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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 21, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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willing to run if his republican colleagues support him. ryan made the surpris announcement last night after a closed-door session with gop lawmakers. the former vice presidential candidate says there would be certain restrictions. >> i cannot and i will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers. but i pledge to try and make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> you can put restrictions on it. >> what about his cross-fit time? >> that could be part of it. >> ryan has given the republicans a friday deadline to support him. well, amazon is going ton a hiring spree for the holiday season. the online retailer adding 100,000 workers. we're talking 25% increase from last year. meanwhile, walmart, target, and kohl's adding about the same amount of jobs as 2014 but macy's, jcpenney's, and toys "r" us are hiring fewer workers. holiday hiring by retailers expected to be flat this year. i wonder why they're shutting
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down that toys "r" us in times square. got to get there. you might remember the controversy that erupt bd two years ago when consumers blew the whistle on subway's foot-long sandwiches. those foot-longs were found to be just 11 inches. yeah. well, a class action lawsuit was filed over the whole thing. now a settlement is in the works under which subways would have to measure their bread to make sure consumers are getting every inch they're paying for. the deal could be approved early next year. >> what, do you show up with a ruler at subway? >> every inch. every inch! >> so does your waistline. you really don't need that extra inch. they were doing you a favor. little did you know. >> if you're going to get 12 inches, you should get 12 inches. >> we're going to move right on to dessert. how about that? this morning that means hershey kisses. the company's worked out something special for the holidays. >> they are called hershey's
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kisses deluxe. they have a hazelnut center and are flecked with rice crisps. maybe the best part, they are double the size of the usual hershey's kiss. >> kind of reminds me of the ferrar-roche. >> what? >> never mind. they call it the biggest innovation of the kisses brand since almonds were added to some of them 25 years ago. they're expected to be on shelves early next month. i do love the cherry ones that they -- cherry filled ones. they used to have some up in the newsroom around christmas time. i'd always steal from one young lady's desk. i'm not sure who. >> some young lady that's never been able to have her hershey's kisses -- >> i would apologize and say i would refill them and never refilled them. >> from subway to kisses. the daring art heist in broad daylight taking place in a multimillion-dollar mansion. also a consumer alert about popular credit cards. the warnings about sky-high interest rates. and later the rock musician speaking out about surviving a plane crash. his fears today and when he'll
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♪ police in south florida searching for this man. take a look at the surveillance camera here. he reached into the basket of a woman's motorized shopping cart, stealing her purse. the woman uses crutches to get around after a fall in the spring and says he got away with $500 cash from her wallet and even her new cell phone. wow. and they get this one. in san francisco a 39-year-old man seen here was arrested after staying at a long-abandoned mansion and selling pieces of art that were inside. he had sold ten works and had another one ready to go. those pieces were valued at more than $300,000. the guy claimed to have bought the multimillion-dollar mansion that's been vacant for years.
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neighbors were suspicious. they called the cops. which led to his hair-raising arrest. now to some new numbers from the retail world. the average american shopper will spend about $805 on christmas gifts this year. that sounds like a steal to me. >> that is a steal. that is one pair of shoes for reena. but there's a new warning about those popular credit cards that are offered to you right at check-out. abc's linsey davis with those details. >> reporter: a warning about just how much some of that plastic in your wallet could be costing you. >> if you're somebody who carries a balance, retail cards probably just aren't for you. >> reporter: according to a new report, the average store credit card carries a 23% interest rate compared to 15% on average for other credit cards. >> six of them. >> reporter: retailers with the highest interest rates -- staples charges 28%. and at zales jewelers you'll have to fork over 29%. even when stores offer a deep
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discount for signing up watch out. >> that 20% off at the counter can be a great deal. but when you team it with a 25% interest rate, it gets to be a lot less good of a deal. >> reporter: let's say a consumer makes only the minimum payments on a $1,000 balance on the average store credit card. it would take them 72 months to pay it off. a year and a half longer than on a typical credit card. according to the experts, you only want to use retail credit cards if you pay your balance off every month. if not you may want to stick to the regular credit cards. many of them offer 0% interest for at least the first year. linsey davis, abc news, washington. >> zero percent's pretty good. >> yeah. but if you pay it off right away for the year. i can't imagine you that would actually get any of those credit cards. i'm sure you do a whole lot of -- >> i believe cash is queen. >> and what about credit? >> i believe credit is a joker. >> that's pretty much you on an
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average wednesday, isn't it? >> that's pretty much me every night. >> leaves the office. >> on >> oh, man. is my enemy around these hours. i've been there. drinking and amazon. that should be a thing. >> christmas is like 67 days away. i'm sitng right next to you. >> okay. we'll see what he can get. coming up one of music's biggest drummers opening up about a harrowing ordeal. >> how he survived a plane crash and conquered his demons with the help of his family. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ well, that's travis barker tearing it up on the drums. best known as a beatmaker for blink-182. he's now the author of a brand new tell-all. >> and in that book he describes the plane crash that nearly took his life as well as his hellish recovery. abc's chris connelly sat down with barker for really an emotional one on one. >> the plane's on fire, my hands
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are on fire. i unbuckle my seat belt and i jump right into the jet which holds all the fuel. i basically ignite my whole body. >> reporter: that's drummer travis barker. ♪ known for his buoyant work with blink-182. ♪ all the small things ♪ true care speak for the first time about the night of september 19th, 2008 when the crtered plane he, bff dj a.m., real name adam goldstein, and two of their cohorts were in crashed on takeoff in columbia, south carolina. >> i'm soaked in jet fuel. there's nothing i can do to put the fire out. and then we realize, you know, we're out of the plane and the plane explodes. and then i stayed in burn centers for like the next four months. >> reporter: two close friends and the enclose-two pilots would die in the crash, severely burned over 65% of his body. barker would know searing unimaginable pain. >> what does that feel like? >> that feels like hell.
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>> reporter: as he captures in his compelling new memoir "can i say," barker would undergo 27 surgeries and at one point considered taking his own life. >> i would call friends of mine and say i'll deposit a million dollars into whoever's bank account -- >> you were willing to pay someone a million dollars to take you out. >> oh, yeah. they had to take my phone out of my room. >> reporter: what pulled him out were visits from his children, landon and alabama. >> it was just hard for them to see me in the state that i was in. you know, they'd color in class and he had -- everyone's drawing pictures of their family or what they did on the weekend and landon's drawing a picture of a plane crashing. so yeah. >> it's not right, is it? >> it was -- i mean, it was definite definitely something that he was
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old enough to understand. you know? >> reporter: one year later another blow. with adam goldstein losing his courageous battle with drug addiction. barker says his book tells of a wild reckless lifestyle that he's put in the rearview mirror with 40 one month away, his existence is focused on drumming -- ♪ -- and minding his kids. he's still playing gigs including with mark hoppus in a reconstituted blink-182. he hasn't been in a plane since that night. he's not ruling it out. >> you know, i tell my children when you're ready to fly i'm ready to fly. >> what a compelling story. i am just cheering him on. i really he he is able to get back on that plane and those kids, you can see how much he loves his children. >> it's hard to believe that happened some seven years ago and you can still see the emotional toll on his face. and for such a tough guy to break down like that.
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24 hours. zero heartburn. "star wars" fever taking hold with the new trailer. how cool. the force awakens. and the film's star awake herself watching for the first time. >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish. >> the 23-year-old actress plays ray, one of the lead roles, and her life is about to dramatically change when the film hits theaters in less than two months. isn't there somebody here who has an advance copy of this somewhere? >> probably does. >> b.k. >> and just as excited as the actors are of course the fans. >> every frame of the new trailer has been dissected and
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almost all the theater tickets snatched up. so we are all in for a record-breaking movie experience. abc's elizabeth hur explains. >> reporter: just two minutes long, but this was the longest and final glimpse of the much-anticipated "star wars: the force awakens." >> it's true. all of it. >> reporter: the movie set some 30 years after "return of the jedi" reunites fan favorites han and leia. >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> reporter: in the trailer we even get a preview of a light saber fight between new characters kyla ren and finn. >> i was created to do one thing, and i've got nothing to fight for. >> reporter: speak of finn watch actor john boyega who plays fbi in the movie reacting to his first look at the trailer. he seems to like what he saw. >> what? what? >> reporter: as did these
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cheering fans who say the wait was worth it. >> that was awesome. >> i'm like blown away. >> reporter: this ishe seventh installment in the "star wars" series and turns out some theaters plan on hosting marathon screenings of every film in the series leading up to opening night. and while some lucky fans have already scored tickets, with online vendors crashing under the demand, tickets are available for resale on e bay for hundreds. the movie doesn't open for another two months but already we are told a lot of theaters are sold out for the first couple of days. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> this is going to be a good one, kendis. >> it is. i already have my costume in mind. going to get all dressed up. b.k. and i are going december 13th. >> sounds like a date. take the cameras with you. that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now" -- seeking unity on a divided capitol hill. >> yeah. congressman paul ryan is making a promise as he seeks the role of house speaker. his message for america and his deadlines for fellow republicans. deadly road rage. gunfire on a busy highway and the victim, a 4-year-old girl riding in a car with her parents. the outrage and the search for a suspect. demanding answers from the driver of a car who swerved into a motorcycle's path causing a crash. that driver speaking out. and his excuse you have to hear. hill valley, california on wednesday october 21st, 2015. >> it's "back to the future" day. the day marty mcfly launched into the future. we're looking back at how 1989 moviemakers predicted this very


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