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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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inchens and bedrooms woodbridge. alison: at least five homes were hit, nobody was hurt, although the police are actively searching to find out who did this and why. leon: tom roussey has the investigation happening now. prince william county police believe that somebody began opening fire across bonita fitzgerald drive, and five of the six townhomes in this group were all hit. several residents say they are planning to move. >> there was a bullet hole right here. tom: amanda williams noticed the door glass had been shattered. >> i said what the -- and it crashed down. tom: that was not the only bullet that had struck her kitchen minutes before she returned home. >>
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we have one up here. tom: williams lives in 105 townhomes prince william county police say was hit -- one of five townhomes prince william county police say was hit on thursday in woodbridge. the neighborhood is next to a school. >> what if kids were walking home from school? tom: one neighbor who did not what to go on camera told us a terrifying story. bed, watchings in tv when a bullet came through the window and lodged in the frame. going, his head was a foot away. he has kids.
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police do not have any suspects to announce. we spoke with folks in the majority of the homes, at least three of the homes have kids, and several of the kids were home at the time the bullets ripped through these townhouses. thank goodness nobody was hit. live tonight in prince william county, woodbridge, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: absolutely, tom, thank you. breaking news in the district where the police are the scene shootings.ous the first only 900 block of eastern avenue in southeast, the second at 18th and benning wrote in northeast. in each, the victim is in critical condition for stop no arrests have been made. leon: alexandria police are investigating and i did it where a car hit a pedestrian -- are investigating an incident where a car hit a pedestrian. the victim's injuries were serious. the driver stayed on the scene and is coora
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the washington monument will be closed until some time next week. it is closed so that crews can repair a damaged telik a better -- a damaged elevator control box. it is not a mechanical failure, it was damaged by a contractor. the national park service will determine when it will reopen after evaluating the work. winter warmth is moving in, the temperatures in the 60's tomorrow. steve rudin has the forecast. steve: it's looking better tomorrow. cool right now come in the 40's, 41 leesburg and reagan national. the wind is out of the south at 10 to 15, which is what is going to bring the big warm-up in temperatures tomorrow afternoon. how warm? how about 62, 63 degrees? the predicted highs, 64
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we have a cool down any chance of wintery weather next week. leon: how about some windy stuff, folks cleaning up after dangerous wind left damage in chicago, with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. housing complexes were evacuated because of flying debris. public transportation and roadways were shut in some areas, two people injured. had to be canceled because of the dangerous condition. he is shocked that an accused sexual attacker lived under his roof, and tonight a landlord's son is speaking out accusedlliam brown jr., of sexually assaulting women at a grocery store. the police want to know if there are more victims. richard reeve is live with this story. rich? sryard: alison,
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them inside this grocery store, the other in an underground parking lot down the street. the son of brown's landlord said they had no idea an accused felon was living under his roof. the busy georgia avenue corrri idor in wheaton, where the police say that 21-year-old william brown jr. attacks three women. >> there were no warning signs. richard: nobody more surprised than the son of his landlord. >> it's frightening. richard: brown, his young say, and brother lived in the basement of their townhouse for the past 4, 5 months. >> we thought he was a contractor. thatrd: at the same time brown group a woman in a safeway store in february. the next day, he attacked a woman in the underground parking lot of the store, trying to force a woman into her car. >>
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walk to the car, or parking near the store. attack, then a third february 10, brown grabbed a 22-year-old woman walking to a doctor's appointment in this building. he allegedly snuck up behind her, pinter against the wall, and violently groped her. shoppers are concerned. >> just watch out for myself. you have to stay focused. >> it's frightening. i'm just glad we were safe. richard: the police obtained surveillance video of all three crime scenes. get this, the very next after the third attack, they spotted brown inside the store, checking out other women they say. they arrested him. he faces multiple charges, including attempted rape. they fear there are more victims. live in wheaton, richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: tomorrow is a big d o
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south carolina, where candidates are making their final pushes. the latest polls show donald trump with a striking lead, followed by ted cruz and marco rubio. tomorrow is side, the nevada caucuses, poll showing hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck. stay with abc 7 for live campaign coverage tomorrow. alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert and women getting ripped off every time they shop? it turns out females are spending thousands more per year because of a so-called pink tax. things likeions of deodorant, razors, moisturizers all tend to cost more than products for men, and is not just those supplies. dry cleaning a woman's blouse is generally more expensive than a man's tuxedo short. -- tuxedo shirt. the ceo of
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comparisons and do research to make better decisions while shopping. leon: for america's fallen heroes, there is no greater honor to be buried at arlington national cemetery, but that has become a headache for many families. for a massiveent overhaul that included a change in leadership. chris papst learned there are still aggravating problems. america's most famous cemetery, 400,000 of the greatest defenders rest with honor. in the last 25 years, this man has made the headstones for hundreds of them. in recent years, working with the cemetery has been chaotic. >> family members having to go through any angst during this time is problematic for me. chris: the process to get a headstone approved used to be easy and took about a week. now it takes at least a month, some take longer, if they ever get approved. >>
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inconsistency. chris: this woman's father-in-law was buried in arlington nine months ago and still has no headstone. all that marks his grave is a piece of wood. he wanted his widow's name etched below his, but the cemetery does not allow it. nearbyd eight gravesites were the surviving widow's name is on the stone. some were placed in 2014, the year that peak died. >> it's not about the business, it's about having to go back to the family and saying we cannot do this or that. >> it's extremely frustrating there are people who have what we want and we cannot get it. 2010, the cemetery came under new leadership after a series of embarrassing failures. six years later, 7 on your side has learned they are still having issues. the cemetery deputy superintendent. >>
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it arlington national cemetery. we work diligently to address the challenges. chris: challenges like the backlog. documents show that in late 2012 the cemetery had a burial backlog of 500. today it has nearly tripled, nearly 1300. as far as the request, cemetery policy is clear -- spouse's names are not allowed on the stones until they die. just until a few months ago, that policy was not being enforced. those stones should not have been approved. >> they would not be approved today. since 2013, cemetery staff has doubled, which is bringing down the backlog. -- as far as the burial process, longer waits are the norm. >> we have to review every marker. chris: for this story, 7 on your
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complaints the cemetery has recently received. people calle told with complaints, the cemetery does not file them as complaints and they are not tracked. in arlington, chris papst, abc 7 news. leon: still ahead -- more problems with hoverboards. the strict warning its makers are facing. alison: extended hours to say goodbye to justice antonin scalia. honoringrowd is his life.
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leon: a day of mourning as thousands paid their respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia a. plater has the heartfelt reflections and some nontraditional tributes. the viewing was supposed to last until it :00 tonight but had to be pushed back. so many people turned out. after 10:00, people were
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still coming out of the supreme court and the lines were several blocks long. people waited in line to pay the respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia a. at one point the line stretched for blocks long. >> i've never seen a line as long as this. it's a tremendous outpouring of respect for him. roz: the hours long wait cannot keep them away. >>'s imprint is indelible. is morning, he made his final trip to the high court to lay in repose. provided overalia the ceremony. a stream of dignitaries throughout the day, including president obama and the first lady. scalia was a leading conservative voice in the court and off in a voice of consent of >>
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the bench, they had a close relationship, which shows that they like the intellectual sparring. roz: outside, applesauce and broccoli, a tribute to his colorful commentary during the obama debate. forfuneral service is set 11:00 tomorrow at the basilica of the national shrine at the immaculate conception. we will carry that live on new's channel 8 and streaming on roz plater, abc 7 news. alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert --do you own a drone? be registered by midnight. that is the deadline to be registered with the faa. the process costs five dollars, but if you do not do it you could face civil and criminal penalties. there are restrictions about flying, and you cannot use airspace within 15 miles of reagan national rp
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the holidays is facing trouble -- hoverboard makers are being warned by federal regulators. 7 on your side is the first in the country to ask about their safety. some models of these devices have batteries that can overheat and explode. consumer product safety commission said they will recall or seize hoverboards if they do not meet safety standards. alison: if you have ever wanted to be an astronaut, you are in good company. nasa has over 18,000 applications from people who want to join the class of 2017. that's nearly three times the number it received for its last class in 2012. the bad news, only 8 to 14 people make the cut. you have to pass a physical, go through lots of training on spacewalking, spacecraft systems, and even the russian language. leon:
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closer. tonight, virgin galactic unveiled a new spaceship. a new round of testing is underway with the hopes of putting civilians in space soon. eyes on our saturday forecast. we cannot wait for this. steve: and everything is lining up perfectly for the weekend, temperatures in the 60's and sunshine. of course it will all end, but we will talk about that. 42 was the high. it was below average. it will improve dramatically in the next few hours. across the area of the temperatures will slowly fall, and then they will slowly increase as we move through the overnight. there we go, we will show you the temperatures. winchester 41, same in leesburg, 39 cumberland. the wind is now out of the south, which will warms
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hour. the temperatures will rise by about 5 a.m., just before sunrise. still a chilly start saturday, be forewarned. to the west, low 60's charleston , 60 louisville, 64 nashville. that is the warmer air that is moving our way tomorrow. hartley to mostly cloudy skies through the overnight, the cloud cover actually increases and insulates us overnight. if we had clear skies it would be colder. tonight, 34 to 39, the wind out of the south at 5 to 15. tomorrow morning, 30's, but by 10:00 well into the 40's, middle 50's. noontime, upper 50's. in the afternoon, 60 degrees. .t will stay dry sunday, a different story. showers move
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for the afternoon, evening. not looking for heavy rain, but most of you will see rain late sunday into early monday. tomorrow's high, 63 degrees, looks fantastic, lots of sunshine. ,f you are going out for a walk dress comfortably because you will want to shed the layers as temperatures warm. cooler sunday, there are the showers late in the day. monday looks bright and sunny, but only lower 50's. tuesday and wednesday we thought we could be looking at winter weather, but with the temperatures right now forecast to be well into the 40's, anything that falls does not appear to stick, at least not in the immediate metro. mainly a rain event, and it will stay chilly most of next week. we are starting to turn the corner with milder temperatures. leon: guess who could care less about that. this o
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erin: jonathan papelbon was all apologies this afternoon. plus, the was ernst try to make it two in a row.
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now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the wizards
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first glimpse of marquees morris, acquired from the sons yesterday. not only was it his debut with the wizards, but he played against his twin brother marcus and the pistons tonight. morris was cleared to play tonight. check out the moves from john wall, fakes out reggie jackson, gortat with the slam man foul. fourth quarter, the wizards up. detroit turns it over. the no look pass to otto porter, who finishes strong. wizards win, 98-86. reportedand catchers to spring trading yesterday, and nationals closer jonathan papelbon address the situation where he grabbed bryce harper's neck during a game last season. here is how he reflects on the incident. jonathan:
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said, i've apologized to him, i've apologized to my teammates. i want to apologize to the fans and coaches and everyone included. know, with what happened last year, you know, i was in the wrong, and it should never have went down that way. i understand that, and i've had a lot of time this off-season to reflect on that. soccer,anwhile, women's qualifying between the u.s. and trinidad. morgan finishes with a hat trick. mice job. they win. the united states officially qualifies for the 2016 games in rio, final score 5-0. after you enjoy all the nice weather tomorrow that steve was talking about, go to the capitals game because they host the devils tom
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saturday evening. alison: it looks like the side of a volcano, but this is actually in yosemite national park. that's coming up.
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know better sleep with sleep number. leon: firefall at yosemite national park. but it isike lava, just an illusion. glowingtually the sun through the waterfall.
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be angle of the sun has to just right, and it only happens for a couple of weeks during the year. alison: the photographers were camped out for that image. alison: is it going to be as nice as it sounds? steve: it will be beautiful tomorrow. it will be cool in the morning, but in the afternoon lower 60's
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the daytime high. sunday, half the day will be ok, the clouds rolling in late in the afternoon, bringing a little
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cooler monday. tuesday and wednesday, mainly a rain event at this point. people with the snow removal bills, they are thinking no more snow. "could you double check "scothe envelope?"wins." "best actress, 1984." "and i can't deny the fact that you like me." "life is like a box of chocolates." "you never know what you're gonna get." "we're gonna need a bigger boat." "xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of oscar moments,
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simply by using your voice. live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- bill maher. from "the danish girl," oscar nominee alicia vikander. jake byrd at a donald trump rally. and music from nothing but


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