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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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dealing with the phrasing rain. continue a live look at the weather bug camera. live at national harbor. the wheel is not spinning. you can see rain. the story through the evening hours are continuation of freezing rain and freezing drizzle. freezing drizzle will ice over faster than the freezing rain. i make the distinction because on the doppler radar we have the area of both. warning, the pink area is under a winter storm warning until 4:00 a.m. ajaysesant are under winter weather advisory. both for the same cause. possibility of accumulating ice up to a tenth of an inch from the freezing rain. metro area points east and south. up to a quarter inch in a few spots farther west. the reason for that it is expected to stay colder longer in those areas. it is all about the temperatures. completely about the temperatures. once we hit 33 degrees, above freezing, our conditions will start to improve.
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20's. we expect only a slow moderation in the temperatures. we are picking up patches on the freezing rain in doppler. in between we expect to have area of droplets. it will also freeze. the pattern of the patchy freezing rain and the drizzle to north carolina area near charlotte, meanwhile the warmer temperatures and the steadier rain to the west. that is going to move in tomorrow. but in the meantime, more period of freezing rain through the night. start to accumulate. late night and overnight as the warmer air is coming in from the atlantic ocean and the by a. we will change to plain old fashioned rain as the temperatures will slowly rise. tomorrow morning we are in the upper 40's to the low 50's with the heavy rain. because of that, the entire region is under flood watch for tomorrow. the combination of the snow, the melting snow and the heavy rain is a mess. alison: thank you. as doug told us it looks like
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with the largest snow totals in our area. our maryland bureau chief is live in la plata. he has a look at how bad it is there. hey, brad. brad: alison, right now the good news is that things are getting better. take a look here. port tobacco road is a good example of a major secondary road. we have the wet pavement. slush on the other. you look off in the distance you can see 301 out there. the cars are moving along on a web road. how much snow did they get? take a look. according to my measurement, five inches there. five and a half inches there. we have seen as much as seven inches of snow. this morning it was bad on the roadways. it seemed that the road conditions bottomed out. between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. we saw a number of accidents. we saw cars slighting off the roadway. cars hitting each other and ending up in ditches. there
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accidents as well. people finding it too dangerous to be out there. >> it has been slipping and sliding around. brad: that guy on the way to the b.w.i. ability trying to catch a flight but he found it too much. we are showing ice on the umbrella we are using to protect our equipment here. this is an indication we are getting freezing rain. we have 28 degrees. light drizzle. doug hill explained that is the formula and the recipe for freezing rain. so far not a problem and not enough to cause a problem to weigh down branches and not sticking to the roadways. we will be here at 6:00. we'll let you know if the conditions change. >> we are watching other roads as well. for us, the storm hit on a federal holiday. or elset
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coming in at the height of rush hour. this is from 270 to 370. suzanne kennedy is in the mobiletrak 7. on her way to the crash. where are you right now. >> right now we are on 370 heading to the accident. less than a mile from it right now. this photograph was tweeted out by fire and rescue. there was an accident and two adults and child were trap and lanes were blocked. we are pulling up on it now. they are blocking off the lane here.
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beyond that you can see blue lights. this the where the accident has taken place. we are seeing deteriorating condition on the roadway. ever since 3:30 this afternoon there is rain in the area. the lanes are blocked and they have the entrance ramp to northbound 270 blocked. there is a vehicle on its side. you can see right there. they have a tow truck hooked up to it. there are no blast ambulances on the scene. the two people inside two adults and one child trapped taken to an area hospital. they will move the vehicle. tow truck in place now. pick it up and move it out of the way and open up the ramp as soon as possible. back to you. alison: thank you very much for the
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no word yet a tractor trailer carrying 33 cattle ran off of i-81 not far from 66. >> we have light precipitation picking up today. we were on the roads with a plow truck. the plow operates like the shovel. out on the roads clear majority of that snow off. bluing the snow off the streets. -- plowing the snow off the street is only the firs
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rest of the drivers behind 4,000 piece of equipment that vdot has on the roads in northern virginia. >> it's plowed off pretty good. ice is not fun. >> ice is a major concern. with then't xed freezing rain and sleet -- with expected freezing rain and sleet, they are trying to add traction to the road. >> this is another road that freezes over very easily. we keep extra trucks out here. >> if we drop a plow in here it will just push the gravel off that we have. >> shannon says the ice altogether is a different problem. difficult to combat.
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stay home. >> the biggest issue is traffic. that is when we want people to stay off the roads. >> back live they are keeping an eye on the air temperature but the road temperatures as well and the conditions. they are watching for magic number here. leon: the snow was fall something hard this morning we could barely see the outline of the capitol from the camera that is just down the street. but d.c. was prepared with mayor bowser deploying the snow team at 11:00. the d.c. bureau chief picks up the storm watch team coverage from northwest tonight. district gets a passing grade. sam: yes, leon. city officials think the city did well with the snow portion of the snow event. for the most part the roads are down to the wet pavement.
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trucks. the fact this is a federal holiday, president's day, helped. in d.c. for many, it was the perfect snow day. no work, just go to lincoln park today. as many did and look at the snow on the statues. let the dogs play. or as this newlywed couple did today make snow angels. >> last time in the last storm he was in colorado with no snow at alled i was here in two feet of it. the dray of the shuffle boy. we met some on capitol hill and call street. the shovelers both named sean from kelly miller middle school do sidewalks and driveways. >> we are out here because we help the community shuffle snow. >> how much did you make today? >> $20. >> over there, that is $40. sam: also in the neighborhood a lot of upset residents at one apartment building where the pipes burst last ng
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>> there is no hot water, no heat in the entire building. >> by the time we left the work men were on the scene. we saw the residents busy shoveling walks all over the city. >> we didn't think we would get snow so we were blinded by this. sam: we are back live. this started to get slick out here. if you walk on the sidewalks these are the places they have paved. ddot is focused dealing with the situation between now and 11:00 tonight when the freezing rain is coming down. they hope the brine and the beet juice will do the job. they are urging people if you can to stay off the road
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alison: you know this. historically ice storms in the region have been bad news for the power lines with outages lasting days. local utility companies are hoping it won't happen this time. kevin lewis is live at the culpeper power yard -- at the pepco power yard in d.c. kevin: pepco and old dominion have online outage maps. pepco has sere row customers down >> right now we are in good shape. today's light fluffy snow kept tree li
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power lines. what about tonight's freezing rain? they are cautiously optimistic. >> how come? well, they contend that the forecasted wind and the rain levels appear to be manageable. >> if too much ice accumulates on the branches it can bring the whole thing now. today at pepco three maintenance yards, including here at benning road in northeast, crews prepared for the worst. >> we have resources on standby. 550 men ready to go. tree contractors, line men. kevin: if you are at home, make sure you charge your electronics so you can stay connected if your power goes out. like watching th
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responders if emergency arises. alison: thank you. "good morning washington" will be with you early tomorrow. that is at 4:00 a.m. leon: now is a good time to head to sign up for the text alert. sign up for that right away. alison: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a big boost. look at the gift to help give the lincoln memorial a facelift. rare look inside the basement. >> first in d.c. i'm chris papst. where you can watch pair of nesting bald eagles live 24 hours a day in h.d. leon: speaking of birds we head to break. check this out. this looks like a cardinal. is that a cardinal? hanging out in the snow. caroline mailed this t
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from newburg, maryland. you can send us your snow pictures at
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alison: welcome back. this is 370 before 270. you can see the flashing lights there and the police response. a car flipped on the ramp. so crews are working to tow the car out of a ditch. we will keep you posted as we get more information on the conditions of the three people involved in that crash. we have panda cam that everybody loves. now you can spend hourses on end watching d.c.'s first h.d. eagle cam. chris: this is something that has never happened. never before has the signists
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this close to a pair of nesting bald eagles and watch 24 hours a day in high definition. meet mr. president. and the first lady. these are the first to nest in 70 years. you can watch them in high-definition. >> in terms to the education, school groups can look at this. >> this nest is above mount hamilton and first settled by the love birds last year. when they left in the summer to raise the young, the d.c. department of the energy and the environment worked with the arboretum and put up solar powered cameras installed by professional tree climbers. this was a cammable. no guarantee they would return or raise a family. >> this gives us a chance to study the bald eaglesest in in the district without disturbing th
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>> the first lady laid the first egg february 10. second was valentine's day morning. by mid-march they an tis the'slets will hatch and we can watch them. >> awesome. >> she moves. there is one and the other. i have been watching this for five days. this captivates me. the eagles have been known -- now she is moving them around. slips them around. eagles have been known to use the same nest for 15 or 20 years. we have this video inside of the story.
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day. when the sun goes down a light comes down on top of him or her and you can keep watching. leon: that is a great an advantage point. one of the most intimidating experiences i had in my life is being face to face with a bird in the studio once. nose the nose. alison: in studio? leon: yes. animal thursdays they used to do to me at cnn. when you see a creature with nails that long. they start to do this at you. don't feel the love. alison: that one knew she was on camera. she was performing. leon: diva bird. alison: cool. let's talk about the weather. snow-covered shot. beautiful out. doug: it's pretty until you have to deal with it. we are hoping that the warm
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think. until then we have the iceryzy problems. this is a time lapse from the langely school in mcclain. this is how it looked in mcclain and virginia. this has transitioned to freezing rain and drizzle. that is not a good thing. if the freezing rain is on top of the to show pack that is one thing. if it's plowed and shoveled, you can get the freezing rain on top of it, it can glaze over. all the areas in pink. the purple areas are the winter weather advisory. the farther north and west the longer it takes to hit 33. 33 is an important number because it no longer freezes
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temperatures the light rain and the drizzle will acrete. that is the term for the accumulating ice. the temperatures are not buzzing. 28 at reagan. 27 at baltimore and andrews. the cold air is pushed through south carolina and the north carolina border. still snow left. the real core of the storm is to take shape over the mid-south. over south tennessee and northern alabama and northern mississippi where they have had tornado watches or warning and confirmed tornadoes in the ground and heavy rain. warm temperatures. that rain is headed headed this. warmer temperatures, too. there is warmer air overhead that will
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with the heavier rain tomorrow. we have a number of hours to go. we can't tell you the precise time to go from 32 to 33 degrees. for a good chunk of the area it is below freezing. the light freezing rain and drizzle will continue to be a problem. early tomorrow morning before sunrise most of the area is well above freezing. after that we will watch for the areas of the heavy rain moving through in the mid-to-the late morning. overnight tonight this is the guesstimate. the temperatures are going to climb after midnight. up to 46 degrees
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then a flood watch in effect throughout the day for the area. snow pack and the heavy rain to caused localized flooding. there is an inch to inch and a half of rain. it will turn cooler wednesday. it will warm up for friday. highs of 54. a big jump after the front goes through. highs will be near 60 on saturday and sunday. most of the snow is nice this time next week. leon: i can't wait. alison: nice thought. sounds good. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a battle brewing. look at antonin scalia.
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up tonight on abc7 --
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leon: back with a look at the snow falling at the u.s. supreme court this morning. the weather didn't stop protesters from going out there and showing up. call for a nominee to take justice antonin scalia's seat on the high cou
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alison: as jeff barnes reports, the 79-year-old's death over the weekend is creating a political battle. >> republicans in the senate have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> it is called delay, delay, delay. >> i the not believe the president should appoint someone. >> politics takes no rest in washington, d.c. but with the death of a conservative champion on the high court, general election year and lame duck presidency the stakes have been raised in the blood sport. >> i suppose he could appoint him to the court and say no. >> even though the white house and the senate will use the constitutional authority to secure the legacy the g.o.p. stands to lose the epic battle of words. they will be seen as the party of no. >> the reject
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justice sight unseen adds to the narrative. >> there are major issues to be tackledded like abortion. affirmative action. and gun control. if the vote is split 4-4 the lower court ruling would stand and no new national precedent will be set. >> which is why president obama has the upper hand in his last year as president. >> it is unprecedented for a president to nominate supreme court justice to fill vacancy in an election year. >> some worry the battle will paralyze other senate business with an already light congressional calendar in a highly charged election year. i'm jeff barne, abc7 news. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- mike: i'm mike carter-conneen. underneath the lincoln memorial in a space rarely seen by the public. i will take you inside the space with the
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>> coming up in minutes, heroin highway. even if it doesn't run straight through your city, it is in your backyard. lives are lost by the day. 2 special report kicks off in its. leon: first, the weather scene is chasing a fast-changing system. we have the forecast up next.
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steve: this is for all the areas in pink. the district, arlington and alexandria and all of southern maryland and points west including the panhandle of west virginia. around the capital beltway we may have a glazing of a tenth of an inch but a lot of the main roadways are not a problem. not now. the flood watch is posted for the
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district and the surrounding counties. this is for tuesday. look at the transition from the rain to freezing rain. the further north you go, we have snow at this time. moving on the forecast tonight. 33 to 40. the temperatures are on the increase. that will allow the transition from the freezing rain to all rain. highs tomorrow will be in the lower 50's. sunday we will be close to 60 if not lower 60's for daytime highs. something to look forward to. it's rough out here right now. take it slow. as you move through evening hours. alison: we want to thanks gale for taking this snell in
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fredericksburg. we will share you photos all day long. leon: now we have something to see. this is something ambitious we are undertaking. "7 on your side." fighting back against the deadly drug that is crushing lives all across our area. we begin a "7 on your side" in-depth report on the heroin highway. this is a dubious nickname for the corridor along 70 and 81 in baltimore. stretching to virginia. west virginia. police say addicts are traveling along the highway to baltimore. sometimes twice a day to get their fixes. tonight, fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan hits the road to take us to the source of the supply. >> heroin highway. travel interstate 70 from baltimore to hagerstown. >> i don't remember how many times
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>> my son overdosed three times. >> i have seen even young kids doing it. >> driving to virginia. >> any drug epidemic that virginia has ever seen. >> heroin killed him. 47% pure. he didn't have a chance. >> we are having babies experiencing withdrawal. jennifer: up and down the road everyone blamed demand on the wave of the pain pill abuse. the cheaper the option is heroin. >> it is so much easier to get and quicker. for the supply, fingers pointed to baltimore. a heroin strong hold since the '40's. just up the highway. >> my family member. that is what he was doing. back and forth to baltimore. >> james piles is the former maryland state police major. we learned through the investigation a young girl put 10,000 miles in one month on her car driving from algany county to baltimore city to get
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jennifer: heroin distribution channels in baltimore are long established. maryland state delegate brett wilson was elected in 2014. >> the biggest threat now is in a position where i have the opportunity to change something in maryland is not recognizing how we were pushing baltimore aside for years. >> is it the buyer that changed. >> now all of a sudden heroin made its way to the white suburbs. >> baltimore police commissioner kevin davis took command a year ago. he traveled to colombia a heroin-source country. >> it all starts here. made a commitment. >> we have more detectives assigned to work with d.e.a. agents in city than we have ever had. jennifer: if baltimore is the source of the heroin in our community perhaps the answer to the problem is in baltimore. >> your reco
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responsibility. >> israel had a 30-year heroin addiction laced with jailtime, homelessness and near death. he has been shot 13 times. >> med you can't medicate or police your way out. you have to change the lifestyle. >> he kicked heroin in 1995 and began around the clock tough love, total abstinence program. i can't, we can. >> they can stop. but you have to learn how to stop. >> we have a tendency to do it for us. that is part of your disease. you won't do nothing for yourself. >> adding to the loudest cry we heard. >> we need more money for treatment. >> he worked narcotics for years and he lost brook, his 19-year-old daughter, to heroin overdose
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>> my view was all wrong. >> getting rid of the demand means attacking the addiction. supply sources will adjust. >> we have seen street gangs from chicago and detroit enter into west virginia. >> making the beginning of the heroin highway in baltimore no longer the end. >> you got two choices. chose life or choose death. >> all week we will show you how badly it is crippling the communities. tomorrow at 5:00. a personal story that mirrors so many others we heard on the heroin highway. how the drug got a hook in a former narcotics officer. leon: if it can happen to narcotic officer's family it
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gen i said you could have kept it to yourself. you didn't have to go public. in a sense, were you embarrassed? this was your job. not even a thought for him. he tried to get her clean. it was a year. started with the pain pills, moves to heroin and in a year was dead. leon: very important stuff. maybe the most important stuff we do this week. jennifer: thank you. i hope so. leon: all right. coming up at 5:00 -- >> southeast d.c. woman is grateful after a fire nearly took her life. coming up, we will show her how the community came together to get her back on her feet and the emotional reunion with the firefighters that helped save her. leon: mobile track 7 on the road. alison: freezing rain is following all the snow we got. this is live at the outer loop. after the american legion bridge. near g.w. parkway. things moving well on the major roads.
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alison: the "7 on your side" item is all about exposing the dirty tricks of scammers. but what our team found recently
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joce sterman found they are able to buy paperwork to get your money and ruin your credit. she is here to explain how. joce: if i have a few key pieces of information, things i can find on the internet i can pretend to be you. takes my computer and cell phone and couple hundred bucks and i could end up with the w-2's like this one that appear legitimate and the pay stubs to back it up. at 11:00, the item uncovers how easy is it for the scammers to buy all of this paperwork. thinks of fraudulent refunds are filed each year. if you think it doesn't apply to you because your identity has never been stolen we
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are not caught, every taxpayer still ends up paying. >> the victim files for the tax refund. >> in maryland we will pay their refund again. >> pay twice. >> your tax dollars covering fraud. we will tell you what an expert says when we showed him the paperwork we bought online. alison: a bright spot to show you in the snow. eagles in the national arboretum. we were the first to bring you the picture on the websites. eagles laid two eggs in the national arboretum in two days. monitor it live on the website. leon: all
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how about hope? nats pitchers and catchers don't show up until wednesday but others are showing up to spring training. we spent erin hawksworth to florida. next week she will be reporting from there. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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leon: thanks, folks, for helping us cover the winter weather today. this is a shot from woodbridge. if you see it, september 11 it to -- if you see it, send it to us at we will share a lot of the knows on air and online. alison: fire ripped through the home in southeast washington last spring leaving a woman fighting for her life. as diane cho reports the woman was able to walk in a new home all by herself today. >> this is my house. >> the last time debra edwards and her husband michael were here -- >> wow! wow! >> the walls were covered in soot. >> this is where the fire started. >> they were asleep in the southeast d.c. home when a devastating fire broke out.
5:50 pm
my wife telling me the house was on fire. >> he had gone to open a window because the smoke was so intense it was hard to breathe. >> i got the window. >> i took a breath and all i see is the flame and the darkness. >> firefighters had to rescue boston and his wife from the home. she says once they got her out, she had to be resus stated. >> i was in the trauma unit they brought video to me so i could see the fire. i see still it in my head. >> which is why she wanted to thank firefighters to responded to the call that day. >> you are the unsung heroes. >> they say the fire still haunts her today. the owners of the d.n.a. designs donated the furniture and the services to change it and help make it feel like a home again. >> i thought both mr. and mrs. boston become emotional. i knew that our passion that we put in the
5:51 pm
purpose. >> turning a near tragedy to one of the most unforgettable moments of their lives. >> we are truly blessed. >> in southeast d.c., diane cho, abc7 news. leon: great to see her smiling. alison: yeah. leon: check to see if the drivers are smiling at this hour. jamie sullivan watching rose as they are icy out there. jamie: we are seeing that on quite a few of the side roads. in montgomery county we have the icy conditions. same if you travel in virginia. this paints a good picture for you. this is in silver spring on georgia avenue. the cars are coming at us. with the headlights on you get a good idea. this is wet out there. this is not ice yet. but it has potential to be icy. this is something that you don't know. you can't predict. as you are driving if it will be welt or icy. so please, if you do have to travel at all this evening, give yourself extra time. as we move to the maps the bigger picture we are not seeing issues on the interstates. we are in the 20's. take you
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270 from the spur continuing closer to clarksburg. not bad through prince george's county. again the inner states are just wet. side roads and the ramps are going to be the worst. some spots are in the 30's. that is my best advice for you. just take it easy. back to you. doug: i will pick it up to let everyone know about the headlines here. including a winter storm warning and a winter weather advisory. if you see pink and you are in that county or jurisdiction you are under storm warning until 4:00 a.m. purple area the temperatures are a touch warmer and the precipitation a touch lighter. so you are under winter weather advisory in the area. now you have snow. southern maryland hit the jackpot. for now we are in the freezing rain part of the system. maybe up to a tenth of an inch of freezing rain before it changes to plain rain. that will happen when the temperature hit 33. areas west the higher elevation up to a quarter inch of ice.
5:53 pm
temperatures are stuck where they will be in the past four hours. 27 in baltimore and frederick. andrews. 28 in fredericksburg. 29 in reagan national. 31 on midshore. a slow process of the warmer air coming in. until then we have on the doppler radar north and along 81. patches of the freezing rain and drizzle. that is with us through the evening hours and the jeff night hours. we are expecting overnight the temperatures will get above freezing and the conditions will improve. the future cast shows 9:00 tonight large area of freezing rain through metro area. slowly toward midnight and after we expect warmer temperatures to turn freezing rain into plain rain. early tomorrow morning heavy rain moves in with the system. heavy enough that the national weather service put the entire region tomorrow under a flood watch. localized, urbanized flooding from the heavy rain and the run off and the melting snow. we will have more at the top of the hour. back to you.
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is not snow. massive concert on the national mall helped raise money to restore the front lawn. leon: that is right. when we come back, follow the money and the next step of the restoration project. leon: keeping a close eye on the line of the freezing rain through the area. right now mobile track 7 is in arlington. approaching isle-66. things moving along right n
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>> visitors each year. even on the cold and the snowy president's day, thousands climbed up the marble steps
5:58 pm
built between 1914-1922, the monument is starting to look the age. the national park foundation fixer upper fundraising got a big boost. >> contribute $18.5 million to restore the memorial. >> philanthropist donated to restore the monument and the historic sites to preserve them for generations to come. >> i grew up in baltimore. my parents brought me here. many children were brought here. >> they will use the gift to replace the marble and stel lincoln's story with the exhibit space growing 15 times larger. >> this space below the memorial is known as the undercroft with 65-foot tall column, rarely seen by the public. but that is about to
5:59 pm
>> this is first time they can see the area. >> they had to build thepylon in the bed rom. only way to make sure that it wouldn't sink. >> on the wall, century old graffiti by the men who built the monument will be preserve and featured in the exhibit. four-year project expected to open to the public in 2020. >> wow! fascinating. that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". but "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: this is a stormwatch7 winter weather alert. maureen: we begin tonight with team coverage of the winter storms and blanketed the area in snow and is now bringing risk of ice. we will check with steve rudin, brad bell and suzanne kennedy in a moment. leon: first, get the latest on the changes coming our way. doug
6:00 pm
it. >> the transition began and we started to get sleet and freezing rain. that is with us for several hours tonight. the winner storm warning in effect until 4:00 tomorrow morning in the area shaded in pink. district, metro to thest with. montgomery county farther north. winter weather advisory. the temperatures are key. through the evening. holding in the 20's. 24 degrees in hagerstown. 29 at reagan national. 28 at manassas. 27 in baltimore and andrews. as long as we have values this low, we will see the freezing rained the drizzle do just that. freeze on contact. glaze things over. make the icy conditions. we expect later tonight especially after midnight warmer air to move in from the southwest. that will get us up to 33. then plain old fashioned rain. patches of the freezing rain. in between we have drizzle. too light to be picked up by radar. enough to glaze sidewalks and the untreated areas. the snow is farther north and


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