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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  January 18, 2015 11:35pm-12:01am EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> dangerous driving conditions across the country as a weather system terms roadways into ice rink. in philadelphia, three people were killed and dozens injured in a pileup involving more than 60 vehicles. >> mangled cars and debris, one after another on interstate 76 outside of philadelphia. freezing blamed for the deadly pileup. fire crews rushing to untangle more than two dozen cars and trucks. that scene similar to this, on the other side of the country. i-84 in oregon saturday, a fedex
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truck entirely toward open. the authorities blame black ice and fog. in new jersey, hundreds of crashes, happening faster than emergency crews could clear. >> this has been probably the worst storm we've had. >> in new york, slick conditions closed part of the long island's expressway. in neighborhoods, cell phones rolling as drivers lose control, even while slamming on the brakes. salt trucks working overtime with the ice spreading from the streets to the sidewalks. >> in memorial service is scheduled tomorrow for carol glover, the alexandria grandmother who died on a metro train last week. the d.c. met alone examiner said
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-- the d.c. medical examiner said that she died from respiratory failure due to acute smoke inhalation. the ntsb is investigating the metro incident at l'enfant plaza . glover's memorial is at capitol hill baptist church in northeast washington tomorrow morning. big changes coming for the secret service as four high-ranking officials were forced out. the assistant director for investigations technology and affairs are leaving their posts. the acting director said the officials could resign, retire, or be reassigned within the department of homeland security. the shakeups come after several high-profile missteps, including a fence jumper at the white house who made it all the way to the east room with a knife. loudoun county canceling many midterm exams. middle and high school students will not take the exams tuesday
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through friday because of a law from the recent icy weather. those in washington in those here for generations no about the u street courtrridor. one woman is ensuring that it will be remembered for all time. >> she interviews whenever she can, listening to the stories of washington's legendary u street corridor at midcentury, a time of music, laughter, and strife. >> i thought we needed an oral history. >> the d.c. public library where she is a special collections library that has more than one million photographs, maps, and newspapers about washington, but there is nothing like hearing from those who were there. >> i just knew that was important because of our children and my children's children. >> it was a time of momentous
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change, from segregation to the struggle for civil rights. james bennett remembers a murder. >> it was such a horrendous thing that the parents were in fact clutching this. we understood the vulnerable nature of a person, of a black person. >> it is also a time that is fondly remembered, for the sense of team unity that was u street, where african americans gathered away from the mination that persisted. >> basically things that you cannot do in other parts of the city you could do on u street. and as for the fabled music scene? duke ellington and marvin gaye were d.c. natives, and many others came through. >> you would see many people just walking down u street. >> she said she in the library
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are getting a better picture of what life on u street was like. >> it was a different place than. it's a thriving area now, but in a different way. >> the washingtonian room is open every day except for sunday. if you want to thumb through the photographs, you can make an appointment. alison starling, abc 7 news. >> coming up -- how a program in virginia is making a big difference for children and adults with disabilities. first, a preview of divided government as maryland's next governor prepares to take office. >> the sun will come out tomorrow a much brighter day ahead. i'm tracking the possibility of some rain/snow in the seven-day
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>> president obama will deliver the state of the address tuesday night. the president will detail proposals he outlined in recent weeks. among them, expanded sick leave and free community college for two years. the freshman i was senator will give the republican response. republican larry hogan will be sworn in as maryland's governor wednesday. immigrants are still in control of the general assembly. >> all eyes will be on governor
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elect larry hogan, who won in november and a surprise upset over democratic lieutenant governor anthony brown. hogan won by hammering away on the issues of taxes and spending. he comes in during a $400 million budget shortfall meaning there will be a lot of tough decisions about cuts in programs and aid to municipalities. the senate president gives hogan high marks for putting together a bipartisan cabinet. >> the governor elect had been a congressman on capitol hill, and he came here with that mentality. a new sheriff in town, we will do things different way. governor hogan has more democrats in his cabinet that he has republicans. he will try to govern from the middle. he is reach out to myself, senator mikulski.
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he has a good relationship with former governor martin o'malley. he's doing everything right saying everything right, and hopefully it could be that way for four years. >> mary hogan gets sworn in one week from today. -- larry hogan gets sworn in one week from today. many people expect him to learn from the mistakes that john ehrlich, the last republican governor made. the expectation is that hogan will do what he can to find common ground. >> next -- we go inside the unique therapy that is changing the lives of those with disabilities.
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>> eileen whelan has a look at the weather forecast. >> it will be very nice and seasoned all monday, a whole lot better than today. >> not hard to beat. >> not hard at all. the skies beginning to clear on my dinner break earlier, i saw a few stars. definitely some light on the horizon, 43 at reagan national. we have a light reason out of the northwest. it actually feels like 40 degrees. the temperatures right now, i'm concerned we may have some black ice developing overnight with the temperatures at or below freezing. it is bur, maryland, 30 degrees
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in manassas -- gaithersburg maryland, 30 degrees and also 32 in manassas. bridges, overpasses, even just walking on the sidewalk or the steps, be careful, it may be slick. otherwise, the cold front has moved through, a late brees out of the west. the wind will be picking up tomorrow. even though it is going to be a pretty looking day, you'll notice the wind. we will eventually get into the mid 40's. the weather system that brought all of the rain earlier is lifting quickly into northern new england. on the backside of the system, a few snow showers in ohio and pennsylvania. some snow showers reported earlier in elkins, west virginia, but for the most part we are done with precipitation and a dryer couple days ahead. clearing skies continue through the remainder of the overnight. sunshine tomorrow morning.
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maybe if you slick spots on the highways, bridges, overpasses. not that cold, i don't think we will be dropping into the 20's, most of us staying in the 30's for the low temperatures tonight. the holiday tomorrow, temperatures in the middle 30's. with the sunshine through the midday hours, we climb nicely into the lower 40's. i think we will top out at 45 degrees. it may not feel as mild as that when you factor in the brisk wind out of the west between 10 and 20 miles per hour, but after about 6:00 the wind will subside. overnight into tuesday, the temperatures falling back to about 30 degrees. it will be a little chilly tuesday morning back to work and school. sunshine to kickstart the morning tuesday. clouds increasing through the day, high in the mid 40's. with the rain/snow mix moving
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and wednesday, the ground temperature should be above freezing. may be a light dusting in northern maryland, but this looks like a fairly low-impact weather system. dry thursday and friday, and the upcoming weekend looking dry but chillier, falling into the upper 30's. >> way better than the teens we have been seeing. a new report finds low enrollment at more than half of virginia colleges and universities in the current academic year. the stake council of higher education says enrollment dropped at eight of the 16 full year schools when compared with fall of 2013. this report comes days after a virginia public colleges reported a record number of graduates in 2014. a northern virginia horseback riding program is making a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities, providing a unique kind of therapy. that makes this this week's harris' heroes.
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>> my gosh, it's cold today. >> inside this barn in northern virginia, there is a special riding lesson. >> good body position. >> this 16-year-old has cerebral palsy, but with some help she is able to ride a horse. it is a therapeutic riding program for children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. the therapy comes in the form of a horse. >> every horse has its own distinct personality. you start to see how they really do put the boundaries because they want to do it so much and they want to improve and excel. >> as the riders get stronger and learn new skills, parents see other benefits. >> they are happy and excited to come.
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it really improves their self-confidence. >> it is what we focus the week around. >> she absolutely loves it. >> katie was 4 and wore a leg brace when she started coming to lift me up. after one year she was able to walk without the brace. now, she and her horse vinny took first place at a therapeutic riding competition. and when she heads to college in the fall, vinny is coming, too. >> he is my whole world. >> they love the horses and the horses love them back. >> leon harris, abc 7 news. >> lift me up adapts the riding program to each student and they can help them improve focus and even enhance communication's and social skills.
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next, a plan to build a metro station at potomac yard gets a big cash infusion.
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>> a 7 on your side consumer alert, ikea has recalled baby mattresses in the u.s. and canada after reports of infants getting stuck between the mattress and end panel. it includes the cribs sold in
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its stores between august 2010 in may 2014. wegmans recalled a certain kind of ground beef because it may contain small strips of translucent plastic. the wegmans lean organic grass fed ground beat has a freeze by date of january 16. if you have bought it, contact the store for a refund. the proposal to build a new metro station in northern ia may have hit a new track. jeff goldberg explains why the plan is moving once again. >> the metro passes through potomac greens without stopping all the time. many people living here hope it stays that way. >> behind townhomes? no it should not go there. >> he said all the congestion would cause problems. >> it could risk the neighborhoods.
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>> but the project is taking a major step forward after governor terry mcauliffe announce the state has improved -- approved a $50 million low-interest loan to the city of alexandria to help build the station that will serve the yellow and blue lines. it is good news for city staffers working on the project as it would cover about 25% of the total cost. without the loan it would be harder to do. it is a very flexible loan. >> another option is just north of the neighborhood next to the gw parkway. the other two and less likely possibilities are behind the potomac yard shopping center, using existing csx and amtrak train tracks. >> it's a phenomenal idea. >> she hopes that planners will take a closer look at this side of the track. >> i'm a big fan of public transportation in metro specifically. i don't think it's a problem.
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