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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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jummy: a flood watch just now going into effect. we are tracking the storm that will bring heavy rain and strong wind into our area. first, we want to bring you some breaking news from prince george's county. police have made an arrest in the murders of a teacher and her two-year-old daughter. brad bell is live with the details for us. brad: the suspect is the one
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police were focused on right from the start. very sadly, he is the father of the little girl. deron boswell johnson. this case broke at about 7:00 yesterday morning when police responded to reports of shots fired. when they arrived they found 26-year-old neshante davis on the ground. she was dead, shot multiple times. when police opened her car door in the back seat in her car seat they found her two-year-old daughter chloe. she too had been shot multiple times. police very quickly looked at the case records and found that last fall mr. boswell johnson was determined to be the father of the child through dna test. after it was proven that he was the father in december prince george's county circuit court judge ordered him to pay $600 in
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child support to neshante davis, a teacher at a local school who works with second graders. we cannot say if that was the ultimate motive that is what brought police to him. we are told he did confess. just a while ago on news channel from the acting police chief in prince george's county about why his detectives worked so hard on this case. conscience when you see a mother and a small child killed. for those reasons the entire staff -- the entire command staff was out on the scene yesterday. reporter: the suspected killer is still here. the homicide division lockup. we are waiting for a so-called perp walk to get a look at this man.
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latest.bring you the jummy: thanksgiving for the update. we moved to our other big story. a severe weather alert. a flood watch now in effect for the d.c. metro area. a strong storm system that sent tornadoes to the south and west is heading into our region. doug: we do not expect severe weather to operate across the area especially across portions of mississippi. heavy downpours and thunderstorms are possible. there is the watch area shaded and dark green. metro washington communities all the way north to the pennsylvania line. across the line into the keystone state and eastward into portions of new jersey. the areas that have the most snow will coincide with the areas that get the heaviest rain area doppler radar shows washington, some light rain on the western side of town proportions of arlington county. the heavier rain coming through
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areas east of frederick and we will continue to push off to the east and southeast. it looks as though it is moving at a good clip. this whole thing may get through 4:30.y about four the further south you are the more likely to have more widespread storms. here, just a chance of a few isolated thunderstorms. generally a half inch to an inch of rain. one quick look at our futurecast. pretty much on target. 3:00,mputer model, by heavy rain and thunderstorms possibilities moving through the area. check the clock at the top. by 6:00 p.m., heaviest rain south and east with an engine trend developing to the south. clear. see skies we do not expect any real problems with freezing as temperatures remain mild overnight. a big improvement in the weather
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pattern. a lot more to share with you .ith the pattern jummy: as we mentioned, that massive storm system tour a path .f destruction the high wind love a transformer and tore apart power lines. in some areas trees were pushed over or ripped up from the ground. >> i did not know what happened until i came out of the closet. >> the tornado turned us. jummy: the storm also brought heavy snow to parts of colorado and nebraska. heavy rain prompted an apartment evacuation early this morning in northwest georgia due to flood danger. luckily, no injuries have been reported. download the free stormwatch app for your phone or tablet and to get updates and alerts on the go. in other news, at least three people are in custody after a police chase on the beltway
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overnight. fairfax county police say it started with a traffic violation in springfield around 1:00 this morning. the suspects led officers through fairfax county onto the beltway across the wilson bridge and into the district. the chase ended near 34th in be streets and southeast anacostia thanks to the help of u.s. park police. the d.c. council has given preliminary approval to a bill that would effectively pay people not to commit crime. the bill is based on a program near san francisco that leaders say has reduced -- that leaders say has reduced crime dramatically. participate in a series of programs each would receive a stipend. under the california program people get about $9,000 a year. crews are working to repair a water main break in arlington. a section of wilson boulevard is closed at quinn street after an eight inch pipe ruptured
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yesterday afternoon. water crews are on the scene right now. no word on when those repairs will wrap up. let's get a check of how the roadways are looking. here is jamie sullivan. jamie: we are starting off in arlington in the area you just mentioned on wilson boulevard. where the water main break was blocking all lanes really yesterday during our rush and in the afternoon this is what it looked like when crews were there right after it happened. we do have one lane that is currently getting by. if you're heading from rosslyn closer toward the courthouse or clarendon neighborhoods, you can get through. untilro the red line -- 2:30 the trains that originate at silver spring will turn back at farragut north because of schedule track work. yellow and blue line that difficult -- that typical track work between national city and the airport. -- pentagon city and the airport. if we are going to move further toward virginia, crews
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assembling the powertrain at the dulles airport metrorail station. you may see some delays in the area. keep that in mind and it will happen again tomorrow between 4:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. visibility is lower in some spots. keep that in mind although we are not seeing delays because of it. jummy: the water crisis in flint, michigan has reached the day after the fbi joined in the investigation. the house oversight and government reform committee is holding a hearing. john gonzalez joins us from capitol hill. residentst, michigan telling me this afternoon they have not seen water this clear in years. can you imagine that? many of them, two buses filled with residents arrived from michigan this morning on capitol hill. right now they are singing, chanting, praying.
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they wanted to be part of this congressional committee hearing to discuss what went wrong, who is to blame for michigan's problem. dhis town's lead contaminate water supply. the governor has proposed $30 million in funding to pay for those water bills but many of these residents saying that is not enough. today, some 21,000 residents in flint, michigan continue paying their water bills including this family. the mays family. you continue paying your bills, how much? >> are balances on most $1100. john: your family has suffered health issues. >> we have long-term exposure to lead, copper, chromium, we are dealing with bone breakage, dental issues, autoimmune issues, liver failure. justin my family love. -- just in my family. we are a relatively young family.
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john: your reason for being here today? >> we have been fighting for a year so we finally wanted to see some justice. seeing our governor and emergency manager not show up streams their guilt and we want to see this move forward. john: as the hearing continues inside on capitol hill, reverend sharpton and the national action network is leading this protest -- leading this vigil in protest. condiment jason chaffetz said that the epa has promised to hand over internal e-mails and has ordered the u.s. marshals to "hunt down" darnell earley to serve him a subpoena. earley has decided not to testify today. jummy: thank you for those updates. also happening right now, president obama visiting a mosque in baltimore.
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his first trip to an american mosque as president. the islamic society of baltimore began a small sunday gathering at johns hopkins. ands one of the largest most influential muslim communities in the mid-atlantic region. another candidate dropping out of the race for the white house today. this as democrats and republicans double their efforts in new hampshire ahead of tuesday's primary. marci gonzalez is in manchester where the pressure is mounting. marci: donald trump once again on the attack tweeting ted cruz did not win iowa him he stole it, accusing crew cruz of fraud. the campaign suggested dr. ben carson was dropping out of the race. >> what an incredible victory we had in iowa? marci: cruz holding events in iowa hoping to keep the momentum from his finish in iowa. trump is bypassing the granite
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state. >> do you know where he is today? arkansas. you six days away from the new hampshire primary. marci: trump saying despite his second-place finish he is more competent in new hampshire. >> i have done very well in new hampshire. marci: the pressure is on here on the democratic side after leaving iowa in a near tie hillary clinton fighting for a repeat of her 2008 victory in new hampshire. >> i cannot even imagine not being here. marci: bernie sanders is enjoying a double-digit lead in the polls. >> we believe in you. [cheering] more importantly, i believe in you. marci: today, the republican field is narrowing with rand paul announcing he is suspending his campaign. up at noon, a game
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changer in the zika virus outbreak. new developments about how and who spread the virus. another big bowl. not football but the puppy bowl. how you can get a dose of these puppies delivered to your door today. a warm and wet wednesday. doug hill will be back with when the heaviest rain will be here, coming up next.
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jummy: we moved to a seven on your side health matters alert. the zikaelopment in virus. a report by the dallas county health and human services department shows the virus has
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been spread from person-to-person through sexual transmission. elizabeth her has the latest. reporter: a disturbing development out of dallas in the battle against the zika virus. >> it was spread through sexual transmission. in individual went abroad acquired the virus and came home and infected their partner. reporter: it is not unheard of here in the u.s. it turns out back in 2008 a traveler infected with the zika virus in senegal return home to colorado and his wife later tested positive for the virus. officials say this is the first case of sexual transmission in this current outbreak. they call this latest case out of dallas a game changer because the virus, with possible link to birth defects in unborn babies and paralysis in adults, can be potentially deadly and caused ability in cub locations a. -- cause competitions.
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>> seven months out she is having such difficulty walking does make it a severe outcome. reporter: in the coming days the cdc says it will release new guidelines. in the meantime officials say the old guidelines still stand. if you are pregnant, avoid traveling to zika affected countries. for others, where repellent and avoid mosquito bites. the red cross is now asking days afterait 28 visiting zika infected countries before donating blood. jummy: governor larry hogan delivering his state of the state address to a joint session of the general assembly. the governor is expected to outline goals for the upcoming legislative session. those include $480 million in tax cuts over the next five years and a bill to fight heroin addiction. you can watch the entire speech
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happening live right now on news channel 8. let's talk about the forecast. a rainy day not only in annapolis but all over. doug: heavy rain has yet to move into the metro area. our concern is that so much rain may fall combined with the snow and snow melt to produce localized flooding. let's give you the latest. a live look to start out on our weatherbug network. this is saintly a and fairfax -- this is saintly a in fairfax. i think it is going to get mighty warm. you go up in the clouds it is warmer overhead than it is at ground level. cold air is denser plus we have cold ground from the snow. a look at temperatures and rainfall in myersville in frederick county. 86 hundredths of an inch. almost a half inch in martinsburg.
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we think some of the warm air will come down over our area today. how high we get, flip a coin. we know that the potential is there and stafford just added to those areas under a flood watch in effect for the remainder of the day. areas and green, bright green, those are creeks and dreams that have flood warnings and that is in thee will see pop-ups afternoon. numerous localized warnings for localized conditions. temperatures chilly across the area. 48 at reagan international airport -- reagan national airport. the orange, pretty heavy rainfall closing in on the metro area. you will notice it very clearly. ,ome of the heavier rain rates almost one inch per hour in these areas. about one half inch in some of the areas of brighter green. the rain will be with us.
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the question is the timing. we think the heaviest rain should be out of the metro area east of the i-95 corridor by 4:30 or 5:00. it is moving quickly but there is a lot of rain to deal with. as we get through the afternoon heaviest rain through the metro area about 3:00. it shifts to the east area the steady rain will be just east of the city. later tonight, clearing skies. pop-up showers. generally the weather will improve. as far as how much rain, anywhere from a half inch to an inch. some spots could get double that. six before is our number. we see how close we get to that in spots. it will be mild as we go through the afternoon hours. tomorrow, highs to 50 degrees. the weekend looks great. partly cloudy skies, about 50 degrees. it will turn cooler next week with late showers -- with
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showers late monday and tuesday. jummy: there is still time to get your puppy fix in. uber is teaming up with animal planet to promote this year's puppy bowl. the service is offering 15 minutes of puppy playtime for $30. it started at 11:00 this morning and goes to 2:00 in the afternoon. we had a few of the puppies in our studio this morning. his name was bark obama. if you want in on this action, enter puppies d.c. in your uber at. pp. all the money raised will be donated to local animal shelters. the other one was paw ryan. they were too cute. a new scandal involving a denver broncos player a few days away from the big super bowl. broncos player a few days away from the big super bowl. the accusa you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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but that's how some presidentitial candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our nexpresident needs a real plan to keeeep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the calall already.
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jummy: researchers say can stabler had the brain disease cte. boston university confirming the diagnosis and stabler died of: cancer at the age of 69 back in july. cte is associated with symptoms such as memory loss, depression and regressive dementia. the disease has been found in the brains of dozens of former nfl football players. we are days away from the big super bowl and the denver broncos have sent one player home. ryan murphy left california after being detained as part of a prostitution sting. police say officers busted murphy, his brother, and a suspected prostitute in a motel parking lot. murphy was not charged but his brother was cited for solicitation.
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doug: the flood watch in effect across the entire area due to snow melt, warmer temperatures, and heavy rain. we will be tracking it throughout the day. jummy: will join you at 4:00. that you for joining us this midday. have a great
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>> welcome to "bachelor" fan favorites week. today, we've got some of your favorite people from my other shows, "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette." and they're all looking for a big bundle of cash they can share the rest of their life with. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] our returning contestant is known for her competitive spirit, and so far, it's paying off. she was the winner of ben flajnik's season of "the bachelor." and today, she's here to win big money for big brothers and big sisters of central arizona. from scottsdale, arizona, please welcome back my friend, courtney robertson. >> hello, i'm back. >> welcome back.


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