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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  January 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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y to communicate that a woman on his train was unconscious and dying on board that train. >> there needed to be a way that we could have said you know, someone on our train really needs help right now. just can't wait. and there just didn't seem like there was a way for that to happen and the clock was ticking, you know so i don't know how long she was unconscious. i don't know how long you can be unconscious and still survive. >> we made a call to metro and they said they are unable to comment on this timeline because they are a party to this ntsb investigation that is currently under way. coming up at 5:00 tonight, we will outline the entire timeline of what happened here earlier this week. reporting live in southwest washington suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> ok suzanne, thank you. now, also this afternoon, the same attorney who handled two of the lawsuits after metro's 2009 red line crashed filed the first lawsuit in this smoke incident just today. chris pabst picks up our team
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coverage from metro headquarters. chris? >> well, alison its only been three days since that train filled with smoke and had to be evacuated and already tomorrow the very first lawsuit will officially be filed. now, the man filing that lawsuit, his name is malbert rich, a 53-year-old new yorker who according to his lawyer was just released from the georgetown university hospital. he says he is suing to make metro safer. now, he said he'd also like some compensation though he wouldn't say how much and wouldn't discuss his injuries. but what he would discuss is that he believed that he was going to die when that train filled with smoke. he even sent a good-bye text to his mother and two of his children. >> i told my mother that -- that i loved being her son. and i told my kids i loved being their dad and i told them -- told them, you know proud to
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have been there and was going to move on to somewhere better. >> now on monday when that train filled with smoke, 84 people were injured and had to receive medical care. and "7 on your side" has received government information showing how many people actually do get injured riding the metro. we then took that information and compared it to other major cities. coming up at 6:00 we'll show you what we found. live in northwest d.c. chris pabst, abc 7 news. >> chris, thank you very much. one more note here we have the entire timeline of that response to the smoke in the metro tunnel at our website, leon? >> alison a home being rebuilt after a deadly fire goes up in flames a second time. two contractors were on ladders outside of the house along marshall avenue in maryland when it exploded this morning. maryland bureau chief brad bell now there live with the story of survival from that home. brad?
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we apologize for that report from brad. we lost his microphone obviously and try to get something on that story coming up a little later. new information this afternoon on an explosion that rocked the falls church shopping center yesterday. >> at least two businesses you'll remember, at least the owners tell abc 7 news that they will stay closed during the cleanup there at the eden center. many of the businesses have water damage or they lost ceiling tiles. one restaurant owner says all of the food there spoiled while the power was turned off. the owner of the jewelry store where the explosion happened is out of the hospital. we'll have more, though on her condition and the investigation coming up tonight at 5:00. >> weird coincidence to have an explosion happen there at that jewelry store. >> very unusual. >> get to that when we get more information. let's talk about the weather now. not too bad today, huh? >> no sunny, seasonal. kind of just like mid january
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outside today. >> that's right. the way it's supposed to be. doug hill gets it. >> we made good progress with a little bit of sunshine and some clouds and 37 now outside the bedford furniture storm watch weather 7 center. let's give you a live look at the view from the sky at alexandria. this is bell haven country club and similar scene around the metro area. patches of blue and lower to mid level cloudiness moving out of the way. all of the area temperatures will drop but only to about 25 to 30 late tonight. so during the early evening, we'll get even lower 30's with a light south-southwesterly breeze. the winds will pick up ahead of a cold front overnight. partly cloudy, 24 to 30 degrees by morning. cold front that's going to sweep through and associate with that storm center you see over georgia. all the rain will stay to the south. breezy partly cloudy day tomorrow. get in the 40's and get ready for a little bit colder weather as we kick off the dr. king holiday weekend. seven day outlook in detail coming up in a few minutes. >> doug, thank you very much. see you then.
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a basketball game ends with mayhem on the streets outside. a 17-year-old boy died after a shooting on martin luther king jr. avenue. not far from blue high school. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is there live with what neighbors say happened. sam? >> police are in cars and on scooters in this area around blue high school trying to prevent trouble as what happened there last night when there were several basketball games between blue and anacostia teams, around 8 8:30, young people were headed home and there was mayhem with 60 to 75 teenagers running in the streets. a former anacostia student headed into the job corps program was shot and killed. and a 14-year-old girl was wounded in the hand. police came en masse to a situation that seemed out of control and there were false rumors that police had shot the boy that riled the crowd. residents of this area say these incidents are all too common and something needs to be done about the violence here! one man who did not want to be
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seen said after hearing the shots, he walked out of his home and stepped on a pistol. >> you stumbled across it? >> yes. >> you stepped on it? >> yes. >> were you startled? >> yes. >> and i found out who it was and it was definitely i'm saddened i'm more frustrated than i am sad because we just keep losing so many lives of so many of our young people unnecessarily so. >> that was ruby may who runs a nonprofit. she said that she had often hired the young man to do odd jobs to put some money in his pocket. residents in the community are calling for a community meeting on the violence here for next thursday. reporting live from southeast washington, sam ford abc 7 news. >> sam, thank you. a 19-year-old frederick woman has been found competent to stand trial in the stabbing death of her grandmother. according to the frederick news
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post, a psychiatrist who evaluated kristina harris said today that she is mentally fit for trial. harris is accused of stabbing 67-year-old lily morris at her home back in december. harris denies the charges. she's being held without bail. >> let's get back to the story we talked about earlier, this home being rebuilt in deale, maryland after a deadly fire there. the home goes up a second time with two contractors on ladders outside the house at the time that it happened. let's go now to brad bell standing by and get the story from him. brad? >> yeah, leon there's a couple of reasons that people are talking about this fire. first off, take a look. this house under construction has been destroyed. we have some video of what it looked like earlier today with flames just jumping from this building. as you said this is the second time in less than a year that a home on this exact lot has burned down. sadly, last march, a man died here. but as you said today there
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were no injuries. incredibly no injuries because a couple of siding contractors had their ladders up against the house when a propane tank inside blew up. listen to what they had to say about their experience. >> i heard a big whoosh and all the insulation blew out of the attic down on top of me. >> it was through the roof within five minutes. it was -- it went up fast. real fast. >> now back live i want you to look up there on this low roof of the house over the course. and it looks like the remains of a metal ladder. that was the platform that that man was standing on when there was that propane explosion that blew the windows out of the back of the house. he said insulation was raining down on him. now, coming up at 5:00 we'll tell you much more about the other aspect. this idea that this is the second time in less than a year that this property has burned.
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the neighbors are rattled to say the least. from deale, brad bell abc 7 news. >> thank you what a scene there. the father of a man accused of plotting to blow up the u.s. capitol says that his son is "a mama's boy who never left the house." rebecca cooper has the latest on christopher cornell's arrest. >> according to the criminal complaint, christopher lee cornell considered members of congress "his enemy." and he not only planned to kill members of congress but anyone working inside the capitol building and here in this surrounding area. police say they fond a large cache weapons including two semiautomatic weapons and 600 rounds of ammunition. the complaint goes on to say the 20-year-old planned to use homemade pipe bombs as explosives. this afternoon, house speaker john boehner told reporters he credits a controversial n.s.a. program that allows spying on americans with thwarting the attacks. >> first thing that strikes me is we would never have known about this had it not been for
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the program and our ability to collect information on people who pose an imminent threat. >> today security remained tight, as always at the capitol. most people we spoke to said given the arrest they had no reason to fear visiting the capitol today. >> not in this case because i think from what i understand this guy was kind of a lone wolf vigilante. no it doesn't really make me that nervous. >> cornell has now been officially charged with the attempted killing of a u.s. government official and possession of a firearm with the intent to cause violence. at the capitol, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> new rules to loosen the trade and travel embargo on cuba will go into effect tomorrow. this is the next step in president obama's plan to re-establish diplomatic relations with cuba and it means americans will be able to use credit cards in cuba and u.s. companies can export some technologies there. americans authorized to visit cuba will no longer need to apply for special licensing.
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you can bring up to $100 in alcohol and tobacco and the world famous cuban cigars. smoke them if you got them. >> on a lot of people's list. >> secretary of state john kerry is it in paris today. new attacks targeting france in the wake of that magazine massacre. >> and then a little later, an update on local business that's being harassed by callers claiming to be associates of isil. >> plus, a new batch of protests against police. we'll tell you why and where people decided to take to the streets in our area today. >> but first, debating the date. why one local sch
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>> today we don't have to complain. >> no, it's pretty seasonal. >> i don't mind complaining a little bit. doesn't bother me a bit. stop your complaining! i'm used to it. we saw some sunshine for a couple of days. no major swings in the next few days. i'll give you that much. get you started with a look at things around the area. a little bit of sunshine now. this is the view during the day from the district. definitely a cloudy start. but skies started to clear north of town earlier this morning. then some clouds back in and started clearing out again and in different degrees, this has been the pattern across the entire viewing area throughout the day. it's partly cloudy right now and
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fairly comfortable. 40 degrees at reagan national. 38 now in baltimore. 39 degrees in fredricksburg and 36 degrees in gaithersburg. no major swings. kind of a seasonal stretch of days for the next seven. 24 to 30 degrees the lows by tomorrow morning with partly cloudy skies. winds are going to pick up a little bit tomorrow morning so maybe 10-mile-per-hour breezes will knock the wind chill down a couple of degrees when you head out early tomorrow morning. headed out tonight should be just fine. no strong winds this evening. the futurecast at 10:00 tomorrow morning shows mostly clear skies through the entire area mid atlantic and carolinas. a little cloudiness off to the west and this is a frontal boundary. a little bit of colder air mass moving in. don't expect any precipitation from that. just a change in the wind direction. colder temperatures by tomorrow night. saturday looks fine. sunny throughout the day. cool side kind of rolling to sunny, though watching yet another cold front approach with some clouds and area of low pressure developing in the south and the two will combine to give us about a 40% chance of rain developing during the day on sunday and sunday night.
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that should just move through very easily by late sunday evening and we'll finish off the holiday weekend in good shape for monday with partly cloudy skies. hour by hour for your planning purposes, temperatures mainly in the 20's early in the morning and make a climb somewhere to 40 and 45 degrees by lunch time. top out by 45 with a bit of a breeze and turn a little colder. here's the dr. martin luther king holiday weekend forecast for you. 40 degrees on saturday. 46 on sunday with some rain and then on monday partly cloudy breezy, lower 40's. and then the next seven days, hot off the presses for you, this is what it looks like. no major swings. warmest day likely to be sunday and kind of stay in the low 40's or so as we head through next week. we've got two precipitation chances sunday with rain and right now, talk about a 30% chance of some showers next wednesday for the next frontal system. sooner or later, we're going to have something different than quiet seasonal weather. i'm just saying. >> not bad looking. >> no, we'll take that.
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>> had its effect on the last hour or so loudoun county schools said it will be canceling some of next week's midterm exams. middle and high school students won't be having their exams next tuesday, wednesday, thursday or friday as scheduled because of the class time that they lost over the last two weeks because of, doug hill, the weather. >> i'm sure the kids are so upset. they won't have their midterms. >> they love doug now. >> time for a check on the traffic situation. bob emler in the wtop traffic center with the details. what's the latest there, bob? >> alison we're seeing volume delays on the inner loop of the beltway out of tysons from route 123 heading to 270 and along the way, a minor crash before georgetown pike and had a crash on route 7 at international drive. that should be clearing now. otherwise, traffic on 95 over from newington and south of quantico headed towards garrisonville but no incidents to report there along the way. just take a look at some
4:18 pm
cameras. things not doing too badly. right now things are moving well out by nutley street and on 395 headed south and on the beltway here at river road on the inner loop, that's where some of the volume is heading up to 270. nothing stopped on the roadway getting up to 270, though and beyond that just briefly slow through bethesda and silver spring. i'm bob emler with wtop radio. >> tha
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>> police officers often rely on their canine companions but that's not what a florida department dog when he order some new runs that read "in dog we trust." the crest of course was supposed to say in god we trust. but deputy work security at the building pointed out the error. unclear how long those rugs have been lying there on the ground before anyone noticed them. rug maker admitted to the problem, making the mistake there and promised that they will correct it. officials in maryland want to prolong summer vacations for thousands of students now. >> they're making a push now to delay the first day of school until after labor day. john gonzalez reports on why a few more days of summer could help maryland's bottom line. >> along with a petition of more than 13,000 signatures the office of maryland comptroller peter francho passed out these beach frisbies keeping with the theme of longer summer break not only for the students but for the teachers.
4:22 pm
that's what the comptroller and several lawmakers want to happen in the next year or two including the governor-elect larry hogan, they are pushing for schools in the state to delay opening classes until after labor day much like it was when i was in school here in maryland. a state task force recommended in may that schools make the delay while keeping the current end time which is in mid june. the task force voted 11-4 to make the change in the past francho released an economic report stating that a delayed start time would actually free up about $74 million from the state's budget. but he told me this afternoon, this isn't just about money. >> right now when you start school earlier and earlier in august, it disrupts families that have school aged children. it interferes with small businesses that need part-time employment. it interferes with rank and file teachers who really want to have a full summer vacation. >> if you are scoring at home most maryland schools went to the prelabor day start time
4:23 pm
about a decade ago. currently, counties like montgomery and prince george's start school at or around august 25th. in the coming years, labor day will fall as late as september 7th. we understand that near ocean city, they have already made the change. in annapolis, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> and our question of the day is asking when do you think that school should start? go to the wjla facebook page. join in on that conversation. we're going to share some of your comments in just about half-hour. leon? >> a bill is moving forward in the virginia senate to bar undocumented immigrants from attending state colleges at in-state tuition rates. this measure wants to override a ruling last year by democratic attorney general mark herring. that ruling said some illegal immigrants that were brought to the states here as children can qualify for in-state tuition rates. >> well, charlottesville, virginia is in the running to become the most energy efficient city in the nation. the university picked 50 cities out of 8,000 for a two-year
4:24 pm
competition. the university is judging which town can reduce electricity and natural gas usage within homes and city buildings and charlottesville officials are asking for residents' help. >> one thing that people could do, it's cold outside right now. it might sound like a bit more of a challenge. drop your thermostat by one degree each week for the rest of the month. it will be about two degrees and just try adding on a different layer, see how it goes. it's pretty amazing lowering your thermostat a little bit can end up saving a lot of energy over the long term. >> it could also help the city win the competition and with that comes a $5 million prize. >> radio shack might be filing for bankruptcy next month. that's according to "the wall street journal." the struggling electronics retailer has until the end of today to come up with $100 million in cash and available credit. otherwise, its creditors can pull radio shack's long term financing. radio shack has more than 5000 stores nationwide for now.
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>> finding a lawyer to answer your questions can be a costly experience. >> yes but tonight, "7 on your side" to help you find some answers you need. kimberly suter is in the "7 on your side" help center tonight to explain. kimberly? >> yes, "7 on your side" with ask the attorney. we have assembled eight attorneys here tonight to answer some of your legal questions. if you have one. these folks are here to guide you as to the next step in the process. now, we're giving you a little bit of a preview here. phone bank doesn't get started until 5:00. it will run from 5:00 until 6:30 tonight and this is the number that you'll want to call. 703-236-9220. right now, eight different lawyers from around maryland virginia and d.c. some of them are experts in elderly law. one council member coming from the aarp. also, family law. civil law. so if you have questions, we
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have a group of attorneys here to help you get answers. so stand by. oh! someone is already calling. you can't wait! try to call at 5:00. phone bank opens officially then at 5:00. >> speaking of phone calls, phone call claims that you have won the lottery. but still ahead, why you should be very wary of what sounds like a lucrative offer. >> plus -- >> bells ring honoring the birthday of dr. martin luther king jr. but find out why today inspired some protesters to hit the streets. >> after five months of threats against a local business from self-proclaimed isis militants, finally an effort to silence
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>> some progress to report this afternoon in the disturbing story that you saw only on 7. >> this the day after a day we reported on a local jewish-owned business targeted by self-proclaimed isis militants. the case is now in the hands of the f.b.i. terrorism task force. stephen tschida joins us now from the satellite center with the latest developments on this story. stephen, bring us up to date. >> alison for five months daily phone calls and internet postings threatened this business and its employees with attack torture and murder. d.c. police looked into the matter as did the department of homeland security but the calls
4:30 pm
continued. now, we have learned fewer than 24 hours after our report, police got more aggressive. and they learned the calls are via the internet through a server in nevada and the case has been handed off to the f.b.i. terrorism task force. >> i would say the first thoughts are it's about time. still disapointed that it took this long and took this to make it happen. but finally, it seems like they're taking it seriously. i don't know what will come out of it. it's heartening to see some forward progress to resolve it. >> coming through the internet. they informed the business owner is involved to obtain information to track down those making those threats. other thing that remains a mystery is just why this business has been targeted. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> stephen, let us know what happens with that story.
4:31 pm
that comes as france deals with the deadly terror attacks in paris. today, a memorial service he would for a charlie hebdo cartoonist. he was one of 12 killed when they stormed the headquarters last week. today, more people lined up to get the latest edition of the magazine. it hit newsstands yesterday with a cartoon of the prophet muhammad on the cover. hackers have targeted 19,000 french websites since last week. meanwhile, several booksellers say they were threatened for carrying copies of charlie hebdo. police there killed two people in an anti-terror raid and say they foiled an attack and arrested a third today. on a flight to the philippines, pope francis said there's no way to justify the attacks. >> cannot kill in the name of god. that's an aberration. >> today we learned that the young muslim man who helped save the lives of several hostages at
4:32 pm
a kosher market next week will be granted french citizenship. he put people in a walk-in freezer while the gunman was inside that store. join us tonight for a news special at 7:00 looking at how the new terror threat is affecting free speech all around the world. we'll talk with an internationally known editorial cartoonist who fled iran after being jailed for a political cartoon there. that's coming up at 7:00 on our sister station, newschannel 8. >> the dr. king holiday coming up, we're on the verge of a three day weekend. >> that's right. and our meteorologist steve rudin is in the stormwatch weather center with a look at what to expect for the weekend. >> warmer temperatures are on the way and cooler out there right now. those changes are in time for the upcoming extended holiday weekend. take a look at what it looked like early this morning. this is from oak dale high school in maryland. you can see how the clouds weren't a problem and the clouds moved in during the midday hours and now looking at partly cloudy skies across a good part of the
4:33 pm
mid atlantic and we'll see dry conditions moving through the overnight. it's chilly out there. frederick, maryland now at 36 degrees. it's 35 in sandy spring maryland. degree warmer in ashburn. morning low in the middle 20's. lows waking up tomorrow morning, chilly start to your day as you walk to school or head to work. middle 20's in dulles. same with winchester. head down to southern maryland looking at wake-up temperature just around 27. for the day tomorrow, calling for highs in the middle 40's. some of you may top off in the upper 40's with winds out of the northwest at around 10 to 15 miles per hour. a nice mix of sun and clouds. we'll have the full forecast plus the upcoming weekend and beyond. >> the fallout from ferguson is ramping up today. protesters rallied outside of the statehouse in annapolis, maryland. student activists, church leaders and community leaders held a demonstration demand that maryland lawmakers change state
4:34 pm
law to increase police accountability and transparency. it is part of a nationwide day of action against police violence. protest falls on what would have been dr. martin luther king jr.'s 86th birthday. dozens stopped traffic during rush hour. jeanette reyes takes a look at what protesters are demanding now in the name of the civil rights leader. >> dozens of protesters took to d.c.'s streets this morning with the familiar cry for justice in the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. >> it's beyond michael brown at this point. it's beyond just you know, these chants that we're saying. there's something wrong with america. this is the issue of systemic racism. >> supporters of all races kicked off the march at mount vernon square and walked nearly a mile to pennsylvania avenue in northwest wrapping up on the steps of the f.b.i. building. emotions ran high among angry commuters stuck in traffic. some were indifferent. like scott winter who was headed
4:35 pm
to the airport. >> where do you have to go? >> california. >> so you will have to catch a plane. >> while he sat in traffic, he pointed out something he considers ironic. >> i find it interesting how you have police protecting the rights to protest. >> the organizer says they're exercising their right to call attention to a serious racial issue issue also present in the district. they are asking the mayor to end stop and frisk in d.c. something they describe as a form of racially biassed policing. >> on this day, we thought it couldn't pass without reminding folks that business as usual should not be continuing until we really address these major issues in our society. >> as for disrupting traffic organizers say it's one of the only effective ways to draw attention to their cause. >> this is their right. they have -- this is a great country that we have people that were able to do this and they're protected and it's part of the american way. >> you can see protesters
4:36 pm
wrapping up their march. they tell me it will not be the end of the movement and continue to disrupt traffic in the district until they see changes both around the country and here in d.c. reporting in northwest, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> protesters in boston shut down a major highway during the height of rush hour this morning. demonstrators with boston's black lives matter group blocked interstate 93 in two different spots going into and out of the city. police say the assembled protesters chained themselves to concrete barrels. 29 peelople were arrested. >> the second phase of jury selection begins today in the boston marathon bombing trial. the judge will begin individually questioning 45 perspective jurors each day about the bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. this will continue until there are enough people to move to the final phase of jury conviction. if convicted, tsarnaev could face the death penalty. take a look at the satellite images. these were released by amnesty international and they show
4:37 pm
nigerian towns following the latest massacre of approximately 2,000 people. nearly 4,000 structures were damaged or destroyed in raids and now u.s. secretary of state john kerry and other world leaders are calling for action against this islamic extremist group. >> this is enormously horrendous slaughter of innocent people and they continue to present a serious threat. >> they seized the key military base in the northeastern town january 3rd and attacked again last wednesday. amnesty international says the latest attack in nigeria is the deadliest in the history. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, showdown building on capitol hill over immigration. >> plus, we'll share some of your responses to our question of the day about when school should start. >> but first -->> i hope that
4:38 pm
everyone that's been following it can take it as an example of what is possible. and find their own. >> the climbers who scaled that cliff have the challenge for people who tracked their
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4:41 pm
>> we're back with a rare look at the spirit of st. louis. charles lindhberg's plane was on the floor at the space museum today for the first time in 22 years. scientists are giving the single engine plane a conservation treatment. plane will stay where it is though, for the next eight months. so you have time to take an up-close look. >> that's really cool. love that stuff. >> very cool. two climbers also very cool story we've been following. they're back at ground level now after climbing a sheer cliff in yosemite national park. >> that's right. not just any cliff. we're talking about el capitan. a 3,000 foot sheer peak. think about that height. the washington monument is 555 feet high. so el capitan is about the equivalent of stacking 5 1/2 washington monuments on top of each other. >> wow. >> tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson reached the summit last night, the first to free climb what's known as the don wall
4:42 pm
using ropes and harnesses to catch them if they fell. >> what's interesting about this project is it has elements that everybody can relate to. it's a big dream and takes a lot of hard work to make it happen. there's elements of team work that tommy and i have forged over the last six years. and those are elements in any big dream need to come true. >> he says that he hopes people will realize how vital team work is and never give up on their dreams. good message. >> incredible feat really when you think about that. >> good for them. good for them. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the next deadline to get health care coverage when you need to enroll to guarantee coverage by february 1st. >> first a consumer alert before you try to collect lottery winnings. >> and 7 is on your side tonight with a phone bank that will let you ask an attorney. we'll be taking your calls at this number. 703-236-9220.
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over 20 years 31 million students started college, but didn't complete a degree for lots of reasons. at devry university we believe there are also lots of reasons to finish. so we help you maximize qualifying credits you've already earned. so you can graduate sooner and get on to a great career. because whatever kept you from finishing before... >> 7 is on your side tonight with a consumer alert about one of the most popular scams targeting the elderly. con men claiming that you've won the lottery but to collect your winnings you need to pay some
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fees up front. >> autria godfrey shows us the thieves are trying new tactics to everything you want. >> i get angry but i can't really show it because i don't think she understands what she's doing. >> robert is talking about his mother and the fact that she's lost thousands of dollars in savings to a lottery scam. >> it's hard because she's home during the day and i'm working. i can't babysit her. >> despite interventions by family and officials, her mother still feels compelled to help these con men. >> they are very convincing and consistent. while we were there three calls came in. >> his mom's mailbox is full every day of the week with all these scams. everything from a brand new car to $7 million lottery payout. robert says they are always from the same people, though, and the family believes the victim has lost between $4 to $5 million. that number might be higher
4:47 pm
because they just learned of the scam and thanks to an astute postal worker that the scam was uncovered at all. >> the postal clerk in this case recognized the victim and said she was in here yesterday and she's back in here again. >> when inspectors asked the woman if she could open the letter she was sending, they found a check inside. >> she was a little confused. >> she thinks she won, i guess. and i guess she just keeps trying, you know thinking some day it's going to come and then it never comes, of course. >> inspectors encouraged families to be astute and monitor elderly family members and their finances. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> right now, we are getting ready to help you get your answers to your legal questions. >> "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suter is standing by in the "7 on your side" help center to show you how. kimberly? >> the "7 on your side" help center is about to get very busy. coming up at 5:00 you can see we have assembled eight legal experts. they are here to answer your legal questions.
4:48 pm
we have experts in housing, in civil litigation in criminal cases, family law fraud, contract disputes. if you have a legal problem and you want to get your questions answered, this is the place that you want to turn. these attorneys can help guide you to where you might need to go next. they might help prepare you for what questions you might want to ask if you are preparing to retain an attorney. here is the number to call coming up at 5:00. 703-236-9220. our "7 on your side" help center will be standing by from 5:00 until 6:30 tonight to answer your legal questions. and it sounds like a few people have jumped the gun but officially, the phone bank opens at 5:00 tonight. see you back here then. >> all right. you got it kimberly. maryland comptroller thinks that students shouldn't have to go back to school until after labor day. >> that's right. we told you earlier this hour
4:49 pm
he has launched a petition drive to make this change. so our question of the day is asking when you think school should start. brandy echoed most of the responses when she wrote "start after labor day. it gives us more time to take an affordable vacation and honestly more time to buy school supplies and clothes." however, sarah points out "i need them to go to school. the reality is most of us can't take more than two weeks off in the summer. and can't afford a decent summer camp for more than one child. it is a great burden for a lot of families." >> but pat has another idea saying that it needs to be all year round from august to early november teachers are reviewing as kids forget what they learned the previous school year. you can join the debate on wjla's facebook page. >> and coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00, a teacher's aide for special needs students accused of being a drug dealer on the side. how she was arrested and where she taught coming up.
4:50 pm
>> plus the top nominees for the oscars and what many are calling a glaring omission. see what may be the best response ever to getting snubbed by oscar. we'll have that for you ahead here on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> all right. first, let's get another check of our weather situation. fairly pleasant day. >> not so bad out there. temperatures warmed up a little bit. if you think it's comfortable today, wait until sunday. big, big changes on the way. few showers unfortunately. outside, this is what it looks like. congressional country club, still hanging on to a little bit of snow out there. this is early this morning. time lapse into motion. skies cleared out and clouds came back for the afternoon hours and we are going to see partly cloudy skies as they move through the overnight. it will stay drier out here so if they have any plans for this evening, no problems at all. 35 at dulles this hour. 40 degrees at reagan national airport. hagerstown looking at 37 same for lexington park maryland. show you the hourly forecast moving through the overnight into early tomorrow morning.
4:51 pm
temperatures by the time you wake up for the morning but chilly in the evening. it's cloudy and dry. we have a weak frontal system that will move on through as we move through the day tomorrow. it won't bring us any problems around here but will bring us colder temperatures just for the day on friday or saturday. and that will warm things up for the day on sunday. high pressure overhead. that gives us a good deal of sunshine to enjoy as we move into the day on saturday. once that moves on out of here watching our next system, that's going to bring us showers and another cold front on sunday and then a cooler day come monday of next week. here it is our hourly forecast for the day tomorrow. highs around 42 to 48 degrees. it will be breezy at times with winds out of the northwest. gusts up to 15 to 20 miles per hour. they had a little added chill. your extended outlook shows 39 on saturday. but look at the nice warmup as we move into the day on sunday. middle to upper 40's. some may even touch the 50-degree mark. and martin luther king day
4:52 pm
calling for temperatures around 43 degrees. it stays dry. back to work back to school on tuesday. temperatures around 43 chance for showers by late next week as a bigger storm develops. but right now it looks like that appears to be rain and not snow. >> ok. our producer says we should take a quick look at something very beautiful that you'll like. >> i like that! >> look at that! >> wow. gorgeous shot of the sunset there. the capitol, can't get used to that covered in -- >> the best thing about that is it's a sign of days getting longer. not that long ago, we'd look at that same camera shot and it would be pitch dark. >> we're gaining a minute and a half of daylight each day. >> bring on june! >> let's see if bob is full of sunshine and smiles for us. doesn't look like that's the case right now. hey, bob. >> leon, getting a little better anyway on 66 at 123 there had been a crash on the westbound side. eastbound traffic is still slow.
4:53 pm
they've just moved on in the last couple of minutes or so. from the beltway headed west it's jammed up at this point on 123 on 270 northbound, past montgomery village avenue and out through germantown at clarksburg with the lane open. generally good through here, and on the outer loop heading into tysons volume as well on 95 south through newington, and in woodbridge headed south from quantico into stafford. just volume really. not stop and go. kind of a rolling backup there. no incidents in the roadway and things are generally good farther south towards fredricksburg. i'm bob emler with wtop radio. >> thanks bob. coming up next at 4:00 the battle over immigration. >> take a look at what the latest actions on the hill could mean for the
4:54 pm
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>> today is the deadline to register for health care if you want to be covered by february 1st. if you missed it you have until
4:57 pm
february 15th to sign up for coverage. if you miss that, you'll need to wait for the next open enrollment period in 2016. get to it. the battle over immigration is heating up. house of representatives approved a measure to fund the department of homeland security while blocking president obama's executive actions on immigration. >> karen traverse has details on this decision and what it could mean for the president's plans. >> they'll do anything they can to scale back president obama's actionses on immigration reform and yesterday, they made their biggest statement yet. >> the yeas are 236. and the nays are 191. the bill is passed! >> the republican-controlled house passed legislation that would fund the department of homeland security through the end of september. but also block president obama's executive actions on immigration. >> we do not take this action lightly. but simply, there is no alternative. this executive overreach is an afront to the rule of law and to the constitution itself.
4:58 pm
>> democrats were outraged. >> in the wake of the recent paris tragedy, we need to remain vigilant with smart enforcement policies that protect americans. >> under the executive action president obama unveiled late last year more than five million undocumented immigrants have received temporary legal status but not citizenship. almost all of them 4.1 million are the parents and families of u.s. citizens who have been here in the u.s. for more than five years and have no criminal record. the department of homeland security funding, though now heads to the senate that could take out the immigration measures. president obama has vowed to veto any legislation that chips away at his immigration action. the white house says the house vote to fund it with conditions was bad policy and bad politics. reporting from northwest, karen traverse, abc 7 news.
4:59 pm
>> nobody should have died. >> right now at 5:00 the excruciating wait for help as smoke filled a yellow line train. the new promise to find answers for a tragedy that killed one woman and injured dozens of others. we've now learned that passengers were trapped below the streets of d.c. for more than a half-hour that their train filled up with smoke. that's before help arrived. >> that's new detail released. suzanne kennedy is at l'enfant plaza and a lot of criticism already flowing tonight. >> there certainly is alison. we just left a late afternoon press conference in which the mayor said she is still seeking answers to several very important questions. such as when did the train
5:00 pm
become disabled below me in l'enfant plaza and when was the first time that smoke was seen. when passengers emerged from that smokey train, they told about frightening conditions and lengthy time they were stuck without help. today, a newly released timeline indicates it was at least that long riders suffered while first responders reacted. the first indication of trouble came at 3:18 p.m. when a construction worker reported smoke coming out of the metro tunnel at nineth and water streets southwest. 3:22 metro called d.c. 911 to report smoke at l'enfant plaza. it wasn't until nearly six minutes later it was upgraded to a more serious box alarm sending more units. the first fire truck arrived at 3:31. 13 minutes after initial calls of trouble at the station. but it wasn't until 3:44 that metro confirmed the power had been shut down and there was a train with people trapped. jonathan rogers was


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