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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this isgoing to bring colder air from the north. more picking up through the evening and nighttime hours. then it's finding out when they will form. at some point overnight it will start to snow. the metro will get one to three inch rainn't the farther north you go, it's below freezing. overnight tomorrow to possibility of three to six inches or more. confidence wise, five pays ahead of time we had confidence it would happen. this time around we don't have a lot of confidence in this. the weather models different solutions. the temperatures are important. this is a first go at it.
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we'll be with you all hour and get you up to date on what to expect with the snow in the overnight hours. leon: as you know this is snowing in new england. blizzard there is expected to bring up to a foot of snow. the maryland state highway administration getting out there to pretreat the roads on sundays. brad bell has a look at how the county is bracing for the weather moving in. how does it look out there? brad: they are getting ready. two of the biggest peals of equipment the -- piece of equipment they have. front and the side plow that will go out and it can do three lanes at time. look here. a line of dump trucks that are loaded with salt. a lot of people working hard.
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>> the maryland state highway administration yard is a busy place. the district engineer says crews are scrambling to recover from the blizzard. >> frying to get the equipment fixed, get the parts ordered to get the trucks serviced. >> troy wolf has been working on his yellow plow rig all day. >> you check the oil, the air pressure, getting ready to rock and roll. >> the plan is load up on the salt, get rest and hit the road when the rain turning to snow. rodriguez, the landscaper will do the same. we saw him preposition a tractor to clear a parking lot. he sees green. the ground turns white. >> we have to pay the bills. manager pruitt hopes his order
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of 20 wind child wiper fluid a -- windshield wiper fluid arrives in time. shawna lee is one of the customers who sees red when she looks at the forecast. >> i'm just tired of it. i want it to be over. >> back live, the biggest piece of the snow equipment they have in frederick. this truck is four-wheel drive and a hero of the blizzard. they used it where drifts have gone so high. nothing like that is expected tonight. the state highway administration is rested and ready to go. alison: thank you. meanwhile, the virginia department of transportation is also preparing for snow. crews treated the roads in fairfax, loudoun, and prince george's county with liquid brine. tonight 1450 trucks will be out on the interstate.
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main roads and the streets to keep them passible. they went in full deployment this morning. the d.c. bureau chief sam ford spoke to the people heading up the team today about the plans. whether he have a closer look at that coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00". metro will be running buses on a moderate snow plan tomorrow. tune in to "good morning washington" for the largest local team of the meteorologists in the morning. leon: prince george's county where a school aide facing a dozen count of child porn charges. they announced arrest of deonte carraway. roz plater is live at the headquarters and has deteals that were just -- details that were just released. what did you learn? roz: stunning details, leon,
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for the police and from the school officials. we are hearing that deonte carraway is a 22-year-old man from glenarden, maryland, who has been a school volunteer and worked worked with the rec r and aquatic center and a choir director there. this is what the police know so far. he is charged with child porn and child abuse. they believe there are ten known victims so far. nine and 13 years old and communicated them through the social media app kik. they collected 40 videos they said participating with the sex acts between the children under direction of carraway. they say they believe some of the videos were shot in the school day on school property. this all came to light thursday night when the uncle of a victim found a picture on
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the media -- social media app kik. they went to police and carraway was arrested on friday. here is what the police chief had to say about whether or not there are other victims out there. >> we do not believe there are other individuals involved. we do not believe there are other children victimized at this point. that is why we are coming to the community. >> indeed. he had worked at so many different places. they are coming to ask whether or not, for parents to talk to the children to see if he had involvement with the children. police say he has admitted to the involvement in this and is held on a $1 million bond. for now we are live in palmer park. i'm roz plater, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we have new information on the oily substance found floating in the potomac river. the coast guard updated us it's fuel order.
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the mystery is not vol everred here -- not solved here. jeff goldberg is at gravelly point with the latest. jeff? jeff: yeah, alison, the coast guard is saying it is fuel oil but they sent the substance to a lab in connecticut to determine what type of oil that could lead to the big answer everyone is looking for. where did it come from? this is gravelly point. you have the booms out here in the water to keep pollution in the potomac river. the sheens, the rainbow like sheens bubbling up. clear sign pollution is in the water. still no answer to the big question. how did it start? bubbling of oil and the flow of the rainbow sheens leave d.c. resident bobby shaking his head. >> it's terrible. takes away from the beauty of the area. >> at roaches run, verdicts take to the water to look at the storm drains in an effort to find a cause of the spill.
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>> across the way, coast guard collecting oil boom for testing. a fuel oil that spilled in the water system. >> we are actively looking for any possible source we can find. >> the teams checking the storm drain in crystal sofi. looking for sign of oil and not finding much. one site outside the dominion substation in crystal city where mineral oil spill took place january 24. dominion saying it has no evidence that the incident is connect told the current spill. >> i have not ruled out potential sources. >> wildlife experts continue to look for the animals impacted by the spill. 30 affected. 29 canada geese and a mallard. the birds receiving treatment and one goose died. despite the impact and the lingering questions. officials say the situation is
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under control. >> this is not a significant spill. rather minor. >> once the birds are rehabilitated it will be in the while. now the oil, a thin substance. not tangible but it is enough to be tested. the test happening in connecticut. we'll expect the results wednesday. >> alive but shaken. that is how a woodbridge family is feeling after escaping the home minutes before it plexed. it happened yesterday a few blocks away from the woodbridge middle school. >> if you talk about scary. this is a remarkable story.
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jonathan: they called and said there was a gas odor. they couldn't find the problem. yesterday the smell was so strong the neighbors called the fire department. crews arrived and they checked on maria rivera and her family. this is what she told jeanette reyes. >> my sister tells my mother leave right now. the crews came running upstairs and said we need to leave immediately. it will explode every minute. >> that is what firefighters told her. they were right. it exploded four minutes after she left the house. all washington gas is saying is that they are investigating. we will let you know when we learn more about what happened at the home. in the newsroom, i'm john john gonzalez -- jonathan elias, back to you.
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alison: thank you. coming up at 5:00 -- making a commitment. look at what president obama is calling for as zika virus spreads. >> stabbed to immigrants for no apparent reason. leon: talk about the rough seas. we tell you what happens. >> behind the scene look at bei bei at the national zoo. >> behind the scene look at bei bei at the national zoo. i'm suzanne kennedy
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alison: the edge of columbia heights and adams morgan and stephen tschida is live on the team in mobile track 7. stephen: yeah, allison, but just got here in mobile track 7. we have investigators here on ueclid. we are at 17th. this is what we understand went down very near that clinic. we understand just before 4:00 someone was stabbed. seriously injured. but still alive breathing
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conscious as they rush the individual to the hospital. last seen fleeing the scene were three individuals, three men with a white backpack. investigators are trying to track them down. very active scene. that is the latest from the location. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: some residents want to know what will be answered. it's going to start in an hour a block away from the minnesota avenue metro. alison: we have seen picture since he was born but today abc7 wentbehind the scenes with none other than bei bei.
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>> as the mom hustled outside it took enticing with the sweet potatoes to get the 28-pound black and white bear to join her. >> this the the aproned the area they bring the pandas out. bei bei is climbing a tree, enjoying his second time outside. today's adventure included an attempt to climb a tree. he got up but like a small child needed his mothers help to make his way down. charlene comes to see them every day. today was a special day. >> i turn on the panda cam in the car. oh, my gosh, he's out.
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i park and i ran in the panda house. there he was. >> the animalkeeper describe bei bei as bold and inquisitive with a special bond with his mother. >> wants to know where she is. doesn't venture too far from mom. unlike bao bao who had more space between her and mom a lot of the time. >> four years from being full screen, bei bei will change and capture the heart of the animal loves every step of the way. at the national zoo. suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: she said it's typical boy. goes money the tree and gets stung, gets down and goes right back up. same spot. she got to spend an hour there with the panda. we have a lot more of that video from her visit. at alison: she said it was a fun morning. you want to let him but you
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can't. leon: besides he will rip your lungs out. alison: eventually. doug: bottom line, the last storm, the big one from a couple of weeks ago we spotted that. spotted five or six days ahead of time. this is far from it. a garden variety storm. the temperature is critical. where the storms form is critical. that will determine who gets snow or rain. this is a time lapse. from montgomery county. 41 degrees. there was sunshine for a while. beautiful day. we are getting rain in a couple of spots. this area in pink, anne arundel, howard. upper montgomery and frederick along the mason dixon line.
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heavy snow is likely. the area in purpose are the winter weather advisories. less snow and impact. if with get snow in the rush hour that is what we are dealing with in the morning. this is still mild. looking at the live doppler, the area of rain are larger. some of it evaporatessal but it will moisten the air more and more. rain coming tonight. rain and falling temperatures in the 30's. the big event is overnight when a large diffuse area of the low pressure comes overhead. once that happens the circulation will start to turn the winds north.
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the winds are out of the east. surface winds. we don't have much luck with the snow and the easterly winds. that will change. then it's how much. when will it start and when will the impact be? rain will mix to snow and turn to snow after midnight. the future cast gives us an idea how it looking on the map. the green is affecting the rain. the overnight, the colder air turns to snow. we go to 5:00, the area of snow and transition line. getting through the day more snow and a heavier band may show up. it will expand to the northeast. one to three inches is the
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rule. three to six plus. somewhere is a sweet spot that eight or nine inches and it could be baltimore or bel air, in this area. the temperatures are important. we think there will be school closings and delay. we'll watch this as it develops. later tonight steve rudin will have fresh models in case the warnings or the advisories change. after the storm is out of here and the gusty winds pick up on wednesday look how cold it gets for the end to t ween and the weekend. a bitter blast of air. sunday upper 20 for highs. sunday morning morning in the sy balance areas it could be five or six degrees. alison: a cold valentine's day. everybody will be cuddling. doug: isn't that sweet? alison: so sweet. i'm so romantic.
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leon: that is what she said. now is a great time to sign up for school closing text alert. sane up to get notification on your phone. alison: speaking of romantic, do you know the four c's? we take the diamond text up next.
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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alison:ed "7 on your "7 on youro make sure you get the best information when it comes to jewelry. horace holmes has a look at the diamond test. horace: we took a diamond owned by a news staffer with the hidden cameras to several jewelry stores. we went to pawnshops in the d.c. area to see how their experts would evaluate the stone. with the diamonds, it's all about the four c's. clarity, color, cut, carat. that is the weight. that is how you determine value. question got vastly different opinions so beware where you shop. >> someone buys a pair of diamond earrings and they think the carat, they paid $5,000 and they were cubic zirconia to dimestore costume jewelry. i have seen it all.
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it's sad. horace: how do you protect yourself from making a costly mistake? we tell you tonight. watch the story on abc7 news at 11:00. on the facebook page we have a diamond quiz for you that has been up all day long. we are asking you to guess. it's multiple choice. no trick questions. which is more expensive? we will have answers for you in ten minutes. take a look. go to the facebook page. we'll give you answers. alison: okay. leon: it's always ask her. ask her. it's which one is the biggest? alison: not always. it has to be clear and brilliant and beautiful. leon: you don't care about any of that. you just want to see how big of it and how many girlfriends will go ohh! stop. you know it. alison: i am looking forward to seeing the story. leon: i bet. word of advice, for valentine's day call horace. horace: don't call me!
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[laughter] coming up at 5:00, fighting zika. look at president bush pushing forward to fight the spread of the virus. alison: storm watch 7 team tracking the snow. there they are working hard. we'll have the latest estimates on when it will arrive and how much will fall when we come back. leon: plus, more winter weather on the doorstep. to today the nationals packed up the truck to head to florida for spring training. spring can't be far behind.
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leon: abc7 is on storm watch with the live look outside. clouds making their way to the area. they will bring rain and snow with them. steve rudin has a check of the winter weather. steve: a quick update on the temperatures. no need to worry about anything freezing. leesburg is 45. manassas is 45. 44 in fredericksburg. give you the latest on the winter storm warning. areas in pink. if your travel plans take you to philadelphia moving through the daytime hours tomorrow expect delays. but capital beltway, the areas in purple, under a winter
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weather advisory. how much snow are we talking about? well, potential for accumulating snow. north of d.c. especially around the mason-dixon line. from d.c. metro, inch to three. is. further south to fredericksburg to stafford, you will look for hardly anything at all. doug hill will update you on the forecast. stay with us. more coming up. leon: steve, don't mean to bring back the bad memories but a storm caught us off-guard last month. traffic still at a standstill at dulles toll road for seven hours last month. remember that? wednesday night storm. a.a.a. says make sure you have windshield wiper fluid, flashlight and batteries and blankets and clothing in the car. bag of salt or coarse
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material. got update from the and facebook and twitter feed. download it for smartphone and the tablet. alison: now a developing story. take a look at this. after a royal caribbean cruise ship caught in a storm. anthem of the seas had hurricane forced winds. in taiwan, there was a
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powerful earthquake. and a girl was rescue monday from high-rise apartment building. 6.4-magnitude quake hit saturday. we checked checked with the elie search and rescue team but it has not been called so far to the disaster area. leon: "7 on your side" now with the health matters. today president obama turned to congress for help to fight zika virus before the mosquitoes spread it across the u.s. michelle: president obama wants $1.8 billion to fight against zika. >> the mosquito that spreads the zika virus is aggressive daytime fighter. it's lived outside and inside the home. michelle: speaking of the white house press briefing the centers from the disease control and prevention says the spread of vick won't change most people day-to-day
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lives. but focus is projecting the pregnant woman after link from zika and the severe birth defects. >> we could say we're in the phase i trial by the end of the summer. >> right now the zika spread to 29 countries. mostly in south and central america. alison: thank you. covering melt row with a look at inside metro operation center. brianne carter will take us inside the transit agency surveillance hub. >> this is the epicenter for
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security. metro police monitoring the cameras inside and outside the station. >> real-time capability. >> the cameras were beneficial last month when the man was assaulted at the gallery play station. i showed a group of teens involved hopped back on a train. melt row transit police used that information to catch up with the group a few stops down on the redline. >> they can use the cameras to keep an eye on the statio but they can zoom in to capture detailed information. >> zoom a camera and zoom in. zoom in on the sikhers to identify person of interest. >> they can verify the camera in the call center in the same
5:36 pm
room. last week a text came in for suspicious activity and the camera was called up and it turned out to be someone handing out the flyers. so if you get away with something on metro. think again. >> it's rare. there is no place in the public. >> in hyattsville, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: "7 on your side" when it comes to the four c's. ten minutes ago troubleshooter horace holmes gave us a quiz now we talk about buying the diamonds. he is back with a look at the answers. horace: the biggest one and the shiniest one is the most expensive. not necessarily so. here are the answers. quiz number one. the answer is "a," on the left. quiz number two, guesses? >> you're right. >> quiz three?
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answer is b. watch us tonight on 11:00. interesting story. leon: just sent horace to the store for you. >> i can do what! alison: thank you. leon: all right. show you how 7 is on your side. call the team. alison: still to come at 5:00. >> this make us realize how lucky we are. >> the girl high school basketball team partnered up with the special olympics. how they are building the life-long friendships.
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>> a fistfight got hot and heavy when this guy pulled out a knife. can you now pull him out of the shadows? the wall of justice is next. leon: a green war. new orders from the pentagon for the commanders to combat climate change. alison: a look at what is coming up on abc7 --
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steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin. saturday we are talking about the temperatures in the lower 30's. look at valentine's day on sunday. upper 20's with a nice amount of sunshine. doug hill will have an update on the winter storm warning. "abc7 news at
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jennifer: i'm jennifer donelan. police need your help. we are kicking things off in prince william county.
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they are adding edwin goodwin to the wall after he brought a knife to the fistfight. he joins martinez in prince william county. police say he robbed people at gunpoint. moving to d.c. the detectives need help to find lawrence jennings who is wanted for credit card fraud in multiple jurisdictions. in arlington county, police want stephen thompson to turn himself in, in a domestic violence case. the same for julio who is wanted for assault a family member. the spotlight is on stephen thompson. arlington county police tell "7 on your side" he has an active warrant out for his arrest. may 11, 2015, police say thompson broke in his then-girlfriend apparent and salted her while e -- assaulted her while she was holding her child. he has a tattoo on the neck that says latoya. >> for the safety of her and the child in this case we want him in custody.
5:43 pm
>> thompson is 34, 5'9", 210 pounds, black hair and brown eyes wanted for playry and assault -- burglary and assault and battery. police want to put him behind bars. >> if you have information, call the arlington county police. see you next week with the fighting back wall of justice. i'm jennifer donelan. leon: breaking news to come in newsroom. 23-year-old takoma park police officer arrested after a fight at a d.c. club. charged with misdemeanor assault on a police officer. been with the police since 2014
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alison: breaking news from campaign trail where michael bloomberg announced he might launch an independent bid for president. bloomberg tems the "financial times" that the current campaign is an insult to the voters. he was a democrat before becoming a republican to run for mayor 15 years ago. we'll keep you posted on his plans.
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meanwhile the first votes in new hampshire will be cast in seven hours. the latest cnn polls shows clinton trailing bernie sanders. hillary clinton, by 14 points. on the republican side that same poll gives donald trump a commanding lead. only 30% in the granite state say they are undecided. chief political correspondent scott thuman is there in new hampshire for the primary. his live reports will begin tomorrow at 4:00. leon: we have a break to report in the case of a shooting of two d.c. public school administrators. after two-week long search, the d.c. police have a suspect in custody. stephen tschida picks up the story for us. stephen: it went down in d.c. january 25. a man and a woman both d.c. public high school administrators were sitting in a car. police believe the 23-year-old justin headspeth opened fire on the pair. both suffered severe injuries and were rushed to the
5:48 pm
hospital. investigators quickly focused on headspeth. no details emergedded as why they went after him. he eluded them for days. then he walked in the third district station and taken into custody and charged with assault with intent to kill. details about the alleged moment and what happened prior to the shooting are likely to emerge when headspeth appears in court. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: time for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan is here on the traffic watch tonight. jamie: slow one. 56 outbound from the capital beltway to make you under 25 minutes. live shot of 95 if you head south working. we are okay. continuing further south a live look near the occoquan will show you that we have
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brake lights. this comes tow triangle. moving back to the maps. if you are traveling in the area of d.c., the police activity in northwest d.c. eastbound euclid is closed between 17 and 16. the best alternate is columbia road. heads up, work tonight that is happening on the outer loop of the beltway at the 270 spur. they will block four center lanes. two lanes on either side will be available. this is scheduled to wrap up in time for the morning commute. leon: coming up at 6:00, government audit turns up problems with the contract for moving the cars for the military families. also at 6:00 -- >> the school of medicine body donor program will no longer accept new donations because some remains have been
5:50 pm
misidentified. leon: what is peyton manning planning now that he has a second super bowl ring? that's ahead at 6:00. alison: before we move on, let's check the weather one more time. doug: the winter storm areas in pink are probably four to six inches or so. baltimore through cecil county and the northern delaware. that is the estimate. in purple, a huge area that is under winter weather advisory one to three inches of snow. 45 in reagan national airport.
5:51 pm
the rain in the area getting results and we expect this to hit in a few hours. there is a large area of pressure across ohio and kentucky. that will bring us colder air. a lot of the metro is grassy accumulation. then it will turn breezy. we will stay in 30's. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, mohammad. su sur been a morning -- the suburban morning on
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valentine's day could have chilly temperatures. erin has hoops, too. erin: if you think of the high school girls basketball program oakton is one of the best. winners on and off the court. scott abraham shows us how a lady on the team goes above and beyond. scott: for eight years they have been involved in the special olympics. >> it has been great. we get as much out of it as they do. scott: junior forward delaney connelly embraced the experience. the smiles on their face say it all. >> there we go. >> wheelchair bound students joshua and david segula worked on their game. >> keep going. all right. you okay with that, dude? >> with the new buddy. >> how to play defense is, yeah. i can do some threes and twos.
5:53 pm
>> it is hard to ignore the bond. >> this is a two-way street. they are her biggest fan. >> they blew out the other team big-time. >> they are linked forever. >> it puts your life in perspective. >> creating lifelong memories on and off the court. scott abraham, abc7 sports. erin: they work with about 36 special needs students in the season. alison: that is great. erin: i love the story. good work by scott. >> yeah! alison: thanks. leon: one more note. tune in to "good morning washington" tomorrow for a chance to win the connects and
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see live with kelly and michael after the oscar show. that is on the same stage as the oscars. after the award show ends. watch to find out when to call in. we'll announce the winner monday. kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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s alison: new developments on a man attacked. the man responsible asked for leniency blaming the near fatal actions on illegal drug. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has the story. >> 6:00 a.m., december 2014. two hispanic immigrants waited at the rockville metro station bus stop. on the way to an english language class. moments later, reginald cooper stabbed both with a knife.
5:58 pm
boystanders ran -- bystanders ran to the ride-on bus. you can hear the pleas for help. >> this is the worst case scenario. innocent people standing in a metro. attacked by a man they don't know for reasons they could not fathom. >> investigators pulled this surveillance video from the rockville metro station and spotted cooper walking off, wearing a jacket and caps. >> as soon as we downloaded the video we knew who we were looking for. we just had to lay hands on him. >> today cooper asked for mercy. blaming the near murderous action on the illegal drug p.c.p. but the judge cult the sympathy cord. 60 years in prison. >> he may have asked for additional drug treatment. but if you go back through history it is clear many judges and people give him an opportunity to turn himself around. at some point in time we have to protect the public. >> prosecutors say both
5:59 pm
victims have recovered from the injuries. as for reginald cooper he won't be eligible for parol until 2066 when he is 89 years old. in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: that is it for 5:00. here is what is coming up at 6:00, we're following breaking news out of prince george's county where police arrested a local school volunteer on child pornography charges. >> we are tracking a winter storm as it works its way to the area. the timing of it and the snow totals expected ahead. update on a "7 on your side" i-team investigation. results of an audit on a company entrusted with the service members vehicle and the government's role in all of this. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is a storm watch 7 winter weather alert. leon: here we go again. winter storm pushing in the washington area tonight.
6:00 pm
maureen: chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking the storm and the snow totals. doug: we are looking for rain in area. once the storm takes shape tonight and tomorrow, off the midatlantic coast. then we will get a transition to snow. winter storm warning posted tonight and in the evening. areas in pink. north and east of maryland, northern maryland, the metro washington area points west under the winter weather advisory. less snow and impact. temperatures above freezing. they stay above freezing in the everything. low to mid-40's. 43 at reagan national. on the radar here comes the rain. we will have the period of rain. this isn't the storm that is raining or snowing every minute. it will come in batches. period of rain and snow later on. the first batch of rain, there is more batches to come. as i said overnight the storm center off the coast will spin a bit, it will drag in the colder air from the north to see transition from r


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