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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the best chance for any heavy thunderstorms will be just to the south. steve rudin is on duty to keep a close watch on that. a very warm evening. tonight we will get showers lingering overnight. gusty winds as we get through the day tomorrow. it is going to be beautiful. i will happily share those details with you in a couple of minutes. alison: charges of excessive force by d.c. police department. a woman was severely beaten by a officer in front of her children. sam ford is live with what the department is saying. sam: we have given police the video that was given to us and police are looking into this to determine whether there were any inappropriate actions by their members. they have an incident with an
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assault on a police officer last year. , this is straight up police brutality. sam: this was shot i a friend of the victim. they were there to help a family move. police say they were there after report of four people fighting. they found no one fighting but set in their report the husband staff a wad of saliva onto the scout car and then continued to walk eastbound in the alley. video shows the officer detaining him and then they are all over the ground. police say his wife ran up to the officer and started grabbing him, attempting to free her husband. she said one his hat and cell phone fell and she attempted to pick them up -- >> they shoved me onto the back of a police car and took his
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stick out and began to start hitting me with the stick. sam: she says she was injured. it is called brutality. the husband and wife were charged with assault on a police officer. both were taken to the hospital where the wife received for stitches. >> the fact my children have seen it is more devastating to me. sam: they say they are filing a formal complaint today. police tell us that one of the officers involved was wearing a body worn camera and that may offer a different perspective. reporting from northwest washington, sam ford. maureen: a parent charged with child abuse will not face jail time. ere locked inside this room and lived in phil, fed through that makeshift gate you see on the left side of
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your screen. the couple was charged in december with three counts of child abuse. the three children are now in foster care. the parents are on probation but are allowed to visit the children and could someday give them back. an arrest in the shooting death of an inspiring d.c. wrapper. he was filming a rap video when he was shot to death on wednesday. police say they have arrested -- he is charged with murder. police are investigating a motive. a close call for an elderly couple in arlington. the driver crashed into a concrete wall and a parking garage, leaving the car hanging from the second floor. this was in the 42nd hundred block of four mile run drive. the passengers were unhurt.
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an emotional reunion in norfolk today. a sailor sees his family after 66 days lost at sea. lewis jordan went fishing in january. his electronic gear was destroyed. jordan says he survived for months by trapping fish and eating them raw. he was rescued he hydrated and with a broken shoulder but no other injuries. jordan's parents say they are overjoyed over his return after all those months of uncertainty. scott thuman says some world leaders refused to join them. scott is live at our capitol hill bureau. scott: iran is going to be
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allowed to keep some of its enrichment program under the umbrella that it is not for weaponize thing, instead that it is for energy purposes. with celebrations in the streets of toronto -- of tehran it would seem ok significant step toward safety. >> the deal would legitimize iran's nuclear program it would leave iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure. scott: their fears may not be so unfounded. >> with korea comes to mind. we struck this framework with north korea in 1994. we now know they have been cheating on the deal since day one. scott: she says that north korea may have enough material for 30 weapons.
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>> they don't have any good options on their own. all their options run through washington. if they want tougher sanctions they cannot do that. scott: a return to the trust of the verified approach, can i rent be -- the president without iranians do not see this as a defeat. >> and richmond is not a threat. scott: hardliners believe they conceded too much. we gave up a race ready horse and got a broken bridal. on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc seven news. maureen: another alleged homegrown terror plot has been stopped. a 30-year-old was arrested. she is the third woman accused of supporting terrorism in the
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usb if she tried eight iso fighters in syria and planned to travel and train there. >> we are seeing on a regular basis upwards of 30 or so arrests. what it means is isis is having an impact. maureen: two women from queens new york are facing charges. still ahead does the march job report signal a slowdown in the economy eco what the president says could be the clause --
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the wife of former white house secretary jim brady has died. mrs. brady was a comment gun control advocate after her husband was shot during the assassination attempt of president ronald reagan. her husband jim brady died last august. sarah brady was 73 years old. mixed messages in today's employment report. the u.s. added 126,000 jobs in march. that is the lowest since december 2013. the unemployment rate stays the
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same at 5.5%. there was a disappointing note, a very small growth and hourly wages. one year ago americans made $24.34 per hour. today it is $24.86 per hour. president obama spoke about the economy. he said the u.s. job market is tied to global investment. president obama: asia has been slowing down. we have had the strongest economy. we are impacted by what happens around the world. that is why we have to redouble our efforts. maureen: hillary clinton has officially -- clinton isn't officially running for president in 2016 but she is giving a strong sign. clinton's team signed a lease for two floors of office space in brooklyn.
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this likely sets off a 15 day period in which presidential candidates are to make their intentions known. still at 6:00. >> two schools that will keep english as a second language. critics responding to the idea created some controversy of their own. we will tell you what was set coming up. maureen: and the showers will stick around for much of the evening. when will they clear out? doug hill is back with a complete forecast. tim: the redskins make a deal with tampa bay.
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maureen: it involves building schools for students learning the english language. rebecca cooper is live in the newsroom to tell us was speaking against this proposal. rebecca: our colleagues at agenda are taking a look at english language learning schools that have been created in prince george's county. it is a joint production with
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our sister channel news a theater even the -- news eight. this includes comments from an african american leader that are creating some controversy of their own. she now feels safe living in prince george's county. but for needed romero's needs it was a harrowing journey. from her home in el salvador several months ago where she left behind everything to escape growing gang violence that threatened her own family. they came to her house wanting to kill her mother, so her mother solicited -- they had to send her to live with me because she was at risk over there. it hasn't been easy. but it has been getting better. thanks to new schools created by prince george's county specifically for english language were language learners. -- english language learners feel ross had the end of lace
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the chapter in prince george's county. his own comments about african-americans as are some controversy as well. saying african-american students don't know how to speak proper english. >> we are english language learners. historically it never really was our native tongue. it is why our graduation rate is low because we have not mastered the english language. rebecca: i spoke about this controversial comment. he says current tests scores show african-american students are performing poorly and when it comes to the financials of english reading and writing. he says it is not just african-american students, but all students in the prince george's county school system. he wants money being spent countywide to fix the problem.
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agenda airs saturday at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on news eight. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. maureen: standford university is offering students the chance to repent for free. the deal is open to all accepted the that all accepted applicants whose household income is less than $25,000 per year. -- the deal is open to all accepted applicants whose household income is less than $25,000 per year. a very good deal. what a great place. doug: rain and maybe a thunderstorm later on. let's get started. live from rooftop cameras here in arlington. cloudy skies and no rain at the moment. doppler radar confirms all this with rain off in the eastern shore. more catches to the south and west. we have been monitoring tornado warnings severe set -- severe
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thunderstorm warnings. 71 for the high at reagan international. temperatures, richmond south but early summer. you get on the other side of the cold front, we are back in the 40's. we are finding the big storms right now across kentucky and tennessee. two large areas in red. right now just east of the nashville metro area there are active tornado warnings. we are going to monitor those for you closely. this line is pretty much running to the east. 11:00 that timeframe. we will be watching that all night. we think because the way the atmosphere is figured that is configured that the best chance of any severe weather will be south of the metro area.
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that is kind of the trend we are looking at. futurecast continues the idea that all of this will move out in the overnight hours. through the day tomorrow, partly to mostly sunny. it will be kind of gusty. temperatures near 60 degrees. here is the way we will do it. sunny and windy. 40 degrees easter sunday morning. 68 for the home opener. then look what happens when we get through tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. a lot of cloudiness. pretty good chance we are going to have showers and an isolated thunderstorm. that is the latest. maureen: got my fingers crossed for wisconsin. tim: i know the reasons why. you have three number ones and the number seven seed playing like a number one.
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the redskins have made a trade to fill a need. stephen strasburg its great reviews from the yankees. what a day in baseball. i will tell you about
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tim: the nats beat the yankees 8-2. this will be the starting lineup for monday, which means danny espinosa will start at second base. ryan zimmerman had an rba's -- r.b.i. single. that scored three in the first and never looked back. stephen strasburg was throwing darts today. he had movement, velocity. he was mixing his pitches. the yanks lose to the net that the nats. they will play again tomorrow -- the yanks lose to the nats be the tampa buccaneers made a deal with the redskins could this sends deshawn goldson. it looks like a win-win for both clubs. it saves money fills the much-needed safety for the skins pitta -- the skins. there is a link.
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the general manager was with the 49ers when he was drafted by san francisco in 2007 and of course if you look at bruce allen and his ties with the buccaneers the trade was done. for baseball fans, tonight is one of those games that bills some confidence and could improve their playoff position. it will be interesting to see if randy wittman rest some of his starters against the hapless next. a search for a new head basketball coach. as the new head coach of the university of texas. he will reportedly earn more than $3 million with bonuses. he owes bc you a $500 buyout and texas has to play a home and a way series with bc. after a couple of practice rounds, tiger woods made it
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official today. he will play in next week's masters. he hasn't played in nine weeks and he did not play in a masters a year ago. it will be interesting to see how tiger woods plays when he starts this tournament. we will see if it the first round. maureen: our weather will be doing better. doug: dragon jury out there. showers west of the metro area. we will track those. even heavier showers across areas of kentucky and tennessee ahead of a cold front. there is the chance later tonight of some downpours and isolated thunderstorms. steve rudin will keep an eye on that. we will update the easter forecast at 11.
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breaking news tonight. tornado watches across several states. ten reported already. warnings of a dangerous friday night ahead for millions. and the deadly flooding. already more than 160 rescues at this hour, and counting. also, the massive fire burning at a well-known american plant tonight. the warnings sent out for miles. the jet crash in the alps. the second black box finally found. revealing what that co-pilot did over and over again. the rescue off america's coastline. the survivor, 66 days alone, floating on a capsized boat. and "the price is right," all right. the game show model whose mistake gave this woman a new car. and the moment, so many of us gasped this week. the american bravery. who is our person of the week?


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