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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content andaccuracy, visit] jummy: new details this noon in the investigation into a hate crime at a synagogue in gaithersburg. montgomery county police arrested one of the suspects this morning. this is the surveillance video that captured him spray painting swastikas and other anti-semitic messages on the grounds of shaare torah synagogue last week. jeff goldberg is in gaithersburg with details we just learned.
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jeff: the young man who committed this hate crime didn't use a knife or gun. he used a can of spray paint tagging swastikas and the letters k.k.k. all over the shaare torah synagogue here in gaithersburg gaithersburg, maryland. montgomery county police taking this very seriously and analyzed the paint was that used and the surveillance video shot here and interviewed a number of community members. well, eight days later they have made an arrest. 18-year-old sebastian espinoza-carranza confessed to police that he planned this because he didn't like jewish people that attend the synagogue here. the director says the outpouring of support not only from the jewish community but from christians muslims and many others has been tremendous. >> and continues into tomorrow is sort of coming out of the ashes and to rebuilding lives whenever possible. and in that same time period
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now we've done sort of that coming through it. jeff: just some of the signs here that have been posted. the graffiti is gone but i have a feeling these signs will be staying a while. now, carranza just turned 18. police say he has been charged with property damage to a religious institution and malicious destruction of property. and police have also identified others who might be involved here including a juvenile. charges are pending this afternoon. in gaithersburg, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. jummy: new at noon a verdict reached in the trial of former new england patriots player aaron hernandez. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. jummy: a jury returned that verdict this morning after 6 1/2 days of deliberations. hernandez was charged in the 2013 shooting death of odin lloyd. lloyd was dating the sister of hernandez hernandez hernandez's fiancee. he faces life without the possibility of parole which is
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the mandatory sentence for the conviction. right now, a southeast d.c. couple is in the hospital rescued by firefighters during an early morning fire. d.c. fire says one is in critical condition and the other in serious but nonlife threatening condition. our mike conneen got a hold of cell phone footage of the flames and you will see this only on 7. mike: just before 5:30 this morning, in the 400 block of 16th street southeast firefighters said there were heavy fire conditions in the second floor bedroom. >> it was kind of breath taking. it was shocking. mike: matthew buffington lives just around the corner with his wife and captured this video of the inferno. >> the deck is on fire. mike: he and other nearby residents woke up to a neighbor honking his car horn. they soon realized what was wrong. >> came out on the porch screaming "fire" and running down the streets. mike: the nearest fire station is a block away on c street. >> first unit arrived within
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approximately one minute. they received a call at 5:21 a.m. and the first unit on the scene at 5:22 a.m. mike: neighbors across the street watched in shock and were terrified by the amount of smoke and flames coming off this strk tour. they say firefighters quickly rescued two residents from the home, one pulled from an upstairs window a gurney. they say firefighters immediately performed c.p.r. >> they were very pleasant. >> when you see your neighbors hurt, painful you know. mike: no firefighters were injured. d.c. fire arson team, m.p.d. and the a.t.f. continue to look into the cause. matthew buffington shared his video with investigators. now he and others can only hope and pray the residents of this home will be ok. >> immediately, your heart goes out to the neighbors here. mike: in southeast d.c. mike conneen, abc 7 news. jummy: the sun is slowly moving in after yesterday's rain. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at what will do for temperatures today. doug? doug: hey, jummy, it looks like
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it will close to the upper 60's and close to 70. take a look at the live rooftop cameras from this view to the east and southeast, still very cloudy. there's breaks in the overcast to the west and northwest throughout parts of the area. you'll see that. 63 now, north-northeasterly winds at nine miles per hour. 61 at baltimore and frederick and 59 degrees at the noon hour in annapolis and look for the temperatures to climb. a lot of this will be controlled by cloud cover. we do see the breaks in the overcast and you can see on satellite, the warming from that will be all set by northeasterly winds but the bottom line is the rain that we think we had earlier this morning that will stay to the south and that's good news for the remainder of the afternoon hours and tomorrow looks great as well. so for this day, for this wednesday, partly sunny skies. upper 60's. maybe near 70 degrees with a light wind out of the north at five to 10. check the rest of the week and the weekend for you in just a couple of minutes, jummy? jummy: all right. see you then. in the day ahead now, expect to see more metro transit police
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officers at several stations. they're raising awareness for sexual harassment prevention efforts. the outreach event will take place during this evening's rush hour at foggy bottom metro center, congress heights silver spring and the clarendon metro stations. april, by the way, is sexual assault awareness month and sentencing is set for today for the gaithersburg man known as the beer pong rapist. joey poindexter was convicted of sexually assaulting five men but prosecutors believe there are at least two dozen more victims. prosecutors say poindexter met several of the men at beer pong tournaments including one at a bar in college park. he faces up to 200 years in prison. the city of boston will mark the second anniversary of the boston marathon bombings today. the city will hold a moment of silence. the ringing of church bells and a call for kindness. three people were killed and more than 260 others injured when two bombs exploded near the
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finish line of the marathon. dzhokhar tsarnaev was found guilty for his involvement in the attack. today also marking one year since the deadly ferry accident in south korea. the ferry capsized with more than 475 people on board. 300 people died mostly which were students and teachers trapped in cabins because the crew ordered them to stay put much the captain and 14 crew members were arrested and charged after the disaster. police brutality, protesters blocked highways and swarmed police precincts across the u.s. last night. as abc's marcy gonzalez comes out, it comes amidst more video that shows violent clashes between police protesters and police. marcy: police protesters shutting down highways and bridges in new york to california demonstrating what they call police brutality. >> i'm tired in the system as it is. the system is broke not and they
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don't care about black and brown lives. marcy: reaction to several newly released videos including this one from a police dash cam in arizona. >> jesus christ. man down. marcy: an officer swefshing to hit that robbery suspect was firing a stolen rifle into the air and ignoring calls to surrender. the suspect, mario valencia survived. his attorneys claim he was never ordered to stop and that the officer used excessive force. that officer is back on duty facing no charges. the police chief says he did the right thing to stop a dangerous man. >> this isn't the first time certainly that a vehicle has been used in a deadly force situation. marcy: protesters reacting to the shooting death of unarmed suspect walter scott in south carolina and this -- >> i'm sorry. marcy: a volunteer police officer in tulsa, oklahoma killing unarmed suspect eric harris saying he mistakenly fired his gun instead of his taser and that reserve officer, 73-year-old robert bates who
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works as an insurance executive is out on bond charged with second-degree manslaughter. marcy gonzalez abc 7 news. jummy: secretary of state john kerry says he's confident the u.s. can reach a nuclear deal with iran. even after president obama agreed to sign legislation giving congress the right to reject an agreement. the bill is expected to sail through both houses of congress. lawmakers would have 30 days to review any final deal aimed at preventing iran from developing nuclear weapons. while also lifting economic sanctions against the regime. president abraham lincoln died 150 years ago today at ford's theater where lincoln was shot. they're commemorating the anniversary and our jeanette reyes is in northwest with today's tributes. it was like a day of time traveling on penn street in d.c. you were taken back 150 years,
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exactly to the day abraham lincoln died of a gunshot wound to the head. dozens dressed in period clothing re-enacted the moments that would change the course of american history. it was on these steps 150 years ago that dozens were told the tragic news. abraham lincoln was dead. >> ladies and gentlemen, our president has breathed his last. jeanette: history buffs and others were immersed in living history. it was a touching and emotional experience and for many, a time of reflection. >> it was a cold night with drizzly rain and it was the same. >> emotional moment for me is when they were playing "amazing grace" after the announcement of his death. >> something huge and drastic to happen that can change the course of history. jeanette: the incomprehensible loss to america was communicated through song poems and speeches today. >> ♪ gone forever ♪ jeanette: more than just an
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emotional experience for susan will, it's a somber day in history that seems eerily similar to america today. >> a lot of all the same issues our lives today. and if we're not careful, the same sort of things will happen again. jeanette: reporting in northwest, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. jummy: coming up on abc 7 news at noon the surprisingly dangerous consumer product used in many homes. the condition that can cause it to create dangerous flash fires. and another celebrity talks about her battle with breast cancer. and the potentially life-saving advice she's now giving. plus a busy day for any procrastinators out there. what you need to know if you haven't quite finished filing your taxes just yet. plus tracking the potential for unsettled weather as the weekend draws closer.
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jummy: "7 on your side" this noon with a consumer alert. it's a warning about nail polish remover. now, under the right conditions it can cause dangerous flash fires. the vapor can ignite without the liquid touching a flame. officials say there have been a number of recent accidents including one in texas where a 20-year-old is recovering from third degree burns on more than half of her body after her nail polish remover sparked a fire. tom hanks' wife rita wilson revealed she was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. wilson exclusively told "people" magazine she underwent a bi lateral mastectomy and reconstruction last week. she was originally misdiagnosed
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but a second and third opinion saved her life. now, doctors including angelina jolie's breast surgeon are weighing in on why getting another opinion is so important. >> you have to be responsible for getting the proper screening and when bad diagnosis happen to you, you need to take the responsibility. jummy: wilson hopes her story will help educate others. more than 230,000 cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women. chilling new warning about air travel safety. a government watchdog group says commercial airplanes are vulnerable to hacking. investigators say the same wi-fi access available to you on a flight makes it possible for terrorists to bring down a plane. they say if airlines update their systems with internet based networks, it's not uncommon for wi-fi systems to share reuters or internal wiring
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with the aviation system in the cockpit with a fire wall to separate them. the report warns while difficult or unlikely, a hacker could potentially break through. today, a busy day for all those people that have not filed income tax returns yet. president obama is using tax day to bring new attention to family friendly tax proposals that creates new credits. he went to charlotte, north carolina to promote the proposals and answer questions at a town hall. that will happen later on this afternoon. and millions of americans missed that april 15th midnight filing deadline for their federal taxes. you can ask for more time by filing an extension. but it could cost you. requesting an extension is only an extension to file. not an extension to pay. if you think you're going to owe money and can't pay on time you'll be subject to both interest and penalties. the i.r.s. recommends filing as soon as possible. wind dust and rain are just wreaking havoc out wrest and in
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the south. wind gusts are causing hazardous air quality and deadly driving conditions through parts of utah california and nevada. dust storms are causing accidents and making it nearly impossible for planes to land. in oregon witnesses say a tornado swept a car into the air and slammed it into the parking lot upside down. torrential rains even causing flooding in the south as you can see in that video. >> some -- doug: some videos from las vegas international airport, planes trying to land with 50-mile-per-hour gusts. winds play havoc out there anywhere you have strong winds like that. jummy: quiet here today. doug: quiet and a little sunshine. temperatures are warming up. let's take you first to laurel. give you time lapse. if you trust me it was interesting day because you saw the clouds kind of move through the day and through the morning and now we finally breaking. a little bit of sunshine.
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let's talk pollen moderate for tree pollen. look at mold spores on the increase here. we'll get a bit of a break here. we're in the season for the next several weeks. tree pollen will be a big deal. it's spring. it's pollen season. temperatures 60 degrees at andrews right now and 61 degrees in fredricksburg. 59 at the moment at gaithersburg and at martinsburg and 63 again at reagan national airport. through the afternoon, we're going to see areas of sunshine. those areas get the most sunshine for the longest period of time might get 70 degrees. we're going to get bold and 69 for a high. we'll see clouds and sun. partly cloudy probably the bs way to describe the afternoon. as far as other numbers go temperatures have cooled off a bit. high pressure building over eastern canada and new england keeping temperatures below average. no bitterly cold air. caribou, maine and northern maine 40 degrees. that's pretty chilly. you notice the 70's and 80's we've had for the past couple of
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days down south to the carolinas. they've been pushed southward because of some clouds and some rain. our area, high pressure will continue to build in this afternoon. that will help dry up some of the moisture in the air and break up the cloud cover. there will be a persistent area of rain in the radar, that will head off to the east. in time over the next couple of days that high will build up. that will allow an upper level disturbance and cold front bring rain on friday. weekend while not guaranteed to be rain free weekend picture is looking better. here's what we have. high pressure moves off. clouds move back in late tomorrow. as that happens, the chances of rain pick up late at night and especially for the day on friday, areas of rain likely through the area. we should see some clearing by friday night and weekend again looking a little better. see in the seven day still include a 30% chance of showers over the weekend with some sunshine. but friday probably the best chance for rain in our forecast. and maybe later this afternoon with a little change in the update of the guidance may be able to lower the chances for you.
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upper 60's on sunday. nebs chance of rain comes in on monday. jummy: not too bad. doug: not at all. looks good. jummy: it's warm today. doug: it's getting there. jummy: you know where it's going to be hot? the verizon center. stanley cup chase begins tonight as hockey heats up in the district. the capitals open the playoffs tonight at the verizon center against the new york islanders. puck drops at 7:00 for game one. and game two is also here at home. that will happen friday night at 7:00. let's go, caps! coming up on abc 7 news at noon google is now under investigation. the big fines it could face. and the fight for $15. the protests raging across the country today.
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jummy: the european union is filing an antitrust complaint against google. the e.u.'s competition chief alleges google has given an unfair advantage to its own on-line comparison shopping service. she's also investigating its android system and whether the company relies on anti-competitive deals and abuses its position in europe's mobile market. the tech company could face up to $6 billion in fines. the mistress of former l.a. clippers owner donald sterling has to pay up. a judge ruled she must return nearly $3 million worth of gifts including a house and exotic cars. all to sterling's wife shelly. you might recall she was connected to a leaked phone recording of sterling making racially offensive remarks. that led to his removal as owner of the nba's los angeles
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clippers franchise. protests planned across the country today in a push to raise the minimum wage. labor organizers are fighting for $15 an hour for fast food and other low wage workers. that push comes just two weeks after mcdonald's announced a pay bump for workers at its company owned stores. that raise fell short of the $15 that workers are demanding. the clouds they are hanging around for today. doug is back with hopefully a sunnier forecast. that's coming up next.
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jummy: ipads usually run a couple hundred bucks depending on the version but a mystery buyer dropped just over $30,500 on this. that's because it once belonged to the pope. it's engraved with his holiness francisco and vatican internet service march 2013 in both spanish and italian. it was sold at an auction house in uruguay. $30,000 for an ipad. bible app is probably on it. doug: pretty much. let's check our rain real quickly on the storm scan. it's to the south and will stay there this afternoon. we think we'll see sunshine in the forecast and we'll have more rain in the forecast by friday. we'll give the timing when we see you this afternoon at 4:00. jummy: thank for joining u
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