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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> new details in a double tragedy in woodbridge. >> she lost her life for my nephew and sister. i thank you and god bless your family. >> two women killed, including a police officer. we are learning more about the victims and the man accused in their murder. >> this is a friend and coworker. >> and how the prince william's county police department is honoring their fellow officer tonight. the news starts now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] be clear, dot to
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shooting? >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> new details unfolding and less nights tragic shooting in woodbridge. two women killed, one of them a prince william's county police officer. it was her first day back on the job. mother, herwife and own son in the home at the time of the shooting. we have learned the suspect, ronald hamilton, is an army sergeant to work at the pentagon. good evening, i'm kimberly suiters. tonight the community continues to mourn the loss of these two women and they are praying for the injured officers. new information released today, and reaction from the sister of one of the victims. amy? reporter: a memorial grows out here as the day goes on. people coming out, offering their sympathies to the families of the two women and the officers involved.
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a sleepy street in woodbridge comes a tragedy. >> it's just weird to have this happen in your neighborhood, next door to you. officer: 28-year-old ashley guindon killed after responding to a domestic disturbance call. of three officers shot on scene after officers say the man accused, 32-year-old ronald hamilton, opened fire. theysaw the other cops, were behind their cars with assault rifles. reporter: police say an 11-year-old boy was inside the home when it happened. he was able to get out unharmed. >> he ran out so fast. >> didn't visit -- investigation revealed that the accused and his wife were involved in a domestic altercation for some period
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the wife was able to contact the police. however, before our arrival, she was shot and killed allegedly by the accused. reporter: family members of crystal hamilton on scene today, thinking all officers involved. officerimportantly, the that sacrificed her life for my sister and nephew, i thank you and god bless your family. >> it's just unbelievable. unbelievable. i don't know what to say. you don't have words for that. police are not commenting on the condition or the injuries of the other two officers, saying they are still in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. live in woodbridge, a meal there, abc 7 news. dutyrly: he is an active staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. he faces capital murder and
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among others. the commonwealth attorney said it is likely he will pursue the death penalty but has not yet made that decision. >> we have to look at the background of the defendant. there's no doubt there will be some incidental issues early. this is a capital case and his history is a big part of it. victim impact is a great consideration from my office. kimberly: hamilton is being held without bond at the prince william's detention center. he's expected in court tomorrow. a procession of blue to honor this fallen officer to escort officer ashley guindon's office. we are getting a better picture of who officer guindon was. mike carter-conneen continues our team coverage from the western district station in manassas. mike? reporter:
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you can see this has been trained on this police cruiser, also the front entrance. similar displays can be found across the county tonight. all day long we have seen individuals, groups, many who never knew this officer, laying flowers in this spot. they say they felt they needed to do something, anything to show their support. >> it's heartbreaking. reporter: 28-year-old ashley guindon was shot on her first day back at the prince william's county police department. >> for those on the beats, this is a friend, a coworker. reporter: after going through basic training in 2015 and deciding to leave the department for personal reasons, he says guindon came back a couple weeks ago. >> she shared when she hired her that she felt she still wanted to do this job. spent sixhe said she years as a marine corps
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in aeronautics, and later got a masters degree in forensic science. was notclear to me she only driven and passionate, but exceedingly intelligent. that's always the type of officer we are seeking. friends: hundreds of and strangers came by the department saturday to leave flowers, offer condolences, and pray. >> a lot of my brothers and sisters behind me are military active duty or retired. we feel a sense of camaraderie. >> a young woman goes out to her job and this kind of thing happens. it's sad. reporter: the county flag at half staff here today. the chief saying the amount of support offered from across the region, the nation, even around the world has been overwhelming today. byicer guindon is survived her mother. her funeral plans are still being arranged. the department is still figuring out how to best honor
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service and sacrifice. tonight at 7:00 in woodbridge at the county building, at the mccourt building, there will be a vigil held tonight. live in manassas, mike carter-conneen, abc 7 news. kimberly: we will have a live report from that vigil in a few minutes. as we continue to follow this developing story on air and online at coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:30, as hollywood's biggest night.
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ashley guindon will get underway about 20 minutes from now. she is the prince william's county police officer ot and killed responding to a domestic call in woodbridge. it was her first day back on the job. live.ater is roz, i imagine many people from the neighborhood where you were last night. they are indeed. from all over prince william county -- i'm going to show you the preparations just underway. the flag that you see between these two trucks just went up a few minutes ago. beyond the squad car there is a stage set up with some bunting as well. up as a originally set candlelight vigil for the officers to mourn the loss of their colleague. word went out on social media and they expect a number of folks from the prince william's county to show up.
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here so hard. we don't know if officer guindon 's family will be here. we are told that they will be on their way. an opportunity for the police community as well as folks in the larger community to grieve the loss of this officer. we expect that to get underway in just a few minutes or so and we expect it to be a very emotional gathering. we will have a full report on it when we join you back here at 11:00. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: thank you. we have learned new information about last night's deadly crash in bethesda. investigators have identified the three family members who were all killed. police say what happened was to vehicles, a chevy volt and a bmw collided as one try to make a left turn.
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another passenger suffered critical injuries. the bmw driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. coming up next on abc 7 news at 11:00, the 88 annual academy awards are about to get underway.
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>> meteorologist devon moose with you here. first national harbor, you can just see west. last little bit of daylight. we are averaging 2 to 4 minutes of daylight we are adding to our day. in d c, 70 cumberland, 71 .tanton and nearly 70 leesburg real-time temperatures into the 60's. here's a look at the satellite and radar together. we had all day here today cluster -- crystal clear skies. the average is 51 for the time of the year and we were well above that. do you see this rain that is going on here back into the midwest? it could bring more sprinkles tomorrow morning. mostly cloud is
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winds, sunshine still mild, then back into tuesday plenty of sunshine. not until wednesday a stronger cold. that's the big picture over the next two days. let's get a much more detailed forecast closer to where you are. only 40's to start off tomorrow morning, looking really nice. not that cold. maybe a chance of a sprinkle coming in tomorrow morning, less than 20%. to have a small of bella for those on the commute might be a good idea. have coolerecasts air working in north, 54 hagerstown, and then washington metro upper 50's, lower 60's. southern maryland to northern virginia, we go back lower to mid 60's.
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plenty of sunshine to come back to the forecast varied tuesday we continue this mild weather for this time of the year. abc 7 sky cast. we have morning cloud cover that might bring a sprinkle or two. we have some of those high with theclouds first mid-level clouds coming in later. full seven-day forecast, not until wednesday a cold front. it does appear most likely temperatures will drop throughout the day. there is can a be colder after thursday to friday. right now there's been some indication there is a chance of
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it's very small right now. is heading of south. for the seven-day forecast, that will be our only taste of the chance of winter. have a great next few days and a good week. 88thrly: tonight it is the academy awards and celebrities are already walking the red carpet for the big event. let's take a live look at the red carpet. we understand gary buse he is standing by, and lots of people -- well, the camera moved. that happens on the red carpet. i've noticed a lot of people wearing black shoes. the men looking dashing. kidd o'shea on the red carpet. he has the report about the last minute preparations. reporter: good evening. pretty exciting on the red carpet. take a look high to me as stars are starting to show up
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red carpet is who is going to take home best picture. have been out here since tuesday. we've been talking to a lot of people in the industry and fans as well. "themax" right behind revenue." positionnston in that for the leading role. i don't think those guys have a chance. if you watch the social media campaign, and everyone here in hollywood really wants leo to win it. if he doesn't take home that oscar, i think there will be a lot of backlash and people who say, he deserves it. you may not have thought his performance was oscar award-winning, although it was pretty incredible. a lot of people saying this is an award he should get tonight for all of his performances throughout his career in film. he started at a very young age.
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the big stars show up. matt damon, leonardo dicaprio. we will have complete coverage after the oscars right here on abc 7 news. for now, back to you. kimberly: thank you, kidd. scott abraham looking red carpet ready. >> a big hockey game for the washington capitals. a good measuring stick game for the cats. the washington capitals hit the road for a tussle with the blackhawks.
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>> playing three games in four nights, apparently the king needs a little break. lebron james did not join his cleveland tema
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verizon center court. he was resting on the bench. james's is, lebron sitting this one out. where is the smile, lebron? floyd mayweather jr. in the house. probably there to see lebron. basket, and teh follow -- the follow. rolling.rter, the wiz he will slam it home. wizards win 113-99. big showdown on the ice, the caps visiting the blackhawks. first period, no score. johanson. by marcus chicago would score three'
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goals to put this one away. not a happy camper in the washington bench. caps fall on the road to the blackhawks 3-2. today felt like spring, a perfect day to break out the glove and play catch in the backyard. the washington nationals hard at work in spring training down in vieira. competitive juices were slowing. one of the future bright spots for the nats is trey turner, possibly the shortstop of the future. that goes off the wall, bringing home wilson ramos. -- turner he hasrner showing he has plenty of potential. women's basketball, maryland hosting minnesota. late in the second
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wah the terps get out in transition. the easy lay-in. she had 10 points at the break in. maryland is absolutely rolling right now, leading 104-64 in the fourth quarter. tonight's final note, the former nets shortstop ian desmond signed a one-year deal with the texas rangers. but desmond will be switching to the outfield this season.
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kimberly: warm weather trend continuing? >> tomorrow maybe a small umbrella, a chance of a sprinkle and smart to have it around. then we get to 62. it's only in the 40's.
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good evening, everyone. i'm robin roberts. welcome to the biggest night in hollywood! we're live on the most famous red carpet in the world. taking you every step with us. here's a view you don't usually get to see. tonight, the biggest stars in the universe are here for the 88th annual academy awards. you can see the photographers are. and so is michael strahan. wonderful. >> it is great to be here. and you look amazing. >> thank you, thank you. we're going to have a great time. because, this is hollywood, super bowl and the excitement starts right now. >> life is full of dreamers. some dream of falling in love. others dream of changing the world. but there's one night we all dream in gold.


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