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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> those airplanes are so loud and low over my child's bedroom. leon: averting another tragedy. plus, it a bond forged in fire. >> with you want to be when you grow up? >> firefighter. leon: and we are live at the cma 's in nashville, next. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00 come on your side. first, preventing another disaster.
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six people were killed when a small plane crashed into a gave the word -- into a gaithersburg neighborhood. outrage, year later, saying the airport has not made changes. leon: tom roussey has the story. tom: 11 months later, this is still fresh on people's minds. what concerns them is what happened to thirds of a mile from the end of where those lights are right there. a lot of folks said, not enough has been done since the tragedy. >> the jets need to go. camedozens of residents out, saying they have been concerned about noise and safety but everything came to a head since last december's tragedy, a jet crashing short of the runway. three people on board died, three homes damaged, including one with a mother and two young sons inside. >> i don't mind small airplanes.
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that is not what took out a house when a win sheared -- wings sheared off. >> concerns us at night. i'm in her room, rocking her to sleep, and those airplanes are so loud and low over my child's bedroom. crash, no major changes to the montgomery county airpark. although county officials say that is not true, they are still waiting for the final ntsb report on what went wrong. at the meeting, some defendant the airpark, zynga pilot to's do a lot of charity and public safety work. >> as a pilot, i feel offended when we are told we are not being safe. not all pilots are unsafe. we do our best to follow the rules and we want everybody to make it a friendly community. this airpark has been around since the late 1950's, and many of those concerned say they do not want to see it closed, they just want to see
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changes sooner rather than later. tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, tom. developing now, the virginia supreme court may have a final say on dulles toll road rates. the lanning county board of supervisors voted to appeal a ruling tonight. -- the loudoun county board of supervisors voted to appeal a ruling tonight affecting the tolls. u.s. officials say it is possible that a bomb brought down a jet in egypt. britain is suspending flights to and from the region until security can be guaranteed. the metro jet flight crash saturday, killing all 224 people on board. an isil affiliate has claimed responsibility. terrifying armed robbery and takoma park. they suspect pointed a handgun and a victim and pulled the trigger, but the gun jammed. this happened just after 8:00
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yesterday on maple avenue. the robbers stole items, then order the victims to lay on the ground and count to 100 as he ran away. if you have information, call the police. new action in a 7 on your side report. last week we first reported on concerns about crumb rubber u turf. some believe it poses a hazard to kids, but it hasn't been formally investigated. now lawmakers are stepping in. jay korff has the latest. lawmakers are demanding action following a recent investigation by our i-team reporter joce sterman. bill nelson of florida and richard blumenthal of connecticut called on the consumer product safety commission to take swift action. they want the cpsc to launch an in-depth investigation immediately to find out if athletic fields that use crumb rubber could be posing a health
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risk to children and athletes who frequently come in contact with the product made from scrap tires. the senators are demanding an independent review because they are concerned about the validity evaluation inber california that they suspect could be a conflict of interests. as 7 on your side reported last week, more than 160 athletes are concerned their cancer could be related to crumb rubber. the synthetic turf council maintains that crumb rubber is safe, claiming 50 studies show no evidence of harm or cancer links. live in the newsroom, jay korff, abc 7 news. on a we have an update story that we first told you about monday, a five-year-old yellow lab from springfield that was impaled by a metal rod. he has recovered, and this is
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not his first brush with danger. richard reeve spoke with the owners tonight. richard: it was a joyful, loving reunion. >> knowing he has made it is a miracle to me. richard: this was the five-year-old lab monday. >> terrifying, not knowing what is going on. hours of surgery after being impaled by a six-foot long piece of rebar. >> they said that it glanced his liver and diaphragm and went through his lung. richard: while playing outside, the pet sitter heard a long cry. >> he had the rebar coming out of his chest. damage to major organs likely saved his life. the family as to how this happened. >> we just don't know.
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call him wonder dog now, after surviving this and being struck by a carton surviving when he was one-year-old. everybody says his recovery is nothing short of a miracle. he made a home as soon as tomorrow. [whimpering] richard: shh. >> he is just such a lucky dog. alison: richard, thank you. more unseasonably warm weather is ahead, but with it is some rain. the rain is coming down, steve. steve: a little bit of rain will continue overnight tomorrow and into the morning. all of this is moving in from the south. heading in closer, live doppler radar, germantown, gaithersburg, reston, we are looking at light rain, but hardly anything inside capital beltway. tomorrow morning, a cool start, upper 40's, but a rapid warm-up come into the lower 70's by the
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afternoon. even warmer record-breaking weather on the way friday. all of that from the belfort furniture weather center in a few minutes. leon: it was the super bowl for country music, all the stars in nashville for the cma's. moments ago, luke bryant took home the award for the dictator of the year. kidd o'shea is in nashville with a look at all the celebrations. look at that crowd. evening, leon, that's right, behind us, everybody is coming out of the arena where place.'s took the reviews are in -- everybody love the show. country's biggest night, a little bit of everything, from the stars to the jokes. >> oh! kidd: and of course the music. in fortimberlake handed toetapping.
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reality tv even showed up. i had to ask -- how is the engagement going? >> we are having a blast. kidd: kellie pickler was one of the best dressed. >> i'm like, get out! the duct tape and crisco and wash it off. kidd: from up-and-coming artist to the classic artist, they all came together, which makes this country's biggest night in music. live, the scene in nashville, the crowds are still having a good time. about moment is still the justin timberlake performance. if you do not see the full performance, it is worth watching again. a look down broadway, and the party is not going to stop. there was a party inside and that will continue in nashville tonight. live from nashville, kidd o'shea, abc 7 news.
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alison: not too much partying now, kidd, thank you. what is in a name? everything if you are a seattle man named taylor swift. he says his life has been hijacked by the music superstar and he deals with questions and jokes every single day. swift had to change his e-mail address. it was taylor swift at , so you know what got flooded with fan mail. and that is not all. >> at starbucks they ask you your name, and i say taylor. and they say, wouldn't it be funny if your last name was swift? and i say, here is my debit cards, surprise. alison: he has a good sense of humor about it. he does not own any of her our bums, but he gets a good laugh from friends what her songs come on. leon: and of course he would have to have long blonde hair. coming up --
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>> he is always going to be my best friend. theon: making headlines for right reasons. the incredible story of a heroic rescue and a forever friendship that is formed.
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were don't know if you holding your breath, but don't anymore. plans for a therapeutic cuddle shop in must become -- in linthicum were denied. he said it was a way to promote self-esteem and a spa-like atmosphere. alison: ok. don't know what to say about that. a story that you will see only on 7, a good one. over the past year, d.c. fire and ems have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, with the lagging
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response times, breaking equipment. the department has been under fire. but, chris papst found a truly inspiring story that has never been told, but deserves to be. not too many kids for their fifth birthday get their own fire suit. but not too many kids have a story like william brooks. the morning of march 29, 2014, a tremendous fire rate through this row home on stevens road in southeast. with dozens of fires on scene, lieutenant james gordon rushed inside looking for victims. in the bedroom and found william. he was unconscious. chris: did you think he was dead? >> yeah. his arms,t the boy in he rushed through the flames to the ambulance. his severely burned mother had
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jumped out the window, breaking her leg. >> i don't remember anything. i passed out. >> i passed out a little bit. chris: how much longer would he have had? >> not much longer. chris: oftentimes, this is where the story ends, but not here. shortly after the fire, he went to the hospital to visit the boy that he saved. >> it's like something you would never think would happen, but the outcome was like something that you would never think would happen. chris: since this moment come in william and gordon have built a relationship few can understand. they boat together, ride four wheelers, go to the ballpark, and movies. last week they went to the white house. gordon is not in this picture because he is taking it. >> he is always going to be my best friend. chris: what the want to be when you grow up? >> firefighter. was nine, heilliam
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was pulled from a fire, which inspired him. >> maybe someday i will be william's chief. >> that's why i want to be a firefighter, because they are great and never give up and they help people. chris: chris papst abc 7 news. alison: man, what a story. gordon was awarded a bronze bar from d.c. fire readiness for his bravery, but he receive this award from william -- "thank you for saving my life, my hero, lieutenant gordon." leon: i bet he cherishes that more than anything else in this world. what a story that he would be saved from a fire and that he would go on to do the same thing. alison: great story. you have a good story with the weather? steve: we do, a little bit of rain, but that is overnight. friday, i think a lot of folks will be saying, what is going on? today we made it to 75 degrees.
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cannot complain about that considering the average this time of year, 62. downtown, a little fog and drizzle, 61 degrees at reagan national. we are looking at a little bit of drizzle, not amounting to much. the temperature, still 57 manassas, leesburg 61, winchester 55, luray 59. dropping atures not lot overnight. the satellite and radar, moisture moving in from the south. that will take us into early tomorrow morning. going to bed tonight, may want to leave the umbrella by the door so you do not forget it. tomorrow, only a 30% chance that you will need it. we have shut where activity montgomery county, gaithersburg, rockville, bethesda. it is dry.beltway, we will see showers continue as we move through the overnight. coolest overnight, the temperatures in the suburbs, the milder temperatures inside the
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beltway. waking up tomorrow morning, generally in the 50's. the futurecast, big changes on the way. tomorrow, the wind out of the south southwest, a little cooler than today, near 70 degrees. friday, near 80 degrees. break the record at reagan national airport, 76 degrees setback in the 1940's. big changes once we get through that, cooler weather on the way. to thekly rebounded upper 60's, lower 70's daytime highs. cold front friday that will drop temperatures into the lower 60's saturday, upper 50's the high temperature sunday. theave the bay bridge run, windchill in the upper 30's with wind out of the northwest at 25. alison: ooh, that sounds miserable. leon: sounds like november. and the wizards making some noise. lamarcus aldridge needs
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a cuddle. the wizards hosted the spurs tonight at the phone booth. sports is coming up. wow. this place is spectacular.
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robert: the wizards looking for their first win at home. was not easy tonight, the spurs in town. new national skipper dusty baker watching the game with the gm mike rizzo. we picked this up in the fourth quarter, tony parker does it. he is part of the big three. seven seconds left, after tying the game. if you are the wizards, you go for the shooter, john wall, top of the key., leon, wiz here is head coach gregg popovich after the game. move, he made a great stutter step, dribble, stepped back, made the shot. happens all the time. robert: the classic. tall task for the redskins this
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sunday, facing the patriots. powering to espn's football index, there is an 86% chance the redskins lose this game. the redskins have had more than a week to prepare for the game. i think i played against them 3, 4 times now. you know what you are going to get. you were going to get an efficient quarterback, one of the best warmer do it, one of the best coaches in the game. you cannot make any mistakes. it's football, we will make a few, but you cannot hurt yourself and beat this team. robert: a sneak peek of dusty baker at the wizards game. tomorrow he will be formally introduced as the nationals manager at an 11 a.m. press conference. the only has a key member on his ,oaching staff, mike maddux
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older brother of greg maddux, will be the nationals' ne pitching coach. he has spent the last eight years with the rangers. and we all remember what happened at the end of the season. and getting ugly in the dugout, jonathan papelbon choking bryce harper after an exchange. after that, they were couple buddies. no, according to "the washington post," harper has reached out to pop labonte -- to jonathan papelbon to make sure the relationship is solid next year. a weird way of cuddling. alison: they could use a hug. leon: that's why it won't work. alison: coming up -- a garbage collector hailed as a hero.
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leon: no life-threatening 11-cars after an crash on jefferson davis highway. and our story of a local plane crash that changed aviation history. and steve couric asked -- and steve's forecast and more at a celebration for the
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big brothers and big sisters of the year. mentors do fantastic work and they change children's lives for the better. congratulations. my little sister, you know her, leon, she is going to be 20 next year. sister since she was nine. leon: an unlikely hero in washington state, a garbageman, with a keen sense of awareness. he found something unusual in a trashcan -- a pile of checks, all written out to an elementary school. the value? $12,000. had actually thrown them out, and he refused to take a cash tip. alison: discover the world
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animals, seen those before
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but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide alison: a final look at the
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weather? steve: not exactly cuddling weather tonight, temperatures falling near 60 in the district. 72 the tomorrow with a chance of showers. warmer if not record-breaking temperatures friday. cooler for the weekend, only upper 50's sunday. at least we start the trend upward again next week. the temperatures this weekend, a shock to the system, considering friday will be near 80. alison: thank you. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood and nashville -- it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- seth rogen. eric stonestreet. jake owen. the world series champion kansas city royals. "mean tweets - country music edition."


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