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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: they winter storm watch. snow is moving in. ahead for extra time in the morning. a winter weather advisory is already in effect. let's get straight to steve rudin. he has the latest timeline. what are you hearing? offe: winter storm warnings to the north and east of us. more on that in just a second. all of the areas that are shaded in blue, the winter storm warnings in northern montgomery, frederick, howard, and russell counties. satellite radar, you can see the rain beginning to spread over the mid-atlantic. right now, everything is falling as rain. a little further towards the west and you have a mixture of rain, sleet, and snow. looking for things to eventually change over to snow during the day tomorrow. the latest computer models have
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moisture a little bit lower and temperatures trending higher. that means less snow. 1-3 inches for the d.c. metro. we will look at the full forecast in just a few minutes. alison: road crews are getting ready for the snow. of winterst burst weather expected to hit us at the worst possible time. tom roussey is live with more on the preparations tonight. tom: we are here in silver spring in a state highway administration lot and many of the trucks are loaded with salt and ready to go. if they need more salt, look to the right. it looks like they have plenty. we were out on the roads. here is video. they have been pretreating major roads earlier today in the state of maryland and virginia as well. d.c. says crews are on standby for whatever comes our way tonight.
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hogan was at the state administration center. they are preparing to monitor the storm. we asked how this all supplies are doing and they said the salt supplies are doing better than you might think. during the blizzard, we did not use a whole lot. a salting operation. it was a plowing operation. we still have 90% of our salt supplies. you can see just how much salt they have at the barn right here. they say they are going to ramp up this operation starting around midnight. leon: thanks, tom. turn to "good morning forecasts andr up-to-the-minute traffic reports. live coverage starts tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. alison: hackers published contact information for 20,000
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employees of the fbi. the hackers even bragged about it on twitter. they say they got the information from a department of justice database. the information contained names, titles, phone numbers, e-mail addresses. that privateppear information, like social security numbers, was breached. yesterday, hackers published similar data on nearly 10,000 workers from the department of homeland security. and ahe was an aide volunteer at an elementary school and now he is charged with making child pornography. deonte carraway no longer works at the elementary school. roz has more on this story. this is a case that seems to be building. >> investigators say their first break in the case came last thursday. he used the kik messenger app.
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prince george's county police say 22-year-old deonte carraway had multiple roles in which he interacted with children. investigators say they know of 10 victims, ages 9-13. this mom says her son was one of those victims. carraway was her son's choir director. >> this was a man that i trusted with my child. >> it has to be hard. >> very hard. worked at14, he glenarden woods elementary. this school year, police say he worked at the same school as a volunteer and they believe it was here that he shot some of the 40 videos they have recovered. >> we believe that he targeted his young victims and videotaped vile sexual acts between myers
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during the school day on school grounds. roz: would one of you speak on his behalf? >> no thanks. >> his family did not want to talk him a but his neighbor said this -- >> i would be shocked because he is a really nice guy. roz: police say he may have shot those videos at the glenarden in a simple center and the aquatic center. if you have any information, detectives want to hear from you. we put their number on our website at leon: thank you. the white of a dead isis leader is charged in the murder of an arab citizen. killed last february after spending years as an isis hostage. today, charged with a conspiracy to support the terror group. the department of justice says she was aware of sexual abuse and mistreatment that happened in her role. her husband died last year. a takoma park police
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officer a fight with another .olice officer at adc club milton floras is charged with assault on adc police officer. atras is suspended with pay -- pending the investigation. the department said it holds officers to a higher standard. asn: hundreds gathered 13-year-old nicole lovell was remembered. a moment of silence was held by candlelight. new insights into the murder investigation. two virginia tech students are charged in her death. er had anisenhau inappropriate relationship with her and stabbed her to death when she threatened to expose their relationship. alison: police are asking for help as they search for two missing women. thursday in aseen comfort suites hotel in
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manassas. if you look at these pictures, she appears to have bold, distinctive tattoos on her knuckles. it appears that she left the area voluntarily but maybe in need of help. in montgomery county tonight, an active search or a missing woman with alzheimer's. she was last heard from last wednesday. she is without medication and her family is concerned tonight. crews have been searching the area near her home. if you have any information on either of these cases, call police right away. week andis valentines lots of you out there are shopping for the perfect gift to touch your loved one's heart. diamonds are the third most popular valentine's, but they are a huge investment. some surprising facts put diamonds to the test. mcmullen'snifer boyfriend surprised her with a
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diamond engagement ring, she was ecstatic. >> beautiful ring. >> thank you. he did a good job. >> a year and a half after her husband bought the ring, the couple was floored when they found out there might be a big problem. >> my diamond was certified by egl international. they could not verify it. ofegl international is one the companies that had gone out of business amid accusations that it routinely overvalue diamonds. diamonds come down to color, clarity, cut, and character, the weight of the stone. >> you cannot look at a diamond and see any different. and hadook the diamond it evaluated. she went on the lab's website to find a report on her ring. >> it was much less than what we paid for. it is over $10,000 difference.
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>> mcmullen sued the jewelers. they told us there is no merit in the suit and they would barrett -- vigorously defend ourselves and would prevail. they went on to say that the offer to take back the ring -- she insists mcmullen is upset over the valuation that she got from egl international and they say they are not responsible for that, adding that those valuations are a matter of opinion. the value of a diamond can truly be in the eyes of the beholder. we went undercover to several jewelry stores and pawnshops to see how they would grade a diamond that belonged to a seven on your side staffer. oure had a certified by certified gemologist. differentld have two gemologist grade this stone and
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come up with different results. >> he valued the diamond between 400 and $600. >> retail, it will be worth about $3000. >> another evaluation from this pawnshop in d.c. it only offered us $200. and a major retailer at a mall. we received different valuations from each place. $200-40es range from $500. how do you know what you are really buying? >> you have no other way besides trusting the people you are buying from. >> she and her husband thought they had done their homework but say they still made a $10,000 diamond mistake. here is the big take away. first, the very careful when buying diamonds off the internet. next, ask for a report on the stone from a reputable gem lab. finally, do your homework on who you are buying from and get references.
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-- : still ahead >> some washington, d.c. residents are fighting back after walmart pulls out of two locations in the
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. leon: hundreds of families left in limbo when walmart pulled out of planned stores in ec neighbors are taking action and they have questions for the retail giant. jay korff is live to explain that tonight. jay: this is one of the two locations where walmart pulled out recently. tonight, some city leaders and community activists banded together to try to make a strategic plan to figure out a way so this never happens again. walmart recently pulled out of locations under development in northeast and southeast d.c., so when the hope of new jobs, affordable retail and groceries.
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>> we just want answers. irate that walmart built three stores in middle-class sections of the city and then went back on a promise to build two additional stores in a working-class neighborhood. the retail giant announced the closing of more than 200 stores worldwide due to profit margin concerns. monday night, concerned met toity leaders that -- discuss future ways to minimize risks of residents abandoned. >> when i read that we had an agreement with walmart, i thought it was a written agreement. turned out they said they would do it and they changed their minds. jay: there were written deals between walmart and the developers for each site, but according to one high-ranking official, the binding deal between walmart and the city did not exist. so this certainly is a business and development issue.
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but you also get the sense, in the coming months and years, what happened here will become a political one as well. leon: thank you. the next steps in shutting down d.c.'s largest homeless shelter. the d.c. council voted to close down d.c. general. the plan is to replace it with small, short-term housing facilities throughout the city. the council will discuss the next steps in that plan tomorrow. abc us here at we will continue to follow the story and keep you updated. is on your side with health matters. president obama is asking congress for emergency funding to help fight the zika virus. he wants more than $1.8 billion to prevent the virus from spreading in the u.s. the mood -- the money would be used for mosquito control and vaccines. the cdc says 50 americans have returned from traveling abroad
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infected with the zika virus. leon: coming up on thursday on abc 7, we spent nearly one third of our lives in bed. think about the quality of the mattress you are sleeping on in that time. foundl show you what we when we took a close look inside one. we were shocked what we found in this mattress test. do not miss it. alison: we are minutes away from the new hampshire primary. precinctsof three will cast their ballots at midnight. the candidates spent the day making their final pitches. the turnout is predicted to be record-breaking. bernie sanders is out in front of hillary clinton on the democratic side. donald trump still leading the polls in the crowded gop field. as we saw in iowa, anything can happen. scott is in new hampshire. he will bring you live updates throughout the day right here on abc 7. leon: we could be looking like
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new hampshire around here. steve: the latest models are coming in and they are trending not as wet and milder. that means the snow total is a little bit less. the kids are at home right now say no. i think the school districts are going to wait until the last minute possible to make that decision. tough call. glad i do not have to do it. take a look outside. high temperature of 46 degrees. remember last year? 68 degrees, a record high. my, how things can change. 39 at reagan national. still well above freezing. 39 in leesburg. 36 in frederick. that is where they have a winter storm warning now. temperatures still well above freezing at this hour. the colder air just off to the north d west of us. it is still in the upper 20's to
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lower 30's. coldest of the year. boston, 21 degrees right now. satellite and radar heading a little bit closer. you can see everything falling around the capital beltway. for the most part, it is just rain. d.c., over towards old town alexandria, nothing at all. a little further to the west, round hill looking at a few scattered areas of snow. light snow, not amounting to a whole lot. we will see things switch over as it moves to the overnight hours. rain, snow, rain, all because of the temperatures. 30-35 is the overnight low. accumulation to the north of d.c. with wind out of the east. we still have a winter weather now.ory in effect right it includes the district, southern montgomery, prince
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george's county, alexandria, and loudoun. howard, anne arundel, and frederick looking at a winter storm warning for the overnight hours and into early wednesday. i think that might cut out ahead of time. here is our futurecast. this is a pretty good job. light snow to the west of us. early tomorrow morning, school districts have to make the decision around 4:00. rain and snow off to the northwest. snow and rain for the d.c. metro . mainly rain for d.c. we will end with a little bit of a mixture. how much are we talking about? i think the lower side of things, 1-3 inches. maybe one or two inches for the district. highest amount well to the northeast. highs tomorrow will be in the 30's area well above freezing. let's fast-forward to valentine's day. it is going to be cold. only around 27 with a wake-up
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temperature of around 12 degrees. right. all well, we will see what happens tomorrow. thank you. leon: we will see what happens tonight. alison: good news and bad news for maryland's basketball program. details on the way. plus, the georgetown hoyas look to climb back into the win column.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> what a night for the hoyas. not only did georgetown snapped a three-day skid, but that rivera kid is pretty good, too. he moves into sixth place on georgetown's all-time scoring list. the hoyas moving the ball around a little bit. then they kick it back out to isaac copeland, who drains the three. 23 for him. georgetown ran away with this one. turns the corner and flies in for the slam. georgetown cruises past st. john's, 92-64. let's go to columbus, ohio. the maryland women taking on ohio state. steel-kimbrough gets the and cuts the lead to 3. that is as close as it would get. kelsey mitchell just dominated this one.
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ahead on the break, she gets the easy two. marilyn falls 94-86. randy wittman was asked by a gets theif john wall recognition he deserves nationally. it is an interesting question. someone made the argument that wall is not the biggest star in washington, possibly behind the popularity of ovechkin, bryce harper. but it seems the wizards star is recognized when it matters most. he did earn a spot on the all-star team. he was named the eastern conference player of the month for december. >> who determines that? .ou have got to go out and play you have got to go out and win. you want recognition? be a winner and play yourbutt off. that is how you get recognition. and john has gotten it.
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congratulations to maryland's men's best ball team. they are now ranked number two. leon: we like that. all right. coming up, must-see video. a leopard wanders into a school. where this happens and where it -- and what happened afterwards.
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leon: we have some dramatic surveillance footage. this is a leopard inside of a school. this happened in india yesterday. luckily, no students were in the building at the time. it was confronted by wildlife officials and it took officials 10 hours to corner him. six people were injured, but not seriously. so much for the dog ate my homework. alison: 10 hours? that is amazing. leon:
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alison: snow potential. steve: i don't think as much as we originally thought.
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but a winter weather advisory in effect right now until early wednesday for the d.c. metro area. winter storm warning off to the north and west of us. s maybe on the optimistic side. "good morning
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