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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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of concerns by teachers. and parents. yet she chose to lo the other way. >> the lawsuit filed on behalf of a 9-year-old boy, alleges that it was common knowledge among students that the teach er's aide deonte carraway was abusing people in school. it alleges numerous people and parents told so they knew what michelle williams, the principal, about the abuse but she did not act because she told them they lacked proof. that matches what abc7 news has been told by the numerous law enforcement sources and one of the reason the principal was put on administrative leave yesterday. that dismissal time today parents react. >> i am upset. i am. >> this is a big issue. they should have handled it better. >> the case continues to grow. investigators identified as
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young children, allegedly prompted by 22-year-old carraway to perform in explicit pornographic videos, shot on carraway's orange cell phone, often in the open. in the school auditorium. or bathroom. the f.b.i. now involved. state's attorney angela alsobrooks promises her investigation won't stop with carraway alone. >> we are not going to leave any stone unturned to build the strongest case possible. so that we can hold accountable the person or persons who failed to protect the children in these cases. brad: police said they found more than 40 video clips involving children on mr. carraway's phone. one of the questions up until now is were those video shared in any way? in this lawsuit it is alleged that, in fact, mr. carraway used the kik app, k-i-k,
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those children with other children. we are expecting a press conference from the school system ceo kevin maxwell who is also named in the lawsuit, as well as the county executive chief of police and the state's attorney. upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: thank you, brad. boy. update on breaking news we told you about first at 4:00, a stabbing in springfield that happened on laughborough lane not far from the fairfax county parkway. >> i just got off the phone five or ten minutes ago with a public information officer with the fairfax county who tells me that the 19-year-old victim in this stabbing has died from the injuries in the last hour or so. we are told that the search for the two suspects believed in the late teens continues. step out of the way and show you activity going to on.
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big group of investigators and the detectives from fairfax county police looking into what happened here at 1:45 this afternoon. here is video from earlier today. that is when the call came in before 2:00. the call of a stabbing to a male to his upper body. on the sidewalk. now the adult male victim was 19 years old. he was ground transported, rushed to inova fairfax hospital where life threatening injuries. again, in the last hour the male suspect died. two male suspects fled the scene. it was initially believed they had left in a honda or a toyota. police at this point are not certain that is the make of the vehicle they left the scene in. fairfax county police saying this was not a random event. >> if something happens it will concern
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>> a live look at the fairfax police looking to figure out what happened here. fairfax police looking for two suspects in their late teens believed to be in the 18 or the 19 range. we are told that one of the suspects was wearing a dark jacket. one in a light jacket. but that is all the information we are getting right now. we know the helicopters are in the area earlier looking for the suspects. but again the update here that 19-year-old victim died from the stabbing injuries to the upper body. we search for the two suspects continues. live in silver spring, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: thank you, jeff. developing story in the district now. police are investigating the death of a baby inside a home. this happened on van buren street street in northwest washington. police say a sibling of the child made the discovery and called 911 around 8:00. they do not believe an adult
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five siblings aged ten and younger were at home at the time and are now with child and family services and in good health. >> medical director, i should be able to make a difference. when i can't, being complacent and being silent is not an answer. >> scathing allegation from the d.c. fire and e.m.s. former medical director about the state of the department. last night, dr. juliet saucy told abc7 news she did not find anyone willing to change during her seven months with the city. as d.c. bureau chief sam ford reports now the d.c. fire department is responding to her claims. >> the stories happen over and over again. >> she told tom roussey last night the e.m.s. fire department is complicit with the repeated failures and she is out. >> being complacent and silent is not an answer. >> mayor bowser brought in a new team to clean up e.m.
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wanted a third service focused on e.m.s. and they require the paramedics and the e.m.t.'s to be firefighters and vice versa. >> she wants to leave outside the fire department a third service. that question has been asked and answered in the district of columbia. the doctor was recruited to work within our system. >> not good news to lose a medical director seven months in the culture to call the -- in the tenure and calling the culture toxic. >> the new fire chief gregory dean who she suggested was in the fire union pocket insisted things are improving. but pointed to wiggins stabbed on 37th street southeast january 27th who had to wait for an ambulance 18 minutes. the department failed him. the chief said a paramedic fire truck was on the scene in six minutes. >> we were there and d
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>> a deep-seeded lack of urgency if you will. every day people are having bad outcomes are dying. >> contract are signed and in a month, ambulances on the street to help fire e.m.s. to improve response trial and get a break and retrain the repair s. >> suspect is dead and two sheriff deputies in the hospital-a shooting. chain of events started before noon at a panera bread in maryland. deputies responded to a call in the restaurant. we are standing by for a press conferen
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overnight shooting at the resten hospital center. investigators say a 53-year-old man what a self-inflicted gunshot wound drove up to the hospital about 1:30 this morning. they say he shot out the glass in the nonemergency door and fired the gun again when the hospital staff tried to help him. luckily no one was hit. security rushed to the hobby and convinced him to drop the weapon. that man is in stable condition and is treated at another hospital. leon: well, morning or night, rush hour has everybody knows, no fun along interstate 66. despite arlington county objections it looks like the two-lane highway is getting larger in the beltway. brianne carter has details on this. what is the story? brianne:
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>> this is a plan to widen 66 inside the beltway. the bipartisan agreement will
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add the tolls in 2017 and then widen it later. the ongoing debate to block the tolls altogether. not everyone is behind the new compromise. manassas delegate bob marshall stood in the room as governor mcauliffe made an announcement holding a sign that read stop $17 tolls. >> it may be a done deal but i intend to fight it. >> the a article board of supervisors said we are disappointed with the news of the amended plan from i-66. for construction, officials say they expect it to happen in the next 18 months. the project expected to be completed in
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leon: get ready for the lanes to close on the outer loop of the beltway. the maryland state highway administration closing down four of the six lanes along the stretch below the brantly boulevard overpass. the lanes should be open at 5:00. we will be watching. that work was supposed to happen monday night but delayed because of the weather. alison: tonight may not be totally clear either. chief meteorologist doug hill standing by. doug: we are looking live at the national harbor. capitol wheel is sunny most of the day but the clouds rolled in the afternoon. 35 up the river in reagan national. already west of town the temperatures are falling below freezing in the mid-20's. on top of that we have the gusty winds. that is driving the wind chills to the teens. north and west of the city. wind chill in 20's here. that is what we have to get used to. if anything come s
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sunday. temperatures and chills are lower than that. somewhat lower as well. early tomorrow morning, in the teens north and west of town. low to mid-20's in metro washington and the southern eastern suburbs. for the next few hours we are tracking light flow flurries and light rain. don't expect a major impact. something to keep an eye on here as it passes through the area. that is the latest. leon: you got it. thanks. coming upping on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- all the melting smoe at r.f.k. stadium carrying concerns about what is in the water. alison: then later -- >> there is no reason my son has to be dead. i don't want it to happen to anybody else. alison: fallen officer's family pushes for the stronger laws to keep all of us safe. leon: "7 on your side" tonight with a phone bank on heart health. we have a panel of experts standing by in the help center to answer any and all of you questions. just call in. 703-236-9220.
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leon: take you live to maryland where two deputies have been gunned down. we are getting word that the two deputies have died. >> the county come together and we lift them up and protect their families as we go forward. we stand with the department and we give thanks for their service. >> thank you. >> next i can tell you a little about the investigation. in the last few hours we identified the suspect in this case as david bryant evans. a 67-year-old white male born on 12-25-1947. evans had two outstanding warrants in tw
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arrest. one criminal warrant was out of the state of florida for assaulting a police officer. and fleeing and eluding. the second circuit court civil warrant in this county. we have a long way to go with the investigation and at least two sheriff office deputies fired rounds at the suspect. either of those two were amongst the deceased officers. two additional deputies who responded after the initial shooting. fired rounds. both per the agency policy and the protocol have been placed on police officer leave. pending the complete investigation. evidence for the multiple crime scenes is currently being processed that will identify who fired the rounds. this struck the suspect. we would lake to point out a loaded handgun recovered from the suspect inside the vehicle
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with him. thank you for the patience in this difficult time for the agency. we will have another update tomorrow morning. i'll get the time and the location as soon as we can. i'd like to thank the member of the allied agencies from the very official dispatch were here within seconds. that helped us establish perimeter to kept the individual contained. helped us in the investigate evening process since noontime today. i would be happy to take questions. >> what can you tell us -- [inaudible]
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>> i know both of them well. one started when i started in law enforcement in the county. the family members are notified. the extended family and we won't give names out until we don't want anybody to learn through anyone other than the family members what has happened here today. >> that is the latest word from maryland north of baltimore where two sheriff deputies were shot in an incident involving another suspect who also was shot and killed. we understand now that the word, the latest word on the two deputies shot is that they have both been, they are both dead now. they have been deceasedded. one was a 16-year veteran and the other a 30-year veteran of the police force there.
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we will have more in coming hours. alison: thank you. we move on to new information tonight about a oily spill we are telling you about in the potomac river. the coast guard tells us the samples it collected contain petroleum oil and it may take a couple of days to determine the source. it is also seeing a decrease in the impacted wildlife. so all of the snow melting in the parking lot after r.f.k. stadium may be turning to more than just pools of water. look at how dirty and polluted the snow has become. stephen tschida went to r.f.k. for a look at the lot. >> a mess. mountain range of now dingy snow scraped from d.c. streets and
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there is street west. some big and some small and all a concern because eventually it will make its way to the anacostia river. >> there is so much debris. it smells like residue and chemicals. all of that is running to the river. >> d.c. department of the energy and environment maintaining the situation appears worse than it is. >> the department of environment has absorption material and have a boom to catch larger items that might end up there. >> there is oily, gross, solid in the snow. we have done a good job of protecting the anacostia. >> melba black is skeptical. >> it's improved. we have been
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>> this much snow could take weeks or months to melt. >> pollution in the potomac river has d.c. taking steps about the fish you eat. we will explain the city's recommendation coming up in a half an hour. >> okay. watch for that. leon: unsettling. alison: little bit. leon: i have to go jog down there all the time. people pushing there every day. >> meanwhile, it is pretty frigid. >> cold out there. getting colder by hour. doug: let's get started. time lapse from the national park from this morning. clearing skies. we enjoy sunshine midday and the early
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you can see the precipitation falling. i havega, it falls or evaporates before it hits the ground. that is what is happening now. temperature at reagan national airport. temperatures are colder in the afternoon. everybody else below freezing. cold night. eezes kick up. colder air west of the mountains. 18 in columbus. 20 in detroit. this is the first batch of the cold air we will deal with. there is area of snowshowers we are watching and the computer model had a handle on a larger batch, larger element of the snowshowers moving through the area at this time. there they go. snow, a few raindrops
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this crossed potomac to call university. that will be that. the future cast swiftly takes the band out of the picture. beyond that, the clearing skies and the gusty wind are a feature. colder air. getting through the next couple of days we are watching for the outbreak of the cold air. these are the wind chills. what is it like through tomorrow? single digit wind chills. stay in the teens. wind chill wise, all day long with gusty wind. late friday and saturday, the arctic invasion, core of the cold air starts to make a move. as it heads south, coldest part will just miss us and stay north. in our area we will see the temperatures as highs only in the 20's. saturday and sunday. low to mid-20's. wind chill are 5 above to 15 below. it will warm up to next week. in the meantime watch the numbers drop. we will keep an eye on the snowshowers and the flurries around the area. sunshine. cold weather tomorrow. head to friday cold and windier
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valentine's day. storm system that could give us a chance of a mix of rain and snow monday and tuesday. alison: we're prepared. doug: i hope so. alison: thank you. looks like the harry potter fans may have new summer reading. we will tell you about that. leon: more on that and what the local governments are doing to get ready for the zika virus. coming up. >> i'm in the help center where the heart health phone bank is wide open. phone lines are open. 703-236-9220. stay with us. coming up we will interview cardiac surgeon and talk to symptoms that are overlooked and g
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mish: our help side is about heart health. many of the things, questions you have are here to answer questions. coming up we will seek to a cardiac surgeon about often misdiagnosed symptoms a lot of folks walk around with. back to you. leon: thank
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good advice. coming up at 5:00 -- menu planning. find out why you want to leave local fish off the plate. >> the prince george's county health department investigating possible case of meningitis that involves a staffer at a local school. i'm joce sterman. coming up what we found out about why employees and the families are not getting information yet. >> plus an eight-year long fight in annapolis centers on this device. i'm devon lucie with the -- i'm kevin lewis with the story up next.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". leon: officer noah leotta's father is complaining how weak the d.u.i. laws are. the family is working to strengthen the laws in his memory. kevin lewis went to annapolis for the push today and joins us live to tell us more about it. kevin: the leotta family says this device would have saved their son. it works like this. you blow into it. if it doesn't detect alcohol you are free to drive wherever you choose. but if it does, your car won't start. >> the demarcation lines are clear. there is n
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either you are on the side of the angels or you are with the liquor lobby. >> for the last eight years, maryland delicate ben kraemer tried to bolster d.u.i. laws, requiring all convicted drunk drivers use one of these. ignition interlocking device. but so far he has had no luck. >> the state of maryland needs to do better. >> today, rich leotta joined the fight after a suspected drunk driver hit and killed his son noah. a montgomery county police officer. >> this is not a democrat or a republican issue, not a polarizing issue. or a controversial issue. kevin: studies show the interlocking are cheap to use and credited stopping more than 12 million drunk drivers in the u.s. what is the holdup? today, the president of mothers against drunk driving blamed the
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judiciary committee. >> it is stuck in the committee and is it important that everybody notifies the delegates to come for a vote. >> rich leotta agrees. >> i wear his badge. one of the badges he had on his person. i know he is with me. i know he would want me to continue doing this. it would make maryland the 26th state to use the technology joining delaware and virginia. d.c. currently has no mandate on the books. we are live in annapolis, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. alison: "7 on your side" with health matters and concerns about the zika virus spreading in the u.s. are growing. today, members of the washington council of government met to discuss the virus and what can be
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including mosquito surveillance. health official from d.c. and virginia say because it's not mosquito season now it makes it harder to be transmitted locally. >> we don't have the mosquito that carries it as well but we have the variety. and then the question is what control mechanisms if possible. alison: so far cases of the zika virus have been contracted through mosquitoes in places outside the united states. leon: the prince george's county health department is investigating a potential case of meningitis. this involved an employee in local school. "7 on your side" i-team got a tip about this from a worried staffer there. investigator joce sterman tracked down the details for us. she is with us live. >> the person is an aide in the regional school in new carrollton. an employee
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on your side" upset they were not getting information about the coworker whose illness could impact others. when we asked the school system confirmed the health department is investigating a potential case of meningitis involving the worker. asked why they were not sharing the determination, the diagnosis is not medically confirmed. "7 on your side" was told tests have been sent to the state. we will continue to follow this. alison: thank you. vice president joe biden visited duke university today to see cancer research in action. he was there to discuss the $1 billion effort to find a cure for cancer. you will remember president obama annou
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after the "state of the union." leon: former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina has announced that she is dropping out of the race. that word came out two hours ago. half an hour ago governor chris christie made it official he ism dropping out. he is suspending the campaign. alison: the good news for harry potter fans. the new play will become a harry potter book. script book of "harry potter and cursed child" will be published july 31. it's based on the go-part stage collaboration of j.k. ruling, jack thorn and john tiffany and will arrive a day after the play premiers in london july 30th. we have a shot for you to head to the oscars. we are giving away tickets to see live with kelly and
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of the award. tune in to good morning, washington, tomorrow at 5:45 to find out how you can win. leon: it might be more fun watching the show between them. don't you think alison: they are fun. very good. still to come at 5:00 -- >> all the barking drowned out by the animal rescue today. i'm mike carter-conneen. coming up detail on the organization merger with a long-time competitor, the washington humane society. leon: we have a team of experts standing by in the help center tonight to answer any questions you have about heart health. call 703-236-9220. alison: we are counting down to the valentine's day. four shopping days to go. we'll be right back.
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steve: i'm abc7 steve rudin. looking forward to the to judgment coming weekend. middle 20's saturday for the daytime high. windchill make you feel colder than that. waking up valentine's day temperatures will be in the single digits, lower teens with highs around 25 degrees. president's day a lot of folks have the day off. upper 30's around 40 for a mix of sun and clouds. "abc7 news at 5:00" conti
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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leon: "7 on your side" with health matters tonight. michelle marsh is in the help center to talk to the panel of experts about heart health. michelle: i want to share the numbers to viewers to take this home and understand why this is so important and why we are doing this. heart disease and stroke are the number one and the number five killers of people in the country. 80% of the heart attack and stroke are preventible through lifestyle changes. let's talk about the changes to make and discuss some of the symptoms. with us this afternoon, we have dr. jennifer ellis, cardiac surgeon at medstar washington hospital center. thank you for joining us. explain to the viewers some of the symptoms that are often overlooked. >> sometimes it can be fatigue.
5:42 pm
about her ojida but only happened if she walked up the flight of stairs? shortness of breath. or vague sense of unease for women. we don't have the typical elephant on the chest. pain going down the arm or up the neck. we might have a pain on the other side. in the pit of the stomach. you might think is it a gallbladder. when it's relieved by rest it happens every time when you have the activity. that is something to be concerned about. >> a man is more likely to have the elephant pressure on the chest. going up the left arm. women are less likely to have that. less than half the women present with the typical symptom. michigan what age should women think about the heart health? >> it depends. ask y
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disease? they will talk about the family history, diabetes,ing if you're a smoker, overnight or exercise. if you have a severe family history you might need to be tested in the 20's or the 30's. michelle: thank you. it varies case by case. the phone lines are open. 703-236-9220. there are a lot of professionals waiting to take your call. back to you in the studio. alison: thank you. great group there. all right. still to come at 5:00 -- >> it was wild. i didn't believe it until i was in the ring with mike. >> oh, yeah. meet the local boxer who got knocked out by mike tyson during super bowl 50. find out what it was like to make the commercial. >> a fish the d.c. government says you should no longer eat. i'm chris papst. we will show you result of the recent testing of the r
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alison: for the first time ever a popular fish is on the do not eat list. recent testing found
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rockfish. "7 on your side" government watchdog investigator chris papst broke this story this morning on twitter. chris: rickfish, striped bass or stripers are an important part of the economy. popular fish for the strayingsm and the commercial fishermen. but now d.c. says you shouldn't eat it. at the main avenue fish market in d.c., rockfish are big business. >> one of the most popular fish we have. you can fry it and grill it. bake it. >> the main course on the regional restaurant menus and dinner tables. fish that helped spawn an entire charter boat industry. >> it is important. but the recent rockfish testing in the potomac found concerning levels of p.c.b.'s. it's a manmade industrial compound that is no longer produced. but still found in environment. it is also a known carcinogen. rockfish testing last year in d.c. found l
5:48 pm
parts per billion. nearly ten times higher than the most recent testing in virginia and maryland. this prompted d.c. to add rockfish to the do not eat list for the first time ever. >> we don't believe there is a safe level for consumption. >> rock fish migrates. it is not known where they pick up the toxin. tommy well the department of the energy and environment that did testing hopes people take the news seriously but understands the local economic impact it could have. >> i hope that people don't stop going out. chartered boats. recreational fishing along the banks. i'll catch them but i'll release them. chris: the same testing of the potomac find other fish getting healthier. catfish were removed from the do not eat and
5:49 pm
them on a limited basis. chris papst, abc7 news. leon: from the waterways to the roadways check to see how things shape up with jamie sullivan. jamie: we have t delays in maryland heading north and southbound on the baltimore washington parkway as well as 95. start with 95. heading south from cherry hill road closer to the beltway we are in 20's. baltimore parkway northbound. that is where we are really seeing the heaviest traffic. traveling on the beltway so far. typical. on the outer loop four of the six lanes will be blocked. virginia stop and go. 95. you see heavy traffic toward the occoquan. again stop and go through triangle.
5:50 pm
doug this is 27 in winchester. it's warm away from the mountainous areas. 35 in fredericksburg and reagan national airport. wind chills are a factor now. more so as we go through the next few days. it feels like it's 15 in leesburg. 14 in hagerstown. mid-20's for the wind chill in the metro area and points south and east. colder air is moving in. disturbance. bringing flurries with brief snowshowers on the doppler radar. crossing i-95 south of washington. they will push across the northern neck and southern maryland. that should be that. we will stay breezy tonight. the snowshowers across west virginia should diminish. snowshowers you see south of cleveland, lake effect snow. that will continue and well north and the lower lakes. for the viewing area tomorrow a cold start. it will be windy. partly sunny.
5:51 pm
saturday blustery, strong winds. high of 2625. on valentine's day. monday or tuesday, this could give us 30% chance of the rain/snow mix monday to tuesday. that is the latest. >> we have a local star here. robert: we did. i will tell you about it. you will love it. you can't tell me you didn't see the commercial in the super bowl. mike tyson was terrible in it. that is beside the point. we caught up with the capital greenbelt guy in front of the punch. >> he only has one pro fight under his belt. >> it's crazy. but he is almost famous. >> they are calling me mr. hollywood.
5:52 pm
aired locally in the super bowl. boxer knocked out by none other than mike tyson. >> it was wild. i didn't believe it until i was in the ring with mike. robert: they did 20 takes. he grazed my lip a few times. the director said make contact. he hit me in the side of the head but he is so good he pulled up at the last second. robert: harrison is sam's real-life trainer. >> probably the nicest guy you want to meet. robert: but buddy adds -- >> right now he could knock out mike tyson. he hits that hard. michael is older. if he caught michael, mike would be down. robert: at 28, sam is a late bloomer when it comes to pro boxing. wherever his career goes from here, sam, a.k.a. the vanilla gorilla can lay cl
5:53 pm
k.o.d by iron mike and in super bowl 50 no less. >> hopefully it will help my career. i fight february 27 at the convention center. hopefully people see the commercial and will come support me. leon: you like the nickname? the vanilla gorilla. robert: i hope mike was not watching that story. for me and for him. leon: he is testing him. wants to see you in the parking lot. what does robert mean? i was terrible. [laughter] robert: i heard what you said. i heard you, robert. alison: oh, no. you better be careful. robert: please, please, mike do not watch this. leon: start your car running, boy. alison: let's take a look at something beautiful. a 3602-degree video from switzerland. leon: crazy. alison: swiss skier, his signature slow motion swirl shot. with iphone 6 and tether and a lot of practice. yes, i think it
5:54 pm
difficult as it looks. he said it took two years to perfect the move. leon: you have to see the whole video. it is amazing . >> it's beautiful. leon: you heard the line about the cats and dogs living together. alison: when we come back we look at how two organizations are teaming up for the good o
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alison: a new day for dogs and cats. the two groups are merging. mike carter-conneen reports once competitors, thatry now collaborating. mike: with the delivery of daisy, 4-month-old puppy with a broken leg and a special personality, they supported the first transport from the humane to the rescue league vet. now coworkers after the two non-profit merged
5:58 pm
effective immediately but the name and the branding for joint organization is still to be determined. like puppies ighting for attention or kittens battling over a chew toy there is a long natural tension between the two organizations competing for the same resources. the same donors. but board members say that dynamic changed eight years ago. >> first time that we were able to focus on the fact that we are all interested in it for the same thing. we are in it for the animals and the philosophy. >> two staffers have been laid off and the current ceo of the rescue lead bob raymond is stepping down next month. >> there are efficiency with the mergeer. that wasn't the goal. the goal was how do we save more animals? >> 170 employees will keep the jobs and they might hire more vets and more staff. >> there were screams and shouts of excitement when we told everyone this morning. in part because these are people that work together all time. >> all five facilities will
5:59 pm
long-term the goal is to have just two facilities, the campus and then a new campus. mike carter-conneen. abc7 news. alison: that will do it at 5:00. we are following several big stories at 6:00. ♪ ♪ announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: decade-long fight to ease congestion on i-66 appears to be moving forward. virginia governor terry mcauliffe reached a compromise to add lanes and tolls to the highway inside the beltway. leon: the plan calls if for widening of the four miles of eastbound 66 from the dulles connector to boston and will act as high occupancy toll lane similar to i-95 and the 495 express lanes. >> we are fixing the most congested road in the most congested region. >> i'm not crazy about tolls but to make a improvement on
6:00 pm
finance it. >> but not everyone approves of the deal. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is in mobile track 7 tonight. what has been the reaction to this? jeff: well, this has been a bit mixed. we are heading east on 66 in that section that is going to be widened as part of the deal. we will take a look at the traffic. no surprise. red brake lights heading east on 66 in to the district. this deal was hammered out at the capitol in richmond for the past few days. key lawmakers from northern virginia are supporting the deal not all residents feel the same way. for drivers who endure the daily grind of 66 traffic, news of widening is like a breath of fresh air. >> it is a great idea. >> traffic is bad there. >> in the long run, it will be worth it. >> for the arlington residents who live by the stretch set to be widened this is a different story. >> i think it is a poor idea. that is not what the road


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