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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> major problems revealed in the wake of the metro smoke incident. >> what are they doing now to correct the problem? >> fans communica wrong, and when it will be fixed. marilyn swears in its new governor. >> -- maryland swears in its new governor. >> it is such an honor to be
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standing in front of you tonight. >> now a rough road ahead to balance the budget. and burning out of control, 400 people out of their homes as a massive fire destroys an apartment complex. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> potentially bombshell news tonight from all makers about the metro smoke incident. ventilation fans inside of a metro train did not function properly during the fatal incident last week. the first top story tonight a new winter weather advisory for the region in the form of freezing fog. >> some concerns at this hour that the freezing fog could create icy roadways. it's get over to devin lucy to see with the morning commute might be like. that seems like a bad
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combination. >> you hear that, it is fog a cloud on the ground comprised of small water droplets from the air. freezing temperatures on the bridges and overpasses, the water droplets freeze. a little bit of ice, you slip. although these county showing winter weather advisory's extended until 8 a.m. -- gaithersburg dulles, annapolis baltimore, all at or below freezing. visually we clear this. then we get better, a break. then we have to track a coastal system. i will tell you where i think there might be some icy spots coming up. >> communication problems, fans that pulled smoke into a metro train instead of lowering and out, these are just two of the troubling revelations. roz plater is live at the l'enfant plaza metro station to fill us in. roz? >> leon, lawmakers say they have
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lots more questions, but some of the answers they got tonight see mind-boggling. they are asking for immediate fixes. at a closed-door meeting, local lawmakers pressed metro and the ntsb for answers as to what happened and why during metro's deadly smoke incident last week. they were stunned at what they heard. >> so many things went wrong -- radios did not work, ventilation fans did not take smoke out there were few or no smoke detectors, 15 minutes to get the ventilation on the fans. >> they also learned with hundreds of passengers trapped on the yellow line train, d.c. fire and metro cannot communicate. metro had not been properly notified about the fire department's new radius. >> the systems are built to talk to each other, but if you upgrade your system and put in encryption, that was not notified? >> there is a great deal of
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frustration after millions of dollars and 15 years, since 9/11 , there was not interoperability. >> lawmakers said that the agencies can now communicate and -- >> a ventilation system that brought smoke into the car is now being reversed. >> the ntsb says its investigation could take up to a year and they are carefully going over every part of the system. senator mikulski says they cannot wait that long. she is asking over the next 90 days for a check list of changes. live in southwest, roz plater, abc 7 news. >> roz. a man is in the hospital after being hit by a car at a bus stop just before 7:00 tonight near university of boulevard in whae eaton. he was taken to the hospital
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with serious injuries but no word on the driver's condition. a search is underway in howard county after a woman was raped and assaulted. the victim says she was approached by the suspected apartment building in columbia this morning. the woman was pulled into a vacant apartment and assaulted. if you have information, contact howard county police. >> inauguration festivities maryland governor larry hogan are happening right now in baltimore. the gala follows the day of events. the governor was very clear in his speech that the work starts tomorrow. tom roussey is live in baltimore tonight. good evening, tom, how is it going? >> thousands of people came to the convention center in baltimore. we will show you some. the party is winding down, but still a lot of people here celebrating. there is an air of hope because a lot of folks want hogan to change the direction of maryland.
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harsh reality will set in because the state is in serious financial trouble. tonight at the inaugural ball -- >> i'm ecstatic. >> something rare in maryland, a new republican governor. earlier, in annapolis, larry hogan became the state's 62nd governor. hogan emphasized campaign pledges to make maryland a lower tax, more business friendly place. supporters long for that. >> he is a businessman with a business background and we need to get back on the right track as far as fiscally responsible. >> i'm hoping the citizens of maryland will give him a chance. he has a hard road ahead. >> tomorrow, the hard road begins. hogan has scheduled a noon press conference on the budget. he inherits a $750 million shortfall that some say will make cutting taxes hard. many wonder what he will cut
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including plans about a metro line. >> hopefully they can compromise on each side. >> tonight, hogan said this. >> we can grow the private sector, the people back to work and turn our economy around. >> although historically republicans have not done well when it comes to winning the governor's mansion, now that hogan is governor, two of the last three governors have been republicans. live in baltimore, tom roussey abc 7 news. >> tom, thank you. a discovery inside the rubble of the annapolis home fire. today, crews announce that cadaver dogs found two bodies, meaning that for people are still unaccounted for. stephen tschida reports. >> investigators, including from the atf began the meticulous,
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painstaking, and ruling job of sifting through the debris from a massive fire. an effort made all the more difficult i the knowledge the remains of six people, including four children, likely will be found here. >> it's terrible. >> a search with a cadaver canine resulted in positive alerts. >> the fire burst from this former castle-like structure on a piece of prime property early monday morning. it burned with such force that firefighters could only try to tackle it from the outside. they suspect that i.t. executive don pile, his wife, and four grandchildren were the home at the time of the fire. >> we located the bodies of two individuals. >> investigators will not say if they are the bodies of children nor dolts. the remains have been sent to the medical examiner in baltimore, who will identify the victims. >> who knows, but i guess they
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will get to the bottom of it. >> the investigation continues including the search f cause and more bodies. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> developing news from new jersey, following another fire, a massive five alarm blaze burning out of control at an apartment complex. 400 people had to be evacuated. at this hour, no reports of injuries. one hour ago, reporters from the scene's all blue flames from a gas line. the fire started at 4:30 this afternoon and grew so large that flames were visible miles away in midtown manhattan. >> charles severance accused of murdering three people in alexandria, may be hospitalized. prosecutors are expected to ask the judge to order a mental evaluation in court tomorrow. severance's attorneys say he may not understand the charges
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against him. jeff goldberg will be in the courtroom and will bring updates through the afternoon. more legal problems for a virginia lawmaker tonight. delegate joe morrissey surrendered to the sheriff after a grand jury indicted him on four felony counts including forgery and injury. he had resigned among accusations he had sex with a 17 ural secretary. voters reelected him in a special election. he for the charges come he was nights in jail for contributing to the latency of a minor. the washington nationals signed max scherzer for $210 million. tim is here with more. you talked to him today? >> max said there is only one reason came to washington -- he wants to win. i submit there are 210 million other reasons.
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max yoursscherzer is 6'3", he has one blue eye, one brown eye, and he can flat out pitch. he won the cy young award. besides the mone max says it's all about winning. >> at the end of the day, we were concerned about the organization. what we want to a copley's from free agency, and that's why we hear. >> everybody assumes there will be trades. jordan zimmermann, doug fister ian desmond, all rumors. mike rizzo has told me that nothing has changed with any other there on the roster. more on this coming up in sports, and also the results of the wizards facing okc. >> i want you to discover the secret about his eyes. >> it was kind of bizarre. >> the longest land use battle
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in montgomery county history is not over yet. >> new delays in the fight over gas pumps at costco. >>
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>> the highest ranking u.s. delegation to visit cuba is meeting with officials this week with days meetings about restoring full diplomatic ties. the coast guard restored bigger patrols around cuba. more talks are scheduled tomorrow in later this year in washington. >> city leaders in newtown connecticut, move tonight to demolis property of the man who killed 20 teachers and six children -- 20 children and six teachers at sandy hook elementary school. >> no civil rights charges should be thought against police officer dare darren wilson
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according to an investigation. the former police officer shot and killed michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the department of justice is working on a legal memo explaining its decision, according to the new york times. a grand jury decision not to prosecute sparked weeks of violence. >> the longest land use hearing in montgomery county is delayed again. costco wants to build a 16-pump gas station outside of its wheaton mall location. a member of the board said he may have a conflict of interest in another resigned. without a quorum, the plan is on hold. >> 7 on your side with a consumer alert. big layoffs coming to american express. the company announced it is cutting more than 4000 jobs this year. american express is the cuts are part of a cut pinnie wide -- art
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of a companywide efficiency drive. a similar story from ebay. the company will cut 2400 jobs before the end of march, about 7% of their workforce. it will happen at ebay and paypal. ebay calls it "simple flying organizational structures." >> bad news for e-cigarette users. they may not be as harmless as you thought. researchers say that there is more firm aldehyde in cigarettes than regular cigarettes. people are concerned about popular vaporizers. researchers say with that exposure long-term e-cigarette users could be 15 times more at risk for cancer than cigarette users. >> a unique find in a northwest washington home. a georgetown family found a 19th-century cannonball inside their chimney. the homeowner said he was having the chimney repaired. "the washington post" reports
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that the family called police after a friend said it might be dangerous. they evacuated the home and several others nearby as a precaution. the 4.5 inch cannonball is now being examined at fort belfourvoir. >> and they use that fireplace. >> talk about an explosive find. we have advisories tonight. the past three weeks, i really pinpointed how the wiz play out. a couple hours ago, i thought if we had temperatures well below freezing in the morning i thought this could go all the way into the morning. to back up the impressive system, the low-pressure formed out at sea with wraparound moisture. in upper-level system coming in the cold wet ground, a lack of a breeze freezing temperatures --
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all the right combinations where neighborhood roads may have slush in montgomery county loudoun county, fairfax county. coastal storms friday. first, the icy conditions. tomorrow morning, it will be one of these. sunshine eventually breaking through. where we had snow, a couple of neighborhoods where we have some icy spots. bridges come overpasses, anything untreated. also those who walk, sidewalks parking lots. if we have the advisory like this, you know how it's going to go -- plan ahead. the last three weeks we have had a number of delays and cancellations. tomorrow, 45 degrees by the afternoon, the temperatures going up.
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friday, the coastal system coming in. there is a little bit of snow, may be a rain/snow mix coming. we are watching for icy spots. do your best, be careful, give yourself extra time. we could have even just general traffic situations, people run into a nice patch, accidents. take it a little slower, give yourself the next room minute. jacqui jeras will give the updated details in the morning. >> what's up? >> today we learn the meaning of a brand-new max contract, and now we get to meet the new superstar. and okc runs into the wall at verizon center.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> playoff type atmosphere at
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verizon center, watching the wizards take on kevin durant and okc. john wall played beat the clock with the three ball. lets it go, center pocket. the wizards led by five. 12 at the half. in the third, john wall pitching, drive, draw, dish. fabulous pass. wall had a double double. over time, tied, final seconds the thunder inbound the ball. where is the defense? that all she wrote, the wiz fall in overtime. it is always fun when kevin durant comes home to washington. while rumors persist that he will eventually play here for the wizards tonight he was phenomenal, but what about coming home? he does not become a free agent until the summer of 2016, and the thunder are sure to offer an extension. >> no matter where i come from,
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no matter where i play, i just focus on oklahoma city. it feels like home to me now, so that's where i am. >> the political answer in washington. max scherzer drew quite a crowd at nats park looking to be all business putting on the new nets jersey number 31. seven-year $210 million contract. he has been an all-star the last two seasons, played minor-league ball format williams in montgomery, alabama. he was a former teammate of doug fister. when his agent scott morris told him -- scott boras told him with the nationals were offering, he just said wow. >> i think every day it is going out and getting the job done. it's just great to be part of. you always want to be part of a
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rotation. >> the nfl confirms 11 of the patriots footballs were deflated to play in the rain and cold. did it decide the winner? no. is it against the rules? yes. to me, the number one suspect is tom brady and there should be some fines. but it did not decide the game. and in college basketball, the 13th-ranked maryland terrapins left for indiana the's evening. they play the pictures tomorrow night -- they play the hoosiers tomorrow night and a huge ballgame. >> coming up you could not just see the excitement of seattle seahawks fans. you ca
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>> new information released about the metro smoke incident is the top trending story on two bodies found in the rubble of the annapolis home fire, and a new winter weather advisory. all of those stories right now on >> fans of the seahawks game really got into it, so much so they created a quake.
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after one touchdown and a two-point conversion, fans jumped up and down in unison at the rate of about two jumps per second, creating a so-called dance-quake, the biggest seismic signal ever associated with a seahawks game. >> quarter wonder her felt the same as an actual earthquake? this would have been much more fun.
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>> freezing fog? >> it's possible, freezing temperatures, fall go on the ground, we get have icy areas. jacqui jeras will have the update in the morning. >> have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ewan mcgregor from "glee", lea michele and music from tess henley with cleto and the cletones. and now, from here o here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thanks for watching thanks f


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