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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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some kind of jihady attack here at the u.s. capitol. who is not clear at this point is whether or not cornell had any accomplices but the f.b.i. in its statement did say that it believes other supporters of isil are relying on social media to express their views and lure others to their charge. cornell is charged with attempted murder on a government officer. reporting live stephen tschida abc 7 news. >> we have breaking news about the secret service tonight. agency has decided to remove four of its most senior officials while a fifth has decided to retire. this is according to "the washington post." it's the biggest shakeup within the service since its director resigned in october following a series of high profile security lapses. the agency's acting director joseph clancy says the latest changes were based on his assessments and a scathing review released last year. that report concluded the secret service suffered from low morale and was starved for leadership.
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the following breaking news from falls church where an explosion rocked a busy strip mall. three people have been hurt in a blast at the eden center on wilson boulevard. tom roussey is there live tonight. tom, what have you learned about where the explosions originated? >> maureen, witnesses and a spokesperson for the city of falls church all say it originated inside this princess diamond store behind me. right now, you can see firefighters in and around the store. if you take a look inside what used to be windows there, you can see nothing but destruction inside. taking a look at that. it is amazing that more people weren't hurt and fortunately, the three that were, it's nonlife-threatening injuries. >> i heard the noise, boom! >> he owns a deli that sits just feet from the princess diamonds store where the explosion happened this afternoon. >> i run in and i don't want to take a look. i just turn straight back.
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>> he was ok but his cell phone video shows several others were injured in the explosion. >> three people were transported to hospitals with nonlife threatening injuries. >> even those at stores well away from the diamond store were startled by the explosion. >> really loud sound. i thought if someone was just shooting again or something. >> a falls church city official says the cause appears to be accidental. many at the eden center believe it had something to do with used in the diamond business. >> i don't know exactly. but i heard some people say that it's gas. >> although everyone around here seems to suspect gas the firefighters along with the fire marshall and the a.t.s. will be investigating there to determine the official cause. i'm told we probably wouldn't know that until at the very earliest, tomorrow. now, behind me here in the distance, you can see large parts of the eden center here are still open at this hour. the parts that are closed are near where the explosion happened. this is a very popular shopping center. it is the heart of the
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vietnamese-american community in this region. reporting live tonight in falls church, i'm tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> thank you tom. in the rush to escape the smoke at the l'enfant plaza metro station on monday many riders left their belongings behind. metro is now falling those riders and telling them they can reclaim their property at metro headquarters on fifth street northwest. metro has retrieved about 66 bags and items. the investigation continues into the cause of the smoke that killed one person and sent dozens to the hospital. and following the metro incident, area law firms are gearing up for what could be a flood of calls. the claims that might be filed could end up costing metro millions of dollars and metro is, of course funded with tax dollars. "7 on your side" investigator chris pabst looked into how high the talley might go. chris is live in the newsroom with those numbers. >> well this incident only happened two days ago and "7 on your side" has learned that some
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of the passengers on that metro have already contacted lawyers. now, every year metro budgets a lot of money for these types of incidents. in the last three years, the transit system has paid out nearly $100 million in casualty and liability costs. 200 people on the train. 84 received medical care. one died. what happened monday evening on the metro was truly a tragedy. >> some of the people that are calling us sound incredibly broken up. >> joe's law firm has already received half a dozen calls from passengers from monday's metro evacuation. and the callers are not limited to just those who were treated for physical wounds. >> people would believe for 40 minutes they were never going to see their loved ones again, that they were going to die can have emotional injuries that can last a lifetime. much less a few weeks. >> according to metro's financial reports obtained by "7 on your side", in 2014 the transit system paid out $34
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million in casualty and liability costs. that number in 2013 was $33.8 million and just about $30 million in 2012. roughly $100 million in the last three years. >> has to be investigated. we have to figure out if i'm with metro, what went wrong. >> kim brooks rodney works for another private law firm that's received four calls from victims but she's also a former attorney for metro and she says if negligent maintenance is to be at fault, metro will be liable. the 40 minute response time that she calls pitiful will come intoon. >> the passengers on these six trains have legitimate claims. >> in her experience rodney says that metro gets thousands of claims every year for liability but many of them are simply not legitimate. metro is not willing to comment for this story. in the newsroom, chris pabst, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you chris. stay with abc 7 and for any updates on the l'enfant plaza metro investigation. this morning's snowfall led to a few problems on the roadways in st. mary's county a driver escaped injury after his car ended up in a ditch. virginia state police say they responded to dozens of crashes across the state, many of them in the richmond area. lingering concerns about the weather have prompted spotsylvania county and fredricksburg city schools to announce a two-hour delay for thursday. now, let's get to chief meteorologist doug hill for details on a warmup. doug? >> hey there maureen. maybe 40 degrees tomorrow. maybe lower 40's into the day on friday. things are looking up. let's show you the numbers right now after sunset temperatures are starting to tumble a bit. we still have cloudy skies and the numbers are running into the upper 20's to lower 30's right now. 32 at reagan national. 27 in gaithersburg.
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3 it 32 in fredricksburg. overnight when skies clear, that's when temperatures will start to drop. we're looking at 28 degree readings in the overnight hours and then through the day tomorrow, there you have it. some sunshine. a few clouds. very pleasant thursday. highs could reach 40 degrees. what about the holiday weekend forecast? we've got you covered with that in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you so much doug. the virginia general assembly convened today in richmond and lawmakers are expected to clash with governor terry mccualiff on many issues including gay rights marriage rights that is. jeff goldberg is live in richmond to explain. jeff? >> well, maureen, in less than an hour the governor will be delivering his state of the commonwealth speech. economic issues will be at the forefront. job creation reducing a budget deficit and medicaid expansion. but during this session, the agenda is filled with many other issues that go beyond the economy.
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>> republicans who control both the house and senate may not be happy about it. the democratic governor is pushing forward with a left leaning agenda. >> i got to tell you, i'm absolutely stunned by how many social issues the governor has put forward. >> he is proposing a handful of measures on gun control in addition to gay rights. he wants to change state code by removing references to husband and wife in exchange for the term "spouse". >> this is not an easy battle even for code adjustments but we've got to move forward. it's 2015. >> but republicans are pushing back including one bill allowing licensed businesses to refuse service to same sex couples on moral or religious objections. >> you can't prevent somebody from getting a license for practicing their profession because they're not telling the gay agenda. >> in wake of the bob mcdonnell corruption trial lawmakers are in agreement thatreform needs further action.
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and following the cases of hannah graham morgan harrington and alexis murphy, lawmakers from both parties are supporting legislation to fight sexual assaults on college campuses. respect the victims and their privacy but at the same time, give them the services they need. >> then there is delegate joe morrissey, the democrat turned independent who last night won a special election despite currently serving jail time for his relationship with a 17-year-old woman. and house leaders are trying to figure out exactly what to do with joe morrissey. looking into bylaws and regulations to see whether or not they can discipline or possibly even remove him while still respecting the will of the voters. joe morrissey was sworn into office here on the capitol grounds this morning but will spend tonight the same place he spent last night a jail in the county. live in richmond jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> thank you jeff. now to maryland where the general assembly also convened today for a 90-day session.
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lawmakers are expected to focus on the state's estimated $750 million budget shortfall. democrats still control maryland's legislature but they will be working under a republican governor when larry hogan is sworn into office a week from today. coming up at 6:00 the french newspaper at the center of a deadly terror attack released its first issue since the tragedy. how the paper is showing its defiance. and we're learning more about a bartender accused of plotting to kill house speaker john boehner. what investigators are revealing about the case.
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>> there's new video tonight on the charlie hebdo attacks. in itl-qaida takes credit for the paris massacre. the video shows the terrorists commander praising the gunmen by name and calling on muslims to boycott the new edition of the newspaper. on its cover is a cartoon image of the prophet muhammad. people in paris lined up before dawn to buy the edition that sold out almost immediately. u.s. intelligence analysts are studying the 11 minute al-qaida video. the boston marathon bombing trial will start on time. a federal judge rejected dzhokhar tsarnaev's request to suspend jury selection for one month. tsarnaev's lawyers asked for the delay arguing the paris
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terrorist attack would sway jurors. jury selection begin last week in boston and is scheduled to resume tomorrow. more than 1300 perspective jurors have filled out questionnaires. still ahead at 6:00 doug takes a look at when we'll see some warmer weather. >>i'm at verizon. and the phone booth should be ringing tonight. the hottest team in all of hockey, the caps hope to bully the boys from broad street tonight here in the phone booth as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> an ohio bartender is in jail tonight charged with plotting to murder house speaker john boehner. investigators say michael hoyt worked at boehner's country club and planned to poison the congressman with a deadly cocktail. police say hoyt has a history of mental illness. hoyt is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. if convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison. on capitol hill the house has passed legislation to overturn president obama's executive actions on immigration and to remove protections for
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immigrants bought illegally to this country as children. the measures were part of a nearly $40 billion spending bill for the department of homeland security. however, the legislation is unlikely to get the 60 votes needed to advance in the senate. if it does, the president has threatened to veto it. well, another cold day! >> trouble getting into the flurries today? >> no but i'm getting -- having more and more trouble getting through the cold every day. >> look, it's going to warm up a little bit. like to be in the 70's and we'll get there soon. >> 40's. >> that's what we have for you. let's start with the time lapse. this is at chesapeake beach, look at the chesapeake bay and give you a time lapse and cloudy day. a little bit of snow there and in fact what you see on bottom right-hand of your screen is a little ice. doing some construction there. that's actually near the waters of the bay with ice and a little snow on top of that. see the ice in the potomac today if you came through town? it was a beautiful sight. now cloudy and quiet in the area. with the snow on the ground all
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this will melt away. the most we saw is hollywood and calloway, st. mary's county, 1.7 inches. and many of you watching frederick area and north and west of there, probably didn't even see a flurry there. temperatures have been cold. 43 and 28 are the averages and we'll just kind of take it slow here through the evening as we drop through the upper 20's eventually and at 32 at reagan national. 27 in gaithersburg. and by morning, we'll see our temperatures mostly in the lower 20's. plenty of cold air around. these are pretty seasonal temperatures, kind of average temperatures for the middle of january at the north through new england and the teens. teens and the lower lakes midwest, we'll get a little bump up tomorrow to the 30's to near 40 degrees. storm center moved out and high pressure clears us out overnight and partly sunny sky here tomorrow and even more so on friday. another cold front will come through. so not only will we get low to mid 40's here on friday we'll get gusty breezes before it turns just a bit colder for the
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day on saturday so our futurecast tracks that. a partly cloudy very pleasant day. partly cloudy tomorrow night and then on friday we'll have some sunshine and more high pressure takes over so bottom line, a very quiet weather pattern here and next chance of precipitation we'll show you here in the seven day. in the meantime look for temperatures to rapidly climb mid to late morning topping out near 40 degrees tomorrow afternoon and then the seven-day forecast, we can see as high as 44 degrees on friday with a gusty breeze. and then we'll get through the big dr. king holiday weekend with pleasant saturday. ok sunday. we'll be cloudy but look for some showers in the afternoon. we could hit 50 degrees. turning colder on monday and remaining seasonably chilly through most of next week. >> thank you very much doug. not much ice on the roadways fortunately but lots of ice at the verizon center tonight for the caps-flyers game. tim brand is there too. >> mo this place is going to get hot tonight.
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what a night this is for sports. the maryland terrapins take on the badgers and the redskins get defensive and here in the phone booth, broadstreet bullies are in town. i have the
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>> welcome back to the verizon
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center. red hot caps play the flyers tonight here in the phone booth and folks there's not a hotter team in all of hockey right now than the washington capitals. as a matter of fact at the skate around today, there was a tremendous air of confidence among the washington washington capitals. all of the lines are playing extremely well. the defense has been tenacious. while the flyers have been successful against washington, the tide is turning. i want you to listen to karl alzner. >> just because everybody is playing at the top of their game at the same time. that's important. you need that and you need to try to get it as soon as possible. >> what about this game tonight? >> well it's a bit of a payback game for us and losing in overtime there was done a little bit. we looked on the video and we know what the weaknesss are and that's what we're going to try to key in on. this is a team that in the league whenever you play them, you get a little bit more excited to play against and play better. >> karl alzner of the washington capitals face off tonight at
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8:00. all right, it's being reported the washington redskins have a new defensive coordinator. joe berry. he was the linebackers coach with the san diego chargers. before that he was a defensive coordinator of the detroit lions. college basketball the maryland terrapins trying to fight the memory of the win over the badgers. because that's who rutgers beat last. coming off that upset win over number six wisconsin so this could be a really, really good ballgame tonight. >> they're a good team. they've beat not some good teams and they've played some good teams tough. we'll be ready. >> they will be ready. but this is a huge ballgame and it's not going to be easy. meanwhile, the washington wizards, they are in chicago tonight to play the bulls coming off that big win last night against the spurs. so that's the story, caps and flyers here at verizon. back to you. >> thanks so much. look forward to that game. >> absolutely. >> looking forward to a little bit of warmth around here too. >> yeah it will be a little bit
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better. temperatures, a lot of the day was in the 20's in many areas and we're going to be in the 20's tonight. it will warm up tomorrow. give a look when we wake up in the morning, it will be partly cloudy. 21 to 28 degrees and tomorrow, it will be partly cloudy chilly. 37 to 43. that's a bit of improvement. but more computer models during the night and steve rudin will check that out and give you an idea of how the weekend will look like for the holiday weekend and early next week. in the meantime, we're currently thinking that it will be fairly pleasant with temperatures about seasonal levels. could be showers late sunday and clearing out on monday. steve will have fresh insight update on all that when he joins us tonight. we got off easy with the snowstorm in the area. >> yes we did. "world news tonight" coming up next. join us back here at 11:00. have a good night.
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on this wednesday night, two major breaking stories. an alleged home grown radical here in the u.s. under arrest in ohio. the fbi tonight saying he was buying his weapons his 600 rounds of ammunition. what was his plan for the u.s. capitol? also breaking tonight, abc news has learned a major shakeup at the secret service. a deadly scene on american highways today. hundreds of accidents. the ice. and the bus, off the overpass right into a train. a major medical headline tonight. controlling your appetite now with a pacemaker-like device? just approved by the fda. and the nascar superstar, who tonight is making the case that his ex was a trained assassin. good evening. and it's great


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