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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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jummy: a prince george's county police officer heads to trial accused of assaulting a juvenile in jail. today, he's only facing a misconduct in office charge. the trial just got started about an hour or so ago. and our john gonzalez was live outside of the courthouse in upper marlboro in noon. john, we understand the officer says the juvenile assaulted him? john: that's right jummy. this is supposed to be a one day trial and we're learning more already about the people involved here. we understand that this officer
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and the juvenile have a history. they have six encounters in the past including the night this teen was arrested. the teen was apparently vandalizing a gas station here in prince george's county. well, right off the bat we can tell you that video has been released. surveillance video from the police station, two camera angles that show exactly what happened that night in november back in 2012. we can tell you that the juvenile is sitting handcuffed in a holding cell. he is yelling and screaming. even the prosecutors agree that he is being "loud, disruptive and obnoxious." seconds later, 27-year-old police officer jerry thomas who brought him over to that police station slaps the 15-year-old boy. the teen then falls over and then you can see the officer punching the teen a number of times. now, the officer's attorney argues that with this history, twice before this same juvenile
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spat on the officer's face so that's why this time he slaps the boy. the attorney saying that the officer thought that he was going to spit on him again and when the teen falls over the attorney claims he kicks the officer and that's when the officer uses more force. the prosecutors this afternoon saying well that was excessive force saying this doesn't justify the officer "losing his temper." officer thomas has been with the police department here in prince george's county for five years. he faces two counts of misconduct. no assault charge here which is interesting because the statute of limitations expired before the police department put this case on the state's attorney's desk. now, we can tell you that this trial again is supposed to last one day. today. it's a bench trial. no jury. the judge hopes to finalize it this afternoon and that surveillance video will be released once the verdict comes down.
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reporting live in upper marlboro, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. jummy: thanks for the update. meantime, new this noon a foster father has been indicted for the murder of an 11-month-old baby. 33-year-old david marcussen is charged with murder child neglect and cruelty to children among other charges. the stafford county sheriff's office says the baby boy karon mason received severe burns to his face torso and neck while he was giving him a bath in january. he died in the hospital nearly a month later. mark cussan is being held with no bond. montgomery county investigators are asking for the public's help after the disturbing sexual assault of a 20-year-old woman with a cognitive learning disability. sam sweeney is in rockville with why police believe there may be more victims. sam: it's the most disturbing of crimes. police say this 23-year-old waldorf man sexually assaulted a 20-year-old mentally disabled woman. >> this 20-year-old female is a
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woman who functions at the level of the middle schooler. sam: the two chatted on the dating website plenty of fish and agreed to meet in a rockville home back in february. that's when police say giddings made his move. >> after the assault, he took her computer tablet on the way out. sam: the victim told a staff member at a county program she attends. they notified police. now montgomery county investigators believe there m be more victims. >> they think that giddings was trolling if you will and in many places in order to establish multiple contacts. that's another reason why they believe that there may be other victims. sam: giddings faces multiple counts including three counts of first degree sexual assault. he's currently being held on $150,000 bond. reporting at the montgomery county police headquarters i'm sam sweeney, abc 7 news.
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jummy: more rain expected today but the big problem right now could be the wind. doug hill is here with the look at the first forecast for today. doug? doug: gusty winds, kind of early in the day for us. normally, our showers and gusty winds come later in the afternoon. it's a rapidly moving cold front. let's tell you the weather story on this wednesday. beautiful weather out there at the moment. but this is all going to change as the heavy line of showers moves into the area here. some lightning and thunder developing as well and that's going to be the story here for the next hour or two. winds are gusting from 25 to 35 miles per hour and that's going to be a story into the afternoon hours. a larger picture shows the rapidly moving area of rain with a few areas of thunder and lightning move in and some snow falling across pennsylvania with the strong cold front. we have an advisory for the winds gusting over 50 miles an hour north and west of the metro area. what will happen over the next couple of hours, there's a possibility that that advisory could be expanded eastward. showers come in with the
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thunder, they'll be rapid movers and i think temperatures will rapidly fall. right now, the winds are out of the south. look at these wind gusts, 35 miles per hour at dulles. 33 at reagan national. higher elevations could gust to 50, 55 miles per hour so through the afternoon we'll keep an eye on it. temperatures 71. those numbers will fall. we'll keep it up watching things for you and give you an update in the studio in a few minutes. jummy? jummy: we'll see you then. we're expecting to learn new information about the murder of a dunkin' donuts in anne arundel county. police plan to announce a significant award in that case. they're still searching for patel. he's also wanted in that april 12th death of his wife palek patel. her body was found in the hanover shop where the couple worked. police will hold a press conference at 1:00 this afternoon, about an hour from now. make sure you stay with abc 7 on air and on line for continuing coverage for any new developments. we're following the latest developments out of baltimore this noon where the justice
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department is now investigating the death of freddie gray. gray died while in police custody suffering a fatal spinal cord injury. as abc's karen traverse reports, many in the city are demanding answers. karen: demonstrators took to the streets of baltimore demanding justice for freddie gray. >> ♪ freddie gray ♪ >> until all of us are free! >> until all of us are free! karen: the 25-year-old's mother collapsed in grief. his sister overcome with tears fortunately the justice department's civil rights division has opened an investigation into gray's death which came a week after he was arrested. the cause of his death was a severe spinal injury. but it's unclear how or when that happened. police officials say they're cooperating with the feds. >> we are handing over a copy of all of the documents we have for their review of this case. karen: we're seeing more of the incident that took place on sunday, april 12th in west baltimore from this auto panning
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police camera. gray and another man ran when they saw police in the neighborhood. here, someone seen running down the street. then a police officer on the same streetwalking with two bicycles. squad cars arrive. not a minute later gray is seen on the ground. two officers standing over him. baltimore police say they don't know when gray was injured. during the arrest or after he was put in the van. the city's mayor claims it was while gray was isolated in the vehicle. >> i have a lot of concerns about what happened in the van and i want answers to those questions. karen: baltimore's mayor says there's questions of transparency when the police department does an internal investigation. she welcomes the justice department stepping in. reporting from northwest, karen traverse, abc 7 news. jummy: a federal judge is hearing arguments today on whether to expand release time for the man who tried to assassinate president reagan. john hinckley jr. has been undergoing treatment at a mental hospital since that shooting back in 1981.
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hinckley's lawyers are asking he be allowed to live at his mother's home in virginia full time. the penalty phase of the boston bombing trial continuing today. federal prosecutors say dzhokhar tsarnaev deserves the death penalty because "he is unconcerned, unrepentant and unchanged." the defense contends the 21-year-old's older brother tamerlan was the mastermind and he fell under his influence. terror attack thwarted in france. france's top security officials say they arrested a 24-year-old islamic extremist from algeria. they say he was planning an imminent attack on one or more churches. the computer science student was arrested on sunday after he apparently shot himself by accident and called for an ambulance and he's also accused in the murder a young mother over the weekend. friends and family this noon remembering the local mother and daughter killed in the germanwings plane crash. yvonne and emily selke's memorial was held at 11:00 this
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morning in manassas. they were on that germanwings jet when the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane into the french alps last month. 150 people were killed. right now, negotiators are in the final stages of nuclear talks with iran ahead of that june deadline. representatives from the u.s. iran and the e.u. are meeting at a vienna hotel to fine tune a framework agreement reached earlier this month. iran denies any interest in nuclear arms but it has agreed to reduce the capacity of programs that could be used to make weapons. in exchange it wants sanctions lifted. a bipartisan bill aimed at helping the victims of sexual trafficking is expected to pass the senate today. it also clears the way for a vote on attorney-general nominee loretta lynch. that decision was stalled for five months while the senate focused on the bill. it confirmed lynch will be the first african-american woman to hold the office of attorney general.
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right now, a group of veterans is on a 911 mile journey running from new york city to atlanta, georgia. and they're making a stop right here in the d.c. area to raise awareness for their cause. our brianne carter explains why they say it's so important. brianne: running with the stars and stripes in hand these runners known as the shepperdsmen arrived at the marine corps memorial this morning, the group including 11 former and active service members are collectively running 911 miles from new york to atlanta to raise money and awareness for a military rehabilitation program for brain injuries and post traumatic stress disorder. the share program at atlanta's shepherd center provides free counselling for veterans struggling with those so-called invisible injuries. on each one of these runs each one much these men is wearing one of these. a 22 pound vest to represent the 22 veteran suicides that still happen each day.
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>> what we hope is that you know, we might reach someone who has a need for the services provided through share. maybe we're running through a small town in virginia and there's that soldier, sailor marine, airman who is crying out for help. and feels he has nowhere to go but it's turned on to the program that way. brianne: this afternoon, these men will head to capitol hill to talk to lawmakers about taking care of veterans once they return home. the shepherdsmen will wrap up their journey in atlanta and by then, they hope to have reached their goal by raising $250,000 to put towards treating the men and women who serve our country. in arlington, brianne carter, abc 7 news. jummy: coming up at noon stuck in open waters. today, we hear from cruise ship survivors after a terrifying and violent storm stranded them for two days. and a church dinner turned deadly. the bacteria doctors say may have infected dozens of people and how it got there.
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plus doug hill tracking the potential for storms this afternoon. the full forecast coming up next.
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jummy: thousands of people are back on shore this noon after a fierce storm stranded a cruise ship at sea. 30-foot waves prevented that ship from entering the harbor in australia for two days. as marcy gonzalez explains it's incredible no one was hurt. reporter: dry land never looked so good for the 2500 people on board this carnival ship. stuck at sea off the coast of sydney australia for two days
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being slammed by 30 foot waves. >> it was scary. >> our patio furniture flew off the balcony. reporter: 60-mile-per-hour winds rocking the massive ship. >> it was wild. reporter: makeing it hard walk and at times dangerous to even sit. >> my suitcases were flying out of the cupboard and the tv was falling down. >> on the glass, actually had been pushed out and smashed all over the place. chairs fell like lollipops. reporter: the sudden storm was so severe that sydney harbor port was forced to close. and that is why the ship heading back from a 12-day voyage in the south pacific had to just wait in open waters. >> the ship would have literally surfed into the harbor and it's a rare occurrence. reporter: finally, today, the all clear. the cruise liner pulling into port. >> really happy to be back on land. reporter: passengers leaving with some vacation videos and memories. they probably would rather forget.
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if they were hoping for some sunshine once if sydney, no such luck. this storm that's killed several people in australia is expected to continue through at least part of today. marcy gonzalez abc news, new york. jummy: authorities are look into a deadly botulism case in ohio. one person we know has died and at least 21 others are sick because of the bacteria. three of those people in critical condition this noon. doctors say they all ate at the same church supper in lancaster. they believe it may have come from canned foods served at dinner. a drug used to treat botulism is being sent from the centers for disease control in atlanta. the vatican this noon confirming that pope francis is making a trip to cuba. that visit expected to take place ahead of the pope's visit to the u.s. in september. francis, the first pontiff from latin america is earning praise from the u.s. and cuba. both sides say he's playing a key role in restarting
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diplomatic relations between the two countries. all right. time to get a check of the forecast today. i know there's some rain. doug: at the moment it's gorgeous outside. it's sunny, breezy. in the lower 70's. let's get started. this is time lapse from frederick, maryland and this was early this morning. we started with lots of sunshine. then a few clouds rolled through and we kind of got wack to the sunshine and then in the past hour, look what happened. moving in from the west and northwest, heavy clouds. ahead of that very heavy rain associated with this. maybe a rumble of thunder and a couple of lightning strikes and very strong winds. fast moving cold front approaching the region right now. as far as lightning, got a few lightning strikes in the past 15 minute south of the winchester area and another heavier cell. on this line, very heavy rain. what's happening overhead at the same time is the winds, 8,000 to 10,000 feet above the ground are blowing 44 to 55 miles per hour even higher than that so the
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heavier downpours are going to bring some of those winds down to the surface. very strong wind gusts for these rapidly moving heavy rain showers and because of that, a wind advisory has been posted. these are fast movers. charlestown, you're about to get it next. it's coming towards harper's ferry and continue the trek towards the washington metro area along with the high winds. wind advisory in effect right now from frederick and carroll counties western loudoun and then out across the mountains and the higher elevations. if you live in those areas your winds will be even stronger. we'll monitor these from the weather center closely the next couple of hours. they'll blow right through. 71 now at reagan national. back behind the front, 45 degrees right now in cumberland so it's a legit cold front and we'll see our temperatures start to fall off this arch. winds are gusting to 33 miles per hour at reagan national. 35 at washington dulles. so it is very breezy now that we get strong enough to get the wind advisory expanded to our
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area remains to be seen. it could happen but it's a large area of rain. even some snow in the colder air in pennsylvania. this will blow through. by this afternoon's rush hour it will be fine. it will be breezy and somewhat cooler. we see that on the futurecast here. 2:00 this afternoon, a line coming through the area and maybe a few snow showers. yeah, snow showers tonight in the mountains and then the weather conditions look like they'll rather quickly improve. low temperatures by morning in the 30's north and west of town. lower 40's in the city. let's take a look at the next seven days and as we look at that for improving weather the next few days very cool temperatures and the chance of showers on saturday and right now, just handed this from alex liget, the national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for a bunch of counties. can we go to doppler real quick and show those? this is in the area west of the metro area. so again a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 1:00 and this is for areas in north frederick county in maryland. also for washington county north central loudoun county and
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also the panhandle of west virginia through berkeley county. we'll stay on top of this, jummy. jummy: thank you for that important information just coming in. thank you. in the meantime coming up on abls 7 news at noon a new jersey neighborhood on alert. the animal that's causing all sorts of commotion and forcing people inside their homes. details next.
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jummy: people are being warned to stay inside this noon after police found two coyote dens right next to a school. the new jersey community has been at a sharp rise in coyote sightings. the animals have been aggressive and even attacking twice in the last 15 days. police are warning people to give those coyotes a wide berth and to keep a close eye on small animals.
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talk about stress relief gone wrong. we've all gotten fed up with technology but now a colorado man is facing a fine after he got so frustrated with his computer, he took it out back and shot it. he was cited for discharging a firearm within city limits but to hear him tell it it was worth it. he told "the los angeles times" "angels sung on high" when he ended the life of his troublesome dell computer. severe thunderstorms moving through the area right now. doug has got another check of the radar coming up next.
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doug: let's give you a live look in frederick, maryland watching the sky how dark it was right there. for good reason. heavy rain and heavy to severe thunderstorms moving into the area. that part of frederick county maryland also southeast washington county and north central loudoun county jefferson county and panhandle under severe thunderstorm warning until 1:00 thunderstorms moving east at 50 miles per hour. winds in that area can gust at 60 miles an hour. we're watching it closely. all ahead of a rapidly moving cold front. give you a complete update at 4:00. i get a hunch we may be on tv before that with updates to the rain and strong winds. jummy: look forward to that. thank you for joining us this
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