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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 29, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, the rescue playing out on live tv. the officer hoisted into the air. the sex scandal. the $1.5 million secret. allegations from his time as a teacher and coach. >> and a driver shot in the neck and a bicyclist too. and a plane almost hits a
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drone. >> good evening, we begin tonight with breaking news. authorities revealing moments ago, the death toll in houston rising. a 6-year-old boy, his body discovered. his mother was calling for help as their home was being washed away. and that image playing out on live tv the officer airlifted to safety. and the monster traffic jam, officials removing part of the divider. rob marciano with the storms hitting this weekend. but first matt gutman with late word from authorities. >> reporter: today's deluge grinding texas and the plains to a halt. in dallas the emergency calls flooding in.
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scanner traffic buzzing. >> i have another vehicle stranded in high water. >> reporter: rescuers sounding overwhelmed. >> we just got two people off a car. there's two more. >> we're being blocked by high water everywhere we go. >> reporter: and even rescuers needing rescue, this police lieutenant's car suddenly engulfed. rescuers couldn't get to him, concerned his cruiser might wash away. a police chopper drops this lifeline and plucks him to safety. overnight, rain and hail pummeling kansas. streets impassable in oklahoma. and in dallas thousands of motorists marooned. >> you can see water behind, water in front, water everywhere. and no end in sight. >> reporter: marylin hart trying to get to her job at hertz. >> i called and said, "you know what, i'm not going to be able to make it, i'm pretty much stuck on the freaking freeway with five feet of water. >> reporter: semis hooked u-turns.
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since the water wouldn't move from the highway, the highway moved, those concrete barriers lifted to end the siege. over the past month, enough rain in texas this month to cover the entire state -- 8 inches deep. that's over 35 trillion gallons of water. and off the blanco river in central texas, a grim discovery. the body of 6-year-old andrew mccomb. >> she called me, i'm in a house floating down the river. tell mom and dad i love them and pray. >> reporter: all the rain has rivers spilling over their banks. and here, this may look like a river, but it's actually a county road. the only way out via boat. >> rob marciano in denton
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county texas. rob? >> the rain in the city and chaos has ended. but there's more rain coming. severe threat in oklahoma and parts of arkansas and west texas. watching that to bring more rain here. thankfully there's a pattern change coming to push it to the east but not until sunday. with that next batch coming the army corps of engineers have opened this up because more rain is on the way. >> rob, thanks. also developing at this hour new details of alleged sexual misconduct. dennis hastert, accused of
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paying millions of dollars of hush money. jonathan karl tonight. >> good-bye, friends. >> reporter: tonight, we are learning new details about the allegations about the man who was once the most powerful man in congress. the indictment only says past misconduct, but sources briefed on the investigation tell abc news hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million as hush money to somebody he allegedly sexually abused during the time he was a teacher and wrestling coach at yorkville high school in illinois. hastert spent 16 years teaching and coaching at yorkville high from 1965 to 1981. one of his old wrestling stars told abc news he is shocked by the charges. >> i stand behind him 100%, 110%, 200%. i'd be in his back pocket in washington to the end. >> reporter: but hastert attracted suspicions three years ago after making 15 separate withdrawals of $50,000 from his bank. after he was questioned about
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that, he started out taking out smaller amounts, more than 100 withdrawals of just under $10,000, allegedly to avoid detection. hastert told the fbi, he took the money out because he didn't think the banking system was safe, saying, "i kept the cash." in fact, prosecutors say, he used the money to buy his victim's silence. hastert's final year as speaker of the house was marred by a sex scandal involving another republican in congress accused of sending sexually explicit messages to a male teenage page. >> our children need to be protected, and we're going to do everything we can to protect them. >> and jon is with us now live. just how much legal trouble is he in? >> if convicted on both counts he could face ten years in prison and a fine. >> thank you. and now to colorado
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authorities believe they have a serial shooter on their hands. a driver and biscyclist shot. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: they're saying they're connected. >> this week we recovered evidence that these shootings are linked together. >> reporter: in april, 20-year-old corey romero was driving home when she says someone in a dark suv shot her in the neck. >> i'm just scared. i knew there was a pain in my neck. i thought it had come from the glass of my window. >> reporter: since then other drivers have reported their windows blown out. police won't say exactly what
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the evidence is that links the two cases, but they've formed a new task force, including the fbi, to try to find the shooter. as of tonight, there's a $10,000 re reward. now, to the passenger jet that had to move to avoid a collision with a drone. here's david kerley. >> reporter: this morning, on final approach to laguardia, a shuttle america commuter jet takes evasive action, climbing 200 feet to avoid a drone, flying illegally over brooklyn. the search for that person is on tonight. all that, after another type of air scare near jfk. >> they're shining green lasers, it's flashed us a couple times. >> reporter: it was between 9:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. last night. five jet liners in all, hit by a laser. >> did it look like it was pointed at you? or was it just a laser flying around out there? >> no, it's pointed at us. he's doing it again right now.
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just off of our left wing. >> reporter: pilots said the laser was being used on long island. police respond but make no arrest. there has been a dramatic jump in laser strikes so far this year. about 14 a day nationwide. last year, the average was about ten. the fear, that a pilot's eyesight could be damaged. the flight put at risk. tonight, the man who runs homeland security, voicing concern as the numbers rise. >> to try to impede a pilot to flying a commercial flight with lots of people on it, with a laser, is reckless and dangerous behavior. >> one of new york's senators tonight is calling for an all-out ban of the green lasers. 93 arrests last year it's an offense that carries a possible five-year prison sentence. >> david, thanks. a developing headline from the pentagon from the stunning revelation that live anthrax was
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sent through fedex to 25 locations. we learn it's not the first time. live anthrax sent to australia earlier, and still testing positive tonight. pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: the u.s. is looking at all labs that handle anthrax. the live anthrax spores were supposed to be killed when hit by radiation at a utah lab, but samples from seven years ago, spores were found still alive. some were sent to australia. now, they're scrambling to find out if anyone was exposed. now, people are taking anti
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biotics. and president obama telling us about his plans to restore ties with the cuban government now the children of cuba tells us they want to visit america. and a town in japan evacuated, this mountain erupting. all the residents are safe tonight. japan is situationed in the ring of fire where volcanos are plentiful. and more than 1,800 dead the roads melting blocks of ice on the rickshaw. and the mansion murder mystery, this family and their housekeeper all killed in their
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home. and the delivery of $40,000, here's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, police sifting through the rubble of this d.c. mansion, towing cars, searching for clues at the scene of that horrific quadruple homicide and fire. and as prime suspect 34-year-old daron wint sits behind bars, charged with murder in connection with the killing of savvas, amy and phillip savopoulos and housekeeper vera figeroa, unresolved questions remain about the $40,000 in cash delivered to the home before it was set ablaze. according to a criminal complaint, an employee referred to as "w-1", savvas' driver tasked with handling daily assignments for him made the money drop. w-1 initially told police savvas called him to deliver a package the day of the fire, but later said savapoulos sent him those instructions by text the day before. and police say w-1 admitted that it lied when he told police the car where the money was to be dropped was locked. >> i suppose he could have made a mistake. what's striking is, there are a
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number of mistakes he corrects. >> he has not been arrested or charged with any crime. >> and the two surviving teen daughters face difficult days ahead, focusing on the funerals on monday for their family. and now, an incident on a flight.r that the plane turned around? here's cecelia vega. >> did they turn the a plane around because of you? >> reporter: this is the 23 month old that brought a flight to a halt. the baby was crying on wednesday, a fussy toddler having one of those days. >> i was embarrassed, and felt like i had done something wrong. you want your child to be perfect, but that's not the
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case. >> reporter: skywest said it acted out of concern for the child's safety, but it was not seated. blackwood said they were in a window seat, and the child in her lap. a flight ending in tears for both of them. >> i was doing the best that i could. i'm not a bad mother. that's how babies are. >> reporter: earlier this month, united escorting a family off a flight because their daughter was crying. saying it kicked them off as a lost resort. >> see you here this weekend. still much more ahead on
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miles. our persons of the week. "time" magazine and their film film " film "rise," following a worker. >> my father's job was here. i'm a fourth-generation iron worker. >> but the final step made him the most nervous. >> it's a lot of planning. >> attaching a camera to the spire and hoisting it up. watch as it soars upward. you can hear the cheers and whistling. reaching a symbolic 1,776 feet. families of the victims, first responders and survivors getting in for free.
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we were with florence jones on her first trip to the reflecting pools. the first officer building, 4 world trade. >> this is my favorite view. >> and the workers, maxine and t.j. and tonight, one of those iron workers who helped secure that spire, proudly telling his children. >> let them know tell the friends and teachers their dad set the spire. >> and so we choose all of the workers at
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wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen here are the stars of america's game, pat sajak and vanna white. hello! hi. thank you, jim. another nice crowdwd. where do we find these people? i don't know. thank you very much. see you later. hi! good to see y'all. well, your time has arrived. there's no turni back. your first "toss up" is coming up. it's a " "place." it's worth $1,000. go ahead, vanna. [ bell chimes ] ice cream stand. yeah, that was lizzy who buzzed in and solved it. lizzy encarna--


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