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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a possible terror plot foiled. more on the plan police say was devised to attack the u.s. capitol. witnesses tell us it sounded like a bomb went off. >> i turned around. >> what happened at a falls church strip mall sent three people to the hospital. and, new accusations against bill cosby. why this case is different from the rest.
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 eyewitness news at 11:00, on your side. >> we are following breaking news room southeast washington where a man is dead, a teenage girl injured in a shooting on martin luther king avenue southeast. police are looking for the shooter. >> roz plater has made her way to the scene. what can you tell us right now? >> we are in the congress heights section of southeast. right at the end of this street, you see all those flashing lights, that is where that shooting happened. there is a massive police response to this. dozens of police cars dozens of officers. i'm told there are some issues of crowd control. here is what we know. about 8:30 two people were shot. a man who has been pronounced dead a teen girl who was shot
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also, just with minor injuries. we do not know what led up to that shooting. police are still investigating. they are looking for a suspect but there is a very vague description. a young african-american male believed to be 17 or 18 years old wearing all-black clothing. he is being sought in this area right now, one reason for this large police presence. we don't know what led up to this shooting. one man dead, that teen girl with minor injuries and expected to survive. live in southeast d.c., roz plater. >> thank you. the other big story we are watching is an alleged terror plot against the u.s. capitol. christopher cornell is in custody tonight, accused of creating a plan to kill officers and employees at the capital. jay korff is live outside the capital tonight. who was this guy? >> according to his father, chris cornell was a good kid.
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according to a federal complaint, this young man had the intention of detonating bombs at the u.s. capitol am a gunning down lawmakers and staff, but cornell never made it to the capital. >> christopher lee cornell was planning to unleash jihad on the u.s. capitol, according to investigators. he was arrested wednesday in this ohio than store parking lot after buying two rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. according to this criminal complaint, fbi agents began tracking cornell's movements after he got on twitter as raheel mahrus ubaydah and posted statements and other content indicating a support for isil. he told a confidential source, i believe that we should just wage jihad under our own orders. authorities say cornell and the government informant met a few times this past fall and planned to build, plants, and detonate
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fight bombs at and near the u.s. capitol, and use firearms to shoot and kill employees. >> mr. cornell is another example of a person who is probably not particularly sophisticated and is reaching out to people that got him caught. >> brad garrett says people like cornell, while deeply worrisome are not his biggest fear. >> my concern is people who fly under the radar, who are planning or have been planning something for months or years and all of a sudden, they activate. >> christopher cornell is in custody and faces a number of federal charges. live on capitol hill, jay korff. >> thank you. we have developing news from the secret service. the agency removed four top senior officials and a fifth decided to retire. the acting director says change
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is necessary to gain a fresh perspective. the fires follow a string of security breaches at the white house, including one where a man was able to jump the fence and run into the building with a knife. a report released in december puts blame at the top, calling the secret service and organization starved for leadership. the white house did not comment. in falls church, an investigation into an explosion at a strip mall on wilson boulevard. that blast was strong enough to break windows and blow a shirt off a man's back. tom roussey spoke with witnesses who tell us it sounded like a bomb went off. tom is live in falls church with more. >> this happened over eight hours ago, but at this hour, the work continues to board up the diamond store. three people were hurt. they are all going to be ok. when you see what is behind those boards, you may think that is a miracle.
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crews went through the wreckage of princess diamond, which was blown to bits in a midafternoon explosion. the noise could be heard all over the evening center. a business owner says the building shook so much, he thought this was a repeat of the 2011 earthquake. >> what happened last time just came into my mind. >> one man's shirt partially disintegrated in the explosion and two other people were hurt as well. >> like you see in the movies, a big bomb exploded. >> it didn't turn out to be a bomb, but it sure felt like one. >> i turned around, i was on the floor, i looked at her screaming at her, asking if she was ok. >> he says the bleeding woman had just held the door for him to let him inside. at the last moment, he decided not to go in. >> something told me not to go.
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the holy spirit told me to walk away. if i didn't walk away, i wouldn't be here. >> the evening center is more than 30 years old and was founded to cater to vietnamese immigrants who came to the d.c. area after the vietnam war. it has a number of popular stores and restaurants, many of which were able to stay open after the explosion. >> i'm told pretty much all the businesses except the diamond store will be open tomorrow. a lot of folks suspect what happened is some gas used in the course of business may have blown up. as of now, we don't know that for sure. reporting live in falls church tom roussey. >> thank you. also new, virginia governor terry mcauliffe called on lawmakers to put partisan politics aside. in his first state of the commonwealth address, the governor stressed the importance of creating new jobs and expanding the economy.
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he said health care is key. >> people who can see a doctor when they are sick without incurring devastating cost can realize their full economic potential. people without coverage are one illness or one accident away from ruin. >> governor mcauliffe also pledged not to call -- not to cut funding for public education. virginia governor terry mcauliffe announced a step forward for the potomac yard metro station. mcauliffe says that transportation board approved a $50 million loan to build the station in alexandria. organizers are looking at three sites. the governor says the station will create about 26,000 jobs and relieve congestion in the area. after days of snowy, cold weather, temperatures are taking a turn in the right direction. steve rudin has a first look at your forecast. >> some changes are on the way.
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give it another day or so and we will see bigger changes just in time for the weekend. look at temperatures outside the belfort furniture weather center. 33 at reagan national airport. fredericks looking at 32 degrees. low-pressure finally moves off the coast. in its place, areas of high pressure. that means clearing skies and a good deal of sunshine on thursday. a cold start to your morning walking to the bus stop, heading to work, 21 to 28 degrees. the big question is, how long will warm temperatures last? details coming in a few minutes. >> an investigation by wtop reveals there may have been communication problems when firefighters responded to the metro smoke incident. one person was killed when smoke-filled the l'enfant plaza metro station. a source tells wto the radio --
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wtop that signals from inside the tunnel failed to reach the ground. the source blames the problem on new digital radios. a spokesman confirms that there were problems with the radios but insists that it did not delay or hinder emergency response. >> the victims are recovering from injuries. some of them picked up items left behind when they ran for their lives off that metro train. roz plater reports. >> the smell of smoke still very strong at metro headquarters. 66 items, backpacks, suitcases smaller items boxed up and tagged by investigators. all of it left behind as terrified passengers finally escaped a smoke-filled train monday afternoon. their property has been held for two days as investigators look
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over the train looking for answers as to what caused the malfunction. some were desperate to get their things back. one man's landlord was on vacation. his keys were in his bag when he ran for his life. >> [indiscernible] >> ronald moore has two days of his heart medication. it was inside his backpack. he was happy to finally get it back but still troubled by the memories of what he had been through. one passenger dead, dozens injured. >> my condolences to the young lady's family. we pretty much all had our life on the line. this is metro. this is public transportation. >> roz plater, abc 7 news.
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>> this just in, attorneys tell us they expect to announce the first lawsuit tied to the metro smoke incident tomorrow. the suit will be filed against the washington metro transit authority. stay with abc 7 for updates tomorrow. >> new accusations against bill cosby. >> this time around, why it could lead to the courtroom. >> terrifying moments on a school bus.
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>> about a dozen children were taken to the hospital after a school bus crash in north carolina. this happened this afternoon. authorities report that bus overturned and then slid down an embankment. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the "charlie hebdo" massacre. a senior leader of an al qaeda group in yemen praised the two gunmen. u.s. officials say the video is authentic. 10 staffers of the magazine and
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two police officers were gunned down in the attack. >> we believe this is the latest example of the ba calling card. >> the magazine published its first issue since that happened. it usually prince 60,000 copies of each issue. this time, it printed 5 million. they sold out before dawn. >> a copy is on display at the newseum in bc -- in d.c. the headline says, in french, all is forgiven. we spoke with people outside the newseum today. reception was next. some supported the right to print it, but others say it is too early to say all is forgiven. >> new at 11:00, a new woman has come forward claiming she was drugged and bill cosby. chloe says that the incident
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happened at the playboy mansion in 2008. her attorney says this is the first case that may fall within the statute of limitations. more than 15 women have accused cosby of sexual misconduct. >> a newly reelected virginia lawmaker got a temporary get out of jail card. delegate joseph morrisey was sworn into office today. he resigned from the statehouse last month after pleading guilty in a sex scandal. despite the conviction morrisey was reelected in a special election yesterday. he spends his nights now in jail. >> almost sounds like a sitcom. it is cold that we are dealing with tonight. >> full disclosure, i left my jacket at home. i am borrowing leon's coat. >> trying to clean you up. >> exactly. it fits ok.
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it is 33 degrees another day. look at our record high, 76, not even close to that. our snow total, we didn't plan on a lot for the snow. my followers on twitter were thrilled. they were angry with me because i told them they wouldn't have a delay but they ended up getting a delay. just a trace of snow at reagan national airport. we are going to work through this and try to make it through this forecast while you get a laugh at home. gaithersburg now at 27 degrees. the coldest of the air across the great lakes. 10 degrees in detroit. my parents will probably say what is going on? that storm system finally moves out, our skies start to clear tomorrow. we will see a good deal of
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sunshine and temperatures that will warm to near 40 degrees. it is going to be a cool start tomorrow. work school, whatever you have going on, temperatures around 24 in gaithersburg. high pressure, that comes in control. we will see clearing skies. a brief cold front is going to arrive on friday. after that, temperatures will warm up. upper 40's to around 50 on saturday and sunday. a cool down next week. the coldest of the air now behind us at least for the time being. tomorrow, 37 to 43. wind out of the southwest around five miles per hour. here is your extended outlook. 44 on friday, 42 on saturday. near 50 and a chance for showers on sunday. martin luther king day temperatures in the lower 40's. the same on tuesday. the weekend, 50 degrees on sunday. may see a few showers. jacqui jeras is -- not in town,
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she is going to be here tomorrow morning. >> they wouldn't even have noticed if you hadn't said anything. >> it goes down to my knees. [laughter] >> see what else he has that he can loan you. >> john wall and the wizards bully chicago. i've got the very
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the capitals and the flyers elevate their game against each other. it was no different tonight. forward checking, great net minding. hockey at its best. let's go back to the verizon center. caps on the attack. jason sameer thomas how did this
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happen? fourth goal of the year, three minutes in. 1-0, washington. the rest of the story is braden. he stood on his head tonight. blocks the pocket after the save. it walks the line. 20 straight starts. look at this -- 18 of the last 20 games. 1-0 capitals, they win it. they are 6-0-1 in 2015. the wizards were on the road against the chicago bulls. the bowls sure didn't want to suffer their second loss to the whiz kids in six days. twp -- two guys everyone wanted to see, derrick rose and john wall. how about rose? john wall is playing at a very high level. he is very measured. 2.5 to play, nine-point lead,
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the wizards beat the bulls again 105-99. college park, they built any point lead at maryland. how about jared nickens? the freshman from ne jersey knocked down four threes. he was huge for the terrapins tonight. maryland finished the game on an 18-6 run. take it the distance. wells finished with 16 points. they are the first team in the big ten to get four wins. let's go to rochester, new york. the big fellow from senegal dominated the patriots. 28 points, 13 boards. mason -- 75-65. the washington nationals have traded right-handed all-star tyler clippard to the oakland a's. the nats get infielder you now
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escobar. escobar will probably play second base. it also restarts trade rumors about ian desmond. escobar can play short as well. escobar is a good glove with some pop. tyler clippard was about to become a free agent. done deal today. while the redskins continue their search for a defensive coordinator, some say joe barry is the guy. the linebacker coach, before that he was a defensive coordinator with the lions. >> we haven't had a night like that since -- >> it is the jacket, i tell you. unbelievable.
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ohio man is arrested>> an, accused of plotting violence at the u.s. capitol. the secret service removes four agents in a shakeup. you can read all the stories now on >> after 18 days, mission accomplished. kevin jorgenson and tommy caldwell completed that record-breaking free crime -- free climb of el capitan in yosemite park. they used only their hands and feet to climb on those razor
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sharp pieces of rock. the ropes were only there in case they fell. as jorgeson and caldwell reached the top, a crowd watching below erupted into cheers. >> 3000 feet in 19 days, amazing. >> you saw their hands, bloody i can imagine what that is like. >>
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>> last look at the weather with steve in leon's coat. >> 40 degrees tomorrow, beautiful on friday, 42 for the upcoming weekend, 50 on sunday. then a sunny holiday on monday. jacqui jeras is in bright and early.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, kaley koko sweeting. from yeah resurrection," omar epps. liam neeson. and music from steel panther. with cleto and the cletones. and now, once more, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hi, everybody. hello, everyone.


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