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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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scalia, the paul justice's son, and a catholic priest said prayers. >> may he rest in peace. scalia isfuneral for set for saturday at the basilica of the shrine of the mac to conception. the president will not be at the service but vice president biden and his wife will attend. democratic senator harry reid says he expects the president to nominate a new justice in the next three weeks and we will be watching and reporting. michelle: thank you for that report. as we watch a long line of people going through the whole of the supreme, each brings their own story and reason for coming today. >> jay, it does seem that everybody has a reason to be there. indeed they do, jonathan and michelle. remarkable scene
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the line is just getting longer. up at the front of the entrance to the u.s. green court -- u.s. supreme court. it wraps down and doubles back an entire block and heads that way. we are going to head this way. the thing that resonates is, sure, many people admire justice scalia's legal intellect come his interpretation of the constitution and how law should be written and abided eye, but the thing we are hearing today is the emotional connection people feel to this legal giant. they really adore him. so many have come out today to pay their respects. these are giants in our life that we won't see people of this step in such rod reach an ability. scalia has been a figure for
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it is a bit surreal seeing that he is gone. >> he was a fighter to the very end and he set an example of americans that you can stand up on principle, stand up for the law and constitutional law. you can honestly say that will ever be another justice earlier -- justice scalia. >> now back live in front of the u.s. supreme court building, this gentleman wanted to pay his respects. a great admirer of justice scalia. the first is in you heard from, anita mcbride. she actually was in the reagan white house when justice scalia came here to the court for the first time to start his job here on the bench. she was in a 2 other administrations, my dear friend of the family, and we will hear more from her on the life of justic
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thank you. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage this evening. scalia's body will remain in the great hall through 11:00 tonight. his funeral is tomorrow morning and we will have live coverage at and you can also watch tomorrow on newschannel 8. police have arrested this man william brown, jr., for a string of sex assault. say what took place inside a safeway grocery store. county reporter kevin lewis is in wheaton with more. kevin: all three attacks to is between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning with 20 evil around. the first incident was two weeks ago. police say william brown, jr. walked up to a woman purchasing groceries inside the safeway and groped her. just a day later, police said the
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the underground parking garage. the assault so while in the woman broke one of her fingers -- so violent the woman brought one of her fingers. sea in the regional services center, the victim in that case told police brown tried to rape her. officers spotted brown walking through the safeway glancing at women. they arrested him on the spot. police say there might be more victims out there. >> even more shocking to have that power over you, people who don't know you feel like they can say anything to you and catch you can just because you are a woman. if these is in a vulnerable position that oftentimes we are not as strong as men. brown is behind bars on $100,000 bond. all new at 5:00, the excuse he gave officers and what brown's landlord told us earlier today. we can -- in wheaton, k
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jonathan: jerry lewis is accused of setting -- killing four people and setting their mansion on fire. he faces a judge for the first time. surprisingly lighthearted exchange between the murder suspect and the judge. >> started with drama as he stumbled in his shackles. he caught himself just before falling into the defense table. then, this man charged with monsters crimes had a jovial exchange with this defense team. he is in court to face a new indictment. grinning, all told, first-degree murder, kidnapping, extortion, and arson, all in connection with the may murders of a man, his wife, 10-year-old son, and housekeeper. the indictment also charges him with aggravated circumstances, finding that the murders were especially heinous, churches, or cruel. his attorney entered a plea or not -- plea of not guilty to all counts. in the
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the victims and a grandfather to the children, seen here with the prosecutor. the stately home where the killings took place sold for more than $3 million with the intent of tearing it down. while the fate of this property is apparently settled, someone close to the sale of the home, an investigation into the killing continues. the possibility looms of others being charged in connection with the crimes. garrick mcgee is back behind bars awaiting his next court appearance in may. on thee: an update financial impact of blizzard 2016. the latest figures showed d.c. spent more than $55 million on snow response. jonathan: $5 million to clear off the snow just from this, nine years worth of snow removal . officials to say that the funds will be available if there are any other snowstorms this winter but that is a lot of money. the fairfax county school board has agreed to cancel
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virginia, will be holding presidential primaries on that day. 167 fairfax school buildings are being used as a link sites -- as polling sites. school officials are concerned that with all the voters in and out, it will be difficult to conduct a normal day of school. have counseleds school on march 1. michelle: fairfax county school board members voted unanimously to change the name of jeb stuart high school. the next step is public hearings. some historians believe the school was named for the confederate general as a protest against desegregation in the 1950's. there is a growing consensus especially among students that the name does not current values of the community. jonathan: coming up, the streetcar opens a week from tomorrow. michelle: a lot of folks wondering why no sign a service. on still had our final stop heroin highway takes us to hagerstown. the surge in o
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and friends and anyone you know who needs it. >> oh, my god. >> do we all want to die? jonathan: this is kind of insane. school bus packed and the driver admits to intentionally stopping on the tracks pulling for just seconds before the train thunders by the reason behind the dangerous game of chicken? coming up. doug: temperatures around the 40-degree mark. weekend getting warmer and we
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talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. michelle: sad news from the literary world. harper lee has died. she is best known for her novel "to kill a mockingbird." a follow-uptchmen," come was published last year. she was 89 years old. jonathan: this is one of the most compelling pieces of video we have seen in a while. helicopter crashing in the water just as it was flying over pearl harbor. watch this again. [bleep]
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trouble and the pilot could not have done much better in the putting it up short so he did not manage kill everybody. a family of four in the pilot survived the crash. avoid trapped in the water -- a boy trapped in the water remains in the hospital today. the man who shot the video stop and rushed into the water to help. 2 others are in hospital and the conditions are stabilized. you have to see this from the terrifying ride on the school bus, and the teenagers are sitting watching helplessly as their bus was nearly hit by a speeding train. look at that. this is video from houston. the kids are all ok -- not happy, but ok. the driver is out of a job, as you can imagine. her excuse for stopping on the tracks? she couldn't drive the bus simply because the kids were too loud, so she did that as a way to quiet the kids. michelle: the d.c. streetcar line on 8t
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tomorrow, but there are so many questions about the service, like why no service on sunday, and how will riders pay? brianne carter is on the rail line and those questions are not easy to answer eight days out. brianne: it really depends on who you're talking to about all of this. take a look at the tracks. we see they are empty. just cap moving along them. in just over a week the streetcar will be moving up and down and you will start to see people waiting here at the station. construction, testing, and delays, riders will finally be able to get on the d.c. streetcar. startger service will february 27, but will initially run every day but sunday. a spokesman for vdot tells abc7 the car will run a limited schedule for an introductory period for
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brianne: for the first two months you -- first few months you will be able to ride for free. what isn't clear is after the six months is up, how much it will cost to ride and what payment system it will use. spokesperson says it will be comparable to the d.c. circulator. >> it makes sense. brianne: sam lives right off of h street and he says right now butoes not land to use it if the service is extended to other neighborhoods, he could . streetas extended down h and towards georgetown, it would make a lot of sense. in the latest press release announcing the start of the streetcar, the mayor is saying she is again committed to expanding the streetcar. as for the payment, we do know according to officials there
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options and the spokesperson from vdot telling us today they will have public input on the best options for people using the streetcar. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: the entire morning rush hour on the outer loop the beltway shutdown on connecticut avenue. horrific tractor-trailer crash, and the driver in this crash was killed. his cap jump to the jersey wall separating from the trailer. boxes, concrete, even the fuel tanks ripped right off. family hasriver's been notified. all lanes have been reopened and we are still trying to work to find out who the man was behind the wheel and what caused him to go through. let us look at the traffic situation on this friday evening could james sullivan joining us now and folks rushing out because it is friday. >> they are heading out of town or going home. this is the ramp to get onto 395 from duke street. the issues we have had these cones up and it is blocked off.
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we are seeing a backup already on duke street and let's move to the map, 395 is congested as you leave past the pentagon towards edsall road. tomorrow on 395 as you head northbound, traffic will be fine using the mainline. at 7:00 a.m. they were close off the hov lanes until 7:00 p.m. on sunday. in d.c. right now, on the teens, both directions on 1011. pretty much clear as you had towards clarksburg. it will take you 30 minutes. take an extra 7-8 minutes there. caps on the beltway, same ring. -- top side of the beltway, simply -- same thing. jonathan: daniel sign of winter should be wrapping up soon -- the first workout tomorrow. you heard of the weather trivia. we have to wait until may
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to get the warm, 74-degree temperatures. they are having them down south. michelle: for the close. not 70's, 60's tomorrow. doug: that will be nice. as i said before the new started, all week long -- warm weekend, warm again. we get to friday, uh. we will be 60's but it is good stuff. kind of chilly still at the moment. looking live at the weatherbug camera at the campus of montgomery college, 37. temperatures are not going to drop that much. dropping a degree or two tonight. we may see temperatures rise as we get towards sunrise because of the more pronounced change in the wind direction. the strength of the winds bringing in warmer temperatures. 41 at reagan national, 47 in fredericksburg, and already the trend is underway for the milder air to move northeastward into the metro area. by early tomorrow morning mp
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few degrees colder than it is right now. fogginess moving across the area and high pressure has moved offshore and now the winds -- i tell you, it has been a huge day when in chicago with a high wind warning. i saw video a while ago where it is close to 60 miles an hour. downtown chicago, the winds accelerate to the skyscrapers. what we will get is a push of winds that preceded the cold front heading this way and that is how we get so much warmer tomorrow. our futurecast shows a few clouds we will have a fair amount of sunshine. 10, 20 miles per hour. we will enjoy some sunshine. sunday, a little disturbance will go by to our south. a few light showers or wrinkles. it will still be mild with the highs in the upper 50's.
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the storm we have been talking about all week. rain orbe -- mostly little bit in the metro area. here in the next seven days number 63 tomorrow, 59 on sunday. and tuesdaymonday and wednesday we have the wintry mix in there. it will stay kind of seasonal or chilly through the end of next week. jonathan: one or two weeks away from really turning the corner, aren't we? doug: i hope. maybe more than two weeks. once we get through early march we will be in good shape. michelle: little breaks in between we can handle. let's check on the eagle cam. abc7 was the first station to show you this live feed earlier in the week. it is watching the nest of 2 bald eagles at the national arboretum in a d.c. the next has best the
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the nest has 2 eggs that should hatch next month. check this out anytime you want to come whenever you want. go to and click on the eagle cam story. jonathan: other birds go by and i like, do not mess with that. ahead, the superdelegates and how they allow the democratic nominee for president to win without the popular vote. michelle: first-come it is our next up on the so-called heroin highway. how the epidemic has affected one town
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jonathan: these are scary numbers, numbers we are getting into our newsroom. so far this month -- michelle: they have responded to 30 heroin overdoses, at least one today. mind-boggling. in the middle of what they're calling the heroin highway, a dubious nickname between interstate 70 and 71 from baltimore to west virginia with the drug making a deadly tractor cities along the way. jonathan: an investigator takes us to hagerstown, where heroin is a round-the-clock emergency. spike.gnificant reporter: it is life or death. >>
4:24 pm
reporter: against a drug that is addictive. >> you got a get your next fix. reporter: hagerstown can't escape the hook. ems crews are running to a minimum of 2 heroin overdoses every 24 hours. >> responses to may not be breathing. reporter: this nasal spray reverses the effect of opioid drugs. >> within minutes they start breathing again. reporter: in 2013, hagerstown ems crews administered it 122 times. in 2014, 172 times. to2015, that number jumped 234 times. >> we don't have a catch program to bring the person into treatment. reporter: working on treatment options to lessen demand, what about attacking s
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highway. reporter: the maryland state police captain and his troops watch the roads. >> anywhere between three to five kilos of heroine coming up and down interstate 70, i-81, to our area in the hagerstown-martinsburg area. we are seeing people coming from as far south as mexico. reporter: heroin's and grown in the state. the special agent in charge of the washington field division of the dea. >> identifying the players and chasing it back to source countries, that is what we do. reporter: he points to the poppy farms in colombia and mexico, where the heroine ends up in cities like baltimore, decades-old heroin stronghold. >> $1.5 million a day comes out of baltimore city rectally for
4:26 pm
directly for heroin. the purity levels are higher now than we have ever seen. we looking for people trafficking heroin up and down the road. reporter: to every community along the way. >> it really is a public health issue. kick can they just need help. michelle: and speaking of health, in response to the complaint we heard time and time again about bringing treatment and advice, we are bringing experts to you. the substance abuse phonebank is about to kick off in four minutes. there is a live picture as everyone is down there in the phonebank. we have treatment counselors in studio and dea agents in studio to take any tips you have about drug-related crimes in your neighborhood. all calls are private. we are not televising them. 703
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-236-9220. we will see you down there and be there for two hours. jonathan: jennifer, thank you so much. and highway." we have posted everyone of her stores and if you are a parent, you should absolutely watch these stories. michelle: how hillary clinton could with democratic nomination like w won in 2000, without the popular vote. sam: i am sam ford in berry farm public housing. residents in the other h
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"abc7 newswatching at 4:00," on your side. scalia's bodynin lies in repose until 8:00 tonight. much more on the ceremony at 5:00 including the people visiting and paying respects. for the: in the race white house, the gop battle in south carolina is getting a lot tighter less than 24 hours before the polls opened. the latest polls show it is a two-man race but it is close to donald trump is edging out senator ted cruz by five points among likely republican voters. marco rubio is in third place with the jeb bush not far behind. this is the nbc
4:31 pm
street journal" paul. -- nbc news-"wall street journal" poll. how is it hillary clinton is so far ahead in the delegate count? scott thuman says she has a massive lead and it is part of a delegate system that may surprise you. scott: if you presume bernie sanders is riding high after a commanding victory in new hampshire, it's true. he is a 36-32 in the delegate count. but at in superdelegates and clinton is absolutely crushing him. we are talking about delegates who are not bound to state results and have free range to go to the convention for whoever they want. according to the associated press from the total with the all-powerful super voters, clinton is up 481-55. i asked the head of the dnc about this super strategy. do you think it is smart
4:32 pm
folks about the delegate pledged process. unpledged delegates can change their mind at any time. the reason we have unpledged delegates is those are party leaders and elected officials. we haveo make sure tremendous diversity at our conventions. scott: what are critics who say it is another way to protect clinton's path to the nomination? schulz: typical campaign fodder. voters decide the outcome, not political parties. >> you talk about stacking the deck, ignoring the will of your party, that is what they are doing. scott: the associated press says gopers have some prearranged delegates, not nearly as many. trump as a more simple 17, followed by cruz, rubio, kasich, and so on. as for the clinton lee, sander''
4:33 pm
says it is not to meaningful since the delegates can change their mind before the election. that could happen if sanders continues to gain momentum. scott thuman, abc7 news. jonathan: you know what, we made it, it is friday. tgif. beautiful sunrise. george sent this to us from prince frederick, maryland. goodpreciate you sending a you can send us your pictures. by you them on abc7 sending them to us. let's get doug hill back in the picture for the forecast. doug: warming up finally. going to get cold again next week. another sunrise picture. we want to thank harrison jones for sending this image from the vietnam memorial. this is the wall on the beautiful colors of the sunrise reflecting off the wall. thanks for sharing. we enjoy weather photographs of all manner.
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online, social platforms, too. 40 at reagan national airport. degrees on the campus of gallaudet, that university. temperatures are not going to drop that much. upper 30's around the metro area by tomorrow morning. the winds are turning down to the southwest. tomorrow, little breezy. partly cloudy and 63 degrees. we could see a few showers here. best chance of showers south of the district. it will last through the afternoon and evening. tuesday and wednesday, possibility of another storm this way. giving you a little forward look at what may be coming this week. jonathan: thanks very much, doug. the 7 on your side phonebank is we have additional treatment counselors on hand to help you. de
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we promise you from the outset from every call you make u.s. is private. this is all about helping you and your family and friends. michelle: moments before d.c. mayor maria bowser got into a power clock to care down buildings on the saint elizabeth occupiedembers of berry farms walked right in front of the podium. they are against the gentrification of d.c. yam ford explains this occup movement. sam: i am in berry farm. it is one of the largest housing complex -- public housing, texas in d.c. buildingswar ii-era are starting to crumble. for some residents, increasingly expensive d.c., it is the last option and they are trying to keep it. mayor bowser was hands-on him launching the demolition for the $55
4:36 pm
before the photo up, berry farm protesters competed for attention. you can hear the mayor stopping her aid from getting rough. owser: leave her alone. sam: the housing is about half of bacon and they feared that those remaining will be redeveloped out of the homes. >> why displacement, why create more of a problem than you already have? sam: matthew is one of the leaders, saying that if the plans to redevelop -- >> there will never come back. sam: the attorney said that for various reasons, other do not come back. >> credit requirements, colonel background requirements. sam: they accuse the city of driving them out with neglect of her peers. -- neglect of repairs. >> they gave $1 million
4:37 pm
sam: she says she fears homelessness. >> sleeping on benches and things of that nature. sam: d.c. housing issued a 7 -- "we have been working to create new housing and a safer community. the families of every farm told us to work with urgency and we are doing that." housing has set no date to begin demolishing barry farms is part of the new community program, but for residents like paulette, this is a community and one they don't want to lose. reporting live from southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: it is not unusual for a friend to watch someone's home when he or she is out of town. michelle: what is unusual is for the housesitter two stop an intruder armed with nothing but a blessed and neighbor received a call from an alarm company about the home he was taking care of. he went down the street and found a man stealing items from
4:38 pm
he peaked at the same time and i said "you need to come out or i will shoot you." .ichelle: it was a bluff he was unarmed and civilly buying time until police arrived. police crazed his quick ed bluffingt- - prais against the criminal -- praise to his quick thinking but one against bluffing against a criminal who may be armed. during firefall season, the false on el capitan look like it is on fire and photographers love it. the illusion is caused by the angle of the setting sun and takes place for just a few weeks every february. not get ayou might chance to go to yosemite but there's plenty to do around here this weekend.
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the weekend. gamers will conquer day at national harbor for a music and gaming festival where you can play video games to your heart's delight, or take a journey through five dozen years by checkingulture out chinese music and dance at the kennedy center all weekend. take ongetown hoyas xavier at the verizon center saturday afternoon, followed by the caps versus the new jersey devils at 7:00. remember paul reiser from "mad about you"? he will have a, a show at the howard theater on saturday at 8:00 p.m. if you are looking to save some money, sculptures pulsating to live music similar to this starts saturday night at the washington navy yard, and it is free. why not finish off the weekend rocking out with these guys? they are called 2
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, and the concert is sunday night at dar constitution hall. whatever you decide to do, have a great weekend. on abc7: still ahead news, where are the richest millennials in the country? not far from here. jonathan: in just a few minutes, the fight over what goes on the grave marker at arlington national cemetery. what one family wants and why the military has said
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jennifer: welcome to the 7 on your side help center. we are hosting a two-hour live phonebank. this is all coinciding with our weeklong series "heroin highway." we are looking at the national heroin epidemic and how it is impacting communities along i-70 and high-81 could we have counselors in-house because so many families and residents, whether they are in martinsburg, hagerstown, or winchester, d.c., baltimore, talked about the lack of access to
4:44 pm
we have gathered them up and they have driven in from everywhere, west virginia, hagerstown, winchester, va, and they are here to take your calls. we have 2 parents, including one who i will bother right now. kevin, stay where you are. lost daughter, in 2016.ld brooke, for people who did not see your store, could you tell what happened? >> she struggled with heroin addiction for 15 months prior to passing in april of last year. prior to passing, treatment was impossible for us to get. my wife and i are building a house in her memory in hagerstown area. we appreciate everything you are doing here, jennifer, as far as bringing this epidemic to light. jennifer: thank you for coming in. 703
4:45 pm
-236-9220. we also have the dea behind me. they are here if you have tips about drug-related crime in your neighborhood sun communities. give us a call. we are standing by. jonathan: that is the hardest part, the first phone, but you have to make it. hopefully that is a resource a lot of people will reach out to. coming up next, controversy from arlington cemetery. michelle: how best to honor service members and their spouses. when one passes away before the other, what goes on the gravestone? jonathan: we have a former coast guard captain's family.
4:46 pm
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together fory were more than a half-century but when a local veteran's dying wish was to be buried with his wife at arlington cemetery, they wanted to be together forever. michelle: the surviving wife is locked in a fight with the cemetery. the family says it is breaking the 95-year-old's heart. reporter: to say their love was
4:49 pm
tale. >> this woman was married for seven years. -- 70 years. they were devoted to one another. you always saw them together. reporter: paul and jane were inseparable. only death could take them apart. >> she misses him tremendously. october 2014, she said goodbye to her love one last time. the following spring, the family held a funeral with full military honors to bury the captains ashes at arlington national cemetery good the family says that the couple's final wish was for jane to be at his side in death as she was in life. name and birthday place on the headstone alongside her husband's. when she dies from the date of her demise would be added. >> exactly what we wanted. reporter: it is a simple request, says the family, what they want. this is what they have been trying for.
4:50 pm
arlington national has told them no. for nearly a quarter century, eastern memorials has been making headstones for military families. this is the family's first look at the headstone. >> we want it so bad and we want it right and we have someone telling you, no, you can't do that. reporter: one of the owners of eastern memorials. "wehey come back and say are not going to allow it." without any logic or explanation. reporter: eastern says waiting for answers and denials of support requests to have the name carved to the headstone before her death is happening to military families of loved ones buried at arlington in increasing numbers. >> just because the people who are in charge right now, they don't know what they are doing. reporter: 7 on your side contacted arlington. officials
4:51 pm
memorials like this are allowed in certain sectors of the cemetery, and it is policy not to allow the surviving spouses' names added to the headstone until the spouse died. disputes that and said that the main reason for denying the request is -- >> i don't see it happening. side said7 on your there are numerous other headstones of buried serviceman with the names and birth dates of living spouses carved into the stones. >> one day they may prove something and the next day they won't. reporter: the family says they cannot move forward without permission from the cemetery, the headstone will have to remain in the warehouse. >> it is ridiculous. reporter: nearly a year and a half after his death, the wooden plaque is all that marks the grave. the family wants to fulfill the final wish of a decorated veteran, the love of his life. she wants her name on the headstone now so it can be placed at her husband's praise. the answer from the cemetery is
4:52 pm
closure in our family. our 7 on your side team wanted to dig deeper into this and other problems we are hearing about at arlington national cemetery. 11:00, a tonight at government watchdog investigator talks to a top official at arlington to get answers about backlogs and delays in providing full military honors for the veterans who honorably served our nation. right now let's get a check on our weekend forecast with steve rubin standing by. steve: cloudy skies, looking at national harbor, 41 degrees at reagan national airport. 41 in leesburg. only 39 in manassas. 46 in fredericksburg. tomorrow, huge, huge warm-up on the way. temperatures that will be well above average for this time of year. satellite and radar shows cloud cover overhead by now but it is dry. not as cold as it was last night.
4:53 pm
on five-50 miles brouwer. one day tomorrow with highs well into the lower 60's. off to the west of us, showers will start to increase on sunday. that is when temperatures are going to drop. highs around 63 degrees. 59 for the daytime high. showers andys, maybe some snow showers. temperatures in the 40's with nighttime lows in the 30's. chief meteorologist doug hill up at 5:00 and will have a few forecast in a few minutes. jonathan: coming up, where the live and hownnials the youngest generation in the workforce is making. michelle: new at 5:00, perhaps the stronge
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has deep pockets. the millennials here are among the richest in the nation. --orter: the millennials they have a bad rap for growing up in title, but leave it to joe to point out his generation fought in two wars. i am in charleston, south carolina, on active duty in the navy. hisrter: he is considering life in the military and arlington seems like of it. >> defense contractors and nongovernmental organizations are pretty appealing. ask how muchdidn't he makes the professionals sit in the city outside the district. understudy 5 -- a new study says int 18-34 --year-olds arlington county are the highest paid in the u.s. with a median income of $61,000. millennials in arlington pay the second highest taxes fit san francisco comes in at number one good whether it is new condos or
4:58 pm
millennials in arlington. >> young people are renting their homes. sort of suburbs but the d.c. area -- toorter: his girlfriend came arlington after graduating from james madison university. >> definitely a higher standard of living that the salaries are higher to accommodate that. excited to get a job that allows for that. >> any type of food or music. reporter: cheers to the millennials making waves. leon: three attacks, one in a supermarket checkout aisle. why investigators want you to see this man's face. a stack of cell phones and orders for the kids in his care turned hisn aide school into a child born operation. and the government ultimatum to hover board makers. >> now, abc7 news at 5:00, on your side.
4:59 pm
national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] lison: police are putting this picture out there to find out if this man accused of sexually assaulting three women has more victims. investigators say william brown, behind 2 attack on a safeway on georgia avenue two weeks ago and a third year the midtown regional services center just last thursday. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is in wheaton with the latest. kevin: after the third attack, undercover officers spotted brown walking the also the safeway store and they arrested him on the spot. his alleged excuse -- "i might have been caught on camera but i only bumped into these women." the downtown safeway serves as an alleged hunting ground for william brown, jr. it one case police say he violently groped a woman buying groceries in a check out while
5:00 pm
could one day later, he allegedly returned to safeway and attacked a woman in the underground parking garage. the sexual ambush so violent that the victim broke a finger. >> very bold to do it in the light. ridiculous,bracing, that we have gotten to a point where these things happen on a regular basis. police say brown attacked a third woman heading to a doctor's appointment in this building, pinning her against an exterior wall. >> i cannot believe this, my goodness. kevin: browns landlord told us that the 21-year-old lived with his mother and fiancé. your tenant is accused of very violent crimes. that,er when i heard message to my son -- going to leave soon. kevin: as for customers, they say safeway could be more proactive. >> information is power and that is something we need to know. you would think it would be some type of sign alerting shoppers about being by themselves and being in the garage.


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