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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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metro station this morning and twin brook this afternoon, firefighters responded to reports of smoke. metro says there was a common arcing insulator problem but with no emergency or evacuation the only impact today was single tracking. >> they seem to be on it. >> still, after monday's incident at l'enfant plaza that led to the death of 61-year-old carol glover the medical examiner attributes to acute respiratory failure due to smoke exposure, many metro riders say they're feeling anxious. >> i always look around and sit close to the doors. >> i don't have a choice. i don't have a car. i have to take the metro to get where i'm going. i worry. >> despite their trepidation and frustration with metro, some riders say it's important to keep perspective. >> i mean if you think about it as one incident for how many train rides, i don't know. >> ntsb's investigation expected
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to last for many months. they're reviewing maintenance records, previous events emergency response and evacuation plans and conducting interviews with personnel involved. the d.c. governmentreport, an internal report with first responders is expected to be released as soon as tomorrow. the funeral for carol glover is set for monday. roaring live in southwest washington, mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> thank you. count on abc 7 and the "7 on your side" investigative team to keep pushing for answers on that tragic day on the metro. we will continue pouring through this just released report and bring you new details as soon as we learn them. leon? >> no doubt there's lessons to learn there. commuters in the district will have to wait a bit longer for the city's streetcar service to begin. former mayor vincent gray had said before leaving office that the service would begin next week. all right. now, however, the acting director says pump the brak. no official launch date yet. coming up at 6:00 tonight, will a new opening date be set. we'll take a look at that auto..
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>> we're ending this week on a slightly warmer note than we begin. doug hill joins us with what we can expect for the start of the weekend. >> 40 degrees now outside of the storm watch weather center. enough of a breeze to drive the wind chill a little bit. that's an issue around the area for several more areas. 44 in reagan national. 34 in hagerstown and gaithersburg. slightly milder and colder to the north and west. colder temperatures move in with these gusty winds. sustained winds at 16 miles per hour at manassas. 15 miles per hour at dulles and reagan national. there you see the story. the winds will diminish tonight and the dry, cold air will pour in. i think over the next few hours, everyone will be in the mid 30's and then overnight with clear skies, we're looking 15 to 25 degrees for the wake-up temperatures and we'll kick off the dr. king holiday weekend with nothing but sunshine tomorrow. a very cold start and temperatures most places will stay in the 30's. more about the timing and locations, some rain on sunday when i show youew minutes. >> thank you, doug. now to the story that's in the
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forecast you can dream up a story that shocked this area, two children killed and two others seriously hurt after an attempted exorcism in montgomery county. one of the woman accused in that crime, monifa sanford pleaded guilty to murder. the judge in the case says sanford won't be going to prison. kevin lewis joins us now to explain the reasoning of the judge and also how the children's father is reacting to this development. kevin? >> leon monifa sanford and zakieya avery were obsessed with demons. an 11 page court document released today said they thought evil spirits in everything's toys to sanford's medication that pair -- paranoia led both of the women to do the unthinkable. >> i think this case was profoundly disturbing to everyone that's touched it. >> montgomery county's top prosecutor nearly in tears while
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discussing the brutal nature in which police say zakieya avery and monifa sanford attacked avery's four young children. the close church friends strangled, stabbed and beat the children in an attempt to free evil spirits from their little bodies. >> this is not an easy case. >> sanford's defense attorney says his client while mentally unstable, does feel remorse. >> she understands her role in this horrific sequence of events. >> the children's father and paternal grandmother were in court today seeking clarity and closure. >> to hear that the force of the puncture wounds was so deep that it went straight through my daughter's body that's the hardest part. >> but martin says his two surviving children, 8-year-old martello and the 5-year-old are resilient. >> they're going to survive. >> this is video of brother and sister playing in last week's snow. slowly freeing their minds from
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such profound pain. >> she has to remember the blood spats on the wall and the knife going inside the skin. that's something she'll have to deal with her whole life. if she comes to terms with it she come to terms with it. >> and so while monifa sanford admitted her guilt today, she will not be heading to prison because of reason of insanity. instead, she will be going to a mentalealth facility in jessup where she may spend the rest of her life. we're live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis. abc 7 news. >> thank you, kevin. now as for the children's mother, zakieya avery, she's not due to be in court again until may for a status hearing on the murder charges that she's facing. barring any change, her trial is expected to begin at the end of june and last about a week. of course abc 7 will be there and we'll let you know what happens. alison? >> christopher barry tonight is speaking out about the allegations that he threatened a bank teller during a tirade
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inside a d.c. bank this week. barry, you may remember is running for his late father marion barry's ward eight council seat. on facebook today, christopher barry wrote, in part "i learned from my father a long time not to get bogged down and deterred by sensationalism." barry who is already on probation for a previous misdemeanor conviction added that he intends to continue his council run. police are investigating claims that barry threatened that teller destroyed a security camera inside a bank after a teller told him his account was overdrawn. no charges have been filed. >> protesters are urging d.c. prosecutors to not strike a plea deal with a rabbi accused of secretly recording videos of women in a traditional jewish bath. a dozen people rallied outside of the d.c. superior court as the rabbi was inside facing a judge. among those protesting a woman says she fears she became a victim as he helped her to convert to judaism.
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>> now i have to look back on that with a new lens to know i was violated with a recording device. >> she did not want to give her last name. >> he was a great guy. you know he -- >> she didn't want to give us her last name. she says that he invited her and other women from her class to take part in that bath. he is accused of hiding video cameras in an area where women undressed at kesher israel in georgetown. the judge has granted a delay in the case requested by both sides. the rabbi is due in court next month. >> new operations are under way in europe aimed at wiping out an rounding up suspected terror cells. it comes one day after a deadly day in belgium where an attack was imminent. rebecca is in the newsroom with what happened there and here as well. >> in the last 20 hours, dozens have been rounded up and arrested. not just in belgium but in germany, france and ireland. police say they are thwarting
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planned attacks but it meant they are worried there are simply too many home grown radicals throughout europe now to stop this growing terrorist threat. as police and tactical units inside belgium are continuing to cast a wide net for extremists suspected of plotting attacks, officials say those already arrested were an imminent threat to the country. today at the white house, a joint warning from the u.s. and u.k. as the two leaders came together for a show of solidarity. >> we do face a very serious extremist terrorist threat in europe, in america, across the world. >> we will continue to do everything in our power to help france seek the justice that is needed. and that all our countries are working together seamlessly to work attacks and defeat these terrorist network. >> british prime minister david cameron vowed the values of freedom will triumph. but only if the u.s. and western allies work closely together in combatting terrorism. after last weekend's rally in france was noticeably absent
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high level u.s. officials, one effort at fence mending is drawing ridicule. >> ♪ you just call out my name ♪ >> secretary of state john kerry is in france today with james taylor singing "you've got a friend" and the secretary of state making good on his vow that he was visiting france to share a hug with our ally. he was visiting with the charlie hebdo memorial with the mayor of paris and later a hug with the french president francois hollande. european officials say one of the reasons for such concern about these so-called home grown terrorists is many of them left europe to go train in syria and have now returned. they say they have a much better understanding of how to carry out attacks even if they aren't actively plotting together with radicals overseas. reporting live in the newsroom rebecca cooper abc 7 news. >> ok. and one more note here rebecca. a federal magistrate ordered an ohio man accused of plotting an attack on the u.s. capitol held without bond. f.b.i. agents arrested
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christopher cornell on wednesday after he bought two semiautomatic weapons. prosecutor said he planned to bomb the capitol and shoot lawmakers and government workers. cornell's father believes his son is the victim of government entrapment. >> alison college football is rewriting the history books after penn state university and the ncaa struck a deal. they have restored joe paterno's win totals. robert burton here now with the latest chapter in the scandal at penn state. welcome news at happy valley robert, huh? >> you're right about that. joe paterno is again the winningest coach in division one college football history. those 112 victories that were stripped after the gerry sandusky child abuse scandal were reinstate. the ncaa board of governors and the penn state board approved a settlement that not only gives back those wins but directs that $60 million crime to address child abuse. the ncaa announced the new settlement weeks before a scheduled trial on the legality of the 2012 ruling taking away
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those wins. it follows the ncaa's decision last year to reinstate the school's full complement of football scholarships and lets penn state participate in post-season play. those 112 wins that were stripped dated all the way back to 1998 111 of those were under joe paterno. back to you guys. >> big move to heal there in happy valley. thanks. still ahead here at 5:00 progress in repairing a gusher of a water leak that caused big problems during the morning rush. the video you'll see only on 7 tonight. >> plus, the vice president tours a project aimed at preventing flooding in part of the district. >> and a new warning for parents, why some feel they may need to get their flu shot twice. >> and a baby makes a unique entrance into the world. i'm suzanne kennedy in falls church. i'll have that
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>> it was a dramatic entrance early thisaby in northern virginia. >> that's one way of putting it. the little one came into the world before the mother had time to get to the hospital. suzanne kennedy live in fairfax county tonight with more on the beltway birth and first responders that brought this girl into the world. tell us about it suzanne. >> leon and alison most
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expectant mothers are planning on giving birth inside a hospital. that's what they hope to do. for this mother she didn't have any choice. that little girl forced her to deliver her on the beltway. what we know right now is the woman was on the outer loop of the beltway at braddock road when she and her husband called for help. six firefighters arrived and found the woman just minutes from delivery. the baby was actually crowning. they quickly got her out of the car, into an ambulance and on the way to the hospital but she wouldn't wait. on the way, she delivered the baby with the help of some fairfax county firefighters. >> it was pretty amazing experience to help the woman deliver the child. my mom always asked me you know, when are you going to be able to deliver a child in the field? i finally did. she'll be happy. >> most of our calls are often tragic circumstances. this one is a little bit uplifting. refreshing for firefighters that hey, this was a good one. >> i'm told that the mother and
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her husband were on the way to another hospital and they went right by here but ultimately ended up here. brought here by paramedics. we tried to speak with the mother and check out that new little baby girl. we weren't able to see them, though, we do know though however, they are resting comfortably. reporting live in falls church suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> thanks suzanne. congrats to them! >> happiest thing to happen on the beltway in a long time probably. >> you're staying off beltway in a fewmonths? >> that makes me nervous, i'm sorry. let's talk about the weather as we head into the weekend and everybody wants to know what it's going to be like? >> i think for the holiday weekend weatherwise, pretty good. we have a window on saturday where some areas could get some rain. let's get you started. we'll give you a time lapse at the army-navy country club. down the road in arlington, beautiful sunrise this morning. plenty of clear skies. then a few clouds. the entire region saw cloudiness at times ahead of a cold front.
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now the front is through. clouds will clear and i'm thinking that late tonight, we are going to get mighty mighty chilly around the area. at the moment take a live look at conditions in frederick, maryland and ballinger creek. temperatures are falling. some areas are a lot gustier. in arlington, 40 degrees right now at the science focus school. so temperatures slowly dropping in the upper 40's in spots earlier. but these numbers will drop. 30's north and west of town right now. 48 in fredricksburg. 42 at lexington park. by morning, temperatures in the teens and 20's. the winds a little bit of a bother if you're headed out the next couple of hours, remember as temperatures drop, these winds will shave another four degrees, five degrees off the air temperature. it will be chilly. later tonight, the winds should diminish and the wind speeds will come down noticeably. the temperatures will fall as well. 15 to 25 degrees, our range of early morning temperatures tomorrow when skies will be clear and we'll have plenty of sunshine through the day tomorrow. this front moving through now will be history and high
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pressure takes over plenty of sunshine. it's going to be cold. the cold air to the west will move in so we'll replace the 40's with 30's and that's our forecast for saturday. highs in the upper 30's with sunshine. right now, 26 degrees in detroit. 40 degrees in indianapolis. 53 in nashville . this is actually the temperature regime that comes in on sunday. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. by the time we get to the day on sunday, clouds will quickly return to the area. maybe see some clear skies for a while saturday night but early sunday morning, the clouds come back and this is what one of our computer models close up shows. that's where we come along with along and east of i-95 best chance of rain on sunday. some could be locally moderate especially over the bay. it's kind of a fine line. it doesn't mean it's exactly how it could set up. it could push more to the northwest and push more to the southeast. this is our rule of thumb in forecasting with this storm generally along in the east to i-95 best chances of rain. by sunday night, it's out of here. we get to the day on monday it looks a lot better.
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39 with sunshine tomorrow. 48 on sunday with a chance of showers and for dr. king day on monday partly cloudy and breezy and 43. keep things fairly quiet here through tuesday. wednesday, another system could give us a few showers. 30% chance right now and temperatures in the low to mid 40's. so average. >> average. >> i'm used to that. >> actually, we kind -- >> happy being average. >> happy to be average right about now. after what we've been through? i'll take average. all right. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 it could be the start of something big. new push to keep down pop-up houses in the district. >> plus children may need to get another flu shot. what parents need to know next. >> and first, a look at what's ahead tonight in primetime right here on abc 7.
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>> 7 is on your side now with a health alert about the flu epidemic that's being blamed for hundreds of deaths. the c.d.c. says this year's vaccine is the most ineffective in a decade. overall, it's only 23% effective. that's less than 1 in 4 cases. worse yet, it's only 14% effective with the vulnerable group of adults over the age of 50. children, it seems get the most protection in the 26% effectiveness rate but that's still well below a typical year when the vaccine is effective in
5:23 pm
50% to 60% of the cases. >> that's sobering data and it comes as we learn there's something that parents can do to boost the effectiveness of the vaccine and it has to do with new guidelines from the c.d.c. here's the difference in dosing. >> open up real big. say ahhh! >> little jordan is now 2 years old and today, he is in for a well child check. his pediatrician, dr. john markovich said no far he's not had any signs and symptoms of this year's flu. it generally leads to respiratory symptoms and body aches. however -- >> we've seen everything this year. we've seen sore throats that come back positive for the flu. we've seen high fevers throwing up a little bit lot of congestion come back positive for the flu. >> so to keep little jordan well, the doctor says he needs a vaccination against the flu. it's now recommended for everyone six months on up. but more recently the recommendations for dosing have
5:24 pm
changed a little bit. so if you're a parent with a younger child, there's a few things you need to know. >> first year if you get it when you're under age 8 get two shots or two nasal sprays ok they have to be 28 days apart. >> that means jordan gets his first dose today and comes back up for a follow-up dose after 28 days. that's a new change this year. >> and the reason behind that that's a change from 2010 is because you want to boost up the h1n1 component of the flu. >> if your child got one dose of the vaccine last year however one more is needed this year. last year's vaccine had h1n1 protection so this year's vaccine is given mostly as a booster. finally, if your child has had a vaccine -- >> and it's been not last year's vaccine but two or three years ago, they need to get two doses this year. >> to sum this up, you need two doses if you've never had the vaccine and your child is under 8.
5:25 pm
you only need one dose if your child is under 8 and had it last year. it's one more reason your health matters. i'm liz bonis, abc, "7 on your side." >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, a spa shuts down almost without warning and that leaves giftcard holders out in the cold. what's being done for them and how you can protect your own giftcard purchases at any other business as well. >> we'll have the latest on efforts to repair the water main break that put a fountain in the middle of a busy area roadway at the heart of morning rush. >> this tunnel boring machine has a name. it's called nanny. and the vice president came here today to look it over. i'm sam ford. that story is c
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>> and welcome back. vice president joe biden is getting a first-hand look at an effort to keep d.c.'s waterways cleaner. >> it's all because of a massive stormwater tunnel project that's being built right here along independence avenue near the anacostia river. our d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live tonight with more. hey, sam? >> well leon and alison i'm standing in front of a tunnel boring machine that will soon be 10 stories down digging a tunnel that will hold polluted water until it is treated and that's one reason that vice president joe biden said today
5:29 pm
that he likes this project. federal officials led by the vice president join mayor muriel bowser in a tour of the tunnel area near r.f.c. stadium. it's a $2.6 billion project built 13 miles of tunnels under d.c. and keep 98% of sewage and stormwater runoff from just emptying into the potomac and anacostia rivers after a big storm. this allows the city to hold it treat it and release clean water back into the rivers after the storm. the vice president came to congratulate the city. >> businesses do not come to places where the water is dirty. >> he also said more cities should be like d.c. in finding private money to finance these big projects. mayor muriel bowser said there was a reason. >> we couldn't wait for federal funds. >> most of the capital for the material you see around us is being raised on debt markets in new york city. >> d.c. water's director george hawkins talks about funding but also construction. d.c. water is already digging northward from down river. this one will head south.
5:30 pm
the tunnel boring machine will soon be going down this 10-story hole to begin its work and meet up with another machine already digging north. >> this is the drill bit the front end of a machine that is over a football field in length. this is what will face the muck and dirt. >> the vice president called it the modern infrastructure for the 21st century. and this machine has a name. it's called nanny after nanny helen boroughs the african-american educator in d.c. and another one is called lady bird. lady bird johnson former first lady. they'll meet up somewhere around r.f.k. stadium -- sorry, nats stadium and meet up somewhere around the year 2017. this entire project will be finished in about 10 years. reporting live in southeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you sam. thank you very much for that. the d.c. zoning commission says
5:31 pm
it will consider lowering height restrictions on so-called pop-up homes. this now five story home on b street in northwest is one of the pop-ups that are people are really upset about. many are pushing the commission to lower the height limit from 40 feet to 35. the commission will have a discussion with office of planning at a meeting coming up february 9th. >> let's take a look at the day's top stories. one of two women charged with killing two children during an exorcism will not serve prison time after pleading guilty in the case. 22-year-old monifa sanford of germantown agreed to a plea deal today. she pled guilty to two counts of first degree murder but was found not criminally responsible and will be committed to a psychiatric hospital. >> the ntsb has released preliminary report into monday's incident on metro that left one person dead. more than 80 others were injured when smoke filled a tunnel near l'enfant plaza. the reports the smoke came from the electrical arcing but the cause of that arcing remains unknown.
5:32 pm
>> and cheers for the nittany nation, the ncaa has reinstated 112 football wins that it stripped from penn state during the gerry sandusky child molestation trial. the agreement means that the late joe paterno is once again the winningest coach in football history. >> a report from the navy says last year's f-18 crash near norfolk was preventable. the pilot was severely injured when he ejected about 45 miles off shore during a training exercise last january. norfolk says the navy report blames the pilot for flying too low during a maneuver. it also said the pilot was inexperienced in that maneuver and had not been adequately briefed before takeoff. >> look at this video you'll see only on 7. a 12-inch water main break between king street and park center drive in alexandria had made this huge geyser of water this morning. roads in the area now were back
5:33 pm
open but repair work on that water line does continue through the evening. now, let's get a check of the traffic situation on other area roads on this getaway friday with bob emler in the wtop traffic center. >> still a work zone on route 50 in maryland eastbound two miles east of the beltway headed towards bowie. it's been there the entire rush hour now and not emergency work. concrete work and backed all the way up on 50 on the beltway both ways getting at 50 and affecting kennilworth as well. quite a mess here. 270 north on down from montgomery village as always no incidents along the way there and traffic on the inner loop of the beltway out of tysons and on 66 headed westbound, volume delays. same with 95 in virginia headed southbound over some of the heaviest traffic and farther south headed to stafford. no incidents along the way. have a great weekend. >> ok, bob, thank you very much. a driver in canada had no time
5:34 pm
to react when a tire came right toward his windshield. take a look at this dash cam video right there. the man was driving on highway 401 in toronto when a tire comes loose and bounces across the median, misses another vehicle and then rightthere. smashed into his car. and can you believe he was not hurt? he did take his car to an auto body shop but doesn't know yet how much the damage will cost. and he probably doesn't care. >> no. because it didn't cost his life. >> oh my gosh that's incredible video, isn't it? everybody's worst nightmare on the highways. >> all right. boy, got a happy ending though except for the windshield. boy! coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 the recourses that consumers have if a business sells the giftcard and the business goes itself. >> and why this working woman is taking the peace of yoga to those trained for war. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight, flushing your money down the toilet lit are -- literally.
5:35 pm
we're digging for answers for a virginia woman who said she was overcharged hundreds for routine care. >> here's what's coming up on "world news tonight." >> alison and leon, urgent warning in new york city with the police chief here is now saying amid sweeping terror crackdowns. what to be ready for and we've learned tonight about the f.b.i. call that went out to police stations across this country. also breaking, the couple believed brazen and dangerous, girl only 13. authorities say they crossed state lines and stay tuned for my interview with julianne moore tonight. her oscar nomination and the silent struggle in so many homes in america. who she's thanking right here tonight after abc 7 news.
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and a $400 bonus with a two year agreement. hurry, this great deal ends january 17th! visit to learn more. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> maybe one of your new year's resolutions is to relax more and make time of yourself. for many, that means practicing yoga but most of us don't think the military and yoga go together. but tonight's working woman says think again. >> 30-year-old suzy mills is a veteran. she served in afghanistan during operation enduring freedom and spent six in i.t. for the air force reserve. but something was missing. >> when i was in afghanistan, that's when i really stepped back and took a look at my life
5:39 pm
and realized that i.t. was not something i wanted to be in forever. >> after she returned from deployment, mills discovered yoga. she noticed changes immediately and not just in her physical health. >> able not to be as anxious about things. i learned how to calm myself down. i became a happier person. >> inhale. >> mills trained to become a teacher and in 2013 opened her own yoga studio. honest soul yoga in alexandria. many of the students call it the cheers of yoga studios. >> my intention with this studio, i wanted to open a community. and i did it through yoga. like my intention was to create a space where anyone can walk in the door and feel like they belong instantly. >> the majority of the students may seem like unlikely yogies and the studio is right by fort belvoir and up to 60% of the students are in the military. once a month, they offer free classes to entire units.
5:40 pm
>> watching the military communities blossom with yoga. >> it has tripled a space within a year. there are 70 classes a week and more than 500 students. though her previous life in the military and in an office is nothing like what she's doing now, mills says it all came ctly and peacefully. >> yoga just is the perfect fit because it brought it all together, not just the health and wellness but the community aspect as well connecting people to other people. >> and by the way, mills and her husband are expecting their first child in march. she says she's excited to bring her baby to work and to raise him or her in the family friendly community that she developed. leon? >> how about seeing those warriors? >> i know. favorite part. >> how about that? >> all right. coming up next here on abc 7 news at 5:00 a 12-year-old proclaimed a hero. the one thing he says went through his mind as he smashed a window to go inside and save his family from a fire. and out of business. a local spa shuts down without
5:41 pm
warning. so what happens when a business closes and you still have one of their giftcards.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
>> you buy a giftcard. worth a lot to you. when the business goes out of business, is your gift really worth nothing then? "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suters went to find out how to get your money back. >> they were not notified their favorite spa was closing. >> over 150 yes. >> between mother and daughter, they hold spa giftcards valuing nearly $700. they fear worth nothing now. >> they should at one point stopped giving out giftcards knowing that they were going to close their doors two days after christmas. >> employees tell "7 on your side" they were shocked and distressed when given sudden same day notice. >> just feel disappointed that businesses are able to do this. >> lisa had hundreds of dollars in credit at the spa. >> we're all left.
5:45 pm
directing customers to file complaints, out nearly $1,200. the better business reports 30 inquiries in the past month and expects more to come. court records showed the landlord filed a lawsuit against the spa for breach of lease most recently in november of 2014. the $11,000 a month rent unpaid for four months the day spa owner lynne bernard seen on facebook lives in montgomery county and told "7 on your side" after nearly 15 years i deeply regret hurting anyone. as i go through this horrific ordeal, i am completely distraught over losing my beautiful day spa. i am ethical in my business practices and have full intention of making arrangements for these giftcards to be honored. what can you do when giftcards go bad? first, you want to contact the bank that issued the credit card. put the amount in dispute and
5:46 pm
request a charge back. second, record your complaints to consumer agencies. the maryland attorney general, the better business bureau montgomery county office of consumer protection. if it's a chain you might want to try another store. in this case there is an avada relationship. "7 on your side" talked with a salon owner in virginia that have honored some of these cards from the spa. try to contact the business owner yourself. this spa owner assures "7 on your side" she wants to make good on those cards, even if a new owner takes over. leon, back to you. >> all right. thank you, kimberly. in our newsroom. alison? >> all right, leon. southwest airlines is facing a heavy federal fine tonight for its tarmac delays. the department of transportation fines southwest $1.6 million. the d.o.t. says southwest failed to allow passengers to get off planes at chicago's midway airport during lengthy delays last year. southwest says the delays happened during a significant winter storm.
5:47 pm
and the airline says it's doing whatever it can to avoid similar situations in the future. >> tell you about a family in san antonio, they are alive tonight thanks to a 12-year-old boy. jacob munez said he woke up to a room full of flames and smoke. unable to breathe, he did the first thing that came to mind. he broke a window with his hand. >> how do people break windows? that time i just broke it. i was just so scared. >> you can imagine why. he wasted no time and ran out and woke up his mother grandmother and 4-year-old brother and everyone made it out of the house ok. investigators say they believe that space heater started that fire as the family was sleeping. >> wow. good for him. all right. let's take a look at what's coming up tonight at 6:00 going for more. the surprising move by a doctor who beat the ebola virus. could you pass the u.s. citizenship test? it's a requirement to graduate high school in one state. what does the future hold for the ongoing maryland governor
5:48 pm
martin o'malley. what he had to say about his next steps and a potential white house run? that's coming up at 6 of -- 6:00. >> nasa says despite last winter's bit areer cold, it was the hottest year on record. the world averaged 58 1/4 fahrenheit last year and one degree makes a big difference and that 1.25 degrees was above average for the 20th century. global heat statistics have been kept 135 years. they also say that 2014 was a record setter. >> well 7 is on your side now with a health alert about the effects of alcohol on sleep. australian researchers gave a group of young adults either straight orange juice or juice spiked with vodka before bed. then while the subjects slept, the researchers monitored their brain waves so those who drank the spiked o.j. had brain
5:49 pm
activity consistent with sleep disturbances. researches say further studies will be needed to determine if having a nightcap is in fact, detrimental to your sleep. >> wonder if they'll have a tough time getting people to volunteer to help them in that study. you think? might be a little tough. >> yeah australia and young adults? i'm sure it was really hard to fit that bill. look at the weather here, not in australia. doug hill is up. any kind of respite this weekend? >> a little bit. lot of sunshine tomorrow won't be windy like it was today. a little rain on sunday and then for the end of the holiday weekend, clearing skies again. but nothing really serious weatherwise, no major storms. let's get you into your first look at numbers. slowly dropping the past hour or two and now the cold front is passing through. mid 30's north and northwest of washington. lower 40's south west of town. chill is the factor. not extreme wind chill. can shave a good four or five degrees off the wind chills because of the breeze. 29 in hagerstown.
5:50 pm
further south, the winds aren't as strong. not much of a wind chill. early tomorrow morning, we think air temperatures will be as low as 16 in leesburg. 20 in bowie. 25 degrees here in arlington under sunny skies and our futurecast shows it will be sunny throughout the day tomorrow. but by sunday it changes. clouds move in early in the morning and rain with a coastal system. we're thinking just as a rule of thumb that the best chances of rain sunday will be along east of i-95. doesn't mean that you may not see rain east of 95. better chances east. we clear back on again on monday to end the weekend. there's the temperatures. 43 with clearing on monday and stay rather quiet as we head through next week. only chance of precipitation next week will be wednesday and that's a 30% chance of some showers. that's the latest. leon alison and robert back to you. >> thank you. >> boy, talking some really big hockey tonight here. >> yeah. maybe a little bit of payback here. >> i've never been fired.
5:51 pm
i don't want i'd want to go back. barry trott is doing it tonight. never fun to visit that old job that told you, i'm sorry, but we got to let you go. that's unless you're better off and you might be able to say that about the capitals head coach barry trott. here's video of him at today's skate around. retu nashville for the first time since they let him go in april. trott earned 557 wins and made seven playoff appearances while in nashville. he put up big numbers and it will be an emotional night for big barry. >> i am emotion, you know, when it comes to certain things be it family or children or things that i care about, i get emotional and i will tear up and be myself. but, yeah we'll see how that goes tonight. and it will probably be some emotion. >> all right, the dig story in college football right now. joe paterno is once again the winningest in division one football. those wins that were stripped from penn state after the gerry
5:52 pm
sandusky child abuse scandal are back on record. the board of governors and penn state board approved a settlement that gives back those wines and gives back that fine to address child abuse they announced a new settlement with the school after before the trial of the legality taking all the wins in which 111 of those were under joe paterno. he has 409 right now. afc title game between the colts and the pats will be on sunday in foxboro. owl all eyes will be on the colts quarterback andrew luck. he's had a tough career against the pats. every time he's seen tom brady, they have blown him out. luck leads the nfl with 40 passing touchdowns and liable for more. >> all over again. >> at one point, andrew will be on the same stage as tom brady.
5:53 pm
at this time r he's growing to become a tom brady. when he does that's when the sky is limit for a guy like him. >> that's true. >> things a lot of folks would agree with that. >> exactly. it will be good to see andrew get one win against tom brady if that's possible. i'm not going to speculate. >> don't jinx them. anything is possible. >> exactly. >> i like it. >> thank you, robert. coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00 repeating history to learn. >> children take on the dr. martin luther king jr. "i have a dream" speech and one child tells us i has a speci
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> we must march! >> tonight, president obama will be hosting the cast and crew of the dr. martin luther king jr. biopic "selma" at the white house. it focuses on dr. king's historic march from selma to montgomery, alabama, of course in the push for voting rights. >> the white house, rather was
5:57 pm
prepared to host that screening, children were re-enacting this pivotal earlier moment in dr. king's life. >> caroline tucker was there as the school children stepped to a spot on top of the washington memorial steps and declared "i have a dream." >> i have a dream that one day. >> will rise up to live out the true meaning of his creed. >> martin luther king jr. had a dream and now these fifth graders do too. >> they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. >> i have a dream today. >> you have a dream that one day. >> they know the footsteps they stand in. >> it was an honor. >> because he was one of the greatest people in the history of our nation. >> it was a defining moment in the american civil rights movement. >> oh, no! we're not satisfied! we will not be satisfied. >> this speech because a long time ago my grandpa, he heard
5:58 pm
it. so he tells me a lot about mr. king. >> more than 50 years later, this speech from the steps of the lincoln memorial still has meaning. >> it means to me that he wanted there to be a time when african-americans and caucasian people could be together. >> to me it's to be free. >> ♪ i have a dream ♪ >> at this school children of all races sit side by side and they thank dr. king. >> it means a lot to me because now i get to be with the people i'm with and if i wasn't with them, my life would be totally different. >> amazing! i mean this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and i'm glad i was a part of it. >> martin luther king jr. may be just a memory but his dream continues to live on through a new generation. at the lincoln memorial caroline tucker abc 7 news.
5:59 pm
>> how about that? that's got to be really special for those kids to be at that special place. it makes the speech and the message come real to everybody, don't you think? >> it's amazing. gives you chills to hear the little voices reading such big words. amazing. that's it for us at 5:00. >> all right. coming your way at 6:00, new information on the metro's smoke investigation. what the just released preliminary report reveals. plus -- >> it is moving day at the governor's mansion. take a look at this. i'm brad bell in annapolis. coming up, governor martin o'malley takes time away from packing to talk about his legacy and his possible future plans. >> right now, we're learning new details into what led to monday's l'enfant plaza metro smoke incident. the national transportation safety board just released its preliminary report about the incident that killed one woman and sent more than 80 people to the hospital.
6:00 pm
richard reid is live at l'enfant plaza with the new information from the report. rich? >> yeah maureen, as you say, this is only a preliminary report. it does give us somewhat of a timeline as to what happened on monday. but also gives us some close-up pictures of some of the specific damage. take a look at some of these pictures that the ntsb has provided here. this is damage to the third rail and the electrical cables. this is about 1100 feet in front of the metro train, number 302 that was stopped on monday. we've also learned about 3:06 p.m., a breaker on the third rail tripped or opened. it wasn't until about 45 minutes later that a breaker at the other end of the rail was opened cutting power so that line or that rail was live for about 45 minutes. now, the report also says it took


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