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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] much yout care how throw at this, you can't never get these kids to be like they are supposed to be. those kids have been damaged. outrage among parents. how did an elementary school aid get away with filming child porn at a school? questions they did not imagine ever asking, but tonight parents got to confront school officials for the first time. leon: you can imagine their anger. police believe that 12 children were victimized by dion take care away. we are live with what parents were saying. jay? leon, about 700 people showed up. a lot of them were irate. i had a lot of questions going in. when they came out, they said their questions were not answered.
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overflowed the parking lot at woods elementary. >> i can't get in there. there is nowhere to park, nobody escorting anyone. it is chaos. reporter: chaos because this meeting was about deionte caraway, who is accused of sexually abusing children at school and videotaping them engaging in sex acts with them and other children. >> he is a monster disguised as a normal young man. reporter: thursday, a second lawsuit was filed on behalf of of an alleged 11-year-old victim. the first was for a nine-year-old. latest suit contends there could be as many as 30 victims. >> they are sugarcoating this. reporter: this mom, whose daughter attended the school, left the meeting. as. she says that parents know very little, and that the
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's doing a thing was not addressed to her satisfaction. >> it is all a show. where were they at when this was going on? they don't want the truth to be told. reporter: the suspect remains jailed on $1 million bond. jay, thank you. now to some breaking news tonight. peace in syria? ajor world poweragreed to cessation of hostilities, and a delivery of aid to that war-torn nation. that is the announcement from john kerry. it comes after top diplomats for more than a dozen countries met this week in munich. the syrian uprising started in 2011. numberloser to home, the two bank in command at metro is stepping down.
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operations resigned. since been with wmata 2010. metros g.m. named a new replacement. the name will be announced soon. alison: one-on-one, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. sanders off a fresh win as clinton tries to gain momentum. the gloves were off tonight with some heated exchanges, and scott is live in the with more. scott? reporter: allison, let the spend again. candidates the trying to get postdebate jabs and explainers on the way to the rest of the media. meanwhile, if you are wondering how clinton is trying to bounce back after that loss in new on herre, we got strategy. she says that bernie sanders and she agree on a lot of, but she cannot figure out how they will be paid for. she said over and over that these ideas need to be vetted
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that she says do not have the proper explainers attached. here is an exchange about health care and taxes. ms. clinton: every progressive economist says the numbers don't add up. that is a problem that cannot be kept. don't knowders: i what economist secretary clinton is talking to. i willt i have said, and repeat it, a family in the middle of economy would pay $500 more in taxes and get a reduction in their health care costs of $5,000. secretary clinton: i will not throw us further into debt, and once i am in the white house -- senator sanders: ms. clinton, you are not in the white house yet. reporter: sanders, by the way, continued to hammer on the idea that wall street corruption is what he plans to fix, and that will solve another -- a lot of other problems along the way.
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the last debate nationwide before super tuesday. leon allison. -- leon, allison, back to you. alison: thanks. the next gop candidates will have their chance to debate on saturday in south carolina. once again, scott will be there with live reports from the campaign trail. a tragedy in montgomery county tonight. a police officer hit and killed by a car, and now a driver is charged. indicted for striking and killing a police officer. he was on dui detail at the time. the man is charged with manslaughter. a press conference will be held tomorrow at 2:00 to release more information. we will have continuing live coverage right here for you. in the meantime, new questions in the death of a seven-month-old twin boy in the northwest. we are now learning that that
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firefighter. we are live with the investigation. rich? reporter: leon, it turns out was told sheter lives in the house where all this happen. the infant was called by an older sibling, who did not call 911, but instead called the firefighter. we learned the firefighter did not call 911 either. it was inside this duplex were the seven-month-old twin boy was found unresponsive by an older sibling wednesday morning. police initially said the youngster, one of six children at home with no adult present, had called authorities. we learned instead that the child caused his -- called his relative, a firefighter on duty at the time. thems spokesperson confirms firefighter called the liaison officer instead of 911. there was no call received i the office of
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the director in a statement. the call was received by the fire and ems emergency liaison officer, who is on site at the ou see. the yellow passed on the information to the fire dispatcher, who entered the information immediately and dispatched. the children was pronounced dead. thes unknown whether firefighter violated procedures. her actions are now part of an administrative review. arefive surviving children now in the hands of child emergency services. folks will remain on duty while this investigation goes on. live in northwest washington, richard reeves. leon: thank you, rich. we will continue to follow that. in the meantime, we spend nearly 1/3 of our lives in bed, according to statistics, said he really know how well you sleep? alison: art -- our troubleshoote
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horace holmes looks into the mattress laws in our area as our i-team went undercover. >> i think i like this one. reporter: buying a mattress is one of the most important purchases we can make. after all, we spend nearly 200-3000 hours of our lives in bed. hours in bed. and boughtercover four mattresses at four different types of stores in the d.c. area, a furniture store at a mall in virginia, a neighborhood mattress store. >> this is a new mattress. >> an independent mattress salesperson working out of a warehouse. and a small furniture store in silver -- in silver springs. we were out to buy good mattresses, but is that what we got? this man works for the international sleep products association. take a newties mattress, so a new cover on
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don't sanitize it, sell it as new. reporter: so we hired christopher, an expert in evaluating cleaning and protecting textile products. he took a close look at the mattresses we bought. our experts determined three of the four we got were actually brand-new. it was that fourth bed from the store in silver springs where we encountered a surprise or two. ofbe fair, the salesperson the silver springs store told us the bed was refurbished, but only after we asked. and there were no signs telling whether the mattresses were new or used. >> is that showing a stained? >> yes. reporter: stains all over, old, worn padding, rusted springs -- >> what is that? a bed bug. reporter: a live bedbug. we went back to the store and caught up with the owner and told him
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>> clearly somebody just put a cover over it. >> i am a foreigner, right? the international sleep products association says that mattresses in this condition are sold all the time in states with weak or no laws to protect consumers. they lost all those protections. reporter: that's why we found a mattress like this, a single cover on the outside hiding a world of sins downward. there are only 30 states in the country with mattress tacking laws, so before you buy a mattress, look for a white tagged that is sewn into the side of the mattress. that is the federal requirement -- if there is a federal requirement tag, it is likely
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new mattress. if there is no tag at all, don't buy that mattress. oh my god. that means you have to take a shower after you sleep. alison: my goodness. stephan on your side is raising questions about what you are bringing in -- breathing in from this mattress. do you ever notice a chemical smell? tomorrow night, the i-team does their own mattress test, looking at what chemicals may be paused -- may be popping up when you lay down your head. don't miss that. your while you are burning mattress now, still ahead of 11:00 -- [laughter] reporter: the mayor wants to close the jude -- the d.c. general homeless shelter, but it is what he wants to do after that that has people arguing across the city. we will have that story coming up. steve: if you think it is
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leon: no word on what caused a massive fire in new jersey. thick black smoke could be seen for miles.
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don't think the smoke is constant. incredible video from inside a house fire with a happy outcome. firefighters in sacramento, california rescued a family's dog, and it was caught on tape will stop this his helmet cam video from yesterday's fire. firefighters arrived to find a house engulfed in flames. they went inside, and they found a dog in the back bedroom. they got her out and reunited her with her family, who had also escaped. good news. leon: good deal. speaking of the smoke and fire, arguments on shaping -- vaping on capitol hill today, which is inhaling vapors from an electronic device. actuallynter was the house floor today. he is making a case against
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vaping on planes. at 11:00, neighbors say "not in my back yard." housing is wanting to be real rate for the homeless, but some in the city have a problem with the distribution. tom is live to explain this for us. reporter: on any given night, there are about 1000 people here at the homeless shelter at ec general, hundreds are of them are children. -- hundreds of them are children. the mayor wants to spread them around the city, but it is where she would spread them that is causing controversy. six in the southwest, five in the northeast, residency in all eight city wards met on the mayor's plan to open new homeless shelters to replace d.c. general. some in ward five
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they already do their part with -- iple shelters, plus the city wants to put a new shelter on this rundown industrial street. a tremendoushas amount of shelter already. >> when does it stop? >> i don't think anyone would be concerned about a family who has fallen on hard times. what we are most concerned about our behaviors associated with people who are eventually homeless. >> people are people, even if they had a hard time in their life. it is our job to welcome our neighbors. the mayor is hoping to enact her plan and have d.c. --eral closed by may 2015 may 2016. you, tom.k in consumer news, a family trip to universal studios in orlando is about to cost more. a one-day adult ticket is going
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up eight dollars. all in all, families going to universal theme parks are expected to pay $602. alison: without any -- leon: $610. if you could ride on the titanic's twin, would you take that voyage? will take off. ticket prices have not been announced, but people have offered up to $1 million to get on board. alison: amazing. it looks like bill cosby's wife will not have to testify against him. a u.s. district court made that ruling today. camille cosby is still subject to a deposition, but will not have to testify. bill cosby's lawyer says this is an important decision because it affirms the confidentiality between spouses.
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, you can rejoice. the political drama is back. an intense new trailer for "house of cards" is out. the netflix series returns on march 4. it has already been renewed for season five. alison: too much drama, steve. ofve: let me tell you, a lot drama out there. a high temperature of 30 degrees at reagan international. the high -- the average is 46. in 1992.d is 76 back as for temperatures this hour, we are looking at mainly clear skies. excuse me, 23 degrees at reagan international airport. temperatures across the board are cold, mainly in the genes to lower 20's, but windchill factors make it feel so much colder out there. only nine degrees for a feels-like temperature of the rain. feels like nine in frederick, maryland, and only 12 degrees downtown. on
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radar, not a lot going on. high pressure remains of in control, but that will move out of here to make way for a stronger cold front. degrees, lows, 20 mainly clear skies. winds will diminish. wind chill's will come back on saturday morning and sunday morning. the cold front will move through . this is likely to trigger a few snow showers across the area, and in that really cold air will move in for the weekend. we are talking valentine's day. feels-like temperatures baldly be in the single digits. it stays cold for at least a good 48 hours. windchill factors at or below zero. rundle up if you have plans outside this weekend. 32 degrees for the daytime high tomorrow. late afternoon or evening, flurries or patchy snow. much, butto amount to
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valentine's day could be the coldest day of the year, with temperatures around 23 degrees. my voice is cracking. [laughter] steve: 23 degrees on monday for a high temperature, a chance for snow, and i think when we get to the middle of next week, we will start to turn that quarter, so milder air, and the next week could have temperatures in the upper 50's to around 60. alison: ready for that. reporter: we've got some hockey tonight. alex goes nuts in minnesota. and the wizards were trying to do something they have not done kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks
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ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk. robert: the wizards the road in milwaukee trying to put act to back wins together for the first time since january 2015. to the fourth quarter, wizards down three. john wall from way out. type 73-73. later, chris middleton finds a way to get to the bucket. don't know how. that's a dagger. he had 27 points. wizards lose another one, 99-92.
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the cats have a chance to make it five straight wins. amazing play. his he recorded a hat trick. caps would make it five straight with a win, 4-3. turns up the heat. brendan howell with a finish. that haircut, though. later, check out dirk one washington with a steel and finish. close 1, 78-77. earlier today, our scott abraham brought you the story of heritage high school's freshman, brendan. blind, and born let's say that varsity basketball games would not be the same without this young man behind the microphone. >> i'm brendan, and i am the voice of your heritage pride!
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[applause] specialbrendan is a kid, and his story is not over. tomorrow morning, he will be here and serve as good morning washington's announcer. leon: a replacement. robert: exactly. a wonderful voice. before we go, the maryland women's basketball team beat purdue, 73-59. leon: that's cool, but check this out. this is even cooler. twins
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[000:27:23;00] [000:27:24;00] could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed,
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plus 24-month financing. ends monday. know better sleep with sleep number. alison: giving birth to twins is certainly uncommon. how about twins giving birth in the same hour? birthin new jersey gave to daughter's only six minutes
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apart. moms and babies all doing well. isn't that amazing? leon: it's amazing. (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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give us a plan. alison: when did you say it would be 60 degrees? steve: in a couple of weeks. tomorrow, about 32 degrees for a high. saturday, 26.
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valentine's day will be the coldest so far this season and this year. leon: someday, folks, we will "]y and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tony goldwyn. from espn, tony kornheiser and michael wilbon. shaquille o'neal. this week in unnecessary censorship.


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