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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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and the principal as defendants. we talked to state's attorney angela alsobrooks. she is not involved in the lawsuit certainly. she is involved in the criminal prosecution. she says her investigation will not just stop the person already charged. >> we have a sacred obligation to protect children. children in the schoolhouse and the neighborhood. we have a sacred obligation to protect these children. we want witnesses to come forward. anyone with information about the cases, potential victims, come talk to us so we can do justice for the children. brad: the lawsuit again alleges that mr. carraway was allowed basically unsupervised, unlimited access to the children, making some of the videos in the open in the school auditorium. we'll have much more on this when we come back at 5:00. at the
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school headquarters in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. new at 4:00, the body of a body was found inside a home on van buren street in northwest washington. the sibling of the child made the discovery. stephen tschida has more. the details are horrifying. we are hearing there were younger children at the home? stephen: yeah, very disturbing situation, michelle. six children under the age of 10 inside this home behind me here on van buren street. about 7:00 this morning a call came in about an unresponsive baby. one of the young siblings discovered this baby. we have video of the investigation as it continued today here in northwest d.c. we spoke with investigators. they told us that they do not believe there was an adult inside the home at the time that that call about the unresponsive baby came in. we also spoke with neighbors. they say they are stunned. they say there is a mother who lives here and a
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who lives here. they say the grandmother was attentive of the children. we also understand there were two infants, twins and that obviously one of those twins is believed to be the baby which died. we spoke with one neighbor, cheryl owen, who talked about the grand mother and how well she cared for the children. >> i'm in total shock because i know the family. i know two of the babies, the newborn, they are not that old. i think less than six months. i know they are twins. one of them is named noah because my son is named noah. a cute little boy. stephen: yeah, again, very disturbing details. the investigators are talking with the adults who lived in the home. they don't believe they were there at the time. as far as the cause of death, that will be determined by the medical examiner. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. we are also following breaking news in springfield where police right now are investigating a stabbing. michelle: let's go straight out to jeff goldberg. what ca
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now? jeff: well, michelle, we are at the corner of bonnie mill lane. this is a very active scene. you can see the 10 or 12 investigators congregating around the sidewalk area where we believe the stabbing took place. here is what we know. the call came in at 1:45 this afternoon, call of a stabbing to an adult male to his upper body on the sidewalk area. the adult male victim was 19 years old was rushed to inova fairfax hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say the two male suspects fled the scene in either a blue honda or toyota. fairfax county police say this is not a random event. meanings, likely the suspect and the vehicle knew one another. a helicopter was also in the area looking for the suspects. back here live you see the active police presence. obviously collecting clues, collecting evidence to what took place here. ain
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suburban area of springfield. one man in the hospital with life threatening injuries as the search for the suspects continues. we will continue to follow the story and bring you updates when they became available to us. live in springfield, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: okay, thanks. we are following breaking news out of north baltimore where two sheriff deputies were shot. leon harris has been following the breaking newsroom in the details and he joins us with the latest. what can you tell us? leon: a lot of moving pieces happening in the story. we are trying to put everything together for you. the shootings happened in shopping complex. it at boulevard at fox hill, if you know that area. at this point, here is what we know. we know two deputies are in the hospital after being involved in that shooting. the suspect is dead. police are telling us right now they are not looking for any additional suspects. now details on who opened fire first or what led up to the shooting, that not yet be released. we are still worng
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information once we learn more in the newsroom. back up to you. jonathan: thank you very much. we are also following a developing story out of annapolis where the charles county dive team pulled two bodies out of the severn river. they have not identitied the bodies -- identified the bodies yet but they have been searching for two missing duck hunters that went missing in january. if we get an update, we will pass it on to you. michelle: two days after the potomac spill, they are looking into what leaked in the river. the substance has been contained while samples were sent off to a lab for testing. we are expecting an update on what exactly it is shortly. we'll have that for you as soon as we get it. in the meantime, d.c. environmental officials are warning you not to eat striped bass also known as rockfish caught in d.c. waterways. it's a popular fish to catch and eat in this area. it is
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chesapeake but there is no mention of fish caught there. there is a warning to limit consumption of other fish caught in d.c. coming up at 5:00, we will let you know what is being found in the fish. jonathan: well, the obama administration is including $29 million in the in addition -- in the fiscal budget for chez peek watershed. they -- chesapeake watershed. they say it will help protect habitat and historical sites. under the proposed spending plan the national park service and other federal agencies would receive the funding. let's take a look outside this afternoon. if you got outside, what a beautiful day. beautiful blue skies. nice sunshine. but some of the coldest winter air is arriving and soon. chief meteorologist doug hill has the timing for us. it was actually cold out there today. doug: the arctic air proper isn't moving in until early saturday morning. so we are going to stay cooled get colder. a little sunshine left. clou
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across the area. 28 in hagerstown. 32 in national football league. 33 -- 32 in leesburg. winds are a factor. sustained winds are 9 miles per hour in manassas. 20 in winchester. that is driving the wind chill down the way it feels outside. winds and cold air are with us for a while. later this evening, patching of flurries are coming this way. we will give you more on that and the lowdown on how cold it will get this weekend. we will do it in a couple of minutes. jonathan: look forward to it. thanks. no secret the big changes have been in the works for interstate 66 inside the beltway. exactly what to do and the politics surrounding it have been arlington and other counties weighing in. they are at odds on what to do. brianne carter is joining us with a compromise
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brianne: a compromise and also a historic move. eastbound lanes of 66. you can see the traffic moving. but for any of you driving in the morning you know there are choke points along here. now according to lawmakers in virginia they have a plan to try to alleviate that. earlier today virginia governor terry mcauliffe saying the relief will come as they widen interstate 66 inside the beltway. the bipartisan agreement would widen the eastbound lanes of 66 from the dulles connector to exit 71 in boston. this project is part of a budget amendment that needs to make its way through the general assembly. the price tag is $140 million. currently the solo drivers are not allowed to use the lane in rush hour. will pay the toll to get on. tolls set for 2017 are still expected to be that way. while construction on the widening is underway. take a listen to what the governor had to say. governor mcauliffe: this agreement will accelerate the widening of the choke point while beefing up transit improvement for the
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brianne: the officials said the revenue from the tolls will go back to the transit projects. not even is on board with this. coming up at 5:00, hear why some say this is not the right move. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. abc7 just learned republican candidate carly fiorina has suspended her campaign for president. the former hewlett-packard ceo made the announcement on facebook. fiorina is the second candidate to drop out today. while there is no formal announcement, new jersey governor chris christie is expected to suspend his campaign. the campaign trail ran away doubling up on john kasich. many expected senator marco rubio to show well. but everything changed after that debate. bernie sanders' win over hillary clinton
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clinton had hoped to close it to single digits. but that did not happen. jonathan: the man convicted of killing senator robert f. ken xy making his 15th appearance before a parole board. sirhan sirhan shot and killed him in the ambassador hotel in los angeles. kennedy was celebrating his california primary win. five years after that, he t anas -- the assassination of his brother president kennedy took place in texas. we'll let you know what happens in the case. now to the war on terror. hundreds of american soldiers are going back. they will deploy them to the southern part of the country to push back against the taliban. this is expected to be the biggest outside of afghanistan since 2014. mich
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two animal shelters merging in d.c. big plans coming up. jonathan: plus, the reunion seven decades in the making. a world war ii veteran travels halfway around the world to find one who got away. how it was made possible. that's coming up. michelle: plus, driverless cars a step closer to being common on the roads. what feds are saying about the computers that drive them. jonathan: rallying in annapolis for change. fallen off the officer. what it could mean for the d.u.i. convict moving forward.
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michelle: the washington animal rescue lead and the humane society are merging and planning to expand. what does it mean for the nearly 200 employees working at the five current facilities in the area? today at 5:00, mike carter-conneen will have an update and explain the changes coming. jonathan: the water crisis in flate, michigan, not just -- in flint, michigan, are not just affecting people who live there. mechanics say it's causing
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fire chief warning that the problem is getting worse and it could be deavor stating to the department. because they have already spent $65,000 on repairs to just one of the trucks damaged. michelle: a "7 on your side" consumer alert now. the takata air bag recall is expanding. daimler and mercedes benz issued recalls on some 840,000 cars and vans in the u.s. because of takata air bags that may be defective. honda, ford, nissan, toyota were forced to issue recall because of the air bags that can explode without warning. they have caused at least ten deaths worldwide including nine in the u.s.. jonathan: also on the road big win for driverless cars. federal highway safety officials are siding with google saying computers that will control cars to the future can be considered the actual driver of the vehicle. so that is important because it is the distinction that means years down the road a human may
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the wheel if there even is one in the car. so you might just see a car go by with nobody in it. michelle: that will be strange. we have drivers on the roads right now. jamie sullivan is keeping track on where the backup are. jamie: there is someone in each one of these cars. trust me. route 50 is quiet now on the beltway without any issues. no delays whatsoever. i want to move to the maps because where we are seeing an issue is southbound on the baltimore washington parkway. heading south from route 32, trying to get closer to the capital beltway. accident blocking one lane near 197. 6 miles per hour. this is a four-mile backup. my suggestion as an alternate is bail out at route 32. take it to 95. then continue south from that point. this stretch will take you 40 minutes. just getting closer toward the
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on the beltway we are in good shape on the outer loop through montgomery county. tonight, around 9:00 p.m., not 9:00 a.m., until 5:00 a.m. they will close four lanes to the 270 spur. overnight project they have in place. not bad in district. little volume but that is it. look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. today is crossing forward appreciation day. two local crossing guards are recognized by vdot as the best in the commonwealth. christie coats works in loudoun to help students get to liberty elementary school. you have lawrence dick-norton who directs traffic at stafford senior high school. they are one of six crossing guards to be recognizedded for the war in 2016. jonathan: in war, relationships are made overseas, lasting ones. world war ii veteran in
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one get away before finding out his true love is in australia. great story. damian ryan shows us how the journey seven decades in the making made possible. >> as love stories go, what an ending. >> a hug and a kiss 70 years in the making. 93-year-old thomas last held his sweetheart 88-year-old in london shortly before d-day in 1944. the relationship was lost in the fog of war. each going their separate ways to opposite ends of the world. they moved on, married other people, but that link was never lost.
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>> well, he was real fun mel fellow. i remember that. >> the get-together swept people away. stopping up funds for the air fare to find his fair lady. it was a 17,000-kilometer journey from the u.s. to adelaide. three days it took the war vet to get here. >> what is the first thing you are going to go? >> i'm going to give her a squeeze. >> now he is back in the arms of one that got away. he is not letting go. michelle: that will warm your heart on this cold day. lovely to see them together. >> keep the moment alive and apart for the next five days. doug: valentine story. maybe flurries out there. we are tracking stuff on the doppler radar. we have a snow overnight, a band coming through. start with a time lapse from spotsylvania. if yu
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was a little snow. also that in the bottom of the screen. it didn't take long for that to go away. that was it. the sunshine came out. warmed up nicely in the upper 30's. this hour is 35. clouds are rolling right back in. this is from the patches of the light snow. snowshowers and the flurries coming across the mountains. we will check it on radar in a moment. get set on the numbers. 36 on reagan national. getting cold in the west. 28 in winchester. 28 in martinsburg and hagerstown. we get through the evening, the breezes will stay up. the temperatures, though, will come down in the teens. 22 in the brentwood neighborhood. 20 by morning. in ash burn. here is a little bit of snow we are seeing. some of this is not reaching the ground. the air is dry. however, some of it is. each back that comes through will make it more likely in the next couple of hours to
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few snowshowers in the area. i don't think it will cause major disruptions at all. if you are headed out tonight i don't want you to come out a dinner or theater and say hey, you didn't say it would snow. >> i am. get in and out quickly as the back emmoves across virginia. high pressure builds in. cold temperatures and the gusty winds. these are the future wind chills. going to feel like 9 degrees early. 8:30 in baltimore. 8 in winchester. 9 in manassas. 11 in the city. chills will stay in the teens all day long tomorrow. really cold air doesn't arrive until the weekend. that comes in late friday night. flustery winds. partly sunny skies. highs in the low to middle 20's on saturday and sunday. get into monday we will warm up a tiny bit. late monday and tuesday another storm system may pass to the south. we have a 30% chance that there may be a rain-snow mix. the big story is f
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that will move in saturdayed and sunday. jonathan: in vermont they are getting ready for 25 below for the temperature. doug: they can handle it there. jonathan: better them than us. thank you. michelle: coming up at 4:30 today, a bill to prevent d.u.i. convicts from getting behind the wheel drunk a second time. it is named for a fallen officer. jonathan: local leaders are addressing zika and how our areas brought back cases from south and central america and
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence.
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through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> heart disease shows up in many ways. michelle: we are holding a phone bank today on heart health. alison starling is in the help center where the phone lines open in a few minute. alison: they will open at 4:30 and stay open for you until 6:30. as you said, it's american heart month. we are really happy today to provide experts here for you to talk about this very serious topic. you know the american heart association has helped here to provide us with doctors, nurses, survivors. other professionals here to answer your calls. the number is
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the phone lines open in a few minutes. back to you. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the cruise liner that sailed in a winter storm that packed hurricane force winds. when it is due back in port coming up. kevin: i'm kevin lewis in annapolis. the bill that would save hundreds if not thousands of lives because of the simple
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00" on your side. jonathan: officer noah leotta was killed last year when a suspected drunk driver ran into him on rockville pike. it raced questions about maryland laws that some say allow convicted drunk drivers allow them to get back behind the wheel too easily. now leotta's parents are taking change to annapolis. kevin lewis has the story for us. kevin in kevin: jonathan, there is a push for a new law. it all centers on this gadget. called ig anything interlocking device. it works like this. you get in the vehicle. and blow into this gadget. if it detects alcohol your car won't start. if it doesn't, there is no issue. you can drive wherever you want. the bill has hit snags for eight years. now the leotta family is saying enough. >> it took something horrific like this to
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>> officer noah leotta's father is tackling annapolis politics. the end game? stricter d.u.i. laws. >> he might be here today if that was in that person's car. this is the technology that everyone is talking about. the interlocking device. very simple technology. >> according to mothers against drunk driving, 25 states, each highlighted in red mandate all convicted drunk drivers use an interlocking device to operate their vehicle. but for some reason, maryland hasn't gotten on board. >> i would like to know who is preventing this from happening and why. >> i'm angry, you can tell i'm damn angry right now. there is no reason my son has to be dead. i don't want it to happen to anyone else. kevin: one year after interlocking laws took place in oregon drunk driving deaths dropped by 33%. in west virginia, 40% decline. in arizona, 50%.
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have died or have been injured at the hand of drunk drivers need a voice. noah is their voice. he can't be here. so i'm speaking for him. i will speak for him for the rest of my life. >> according to ma.d.d. this has stopped thousands of drunk drivers across the nation. who is preventing this from passing here in annapolis? that is new at 5:00. we are life in annapolis, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. michelle: thank you. reminder our "7 on your side" heart health phone bank is now open. we have medical experts from across the area here to answer your questions. any question you have is a good one to raise. phone number is there on the screen. 703-236-9220.
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let's talk weather. cold and windy. doug: gusty winds. they will subside later tomorrow and friday. it will get windy on the weekend with the bitterly cold air coming in. right now just cloudy outside. start with a look at a time lapse from woodbridge virginia. if you were with out the noon news we showed you snow in west virginia. models were bringing the eastward through the evening. it will be cold at or below freezing in the metro. that will change overnight. 33 in ashburn. 33 aspen hill. 36 in the campus of gallaudet. 36 in college park. doppler
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some of this is drying up and evaporating. others will hit ground before long. we look to see snow flurries and snow areas to come through the area. we watch for that if it develops. a chance. it will clear out overnight. a good day tomorrow. on the cold side with highs reaching not or 31. wind chills are lower than that. the coldest air of the winter for the weekend. gusty winds. low to mid-20's. saturday with flurries. cold on sunday, on valentine's day. a little bit of a warmup possibly with rain or snow monday or tuesday. jonathan: thank you. christians around the world are observing ash wednesday. today marks the first day of lent which is the 40-day period of fasting and praying leading up to easter. we caught up with christians this morning and they received the sign of the cross in a convenient nontraditional way. in a drive-through. michelle: we
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of cases of zika in the united states is on the rise, and mosquitoes carrying it spread in the caribbean, another part of the americas concerns are on the rise as well. diane cho was at the council of the government meeting where zika came up. diane: leaders across the area met today. one of the items discussed on the agenda was the latest on the zika virus and the potential implications here. the metropolitan washington council of government members had the health officials from d.c. and virginia to discuss what is happening with the virus. while there is not a documented case in the continental u.s., the cases have been travel associated but say the number is likely to go up. they say because it's not mosquito season for us right now it makes it harder to be transmitted locally. the health officials in d.c. say part of their response so to make sure they can track and mopper the residents for the zika infection. in virginia, the arlington county hea
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there was a call today with all the local emergency managers in the state with the department of health. to discuss virus and the next phases and the mosquito surveillance. >> we don't have the type of mosquito that is carries it as well. we have variety and then the question will be what sort of control mechanisms if possible. this mosquito is talking about the small containers and the yards and so on. these are the challenges. diane: for most the virus is mild. the concern now is for pregnant women. in d.c., diane cho, abc7 news. is that if you want to see all the reporting we have done so far on zika virus log on to and just search "zika." around the district, d.c. fire chie
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to the resignation of the medical director. in her resignation letter to muriel bowser she said peak are dying needlessly and she blasts the department saying there is a deep-seeded lack of urgency and even basic changes are met with resistance from the top down. >> she wanted a third service where she ran the third service. and oversaw all the medicine and everything else that goes on. when she joined us she was aware we were doing the fire system. jonathan: she was on the job for seven months. >> the royal caribbean cruise ship damaged in a large storm off the east coast is due back to port while they explain why they headed out in the first place. system passengers were fearful they would not survive. we have the latest.
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bahamas many are ready to forget. >> we were nervous. >> royal caribbean anthem of the seas expected to dock back in new jersey after hurricane-force winds sunday over 100 miles per hour and 30-foot waves forced the ship to turn back. >> i thought it was going to tip over. >> explaining internally to the 4,500 state rooms he didn't realize the magnitude of the storm when the ship set out. >> the whole thing was no bigger than this. passengers were ordinaried to stay in the state room for eight hours. >> you can't tell when you get to see. you have to wond irwhat happened. >> in a statement royal caribbean tells abc news weather isn't great. he slowed down to be speed to smoo
4:38 pm
many passengers don't believe the captain should have left port in the first place. >> i resent he put 6,000 lives at risk. >> no one has been seriously hurt and they apologized and offered a full refund and then some. they say the ship's seaworthiness is not affected. jonathan: ahead at 4:00, we will help you reduce cost of prescription drugs. the three things you can do to save money without compromising your health. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in frederick where students will develop a prototype that could improve life for people
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alison: welcome back. i'm alison starling in the newsroom. this is heart month. february. we are here to help you with a phone bank today. we gathered experts together to answer all of your questions. joining me now is gale, she is a survivor. she made lifestyle changes to make herself healthy but she is also a spokesperson for go red for women. my question to you is why do more women die from heart disease than men? >> you know, alison, thank you. that is a
4:42 pm
women don't know that they are at risk for heart disease. we are not calling 911. we are not taking time to recognize the signs and the symptoms because we are not aware we have heart disease. we have to make it our mission to tell five women that heart disease the number one threat. if i tell five women and you tell five women think of the scope of women we could save. alison: that's right. thank you. that is a good step toward that today. the phone bank is open. it will be open until 6:30. 703-236-9220. give them a call. we'll check back in with you later. back to you. michelle: thank you. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- american crime returns tonight. we take you behind the scenes. jonathan: twitter lagging in followers and appeal? which social media network passed it. big changes coming to the timeline in
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michelle: it is estimated that people in sub saharan africa spend 40 billion h
4:46 pm
collecting water. in the spotlight on education, kellye lynn shows us how student in fedrick are working to tackle the problem. >> this barrel is improving the lives of people in developing country. >> this roller is designed by two south african engineers over 20 years ago. >> students at the frederick county career and tech center trying to improve on the design. >> they developed a hasn'tal to ease carrying of water. he walks two miles a day to carry the water. >> it stretches him out. >> it will give you a pain in the neck and the head. >> they wanted to find a way to remedy the problem.
4:47 pm
>> this is the invention that helped them win the award. ramp to allow people roll a barrel of water to a platform and then store it at a high level. >> we have pipe out more. nove to bring the pipe out more. now the students are raising money to fund the material. >> this is an important problem to be actressed and any money we receive does help us develop this. >> the goal to have a working prototype to send to africa by the end of the year. >> a lot of people love the twitter. twitter shares fell to record lows today. they have been struggling to grow with 307 million active users in september. you might say it is a lot. not really. if you compare it to facebook with the 1.6 billion users. so now the social networking site is making ch
4:48 pm
twitter will now let the popular tweets related to people you follow show up first in your timeline followed by real-time feed that most people used to. look for that. other changes as well. >> so do you watch american crime? it is back tonight on abc. michelle: we sent kidd o'shea to hollywood to catch up with the big stars. timothy hudson and felicity huffman take us behind the scene. >> if you are not watching "miles per hour crime" it's not too late to start. one of the most talked about shows. >> i wish we could sit around for other reasons but i know about your son's situation. kidd: after every episode people have conversation about topics they may not normally discuss. that is a good thing. >> that is what you hope that art is about. art is about carrying people. it's one of the only ways to see what other people might be feeling. it breeds empathy and
4:49 pm
conversation. that have means it is successful. kidd: high school kid attends a party. images are caught on snap chat. the parents and school get involved and now the audience has to figure out what happened. >> someone invited your son and gave him drugs without his knowledge. then they touched him or violated him against his will. >> as the story goes on you will see, whatever opinion you have about the incident or the people and how it is dealing with it, it will change radically as the story goes on. >> how do you think the tory will end? michelle: big mystery. big question. "american crime" airs on abc at 10:00. jonathan: it will be really cold this weekend. steve: it comes in waves. we have the first wave now and another wave on friday night. that will stick around for the upcoming weekend. it's cold. if you have to head outside this weekend, look at
4:50 pm
in old town alexandria. cloudy skies. temperature at reagan national at 36 degrees. a little peak of sunshine left out there. the temperatures are 32 in leesburg. same in frederick. 37 degrees in fredericksburg. that is part of the story. we have the wind chill factors to make it feel colder than that with the winds out of northwest. feels like the temperatures are in the teens and winchester and larray. forecast overnight, 17 to 28 degrees. skies will clear. then tomorrow it's cold. blustery. temperatures only around 30 degrees. with feels like temperatures in the teens and the 20's. take you out for the holiday forecast for the weekend. saturday 26 degrees.
4:51 pm
for president's day we rebound to 30's to 40 degrees. we head over to jamie for the commute. jamie: nothing falling from the sky. white stretch from the salt on the roads. some police activity. we have the lanes open. you know in the afternoon like this, this is a northwest capital beltway is bumper to bumper. i want to focus on another spot where we have the bumper to bumper traffic.
4:52 pm
from last night to the morning, four lanes will close at the spur. it's overnight work. look at traffic. jonathan: coming up next on abc7 news. how to reverse the side effect of the rising prescription drug prices. three ways to save new at 5:00 -- >> find out why restaurants are encouragedded to drop the local fish from menu. jonathan: tonight at 6:00, treading on thin ice. don't let it fool you.
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john: we found some ways to fight back against high prescription drugs. melissa never fought much about the prescription prices. >> on the old health plan it's a $35 co-pay. john: until the pharmacist offered her shocking news. >> it's now $338 a month. john: ten times higher than a year ago. she doesn't know what to do. >> find alternative tollis see if there is anything the doctors can do to help out. >> pharmacist dave yost says it pains him to hear the customers telling him this. >> i have been getting a je meric for six years and it doubled. we are seeing a lot of really steep dramatic increase in generic drugs. john: they blame drug consolidation. >> some of them are shutting down production to reduce
4:57 pm
>> it reached crisis mode when touring bought deraprim and raised it $5,000%. >> the families neead the drugs for diabetes or cholesterol lowering medication. what do you do if a drug you have taken for years soared in price? there are several things you can do to bring costs down. ask the pharmacist what other medicines could do the same thing and then ask your doctor if it can work for you. ask about the money-saving deals they have,
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$90-day supply or free pill from the manufacturer. compare websites and pharmacies. >> i want to check the price of a prescription. >> for 30-day supply of lipitor i was quoted $41 at c.v.s., $31 at walgreens, $13 at wal-mart and $12 at k-mart. she doesn't know how she can pay $300 a month for one medicine. >> take care of yourself, if you can't afford drugs, i can see where people would do without. >> get to know the local pharmacist. they can tell you what other medicine get it for and show how to get the lower price yourself. leon: sources tell abc7 concerns about the suspect may have been ignored. >> huge news for commuters. i-66 drivers w
4:59 pm
also coming soon. two separate health concerns. one about the blizzard nasty leftovers. the other a warning about local seafood. >> "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: the principal at the glenarden elementary school where a teacher's aide accused of making child pornography with students is on administrative leave. maryland bureau chief brad bell broke news of the principal suspension on twitter and he joins us live from upper marlboro. he has new details he has uncovered. brad? brad: the horrifying case continues to grow. new detail and allegation, many contained in the lawsuit filed by the attorneys for a 9-year-old boy. it alleges that the children were lured into performing the acts because they were told they would be in a club. it alleges that the principal of the school
5:00 pm
of concerns by teachers. and parents. yet she chose to lo the other way. >> the lawsuit filed on behalf of a 9-year-old boy, alleges that it was common knowledge among students that the teach er's aide deonte carraway was abusing people in school. it alleges numerous people and parents told so they knew what michelle williams, the principal, about the abuse but she did not act because she told them they lacked proof. that matches what abc7 news has been told by the numerous law enforcement sources and one of the reason the principal was put on administrative leave yesterday. that dismissal time today parents react. >> i am upset. i am. >> this is a big issue. they should have handled it better. >> the case continues to grow. investigators identified as


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