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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 20, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this tuesday night from the nation's capital, the new terror threat from isis. the video, two hostages and their new demands. the world's most wanted man is back vowing to kill again. just as americans in another country are being urged to leave immediately. brian ross and martha raddatz standing by. also breaking tonight, the american hospital the suspect walking in authorities say shooting a cardiac surgeon. the deadly collapse. the overpass giving way. new questions tonight about america's highways. the mansion fire mystery growing tonight. the home burning to the ground and what we've now learned about the missing family. and we're here in washington for the state of the union. and tonight, what the president plans to say to america.
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and good evening from washington tonight, where we just learned some of what the president will say to the nation tonight in his state of the union. and we'll have more on that in a moment right here. but we begin with that new terror threat a chilling new video from isis. and the most wanted man in the world, jihadi john as he's called threatening two hostages from japan. tonight, a race to save their lives and a race to locate that brutal killer. we have seen him before. we heard his voice, that british accent. videos in broad daylight so why can't the world find him? martha raddatz standing by on the hunt but first, abc's brian ross tonight on the demand for money and whether it will be met. >> reporter: he is the personification of terror, back tonight as brutal and evil as ever in what appears to be his sixth such video. dubbed jihadi john because of his british accent, the masked isis spokesman now threatens to behead these two japanese citizens if the terror group doesn't receive a
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$200 million ransom by thursday. >> you now have 72 hours to pressure your government in making a wise decision. >> reporter: one of the japanese hostages, described only as an adventurer, was captured by isis last august, in this dramatic video, where he was accused of being a cia spy. the other hostage is a veteran japanese television reporter. japan's prime minister shinzo abe said today no ransom would be paid. >> we've seen in the past that is has carried through on their threats like this to execute hostages, so the outlook is obviously quite grim. >> reporter: tonight, u.s. analysts are looking for any clues the new isis propaganda video may reveal, studying the background setting, the shadows for time of day, the knife, the eyes. and to the dismay of u.s. officials, the video comes despite months of air strikes meant to cripple the terror group. >> it's made them seem more heroic.
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they're expanding their influence and in some ways they are expanding their territory. >> reporter: and tonight in europe, police in at least six countries remain on high alert, searching for other isis followers connected to the paris attacks and conceding they may not be able to stop the next one. well armed, loaded with cash and masters of internet recruiting isis has in the last few months emerged as the world's most wanted group of terrorists. david, just a year ago, in his last state of the union address, the president did not even refer to them by name. >> incredible to think about. brian ross, thank you. abc's martha raddatz is right here tonight. and i wanted to take our viewers at home back to that image of jihadi john. the brazen videos we mentioned. so many of them taped in broad daylight. people at home are going to be asking why can't we get this guy? >> reporter: it's incredible david. we have so much equipment over there. we just don't have people on the ground. and that's what it takes,
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intelligence on the ground to figure this out. plus jihadi john as he is called he knows not to communicate on cell phones and other things the u.s. would be able to pick up. but the president tonight is going to say, "we will defeat and degrade these terrorists in isis." >> we'll hear that a short time from now. meanwhile, yemen. you've been there several times. the presidential palace surrounded for a time. what's the latest on that and what's the status of the u.s. embassy there? >> reporter: the presidential pal lals over there, still surround d. the president of yemen is not inside that. he's inside his house, but he's also surrounded there. the embassy, they believe, is safe at this time. they are not planning on evacuating it. but there are two u.s. ships in the red sea ready to do that if they have to. >> all right, martha raddatz, thank you. and from yemen to libya this evening, and yet another developing headline. and a new warning at this hour from americans. the state department urging all u.s. citizens to leave the country immediately. the fighting escalating between militants and government troops.
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the u.s. embassy already suspended all operations in july. and as you heard martha mention there, president obama expected to talk about the glow gal terror threat what we saw in paris, tonight in his state of the union. also front and center the american economy. a new abc news poll showing the president's job approval rating now at 50%. it was just last october, just 40%, up ten points. so let's get right to abc's jonathan karl across town at the white house. jon, the economy, gas prices driving this job approval. and you've learned what americans will hear tonight. >> reporter: that's right. and david, the president's top advisers tell me that he is going into thisech with a bounce in his step because we are seeing the strongest economy of his presidency. so the three big economic themes that he will hit tonight first, vindication. he will take credit for that recovering economy, in excepts just released, he says quote, the verdict is in his policies worked. second help for the middle class. he's proposing new spending on
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things like free community college, even cheaper, faster internet access. and then three, tax the rich. that's how he is proposing paying for all of this. but david, as you can imagine, that call for more spending higher taxes, puts him on a collision course with the republicans in that chamber tonight. >> a tough sell for them indeed. jon, thank you. let's get right to george stephanopoulos in our washington bureau tonight. and george this is the president's sixth statele of the union. his next to last. i wanted to show the before and after. this is the president in 2009 the president in his first state of the union. and this is the president just last week. job of the president always takes a toll. those before and afters so telling. george what's the bottom line tonight, two years left. >> reporter: two years left. he has to do a lot. like reagan was going into the seventh year of his presidency. he was able to convince the country that his economic program worked. as jon karl just said right there, that's what president 0 obama has to do tonight.
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convince people this is sustainable. it can be broadened out, that everyone can share. now, it's because of the work that he did. over the last six years. now, ronald reagan was able to make that sell. he came into this speech with a 50% approval rating as well. he was able to lock in gains for republicans for a generation bill convincing them that his program worked. that's president obama's job tonight. >> all right, perhaps revisiting an old play book. george stephanopoulos thank you. george will be leading the way tonight, our entire political team. the president's state of the union address begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern, right here our kovrm on abc. > we move on now to one of the nation's most prestigious hospitals in lockdown for a time. brigham and women's hospital in boston. the chaos from above, inside a gunman opening fire targeting a surgeon. tonight, officials warning it could have been much worse, saying that hospital though medical workers, had trained for this. here's abc's david wright. but david, picking 12 jurors and
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12 alternates will take months. opening statements are not expected until may at the earliest. david? >> clayton sandell in colorado. clayton, thank you. we move onto that deadly bridge collapse in ohio. a construction worker killed a truck driver injured when the overpass in ohio crumbled onto the highway below. concrete plunging in an instant. a bbc's alex perez on the investigation and the questions about america's aging highways tonight. >> reporter: tense moments overnight along i-75 in cincinnati. >> report of an overpass at hopple street collapsing. >> reporter: tons of concrete and machinery plummeting onto the highway after this overpass collapsed. >> looks like we have a dismantled overpass collapsed down onto a semitractor trailer here. >> reporter: it was just after 10:30 monday night. the overpass was being demolished as part of a highway widening project when it somehow gave wanfl investigation. was the ball deflated? the play the moment that tipped
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off the other team that something might be wrong and who told authorities. and pope francis making headlines tonight. offending many, including some catholics. what he said about the bedroom. and looking for something better. that's the way i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin. and three, unlike warfarin there's no routine blood testing. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve he house contained a lot of very heavy materials. we're looking at some steel
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beams that weigh in the area of seven tons. >> reporter: from here you can still smell the smoke. the fire still smoldering on this enormous property nearly 40 hours after it began. >> reporter: the fire here reported at 3:30 in the morning. experts say more than half of deadly home fires occur overnight, spreading fast leaving only minutes to escape. >> and they were the most generous and loving people in the world. >> reporter: at the gates of this moment a makeshift memorial as this family waits for word of their loved ones. bazi kanani abc news annapolis, maryland. >> when we come back here tonight, before the super bowl what we've learned in the nfl investigation. was that football deflated? and what the pope said about the bedroom, offending even some catholics. also studies tonight. up to four cups of coffee okay? and apparently one drink at night, is it really good for the heart? a lot coming up. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been helping families
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straight to the index tonight. pope francis offending a lot of catholics, saying mothers and fathers should not feel they have to breed, quote, like rabbits. experts recommend no more than three children per family, a lot of correspondent about that. and a cocktail with dinner? one alcoholic beverage a day, wine beer even a shot of liquor, reduces the risk of heart failure by 20% in men, 16% in women. and that morning coffee a secret weapon against skin cancer. the national cancer institute saying four or more cups a dayreduces the risk of melanoma by 20%. the new england patriots accused of deflating those footballs. officials first became suspicious after this play in the second quarter. colts linebacker intercepting the ball then reportedly telling officials something didn't feel right. when we come back here tonight, that huge debate
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