
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mountains.down the kind of like a bicycle pump. the cylinder gets really hot because it's compressed. same principle. we will enjoy a mild and breezy afternoon. temperatures, 64, 65. it is hard to tell when it gets this far above average. with the front. .learing skies tomorrow will be another beautiful day. plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow. tomorrow evening, a disturbance could bring light rain late tomorrow night into early wednesday. more scattered showers will be possible
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friday, another possibility. a little rain or snow. it depends on if this storm system develops. a little rain or snow could be possible on friday. temperatures are still expected to be well above freezing. up, new details in a high-profile lawsuit. the latest on the peo (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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approve this message. jummy: court resumes today in erin andrews's case.
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recorded her through a peephole at a hotel and posted the video online. staff toldthe hotel him which room she was staying in. if you have ever had a pet run away, you know it can be a heartbreaking experience. tonight, we examine what lengths people will go to to find their missing pet. we tell the story of one local woman who has conducted a two-year search for her dog. she shares the high-tech tools she is using in her search reveals the secret of building a network of thousands of people who are helping her. the report airs tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. doug will be
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jummy: it feels like spring right now. doug: tomorrow is the first day of meteorological spring. 66 for a high. well above average. tomorrow, 62 and sunshine. rain likely on wednesday. turning cooler on thursday. jummy: thank you for joining us. be sure to
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>> i may be new here, but this show has a long history of changing people's lives with seven-figure checks. will history repeat itself today? we're about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [all cheering] how are ya? all right, let's do it. today's first contestant is a newlywed who has yet to go on his honeymoon. why? he needs some money! let's get him some. from somerville, massachusetts, please welcome matt wellenbach. [cheers and applause] >> hey. >> matt. >> nice to meet you, chris. >> a bride and groom with no honeymoon. we got to fix that, man. >> that's the plan for today, yeah.


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