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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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accumulations are mostly north of the metro area. temperatures are ranging 30 to 35 degrees. so while some snow may accumulate on grassy areas and the like, one to two inches in metro. heavier to the north. the temperatures will be critical. again with this system, once it forms the threat of the heaviest snow is north of the metro area. all afternoon long, steve rudin and i will have more on what to expect with old man winter snow headed our way. jonathan: stay with us on all platforms to get updates as the latest day -- data coming in the newsroom. our weather team will participate in a live chat on facebook today at 5:00. you can get your questions answered behind the scenes. now breaking news from prince george's county where police arrested an elementary school aide as part of a child pornography investigation.
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alison starling is in the newsroom with the latest about what we know about the case. alison: we are getting new information about this. here is what we do know so far. police have 22-year-old deonte carraway in custody. he is from glenarden. he was an elementary school aide and a vol tier. d a volunteer. he is also associated with a community choir. he is charged with four counts of child pornography. we are chopper 7 is over glenarden where carraway was an aide. the school system says he is no longer employed there. prince george's county police will hold a news conference in 30 minutes. they will talk about the case. they are calling this a wide ranging child pornography investigation. we will bring you the news conference live. stay with us. in the newsroom, alison starling, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks very much. if you have been along the potomac and you have seen the water there is a sheen on it. the orange things are booms trying to catch all that
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stuff. we know what is seening in the potomac river. where is -- seeping in the potomac river. jeff has more. jeff: this is a fuel over. what, they don't. this is gravelly point. the big oil booms. not only to keep the oil-like substance going into the potomac river but to try to collect some of the oil to try to determine exactly what it is. this is the waterway for roaches run. by reagan airport. look at the video from earlier today.
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also the coast guard teams are collecting the oil boom to take to the lab for testing. this is a fine substance. they can't collect a lot of it. it's also disintegratedded by the weathering. once they find out what is in the water they can better determine where the oil came from. that does remain the big question. >> we don't have an answer right now. we are continuing the investigation. we really want to wait for the sample to come back for all of them to come back. to get a further determination. jeff: the oily substance, the rainbow substance in the water. it has stopped leaking we are told by the coast guard. they expect results on wednesday for more information. a big impact on wildlife. 30 birds impacted. 29 canada geese. one mallard. one of the geese has died.
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coming up at 5:00. we will look at what is happening with the wildlife and the birds that have been impacted. what the coast guard is doing on the street of arlington to try to understand how it started. until then in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. following this story closely. to see jeff's reporting on the potomac spill go to search "potomac oil." you can see the evolution of the story from the beginning last week when the substance was first spotted. "7 on your side" with health matters. president obama is requesting $1.8 billion to combat the zika virus. it would be used here and abroad for zika control and work on vaccine. it's mainly spread by mosquitoes and linked to birth defects in the babies of infected women. 50 americans returned to u.s. infected. jonathan: a fight in annapolis
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ended with a man being arrested for biting a woman. police say justin brown bit off the tip of the woman's left ring finger when they were called to main street for a fight. the woman we are told was trying to break the fight up. brown has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct. he is out of jail after posting bond. michelle: gone in an instant. woodbridge home explodes in minutes after a family evacuated after smelling gas. it happened franklin street and long view drive, just a few blocks from woodbridge middle school. in an interview you will see only on 7 the people that escaped with their lives called for help twice before the explosion. nearly 24 hours later the utility crews still here on scene trying to find this gas leak. meanwhile, washington gas officials remaining tight-lipped about the ongoing investigation. the rivera family is still shaken after the explosion in
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the woodbridge home sunday afternoon from a gas leak. mirria gets emotional -- maria gets emotional as she shares the terrifying moments leading up to the incident. "my sister tells my mother , 'leave right now .' the crews came up and said, "we need to leave immediately. it will explode any minute.'" this happened yesterday afternoon and the local fire department responded to a call about gas leak outside the home on franklin street. they discovered the gas seeping in the basement and everyone evacuated minute before the explosions. "we saw when it all trembled and exploded. we were in a panic." the rivera family is in shock and also frustrated. the explosion came days after several calls from neighbors about the smell of gas. in fact, washington gas crews were out wednesday and friday checking it out. they reassured everyone that
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everything was okay and promised to come out again today. >> how do we know this is not going to happen, especially when they assured us everything was fine when everything was not fine? >> we talked to an official with washington gas. he would not talk on camera and wouldn't say what is known about the incident in an ongoing investigation or if there is concern about how long it has taken to find the leak. >> what about the homes that have gas in it? what could happen to their homes? how do we know whatever they are doing is safe? jeanette: reporting in woodbridge, jeanette reyes, abc7 news. jonathan: almost two weeks after someone shot administrators from two different schools now an arrest has been made. the administrators from roosevelt high and ballou high school were seriously hurt in the high school on eaton road. they arrested justin headspeth who is now charged with assault with the intent to kill. police are not releasing the motive. michelle: police say he stabbed his elderly mother to death and set fire to asen
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hill home. today in court, a bombshell after prosecutors dropped the first-degree murder against him. only on 7, montgomery county reporter kevin lewis explains what changed now 18 months later. kevin: from the get-go, investigators and neighbors thought he murdered his 82-year-old mother and burned down her house. >> this was a tragic accident. kevin:s but hi siblings remained by his side. >> i knew in my heart there was something that didn't add up. kevin: police arrested the 58-year-old who long struggled in dug abuse within hours of the fatal fire. he has been in jail awaiting trial ever since. today in court the prosecutors agrewed that the woman wasn't -- revealed the woman was cut by glass. the fire was ruled accidental. prosecutors say she took a
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prescription cocktail, lit a cigarette and fell asleep in the basement and halim was strong -- wrongly accused. >> the police have a job to do. they are on to the next case. for whatever reason, they did get it wrong. >> the siblings admit their brother bears some responsibility but stress his actions were an accident. >> with due diligence, proper investigation, proper handing of the evidence or lack thereof, it proves this ended up to be something it wasn't. kevin: in march a judge will sentence him not for murder but reckless endangerment, lighter charge with maximum of five years in prison. i'm kevin lewis. jonathan: today is a key deadline for virginia voters. you must be registered to vote by the end of today to vote in the super tuesday primary. two ways to do it. to get the application
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postmark by the end of the day or hand deliver it to the by the close of virginia today. primary is march 1. michelle: in new hampshire voters head to the poll for the primary. in the latest polls trump doubled support of his nearest competitor. on the democratic side it's senator bernie sanders holding on to a significant lead over hillary clinton. sanders is up 54-40. but clinton has been closing the gap since the debate last week. our political correspondent scott thuman is on the ground and he will have updates throughout the day. that's on abc7. michelle: still next at 4:00 -- looking for a valentine's day gift? if you are thinking about diamond, don't miss the next story. "7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes has an expert in the house today to answer your questions. so you don't get duped. jonathan: also still ahead for us. chipotle closes the door in
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the lunch rush here and across the country. we'll let you know why and how the competitors hope to cash in on this. michelle: later, 4:45, get as close to bei bei as you have ever been. we'll take you inside the den to see the most popular panda.
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jonathan: there are some out there that will give or get a diamond as part of a valentine's day celebration. michelle: a question is how do you know when you put down money for the shiny stone that you are actually getting what you paid for? "7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes joins us now. that is the question you set out to answer. horace: absolutely. we thought it was a good question. "7 on your side" went undercover to get the answers. we took a diamond owned by a staffer with a hidden camera to several jewelry stores and pawnshops in the d.c. area. we asked for evaluation of the diamonds. they're valued on what the industry calls the four c's. color, cut, clarity and karat. we got different answers. >> few hundred dollars. >> retail it's worth $3,000. horace: it's not just the
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jewelers, the jewelry stores. you can take it to several labs labs that test the diamonds, give you reports on them. you can likely get different evaluations. tonight at 11:00 we will give you tips how to buy the right rock. right now we're joined by registered gemologist and jeweler who is with us all day long. we pulled out a few questions to answer on air. leslie, lets get to it. first from naomi. she would like -- noemi. she would like to know how do we know if we are getting the correct karat -- carat weight that we pay for? >> if you see it loose and you select it, it can be put on a scale. then you look at the identifying characteristics to know it's your diamond.
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you will know it's your diamond that is set in that ring. horace: laurie asks how can a consumer determine what a fair price is to pay for their diamond? >> well, that is complicated. the market drives the pricing. most diamonds are sold at the fair market price. diamonds are very discounted it just means they were inflated so they could be discounted to be sold at the price. work with someone you trust, have them educate you about the diamond. then do your homework. shop around and make sure you are getting the best value. horace: that could be the most important thing. do you homework. what is the most expensive shape and color? >> the most expensive shape and color round brilliant. they come in different shapes but a round diamond can only
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be round. is it the most expensive shape, popular shape. nothing sparkles like a round brilliant. horace: thank you for being with us all day long. go to the or the facebook page to take the diamond test quiz. there are the questions right there. it's multiple choice. a or b. have a little fun with it. we will have the answers coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". wjla facebook page or jonathan: thank you. new audit flames problem with oversight for the contractor that moved cars for military families when they are transferred. millions were overpaid to the company that left the families waiting weeks or months to get the cars back. the problem is exposed by the "7 on your side" i-team two years ago prompting action. >> the good news is that you are investigating reporting and the office has seen the
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delivery level get back up to almost 98%. jonathan: at 6:00, the bad news. how much money the report claims was overpaid. and why the military might not be able to get their hands back on that money. remember, if you need help from "7 on your side," giv us a call. go to the hotline. 866-236-3401. or send an e-mail to we would love to help you out. michelle: start of the workweek. let's check in with jamie sullivan for a look at traffic. how is it going? jamie: we are seeing slowing. when it started at virginia, 66 heading outbound. you can get a good idea of the westbound traffic compared to how fast everyone is. heading to the capital beltway. this is near 123. moving to the map, let's talk about how slow we are on 66. some spots you drop to 20's and get in the teens approaching 50. coming in to alexandria is an accident. the police are on scene with a
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d.u.i. investigation. duke street is closed from south alfred and columbia street. all lanes are blocked. the bigger picture on the capital beltway, mostly green in prince george's county. inner loan on the northwest corner of the meltway is slow. focus in on this stretch. overnight tonight four out of the six lanes will close if you approach the 270 spur. there is work done at bradley boulevard. starts at 9:00ment wrap -- at 9:00. wrap up for the morning commute. michelle: thank you. a tractor-trailer headed south on i-95. that is a better sign of spring than a groundhog, many would say. they loaded the nationals' equipment in tractor-trailer. next stop spring training in florida. among equipment, 17,000 baseballs, 600 bat, pitching machines and warmup jackets. the pitchers and the catchers
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report in ten days. jonathan: i was just thinking that this morning after the super bowl. now all we need is baseball to start. doug: they can have it. palm trees, blue skies, sunshine. we have snow. no comparison. jonathan: that's special. doug: we have an opportunity for some of the areas to get snow. this is nothing like the blizzard. but north of town, enough snow to cause headaches here. let's get started with a time lapse for the nationals park as they were loading up to head south. this is what the sky looked like. sunshine disappeared. cloudiness increase across the city all day long. a diffused area west. it will eventually develop in a coastal storm tonight and tomorrow. it's 45 at the nationals park. across the area it's mid-40's. the air is mild here.
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the air is dry. nighttime the precipitation will start and temperatures will fall. that is the key. how low will they go tonight and staying tomorrow? it can snow at 38, 40, 42 degrees but it won't accumulate. that is the rub. this appears the best chance for accumulating snow is the area in pink. this is a winter storm warning in effect late tonight. the d.c. metro area and west and north from there under the winter weather advisory to be a lesser amount and a mix. we are picking up batches on radar. some reaching the ground. fair amount of it is suspended in the cloud. this is the real deal rain to come in. as the storm is formed up tonight. we'll change the wind direction around and see the rain mix and change to the snow in the overnight hours. different models have different speeds. enough cold air will come in. a mix south and east of town. farther south and east in future cast shows rain.
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there could be additional heavier snow tomorrow afternoon before it kicks out. so what we expect, one to three inches is the forecast across 24 area. metro area included. a lot of the grassy areas. three to. is plus farther north. it will to no snow farther south and east you go. look at the weather pattern. the vortex will pay us a it have. we'll have the highs in the lower 30's to the upper 20's. chilly. down to 12 on valentine's day morning. jonathan: polar vortex sounds ominous. michelle: that is all we need to get us shivering. doug: cheaper than candy. michelle: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- sailing through the storm. massive cruise ship. and its passengers tossed around in the rough seas. >> with chipotle closing the doors in today's lunc hour
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another busy is cashing in. i'm amy aubert. i will have that
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jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. chipotle is back open this afternoon afternoon it shut the doors in the lunch rush to address food safety with the employees. amy aubert shows us that other restaurants hope to cash in on the closure.
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amy: workers at freshy are cashing in. they promise themselves the healthy option. monday they slashed the price in half for mexican-inspired menu items. >> that is what the corporate decided. let's do something to bring people in. and make the awareness of the brand. amy: awareness on afternoon that the chipotle customers were out of luck. >> coming around like than. it's packed -- like noon. it was packed. amy: the doors are locked and a sign out front reads "b.r.b. we are closed for lunch to attend a meeting with other chipotle employees." they announcednnounced the closo thank the employees for implementing the food safety program and go over the steps they have taken to make the food safer than ever. the perfect time for others to step up. >> it's a grilling technique like now to express awareness.
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amy: freshi isn't alone. others had buy one, get one free burrito and free chips and salsa on monday. some customers feel for chipotle calling the tactics cut-throat. >> i know these things will come around. you wouldn't wish a crisis on anybody. >> for freshi, an opportunity to keep customers rolling in. while a neighboring business sits empty. amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: coming up at 4:00, sailing through the storm. passengers open up about a wild ride aboard a cruise ship through the system bringing a blizzard to parts of new england. doug: winter storm warning are up in preparation for rain and snow headed this way. i have the forecast. jonathan: we are standing by for a news conference. prince george's county police are expected to give more information about a child porn arrest involving a 22-year-old teacher's aid. we'll have it for you
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jonathan: we are bracing for another storm. how much stuff do you need to stock up at the grocery store? michelle: it's not as serious as the blizzard we saw but we know it only takes a little bit to cause chaos. doug: metro area, especially, the temperatures are warm. a lot of the roadways are wet. but if you go farther north of the metro d.c. it's a different ballgame. scoot to the wall to show what
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will happen. we have a lovely color of pink. this is late tonight and anne arundel and howard county, montgomery, east through delaware and jersey and beyond. the purplish color indicates a winter weather advisory. by that, less snow and impact. that's what we are charting for you in the afternoon and the evening hours. it's mid-40's across the board. colder to the bay and the eastern shore. mid-40's through most of the region. ref starting to pick up traces of rain. some of this is reaching the ground across the northern neck. as we goal to the evening hours -- as we get to the evening hours it will saturate with the moisture. precipitation will reach the ground and form the rain. temperatures overhead are too warm for snow. the element that is elongated to move overhead and initiate
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surface form. that will organize and turn the winds and bring colder air in. we will see transition from rain to snow. not everybody gets snow. farther south and east it's all rain. we have an area of rain and mix and one to three inches through the area to the bay. the heaviest amount is three to six inches plus. there could be jackpot somewhere. the storm hasn't formed. if the storm forms in a slightly different place than we think, the bands may have to do one of these numbers. the best we can do. the computer models show metro will get off relatively easily and north will be a different story. the forecast tomorrow, snow or snow mixed with rain. the temperatures should remain above freezing in most places. clear it out wednesday and be breezy. bitterly cold. highs for thursday, friday,
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saturday, sunday. cold. below average. nighttime lows are frigid. for the most part it's dry and feel like the dead of winter, which it is. back to you. jonathan: thank you very much. as we follow the set up of the storm, we seem to be getting many events, this is a northwest that they could see the most significant impact. michelle: maryland bureau chief brad bell in frederick where the storm prep is underway. brad: the crews trying to beat the equipment to shape after the blizzard. the salt spreader was bent. the plow needing attention. troy wolf spending the day getting his plow truck ready for tonight. after getting the post blizzard rest he is ready to go. most major roads have been retreated. maryland state high school
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administration district engineer said the salt and the plow trucks will hit the road later tonight. >> not a lot of snow. i will fall over a long period of time. but the problem is it's falling during rush hour. we will be out there ahead of time trying to get the salt on the road to make it passible. slow and steady will win the race. >> in maryland, they have plenty of salt. they started the year with 380,000 tons of salt on hand. during the blizzard they only used 50,000 tons. they expect to use more salt tonight. you can see they are in good shape. they are not promising the perfect roads in the morning. take it slow and careful. in frederick, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: remind you to sign up for the school closings. text alerts online at you will get real time updates on which schools are delayed
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or closed sent straight from the newsroom to your phone. reminder we will have the updates on "good morning washington" which will start early tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. it was supposed to be a fun cruise vacation but everything changed when the royal caribbean ship got caught in rough water. giant wave tossing everything inside including the passengers. it's headed back to new jersey. is there look at the damage done and the video showing anything not nailed down sliding off tables. these are some of the images the passengers posted on twitter. >> the amount that things were skipping around a room was frightening. while aboard royal caribbean anthem of the sea, caught in the hurricane forced winds off the carolina coast. some passengers report the ship lifting at 45 degrees. >> you look out the windows
4:36 pm
and it looked like the height of our balcony and we are on the seventh deck. i don't know how much of it is height of the waves or how much was us tipped over. >> greg is one of the 4,000 people ordered to remain in the cabins for hours. leanna is another tweeting from the ship. >> trapped in the rooms. we can't leave. >> the ship left new jersey on saturday for a seven-day cruise to the bahamas. despite the scare, the original plan was to continue to florida and duck in port canaveral on monday. but based on the weather forecast officials had a change of heart and decided to sail back to new jersey. according to officials no one was seriously hurt. but to make up for what they enduredded royal caribbean sending each passenger home with a full refund. half off certificate for the future cruises. in new york, i'm elizabeth hur. jonathan: gasoline prices fall in d.c., maryland and virginia
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but still above the average. that is $1.7 4 a gallon. triple-a, mid-atlantic reports the average price is $2.02. $1.781 in maryland. va's, 1.6 -- in virginia it's $1.62. michelle: ashland citizens express concer about plan for high-speed rail between richmond and washington. residents worry about the safety. property values and the local economy. the plan calls for additional track alongside two rails that cut through the downtown ashland. one of three options the virginia rail and transportation review for high-speed rail. jonathan: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- michael and son hope the super bowl ad was a knockout. that's coming up. michelle: love can come about. we go one-on-one with the
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bachelor. preview the big show. ben's search for love and why you can't miss the show. jonathan: we are standing by for a news conference. prince george's county police are expected to give us information want a child porn arrest involving a 22-year-old's teacher aide. we'll take you there live. 2 good afternoon. on friday our detectives arrested 22-year-old deonte carraway of the 7900 of glenarden parkway in glenarden. he is an elementary school volunteer and a community choir director and he is now charged with producing child pornography and child sex abuse. we are in the ea stages of what could be a month-long investigation but what we know right now is there are ten
4:39 pm
victims who range in age from 9 to 13 years old. we believe carraway targeted the young victims vaned owe taped the vile -- videotaped vile sexual acts between minors during the school day on school grounds at the elementary school in glenarden. in addition to the elementary school, police believe sex abuse and child porn videos produced at the glenarden municipal center, the teresa banks memorial aquatic center and inside private homes. carraway was a paid assistant at the elementary school in the 2014, 2015 school year. he was a volunteer teacher's assistant in the current school year. carraway was also the director for the glenarden voices of youth choir. on thursday, a victim's relative discovered a nude
4:40 pm
photo on the cell phone of a elementary school student. the photo had been electronically sent to carraway through the kik messenger app. carraway was arrested the next day. so far they uncovered p 40 video showing the young victims performing sexual acts on each other or alone at the direction of carraway. they also believe carraway sexually abused some of the victims. the suspect is charged with ten counts of producing child pornography, sexual abuse of a minor and second-degree sexual offense. additional charges are likely. carraway has admitted his involvement in the manufacturing and the production of child pornography. i will bring up the interim chief to describe in more detail the scope of the investigation. and what the police department
4:41 pm
is doing at this time. additionally, how parents can get in touch with our department. chief? chief: thank you, julie. good afternoon. i'm deeply saddened to come to the community with this information today. it's important that you be informed as quickly as possible. we believe the person we arrested in 18 hours of learning of the investigation and the victims that he has abused represent the totality of the case to the best of our information. we do not believe there are other individuals involved. we do not believe other children have been victimized at this point. that is also what i we are coming to the community. so while i try to offer some solace to parents after hearing about this, we are concerned other people may be involved and other children may be touched by this. where that is the case we need the interaction with you.
4:42 pm
we have a phone number here. 301-772-4930 for the domestic and the child abuse unit. the superintendent of school system would be standing with me supporting the effort if he was not out of town. he immediately made all of his staff and all of his resources available to the department. as we began this investigation. i want to thank the chief from the glenarden department, chief stanley johnson of the maryland park police, the baltimore field office of the 5, particularly scott hankly for making their resources available to us. as julie mentioned this could expand in scope dramatically. thank the state attorney miss
4:43 pm
alsobrooks and her team for being engaged early. rat the federal, local level and the state attorney's office we are all working together. we just concluded a conference call, coordinating the investigation to ensure we present further victimization of children and know of the children victimized. if there are others we are not aware of. provide the services to those services and the families affected. my primary concern at this point after taking him into custody who else may be associated with it? michelle: this is live to a news conference from prince george's county they are announcing the school aide will be charged with ten counts. deonte carraway. we will have more on the story later on during t
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jonathan: michael and son is a local plumbing company. they booked mike tyson for a super bowl ad that aired in our area. diane cho show us how they pull it off. >> if you can, we can. michael and son. >> these were the outtakes you didn't see in super bowl game.
4:47 pm
>> i'm good at this stuff, man! >> in the 30-second ad for the alexandria-based heating, plumbing and a.c. company, michael and son services you see mike tyson's son telling his train her can't do it. moment later mike tyson says in and knocks out his son's opponent. >> the president of the company says initially they had a different idea in mind for the commercial. he said he wanted to do a spoof on the "hangover" movie but couldn't for legal reasons. >> it was difficult at first. we found a friend of a friend and we made it happen. it was a long process. >> he wouldn't say how much the ad cost he says it only ran in the select market where the company provides the services including the d.c. area and charlotte north carolina. >> i know people have crazy numbers in their head. it's not what people think. >> the marketing director for the company says with tyson's controversial past they are
4:48 pm
received positive and negative feedback. >> it is understandable. we don't condone anything he has done. just using him is meant to have fun. >> at the end of the day he said they accomplished to set out what they did from the beginning, to get people talking. >> i know who i am and what wes are a company. i hope people don't think that something on tv is who we are. i think what people should know about me and the company is we are a good people. we are nice people. we work really hard. we are prideful in our work. diane cho, abc7 news. michelle: well, we are not the only ones that has a cute bear club. the columbus zoo baby polar bear named nora after a vote. where did the name come from? it is a combination of her parent's name nanuke and aurora. jonathan: she is adorable. michelle: she is. everyone who goes to the national zoo wants to see bei
4:49 pm
bei. the hot attraction. but there is no guarantee he will be awake or in front of you. >> good news. now you don't have to wait. suzanne kennedy takes us inside the den with the newest panda cub. suzanne: it took coaxing to get bei bei from inside the warmth of the panda den and outside with his mom. this is the second time the five and a half month been outdoors. carroll is a panda lover that comes down from delaware several times a year. today she witnessed a milestone as bei bei climbed a tree only to get stuck and need his mom to rescue him. >> i thought he got too high for his first time out. mom thought he got too high his first time out, too. so cute to hear his squeak, squeak, squeak. >> he is now 28 pounds and is
4:50 pm
developing into a bold and inquisitive animal. >> he has only been outside twice. he started to climb a tree. >> we had a rare opportunity to get within inches of bei bei. the general public can get the panda fix by going by the zoo. you can check out what the pandas have been up to by looking at the zoo's panda cam. jonathan: we should just split the screen. talk about the weather and all the other stuff. >> i'm partial to the panda. >> yeah. >> so cute. >> we have snow on the way. more snow for other part north and east of us compared to the
4:51 pm
district. then the further south you go, not as much. the national harbor, the clouds rolled in. reagan national is 467 degrees. we are going to look for the temperatures to fall. the area is above freezing. the latest update is northern montgomery county. if you have travel plans to take you to baltimore and maryland and philadelphia, inside the capital beltway. district, prince george, you are under winter weather advisory. how much snow? one to three inches. the further north you go three to six inches. not out of the question.
4:52 pm
this is a wet heavy snow. love will be in theiary in the upcoming weekend. a lot of snuggling with your valentine. the temperatures are only the daytime highs of upper 20's. look to the next seven days. a cold rest of the week ahead. 31 on tuesday. lower 30's friday. what is going on with traffic? jamie: slow traffic. but we had an earlier issue in alexandria with an accident. it was a d. u.i., hit-and-run. moving to the map, 66 is heavy in virginia. outbound from the capital beltway. it will take you 25 minutes at 15 miles per hour.
4:53 pm
95 is so far, so good. closer to woodbridge and triangle we see delays. the outer loop the capital beltway. tonight at 9:00 p.m., four of the six lanes are blocked until 5:00 a.m. for work done at bradley boulevard. so pass this point will be the work done. michelle: coming up -- >> love comes about in a lot of ways. we go one-on-one with "the bachelor" and why you can't miss the show. jonathan: ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a look at the metro new surveillance hub at the operations center. michelle: plus, tonight at 6:00, update on "7 on your side" i-team investigation. results of an audit on company
4:54 pm
entrusted with the service members' vehicles. the government's role in this. tonight on abc7.
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>> you meet someone and within three minutes, ten minutes, a short conversation you are like i think we could have a
4:58 pm
future together. >> 100%. love can come about in all different ways. >> i would love nothing more. >> while it seems like most americans are turning to apps for dating these day, i had to ask. >> dating the way you are dating is easier or harder dating with an app. >> in an app has it own excitement. >> an experience that will continue to have tears, drama and love. i'm kidd o'shea, abc7 news. michelle: you can see the full interview. we have a complete slate for you to start out the week -- leon: tonight, winter is back. no blizzard, but trouble is brewing. who is in for what and whether the road crews have anything left in the tank.
4:59 pm
a child passengerfy ring nabs a suspect. and an overwhelming response toful bafing spill to the bow toe mack. alison: sign giving way to rain and snow. doug hill has a check on the winter weather alert. doug: we have advisories to pass to you. anne arundel to north into pennsylvania and new jersey. under a winter weather advisory. for storm system that haven't formed yet, it will consolidate and reform off the cape.
5:00 pm
this isgoing to bring colder air from the north. more picking up through the evening and nighttime hours. then it's finding out when they will form. at some point overnight it will start to snow. the metro will get one to three inch rainn't the farther north you go, it's below freezing. overnight tomorrow to possibility of three to six inches or more. confidence wise, five pays ahead of time we had confidence it would happen. this time around we don't have a lot of confidence in this. the weather models different solutions. the temperatures are


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