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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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protesters come to town. brad bell is live in baltimore with new information on this developing story. >> the new information is from a baltimore police conference concluded a little while ago they are now admitting that freddie gray should have been given medical treatment before he was put in handcuffs and thrown in the back of a van. they're also admitting that while he was in the back of the van, he was not seat belted and that very likely added to his injuries. now, as far as statewide change this case has caught the attention of the governor of maryland and he says he's going to sign a bill that he hopes might make a difference. cell phone videos of baltimore police handling freddie gray clearly show a man in distress. >> you recording it? brad: with the videos taken from multiple angles don't show is how gray was injured. it's a visual evidence vacuum that's convinced maryland
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governor larry hogan to sign a new law clearing the way for widespread use of police body cameras. >> having the real evidence of exactly what happened is a step in the right direction. brad: locally, laurel city police have been using the cameras for more than a year. in december we rode along to see how they work the cameras captured the mundane to the violent. but larger jurisdictions have been slow to make cameras a part of the uniform. pgpd inspector general costa says the new law will speed things up. >> from the smallest department to the big departments, they're going to have a consistent look at what the law is and how they should do their program. brad: the bill exempts police from the two party consent law for audio recording and creates a commission to define best practices. in baltimore, the governor believes they would have helped answer many of the questions plaguing the community and the mayor about what happened to freddie gray. >> i know that this is
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absolutely unacceptable and i want answers. brad: while the mayor of baltimore was speaking at a press conference backed up from clergy across the town there are going to be big protests tomorrow. they're going to come down here in front of police headquarters. the mayor, the police chief are telling everybody involved, keep it peaceful. the police chief at this press conference concluded about an hour ago said straight out, anyone that wants to bring chaos here well they're just not welcome. brad bell, abc 7 news. maureen: a funeral for freddie gray is planned for monday at new shilo baptist church in baltimore. his wake will be sunday afternoon at vaughn green funeral home. issues of race and the police will be the topics at a day long symposium sponsored by the smithsonian tomorrow much at least two of the sessions will be on the impact of the protests in ferguson, missouri, on american history. all the events are sold out. those events in ferguson sparked a surge in demand for police
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body cameras and that's had a major impact on camera maker taser international. since august 8th, the day before the shooting death of michael brown, the stock's value has nearly tripled in value. it closed today just under $30 a share. taser international's other major product is the stun gun and it is being shelved at fairfax county's jail. the move is considered temporary while the department investigates the death of a 37-year-old woman after she was stunned during an altercation with guards in february. a crime alert tonight after a brutal attack on camera at metro's eastern market station. take a look at this video. it shows a young man suddenly punch a 69-year-old man several times knocking him to the ground on an escalator. metro transit police say the suspect pushed the man as they exited the train and that started the argument. this happened about five hours ago. if you recognize this man, call
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police. now to a story you first saw on 7. a female high school student arrested accused of attacking a teacher. the alleged assault happened this afternoon at dunbar high school in northwest washington. stephen tschida is there with what he's learned. stephen? stephen: maureen, we have learned that this attack took place shortly after noon here at dunbar. we don't have details about exactly where in this school this occurred nor what it involved. we have learned that the alleged victim is a teacher, the alleged assailant a juvenile girl. police descended on dunbar high school shortly after noon. you can see them outside and inside the school. they took a female juvenile into custody. this after the girl allegedly assaulted a teacher. >> i heard teachers and students fighting. reporter: neither the school
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system nor police would say what led to the alleged attack or provide details about the teacher or the teacher's condition. but word of the incident spread through dunbar fast. >> i do know that the teachers didn't want to fight. reporter: we spoke with teachers and students who say the threat of violence is something they contend with here regularly. >> it's scary. sometimes unexpected to see what will happen today, in the normal day. stephen: the school system says there are protocols when something like this occurs on the school property. they say those protocols were followed and there were a large number of police here as the students exited today. people in the school system tell me that so far everything has been peaceful after this alleged attack took place. reporting live stephen tschida abc 7 news. maureen: thank you stephen. new at 6:00 the obama administration may create a specialized team to coordinate response to overseas hostage situations involving americans. the news comes one day after we
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learned rockville native warren weinstein was killed in a u.s. drone strike targeting al-qaida. today, weinstein's family released a statement thanking the outpouring of support. cnn is reporting in 2012 weinstein's family paid a ransom for his release. and that is sparking debate over whether the u.s. did enough. yesterday, on abc 7 news at 4:00 maryland congressman john delaneey said the u.s. needs a tsar type figure to oversee the issues. today, delaney repeated his position. >> we don't have someone who wakes up every morning and cut across all bureaucracy and grab any resource at any agency and bring it to bear to help find these hostages. maureen: a year long review of response to hostage situations is expected later this spring. today, a rally for peace between turkey and armenia. these people are gathered in
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front of the lincoln memorial to mark the 100th anniversary of the turkish-armenian conflict. the demonstration included nearly 150 dancers and a color guard. they waved flags and pledged a peaceful century to come. a warm farewell. rather, still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 the minor change generating a big buzz as fairfax county schools addressed gender identity. and the big change is about to begin at hundreds of traffic lights in the district. >> they have the nerve to give me a ticket? maureen: and an abc 7 exclusive. a parking ticket and a crime screen. d.c.'s reaction after a woman was ticketed while her car was surrounded by police. doug: and i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. the weekend getting off to a crystal clear start but it's not going to stay that way. i'll tell you what to expect straight ahead on abc 7 news at
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maureen: currently on 7 a woman fighting her parking ticket after her car became trapped at a crime screen. liz was out to dinner when a man shot and killed a guard at the u.s. census bureau. her car was in an area roped off for hours by police. and the area where the suspect was captured after a shootout in northeast washington. when she returned the next morning to get the car she
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found a ticket for an expired meter. >> i couldn't get my car or my possessions. the money it costs me to get home and back and they have the nerve to give me a ticket? they should be sending me a letter of apology. maureen: she has now begun the process of getting the tickets nullified. a warm farewell today for u.s. attorney general eric holder. this was holder's last day on the job after six years as the nation's top law enforcement official. his successor, loretta lynch will be sworn into office on monday. her senate confirmation yesterday makes her the first african-american woman to lead the justice department. a major effort to improve driving conditions in the district is about to get under way. at 8:00 tonight, ddot will start work on traffic signals at 650 intersections in the downtown area. crews will adjust the timing of
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the signals to reduce theength of time drivers stop at a red light. the project is expected to continue through the month of may. next on abc 7 news at 6:00, where we could see temperatures fall below freezing tonight and how long will this cooldown last? tim: the caps are in new york hunkered down and gearing up for game six in their series against the rangers. i'll take you live to the phone booth where paul pierce is warming up right now. wizards getting ready for the all important game three as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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maureen: a debate is erupting in fairfax county over school bathrooms. at the center of it the debate over gender identity in children. abc 7 northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg explains the school system's change and the reaction. jeff: adding gender identity to fairfax county school's nondiscrimination policy may only consist of two words. >> whatever. everybody is equal. jeff: but it is generating plenty of conversation. >> i don't think i would be in favor of it. jeff: the school board is considering the move following a decision last month by virginia
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attorney general mark herring to allow school boards to include sexual orientation and gender identity in policies protecting students and teachers including transgender individuals. the fairfax board had already voted last year to include sexual orientation. this would be the next step. >> we want to make sure people feel safe and secure when they are in our school. jeff: the school board chair says the proposal is gaining momentum. >> right now we're hearing from both sides but hearing a lot of support. jeff: last night, the board also heard opposition. parents andrea laferty worries about problems relating to bathrooms at schools. >> no law requires public schools including fairfax to allow boys into girls' bathrooms or girls into boys' bathrooms. providing such access is a safety issue. jeff: but steve hinckley of alexandria, a middle school parent is urging fairfax to move forward. >> i think it's really great that they would take a lead and
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show the rest of the nation that everybody should be treated equally. jeff: if this measure moves forward, the county will be bringing in a consultant to make sure it is correctly complying on all levels. a vote on this issue is set for may 7th. in the alexandria section of fairfax county jeff goldberg abc 7 news. maureen: gender identity is the big subject tonight as diane sawyer sits down for a long awaited exclusive interview with bruce jenner. the two-hour special reveals jenner's journey and plans for the future. it begins tonight at 9:00 on abc 7 and then tonight at 11:00, abc 7 goes in depth on the issues faced by people making a gender transition. in our special report "journey to transgender" stephen tschida talks with a local transgender woman who had the courage to do something about the secret she carried her entire life. a candid discussion tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. some changes this year to a d.c.
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tradition. the smithsonian folklife festival is moving to a new part of the national mall after the earth day concert left the grounds in very bad shape. the festival will be located on the third to seventh street stretch of the mall instead of the usual location between 7th and 14th street. looks like we could bit of rain for that grass on the mall. doug: be careful what you wish for. tomorrow afternoon and evening rain possibility here into sunday. let's got you started. absolutely beautiful weather today. a little cool, i know. a little breezy as well. but crystal clear skies and temperatures managed to get into the lower 60's briefly in some areas. in fact, 62 is the official high at reagan national airport. 40 degrees the morning low. 69 and 50 are the average high and low. at this hour it's still 62 degrees right now at reagan national airport. most areas in the 50's away from the city, couple of spots and warm spot locally is fredricksburg at 64 degrees.
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now, as we get through the night, we're going to see temperatures drop, skies will be clear and the winds will diminish and as a result, we have two one advisory and one warning to talk about. there's a freeze warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. in the northern and western counties far away from the city and a little closer in in the northern and western suburbs and over on the eastern shore, a frost advisory. that until 10:00 tomorrow morning as well. cloudiness has been sparse and in fact, none around here today. it's just downstream to the south and west all developing ahead of a storm system that spread a lot of heavy weather all day long the past two days actually. even at this hour across portions of the central plains. this is an issue, too. there's been severe weather and tornado watch is still in effect across a broad area of texas and up through kansas. couple of tornado warnings 50 miles north of the houston area and all this heavy duty action is going to spread eastward into tennessee tomorrow. in our area cloudy increase during the day. sunshine in the morning and have
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to deal with the timing for the rain. most modeling and everything that we get our hands on probably around 5:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon, the rain will move in and with us overnight through the day on sunday. at least until midday. right now, we're hoping that by noon the rain should be out of here with clearing maybe late in the afternoon especially as we get into the day on monday. so tomorrow 70% chance of rain late in the day. you'll get into sunday and the rain will be around in the morning and we mentioned the rain in the morning because that's going to be the areas all in george washington parkway and the parkway classic, going to be some rain in the area. temperatures will be cool. 42 to 46 with the northerly winds. that's the story for the day on sunday. once we get through monday, it's going to start to change a little bit for us. in fact we'll get rid of the cloudy symbol as we head through the day on sunday and find ourselves with a lot of sunshine as we head through the afternoon hours on monday tuesday and wednesday and temperatures climbing slowly eventually to 70 degrees. there you have it maureen and tim? maureen: good weekend to observe
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your sports indoors not out doors. tim: got to hit the golf course. frost in the morning, he said. it's going to be tough. take you downtown to the verizon center for the latest live report on tonight's wizards game while the caps are in new york sequestered on the island gearing up and getting ready for tomorrow afternoon's game six. i have the latest coming up next in spo
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tim: in the playoffs you hear guys say survive in advance. most important game is the next one. watch how fast you're eliminated. robert burton has been with the wizards and he's been there preparing for game three of the best of seven series. what do you have? robert: of course you'll have your normal five on five, 10 guys going forward. there will be one more player and i'm talking about the fans. have you heard of the phrase "it's so loud i can't hear myself think"? players tell me they hope it gets that loud tonight here at the phone booth. >> hope we'll be able to hear ourselves think. that's how it was last year and hopefully it will be even better and louder this year. i mean because we feed off it
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as well at home and that rattles things. robert: ramon sessions down there working on his corner three and you might want to watch out for otto porter. he'll be a big focus tonight. he's had some nice action for the past two games so looking forward to seeing what he produces tonight here at the phone booth. also, again, it's going to get loud and it's friday night and it's playoff basketball. can't wait. live at the phone booth, robert burton, abc 7 sports. back to you. >> see if the phone booth can get as loud as it was last year. my ears are still ringing from the caps game. let's move on and speaking of the capitals, we saw the emergence of a rookie superstar last night. got his first ever nhl goal against the isles and added another one later. had two assists. showed the same kind of stardom that experts predicted a long time ago. they head to long island hoping to close down the nassau coliseum in game six. >> he wants to learn and he
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listens more than anybody i know and he's like a sponge. he soaks it all in and he basically won the game for us. tim: game six tomorrow afternoon. that will be at 3:00. the nats start a 10 game road trip in miami tonight. jordan zimmerman on the heels for the nats. ryan zimmerman may get the night off to rest his sore foot. maureen: good luck to them. doug: all right. it's clear out there. it's going to get cold. frost advisory and freeze warning is farther north towards the maryland and pennsylvania border. as we get through tonight, range of temperatures 30 to 41 degrees with clear skies. steve rudin will have more information on the timing of the rain. start off with some sunshine in the morning but late tomorrow into sunday morning, he'll give you the timing. maureen: it's almost
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breaking news as we come on the air. the baltimore police coming on the air with new video. the suspect with the nearly severed spine, they never put him in a seat belt. 35 million in the path of severe weather. >> the collapse in the news conference late today. students performing as the stage gives way. and the volumecano. and the diane sawyer exclusive. >> are you going to be okay? >> the father the


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