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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, abc seven news at new and on your side. jummy: a big change is in the air, can you feel it? we are about to go from sunshine has put the that abc 7 stormwatch team on winter weather alert. chief meteorologist doug hill is with us. doug: it looks like the whole area will start as rain later today.
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at the moment, it is gorgeous, 43 degrees live in laurel, maryland. , aadvance of this next storm winter storm watch posted late tonight into tomorrow for areas east and northeast of the district. further west, a winter weather advisory and in these other jurisdictions, no advisories for you at all. temperature is going to be the key. areapect most of the metro stay above freezing during the duration of the event. d.c., metro and north, the further north, the heavier the accumulation. district -- of the a mix south of the district. the roads will be wet and not snow packed. 68 further70 and north, you are going to have some issues and the colder air. maybe three to six inches in
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those areas, and for the metro, an inch or two. we will layout the numbers for you in detail and give you the snow maps in just a minute. jummy: thank you. just a reminder, the "good morning washington" team will be with you early for any potential changes to work or school schedules. join us a half-hour early tomorrow on abc seven. a text alert sent straight to your phone, sign up at a woodbridge family is safe but shaken after their house exploded. they werees earlier, inside the house until firefighters ordered them out. out,annette reyes found the family had reported the smell of gas in the days earlier. nearly 24 hours later, utility crews still here
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on scene trying to find this gas leak. meanwhile, washington gas officials remaining tightlipped about the ongoing investigation. the family is still shaken after an explosion in their woodbridge home sunday afternoon. she gets emotional as she shares the terrifying moment leading up to the incident. >> my sister tells my mother, leave right now. the crews came running upstairs and said, we need to leave immediately, it is going to explode. it all happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon when the local fire department was responding to a gas leak outside this home on franklin street. seeping into the basement, and everyone was evacuated just minutes before the explosion. we saw when it all trembled and exploded. the family is in shock but also
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frustrat. the explosion came days after several calls from neighbors about the smell of gas. in fact, washington gas crews were out wednesday and friday checking it out, and reassured everyone that everything was ok, and promised to come out again today. >> how do we not know this is going to happen, especially when they assured us? jeannette: we spoke with washington gas and they refuse to speak on camera. they would not say what is known about the incident, or if there is any concern about how long it has taken to find the leak. that whatevernow they are doing is safe? jeannette: reporting and woodbridge, jeannette reyes. jummy: following some breaking news from the district, where police have captured a man suspected of shooting two d.c. school administrators. he is charged with assault with
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the attempt to kill. he shot a man and woman january 25 on eaton road and southeast. -- we are works for told they are recovering. south capitol street in the district is finally back open after a pretty serious crash. it hurt three people, including a child near nats park just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the road closed for more than 10 hours. police say two cars were involved. one man was thrown from his vehicle and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. new this noon, ongoing efforts to identify the source of an oily sheen and the potomac river is continuing. the coast guard says the sheen is contained and is dissipating but the source is unknown. a die be put in the river to trace the origin.
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or green andyellow is non-toxic and water-soluble. also happening right now, people hoping for a rito for lunch -- a burrito for lunch will have to go elsewhere. every chipotle in the country is closed for lunch today to allow the company's employees to go to a food safety meeting. nor comes after e. coli and ovirus outbreaks affected several locations. stores will reopen today at 3:00. it was a mess for the late commuters on the gw parkway this morning. our cameras captured video moment after fire crews knocked down a fire -- a car fire. we are told traffic was backed up for a couple of miles, but the big question this noon is how are things looking out there right now?
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let's get over to jamie sullivan , she has a check of our traffic. in thetypically afternoon, we are going to see volume in many areas, but a few crashes popping up. if you are traveling on the outer loop, police activity at little river turnpike. we have a lane blocked to the right. red lineee a solid approaching and you drop down to about 15 miles per hour. northbound on 395, a solid red line because of construction blocking two lanes between duke street, continuing north toward seminary road, and this is scheduled until 3:30. , and southbound is typically in the afternoon where we see the heaviest traffic. so far, so good along the capital beltway without any issues. d.c., thek in national mall, no problems.
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7th street and constitution avenue, some of that afternoon traffic starting to build. again, nothing as far as any big issues. now we want to move to a seven health matters alert. president obama is asking congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the zika virus. they want the money for emergency response in the u.s. and overseas. the virus is mainly spread by mosquitoes. that infection in pregnant women is linked to abnormally small heads and their babies. several people have returned to the u.s. infected with zika. we are just hours away from the nation's first primary and is kenneth mouton reports, the candidates are making every count. kenneth: the fight for new hampshire voters was a nonstop day of rallies to energize
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supporters, and town halls to laura the undecided voters. donald trump is looking for his first win. in the republican race, he has a double-digit lead with the battle for second between ted cruz and marco rubio. >> people keep in the press, why do you keep saying the same thing? i'm going to keep saying that a million times because i believe it is true. kenneth: come padding rivals like chris christie -- combating rivals like chris christie. >> he has never a compost anything of any note. brad: bernie sanders is trying to keep the momentum -- kenneth: bernie sanders is trying to keep the momentum. polls show his rival, hillary clinton is closing the gap while her husband is on the attack. >> for her, this is not about grand theories of revolution, this is about whether we can improve people's lives. forecast of snow
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tomorrow, the state is expecting record turnout, more than half a million voters. just a heads up, virginians who are not registered to vote but want to cast ballots in the march 1 presidential primary need to act fast. today is the deadline to register. coming up, which ads are making a lasting impression, even if the big game did not live up to the hype? >> a lot of activity at nationals park this afternoon, their 53 foot tractor-trailer has arrived. , which meansay spring gear -- spring training has begun. saved from near certain -- rescuing and eight euros girl. doug hill answers the big question.
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jummy: caught on video, a remarkable rescue. an eight-year-old girl pulled from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building in taiwan, take a look at this video. she is one of four survivors found. at least 38 people are confirmed dead and more than 100 are still missing. with valentine's day just six days away, diamonds are at the front line for many men and remember,e, but diamonds are forever. if you are buying a diamond or think you might receive one, how
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do you know the stone is worth it? horace holmes went undercover to put diamonds to the test. owned by onemond of our employees and pond shop to get an evaluation. horace: you can have two grade thismologists stone and come up with somewhat different results. jummy: watch the 7 on your side dimon test tonight on abc seven news at 11:00. 4:00, we will at have a registered gemologist to answer your questions about how to buy a diamond. you can log onto to our facebook page and post your question. we may even use your question for our segment live tonight. diamond, theype of baseball diamond will soon be coming to life and the south.
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it is a sure sign of spring when the nationals back up a tractor-trailer to take their equipment down to florida for spring training. john gonzalez was there. of thee are inside one loading darks at nationals park and even though a game will not be played for another two months, it is truck day. it is an annual event that has become a bit of a tradition. it is the day when the nationals literally pack up all of their belongings and ship them down south, everything from the team gear and apparel to the equipment to the front office computers. the pitching machines right here ready to go. over here in the storage bins, we have light jackets for the guys on those cool florida mornings. it is all going inside this 53 foot tractor-trailer and then it will travel some 860 miles to vieira, florida.
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the team as packing some confidence as well, and maybe not a whole lot of pressure. they are still ranked top five to win the world series but not number one like to have been in years past. we saw one fan already taking pictures of the truck. he knew exactly what this was. >> looking forward to it, going to get out to a few games. john: how do you think they will do this season? >> this is going to be a good year. john: included in the gear, nearly 17,000 baseballs, 600 bats are all going in this truck . pitchers and catchers report on the 18th and the rest of the team, just about a week after that. it is almost here, opening day at nats park, april 7. it is right around the corner. back to you inside. jummy: do you think it is too late for us to run on the back
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of that truck? doug: why don't we just do the noon news from the era? -- vieira? jummy: and we will miss all of the snow. of snow,ther chance and it could be enough in some areas to cause problems and school closures. make sure you stay with us on air and online. the area in pink is the area under a winter storm warning. it was just issued by the national weather service. it includes anne arundel county, howard county, northern montgomery county, carroll county, baltimore county, and hartford county. everybody else in purple is under a winter weather advisory. the low-pressure area over the great lakes will head south east today and redevelop a new low pressure. ,he temperatures at the surface
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and how far north or south you go will determine how much and what type of precipitation you get. we are well into the 40's, and many areas will remain above freezing overnight. the ground will be plenty warm. however, we have to our eye on this developing system. what we are going to find on our futurecast, there is going to be a real mix of colors. as we get through the nighttime hours, it will be rain but as colder air comes in, once the storm forms it will pull the colder regions into play and might end up changing to snow. it will be heavy in areas north of metro washington and to the immediate east, but the further south you go there will be more of an issue of rain mixing in. many areas could have some snow falling but the temperatures will be above freezing, so it should melt on the roadway.
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the further north, the colder it is, the more snow you get. the further south, it will probably be all rain. the snow could be enough to cause issues but i think the immediate metro area is probably going to get away with not much more than a couple inches. that is our forecast in this region. south and west, one to three inches. there will be a three -- a sweet spot where they get maybe nine inches, but it will not be that metro. we are looking at precipitation probabilities ramping up to 60% this afternoon, rain changing to snow overnight. tomorrow, 37. cold on wednesday with a few flurries, and it will be dry tuesday through sunday, but look how cold it is going to be. below freezing for 72 hours straight.
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jummy: maybe we will go off from their. noon, up on abc 7 news at breaking down the most memorable moments of super
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>> you are the guy taking my little girl out. >> yes. >> why don't you take my new car? is the dad yourt do not want to mess with in that super bowl ad from hyundai. that commercial was the top ad from last night's big game, but as a lot of things, it comes down to taste.
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kidd: what was your favorite super bowl ad last night? drake's t-mobile app -- add. used to call me on my cell phone ♪ kidd: a play on how cell phone companies ruin everything, just like they wanted to ruin his song by adding all the disclaimers. list was ther doritos ultrasound commercial. >> he is eating doritos at my ultrasound. what do i have to do? >> i know. kidd: i thought it was so well
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done. the baby then flies out for the toledo. some people thought it went too far. it was part of a contest to win a million dollars. the one that actually one was the one where dogs go shopping for doritos. still ok to be on national tv. if you know someone who is easily distracted while driving, .o worries get them the new hyundai elon track. -- elon track. >> a car that does not get distracted. emergency braking with pedestrian detection. kidd: ryan reynolds was all over the commercial, and the girls were distracted by ryan reynolds. jummy: he is distracting. kidd: but the car protected you even if you got distracted. we want to know what you think. jummy: thank you. doug is back with one final look
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jummy: so some folks will get rain later on tonight and the changeover to snow. doug: in pink, that area is under a winter storm warning and everybody in purple under a winter weather advisory. more snow to the north. jummy: we will see you at 4:00.
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. we've invited some of the smartest kids in america to come play our game today. will one of them walk out of here rich beyond their wildest dreams? there's only one way to find out. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hi, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play a very special "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good. really looking forward to this. our first whiz kid is an 11-year-old child prodigy who was reading at 18 months old. he's the winner of the 2015 california state geographic bee. from cupertino, california, please welcome madhavan krishnan.


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