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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the owner of the company. what have you found out? >> he delivered the news in confirming that david berry was working for a security and training company on assignment in libya and he was killed in that attack. these are couple of still images from the scene at the hotel. in all, nine people were killed. barry was the lone american victim. his coworkers will not say much about the sensitivity of the situation. the company mourns the extraordinary loss. a state department spokesperson was asked about these reports early this afternoon and here is what she had to say. >> we condemn the terrorist attack on the hotel in tripoli. condolences to the victims and their families. we are aware of the reports of a u.s. citizen being a killed on
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attack. we cannot confirm the report. >> we have confirmed that information. this is the linkedin page of -- showing his impressive resume. at this point, it is still unclear exactly what unfolded and why. one agency that tracks the sort of attacks says that a group affiliated with the islamic group i saw -- the islamic group isil is claiming responsibility. >> no socks the northeast leaving people diit. -- snow socks the northeast. it could continue to be an issue. the north east storm spared us
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but it is causing some travel delays here and across the country. a look at how travelers are coping. >> there is still not a lot of good news for passengers here. take a look at this order. all of these fights canceled. most of going to work or new york or canceled -- are canceled. that is why many are making this airport home for the second night. that northeast storm has some planes grounded here. flights to new york city, canceled, flights to boston canceled. mike rosen on his way from london to cincinnati. he flew through jfk. >> today, i got a train to washington. then, the metro to hear. and now, waiting for a u.s.
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airlines flight to cincinnati. >> you just eating bumped further and further. i went from united airlines to u.s. air. i had a flight for tomorrow morning which was the earliest i could get. it is now on to 10:30. i have to keep up with it. >> in boston, the snow is still falling. the city woke up to two feet but things were much worst along the coast. wind caused waves to crash into a seawall, destroying part of it. just a warning, we are told these cancellations may extend well into tomorrow. >> thank you. here is a closer look at that coastal flooding we were talking
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about. this is video from about an hour south of boston. high winds reached the sea walls. this morning the national guard is actuated residents who cannot leave before the storm. beach erosion a big problem. it had enough energy to re-create some geography. so, what is next for us and the northeast? doug hill is in the storm watch weather center checking out what is to come this way this week. >> right now, the snow continues. heavy blizzard conditions. they are on the tail and on the massachusetts coast line. for us, we are getting the wind bringing cold air in from canada. the temperatures 28 in gaithersburg, 29 in hagerstown, the temperatures will continue to drop. the wind is increasing. the wind chills are dropping.
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early tomorrow morning, when chills will be in the single digits. partly cloudy, breezy, cold, air temperatures, 14-23 degrees. the wind chills will be the story, single digits tomorrow morning. a couple of more chances at winning to re-precipitation this weekend this weekend. we will lay out the timing for you. -- a couple of more chances at wintery precipitation. moving on to other news, we have breaking is coming from arlington where police are on the scene of a hit and run. a man was struck by a vehicle on the 3600 block of columbia pike. the driver left the scene. the victim was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. police are on the scene. no other details are available but we will keep you posted.
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family experiencing not one but two" this morning. first, the mendoza family escape their home after water began pouring in. as they tried to drive down the street, a sinkhole opened up right the need their car. >> we were driving. the water was cold. >> they got out of the car before the whole swallow their vehicle. the sanitary commission replaced the water main this afternoon. they're helping them and other families affected with housing and claims. the road will remain closed overnight. scott walker stewith a possible presidential run. he created a political action committee called our american revival.
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this move comes one day after another potential candidate, chris christie launched his own political action committee. charges against another presidential hopeful will stand. the texas judge refused to throw out an abuse of power case against former governor rick perry. his defense team try to have that charge dismissed laming that he was acting within his constitutional rights. he threatened and carried out a veto of funding for prosecutor funding. an army sergeant accused of desertion could be charged soon. bowe bergdahl could be charged within the week. the army completed its investigation into his capture. some say he deserted his post. the u.s. army denied reports that he will be charged. still ahead, new details about a
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drone found on the white house lawn. what the pilot was allegedly doing before the crash. a judge is critical decision
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>> new information on the drone that was found on the grounds of the white house. the pilot said he had been
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drinking at a nearby apartment from four he lost control of the drone. the pilot works for the national geospatial-intelligence agency. the man's work has nothing to do with drones and the one that he flew on monday night was a personal item. the secret service investigation indicates the man did not intend to cause any harm and did not mean for the drone to fly where it did. a new lawsuit for the metro smoke incident is expected. the family for the woman that lost her life says a lawsuit will be fouled. glover died january 12. an electrical malfunction caused smoke to be pulled into a train and a nearby station. the accident was completely foreseeable, according to the lawyer. a social media outage, both facebook and instagram were down for about an hour.
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the group claimed responsibility for it on twitter. if it was an attack on facebook data centers the outage would have been affecting just one region. the results following an investigation. a spyware app can no longer operate. we told you about the app used to to monitor calls, text messages. soon after that report, the ceo biggest guilty to monitoring a spyware application. could marijuana laws in virginia be changing? why a new poll signals that voters might be ready for that. temperatures are dropping overnight. doc let us know if freezing will be an issue in the full forecast. >> the wizards and caps are on the road. huge conference game for the
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>> a new poll shows the commonwealth is coming around to marijuana.
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northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg explains. >> many people watching them are wanted debate believe that laws are bound to loosen. not if but when. >> it will happen. >> i was thought that do criminalizing marijuana was a good idea. >> it is a whole new world. we have to talk to kids about drugs and alcohol the same. >> attitudes appear to be shifting across virginia. 71% of virginians support do criminalizing small amounts of pot while 69% support legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. tucker martin who served as the communication director for bob mcdonald recently wrote an op-ed urging the gop to support reforming marijuana laws as a way to connect with a broader base of voters.
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all of this is not mean the republican majority in the house and senate enrichment is ready to move on the issues -- in richmond is ready to move on the issue. >> it is not a priority for the party that controls the legislature. >> i would not want to be living in a state where it is widespread like colorado. >> jennifer weaver believes that looser laws would only lead to problems like abuse. >> it does bother me. the more permissive we are, the worse our country gets. >> a democratic state senator is proposing legislation that would significantly decriminalize the possession of an ounce of marijuana or less. the bill is up for debate in the senate committee and even supporters admit that it is facing some long odds. >> three hours down, four and a half days to go. the contest is try to win a new car at the washington auto show and all they have to do is to
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not let go of the car before noon. this contest began at 3:00 this afternoon. but dissidents get a 15 minute break to go to the few -- to the bathroom and eat. this year's prize is a 2015 hyundai sonata. plans to create the first overseas museum are underway. the go-ahead to create plans in london. this will be located at the queen elizabeth olympic park and it will open up in 2021. it should be quite a scene. we had quite a scene but things are dialing down. >> the biggest thing will be wind dialing down a little bit. this is interesting. we didn't have much sunshine. temperatures were above freezing. look at fairfax. the snow we had last night never
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really melted away. in areas farther north, we saw a little bit more melting. tonight, nothing will melt. 27 degrees right now in leesburg. the network members you see a live numbers. so, they should change. 30 degrees right now. chevy chase, 28. morningside, 29 degrees. those values will all drop. their temperature, 28 in gaithersburg. 34 in fredericksburg. the wind played a key role and they will knock the temperatures down. 37-30, the high low officially at reagan national. i will point out that our average high 44-29 tells us statistically, climatological he we are past the coldest part of the winter. guess what happened? we will have the coldest weather pattern we have had all winter. so, we will drop down the
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thermometer tonight, 14-23 degrees. this is a satellite and radar. we've had some heavier snow bounds moving in. notice the pattern is slowly shifting out. the strong winds come down the backside of the system. we will continue to enjoy sunshine and breezy weather tomorrow. the next system, a cold front. and wintry mix thursday evening and thursday night clear out on friday and have a potentially more subst system to look at. cold and breezy, highs in the mid to upper 30's. then, a 40 percent chance of a winter mix or some variety on thursday evening, thursday night. breezy, turning colder on friday afternoon. the high temperature was forecasting for saturday, only 30 despite a cold day of sunshine and then you will see the possibility of 60%.
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it will clear out on monday just in time for everyone together around the television set to find out what punxsutawney phil has to say. >> we still want his prediction for the super bowl. >> that's right. if you can find out what he will say about the super bowl, let us know. >> exactly. >> i don't know if you're going to a game, the wizards and capture on the road. the stars come out in arizona adding a little spice to the super bowl.
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>> the first place hoyas posted xavier. they have won five in a row, six of the last seven. there will be a little bit of extra spice added to this one. the wizards will play the lakers in the staples center.
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he is out indefinitely. for hockey fans, the caps are in columbus where they have not lost to the blue jackets this season. the capitals have struggled a little bit lately. while the record a strong with 20 four wins they dropped to seventh place in the eastern conference. three losses in a row. this was media day. all eyes were on marshawn lynch. >> with new england, they let it go. they continue to ask the patriots about the deflated footfalls. it is all about seattle, getting ready to play sunday. that is all of where our attention is. >> we have a belief in one
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another. we have a belief in what we can accomplish. we made it a long way. and to be here is a great feeling for all of us. >> that is exactly right. did you hear lance armstrong? >> there were some guys that were juicing. >> what you need to know is how cold it gets. we will have an update tonight at 11:00.
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on this tuesday night, the breaking news. the monster storm, slamming the coast at this hour. states of emergency. new england, buried. nearly three feet of snow in some whiteouts. cars under water, homes flooded. and coast to coast now, the travel nightmare. more than 8,000 flights canceled. and this evening, the new storm on the way. surrounded. star quarterback tom brady at the center of a different storm tonight. and the owner of the patriots now saying that the nfl could owe the patriots an apology. breaking developments now in the craigslist case. the grandparents going to look at their dream car and their disappearance. tonight, the stunning turn of events. and the super bowl scene stealer. but how many puppies does it really take to pull this off? tonight, we take you there.


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