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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 28, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. millions in the northeast digging out from that record-setting storm. three feet of snow blanketing some areas. cars hidden under the snow. >> this is horrible. we walked this wall yesterday and it's gone. >> high winds and flooding devastating coastal towns. the ocean surging into homes. thousands without power right now. and now another storm on the way. breaking now, terror trade. time running out for those two hostages being held by isis. the brutal group demanding a prisoner swap this morning for this failed female suicide bomber. negotiations happening right now. brian ross along with the latest. under fire. scene to go the target of a brand-new documentary. the church of tom cruise and so many other stars fighting back this morning. what they're saying about the latest allegations. ♪ >> look it's buddy. i'm so glad you made it home. >> sidelined.
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this new go daddy commercial a no go for the super bowl. animal lovers flowing a flag at the ad starring puppies, many feel the company that has scored before the big game fumbled this time. and good morning, america. all the snow has stopped falling but, boy, a lot of people waking up buried by the record snow up in the northeast. there you see boston massachusetts. a live shot this morning. they got hit hard. >> he did and those coastal towns in massachusetts also hit hard by flooding and another storm is on the way. abc's extreme weather team covering every angle for us and ginger starting us off again this morning. >> yes, starting us off on a very cold times square. so cold behind that storm and it was impressive. worcester, massachusetts, with its biggest snowstorm ever.
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look at those numbers. 4.5 and so many more impressive numbers coming from all over the cities and states from anywhere in maine through new hampshire, connecticut and, yes, long island still a few lingering snow showers up in maine but i'm telling you, the cold is what you will notice this morning, mt. washington 27 below. the windchill here 6. the next storm comes through thursday and thursday night it looks very light certainly in comparison. nothing light about what happened in boston. that's where our rob marciano has been doing an impressive job, rob. more than two feet of snow. >> yeah here in south boston ginger they got three feet. now this road may look drivable you but it's a really tight road in south boston. because of that you can barely get a small plow through. the cars on either side get completely buried. there's a car underneath that. can you imagine? the only way to get to work or anywhere is to use one of these and dig yourself out and it's not just here in boston millions of americans are doing
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exactly in this morning. overnight the massachusetts coast battered as storm surge moved in. and this morning, millions of people in new england waking up under a paralyzing blanket of snow. >> we're still in the middle of a winter storm of historic proportions here in the city of boston. >> reporter: 12,000 homes without power this morning. >> we're going to stay. >> reporter: including most of the island of nantucket where winds reached nearly 80 miles per hour. this time-lapsed video showing just how much snow piled up over the day. some areas getting as much as three feet. that wind causing damaging floods in many coastal towns. take a look at this dramatic video from truro, massachusetts when the atlantic breaches the beh and pours in. sand dunes normally in place to separate the two washed away. >> we walked this wall yesterday and it's gone. >> reporter: in marshfield a stretch of seawall crumbling
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sending the ocean surging into homes leaving them and their owners devastated. massachusetts lifted its travel ban overnight. across new england, crews working into the night clearing the feet of snow off the roads. this car barely able to navigate the street. you can't see much of anything with the snow. where i was pummeled by snow yesterday when the storm hit first, cars now completely buried. the dig-out beginning in other cities across the northeast hit by the storm many including new york city spared the worst of it. some made the most of it. in new hampshire an epic snowball fight and even the camera crew was not safe. i'm not making much progress. i think i'm going to need your help there. there you go. there's the side view mirror. it's going to take quite some time my friend. there's hundreds of cars like this thousands probably around the boston area this morning.
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a lot of work to do. >> well catch your breath. thanks very much. airports getting back to business. you're looking at new york's laguardia airport. we'll show that. most flights resuming. only about 600 cancellations and david kerley is at reagan national with the latest on all that. good morning david. >> reporter: good morning, george. 600 cancellations and the airlines worked really hard overnight to keep that number from dramatically increasing moving planes into the new york area. you mentioned laguardia. they got 27 in last night and have seen takeoffs this morning which is good news. the lower than expected snowfall in the new york area allowed these airlines to kind of speed up their recovery efforts. now, many of the major carriers are telling us by tonight they expect to be close to their normal operations. that's after nearly 8,000 cancellations and it has been costly. one aviation tracking firm says 400,000 passengers were affected by this storm costing them and the economy $235 million.
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the good news george and robin, we are starting to get back to normal. just going to be cold getting to your plane. >> a lot of movement behind you. thanks very much. >> a lot of tough questions for politicians after the storm shutting down major cities but based on forecasts that were wrong. costing lots of money but our abc weather team was right on the mark especially here in new york city and, ginger there was a lot of talk about there were some meteorologists that were apologizing. >> i think they were apologizing for their communication especially of the forecast. for me one of the biggest issues is the word historic. i don't think you can forecast history and so that was a word i was fighting big time. i hate to put that on a topic bar. we call those lower thirds where people -- even if they're not watching that closely they see three feet and historic and go oh, my gosh. i think that's what they were apologizing about and will communicate the ranges better. especially because we know the storms can move back and forth. >> we heard you talking days leading up to it and you were very cautious and respectful for
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what was being put out there but clear to all of us here so people watching at home are going, okay what are we supposed to believe next time? >> i'll always go conservative. our team does that. what you should do local forecasters know your area best. that 'where you go first for information. and then don't freak out. i think that's the other thing. prepare with fact and not with that headline so watch for that. >> there were so many -- a lot of tweets one especially someone said they would rather a loss of money than a loss of lives. >> absolutely. without the accidents, the accidents were so impressive. getting cars off the roads never bothers me. >> thanks. we'll move on to that delta deadline for hostages being released. threaten to kill them if the demands for a prisoner swap are not met. abc's brian ross with the latest. >> reporter: it was just as the 24-hour deadline was about to expire this morning that a top jordanian official told abc news they are prepared to make a prisoner swap involving the
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failed female suicide bomber they hold. the question is whether jordan would free this iraqi woman, sajida al rishawi, on death row for the last ten years following an attack by al qaeda in which some 60 jordanians were killed. >> it is me for her. what seems to be so difficult torstand? >> reporter: wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles the japanese journalist kenji goto was forced to read his own death sentence if a prisoner swap is not made. holding a photo of a captured jordanian pilot who he said was also facing execution. >> i only have 24 hours left to live. and the pilot has even less. >> reporter: overnight in tokyo goto's mother issued an appeal to the governments of both to meet the isis demands for a prisoner swap. and in jordan the father of the captured pilot made similar pleas to the jordanian king to go through with a deal with isis. something king abdullah has refused to do several times before.
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but now this morning according to statements coming out of amman, jordan is prepared to release the prisoner if he has not been harmed. >> we don't know if he has. remarkable precedent if it goes through. >> reporter: absolutely. for two to negotiate with isis in a prisoner swap something the u.s. has refused to do for its own three american hostages who have been killed by isis there's a fourth american a young woman also being held there now. >> thanks very much. no you to amy with today's other top stories. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with big news from wall street. this morning apple is reporting blockbuster profits. the best of any company in global history. abc's rebecca jarvis is here to explain how much money apple is bringing in and why it marys to us. >> we can say this without a doubt, this is historic news for apple but also for any other company in history reporting a record $18 billion profit last
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quarter, selling more than 74 million iphones. apple's i sales bigger than google and microsoft's phone business combined. when you dot means apple sold more than 34,000 iphones every hour every day for 90 days straight. so how does this affect you even if you're not a tech guy? well you may not think you own apple stock but you probably do. it's one of the most wildly held stocks on wall street. it's in most of the top mutual funds, probably in your 401(k) and apple's blockbuster news is lifting the entire market just yesterday the dow lost nearly 300 points but today, amy, it looks like apple is going to help lift things overall. >> all right, rebecca, some good news thanks so much. breaking news overseas tensions have erupted on a border between israel and lebanon. hezbollah is claiming responsibility for attacking an israeli military convoy in south lebanon today. reportedly killing four israeli soldiers. new details about the american killed during an attack on a luxury hotel in libya.
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david berry worked for a security company based in virginia. he was among five foreigners killed in tuesday's assault. a libyan arm of isis claims it was behind the attack. and the fbi is looking into a growing number of twitter threats against commercial airplanes as many as 16 threats have been made in four days one claimed there was a bomb on board an american flight to chicago. another grounded a jetblue plane in boston. similar online threats forced five flights to be diverted or evacuated over the weekend. no bombs were found. president obama wants to open a vast stretch of atlantic waters to oil and gas drilling. critics warn drilling could harm fishing and tourism along the coast from virginia to georgia. just last week the president vowed to protect part of alaska's northern coast from drilling. tense moments at the famous pier 39. a woman fell into the frigid bay and was dangling by a rope barely hanging on. witnesses say she was about to give up when two firefighters jumped in and rescued her. a wild scene near
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pittsburgh police say a woman who had just been handcuffed blaised in the back of the squad car managed to jump in the front seat and speed off. she led police on a chase for nearly ten miles driving 80 miles an hour steering with her knees. she eventually ditched car and tried to make a run for it still in handcuffs shockingly police caught her just moments later. she was wanted for stealing earrings from a store. in theburg dollar theme, the man you're about to see should get an "f" inburgly 101. he ended up like this. take a look while trying to break into a college in england. a couple of students found him dangling from a window upside down. his legs are sticking out of the window. can you see that? he was stuck like that for five hours and fair to say the a good laugh before they called police. he was rescued and then promptly arrested. makes it nice and tidy and neat and easy for the -- >> how many of these stories? >> there are so many dumb crips out there.
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they are making it very easy for me and police. >> i'm not sorry. >> exactly. >> we know to send them to amy now. we have a health alert. the measles outbreak spreading. take a look. now 64 confirmed cases linked to a holiday outbreak at disneyland plus ten babies in california under quarantine after possible exposure. dr. richard besser is here. how serious is this. >> i'm very concerned about the rise in measles around the country. last year there were more than 600 cases of measles, 23 separate outbreaks and those people who haven't been vaccinated are the ones at greatest risk here. >> this is you know coming back now kind of resurgence but doctors haven't dealt with it before. >> we eliminated measles back in 2000 from the u.s. they need to look for the signs of measles. that's runny nose cough, fever, red eyes and then you get that telltale rash that starts at the forehead and workings its way down. many doctors have never seen it. >> what's the most important
7:14 am
thing to know and do. >> don't delay vaccination. any delay puts your child at greatest risk first dose 12 months second before school and any adult born after 1957 you want to make sure you've had one dose of measles vaccine. >> thanks very much. going to take questions on twitter all day >> that's right. thanks very much. >> very popular on twitter these days. >> i am. okay rich thanks so much. the super bowl days away amy has her bags packed ready to go. companies are paying $4 million for a 30-second commercial this year. but one ad you will not be seeing is the latest from go daddy. usually a standout at the big game. this year they're facing backlash from animal lovers. abc's brandi hitt has that story for us. >> reporter: it seems to have all the makings of a hit super bowl ad cute puppy, heartwarming story line and a big emotional payoff. >> look, it's buddy. >> reporter: go daddy's latest ad borrowing themes from last year's budweiser commercial.
7:15 am
the fourth most shared super bowl ad of all time. ♪ >> reporter: so the go daddy ad should be a hit, right? wrong. now suddenly sidelined less than a day after its debut all because of the way it ends. >> so glad you made it home. >> because i just sold you on this website i built with go daddy. >> reporter: the cold-hearted twist creating a wave of backlash on twitter. hey, go daddy, you have hit a new low, one woman tweeted. and "i will never purchase a domain from you again." the spca tweeting do you think puppy mills are funny? go daddy's ceo writing we're listening, message received. pulling the ad at the center of what it calls a multimillion dollar campaign. >> as far as i can tell there's never been an ad pulled from the super bowl. this is really quite a situation on go daddy's hands. >> reporter: it's a surprising misstep for a company that scored super bowl gold before with danica patrick in the
7:16 am
shower and a supermodel nerd makeup session. as for this year they say they will still air something in place of the puppy commercial for the big game hoping to make viewers laugh. despite its first fumble before the super bowl even begins. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> well you can always patch the puppy bowl. all those puppies have been adopted. >> i know some close to home. >> oh did you -- >> nothing to report yet, people. we do want to talk about this though, let's talk tennis shall we? it was the passing of the torch so to speak at the australian open as a rising american teenager beat the superstar she idolized as a kid. a new american tennis queen crowned in australia. >> that is awesome. >> defeating her idol, one of the greats in u.s. tennis 34-year-old venus williams. in a gut-wrenching third set victory in the quarterfinals of the australian open keys
7:17 am
overcoming a leg injury. >> sometimes the muscles go on the most inconspicuous movements. >> reporter: to reach her first ever grand slam semifinal. >> i knew venus is an incredible player. i had to focus on my side of the court and not let the other side of the court throw me off. >> reporter: the 19-year-old from illinois credited venus with being the reason she first picked up a racket. when as a 4-year-old she watched williams compete at wimbledon, transfixed by her all-white outfit. keys known for that lightning serve up to 123 miles per hour has become a fan favorite with her bubbly demeanor. >> i've been eating tim-tams. there's that. no just being happy and enjoying the moment and kind of realizing what's been going on. >> reporter: for her part venus, winner of seven grand
7:18 am
slam singles titles took the loss in stride with a smile on the court and a nod to her opponent. >> i give a lot of credit to her because she set her points up. in the end she just played better. >> reporter: it won't be easy for keys. up next the number one player in the world, serena also known as venus' little sister. but no matter what happens in the semifinal, an american will be poised to take home the australian open crown. >> venus and now serena waiting. thanks for that lara. now to ginger all that warm weather. >> yes. >> somewhere. >> it's hot back in the plains. rapid city south dakota 73 a record high and 20 degree above average temperatures have moved to the east. first this morning's mild cities brought to you by royal caribbean.
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>> a beautiful sunrise underway, we are one minute off of that, gaining two minutes of daylight each and every day now, 25 is the current temperature but the feel factor is down to 12 the gusty winds today. wind chill in gaithersburg, 4, 9 in hagerstown, 15 in quantico. temperatures will get above freezing late this morning here is a subfreezing windchill in jacksonville florida, this morning. so not everybody is warm back out there. >> okay, ginger thank you. coming up those two former
7:20 am
vanderbilt football players found guilty of sexual assault behind bars this morning as they wait to be sentenced. plus the new documentary making allegations against the church of scientology. how the church is firing back this morning. also comingup the incredible firsthand look of what it's like for hero firefighters racing into a burning building all in an attempt to save children. that and so much more when "good morning america" is back in just a moment. ♪ at philadelphia, there's an art to making cream cheese. we always use fresh local milk real cream, and no preservatives. and it's these real ingredients that give philadelphia cream cheese its delicious, one of a kind taste. when it comes to making cream cheese philadelphia sets the standard. so rich. so creamy. only philadelphia.
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>> we have a few school delays. if you do not know about them, check the top of your screen. and we have jack taylor in traffic center. >> big delays of 395 activity along the right side of the roadway is causing a big delay with problems northbound on the george washington parkway. southbound is getting a good hard look at those delays. news coming out of virginia and tysons activity moved over to the shoulder with delays remaining north of route seven and all lanes open. how about the forecast? >> it looks great, it just is not feel so hot. a beautiful sunrise, windchill factor down to 12, clear skies throughout the day, another clipper system in the midwest coming our way to bring us a wintry mix by mid to late afternoon.
7:28 am
mostly sunny today, mid 30's this afternoon. tonight the skies become partly cloudy, still breezy and cool with temperatures in the teens to lower 20's. mostly cloudy tomorrow, a better chance for snow in northern maryland, where you can see the light accumulation. nothing sticking downtown, we will have a better chance of rain and snow late in the weekend. >> you have been warned, bundle
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7:30 am
good morning, america. right now millions digging out from that massive winter storm that dumped three feet of snow and brought coastal flooding to new england. also right now, firefighters in california releasing this dramatic video as they race into a burning home to rescue three children. and the church of scientology known for celebrity members such as tom cruise is fighting back against the stunning claims made in a new documentary "going clear." >> we do say good morning, america -- is it just wednesday? >> it's a long week, agreed. >> whew! all right. i know you feel the same way at home probably. hey, we have this surprising dispute over sam smith's grammy nominated hit -- ♪ stay with me. >> "stay with me." t.j. is in the social square got us covered. >> we know the song we know it well one of the biggest hits of 2014. why is it that a rock legend may have written the song about 25 years ago? we'll take you to the middle of the smith/tom petty dispute,
7:31 am
guy. >> that is coming up in a little bit. we begin with those two former vanderbilt football players convicted for sexual assault on a female student. they're set for sentencing now while two other former teammates wait for their day in court. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> we the jury find the defendant cory batey guilty of aggravated rape. >> reporter: this morning cory batey and brandon vandenburg two former vanderbilt football players are behind bars, convicted on all counts of aggravated rape and sexual battery against a former neuroscience student and dance team member in 2013. >> we find mr. vandenburg guilty of aggravated rape. >> reporter: deliberating for three hours. their families crying out in the courtroom. the victim wiping away tears. the prosecution reading a message on her behalf. >> finally i want to remind other victims of sexual violence, you are not alone.
7:32 am
you are not to blame. >> reporter: vandenburg's attorney emotionally speaking out following the verdict. >> what did brandon say to you after the verdict? >> he asked me what happened? and he didn't -- he just -- you know, he didn't understand. >> reporter: the prosecution argued that they brought the unconscious victim to vandenburg's room after a night of heavy drinking some of the men including batey sexually assaulting the woman there with vandenburg encouraging the attack. the woman testifying in court last week we've distorted her voice. >> i remember waking up in an unfamiliar room. >> reporter: batey admitting on the stand it was in fact him in a cell phone video sexually assaulting the victim. >> you take responsibility for your conduct? >> after seeing the footage, i do. it was me. >> reporter: batey's attorney blaming alcohol saying his ient was too drunk after having between 14 and 22 drinks
7:33 am
to remember the incident. the prosecution says the verdict gave the victim something she's been seeking for nearly two years, justice. both defendants will be sentenced on march 6th. they're facing decades in prison. as for the two other involved they are awaiting a separate trial. for the victim vindication on this day. she says that from this she hopes the discussion will come on how to end sexual violence on college campuses. robin. >> a hope that many of us share. all right, ryan thank you. now to a dramatic rescue caught on camera. firefighters rushing into a burning apartment saving three little children. helmet cam capturing the terrifying ordeal. abc's reena ninan has that story. >> reporter: check out this unprecedented glimpse of what it's like for firefighters to run into a burning building. racing against the clock as they try to rescue three children. >> where is she? >> how old is she. >> reporter: for firefighters in
7:34 am
fresno california armed with gopros on their helmets and equipment enter this pitch black apartment responding to a mother's plea to find her babies still trapped inside. >> the mother had given us a general direction of where the kids were to be located. and it's zero visibility inside the building so we were kind of using -- putting our hands on the wall trying to recognize objects. >> reporter: as the firefighters move cautiously through the smoking cauldron they locate each child, rushing them out one by one. covered in soot and knocked unconscious from the toxic smoke. >> start think about it and look at your kids and your friends' children and the images come back. >> reporter: gopro cams have become more popular with fire departments around the country to record what happens during calls and later using the video for training. >> it makes you, you know makes you proud to know that hopefully you're making a difference. >> reporter: the three children are recovering this morning in the hospital. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news new york.
7:35 am
>> thank goodness they're coming back. wow. now to amy in the social square with "the speed feed." >> good morning, everyone. tackling feeds, super bowl media day and the man who got everyone talking even though he didn't say very much, seahawks running back marshawn lynch. he's known to despise interviewed and been fined $100,000 for not participating in the past so he came up with a way to beat the system. take a listen. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. >> i think you get the picture. he repeated that same answer to 29 different questions over the next 4:51. the response to his response was mixed. some people saying lynch was un unprofessional but our espn colleague trey wingo says "and marshawn lynch wins media day." tweet us at #socialsquare. i love pete carroll's response
7:36 am
saying he cares more about the yards he gains than lynch shares. >> fair enough. >> i did not they could get fined for not participanting in a press conference. >> oh yes. >> $100,000 gets your attention but he showed up. can he get fined for that? no he showed up. he answered the question. >> he sure did. very clearly. >> kind of answered. let's go to ginger for the weather with more answers. >> pore answers. as cold as we are here, can you agine being up on mt. washington going to take a weather observation? take a look. this is what they don big storms like we had that thing wrapping up -- the winds up to 111 miles per hour. these guys are weather warriors and this is how we get better forecasts but guess what in new england, and the northeast things are not getting warmer. we are actually turning colder. boston will go from a high of 25 to only 16 by the weekend. new york city in the 20s by the weekend, chicago is going down. oklahoma city you've been so warm today, 78. 44 by saturday.
7:37 am
>> good morning. a cold start this morning, lots of sunshine to the afternoon >> this weather report brought to you by the makers of tylenol. you know what we have some dense fog advisories in the san joaquin valley in california so be extra careful going out there. >> thank you, ginger. a new documentary on the church of scientology catching heat right now. how the church is firing back. taylor swift's social media accounts hacked. how the superstar is shaking it off this morning. come on back ♪ it's going to be all right because the players going to play play play ♪ when you don't get enough sleep... and your body aches... you're not yourself. tylenol® pm relieves pain
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and we are back now at 7:41 with a new documentary about the church of scientology. it is attracting a lot of attention. in the film former church members make sensational allegations, the church, though, firing back saying they are just not true. abc's dan harris has the story. >> reporter: the new hbo documentary "going clear: scientology and the prison of belief" is the latest salvo aimed at this religion founded decades ago by the science
7:42 am
fiction writer l. ron hubbard known for its celebrity members known as tom cruise. "usa today" called "going clear" the most hotly anticipated documentary at the sundance film festival. this is director alex gibney working the red carpet at sundance. >> what's so impressive to me about the film in telling the stories of these individuals we profiled was how smart, how savvy they were and yet they got inside a belief system that when they look back and finally got out they thought how did i get there. >> the doors had bars put on them. the windows had bars put on them and there was one entrance door that a security guard sat at 24 hours a da. >> reporter: the film accuses the church of operating something called the hole a pair of double wide trailers located on scene to go's international base in the california desert where church officials would allegedly be placed for a perceived misbehavior. several years ago former scientology official debbie cook
7:43 am
told abc news as she had testified in court that she had spent time in the hole. >> when i was there, it had bars on the windows and security guards posted at the one door for entering and exiting and this is where a number of scientology executives from management level were held for varying lengths of time. >> reporter: and when you are anyway there can you leave? >> no you cannotot. >> reporter: the church sent abc news a letter saying the hole does not exist and cook's account was inaccurate and misleading. they dismiss her as bitter and describe the sources for this new hbo documentary, as quote, the usual collection of obsessive, disgruntled former church members making up lies for money." scientology has gone after the film's director alex gibney running this full page ad in "the new york times" comparing
7:44 am
the documentary to the infamous "rolling stone" article about campus rain at the university of virginia that they later acknowledged was flawed. despite the protest hbo says it is pushing ahead. it plans to air the film on march 16th. for "good morning america," dan harris abc news los angeles. >> a lot of people talking about that. all right. coming up the new high-tech way moms can keep track of their kids' health. why rocker tom petty is now cashing in on sam smith's hit song, "stay with me." ♪ oh won't you stay with me ♪
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7:48 am
♪ i don't want you to leave ♪ >> we are waiting for the music. now to pop star sam smith, love him, making the startling admission that there are similars between his song that you just are hearing, "stay with me" and tom petty's "i won't back down." when you think about it t.j. holmes is in the social square with all of that. >> good morning, robin. imitation, sincerest form of flattery no, if you imitate me you'll have to pay me. not only is he having to give up
7:49 am
a songwriting credit but giving petty cash agreeing to royalties that the song is undeniably familiar. ♪ won't you tay with me ♪ ♪ 'cause you're all i need ♪ >> okay you might not hear the similarity at first. ♪ i won't back down no i won't back down ♪ >> but now take a listen to this. a youtube mash-up of sam smith's "stay with me" and tom petty's "i won't back down." ♪ won't you stay with me ♪ ♪ back down no i won't back down ♪ >> pitch smith up and petty down and lay them over each other and voila. ♪ stay with me ♪ >> reporter: yep you hear it now, don't you. tom petty's camp sure heard it. smith admitting his hit does sound an awful lot like petty
7:50 am
and adding tom petty and jeff lind to the credits saying "although the likeness was admitted all involved came to an applicable end." a latest end to the copyright controversy. remember when the material girl expressed herself dissing lady gaga sort of sound-alike track -- ♪ i'm on the right track baby ♪ >> it feels reductive. ♪ blurred lines ♪ >> reporter: and robin thicke accused of blurring the lines of originality with his song -- ♪ >> reporter: and marvin gaye's got to give it up. ♪ >> now, "stay with me" is nominated for a few grammys. if it does win, guys, we're not saying petty will get a grammy. we don't know how much in royalties he could get but we're talking this song sold 5 million records. >> i like them together. i think they could do a duet. >> if he wins he should bring
7:51 am
tom petty up on stage. >> that would be nice. >> you should -- >> not fight it. >> you know what, i didn't mean to do it but it's a compliment right? sincerest form of flattery. >> so they say. her husband is stopping by next half hour. >> want to create your own gallery wall? here's a crazy way to do it. cut paper templates and place and tap in the hooks, away with the paper and your gallery wall is perfect. lowe's presents: how to say goodby to 1993 forever. [footsteps heard.] goodbye... now get free installation with a stainmaster carpet and pad purchase $499 or more at lowe's. the best part about going to walt disney world just might be staying at a walt disney world resort hotel... from royal encounters to royal rooms... and pirates to paradise... the magic never has to stop. and now you can save up to 30% off a select walt disney world resort hotel room.
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tt2wlr=[bk@%o f# e58 tt2wlr=[bk@%!!&n 55p tt2wlr=[bk@%4!f# c#$ tt2wlr=[bk@%x#á& 0
7:56 am
>> good morning, 7:56, we have a few school delays at the top of your screen. or go to our website for a full rundown. now we are headed over to jack taylor. >> it has been quite a morning moving north on route five. the right side was getting by. a delays coming out of waldorf. the good news is that northbound
7:57 am
the earlier crash before 123 has been moved out of the roadway and cleared. 270 southbound near 895 traffic is moving once again, but you are in it again. the weather is just as rough for getting better? >> it is rough in terms of how it feels this morning across the region. six in gaithersburg, 12 in d.c., nine in manassas. you will need to bundle up the time today. while temperatures will make it into the middle 30's, it will feel like the 20's for the rest of the day. changes are coming, a wintry mix coming in late in the afternoon it could pick up a dusting in northern maryland. watch it for the commute.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
it's 8 a.m. and hackers target taylor swift. hijacking the superstar's social media accounts and sending threats online. how she's shaking it off right now. ♪ and kristin cavallari calls out her husband. the reality star revealing how quarterback jay cutler can take on tackles but fumbles when it comes to playing mr. mom. >> i know we'll be safe and sound. the hottest gadgets for high-tech parents. how you can monitor your child's spiking fever when you're not at home. it's a scandalous morning ahead. tony goldwyn joining us live as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ that's not all. there is president fitz grant,
8:01 am
tony goldwyn there. [ laughter ] >> getting all ready for a press conference. we'll have a lot of fun with him. it's been a while since he's been here. >> "scandal" fans have been waiting for awhile for a new episode. >> ten weeks. got the shakes. tgit is back, baby. also ahead, kittens have taken over times square with their cuteness oh you better believe they're up in our control room. they can't get enough of these adorable little fur balls. >> oh look at that. >> as we gear up for the "gma" kitten bowl and equal time. we have puppies yesterday. kittens today. >> the kittens you won't leave in the locker room. >> that was funny yesterday. >> hey, everybody remembers the movie with jack black, "school of rock." now it's coming to broadway. we were there for the auditions and some very talented kids we want to introduce you to. >> sara haines had fun with them. first news with amy. we begin with breaking news. a possible deal to save two
8:02 am
hostages being threatened by isis. the lives of a japanese journalist and pilot from jordan at stake. the deadline has passed but this morning, jordan's government says it is willing to meet the group's demand and free a female iraqi prisoner it's holding in exchange for the hostage's release. no response from isis. also this morning, new details coming in from a brutal attack launched by islamic militants in nigeria. boko haram, the same group that kidnapped hundreds of schoolchildren last year reportedly rampaging through villages in northeast nigeria burning homes and mosques. tens of thousands of people are in danger and today villagers say nigeria's government has still not sent any troops to protect them. back here in this country tens of millions are digging out from a record winter storm. new england took the bankrupt of it pars of massachusetts buried under three feet of snow this morning. 12,000 homes in the dark. some airports are just now getting back to business with hundreds of lingering
8:03 am
cancellations. meanwhile, the national weather service issued a rare apology over its forecast which critics say prompted new york and new jersey's state officials to ban travel even though just a few inches of snow fell in those states. before you go outside to warm up your car consider a new warning from police in indianapolis. they say 11 cars were tolden in the city just yesterday alone, all of them had been left running unattended in the driveway as their owners kept warm inside their homes. a shocking sight for families in one southern california neighborhood. look at that. their tap water, black as ink. even in their tubs and toilets and it smells. that's not that shocking after you see that picture. the water company flushed the lines, now insisting the water is safe but the scary part is they're not sure what caused it to turn black in the first place. another controversy at the university of virginia. many students are outraged after sorority members were ordered by their national chapters not to attend fraternity parties this
8:04 am
coming weekend. students have gathered thousands of signatures for an online petition in protest of the mandate. it comes just days after a suspension of greek activities was lifted in the wake of a discredited "rolling stone" story about rape. finally an inviting outdoor campfire in the middle of winter. take a look at this amazing work of art in new jersey. that is all snow. the sculptor used brown, yellow and orange food coloring applying it to giant flames and with a spray bottle and what better way to top it off than a huge small marshmallow. i love that. you know it's the cold weather sparking creativity. >> beautiful. >> beautiful. >> thank you, amy. i looked at that and thought of the heat miser's hair. do you remember? little throwback. it's not thursday but we're trying. we move on to taylor swift back in the news today. joining a club no one wants to become a member of becoming the latest and biggest star have their social media accounts hacked. mara schiavocampo has the story.
8:05 am
>> well swift noticed that pretty swift len's twitter and instagram dealt with it right away but not before the hackers were able to send several fake messages from her account. ♪ i'm just going to shake shake shake shoet. >> reporter: this morning, taylor swift shaking off a major security breach hackers taking over her twitter and instagram accounts tuesday. directing her more than 70 million followers to check out other social media sites. sites believed to be tied to the alleged hackers themselves a group called lizard squad. which also claimed responsibility for hacking sony playstations and xbox live in december and taking down facebook and instagram for an hour on tuesday. facebook denies the outage was a hack. the messages on taylor's pages were quickly deleted but not before the hackers threatened to post nude photos of the 25-year-old superstar. ♪ are never ever ♪ >> reporter: taylor says that
8:06 am
could never ever ever happen. tweeting have fun photoshopping cause you got nothing. >> everyone who is anyone has pretty much been hacked in the music world. justin bieber, madonna, lady gaga, miley cyrus. some of these having their work stolen. other times they've been just almost more like pranks. >> reporter: taylor telling sumblsumb lchlt sumbl -- tumblr twitter is deleting the hacker tweets and locking my account until they can figure out how this happened and get me new passwords." never a dull moment. the sites they encouraged fans to follow are deleted. the lizard squad is reportedly less than ten people. >> ten people and she told them hackers are going to hack hack hack. thank you, mara schiavocampo. and head over here to the social square to let you guys know what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first in "pop news," they ain't afraid of no ghosts the
8:07 am
all-female cast of the "ghostbusters" repot revealed. famous mr. mom who is in way over his head and his celebrity wife i calling him out. we'll get into that. then we cannot wait to watch these adoreable kittens and my friend is here. purr affect scheme today. we gave the dogs their due today. today it's all about the kittens and the president, get over here. mr. president, am i allowed to shake your hand. >> is that all i get? >> you're not a real president. it's just tony goldwyn. tgit is back and here first on "gma." meow. i'll be right back. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium 24 hour. available without a prescription. ♪ who you gonna call ghostbusters ♪ this- is your new wallet. no. really. you can now use your capital one card with apple pay to buy this that... or a few pairs of these-all from your iphone 6 instantly.
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8:12 am
we have so much to get to beginning with "pop news" right now. >> robin, i was just going over my notes. i think i'm ready. hey, if there's something strange in your neighborhood who can call? well how about melissa mccarthy, kristen wiig "snl's" kate mackinnon and leslie jones, looking at the cast of the all female "ghostbusters" reboot. melissa is a lock. negotiations continue for the other three but the director not letting that spook him. celebrating by posting photos of these four women on twitter, so that answers your question. >> that's true. >> no kidding. "poelter guise." you're on notice. be prepared to die laughing. to pop it off we'll do this we're calling it to pop it off,
8:13 am
list and other important things you need to know. we begin with a french fashion label debuting a dazzling look at paris -- in paris at the fashion shows this week. this is really you guys, not photo shopped, crystal beards some women thought they were avant-garde. many thought it was a bit of a hairy look. swarovski chic meets surgical mask possibly one of the weirdest accessories to hit the catwalk so decided to do a "pop news" poll of the top three worst style trends of all time. number three according to our staff, shoulder pads then crocs, number two and now the pictures will match, number three as we were saying were shoulder pads then crocks only one person looks great in them. there's me in my shoulder pads with my college roommate jane. >> you d make that noise, george. >> iing looks good. >> he rocks those crocs. >> this is a nonscientific poll and the "pop news" staff who created it. >> a new spin-off of "pop news."
8:14 am
>> yes, it is and the number one worst style trend is the mullet. when your haircut says business in the front and party in the back, it's like two for the price of one and ginger knows that firsthand. >> i do. >> there she is a young ginger. >> not really a mullet. >> no it is. if you had pulled her hair back it would look like short hair. >> because my dad cut my hair with a flobee. it's a vacuum that cuts your hair. in "pop news," one of those weird videos we like to hoe you. sometimes no words and i think this guy knows what i'm talking about on this wednesday. >> george i'm not even going to say he's talking because he's not. i just like him. >> what's he doing? >> we're not sure but wanted to share. seems like the perfect way to
8:15 am
celebrate wednesday. not an animal communication story but a video to make you smile or be slightly disturbed. >> yeah. >> that is "pop news," everybody. >> pop it off. pop it off. >> to pop it off, berobin. >> love it. "heat index" is coming up ginger with a check of the weather. >> it's so cold outside. wee just really stayi indoors and that's how a lot of people will be. not in kansas. 78 on this -- >> ooh. >> happening right behind me. 78 -- >> enjoy it. >> enjoy it because it's not going to last forever. you are going to get quite a bit cooler. click ahead. either way you have two different system that is will kind of come on through and get you to that colder air. 52 st. louis today, kansas city goes to 72. then it gets chilly by the end of the week and the weekend and we are talking about that clipper coming across the next storm system to affect the parts of the northeast in central pennsylvania and mostly new england, this one looks very light until we look at another
8:16 am
storm next week. always got one on the radar. >> keeeep your e out for any slicick sps thisis morning as temperatures go below freezing and we get into the mid 30' th afternoon. it will be gusty and chilly, the fielfactor in the middddle 20's it best. greasy a and cold, lows inhe teens to 20's downtown, tomororrow a we system will be approachchingo increase cloud cover r and ing a chance for rainnd snow late in ththe day. >> you know how i know that was a mullet it took me until about eighth grade to grow that thing out. >> that's always a g there. thank you for sharing that. kicking off our "heat index," dads in over their heads like i guess ginger's dad was. actress kristin cavallari sparking a conversation by posting a text message from her nfl star husband essentially begging for help with their
8:17 am
children. t.j. holmes is back with that story. >> all right, robin, everybody, take a look at your screen. i want you to look at this screen graph from a text conversation in which a wife is trying to explain to her husband what to feed their 2-year-old child. the husband says we're just going to have wine and cheese. the wife threatens baby better not be drunk when i get home. between cavallari and her husband but between me and my wife a few months ago. this just shows you it happens to all of us but this doesn't mean dads can't handle the situation, we just handle things differently. >> hooking up with some girl. >> reporter: the tar we watched grow up on mtv's "laguna beach" and "the hills." now 28-year-old kristin cavallari is not only an actress and designer but also a wife to chicago b quarterback jay cutler and mother to their two children and while they may be a high-powered couple the text messages a disstrut cutler sent cavallari when she was out of
8:18 am
town prove they're regular parents. cavallari posting her husband's texts on installation need you home asap. all hell has broken loose. jax is in his crib. cam refuses to eat. i'm about to leave and cutler is not alone. >> fine. i can handle it. >> reporter: many fathers like steve martin in "cheaper by the dozen" are left in over their heads. >> if you start to get overwhelmed or the kids stage a coup call me up i'm home end of trip. >> soundsgood. >> reporter: some real-life dads taking to social media to document this going crazy with no mom. >> miss. >> ah. >> open. yeah! >> reporter: showing us it takes a great deal of effort patience and a little creativity. the response to cavallari's post a flood of understanding from other parents one writing i love this honesty, kids are the world's toughest job. cavallari agrees and that sometimes dads need to be
8:19 am
reminded just how tough writing on instagram, ladies you want your man to appreciate you. leave them alone with the kids to see what we deal with. we get a bad rap sometime george. we can handle things. we just handle them differently. >> differently is one word for it. we do the best we can. andrew shue from cafe mom is here, of course with his lovely wife. i want you to tan by. we're going to kristin first. you got to tell us you're on skype. you got to tell us why you decided to reveal this to the whole world. >> i mean i was dying laughing when i got that text or those text messages and it's something that every parent can relate to so i was just laughing my butt off and i thought it would be hilarious to post it. >> it was funny. >> it was. >> surprised by how much reaction there's been? >> i guess a little bit. yeah but i think, you know i think it's really refreshing for people to say that jay and i are like everybody else. we go through the same stuff and said we don't have a thousand
8:20 am
nannies. i think people assume we do. we actually split our time between chicago and nashville and right now in nashville we don't have a nanny at all so we are doing everything ourselves and i love it because now he gets to see what i get to go through and he appreciates me a little more. >> good for you. no help at all. wow. >> something george kuala lumpur relate to. he's been stuck at home with the kids this week. >> hey, kristin, thank you very much. for joining us this morning getting up. our best to your family. but it was really sweet for you to be with us this morning if thank you. >> you take care. all right, andrew all right now. we know that you and i'm not just saying this because your beautiful wife is sitting next to us. you are devoted. hands-on dad, very much so but seeing jay, what he's going through, is that something that a lot of dads face? >> i think every dad faces the question can i be a mom when i need to be andette not easy. mops can do it all. they multitask and make great decisions. i'm not just talking about this someone. >> sometimes he's texting me
8:21 am
during the show because when i got this job full time he became full time get the kids to school. he does it by himself. he does not have any help. >> she went to sochi for three weeks and the bottom line is you just have to figure it out. >> we don't remember that at all. >> jay is being honest which is actually good saying i can't do this. but the bottom line is he will have to figure it out because there's going to be times he has to do it and in this day and age guys, you know you marry career wives, no matter what, you have to be able to be a mom at a certain time and you should actually embrace it and enjoy it and appreciate it. if you do that i mean we talk about, like feeding the newborn in the middle of the night, those are the bet moments in the world so i think the more dads embrace it but i will say this, if he had just sent the text to say, this is really hard i really appreciate what you do but i got it i think she probably would have liked that text better. >> then we wouldn't be talking about it. shout-out -- so many couples right now are both working, you know it's just the new norm. so men have to.
8:22 am
shout-out to david who is getting breakfast and getting the kids off to school which enables us to be here every single day. are there things you notice with the men that you talk to on your site that they do to get out of the work? >> well i think -- i think they probably complain a little bit to try and show -- in a weird way he was trying to get her to come home. he really was. >> it wasn't that he couldn't handle it. he didn't want to. >> guys -- >> sometimes you -- >> they're not cut out for it sometimes. i think the certain personalities may be cut out for it but by and large they're not totally cut out for it but -- >> we like it because we like to be needed. we like to have our role and we don't want to you take it all for us right? >> stay in our lane. we know what we're good at. even if i make the bed and wash the clothes she'll make the bed again and wash the clothes again because i didn't do it the way she wanted me to. >> good for everybody and the kids to see that the dad can handle it. >> was that a true text?
8:23 am
>> a few months ago, absolutely. >> and the baby wasn't drunk. >> no my baby can handle her liquor. she was fine. >> i heard a rumor that george has been alone with the kids -- >> not -- i -- >> this week. >> if you didn't you could handle it? >> yes. >> all by myself with no help at all? >> yes you could. >> and you're around 900 shows. >> they couldn't get to school. that would be the problem. >> because of the mornings but i have no doubt. i have met your daughters and we know you. you could handle it. great advice. stop giving your baby the liquor. >> i'm kidding with you all. i did not give the baby liquor. should i get over there? dr. besser is waiting. great to see you. who is watching the kids right now, you two? we're going over to the social square to talk about what's next up on the "heat index." dr. besser is with us. we want to talk about something new. a high-tech way to track your child's temperature even when you're not at home and dr. b. is with us with these digital devices that monitor their
8:24 am
health on your phone. how does it work? >> that's right. so one of the thingses that that's really hard for parents taking a child's temperature and there's three times of new innovative technology making it easier for parents to do that. pretty cool. i want to show you three devices today. the first one is called temp track. a soft patch that you put on a child's body okay and it will monitor their temperature for 4 hours, send that information directly to your mobile device so you have -- >> you put this on when you feel like they're getting sick or first notice a temperature. >> ginger come over here. ginger has been wearing one of these. >> i'm the child today. >> you are like a child. >> she has a patch on monitoring here -- right here on this ipad of her temperature over the course of the morning. you can set a limit so if there's -- if it goes high it'll alarm and let you know. >> that's great. >> this is not fda approved yet. you can't buy it yet but it's coming down the road. >> how do you like these? >> there are two other devices i want to mention. one is kinza. first approved device for a mobile phone directly sends the
8:25 am
information into your phone and lets you track it. then the third device is something called pacify. look at this. something that a child will suck on. looks like a pacifier and it will send the information directly to your mobile phone, as well and track that information. >> all right. so why do we -- when do you want to recommend that parents use these? >> i got to say they're really cool but i think that it may play into parents' fear of fever and one of the things we know that is fever is part of the way that our body fights off infection. when your child gets sick and get a fever, their white blood cells will rev up and kill a virus. as a pediatrician i'll treat it if a child feels uncomfortable because it will help them sleep better but don't want to wake a sleeping child up with a fever. >> dr. b. thanks for litting us know about these product. bottom line should we get one of this em? >> i don't think it's really necessary. >> tool helicopter-ish.
8:26 am
>> a regular thermometer. if your child is acting well and has a fever, not a big deal. iffer's acting sick and they have a fever, you want to know because it could mean that they have an infection that you really want to treat. >> now i got a free wax, so you know. >> thank you, dr. b. thank you, ginger. glad to know you're just fine. >> you look good. very good. >> important to know we did reach out to the makers and kins kinsa said it monitors simms of illness and medication and help doctors and parents go et a full understanding of what's going on. you know what's going on tony goldwyn and "scandal" coming up. tt2wútnóú:t) "aún)v tt2wútnóú:t) bmún"], tt4wútnóú:t)" dzlq 3mé tt4wútnóú:t)" enlq ci< tt4wútnóú:t)" gzl& znd
8:27 am
>> good wednesday morning. there are still some school delays this morning. for a complete list, check the top of your screen. we also have the run our website. let's go over to the wtop traffic center for look at the wednesda commute. >> just after the 50 interchange a lot of activity remains on the shoulder, jamming up the traffic through the area. issa route 15, traffic has been alternating on the scene of the crash, inbound en route for over on the left side, they are the only ones getting by at the time. the looking a bit better?>> better.
8:28 am
but i don't like the looks of that. tomorrow afternoon and evening is when we have our next chance for wintry weather, but all day long we are fine, it is just cold. we are going to stay generally in the teens and single digits this morning. 12 in manassas. 12 in baltimore. mostly sunny this afternoon, breezy and chilly, feeling like the 20's. tomorrow the skies turned mostly cloudy and there is a chance for a rain to snow mix in the metro and a better chance for snow in northern maryland, but i am not really expecting anything downtown. sunshine at the and of the week with another system possible. >> thank you. we will try to get the school delays up on the screen for you.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
>> oh she's getting her kittens ready for -- to take over times square. she'sready, as well. everybody ready for the "gma" kitten bowl in just a couple of minutes. we cannot wait. >> those kitten cats going to bring it today. the puppies were trying to yesterday. hey, we'll improve this! hitting all the rooms in your house showing you ways to save and splurge along the way to make an amazing renovation. right now though we want to get to robin. >> don't have to tell you it's been ten long weeks but the tgit lineup returns tomorrow night and that means "scandal" is back but is olivia back? we have a special guest who might know would everyone please rise. you hear it now. please rise for the president. president fitzgerald grant. [ applause ] >> i brought my friends. >> bodyguards too. >> thank you for play ago long. tony goldwyn, everyone thank you very much for playing along,
8:31 am
tony. >> my pleasure. >> we even hired the bodygars. >> you did. >> we spare no expense. >> my fellas. >> you get a kick out of playing the president. >> oh it's so much fun. i never -- it's always -- i'm always surprised when i walk down the street and people say, hello, mr. president or it's the president. no it's really cool. >> we have missed you for ten long weeks but you really gave us something with the winter finale which you also directed. >> that's right, exactly. yeah yeah. >> are we going to find out tomorrow night a little bit about where olivia possibly could be? >> as you know i can't reveal anything except you will find out more. >> right. >> i can't tell you if you'll find out where she is or what happened but i can tell you that the show takes an entirely new direction tomorrow night and it's -- it's crazy. it's really great. shonda as she 'done over and
8:32 am
over reinvents the show and we go you know takes on a different tone. it's pretty outrageous. >> you do well without saying a lot about -- you know without giving up too much. you say a lot -- are you sure you're not a politician because you did really well. >> i play one on tv but, you know -- >> but as we said you directed and you have directed other episodes and that scene between cyrus and olivia when she's telling him to man up we can't repeat some of the language -- >> is that not suitable for morning television. perfect for a thursday night. >> my favorite phrase it's become my favorite phrase. >> wish we could share that. >> you would think they would be cracking up they weren't doing this but you were. >> you know, yeah when they first did it it was reel hi hard not to laugh but the thing about these arcs you know kerry and jeff they just throw themselves into everything they do with so much commitment and that scene was quite serious but it was
8:33 am
also hilarious, yeah just every day working with them is incredible. whether i'm opposite them as an actor or have the privilege to direct them, as well. >> they feel like they're in great hands when you are directing directing. >> thanks. >> they feel safe with you. >> the nice thing about being an actor/director. you know when you -- when you have another person who is an actor you speak the same language and particularly in "scandal" because we're all such close friends aside from kerry's merciless teasing of me. >> does she really. >> negotiation,oh, my gosh. she's great. we're close and intimate so it's a unique experience for me as a director, you know to get the chance to kind of have a look at the show from a different lens and connect with you know these people i love so much in a different way. >> speak of connecting you just mentioned shonda who people watch this show especially women, yes, for the romance.
8:34 am
it's great. it's a beautifully shot and the characters -- but also these strong women that she brings to life and you even talked about that too. >> for sure. i mean all of her work and shonda herself, she's such -- she's just never ceases to amaze me. she's always challenging herself. she's always challenging us and you know i'm so happy -- she owns thursday nights on this network and i'm just so happy to see her being celebrated in the way she is particularly this year. she has been for a long time but, you know she's getting every honor that a person can get and really establishing the idea that you know we are long overdue for women to be kind of like showing their power and i mean you're an amazing example of that. >> you're very kind. >> it becomes the new normal. that's what she's all about. what does she say, i portray the
8:35 am
world the way it is and the way it should be as opposed to you know know you know she doesn't waste time complaining. she just gets out there and does scomblit a high compliment from anyone but especially you. you come from a long line of people in this business and please accept our kuala lumpurs. we know you lost your father. >> yeah thank you very much. >> you are the "g" in mgm studios and what did your father and grandfather -- how did being around them influence your career? >> i think the biggest thing i sort of inherited from my grandpa and my dad, that you have to find your a won't in the world. they were both independent guys who kind of carved their own path and, you know we were sort of taught never to rest on the laurels of what they'd accomplished and you got to kind of figure it out for yourself and that's the best way to carry on the legacy and so myself and my siblings we've all kind of done that and, you know at my stage it's really satisfying to have figured out, you know what
8:36 am
i'm about in the world and also to be -- find myself a part of this really extraordinary legacy you know so for a third generation of film business and television business. >> carrying it on well. tony goldwyn everyone. chang you, thank you. thank you for the family and thanks for bringing tgit back. >> oh. >> "scandal" returns. you heard him, tomorrow night, 9:00 8:00 central right here on abc. ginger with a final check of the weather. >> i'm a gladiator so i'm good. i'm going to be there, tony. okay how about we check the forecast and start with the social stream. the pictures you send us. we're on instagram, facebook twitter. share anything. love so see this from long beach in new york and here back in galveston where they tied a record at 75 just yesterday so that warmth is still there. not staying forever and certainly turning colder to the east of there. kansas city at 72. sub-
8:37 am
>> good morning. a cold start this morning, lots of sunshine to the afternoon all that weather brought to you by kay jewelers. it's time to improve this! >> improve this! that's right. it is time and today it's all about saving and splurging and we got the rooms in your house covered really. diy network million dollar contractor steven fanuka is with us to tell us where we can splurge and save and make a big impact. great to meet you in person. big fan of your show and work. we share a common love and that is renn vague and reinvention and money does matter so let's put it to work. >> so we all know that if you're not careful you can spend a lot of money very quickly and go right out and you won't have
8:38 am
eft for the rest of the house so it's important to save and splurge where you need to. one place you can save is the cabinets itself. the cabinets are the most expensive part of the kitchen. if you really build new cabinets -- >> you're looking at thousands of dollars. i always give my -- anybody i'm helping the tip that you do as well. a great paint job, it's also not inexpensive and worth it to get it done properly but can make a huge impact. >> you could even do a little stenciling anything you want. whatever you can imagine. splurge on the appliances. love stainless steel. the stove, dishwasher the refrigerator. >> ups the value of your kitchen if you're thinking about resale. a great way to go. >> it really does. have a little extra money left change out the knobs. make sure you use the same holes, ithe dimensions. >> for tv purposes red makes a splash. we both would advise go clean, go mean. go with either glossy white,
8:39 am
glossy black and if you can also countertops, if you can that's another place where you'll see a big impact down the road. >> huge. >> moving from the kitchen let's get to the next save and splurge. talk to me. >> if you want to save change out the dimmers you can use the lutron maestros diva dimmers. >> such an easy thing to do. guys makes such a big difference in lighting if you're entertaining just living you don't want those lights so bright all the time. we love the good lighting but sometimes the dimmer creates -- we're talking pennies, dollars. >> it gives you options. it creates the mood. >> yes. >> so now if you want to save, we know the difference. if you want to splurge we know all about the light fixture. >> if you have a foyer or in a dining room where you can make one big impact. >> it does make an impact. even though you're spending money it's nothing compared to renovating the entire room itself. >> we're painting our cabinets.
8:40 am
getting one great fixture and dimming the lights. let's talk first bathroom. >> so the bathrooms, you know bathrooms, aside from the kitchen they can be the most expensive to renovate. if you don't have the bucks to renovate change out the fixtures. change out the faucet change out the toilet change out the sinks. this is an old faucet. there's a new faucet. even the finishes make a difference. >> yeah yeah looking at this. this just has that dated feel. that's a little more streamlined. how much would you spend if you wanted to get an inexpensive clean version right now? what are people looking at. >> $300. >> that's a lot of money. will it make an impact if we're reselling. >> totally. if you really want to go one step further, regrout the tiles. clean up the tiles, regrout it. paint the wall give the ceiling a pop of color maybe. we both love color. >> we do love color in a bathroom a way to save. if you want to splurge, the
8:41 am
basement. >> the basement. every square foot of your home. >> matters. >> marys. it also increases the value of your home. >> yep. >> so basements, outdoor patios but in the basement especially. put a finished floor down and -- >> maybe drywallet to create another room. square footage, you have the square footage why not splurge there. >> right and paint your cabinets. and splurge in the basement to find more square footage. that is really just a great tip. >> if you don't have a family room well you can have one down in your basement. >> to the basement. that's where i lived as a kid and it worked out just fine. we want to thank you. great tips. you can see steven on his show. the name again -- >> "million dollar contractor" on the diy network. >> thanks to lowe's for providing the items. >> everything you see you can get at lowe's. >> like the vanna white. stick around jack black's hit "school of rock" is coming to broadway. we were there for the audition. these kids have some big talent.
8:42 am
don't go anywhere. "gma's" improve this! brought to you by lowe's. lowe's, never stop improving.tt2wlr=[bk@%o
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8:44 am
j# vf0 tt2wlr=[bk@%!!án &fx tt2wlr=[bk@%4!j# pp, tt2wlr=[bk@%x#á&ú:wíx tt2wlr=[bk@%t#j'ú:cí< tt2wlr=[bk@%t#j)ú:h>x tt2wlr=[bk@%p#jáú:ó%d tt2wlr=[bk@%p#j,ú:>ó$ tt2wlr=[bk@%l#á.ú:7v( tt2wlr=[bk@%l#á0ú:,@@ broadway is getting ready to rock "school of rock" is coming to the stage and casting for the musical has begun. sara haines here. you were at the audition and got to meet these kids so talented. >> so talented. it was a tad humbling but it was big dreams if fact the only
8:45 am
thing small about this group was their stature. we got a sneak peek as they show p showcased their inner rocker and wowed us with talent beyond their years. >> let's get out there and melt some faces. >> reporter: it's the classic comedy about a wanna-be rock star turned substitute teacher who taught his students how to rock 'n' roll. ♪ >> reporter: now "school of rock" is coming to broadway. >> i think i got a call-back. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: we had exclusive access to the open casting call in new york city even a little rain couldn't keep away the nearly 1,000 mini rock stars that showed up ready to jam. these amateurs most with no auditioning experience at all, hoping to land one of the 15 open spots. what number are you? >> 473. >> 473. they start at 1? >> i'm going to sing "hit me with your best shot". >> that's my go-to karaoke song.
8:46 am
can we sing a duet ♪ hit me with your best shot why don't you hit me with your best shot ♪ >> how did you get ready for today? >> i did my hair. >> your hair looks amazing. a little product up in there. >> i'm a singer who can play the bass. >> that's like a double threat. >> reporter: then it was time to rock. ♪ i'm so excited ♪ ♪ ♪ there is a fire ♪ ♪ help me ♪ >> reporter: then came the call-backs. >> go crazy at the same time. >> reporter: do your silent crazy dance with me. ♪ >> reporter: we even caught up with one. the original cast members. >> billy. >> billy, let's move on. >> you're tacky and i hate you. >> you're tacky and i hate you. >> reporter: not every kid will land a spot in the andrew lloyd webber production. what's your best tip? >> make sure your child
8:47 am
understands this should be a fun experience in addition to being a profeional experience. >> reporter: i decided to have a little fun with the experience myself. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> just jam with whatever i do. are you ready. one, two, three, four. ♪ do you think i'm going to get called back? >> that was like a little like crazy and like random. >> well random is like artistic isn't it. >> anything? >> you could probably do a little bit more training. >> more training like more school less rock? >> yes. >> more school less rock. >> so you'll call me? ♪ >> andrew lloyd webber is currently in town for callback auditions getting closer to narrowing down to the final 15 cast for the show. i'm not going to be one of them. >> i don't know.
8:48 am
i think that kid nailed you, a little crazy, a rill random. >> kind of the story of my life so -- >> it looked like so much fun. andrew lloyd webber on the project i can't wait to hear the music. coming up the "gma" kitten bowl. let's see everyone getting ready. there they are, all the adorable action in just a minute. they're taking it easy.
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ all right. there you are looking at one of the highlights from our "gma" puppy bowl tuesday. team ruff versus team fluff for the title of top dog. the doggies had their day and now it's time for "gma's" kitten bowl. we have nine kittens here ready to pounce on the field. beth stern, national spokesperson for the north shore animal league host of kitten bowl here to keep our kittens in line this morning. >> second annual kitten bowl.
8:51 am
such a huge ratings hit for hallmark channel we decided to bring it back again. >> very exciting stuff. you'll give our kittens the blow-by-blow as the plays happen on the field. >> everybody is getting hot and energized. ready in a couple minutes. >> what do they need to do? >> well there seems to be some already in the end zone. that's right away seven -- six points. somebody is on the goalpost. that's an extra point. tackling, there are extra points for cuteness. flags for improper behavior, popping or catfights, everybody seems to be getting excited. >> remarkably calm especially with catnip on the field of you are a big cat lover and have written two books about them. tell us about your latest. >> contract yoda:the story of the cat and his kitten." we foster them until they're handed off to their forever families. one game came to us in heart
8:52 am
failure given thee to six months to live. he started taking care of my foster kids and gave him a will to live. he no longer has a heart condition so love and purpose has healed his heart and made it into a children's book. >> fantastic. with that let's have the games begin. let's get niece kitties in action. >> we have a little mouse. >> oh, there they go. >> come on. let's get in the end zone. >> that mouse, they are looking. oh oh. >> give me a pom-pom. >> oh. >> come on. come on. >> oh. >> come on you guys. >> come on in the end zone. >> i have to say all of these kittens are up for adog at north shore animal league. wait now. it's not even kitten season and all the shelters are full of cats and kittens and 92 kittens participated in the hallmark kitten bowl so since the taping all 92 have been adopted. >> fantastic. that is great news and kitten bowl, by the way premieres sunday on the hallmark channel
8:53 am
and beth stern's book is available in stores and online. find out how to adopt one. on yahoo! come on guys. we'll be right back. as a small business owner you wouldn't
8:54 am
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8:55 am
♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. start the search for your next car at carmax. start here. >> hey, beth thanks for
8:56 am
brightening our morning with these sweet little kittens. >> kitten cuteness. >> pup -- kitten bowl 2 coming up. >> the hallmark channel sunday. >> have a great day, everyone. >> thank you. >> say hi. >> good wednesday morning.
8:57 am
it is now 8:57. let's get a check on that wednesday morning commute. >> we had a late problem in german down down near long draft road. everything has been reopened vehicles have been overturned, the have cleared it. from springfield on up, this is how it looks near 6th street. that has cleared. a late accident on 270 southbound's, not good, affecting the local lanes, with hov and main left lanes getting by, this is snared traffic trying to get out of germantown. 270 is a mess getting out of frederick. all right, the traffic is getting a little bit worse. is your weather getting better? >> can you see the shaking on the camera? the wind is making the field factor very low. -- feels factor very low. 13 in winchester, nine at dulles
8:58 am
care. we should see windchill factors in the 20's this afternoon. it is beautiful, but there is a clipper coming our way from the upper midwest bringing a chance for rain and snow mix. temperatures in the mid 30's. tomorrow temperatures will be about the same. >> all right, thank you for the update and thank you for watching. we will
8:59 am
>> it's "live with kelly and michael".
9:00 am
today from the hit series "celebrity apprentice," donald trump and katherine jenkins. plus, your comments and questions. direct from the inbox all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] gelman: now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [applause]


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