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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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police in the neighborhood tonight very concerned. >> a home invasion situation, it's alarming. >> this is a safe neighborhood. i'm shocked. >> in the last half hour we talked to a woman out walking her dog and saw two individuals in the neighborhood she did not recognize. she immediately called police. we hear from her coming up tonight at "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. now to the other big story this afternoon, startling claims about a birth control device that may be linked to death of hundreds of unborn babies. jonathan: "7 on your side" looked into essure for months and found this may be a bigger than sought problem. joce sterman in the newsroom with what young women and expecting mother
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this. this is the online reporting forum for the f.d.a. you can search any of the problem that have been reported to the government about this. they can be reported by patients themes so the stories may not be corroborated. they may come from manufacturers and doctors. looking at the data. it knew of five fetal deaths linked to essure but other groups looked into more detail and they say they uncovered hundreds more. essure problems started on facebook. women joined for a common cause, complaints over the birth control devices. the 27,000 women belonging to the group now seeing signs of hope thanks to congressman mike fitzpatrick.
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>> thaw have been ignored by the healthcare providers and the manufacturers. and ignored by the f.d.a. >> in a teleconference today with reporters fitzpatrick called out the f.d.a. for ignoring as many as 303 fetal deaths he said were linked to essure by an independent group using the agency own data. miscarriages and ebb topic pregnancies and stillborn deaths were reported as malfunction. >> we are talking more than numbers. 303 unborn children. who were killed because of the failure of the product. joce: the product long touted as suspect, proven and safe. it's the subject of illegal kickback in unsailed court case in california that claims they gave free equipment to physicians to drum up business for essure. >> this is a lap
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why are they not held accountable for the actions >> essure is made by bayer but they had nothing to do with the court case that was dismissed. we asked for a statement and we didn't get one. when we do we will put it on the web. f.d.a. tells us they are looking at all the information. the failures are the main reason this device should be pulled. in the newsroom, joce sterman, abc7 news. michelle: we have been looking at essure for months. you can see it online at developing right now, prince george's county police say the number of confirmed victims in a child porn scandal is now up to
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carroway was a volunteer at judge sylvania woods elementary school and youth choir director. police say they are still conducting forensic interviews in the case. update on a dog electrocuted in northwest washington. at first it was believed to be isolated incident. the dog seized up, slid on a patch of ice and then seemed unable to move. >> i didn't know what was going on. i thought my dog had broken her legs. if i had just picked her up and moved her from the area she might be alive. michelle: agony for a pet owner.
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the dog to die but the problem still isn't fixed. she won't let her dog die in vain. she plans to take the dog to the agriculture department for autopsy. more coming up at 5:00. jonathan: virginia approved dominion power to release coal ash in the creek. but it's now a subject of controversy across party lines as well. jeff goldberg explains how maryland is now getting involved. jeff: this is where dominion resources want to release 215 million gallons of streeted coal ash water. the coal ash water is currently being stored in dominion 'system point facility in five different ponds. value water control board has approved the plan to release the water in the creek part of an overall e.p.a. effort to dispose
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now the state of maryland is joining prince williams county in environmental group opposing the plan saying it will have negative implications on the environment. the intent for the opponent is to appeal the state permit of virginia. residents are not happy with the plan. >> it will be in the fish and then the birds eat it and they will die. not good. >> dominion feels there is information spread about the information saying this will be handled in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner. hear from them directly at 5:00. jonathan: chesapeake progress online to keep one health of the bay and the water shed that includes several states surrounding our area. michelle: hillary clinton campaign is set to start airing ads
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each ad will run 30 seconds. next up is the nevada caucuses. last word there is things are neck and neck. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- one of the favorites is eagle cam. we check in with eagle cam to see what happens there. michelle: unlocking the mystery surrounding the san bernardino attack. apple is standing firm. software it refuses to make to allow the f.b.i. to hack a terrorist cell phone. >> a former school board member accused of cheating the system to get taxpayers to buy her child school lunch. that trial is underway. doug: it will get colder around here but you do not want to miss the weekend forecast. stay with us. "a
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michelle: an alleged scheme to take advantage of the lunch programs meant for students who can't afford to bring their own. as a former prince george's
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trial. brad bell has the information out of court today. what have you learned? brad: this is a story we broke last spring. we got ahold of the documents and learned of the criminal investigation. the indictment was in august and now the trial has begun. the allegations very simple. worked for the government accountability office and as well as the school system making $90,000. this is a mock-up. she ha a form to fill to apply for free lunch for her child. she checked the box yes, she was receiving food stamps according to prosecutors. left the income line blank and the county approved it. in court today, opening arguments this afternoon. prosecutors telling the jury monday was ripping off the school system for her own
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benefit. that she knew what she was doing. using a voided out food stamp number to win this subsidy at the expense of taxpayers. the allegation is over time she approved $1,300 in lunch fees and therefor she stole that money. we will stay on the story. this trial is going on now. we'll come back at 5:00 and tell you what the defense attorneys say about this. this is much ado about nothing, and she said that she paid the money back. i will tell you why the judge is rejecting that argument. jonathan: the war on terror and now it's a battle brewing or shaping up between the f.b.i. and apple. michelle: it is all
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san bernardino attacker's phone. starl starl is here -- alison starling is here. alison: this isn't as simple as unlocking one iphone. if you try to do that too many times it wipes the information right now. apple is worried to unlock the phone could lead feds down a slippery slope. apple says the government is requiring them to create to unlock the phone and it could have future ramifications for all americans. this is according to apple ceo tim cook. at the heart of the issue is recovering information from the iphone of one of the bernanke killers. >> we have one of the killer's phones that we have not been able to open. it's been over two months. we are still working on it. alison: the government trying to assess
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left 14 dead. they have been unable to crack the iphone losed by syed farook. their concern is that ten unsuccessful attempts to open the phone would cause it to automatically erase key data and make the phone inaccessible. apple says they don't have the ability to just unlock the one iphone. >> to offer the assistance that the government needs, they have to literally create a whole new system to backdoor these phones. apple is saying look, once we create this, it will get out. then everything we built in terms of protecting privacy is out the door. michelle: legal analysts say this case is not easily resolved. alison: it may be decided at the supreme court level. we want you to weigh in on this. this the suspect of the twitter poll. should apple help here?
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vote and leave us a response. we have a look at early voting in a half an hour. michelle: interesting. thank you. around the commonwealth now the virginia department of transportation will hold a public information meeting about plans to extend i-95 express lanes. the meeting will be held tonight from 6 verz until 8 verz -- 6:00 until 8:00 tonight. part of the proposal calls for extending the express lanes two miles south. data shows they have already improved the travel times along the stretch. time for a check of traffic. jamie sullivan has details. traffic looks to be at a crawl. jamie: mainly on 95. you are getting a good idea. this is just past the occoquan. the delay is not only here. a little sun l
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something we have not seen. let's move to the map to talk about how big the stretch is on 95. you see this moving south. let's look at the map to talk about how slow. 10 miles per hour is the spot. it will take a ten-mile stretch. that is where we are seeing the stop-and-go. if you are traveling along the capital beltway we have slowing in the northwest corner. talk about d.c. a lot of volume for you if you get closer toward the 11th street bridge leaving the city. heading northbound on kennelworth avenue, at pennsylvania avenue the left lane is blocked. only the right lane is getting by. we are seeing a two-mile backup. gas main breaks closing down 13th northwest between monroe
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and otis place. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: this is one of the favorite part of the afternoon. a live eagle cam of mr. president and the first lady. the couple set up shop at the national arboretum are waiting on two eggs. i can't tell if that is him or her. they swap out. it's 30 to 35 days is when we expect they will start to hatch. we saw the two now working on theirest ins. we saw them with the eggs. you can watch them, too. we put a live link on the website. h.d. cam so it's beautiful. go to now it's time to talk to doug. doug: i love eagles. i love to watch them. we have them where i live. but i have little tiny dogs. so i get nervous. i would rather see the eagles on the camera. jonathan: keep them on a tight leash. michelle: all snow gone from the nest. doug: it's all good. wait until the weekend.
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temperatures in the 60's on saturday. looking live at chesapeake beach along the western shore of the chesapeake bay. a little chop on the water. not much. it's a good day around the region. the temperatures in the 40's locally. colder north and west. push of the cold air coming in. tomorrow many areas may not get out of the 30's. a cold front coming through. dry and sunny as well. 47 at reagan national. 50 in fredericksburg. 43 in baltimore. 41 in frederick. the forecast tonight is mainly cloudy. mainly clear, just a few clouds in the area. temperatures are 20 to 29 degrees out of the northwest at 5 to 10. a chill in the air but nothing major. satellite images go, lots of clear skies from the area southeast carolina to georgia.
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we have a cold front to bring us colder weather tomorrow and chill in the air on friday. the forecast ahead through tomorrow. in the area, northwesterly winds. getting in through thursday and friday. a cold front will make a run. we will get in the touches of the warm air in 40's for most spot for friday. we get in the lower 60's on saturday. cold front comes through sunday and monday. we are back to the ballgame with a possibility of rain or snow. a passing sprinkle. mild on monday. tuesday and wednesday we have 30
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something. temperatures are 40 for a high. does not have the earmarks of a major storm for the area. it is available on the internet and people look at it and not mow what they are looking at. another major storm coming. another major storm like that. that is the way i type. michelle: still ahead on the abc7 news at 4:30 -- the owner of natural gas in a neighborhood. where sitcomming from and are people in the area at risk? jonathan: first look at part three of the jennifer donelan "7 on your side" investigation "heroin highway." the effects of this
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these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib - an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke - they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free, and travel upstream to the brain where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's not caused by a heart valve problem,
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has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. jonathan: the department is a subject of a city council oversight hearing going on all day long. michelle: testifying is the medical director who pulled no punches last week when she stepped down. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has been in the hearing all day. >> there seems to be an immunity to grief here. i feel tre
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young person waits 18 minutes for a transport unit. >> she was flagged by the counterparts from texas and oklahoma as she told the councilmembers the d.c. department lacks urgency when it comes to medical. at one point talking how firefighters or e.m.t. on ambulances disappear in hospitals. >> from the time you get to the hospital and the time you transfer care and go back in to becoming available again, it is almost like they fall in a black hole. we can't find the unit. >> she wanted to correct a firefighter about a medical call she often time had to go through the battalion chief first. these days 80% of the work in the fire e.m.s. is e.m.s. and just firefighters run about everything. the new fire chief who is increasingly facing criticism told reporters before the system he just got
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>> we came here nine months ago. trying to get the training we need. >> the chief talked about ambulances for less critical cases but the doctor said the training is so poor she would question whether the e.m.t.'s or paramedics are qualified to determine if a case is cit a or not. sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: the "7 on your side" heroin highway series drives in virginia tonight. michelle: all week we are focused on a section that begins in baltimore. nicknamed the "heroin highway" after explosion of the overdose and the deaths plaguing communities in three neighboring states. jonathan: filing back against crime reporter jennifer donelan joins us. road to virginia now. jennifer: we will start visiting each state. the number of the
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the prescription drug overdoses in the state are sobering. they are not getting better. virginia attorney general said he decided to go after the problem with the documentary. it's real virginians with the real story. we are heading to winchester. you will meet the tiniest victims. we have a mother's story of loss. her 27-year-old son keith died of a heroin overdose. >> the hardest thing is being powerless with the drug and not being able to save your child. >> that feelingness of the helplessness. that is coming up.
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of the series "heroin highway" and get caught up watching the first two stories online. jonathan: coming up for us. "el chapo" is known to break out after a prison or two. now he is complaining about the stint in a mexican prison. the chief complaint we'll have it for you coming up. >> i'm kevin lewis looking for
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: the smell of natural gas is distinct and it can be scary. jonathan: it can. once you smell it, what happens next. in woodbridge earlier this month a home exploded after a family escaped to safety. the leak had been reported. michelle: some in the neighborhood smell gas there. kevin lewis is there. what is the latest? they were
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top. a resident complained about the pervasive smell of the natural gas. she combined a google map. each marker, 19 in total showed where someone reported an issue. so some are wondering what is the cause? the theory is aging cast iron pipe and the cold winter weather created cracks to allow the gas to seek out. so far they say they have not been provided with a clear answer. >> this morning driving down the hill i had to pause. i opened the window. gas leak? yes.
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>> this is releasing methane in the air with the global warming issue. >> washington gas tells abc7 it's aware of the issue and while the map shows 19 trouble spots it has only responded to three gas leaks so far this year. live in bethesda, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. dog rescue caught on camera. the dog fell through an icy lake. the crews were there in less than ten minutes and pulled the dog out. he was cold but they were able to pull him out to safety. the dog was evaluated by medics and turned over to the owner with no ins. michelle: hopefully the days of all that
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and friday. then it warms up dramatically. the closer to february and march it has to be the cold snaps will get colder and colder. almost there. cloud cover broke up. at this hour, looking at the temperatures holding in the mid-40's in the metro area. a little colder when you work north and west like hagerstown at 37. 37 degrees in cumberland. 39 in martinsburg. 41 in winchester. do better at fredericksburg at 50. keeping it chilly at 43. well tonight is west of down and look at that zone now from strasburg, mid-20's. 26 in culpeper. stafford is 24 by tomorrow
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inside the beltway. the forecast tomorrow pleasant day. a lot of sunshine throughout. 26 for the average wake up. 36 for midday. 40 in the afternoon. some areas may be stuck in the upper 30's. friday we will do better as far as the temperatures go, mid-40's. friday and late in the day a warm front is going through. it will have an effect. check this out. mostly sunny. 63 degrees on saturday. just gorgeous. on sunday, 59. slight chance of a sprinkle. pleasant. mild to monday. tuesday and wednesday check this out. the numbers are chilly again. there will be the chance of some precipitation, rain or snow, what we have listed with a 30% probability. see what happens has it gets closer. michelle: thank you. new at 4:00, break in a nearly 25-year-old cold case. pickly, keith simmons and gillard for found execution style on the franklin style on april 23rd,
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today police arrested two men in connection to the murders. michael green and benito valdez. >> we hope it provides hope to families that have open cases and lost loved ones. we hope it will get the citizens who may have information in some of those older cases to come forward. >> the victims and the suspects knew each other and drugs played a role. jonathan: an emotional day today. community in a show of solidarity in hartford county. funeral held for one of the two deputies shot and killed last week. diane cho in the newsroom with how the family, colleagues and the complete strangers came out to honor him. diane: hundreds of law enforcement officers turned out to honor and remember a deputy two devoted his life to public service. [bagpipes] law enforcement officers stood in
4:36 pm
as they carried one of their own killed in the line of duty. >> this legacy will forever live on. >> hartford county senior deputy patrick dailey was a veteran of the department, the marine corps and the volunteer fire company. >> to be sure, we are heart-broken. however our agency, cannot, will not be broken. >> authorities say dailey was shot in the head after responding to to complaint at panera bread last wednesday. he was one of two shot and killed that day before the authorities shot and killed the gunman. >> i have no doubt that other lives would have been lost. >> friends and family members described him as kind and a caring man two died doing what he
4:37 pm
>> responding to a call, treat kindly a man he did not know. >> his son said he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. >> as i cold older he told me that it's your life, do what you want to. >> i still want to be like my father. it will be an honor to be half the man he was. >> senior deputy logsdon was also killed last week. his funeral service is scheduled for saturday. in the newsroom, diane cho, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. covering metro now. officials say a fire extinguisher somehow went off on a red line train this morning. it happened around 9:00, just before the road island avenue metro station. riders share pictures on the social media showing the hazy cars. one of t
4:38 pm
now. no one was hurt. service was not affected. jonathan: mexican drug lord joaquin guzman that we know by "el chapo," he hates being in prison. he has broken out of a bunch of them in the past. he's making it clear he is not happy to be in prison. his attorney says the guards wake up the cartel leader every two hours saying it feels like torture to him. "el chapo" says he feels like a zombie. he is not getting enough sleep. he says they need to work on the customer service in prison. there you go. all right coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- what you drink, what is your choice? coffee, soda, both? we let you know which has more sugar. michelle: he is the man with all the answers. alex trebek was in-house today. he opened up about "jeopardy" and had fun as well. that's still ahead. jonathan: live look now at the eagle cam. look how gorgeous. i'm not sure if it's president
4:39 pm
but the newest family started to nest at the national arboretum. they are waiting for two eggs to hatch that should happen in the next two months. check out the live stream and head over to search eagle cam. it's h. d. and a gorgeous picture. we have a link on the website. back aft
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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michelle: almost done with his year-long stay aboard the international space station.
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he is sharing what he is seeing. >> it shows the color of the plant visible from the space station. snow pack and the deep blue seas. even the shifting colors of the desert sand. you can see it from space. what it is worth is if you have been paying attention to what he is doing in space he is due back next month. jonathan: i like the space station. michelle: it's interesting. jonathan: coming up for us -- >> in washington, d.c., 48 degrees. paradise. >> okay. >> who knew he had the moves? that is alex trebek. joining the "good morning washington" crew. we have highlights and the questions he answered. >> a pill on the market 100% effective according to some studies
4:44 pm
infection. not many people know about it. i'm stephen tschida.
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jonathan: historically the nation capital has one of the highest hiv infection rates in the country. michelle: but now they have a weapon to slow and possibly halt it. a pill hit market in 2012 but is suddenly gaining traction because of the stunning success. stephanos fills -- stephen tschida fills us in. stephen: this is why he is free of a nagging worry. >> exposedded to hiv by way of a former partner. >> a frightening experience with hiv let him to whitman walker clinic where he learned of this medication. >> anybody taking it every day hasn't become positive. >> it has 600 people on it. those on the front line and fighting infection working to get the word out about the effectiveness. >> it's not a one pill magic drug. it doesn't protect against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea or
4:48 pm
>> it prevents the virus taking home in the bloodstream. in d.c. where some black women have some of the highest rates there is a force of the effort underway to protect them. >> first thing women can do to take control over their sexual protection to take it out of the hands of their male partners where they may not be empowered to negotiate. >> aside from a bit of nausea the first day four years ago he has had no side effects. other than that, his life has not changed. insurance covers the cost. >> it does take a load off to where i'm not having to feel like i am going to catch hiv. >> health professionals say there is another treatment in the pipeline. this one is injectable which would be effective for months on end. thus eliminating the tedium of having to take a pill every day. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: revisit our twitter poll. should apple be forced to operate with the f.b.i. and unlocking the phon
4:49 pm
of the san bernardino attackers. jonathan: the controversy is apple, they say they don't have the software to open just the one phone. if you try to unlock a phone, iphone too many times without success it will completely wipe all the data on the phone gone. so far, almost two-third of you say yes, apple should help the f.b.i. retrieve the information stored on that phone. michelle: the discussion is far from over. this poll is going to be open all night. we will update you throughout the everything. jonathan: we are looking ahead to the weekend. steve: we'll take the upper 40's. it will get nicer heading closer to the weekend. 43 in lee
4:50 pm
45 in culpeper. luray at 43. there is not a lot going on in terms of the radar map at this time. it is going to stay dry moving through the evening hours and overnight. low temperatures ranging from 20 to 29 degrees. winds from the northwest at 5 to 10. this only lasts for one day. lots of sunshine to enjoy the high pressure overhead. the weekend all the warm air filters across the mid-atlantic. saturday a low of 60's. sunday upper 50's. the exact numbers on that, 63 on saturday. look at the sunshine. as you are going to the farmer's market or going for a run. a walk. you will want to do everything outdoors on saturday. the little cooler on sunday. around 59 degrees. may see showers late sunday afternoon. let's get a check of this afternoon's rush hour commute. with jamie. jamie: seeing a lot
4:51 pm
we will begin in virginia. take a look at 95. you can see the lanes inches along. it doesn't start at the occoquan. it starts closer to the mixing bowl. move to maps to give you an idea. the stop and go begins here. closer to wharton and continues south we are in the teens averaging 35 minutes to get from the beltway closer to the occoquan. as far as the traffic on 395, slowing leaving the city. if you are heading out past the 11th street bridge, northbound d.c. 295 crash just coming in. northbound is cleared away. it's a southbound with the lane blocked. gas main break to watch for. that is a look at traffic. jonathan: all right. thank you very much. you know we don't shoot "jeopardy" here. that is shot out in california. but the man with the answers, he was visitin
4:52 pm
trebek who stopped by "good morning washington." it was a blast. kidd o'shea has some of the highlights from a fun day for all of us here. >> alex trebek. [applause] >> he did it all. >> this is fun. so exciting. >> traffic. >> going this way. no that way. >> weather. >> you got -- there you go. >> all right. >> going up to 48 today. >> yes. >> tonight 29. i don't care, i'm leaving. >> he has balancing the questions on facebook live. >> how would you do if you were playing "jeopardy"? >> if i were in a game against my peers, people who are 100 and older, i would do extremely well. >> we have your first episode, 32 years ago. wow! >> alex trebek. [applause] >> look at that!
4:53 pm
hosted it. >> most of all, he had fun. >> november, right? >> you are really going to make a big deal out of it. >> do i get to go on pothole patrol? >> we typically dance on the show. do the bump? >> no. i don't do that. >> okay. >> are you guys this busy every morning? >> it's a nonstop operation. i love it. >> you got to be watching because you never know what is coming up next. >> one question we want to know, the mustache. when did you shave it and why? >> i'm very talented. i can grow it back. >> kidd o'shea, abc7 news. jonathan: let you in on something. we were having lunch and we asked about the mustache. they said when will farrell played him on saturday night live he got a hit and said i'll shaver it so it is easier for him to play me. >> he loves when he is poked fun on s.n.l. i love that. a great guy. jonathan: very
4:54 pm
but has a good sense of humor. >> we posted it on fun to have him and rebecca who travels with him. michelle: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- tax season, that means scam. phishing scams to be specific. how to tell if an e-mail you get about your return is real or fake. >> coming up new at 5:00, the heroin highway. find out how a movie could be the first step in fighting back against this deadly epidemic.
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these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib - an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke - they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free, and travel upstream to the brain where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa can help stop clots from forming.
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john: it is getting to the peak tax season in d.c. it will mean calls and remails but how do you know if they are real. e-mail from the i.r.s., beware. i may say click here to see a refund or click here because they found a problem with the return. the i.r.s. does not e-mail people about problems. in you receive a paper letter from the i.
4:58 pm
legit. call the agency. if the i.r.s. or the state has questions for you they will mail you a letter with your name specifically on it. from a phishing scam involving turbo tax that uses the company logo. they say scammers send e-mails claiming there is a problem with the tax filing and a link to cover the password or refile. want to check the status of your refund? go to and click on where's my refund. be wary of all e-mails pertaining to the taxes. any legitimate service or agency will address you by name, not by "dear taxpayer." be wary, don't waste your money. matt malt, abc7 news -- i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: something in the air. scores of complaint about a smell in
4:59 pm
and the gas company has a response. not so fast. a dustup over the power company plan to unload the waste. an image to cherish. >> we have a piece of them together to last forever. >> sister holding hands with a brother she may never get to meet. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: we begin with breaking news today as the search is on for two masked men who forced their way in a house in rockville this afternoon. it happened not far from i-270. that is where brianne carter is now with the latest on the investigation. >> it's not far from the police stations. police say the two armed masked men walked up toward the house walked up toward the front door. knocked on the door.
5:00 pm
the man inside opened it and they forced their way in. >> police search for the two armed masked men who they say forced their way to the rockville home. >> it's a home invasion, shocking for this neighborhood. >> police say the two suspects knocked on the front door. the 77-year-old man inside hoped the door. the 86-year-old wife was also home at the time. the men ransacked the home and fled on foot after forcing their way in. the resident said around the same time she noticed two men in the neighborhood she thought may be acting suspicious. >> we walk our dog every day. we notice people in the neighborhood. we know the people in the next neighborhood. everyone says hi, how are you? they are always friendly. this was not the case with them. she called the police. >> we had a deep feeling something wasn't right. >> i understand according to police no injuries were


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