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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. >> and the ohio state buckeyes are the first national champions. >> the biggest game in college football history. a big upset by the buckeyes. the third string quarterback leading ohio state to the first ever playoff national championship. >> to the end zone. >> rounding the ducks high-flying offense electrifyin the fans. we're live in texas this morning with all the reaction. >> make a hole. subway nightmare. a crowded train in washington fills with heavy smoke during rush hour. one dead. more than 80 sent to the hospital after hundreds of passengers are trapped underground for more than an hour. the dramatic cell phone video and questions this morning about what caused in deadly dent.
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airport alert. the new warning about terrorists targeting planes with homemade bombs and the manhunt heats up for the most wanted woman in the world linked to those attacks in france. hazard on the highway. cars spinning out of control reckless drivers taking over streets shutting down traffic. is this a real-life "fast and furious"? >> and good morning, america. boy, the game was history last night and did it live up to the hype. ohio state defeating the oregon ducks in that first ever national championship playoff game. >> we are feeling it right here in new york. so much celebration everywhere around the country. the empire state building even lit up in ohio state's colors of scarlet and gray. and robin right there for every
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single thrilling moment. hey, robin. >> oh oh hello lara george everyone. i'll tell you north texas did a great job hosting the inaugural playoff championship game and we are here -- [ cheers ] >> we are here we're inside the lobby of the ohio state buckeyes and you should have seen the scene a little while ago. we'll just leave it at that and some of the players are still milling about. the fans here and buckeye nation has every reason to celebrate. oh. >> ohio. >> the ohio state buckeyes are the first national champions of the playoff era. >> reporter: overnight history. the underdog ohio state buckeyes toppling oregon 42-20 to bring home the national title. >> elliott breaks free. ezekiel elliott gets a block. and busts to the end zone. >> reporter: more than 85,000 feverish fans packing at&t stadium in arlington for the culmination of the first ever college football playoff.
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millions more watching on tv and these fans got quite a show. >> spins into the end zone. >> reporter: the game's early going, intense. >> marshall is wide open and running free and they will not catch him. >> reporter: emotions running high all night. oh! oregon stealing the ball from ohio state four times. >> loses the ball. it's out. >> reporter: coming within one point of the lead in the third but they couldn't steal the buckeyes' drive. >> touchdown, ohio state, on the final play of the quarter. >> reporter: with the game winding down ohio state pulled away as a-list supporters like ohio native lebron james cheered them on. on the sidelines we found bill walton and nba all-star chris paul. you can appreciate an atmosphere like this. why are you here? >> unbelievable. two great teams and two great universities and i'm honored to be here. >> reporter: ohio state's victory, their eighth national title, the third for head coach
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urban meyer. >> go down as one of the great stories of college football history. >> reporter: the night's offensive mvp ezekiel elliott with four touchdowns breaking vince young's record for most rushing yards in a championship game. >> we finally did it. it was our dream, it came true. >> reporter: and ohio state quarterback cardale jones making just his third career start and making that count. >> unreal feeling, you know looking at all this confetti fall and -- come here. >> my teammates. >> reporter: the unlikely starter leading these unlikely champions to the top of a college football world. and the reason we say unlikely champions is because ohio state, the fourth seed there were some people who thought they shouldn't receive the last seed to be the last team to be elected into the playoff system but they did and they had those two big victories so they're no longer unlikely champions.
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they're the undisputed champions. [ cheers ] george. >> you have a tough crowd there, robin. how about that cardale jones. third start in his life. >> jones bobbled the snap. >> reporter: i know. he was a backup to the backup. a third stringer. you know what kind of message this send guy, to people on the bench waiting to see are they going to get their chance and a tribute to him. tribute to the coaching staff that he was ready. yes, he made some mistakes last night but you know what he kept his poise and there's going to be a little bit of a quarterback controversy brewing in buckeye nation i mean because he's a backup and he won a national championship. yeah they got some time though to enjoy this one >> that's a good problem to have actually. but, hey, robin, there's no disputing they're national champions but urban meyer said he's going to get a tattoo. he pointed to his arm but is there any dispute about what he is actually going to put there? is it going to say ohio state national champions or is it just
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going to say mom? >> hey, you can relate to this being a super bowl champion stra. when you win a national championship as he said last night you're family. so he is forever a part of buckeye nation. yes, he won two national titles at florida but he is very much with ohio state and, who knows, should he get an ohio or mom? who knows? but i got to tell you, it was quite a scene inside that stadium last night and it was very fitting that with the bowl system now a part of the past and having the playoff to have these two teams play as they did and be the undisputed champion says a lot going forward and againdale next year. maybe it'll be a little warmer next year for the championship. >> we could feel all that excitement. robin, thanks very much. >> congratulations to ohio state. moving on to that subway nightmare in our nation's capital. a train filling up with heavy smoke just before rush hour one person died one in critical
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condition. the whole ordeal captured on cell phone video as hundreds were trapped underground for more than an hour. abc's david kerley is in washington this morning with the very latest. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: lara good morning. the trains are running this morning after this mass casualty event. this happened very quickly. trains filling with smoke and this morning still a lot of questions about why. a nightmare scenario. >> stay calm. do not open the doors. >> reporter: the power is cut in a crowded underground subway train goes dark filling with smoke. this cell phone video in the crowded train. >> need a medic. >> make a hole. >> reporter: and video from inside the station as bystanders are being evacuated. >> they say we got to leave the station. >> terrifying. several were crying. there was one man that had some sort of seizure. there was a lot of scary stuff. >> reporter: dozens coughing gasping for air breathing in potentially toxic smoke.
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>> people started panicking. >> stocking cap breathing through it. >> this is the crap we were breathing for an hour. >> reporter: riders tried to get out but the doors wouldn't open and with that dangerous third rail still electrified. >> we all tried to get down. >> reporter: one woman praying for her life. >> forgive us our trespasses. >> once into the station we just sprinted for our lives out of there because we had no idea what was happening. we were all so scared. >> reporter: the smoke was too much. one woman died reportedly of smoke inhalation. >> there were a lot of people vomiting sick. i feel sick. we don't know what it was. nobody is saying what it was. >> reporter: passengers say it would be 45 minutes before firefighters could rescue them. it became a mash casualty event. a triage area set up for the hundreds evacuating. >> give me water. >> reporter: train service shut down in and around the station as the ntsb quickly deployed. investigators say the train stopped after leaving the station and a third rail about a thousand feet forward of the
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train started electrically arcing with supply lines. >> i don't know exactly why it stopped. that's something we will develop over the next few days. >> reporter: this morning, the mayor trying to convince riders that the trains remain safe. >> i do feel safe riding the metro and this of course is a tragedy and an accident. >> reporter: as of last night more than a half dozen people are still in the hospital. one in critical condition. a firefighter also being treated. we don't have his condition. now, investigators found water on the tracks they're trying to determine if this had anything to do with this tragic incident. george. >> boy, so scary. thanks. we'll turn to that urgent new warning at our station's airports. concern al qaeda in yemen, one group tied to the terror attack in paris has a new plot to take down planes in the u.s. and this morning, in paris, a commemoration for the officers killed in that attack. and a new arrest announced overnight. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning.
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french authorities report that is a suspected accomplice of last week's attackers has been arrested in bulgaria as they look for more members of the cell on the loose this morning. all this as u.s. authorities are putting in place a series of urgent security steps designed to stop what they fear could be another wave of attempted airplane bombings. u.s. airport screeners this morning are under orders to enhance the number of random searches they carry out on passengers and carry-on luggage in order first issued last week but only being made public now. the security order comes in the wake of this alarming step-by-step recipe of kitchen ingredients for what al qaeda calls in its latest magazine inspire, the hidden bomb to bring down an airplane. the device is designed to get by standard airport magnetometers answer would only be detected by full body scanner machines not present at many smaller airports. quote, through this large loophole the instructions read you can passion through many
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american airports. >> this group is absolutely determined to try to take out andan attack on an u.s.-bound airplane. >> reporter: on the terror front in france the search resumes amid unprecedented security for other members of the terror cell that attacked last week. officials acknowledge at least two of them got away. the girlfriend of the gunman at the grocery store and an accomplice both seen in this airport surveillance video arriving in turkey and both now believed to be in syria. as french authorities try to unravel the plot one question involves how the terrorists got such heavy-duty weapons. this new video shows the two brothers holding up a gas station with automatic weapons and over the shoulder of one of them an extremely powerful rocket launcher. the u.s. military came face-to-face with another terror weapon as isis followers took over the twitter feed and the youtube channel of the u.s.
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central command. headquarters for american efforts against the terrorists. they posted isis videos and this threat "american soldiers we are coming, watch your back." the military says no classified information was involved in the cyberattack but the fbi today is launching a full investigation and, george this morning the latest edition of the "charlie hebdo" magazine came out with a cartoon of the prophet muhammad on the cover wearing a sign that says je suis charlie, i am charlie and the headline "all is forgiven." 3 million copies published. >> usually they have 60,000. the president's team has apologized for failing to send a high-level official to that unity rally in paris. jon karl at the white house. this was an unusually rapid concession for the white house. >> reporter: a remarkably quick turnaround for a white house that rarely admits mistakes but now this -- now white house officials are saying bluntly they should have sent a much
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more high-profile representative to that march. you heard from josh earnest, the kind of words that you almost never hear here from a white house press secretary. >> you said you should have sent somebody with a higher profile. why? >> the american people stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies in france and sending a high-level highly visible senior administration official with a high profile to that march would have done that. >> reporter: privately officials are saying they still believe it would have been impractical because of security requirements to send the president on such short notice but george what they wish they had done now is to have at least sent secretary of state john kerry. >> i about et they do. this attack on central command's twitter and youtube accounts comes as the white house is announcing a new strategy to take on cyberattacks rrl they'll announce a new proposed legislation on cybersecurity and a summit to be had he would next month out at stanford
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university. but, george this was legislation they proposed three years ago and never passed congress. >> okay jon karl thanks very much. george we turn to the cost of driving. fast falling gas prices dropping to their lowest level in more than five years. look at this map. you can find at least one station selling it for under $2 a gallon in 43 different states. abc's clayton sandell found the cheapest gas in the whole country at a station in tomball, texas. good morning to you, clayton. >> reporter: hey, good morning, lara. take a look at this. the price here $1.47. the lowest we've been able to find anywhere in the station in texas. look at this. the average price of a gallon of regular now stands at $2.14. that is down 8 cents in just the last week. down a whopping $1.19 compared to a year ago. the last time the average price of gas was this low was in may 2009 and just for comparison even the doughnuts here at this gas station now more expensive
7:15 am
than gas, $1.59 and take a look at this. on average you can now fill up your tank for about $36. that is enough to go about 400 miles but just back in june that same amount 36 bucks would have only gotten you about half a tank. now the even better news this plunge may not be over and we could be seeing ang average price of gas about $1.25 by next month. big savings, lara. >> unbelievable. >> that's a lot of doughnuts. >> even the doughnuts more expensive. clayton, we thank you so much. time to take a road trip. >> let's take one. look at that price. >> did it just go down as we spoke? >> it did. >> it did. >> it makes me want to drive around to gas stations. >> cash or credit though does make a difference. clayton, we thank you. to amy with the other top stories developing at this moment. good morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with a major break in the airasia flight 8501 crash
7:16 am
investigation. the second black box, the cockpit voice recorder has now been recovered one day after the flight data recorder was pulled from the java sea. investigators now expect to get a second-by-second time line of the flight in hopes of figuring out why it crashed. new pictures of a volcano erupting near fiji which forced several airlines to cancel flights in the south pacific. ash spewed high into the sky briefly turning the surround water red. and it's being called the worst massacre yet by boko haram militants in nigeria. they are now accused of killing as many as 2,000 civilians in recent days. the militants reportedly strapped explosives to young girls before setting them off then into a crowded market. and massive crowds greeted pope francis as he arrived in sri lanka today. he warned the island nation will not fully heal from civil war without pursuing truth and justice. the pope heads to the philippines on thursday. back here at home a measles
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outbreak originally tied to disneyland is spreading 26 cases now being reported. 22 in california. 4 others in utah. colorado and washington. most people who first got sick had not been vaccinated. measles is highly contagious and causes fever, rash and watery eyes. a frightening scene in oklahoma. water gushing from a broken main so powerful. look at that. it sent this gas station roof collapsing to the ground. luckily no one beneath it. changing temperatures were blamed for several water main breaks in that region. a close call for the driver of this suv nearly swallowed by a 30-foot sinkhole in colorado. somehow he stayed calm called police who then used a rope to pull him to safety. and finally air travel usually means putting up with crying baby people with oversized carry-ons. this guy didn't have to worry about any of that. he was all by his lonesome self from cleveland to new york.
7:18 am
his flight kept getting delayed by weather and apparently all the other passengers were rebooked but him. delta, however, needed that plane to new york so after putting just one more person on a plane, they made the flight with two very comfortable and shall we say well attended to passengers on board. so he puts this picture out and his mother makes a comment, well i'm glad he got a haircut. he looks great. >> nice to see they actually upgraded him. >> lots of legroom. >> not a bad private jet. okay rob, boy, i see that arctic blast. >> we have warm air coming this weekend but this to contend with first. cold air coming down the pipe. windchills boston and d.c. not too bad, boston around 8 degrees. minus 8 in buffalo and minus 20 minneapolis. we've been saying this for quite some time. that cold air driving down to the south. it will roll over the carolinas tonight that will spawn rain and freezing rain. winter storm watches up for
7:19 am
raleigh, 26 degrees, maybe a glaze of ice come tomorrow morning. snow across the rocky mountains. >> good morning, washington. temperatures are dropping across the region and we are still hoping to stay above freezing in d.c., dropping to 32 at dulles, 38 degrees in gaithersburg. the wind is helping to dry things out, but be aware that
7:20 am
there could be isolated icy spots north and west of the city. it will be breezy and cold with and coming up on "gma," two police officers now facing murder charges for shooting a man. the entire incident caught on helmet cam. also ahead, amazing survivor story. a pro football player swimming more than 16 hours to safety after falling off of his boat speaking out about the ordeal. plus the illegal stunt shutting down highways. spinning out of control. which rises from the heart of our great country... dreams are born. hopes fly high... we love this country with a passion. you can see the pride in our eyes. read the joy on our faces. hear the love on our lips. we create products that deliver an effortless beauty look. genuine and glowing with confidence. almay. simply american.
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>> the morning i'm brad bell. for school closings and delays you can check the top of your screen or as the morning commute is underway we want to get over to jack taylor. >> moving on -- moving past manassas on a far left side the right side, only getting by the crash. accident continues on 95 northbound near the occoquan. nothing wrong in maryland, 270 southbound, but we will take a peek at the 14th street bridge with the new problem in the middle of the bridge and accident activity blocking the center lanes which has the ability to create delays. the weather did not cause this problem, but at this point he seems dry. but for how long? >> pretty much through the day. south of town maybe a few flurries could start the day but that's it.
7:28 am
the wind out of the north, northeast, you can see it shaking on the traffic cam, the wind was a big player in drying up the roads and drawing him closer temperatures from the north and west. low to mid 20's across the metro will be the rule through the day as we hit the high temperature steady and falling for the rest of the day. clouds tonight, maybe a snow shower in the morning, look at that. >> thank you for watching. we will have another news update coming up at 7:56.
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good morning, america. right now, ohio state fans celebrate the first ever playoff national championship shall the buckeyes blowing out the oregon ducks. right now, two police officers charged with murder for a shooting caught on tape facing up to life in prison. if convicted. former miami dolphins player rob konrad speaking out about his incredible survival story swimming 16 hours to safety after falling off his fishing boat. welcome back everybody, to "good morning america." also live this morning, we have a big event ahead. these couples getting ready to compete in our "gma" intta-wedding showdown. they'll exchange vows this morning and surprise celebrity guests playing a big part in their big day. >> all that is coming up. a lot of news to get to.
7:31 am
we'll begin with two officers charged with murder for killing a homeless man in albuquerque last year. the police say they did nothing wrong. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> put the knives down. put the knives down. >> reporter: the four-hour standoff recorded on a police helmet camera. albuquerque officers ordering james boyd who was illegally camping in these rugged hills last march to surrender. but just as boyd grabs his belongings and appears to comply -- >> do it. >> a flash grenade warning. >> get on the ground. >> get on the ground now. >> seconds later -- that fatal shot. that video is evidence. detective keith sandy and s.w.a.t. team member dominic perez facing murder charges. the controversial decision coming after grand jury's declined to charge officers in the cases in ferguson and in new
7:32 am
york sparking nationwide protests. >> unlike ferguson and unlike in new york city we're going to know the public is going to have that information. >> reporter: officers perez and sandy facing the possibility of life in prison if convicted. they're vowing to fight. >> put your hands up. >> reporter: a lawyer representing perez telling abc news he's confident that the facts will show that his actions were justified and a lawyer for sandy says charging the officers is a terrible decision. >> there was an absolute perceived threat. >> reporter: police say boyd was homeless and mentally unstable. the video shows he was holding two knives when he was shot. this morning, boyd's family telling abc news "he did not need to suffer and die that day." and now this video capturing boyd's fate could also determine the fate of the officers in it. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. now to former miami dolphins
7:33 am
player rob konrad and his incredible story of survival. swimming to safety after falling out of hit fishing boat managing to stay alive in the water for 16 hours, abc's mara schiavocampo is with us now with his remarkable story. good morning to you, mara. >> reporter: good morning, remarkable is right. this is every boater's worst nightmare being completely stranded at sea but konrad vowed to make it back to shore and now he's speaking out for the very first time about the grueling ordeal. former miami fullback rob konrad is used to being surrounded by dolphins. but this morning the 38-year-old is recovering from an ordeal at sea surrounded by sharks. >> after panicking for a minute realized i was in some real trouble. >> reporter: he was reeling in a big catch off the south florida coast last week when he fell off his 36-foot fishing boat. his boat on autopilot taking off
7:34 am
without him leaving him behind without a life jacket stranded in the ocean 9 miles offshore. >> got bit by jellyfish and i was circled by a shark, luckily they once circled around and left. >> reporter: his wife increasingly worried when he still wasn't home hours after dinner alerting the coast guard. >> i called my -- our friends and and, you know we were alter tied. >> reporter: back at sea konrad even saw coast guard helicopters looking for him. >> they had come right over the top of me and had their lights on me and kept going. >> reporter: so he started swimming battling huge waves, 25-mile-per-hour winds determined to survive. and he did after 16 hours and a total of 27 miles. a feat that amazes even professional long distance
7:35 am
swimmer sid cassidy. >> training for a race like that could take months. most people years. >> reporter: konrad says he swam not just for his life but for his family. >> i've got two, two beautiful daughters. i was hitting that shore. >> reporter: a former dolphin swimming to safety. experts say konrad's athletic background and being able to stay calm likely helped him survive. he's being treated for hypothermia and dehigh dprags but expected to be fine. when athletes do an endurance event they have a team giving them hydration, nutrition, he did this no training all by himself. >> to have the coast guard right above you and then to stay strong even though they miss you. >> really strong mentally. >> i played against him. he was a tough player. that paid off for him. >> shows he's a tough guy. >> i don't want to play against him now. now let's go to amy in the social square with the speed feed with what's burning up
7:36 am
people's fees on social media this morning. amy. >> the big game is ruling social media overnight. no surprise there and this morning let's take a look over at social square the hashtags celebrating cardale jones and urban meyer but why was bob newhart trending all night? what does he have to do with college football? if you checked your feed overnight you know exactly why. first, take a look at the referee on the field, at&t stadium last night. does it remind you of anyone? need a little help? take a look at "gma's" tweet last night right here. okay yeah the head ref does look like bob newhart. he didn't make master tinker until he was 490, that of course the quote from buddy the elf, one of my favorite movies but the best tweet from newhart himself saying in regards to my new career as head ref for osu versus oregon hey, i don't have a series anymore, i had to do something. did not take long for wikipedia to get into it.
7:37 am
they note on his wikipedia page newhart was not the referee in the first college football playoff national championship game. the red referee looks just like him greg burks, guys. but, come on don't you think they look like long lost twins. >> they do. thanks amy. let's go over to rob right now. what is happening in orlando? >> huge amount of rain george. we had 5 inches in some spots of florida yesterday. they had nearly 3 inches. most coming in just two hours and this is their dry season. so that is a tremendous amount of rain for even the state of florida which is used to torrential downpours. that will clear out as the low clears out, drier in orlando, 75. still chilly across parts of atlanta with a high of only 48 degrees. offshore winds kicking. santa anas blowing and some snow from aspen to telluride to
7:38 am
>> this weather report brought to you by i am here because it is ginger's birthday. >> i was just going to tell you. >> happy birthday ginger. enjoy your day off. >> i was going to remind everybody. yay, i'm so glad you did. >> happy birthday ginger. coming up how facebook is becoming the world's largest neighborhood watch. the exclusive announcement to keep your family safe. the real-life "fast and furious." hour they're shutting down highways and creating a lot of chaos.
7:39 am
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back now at 7:42 with reckless driving that shut down a california freeway. drivers doing doughnuts in the middle of the lanes. abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: spinning out of control and purposely shutting down this open california freeway. >> oh man. >> reporter: this morning one driver arrested and police are searching for the others behind this illegal stunt known as a sideshow. a scene now becoming all foo familiar similar to those in one of the "fast and furious" movies. reckless riders taking over busy
7:43 am
streets creating chaos. are you seeing this happen more often. >> we are. it's a way of showing off and it's dangerous. >> reporter: just last month in los angeles, this sideshow and street race brought traffic on a busy freeway to a screeching halt. officers arresting 18 people impounding 27 vehicles. another street takeover at the port of oakland. hundreds in the crowd, this stolen car set ablaze. and watch when officers arrived. this red van flees the scene crashing through a fence getting stuck on railroad tracks. and police also studying this video of a dangerous spinout on the world famous golden gate bridge trying to identify those responsible. >> these are club these are groups that gather together and taunt each other. it's a game to them. >> reporter: in oakland rocks and bottles were hurled at officers responding to the scene. with charges pending against the driver of this red mustang, they're now hoping this video will help them track down the
7:44 am
others involved. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. as brandi said a game to them but so dangerous. >> crazy. coming up everybody, the latest on joan rivers and the investigation into her death. new trouble for the clinic that treated her and the special moment last night on "fashion police". a storybook ending for one flower girl and ring bearer. how they ended up married 20 years later. >> ah. ♪ look in your eyes ♪
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♪ baby i think i want to marry you ♪ all right, this is a story with a true storybook ending a couple tying the knot two decades after they met at a wedding of course. 20 years ago brittany was a 3-year-old flower girl walking down the aisle with briggs fussy, the ring bearer. ♪ briggs' godmother, the last time they see each other until their freshman year of high school when they happen to take the same government class. >> i go up to him and i go hey, we were in a wedding together. >> reporter: from there the first date. >> i just like knew. i'm going to date this guy. i have to date him. >> i had a feeling i would marry brittany after two months and told her i loved her. >> reporter: the two in college together and after four years of dating briggs popped the question.
7:49 am
they'll walk down the aisle again this time in their own wedding. >> when i saw her walk down the aisle i was so overwhelmed i didn't even know what was going through my head. just the happiest day of my life. >> i just knew what no matter what happened he loved me more than anything. >> reporter: the remarkable story has gone viral being shared around the world. >> it's a fairy tale. it is, it's everything i could have hoped for because it's lose like a perfect story. >> two guys that know something about weddings and stars of "the wedding ringer." kevin hart and josh gad. welcome. >> how are you, guys? >> i'm curious weigh in a little on that story. that's sweet. >> no that's amazing. it's an accident. that's what we call it. it's a loving story. but there's no way they planned that to happen okay. and whoever that supported that and make it seem like that was supposed to happen you're all liars. >> how is it an accident they met up 20 years ago. >> that was a setup. >> you think --
7:50 am
>> yeah. >> you think the parts set it up? >> how do they keep contact? >> no they didn't. they didn't. >> here's the thing about kevin. he didn't watch the story. he just sort of heard about it in our discussion just now. >> first of all -- everybody knows i can't read so when you tell me to read stuff it's difficult. >> well you're saying it with such authority i believe you. >> kevin just raises his voice. >> they shouldn't be together! >> i feel like you two should be together. you're a match made in heaven. >> thank you. >> no. >> this starts in hell actually. >> don't say that. >> no you're right. >> you say good stuff. now start over. >> okay i love kevin. and from the second i first met him i knew this felt right kind of like that ring bearer and flower girl. did you ever read about that story, kevin? >> no actually i did. >> no. >> i don't. i'm a star. >> well you're so much of a
7:51 am
star that you guys are here now. you guys are going to come back and be in the show later on and help us. we appreciate it. also our big live insta-wedding. these guys will be back. we'll be here and have some fun. dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days. dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing, aching fever, best-sleep-with-a-cold medicine. walgreens knows you don't have time to play around
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7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by voya financial. changing the way you think of retirement. still ahead on "gma," the new way facebook is helping keep your family safe. the exclusive announcement just ahead.
7:56 am
>> good morning, i am brad bell. we have a few school closings and delays. you can check them out on >> 66 eastbound has been a mess we are in the clearing stage of an act and on the scene, left
7:57 am
center this point, one lane to the left, to to the right on the 14th street ridge. we believe that that is clear on the outbound side. the westbound freeway stacked up. there is an accident on the right side, also very slow on 50 rest -- 50 west towards kenilworth avenue where we believe the crash may be in the roadway. at least the roads are dry. >> we have got a little bit of the silver lining in here, the clouds will bring the sunshine and we are starting to see that in the western areas. the winds are howling, making the feels factor colder. most of the things are on the dry side, but do watch the sidewalks in things with the wind staying strong throughout the day.
7:58 am
upper 20's, lower 30's to the afternoon. >> we will be back in half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. an exclusive first look the facebook's new amber alert system. why they're teaming up with john walsh to help find missing kids. what every parent should know right now. a big return for fashion police. kathy griffin's first night filling joan rivers' supersized stiletto. >> i will not be afraid to bring the hammer down on anyone. >> as new details emerge in the investigation of joan's death. and an epic bachelor blowup. our exclusive one opponent opponent one on the woman who made the most dramatic exit ever. did prince farming turn her down or did she reject his rose. >> it will haunt me for the rest of my life. all that and our "gma" insta-wedding showdown. two lucky couples getting ready to compete for a one-of-a-kind
8:01 am
ceremony with a little help from the hilarious stars of "the wedding ringer" as we say -- >> good morning, america! >> it's america, right? >> america. >> we love you. oh that's not all. kevin hart and josh gad. there they are, 8:00 and they are already up and at them. the new stars of the "the wedding ringer" and they'll help us out with this incredible one-of-a-kind event. check out those moves. >> i need some of whatever they had this morning. i really do. >> look at these guys. these are two couples, they're engaged cups and they are going to compete to have an insta-wedding right here on "good morning america" before this show is over as we pull this one off, then we really have made it.
8:02 am
>> yes, we have. >> they're not even married yet and they're fighting already. >> unique modern couples. >> the winning couple will exchange vows on the spot with kevin and josh who will play key rows and big surprise guests you'll never believe who is going to sing their wedding song. >> it's a good one. >> i don't even know the answer to that. >> it's good. >> it's good. >> wow, great. well a lot to look forward to. news from amy. good morning, everyone. we begin with new security measures at the airports here in the united states. following the paris terror attacks. airport screeners are on alert for militants trying to blow up u.s. passenger planes after a recipe for a hard to detect bomb was posted in al qaeda's latest magazine. meanwhile the search is intensifying for six more militants involved in the paris attacks overnight. a french citizen arrested in bulgaria on new year's day may be linked to the attacks. he was trying to cross into turkey. the staff at "charlie hebdo"
8:03 am
is preparing to release 3 million copies of that magazine tomorrow. that's compared to their usual 60,000. it's their first publication since last week's attack. the cover shows a cartoon of the prophet muhammad with the headline "all is forgiven." subway trains are up and running in washington, d.c. this morning after a terrifying and deadly ordeal. one metro train filled up with smoke during the afternoon commute monday killing one person and sending more than 80 others to the hospital. investigators say an electrical malfunction in the tunnel appears to be the cause. back here in new york a fire outside busy penn station in manhattan is being called suspicious. commuters facing delays as traffic was rerouted. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. and overnight, police in columbus ohio used pepper spray and tear gas to break up crowds celebrating ohio state's big win in the college football playoff championship. dozens of fires were set in
8:04 am
trash cans and dumpsters but no serious injuries or damage reported. a teenager in washington state has been rescued after being stuck in the mud beside a creek for five hours. rescue crews needed practically every tool they had to pull him ow and used ladders and air pressure. eventually dragging him out and thankfully he was not seriously injured. a new development in a story we've been following closely here on "gma." one of the two climbers trying to scale a half-mile section of el capitan's dawn wall at yosemite park has caught up to his partner. they started the grueling climb up the granite wall 2 1/2 weeks ago and they're now hoping to make that final push to the summit as early as tomorrow. we will keep you updated. finally, the antithesis of that story for those who can't be bothered to get out of bed in the morning, a gadget website now selling an adjustable desk that allows you to work from bed. your head still on the pillow. it will cost you just $119 but
8:05 am
not getting out of bed, priceless. you knew where i was going with that. i don't know if we could pull it off but it might be fun to try. >> it's better for your back. >> it is. >> all about comfort. ergonomics. >> there's going to be one of those in our house. abc news exclusive first look at a new amber alert system set up by facebook partnering with the national center for missing & exploited children to keep kids safe. abc's kendis gibson has the details. ♪ >> reporter: starting today you can help locate a missing child simply by checking facebook. >> facebook if you think about it in essence in this situation is the world's largest neighborhood watch. >> reporter: facebook is partnering with the national sen center for missing & exploited children to send amber alerts to its users in an area where children have gone missing? >> when people receive these on their phones we want them to know this is very rare and in a position to be able to help. >> reporter: here's how it works. as soon as an amber alert is
8:06 am
issued facebook pushes it to your phone or computer like you see here in the real-life case of myra lewis with her picture and information on where she was last seen and what she was wearing. >> most children that are going to be murdered by a perpetrator it's done immediately within the first four hours. >> reporter: john walsh whose 6-year-old son adam was abducted and murdered in 1981 is thrilled with the partnership. >> this puts a missing child immediately, that child's face which you don't see on the highway sign which you don't see on the radio, it puts important information right on someone's cell phone or laptop immediately. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kendis gibson abc news new york. >> could help a lot of kids. "pop news" and weather coming up. now lara in the social square. >> i am george. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the just released audition tape that launched matthew mcconaughey's career and it's all right, all right, all right. the biggest glowup on the
8:07 am
woman who stunned viewers on "the bachelor." come in couples and best men getting ready for our big "gma" insta wedding. they'll exchange vows with a top secret wedding singer and, oh gosh gad, kevin hart they're all helping. it's live it's insane. stay with us on "gma" right here in times square. you ready? >> yeah. >> you ready? >> yeah. >> let's do this. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum silver multivitamins for the most amazing parts of you. oh there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. with the good energy of quaker oats. it's how we help keep go-getters like you going and getting. one bite at a time. try new quick steel cut for a heartier
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8:13 am
welcome back to "gma." all here this tuesday morning and michael stepping in for "pop news." >> i got it. all right, here we go. all right, all right, all right. we're kicking off "pop news" with a newly released audition tape the internet can't get enough of. matthew mcconaughey trying out for the 1993 hit "dazed and confused." take a look. >> still got that real cool way of talking. now, that's him launching his career and that signature catchphrase, it was written and directed by richard linklater behind "boyhood" and we think he would say -- >> all right, all right, all right. >> that's what i'm talking about. now, more "pop news," supermodel chrissy teigen her crying face during her husband's golden globe acceptance speech has gone crazy viral. the caption is like when you
8:14 am
tell your stylist to cut off half an inch and they take off 3 inches. when you found out luke and leia were brother and sister after they kissed. >> oh. >> that was the look on my face when i didn't know that too. chrissy is taking it in stride. sorry i don't practice my cry face okay. the beautiful couple even poking fun at her crying face on instagram proving they are, after all, just ordinary people. >> nice. >> ding ding ding. i say -- >> can we see it? >> i'm really good friends with them and i like to support them so if you can't -- you want to join your friend and support them contribute and this is my contribution. >> we had that debate at the dinner table last night. >> chrissy, i'm with you. what was your debate? >> does anybody have a pretty crying face? >> the girls couldn't think of one. >> no. >> no. >> maybe angelina jolie. >> you know why i don't have?
8:15 am
because i don't cry, george. >> ooh. >> that's right. and our last piece of "pop news," macklemore is getting thrifty in a whole new way stopping by "sesame street" to get down with the grouches. he turned his hit "thrift shop" into a grouch-friendly version. take a look ♪ i got to pop some trash only got seven bags in my trash can ha ha ha i'm shopping looking for some rubbish ♪ >> yeah macklemore also rapping. raps about his broken scooter, sax and computer and bonding with the "sesame street" characters in the crashtrash can. that's all we got for "pop news." a little bit of crying -- i get you're a pretty crier. a check of the weather. >> i'm about to put on my crying face and i've only been out here for a minute. where are you from?
8:16 am
>> new jersey. >> used to this cold? >> a little bit. a little bit. >> we appreciate you hanging tough. temperatures falling throughout the day. live shot out of philadelphia. that just looks chilly, doesn't it. ben franklin bridge and holding steady and dropping more than that. windchill drops. the low temperatures get in the teens and watching look at d.c., might see a little sleet tomorrow as this little mini ice storm takes shape across parts of the carolinas. all right,
8:17 am
>> all right. george back in to you. >> thank you, rob. first up in our "heat index," new details in the investigation of joan rivers' death. kathy griffin debuted as the new host with a touching tribute to her mentor and friend. linzie janis has the story. >> hello and welcome to "fashion police." >> reporter: back on the air monday night but for the first time without its longtime host and star joan rivers. filling her gigantic high heels, rivers' good friend kathy griffin. >> joan i know you're watching from heaven but don't get it twisted. i will not be afraid to bring the hammer down on everyone and everyone. i learned from the best. >> reporter: the cast including brad guresski all paying tribute by channeling her signature anything goes jokes. >> you look at this outfit and you know why children are afraid of clowns. >> reporter: unleashing their own cutting critique of
8:18 am
celebrity fashion at sunday's golden globes. >> that made me laugh out loud in all the wrong places. >> joan rivers and kathy griffin had a mentor/mentee relationship. she thought she was as fearless as she was. >> reporter: can came on the same day a federal agency announced the clinic where rivers went into cardiac arrest during a routine procedure is losing its federal accreditation. a substantial hit to its business and reputation. rivers died in september just days after that procedure and investigation into the clinic found its staff failed to identify deteriorating vital signs and provide timely intervention. in a statement to abc news the clinic saying "we intend to communicate with appropriate authorities to have the decision reversed." for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> and i can tell you that it is so critical to kathy to make
8:19 am
sure that she keeps that show exactly what melissa said fearless in honor of her mentor. >> she's the perfect person to do that indeed. all right, next in the "gma heat index," a big night on "the bachelor," one of the most dramatic exits in the history of the hit show and abc's abbie boudreau went one-on-one with the woman behind it all. >> reporter: this season of "the bachelor," gearing up to be one of the most dramatic yet from climactic cliff hangers. >> high. >> what is she doing? >> so i'm going to keep her. >> reporter: to bizarre behavior. for the last two weeks, hard partying 26-year-old tara has been clamoring for the center of attention. turning heads the first night exiting the limo not once -- >> this is me. >> you look amazing. >> reporter: but of a quick costume change twice. >> you're back. >> reporter: giving her all hoping to receive a rose from 33-year-old chris soules. but last night her all just
8:20 am
wasn't enough. >> always ends in heartbreak for me. >> reporter: this morning the sports fishing enthusiast from ft. lauderdale telling "gma" in an exclusive interview she's still upset she was sent home so early. >> it was very sad to have to leave the show and to leave, you know chris. because i really thought we had a great connection. >> reporter: barely making it through the first cut. >> my best friends are johnnie walker and jack daniels. >> reporter: i was going to pick her but there's like wasted drunk -- >> she said she was relieved chris gave her a second chance. >> tara. >> the main thing that wanted him to know is that i really don't drink like that. the nerves definitely got the best of me. >> reporter: but after failing to win some coveted one-on-one time with chris -- >> i'd like to finish the night out with just dating one girl mackenzie. >> seems like tara always walks away empty-handed.
8:21 am
>> reporter: prince farming making the emotional donny osmond decision to send tara and four other girls home monday night. >> it'll haunt me for the rest of my life. this actually was pretty rough on me. i think chris will find true love in this. he really is putting himself out on the line. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you abbie. the drama continues. next our pals kevin hart and josh gad so excited about their new movie "the wedding ringer." so are we by the way. here is a quick pick. >> how are you looking on groomsmen. >> nod good. >> you need one or two. >> i need seven. >> you need seven -- seven groomsmen? >> i do. >> do you have any idea what you're asking for? you're asking me to pull off a golan tux. >> i don't see that on the pamphlet. >> iwe joke about that around here. that's a laugh. we should try to do a golden tux. too many moving parts. too many things go wrong. >> there's a name for it. >> also a name with a horse on
8:22 am
horns on his head. a unicorn. >> we're having an insta-wedding and you have an important job in this. >> we're getting married to -- >> no we're not -- >> no. >> we're going -- >> no josh. no stop it. stop it. >> all right. i'll follow your lead. >> the great news this is live tv so you can -- >> anything can happen. >> anything happens. >> you -- >> i've been waiting to take my pants off on this show for a long time. it's reel about to be good morning, america. >> and this is sort of how it feels watching the movie. your chemistry is unbelievable and you were just saying to me i asupered you geyers were old friend, not so. >> no we met before we actually started shooting. >> like a few -- a month before. >> because i didn't want to do the movie unless i talked to josh first. >> wait. >> because if i didn't like him -- >> then he was out? >> that's the first i'm hearing
8:23 am
about. >> >> i'm sorry. good morning, america. but we met, we hit it off, man, i think me and josh actually clicked because we're good people naturally. we both share a lot of the same interests and a lot of that stuff basically was about family. kids and us as dads and that's how we hit it off. as we started working everything followed suit. >> there have been other wedding movies before this one. what makes "the wedding ringer" different? >> get it josh. >> i think -- thank you, kevin. i got this. good morning america. you know it doesn't feel like a wedding movie. it's about at its core these two guy, a bromance caught in this insane lie that keeps escalating and the lengths at which they have to go to get out of this lie is what makes the movie so funny. ultimately the wedding is the catapult for all of that but it's not about a wedding. >> that's the word i was looking for. >> catapult. >> good job, josh. catapult is the word i was looking for.
8:24 am
it's an edgy movie. rated "r" comedy where we deal with so much stuff in between. that road to friendship. you've never seen me like this. this is the first time i got to cut loose in the movie. >> wait are you saying you've never cut loose -- >> i've never been able to be the kevin hart stand-up. this is edgy. this is me and i love the fact that my character has levels and right now on live tv i'm going to take my hat off and say i was able to give this performance because my co-star. josh gad came in and did completely what we did not expect him to do so josh, stop it. stop. that's not good. that's not good -- >> on live tv. >> that's not a good promo. >> pull it together. listen what i'm saying i was able to do what i did because josh gad came in and took it to another level. i say that. so yes, when you see the movie you'll be like oh my god, kevin hart is so good but i'm good -- i'm good because of josh
8:25 am
gad. that's why, buddy. >> thank you, thank you, kevin. >> that was a compliment. >> and i'm good because of my training. i'll tell you right now, i -- no this also gave me an excuse to cut loose. i mean -- >> i was just going to say. >> the closest thing i've done to this is olaf in "frozen." >> i misunderstood that question. >> whoever loves olaf. >> it's quite a departure from olaf. that's always what you're looking for as a performer to change things up. >> there's a lot of kis that is going to cry after seeing olaf talk the way he talks in "the wedding ringer." >> in honor of "the wedding ringer" we created, well we love our insta-weddings but what can we expect in the next half hour of live tv. >> woo! >> this couple may regret what they signed up for. >> no i'm about to give them some dope stuff. that's right. i said dope on "good morning america." that's what i'm doing.
8:26 am
you know what it's time to get edgy. get ready. >> all right. we're about to do it. "the wedding ringer" opening nationwide friday and coming up it's the insta-wedding showdown. lots more, america.
8:27 am
>> good morning i am brad bell. we have a couple of school delays this morning because of the weather. there is a complete list running on the top of your screen and on our website. let's get over to jack taylor is the traffic center, he is washing out roads and highways. >> jammed traffic trying to move past 410 moved over to the
8:28 am
shoulder, the lanes are open on 66 eastbound out of manassas. the accident activity has been moved to the shoulder. 395 from springfield to the 14th street ridge is very slow, had it all of the way up to the earlier activity on the third street tunnel that has cleared. it seems brighter, calm but not freezing. >> you nailed it, jack. 36 degrees is the temperature downtown. 40's at midnight, 25 is the feels factor drawing in the colder temperatures, we will be steady to falling throughout the rest of the day. skies are turning partly sunny breezy all-day, feels like factor in the 20's with an area of low pressure off the coast covering light snow showers tomorrow. warmer with sunshine in the rest of the week. >> i like the improving
8:29 am
forecast. we will be right back here with another update to th
8:30 am
hey baby i think i'm going to marry you. we're getting close. moment as way from our "gma" insta-wedding showdown. there are our couples. their best man getting ready. they've been doing it all morning long for the showdown. just second as way. yeah also ahead, actress angela bassett is here to talk about her new movie "whitney". the first time behind the camera as a director. looking stunning in green. right now we have to get to amy right away. lots to do. >> we have two would-be stunning brides and also josh gad and kevin hart with me as well the stars of "the wedding ringer." a new movie all about the teamwork between a groom and his bestman so this man we are taking that theme to the next level and about to witness a competition between two teams of
8:31 am
nearly newlyweds and their best men, the bride and groom that will come out on top will exchange vows right here on the spot. it's called "gma" insta-wedding showdown. are we ready? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. all right, the teams are going to play for the win in our obstacle. josh and kevin have important roles in this morning's event and we'll get to that but our team first up we have team blue. [ cheers and applause ] dominic and austin boyd. austin's dad is serving as best man and dominique, what made you decide this is the way you want to say i do. >> we're an adventurous couple and couldn't think of a better way to exchange our vows. >> had couple. jimmy is the bestman. ama, i know you said this one-of-a-kind showdown is the way to have a wedding. why? >> unconventional couple and wanted to share our vows and this ceremony in an un
8:32 am
unconventional way. >> let's see what wins. our obstacle course. we'll tell you what you're about to do. three stations you have to hit. first champagne glass stacking. make a full pyramid before moving to pin the veil on the bride. grooms blindfolded while your best man directs you to the cutout of your bride. spin around once before starting and finally it'll happen here the search for the ring. in this bin there is only one box that contains a ring and the team that finds it wins. josh i know you'll be performing the ceremony. >> i'm very excited. >> i know it takes a lot of preparation so you'll go off and prepare. kevin, you'll be keeping our teams right with the whistle. bride, you'll be cheering on your gents. is everybody ready? okay everybody. let's count them down. through, two, one.
8:33 am
you got this. you can do it. come on. you got it. come on. you got it. >> all right. they're having a lot of trouble stacking the champagne glasses. >> oh. >> moving on to pin the tail on the bride. >> come on let's go. you got it. >> team blue taking -- team yellow catching up. >> go. let's get it. >> no, no. >> get out there. >> you got it. >> team yellow taking on the lead. they got to find that gox with the ring in it. >> lots of boxes in there. >> you got it. you got it. >> open it. open it. >> oh. >> come on. >> woo! >> can they find it. >> oh. >> whoo! >> team blue, team blue.
8:34 am
>> everybody, come on up with me. come on up. >> team blue. >> we have a winner. team yellow valiant effort. team blue pulls ahead. that is some ring by the way. >> you're about to get marryied. are you ready? all come together. moment as way from the vows. josh is getting ready. right now along with our judge and he's totally looking the part by the way. you look very serious, josh. >> yes. >> he's taking a deep sigh. >> while josh continues to mentally prepare let's head out to rob marciano with a final check of the weather. >> i'm all dressed up. got the boutonniere. another wetting i wasn't invited to blowing bubbles and throwing rice later. changing up the course and in minutes we'll have the insta-wedding and, well we've got some special cities that we
8:35 am
want to forecast for you. 34 in bride, groom, texas, 31. love arizona, yeah it's going to be chilly there too but the january thaw is on. change in the jet stream this weekend. hallelujah. 34 in chicago, 35 in detroit. above freezing and d.c. and 61 degrees in dallas. today, 77 in orlando. dry air, mountain snow and the santa anas will begin to kick in. we're getting ready for a weddin >> doing bubbles when it's 25 degrees out is difficult, isn't it? >> yeah i'm not getting any. >> you look sharp. this weather is brought to i by men's warehouse. keep going. now, that's a winner right there. how are you doing with your
8:36 am
bubble the bubbles? >> very good. >> when ises ses sthe last wanted to go to a wedding but didn't? >> about a month. >> all 6 million of you. this is it. we have the couple that came out on top in our "gma" insta-wedding. there you're looking at dominique and austin about to say their i dos and josh gad is ready to make it happen. >> austin dominique, america just watched as you guys took first place in "gma's" insta-wedding showdown. nobody's angrier than yellow team. your teamwork convincing all of us that you both truly found the one. and because of my newfound expertise in all things wedding i couldn't be more honored to help you tie the knot. should we do this. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> let's do it. do you austin take dominique to be your wife? >> i do. >> okay. that's a good start. that would have gone bad -- do you, dominique, take austin to be your husband?
8:37 am
>> i do. >> excellent. okay. the rings. austin take this ring place it upon dominique's finger and repeat after me. i give you this ring as a symbol of our love. >> i give you this ring as a symbol of our love. >> so close, we're so close. dominique, take this ring place it upon austin's finger and repeat after me. i give you this ring as a symbol of our love. >> i give you this ring as a symbol of our love. >> i played my part. your honor, judge firetuck, take it from she. >> hi by the virtue vested in me by the laws of the state of new york now pronounce you husband and wife. [ cheers and applause ] >> you may kiss the bride! >> whoo! >> congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh my gosh. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> and in the spirit of the big event we have kevin hart who has
8:38 am
agreed to do the honors with a special toast for the new newly married couple. >> go for it. >> it is tough because, austin you and i have shared some times, buddy. >> drinking again. >> you know austin i remember when you told me you said i got something special in this girl. i said what do you mean by special. you said kevin, have you ever seen a shooting star and i said no i haven't. you said because they only come once in a lifetime and you said that's what i have in my woman. and that's when i knew -- that's when i knew that you made the right choice and let me tell you something, i'm a little jealous of what you have, buddy. i'm a little jealous but more importantly i'm happy because from what you did today, so many men wish they could do and they can't. this is to my best friend, austin. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, god. >> what a toast there, kevin. if you think that was special for your wedding, well we have another big surprise.
8:39 am
the music. let me see if you can recognize this voice ♪ the gift of love ♪ ♪ i'll wrap it up -- >> that is the one and only donny osmond. ♪ you will find it on fifth avenue and hollywood ♪ ♪ for it inside of you ♪ ♪ the gift of love i'll wrap up unconditionally heart to heart like it should be -- >> okay can you have her back.
8:40 am
♪ because i'm giving you the gift of love ♪ congratulations. >> thank you. >> i love you. oh, my as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes
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tt2wút3nú&t bt@qez0 tt2wút3nú&t "a@quvt tt2wút3nú&t bm@qí]x tt4wút3nú&t " dztq 2ll tt4wút3nú&t " entq bh, tt4wút3nú&t " gzt& [ot tt4wút3nú&t " hnt& ka8 tt4wút3nú&t " iztq !(@ tt4wút3nú&t " jntq 3x tt4wút3nú&t " lzt& +5é angela bassett has played strong women like tina turner and rosa parks. now for the first time going behind the camera to tell the story of whitney houston. she covers her career and turbulent marriage to bobby brown.
8:43 am
take a look. >> what do you see? >> yeah. >> really. >> yeah. >> i mean really. >> yes, yes. >> well in that case -- >> bobby. >> come on back. come on. >> and angela bassett joins us now. thanks for coming back. >> thank you. >> love story. >> absolutely. >> and why did you choose to pick this moment of her career really when she's at the very top of her fame and just falling for bobby brown. >> absolutely. this starts in 1989 and as you say, it's the height of her popularity. she's in the glow and the magic of her voice, the strength of her voice, her persona, her everything. she's a young woman. she's 24 years old. she falls in love. meets and falls in love with another red hot performer bobby brown. he's 19 at the time. it's a magnificent period.
8:44 am
it's a first and firsts are wonderful. >> first for you. this is a first for you. the first time you are a director. why this story? >> well you know i was fortunate, you know to be able to work with whitney on "waiting to exhale" and i was, you know before i met her enthralled by her, by her gift by her talent but to work with her, to be able to tell her that to be able to observe her work -- work around her, observe her generosity of spirit her regularness. you know her joy, her easy laughter. i thought that maybe that moment just prepared me or it gave me insight to be able to tell a part of her story. >> got a question on instagram that comes in. did you feel pressure as a friend of whitney's to do it perfectly? >> absolutely. this is -- this -- this covers five years, but it's an 88-minute movie, you know the
8:45 am
constraints of a complex life you know of two lives actually. i felt enormous pressure. i remember at her passing this february will be you know the third anniversary and, of course you know you're called by different various outlets to say a word to come into the studio and talk about and i felt so you know ill-prepared to do that. i mean i was so moved, i didn't feel like i had the voice to be able to do that at the time but, you know with a story, with an opportunity, with some control, with distance and perspective, with experience i thought i could -- this is -- this is my comment. >> i know the family had some questions about this. they wanted a full length you know biopic. anything you can say to them. what do you hope they get out of it. >> this is a five-year period 8-minute movie, this is the trailer to the full movie. you know and i hope it supports
8:46 am
that. you know it supports that desire and supports and her legacy ultimately. >> got a lot else going on. we love you in "american horror story." jessica lange was here last week. >> i'm a big admirer of jessica and sarah paulson but just phenomenal. great writing. it starts always on the page but then when you have wonderful folk to play with it just keeps getting better and better. >> congratulations. "whitney" prepares this saturday on lifetime. thanks a lot more coming in. more of our insta-wedding. donny osmond is going to have an encore.
8:47 am
8:48 am
the world's most amazing insta-wedding singer is back. you scared me. donny osmond.
8:49 am
>> i haven't seen you in a long time. >> reunited. >> and it feels so good. >> you'll get another song from him in a moment. we want to catch up with you. so much going on. congratulations. you and marie named the best of las vegas. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. >> new album out -- >> 60th album today. go get your copy. >> you heard that. >> 60th. >> i thought it was a typo. >> 60th album. >> and debbie an i started a new company. we have our own furnishings, the rug, the lamps. >> home furnishing line. unbelievable. >> just popping in to do weddings. >> absolutely. what else do you want me to do? i'll do it for you. i can handle that camera. let me handle that camera. >> well you don't know we came back in commercial break. you were producing me. >> of course. >> once a producer always a producer. i've been doing it for five minutes. 50 some odd year. >> in showbiz. basically in the womanb. >> this is called.
8:50 am
>> "the soundtrack of my life" -- >> all have such significant stories in my life and influence me. >> starting with this song which is the first album that you bought. >> "my >> stevie wonder starts this off. >> go made and play it. >> that's stevie. >> and here comes donny. ♪ my cherie amour lovely as a summer day ♪ ♪ oh my cherie amour distant as the milky way ♪ ♪ cherie amour pretty little one that i adore ♪
8:51 am
♪ you're the only girl my heart beats for how i wish that you were mine ♪ ♪ la la la la ♪ >> i'm going over here. ♪ la la la la ♪ >> dance one more time. ♪ la la la la la ♪ ♪ la la la -- >> you can have her back now. >> yeah, baby. ♪ >> that's stevie playing, baby. ♪ ♪ oh my cherie amour pretty little one that i adore ♪ >> what are you doing? ♪ you're the only girl my heart beats for ♪ ♪ i wish that you were mine. >> donny selfie. >> you got to sing it. ♪ la la la la la ♪
8:52 am
>> oh please. >> i got it now. ♪ la la la la ♪ >> almost. ♪ la la la la ♪ >> sing it, baby. ♪ la la la la la ♪ >> everybody. ♪ la la la la la ♪ ♪ la la la ♪ >> okay, back to you guys. ♪ la la la la ♪ >> donny. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by expedia, the word is at your fingertips. download the expedia app today. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> everyone gathered around here. both competition was great. all the people that made that possible. kleinfeld, josh gad, kevin hart donny osmond. in just a few minutes -- where is the judge. he'll make it official and take them backstage and make it official and sign their marriage license and guess what our other couple so excited. they're going to tie the knot today too. [ cheers and applause ]
8:56 am
>> fantastic. >> josh it's a first for you. you performed a wedding now. >> i feel like this is my new living, guys. this is it. this is what i want to do. >> thank you very much. thank you so much. i'm sorry. >> it's okay. it's okay. >> i'm sorry. >> it's all right. don't worry. >> the wedding ring -- [ cheers and applause ] >> have a wedding to go to. it's very exciting.
8:57 am
>> good morning i am brad bell. rush hour winding down but we want to get to jack taylor in the traffic center. >> maryland, especially, 50 westbound from the freeway airport. the crash on 50 westbound, moved over to the shoulder, a 40 minute ride. a live look from shirlington the culprit is on the 14th street bridge in the accident is on the left shoulder with debris affecting the left lanes. police are on the scene and we have snared traffic. the debris is just cleared from the roadway. sunny and beautiful, but i'm inside. >> is pretty cold outside. with the wind it feels like 25
8:58 am
degrees, so the wind is a key factor today. drying out the roads and the skies as well, colder than we were just a few hours ago, 31 at dulles, 36 downtown temperatures falling today with breezy conditions. we will expect the clouds to roll back in tonight. fewer to the north and west areas to the south. we are watching it closely, but it will not be terribly impactful and we will keep you up-to-date on that this week. >> thank you. nice to see the sun again. thanks for watching.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new thriller "blackhat," chris hemsworth. and performing her big hit "ghost," ella henderson. plus our kickstart the new year continues with a look at the best selling diet book eat to live. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] >> ♪


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