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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> details in the metro smoke investigation, two 911 transcripts and the major problems firefighters faced. and a car slams into a house. the suspect took off. tonight, we talk to the family
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who survived the ordeal and caught it on camera. plus, president obama set to announce a new tax plan. whose taxes could rise and what the money is being used for. q munication breakdown is one of the allegations coming from a new report on the metro smoke incident. the d.c. fire department released its preliminary findings come including the heroine 911 transcript from victims, and details why it took firefighter so long to respond. richard reeve has the latest from l'enfant plaza. >> this is the report. it gives a timeline as to what was going on. 3:15 the train stopped in the station. a minute later, ventilation fans went on, indicating some and was very wrong. it was not until six minutes later that metro called 911. >> it's on my mind. >> the l'enfant plaza station
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getting a green light. >> it makes me ponder this. >> passengers a bit shaky. >> this is the first time that happened the other day. >> monday's frightening, smoky arrival. 200 passengers were trapped 40 minutes. 61-year-old carol glover lost her life. >> we need to learn every lesson we can. >> the initial report from d.c. fire and ems reveals that firefighters underground could cannot communicate with fire commanders above. first responders also had trouble getting information from metro about whether power to the third rail had been shut off. >> they had positions q munich kate walkie-talkie and cellular communication. -- they had positions for communication by walkie-talkie and cellular communications.
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>> they said that we have been on this train for an hour. >> the incident that could have been so much worse did not turn out as badly. >> the report shows after the first 911 call, firefighters arrived at 3:31, still not knowing that people were trapped. >> i have been unsure about it but i need to get somewhere tonight. so here i go. >> the report also says firefighters did not know until 3:33 that people were trapped in the tunnel. that is because somebody in the train called 911. the mayor uploaded firefighters, but she said communication was an issue. my been southwest, richard reeve, abc 7 news. -- live in southwest, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> the metro board of directors released this letter that says in part, "we apologize to all metro riders and in particular
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the family of carol glover and those injured or impacted by the events of monday afternoon. you have our absolute commitment that you will be provided a full accounting of what happened that day, from the cause of the smoke to our emergency response." abc6 working thing you to look for answers in the smoke investigation. stay with us on air and at for the latest of elements. cbs sports analyst and former nba star greg anthony has been suspended indefinitely after being arrested for soliciting a prostitute. the police say he was caught in a sting by undercover officers at the doubletree hotel in northwest. they say that he used a computer to offer money in exchange for sexual favors. he was in town to call the university of maryland basketball game against michigan state. today, fans had mixed reactions. >> i'm happily married, so i
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believe it's illegal and immoral. i'm sure there's a pretty big fine. >> i think you should be able to do what he does. it's his money, he can do what he wants. >> anthony issued a statement apologizing to his wife, family, and colleagues saying that he made a mistake and would work to regain the trustee lost. new developments in a homicide investigation in howard county. the police issued a warrant for a 53-year-old timothy fuller. they say that he shot and killed his sister-in-law 39-year-old stacy full or, then burned the home to the ground. this was at the capital mobile park. four dogs inside also died. the police believe that fuller may be driving a ford focus and are offering a reward. two people were injured in a crash involving a fire track and another vehicle. d.c. fire said the two vehicles
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collided on connecticut avenue in north west. one firefighter and the person in the car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. prince george's county police are looking for two men after a car careened into a prince george's county home last night caught on surveillance video. rebecca cooper is live in bowie with why the family says they were lucky. rebecca? >> they are feeling lucky kimberly. this could have been a deadly accident. the family chose this neighborhood because it's a family-friendly residential area. now they are asking for the public's help finding the two men involved. sean moran and his three young children were sleeping when this vehicle slammed into their house at 1:20 this morning. >> i heard a loud crunch, like crushing metal. >> the security camera captured it all.
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the car jumped the curb into their driveway barely missing his work van, slamming into the house, then taking off. one of the passengers jumped from the car and sat by the door before it sped away. >> my husband said, get home. i come to the house and everyone is safe, but the fire trucks were here. >>'s wife was at the hospital with her sister, who had just given birth to twins. besides a damaged house come she is grateful the car did not hit one of the kids bedrooms. >> it felt like the luckiest among key person. >> it was captured on camera thanks to sean's job. he install security systems in kensington and installed one of the security systems in his home. now they are hoping the public can help identify the two men involved. they are asking for the public's help, working with the police.
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the mom has become a regular nancy drew looking for clues. they have found parts of the nissan, but they say the tax cannot be identified because of their reflective nature. she also found a tocco bell -- taco bell bag and they're also talking to body shops. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> may be taco bell has a video camera with the license plate. hopefully you enjoy the day today. clouds are moving in tonight bringing rain. eileen whelan has the forecast. >> the good news, kimberly although you will be waking up with rain, especially in the d.c. metro area and points south and east, by lunchtime we will say goodbye to the rain and hello to sunshine. at 11:00, the temperatures are chilly, 36 degrees downtown, 32 dulles, 25 culpeper, 33
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hagerstown. the temperatures will drop a few degrees, but this is kind of where we bottom out as the clouds increase. the satellite radar, cloud streaming in from the west and the south. the clouds well actually produce some rain. i think it's possible by dawn tomorrow, but most of the nighttime hours will be dry. warning showers give way to late day clearing. so far the martin luther king jr. holiday monday looks dry and seasonal. coming up from the belfort furniture weather center, what you can expect for the parade downtown monday and a look ahead for the work week forecast. >> president obama will propose sweeping reforms to the tax system in next week's state of the union address. the president wants to raise the capital gains rate and eliminate an inheritance tax rate for the wealthiest americans. he said doing so would raise $ 320 billion over the next
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decade, which would go towards a new $500 tax credit for families were both spouses work. it would also pay for a tripling of the child care tax credit. the president also wants to consolidate six college programs into two. president obama will deliver the state of the union tuesday night at 9:00. security will increase through the day around the city. a temporary security zone goes into effect at 5:00 for what a ways, including the potomac river, the tidal basin, and the anacostia river. stay with abc 7 in news channel 8 for complete coverage of the state of the union. join us for a live reaction and analysis afterwards on news channel 8. the international crack down on suspected terrorist continued today with the rest of four men in greece. early reports suggest one of the suspects was part of a cell broken up in belgium this week's top investigators later said that was not the case. authorities in yemen arrested
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two french citizens suspected of being part of al qaeda. the national security chief will not say if they were involved in the attack on the french newspaper. the royal canadian mounted police say that a man suspected of shooting two of their own is now dead. the mounties were wounded critically near edmonton responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle when they were shot. the authorities are not saying suspect died, only that officers never fired their weapon. coming up -- chaos inside of a florida mall. what we have learned about a man who opened fire in the food court. plus, new development in the air asia recovery efforts. and why hundreds of people stopped traffic and marched thro
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>> new developments in the recovery efforts of air asia flight 5801.
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indonesian officials may have located the cockpit, but strong currents that prevented divers from accessing the wreckage. the plane crashed into the java sea at the end of december with 162 people aboard. only 61 victims have been recovered. it was a terrifying morning at a mall in florida. a shooting at a food court left two people dead, including the gun man. >> these are the kinds of incidents that we planned for, train for, but we hope we never have to deal with. >> it was a situation that nobody at the melbourne shopping mall could have expected. >> at first you just shudder, but then it kept going. >> at 9:30 this morning, they say that a man walked into the food court, encountered his wife, and opened fire. 57-year-old reportedly killed
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another man before turning the gun on himself. his wife is expected to survive. among the people at the ball those nearby scrambled. >> you want to get to safety as quickly as you can. follow the protocol, follow the instructions. the instructions given by the police and mall security. >> the police believe the shooting stemmed from a domestic situation and garcia was heavily armed. several handguns were recovered along with pockets of ammunition. the mall remains closed but the police hope to have it open in time for business tomorrow. >> a sea of blue in the streets of washington today, showing support for local law enforcement. >> what do we say? >> thank you! >> hundreds came for the march and rally. organizers say it is their chance to thank the police for their service in the wake of recent anti-police rhetoric and demonstrations following the police incidents in ferguson,
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missouri, new york city, and other parts of the country. the event was organized by the wives of three officers from mpd and prince george's county police. for january standards, today was not so bad. >> we topped out at 40 degrees at reagan national airport, the brilliant loose sky. even though it was chilly, the air was crisp and invigorating. it will be milder tomorrow, but the rain will be moving in. today, we had the blue sky in leesburg, the weatherbug camera. putting this in motion, the lingering snow pack in front of the soccer field. the clouds moved in late in the evening. that really set the stage for a beautiful sunset across the area. the temperatures today on the chilly side. southwest of d.c., 40 degrees the high today at the elementary
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school in manassas, virginia, 33 degrees. 35 at nats park. in maryland, 33 degrees. and boyds, maryland, 29 degrees. the clouds have streamed in, but there are still some clear skies. the satellite radar, not bad, but a want to zoom out and show you the next weather system where its emerging from. a cold front from the west, the trough over the eastern part of the united states. that will be drawing moisture along the eastern seaboard. keeping a close eye off the coast of the carolinas. the low pressure will develop overnight and bring us rain for the day tomorrow. overnight, most of us pretty much a dry, clouds increasing. a sprinkle is possible by dawn but otherwise temperatures not falling too much. we will generally be in the 30's overnight. the futurecast, updated as of
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6:00 this evening, a little more rain. it may be slowing down a little bit because this simulation at 7 a.m. is just showing spotty showers over extreme southern maryland. through the midmorning, the rain lifting north. especially east of i-95, the greatest chance of showers. there will be a pretty distinct cut off line. some of the western zones may remain dry. the worcester pulls off to the northeast. by the afternoon, sunshine. as the cold front slides through, the chance of a spotty sprinkle but overall temperatures will be milder, mid to upper 40's. the hourly forecast, showing the temperatures and the rain ending by the afternoon. things looking very nice martin luther king jr. holiday monday. partly cloudy, 44. 47 tuesday. wednesday, a clipper moves through, a chance of a passing rain or snow shower. >> will it ruin it for the
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skiers who want to hit the slopes monday? that is a little warm. >> it is but some of the western zones with the higher elevations, it is a little bit colder. hopefully it will be ok. i was at liberty resort thursday and conditions were perfect. >> nice. the wiz looking for a victory tonight. >> a lot of winning to talk about tonight. the was earns were looking for redemption -- the wizards were looking for redemption tonight.
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ink from chase. so you can. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> kicking things off with hockey, the caps on the road against the dallas stars looking to bounce back. at american airlines, the caps come back. in the third, nick backstrom
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blocked the shot, the puck is loose, alex ovechkin has the takeaway in scores. we are tied. later in the third, dallas on the attack. the pass in front, dallas adds another it hangs on for the win. the final 5-4. the wizards with another crack at work lent tonight. -- another crack at o brooklyn tonight. late in the fourth, the was earns up live -- the wizards were up by four. they win, 99-90. georgetown-butler, 10 seconds left. sorry, terps-spartans. looks like we don't have that video. we move on. actually, we do. ok. how about this. the terps, melo trimble went to
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work 24 points on the night. here he is again. steps back at the top of the key, that's another. and later, pretty much the same move. his six three pointer of the game. he finished with 24. maryland wins, big-time. georgetown-butler, down to the wire. 10 seconds left, butler down one. he is at the top of the key. georgetown wins, against butler. gw-george mason. actually, virginia-boston college. brogden drives and mrs.. a ball gets tipped. second half, 39-38 uva. anderson gets inside the lane, the dish in flush. less than five minutes to go still early.
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the pass, drains the three. cavs stay undefeated, 66-51. they are now 17-0. gw-george mason. the colonials up in the second half. this is george mason and george washington. we are all over the place tonight. later in the second -- 43-37. how about we just go to the g olf? hsbc championship. a terrific third round. that rolls in. he leads the tournament at 20 under. he has the six stroke lead. and navy loses to colgate.
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i want to apologize for all of that technical difficulties. >> you just wanted to keep us awake. we were paying attention. you manage. >> thank
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>> ♪ players gonna play, play, play, play haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate ♪ >> we cannot get enough of this
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video gone viral. -- cam video of a police officer in dover, delaware lip-synching to taylor swift's " shake it off ." he knows all the words. the video was not a candid camera moment. they wanted to make people laugh. the video has received more than a million and a half hits on youtube. >> just let it keep going. >> i was and dancing or anything. that is the best song. >> it's a fun song. >> it makes you happy.
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