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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 25, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, the abc news exclusive. bruce jenner's journey. the story make headlines around the world. >> for all intents and purposes i am a woman. >> he revels his secret struggle. >> the one, real true story, and the family was the one i was hiding. >> his transition. the reaction on social media. what his own family is now saying. >> kimberly has been by far, the most accepting. >> also his plans for the future. >> in the next house, i'm building a fwlam room. breaking overnight, earthquake. massive damage and deaths reported when buildings crumble in nepal. and now, the avalanche. fear for hundreds of hikers
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caught at an everest base champ. their fate unclear. survival story, two women rescued from the wilderness in michigan braving freezing temperatures and surviving on girl scout cookies and cheese puffs. and final countdown. ready for the royal arrival. the rumored due date now here. prince william still making official appearances. sara haines live in london as the world waits for the special delivery. ened good morning. the reaction is coming in from all over the world to that abc news exclusive diane sawyer's emotional, often tearful interview with bruce jenner. the indelible moment right here. jenner undoing his pony tail. the olympic hero turned reality
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star now saying he wants to live as a woman. >> and that candid interview taking twitter by storm. more than 1 million tweets. the hashtag bruce jenner trending number one worldwide. oprah winfrey, ellen degeneres billie jean king all weighing in. first, chris connelly joins us. >> reporter: thoughts and feelings not only revealing the reality of jenner's own gender identity but making a major contribution to a national conversation about transgender issue. through the personal story of someone we thought we knew but have now learned so much more about. >> it's going to be an emotional roller coaster. somehow i'm going to get through it. >> reporter: after the months of speculation. >> it's been really tough. here i am. i'm still here. that's the good news. >> reporter: after all the whispers and suspicions. it was bruce jenner speaking only to diane sawyer.
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>> i would say i have always been very confused with my gender identity since i was this big. so -- here i am stuck. i hate the word you know -- girl stuck in a guy's body. i hate that terminology. >> why? >> why? >> i'm me. i'm a person. this is who i am. i'm not stuck in anybody's body. it's just who i am as a human being. my brain is much more female than it is male. it's hard for people to understand that. but that's what my soul is. >> are you a woman? >> um yes. for all intents and purposes i am a woman. i was not genetically born that way. as of now, i have all the male parts. and all that kind of stuff, but we still identify as female. um -- and that's very hard for bruce jenner to say.
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>> reporter: bruce jenner burst into the american consciousness in 1976. winner of the gold medal in the olympic decathlon, the world's greatest athlete. >> and you see what? >> a confused person at that time. running away there my life. running away from who i was. >> reporter: the running is over now. jenner is transitioning to a woman. completing a process he first embarked upon in the 1980s, some 30 years ago. >> i started on hormones. >> in the '80s you started? >> oh yeah. >> how much did you do? how long? >> almost five years. >> reporter: married three times. jenner spoke to sawyer of being sexually attracted only to women. >> sexual assaulty is who you are attracted to. who turns you on. male or female. but gender identity has to do with who you are as a person and your soul and who you identify with inside. i've never been with a guy. i have always been married, you know raising kids. >> and you can desire a woman
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every bit as much. >> yeah yeah. >> reporter: that third marriage to the former kris kardashian would eventually make jenner a reality show fixture. >> the one real true story in the family was the one i was hiding and nobody knew about it. and i could not tell that story. >> reporter: yet, with paparazzi on the trail, jenner was photographed at a doctor's appointment for an adam's apple reduction. that night, jenner paced the hallways. >> heart's pounding. i thought, wouldn't the easiest thing to be right now and i can see where people get to that is go in the room, got a gun, boom. you know. pain's over. it's done. you know. go the a better place. and i thought, ah, i can't do something like that. i mean -- i want to know how this story ends. you know? how does my story end?
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>> reporter: and that story continuing now with reaction from all over the world. so many messages of support for jenner. as a transgender person transsinging to being a woman. it doesn't overstate the case to say this is a significant moment in american society. >> we know the next time we see him, he'll emerge as a woman. do we know when that will be? >> he hasn't said as far as i know when that will happen or what the name he'll choose to use will be. >> to amplify your point about this being perhaps a watershed moment it was like we were having a conversation in our living rooms that we have never had before. we discussed this before the show. >> only 8% of people said they know a transgender person right now. to have this conversation is the conversation we have yet to have in our living rooms. >> in a sense we all know someone now. >> that's right. >> thank you, chris.
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not surprisingly the remarkable interview exploding in the headlines. not surprisingly in the daily news. celebs, gender rights activists and ordinary people reacting overnight. some were critical. the responses were overwhelmingly positive. >> the one thing that could really make a difference in people's lives was right here in my soul and i could not tell that story. >> reporter: overnight, the world captivated by bruce jenner. >> setting the record straight about tonight's bruce jenner tell-all. >> bruce makes sure that diane covered all the bases. >> it's heistry making. >> reporter: jenner baring his soul with diane sawyer. is there that female side is part of me. it's who i am. >> reporter: the interview blanketing headlines. oprah calling it stunning. lady gaga encouraging her
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fomering to empower people like bruce. glaad responding to the interview, praising jenner saying it will impact and inspire countless people around the world. >> it was like this big secret in the family. we never talked about it again. >> reporter: and jenner's famous family finally speaking out. kendall and kylie saying i love you. and calling their dad brave. kim praising bruce's courage. and ex-wife, kris jenner who watched with bruce tweeting not only was i able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children i am now able to call him my hero. i think what really stood out. so many things stood out for the interview. he started receiving hormone treatments in the '80s for five years and just stopped. it shows you how long he's been dealing with this. >> the long-running struggle. the central drama of his life. extraordinarily brave in my view to say this now. coming up how did jenner's family react to the news?
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including who knew about the big family secret and when. want to turn now to ron who as a breaking stroir overnight on an earthquake and avalanche. >> a desperate search going on in nepal for survivors after the earthquake. homes and centuries old temples have been crumbled. him a hamish mctomd -- mcdonald is lye with the details. >> reporter: it measured 7 .9 on the richter scale. the death toll is at at least 100. we're getting reports it could go much hire. it was felt in india as well much of nepal, including on mt. everest. guides are reporting there's been an avalanche on the face of the world's highst moup tans. there will are at least 30
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people injured on the mountain. at this point, the casualties remain unclear. a lot of concern about this being climbing season and a lot of people on the edge of the mountain. we've been speaking to americans in and around the capital. they describe scenes of complete chaos. buildings have been totally destroyed. bodies being dug out from underneath the rubble. take a look at this ancient tower before and after the quake hit. schools of people were inside of that. i've just been speaking to one american on the ground there. she describes that even though these temples have been struck by the quake, people are now standing outside them praying to the temples as they're being rocked by aftershocks. ron? >> thank you, hamish. reporting from lond on the powerful earthquake in nepal. another air skrar for people. flight 100 from las vegas to milwaukee had to be diverted to denver friday night due to a possible pressurization issue. the 737 was taken out of service
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to be inspected. passengers boarded another flight to milwaukee. and oscar winning star power at the united nations. angelina jolie blasting the security council on friday. saying the world body is standing by while atrocities take place if syria. shirking responsibility. >> nearly 4 million syrian refugees are victims of a conflict they have no part in. yet they are stigmatized, unwanted, and regarded as a burden. so i'm here for them. because this is their united nations. >> and jolie has made 11 visits to syrian refugee camps since the conflict began in 2011. she urged council members to go there themselves. look at this explosive pit stop for one race car. in the xfinity series. brendan gaughan pulled in when a
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spark caused a huge fireball. three pit crew members were injured. finally, while most nfl stars are vacationing in the offseason, one player has other plans. a.j. francis, a 330-pound lineman for the dolphins was just afrooufd moonlight as an uber driver. he plans to use his white dodge charger to pick up passengers. >> put your requests in. i just got activated as an uber driver. we're in here, you know what i'm saying? we're in here. >> he's really into it. he says he's used to odd jobs. before the nfl he worked as a bouncer and at a deli. given that the average career in the nfl is a little over three years, maybe it's good to have a second profession. >> exit strategy. >> he worked as a bouncer at a deli? what kind of deli was this? >> the carnegie deli.
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things get rough there. >> just to clear up any confusion. >> bouncer and at a deli. >> i'm easily confused the. >> an educated man, too. >> thanks ron. also this morning, major new developments in the city of baltimore. protesters today are threatening to shut the city down. after a suspect was severely injured while in police custody and later died. people are saying officers should have provided him with medical attention. invet gators are keying in on this photo and the potential witness they want to speak with. gloria riviera has more from baltimore. >> reporter: good morning, paula. i'm standing in front of city hall in baltimore. a city with a tough history of its relationship with police. we expect protests later this afternoon. such raw emotions. and renewed anger, especially after newly released surveillance video shows the victim clearly asking for help. >> at no point did he have a
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seat belt on. >> no excuses for that. period. >> this is unacceptable. >> reporter: this morning, a heart broken community, still searching for answers after the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. fatally injured while in police custody. suffering a severe spinal injury. falling into a coma. and dying days later. grey gray, seen in the video, screaming, unable to walk. in excruciating pain. >> ow! >> reporter: authorities acknowledge gray should have received medical treatment before being put in the van. >> freddie gray should have received medical attention. he did not. >> reporter: investigators searching for this man, seen in surveillance video noefr night. calling him a potential witness. releasing a series of clips from cameras on every turn the van took. pro testers taking to the street for the eighth day in a row.
7:15 am
>> they demand answers. and so do i. >> reporter: critics suggesting the two men may have been the victims of a rough ride. officers allegedly using sudden stops and sharp turns to injure arrestees. the commissioner confirming gray wasn't wearing a seat belt. there's more from the police press conference. the commissioner revealing that freddie gray did not receive medical assistant until 50 minutes, nearly one hour after he was arrested. all questions in gaps of the timing of the van ride. the van stopping three times. the third time gray having to be picked up off the floor. six police officers have been suspended in this case. dan? paula? >> a lot of serious questions to be answered. another tense day in baltimore. a dangerous, and long-dormant volcano suddenly coming alive in ferocious fashion. eruptions burying towns and
7:16 am
homes. the shoekmoking crater could blow again at any time. matt gutman is near the scene. >> reporter: authorities here say they're still in crisis mode. evacuating a number of towns south of here overnight. now, that volcano has been dormant for 40 years. over the past couple of days it's chugged so much smoke and ash into the air, flights at airports 1,000 miles away have been canceled. >> wow. >> reporter: this morning, exclusive video of the moment the top blew. smoke and ash pumped skyward at about a mile a minute. as yet another town evacuated overnight. and the town of encenada digging out. snowplows used to clear the roads. and up on the roof tops that haven't collapsed, we saw firemen in surgical masks shoveling away. this fire man tells me the soot and drafl is 15 inches deep.
7:17 am
this drone shot shows the verdant town just four days ago. now a desert smoothered in ashy gravel. officials overwhelmed. >> how do we move this -- >> reporter: and wra do you put it? and a local school now a refugee camp. as the displaced settle in sleeping on mats their principal telling me classes are closed indefinitely. he's saying everything depends on the volcano. until people here don't need it this is used as a shelter. on top of fears of another eruption, the weather is a forecast too. it's forecast to rain in the next couple of days. it could sod lid if i the foot-thick layer of ash and gravel into rock-hard cement. now to the royal baby watch part two. aby is expected any day now. in fact today is the rumored due date.
7:18 am
and sara has been eagerly anticipating baby's arrival from buckingham palace all week. >> reporter: hi paula. good morning. right now, london is full of activity. they're preparing for a marathon here tomorrow. about an hour ago, we saw queen elizabeth and prince william laying a wreath at the 100th anniversary of the battle of gallipoli. major battle in world war i. a somber event. on a much much brighter note kate and william are expecting a baby. presumably duchess ke is back at home with prince george. we want to give you a look at their london. when we thing of the young royal family, we think of scenes like this. ♪ but when prince william and kate are not making official appearances, they're decidedly normal young parents. >> they like to go to restaurants. the movies. they have a hamburger.
7:19 am
>> reporter: like many parents, prince william and kate want to bruce their kids to culture. we're at one of their favorite spots. the natural history museum. it was here prince george was seen happily enjoying fluttery friends. this is the exact spot where the pictures were taken of william and kate and baby george. >> yeah. >> reporter: oh my gosh. this is a royal experience right here. when you're a royal and you want to teach your kid to swim. you can't just go anywhere. anywhere but buckingham palace. reportedly the pool inside is where kate takes little george to learn to swim. then there's shopping. kate's been known to do her own. right here on walton street. one baby store she's frequented blue al monlds. she's been spotted here with her mom, buying moses baskets among other things. do we go blue or pink in nobody
7:20 am
nose. even something for uncle harry, my favorite prince. normalcy is what the young royals crave. that's expected to continue with the new addition. the new little prince on princess. now kate was seen as recently as a few days ago shopping for home goods in dara's home goods shop. reports say they were navy blue. let not read into this. they could be for prince george. >> the royals, they're just like us. let's get to rob with a look at the weather. ? good morning, guys. look at this picture. not one but two tornadoes touched down. or a look at the flooding video. we had heavy rain across parts of texas. the dallas-ft. worth area showing heavy rains and winds gusting enough to do tree damage. at one point, 60,000 people without power. these are the tornadoes in scott city. a parent tornado. satellite tornado.
7:21 am
a little land spout there. hail the size of -- not golf balls but tennis balls. lucas, kansas. accumulating to 3 1/2 inch there is. the threat today across parts of the south. alabama, florida, even texas. torn dave: good morning. a littlele sunine out there, but mostly overcast skies. in rockville42 degrees. temperatures generally in the 40's which means t frost and freeze advisory for the city are beginning to asas we look at thehe bigictu showers s coming our w way, right now rth of t the mason-dixon line. look for t rain >> chilly start across the northeast. temps near freezing. it will warm up later on. >> that's why i have long sleeves on. coming up on "gma," the
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extraordinary story of bruce jenner. house hi family reacted to the revelation that he's transitioning to a woman. saved by girl scout cookies. the two women stranded in the michigan wilderness for two weeks with just snax in the car. you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae,
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wó dave: it was too soon to put away y your gloves and winter coat. it is chilly o out there this mornin itill bebe a mostly grade weekd with. you can e some sunshinee in rockville. that will bebe at premium today. cloudsds are moving g in. temperatur are moving up. that means the frost and freeze advisory are mostly expired for
7:28 am
the meeting washington area. they continue in effect to the northeast until 10:00. warm front coming our way. here comeshe raiain. it will hold off untilhis afteoon. rain, and even s snow, to the north othe son-didixon liline ere ththe tempmperatures a in the 30's. rain continuing into the overnigh hours, maybe one quarter o of an inch. tomorrow showersrs, the afternrnoon cleaearingnd temperatutures in the 60's.
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the first one of the girls i ever told was kimberly. kim caught me one time walked in -- >> and said what. >> i tried tall her and said hey, you okay. it was a big secret in the family. we never talk about it again. >> until now. that's more from bruce jenner. his exclusive interview with diane sawyer. jenner offering insights into how his family is handling it all. >> good morning. also coming up the two sisters, speaking of family stranded for two weeks in their car rescued overnight. they're crediting to saving their life. >> amen. >> i can relate to that. first, more of course from produce jenner. he revealed he'll now be living as a woman. >> his life-changing decision affecting his entire family. that's why he waited until now.
7:31 am
in more of that interview, he reveals what the journey has been like for the entire family. chris connelly joining us again with more. >> reporter: family we have seen and heard so much about. children who clearly mean the world to jenner. telling them this secret clearly one of the most challenging events in his journey. their support deeply meaningful. virmly from the beginning, bruce jenner grappled with the challenge of telling loved once about the gender identity struggle within. like kris kardashian. >> i had been on hormones for five years i was a good solid 36-b something. cow can't hide those things. she goes okay you like to wear women's clothes and this and that. in the next house, i am building a glam room. very chic. classy. black little outfit. i kind of downplayed it. >> reporter: some of their now
7:32 am
world famous children. they saw a thing or two. >> the first one of the girls i ever told was kimberly. she caught me one time walked in. >> and said what. >> i tried to call her and say, hey, you okay. it was like a big secret. we never talked about it again. >> reporter: later it was kendall and kylie, seeing their father in a dress. silence. until a few months ago, when the kardashian progeny were told of their dad's wish. dating back to before they were born, to transition to a woman. >> they all cried. they're very protective of me. especially kendall and kylie. >> did any of them say don't. don't go any more public with this. >> oh, yeah. why do you have to do it now dad, are you kidding me? >> any of them taking it hard. >> khloe. she's had the toughest time with it. i have tried to explain, i'm still going to be here with you. >> reporter: sousepouse kris. >> if she had been good with it
7:33 am
we would still be together. >> angry with you? >> probably a little bit. not what she expected. >> reporter: the biological children from bruce's first two marriages probably not expecting it either. >> i held his hands. told him how proud of him i was. i asked him you know what do you want us to call you or how do you want us to handle it? he interrupted me and said i'm dad. you can call me dad. i will always be your dad. and that was just a human relief. >> reporter: and from team kardashian. additional support. via an unlikely source. >> kim told me a story. she goes you know what really turn me around? on thinking about this? and i said what? she goes kanye. i went, oh? okay. they were talking about it. and he says to kim, look it i can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world. and i am.
7:34 am
i can have the most beautiful little daughter in the world. i have that. but i'm nothing if i can't be me. and since then kimberly has been by far the most accepting. and the easiest to talk to about it. >> kanye playing a key role. fascinating, isn't it? family members, including kris jenner taking to twitter with messages of support and encouragement. for a reality tv family a genuinely real moment. >> and good for kanye. >> impressive. i think so. >> and he still wants to be referred to as dad. >> h i guess that's correct. >> thank you, chris. to watch all the highlights from the remarkable interview, go to slash bruce jenner. now, we want to take another look at the breaking stories overnight. and including the massive earthquake in nepal. back to ron. >> hi again, dan and paula. robert. we begin with the massive
7:35 am
earthquake in nepal. we're learning at least 565 people have been killed. the quake, which struck just jute side the capital has affected moupt faffect ed mount f rest. rescue crews search for survival. a massive rally planned in baltimore later today. protesters vowed to quote shut down the city as thousands are expected to hit the streets in response to the death of freddie gray in police custody. police officials acknowledge gray should have received medical treatment prior to be putting in a van. a guilty verdict for the last three people in the robert champion hazing death. the three defendants were ah charged are manslaughter. the ring leader got six years behind bars. finally, starbucks lovers can breathe more easily this
7:36 am
morning. maybe that's correct grammar. a computer glitch that shut down 8,000 starbucks outlets has been taken care of.itch had perks on friday. some places gave away free drinks coffee not booze, during the outage. >> thank you for the clarification. >> the starbuckings glass didn't give it away. >> uncle ron claiborne. >> maybe that make spanish coffees. >> spoken like a man with experience. >> it's chilly out there. temps in the 30s. freeze warnings out for the next hour or two. and a wind chill of 32 degrees right now in the big apple. the strong spring sun will warm things up. a dip in the jet stream. thank goodness weir in the end
7:37 am
of april now. we saw snow over the last couple of days. as will the active severe weather threat. the new orleans jazz festival one of the two weekends always gets crushed with rain. nashville, knoxville, evansville indiana. out west, unsettled. california through nevada. yeah nevada too, but oregon and washington they'll see snow showers. too little too late. every bit helps as far as the water supply is concerned the. dryer across the mid dave: good morning. a little bit of snow north of the mason-dixon line, no precipitation for us today. >> this weather cast brought to you by the new mazda cx 5.
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a story breaking overnight. about two sisters lucky to be alive right now. surviving for almost two weeks in the wilderness in michigan. >> yes, their vacation turning into a nightmare. luckily, they had treats in their car that likely saved their lives. linzie janis is here with more. >> reporter: incredible story. astory -- avacation they didn't think they were going to survive. they were stranded in their car 30 miles away from civilization with no cell phone service. their plan to survive worked. two sisters air lifted to safety after being lost in the wilderness for two weeks. 52-year-old leslie roy and 56-year-old lima ree wright were
7:43 am
on vacation in a remote part of michigan's upper peninsula when they became stranded in heavy snow. the two women braving freezen temperatures in their car. staying alive by rationing their food and gasoline. >> they survived on eight boxes of girl supreme court cookies. a bag of cheese puffs. >> reporter: days later, when they didn't arrive in kalamazoo to meet other family members, the search began. >> we were able to look at what location they were at. phone records. bank records. >> reporter: after more than a week of combing the woods, searchers spot a glimmer of light reflecting off their suv as windshield. >> it's truly a miracle that they were found. >> reporter: rescuers air-lifting the sisters to the hospital. describing them as physically weak but in good spirits. here they are moments after their rescue holding hands,
7:44 am
posing for the camera. wright's son saying we thank god for the return of my mom and my aunt. >> i've been surviving on girl scout cookies and cheese puffs for years. i see this as a validation. >> the first 18 years of my life. >>ly now put girl scout cookies in the vehicle. just if case. a great endorsement. >> it's a good idea to carry stuff in your car. >> yeah especially thin mints. coming up here on "gma," beyonce's mom ties the knot. the superstar shares fun family photos from the big day. we have them next in "pop news"
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♪ oh, yeah. >> uh huh. >> sara may be gone. but ron is still per cussing this morning. >> take it away. >> rachel smith, great to have you. what you got? >> great to be here. you're up for this. this morning, diehard "grey's amatmy" fans are still sufficientering from a mcnightmare. patrick dempsey, his character, dr. mcdreamy flat-lined in a twist. dempsey tweeted i love you all
7:49 am
to his fan. but his good-bye is making some wonder if this is also his departure from acting. crazy, right? he's hinted in the past at wanting to take up his racing hobby full time. he enjoys getting on the track, racing around. according to a rep from entertainment weekly, he's likely taking a step behind the camera for the time being with two tv projects in the work. >> i heard he was going to med school. >> really? >> to become a doctor. >> a real dr. mcdreamy. >> a lot of viewers were torn up. >> we may not see his dreamy several self on screen. >> are you okay ron? up next, proof that beyonce and her family are just like ours. more or less. check out the amazing photos of her mother tina knowless' wedding. there's blue ivy hitting the
7:50 am
dance floor with daddy jay z. another one of her looking cute in a tiara with mom and dad. >> dig the white suit huh? >> and look closely at this. the whole family snapping a goofy pic. leave it to the carters and the knowles' to do that. everyone dressed in white. all looking great. that's beyonce's -- nis work dan. >> there's the tiara. >> this family is always fashionable. they can do whatever they want. exactly. and, guy, finally revenge is a dish best served right to the face. hear me out here. a fun family game. to see what i mean. the idea is like a russian roulette meets jack in a box. you have to crank the lever until the pie is spontaneously hurled into the tas.
7:51 am
you can see the grandson gets it first. and the grandpa is like eating it up. he's just laughing like crazy. >> is that whipped cream or shaving cream? >> it could be shaiing cream. >> whatever sadistic games does this family play? anything involving a nail gun? >> i think it's fun. really? i'm not sure if they're on a sugar high. the laughter is contagious. >> the kid's not laughing. >> he did when the grandpa got it. >> i would love the play a round of pie in the face. >> look out! >> no! >> are you up for it ron? >> are you going eat it? >> absolutely. >> come on ron, get in there. >> soupy sales. >> are you up for it danimal? >> we'll be right back.
7:52 am
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we want to thank you for joining us. rachel you'll be back tomorrow? >> not after that whipped cream thing. >> and abc 7 news update. >> good morning to you. checking our top stories is morning, u.s. heart police and arlington county police confirm there was a serious accident along the george washington parkway very early this morning. it happened at 4:30. we will have to you as we learn more. in baltimore, massive rallies
7:57 am
are planned in response to the death of freddy gray. he died due to a spinal cord injury that he suffered while in custody of the police. police have admitted that he was not buckled into the transport van and that officers repeatedly failed to give him medical attention. we have some showers moving in. dave is standing by with all the details. >> showers aren't here quite yet, but they are coming. it has been a cool week, gray week, you can see a glimmer of sunshine in laurel. look at it now because it will be diminishing. temperatures in the 40's, which means the advisories that we had for earlier today have been expiring. they stayed to the north and east of the city, especially north of the mason-dixon line.
7:58 am
the rain going to the south. i think around 5:00 we will see rain. today, upper 50's. winds out of the southwest. chilly out there. rain all night. tomorrow maybe a bit better by the afternoon, maybe in the low 60's. we will take that better than today. >> thank you, dave. thank you for joining us. have a great saturday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
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