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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content andaccuracy, visit] >> a cold case breakthrough. we are learning more about the search for two montgomery county sisters who disappeared nearly 40 years ago. sheila and catherine lyon were last seen near the old wheaton plaza mall. police just named two persons of interest but so far, no one has been charged. but new information suggests that the remains may be in
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virginia. >> several police agencies just wrapped up a news conference in virginia outside of roanoke and our maryland bureau chief brad bell is there with the new details just released this noon. brad? >> what's going on is through that mist up there is taylor's mountain southwest of lynchberg and at this moment investigators are literally on their hands and knees digging for clues. we can show you the video of what's going up there right now. investigators tell us they have some new information that poin pinpoints a couple of pieces of ground and they are going over in a very concentrated way those small tiny plots of land and what they're looking for, sadly, is evidence the remains of the lyon sisters. these little girls, 12 and 10 years old sheila and catherine lyons vanished, as you said, from what was called wheaton plaza in march of 1975. they've been covering this case
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abc 7 has for nearly 40 years. big breakthrough. last february authorities announced this a man by the name of lloyd lee welsh they considered a person of interest. he was a carney passing through that area and matched the description of a man talking to the sisters at the wheaton plaza mall. authorities found a piece of property that belonged to welch family and they have reason to believe the girls were brought here and buried on that ground. they first started looking at september and didn't find anything. new information brings them to these spots and the bedford county sheriff says he's not going to restntil this case is solved. >> investigative work of this task force regardless of the outcome of today's efforts will be as tenacious as humanly possible with the target of locating these children and providing the parents closure in
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this nightmare that no parent should be forced to endure. >> now, the sheriff will not tell us exactly what new details they have. they have been surprisingly open over the past several months about the welch family lloyd lee welch the person of interest and uncle saying the family is not cooperating and went so far to charge an aunt with perjury saying she was lying to a grand jury many they won't say what that testimony was. they're making an appeal today to anyone who has information may have been involved or not in this matter to please come forward with that information. now, we're continuing to work this story. coming up at 4:00 and 5:00, we'll tell you more about what's going on and what the commonwealth's attorney will do if they find any evidence on that mountain. in bedford, virginia brad bell abc 7 news. >> thank you. and developing now, 10,000
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security forces are mobilizing in france after last week's terror attacks. 17 people died in the attacks which began last wednesday. isil is using the tragedy to call for more small scale attacks around the world. karen traverse has the latest on the security alert. >> it was one of the biggest rallies in europe in a generation. more than a million people taking to the streets of paris on sunday. three million across france in a powerful display of unity. more than 40 world leaders marching arm and arm but notably anbsent absent, high ranking american officials and today the u.s. is facing major backlash. in india today the secretary of state john kerry noted there was a u.s. presence at the rally and u.s. officials have been working closely with france. across france 10,000 additional soldiers deployed for enhanced security and an unprecedented show of force and we're learning
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more details about the attackers. the had video posted on line from a gunman who killed a police officer and later four people at a kosher supermarket. a black flag behind him, he wears allegiance to isis in syria. attorney general eric holder said this is exactly what gives u.s. officials great concern. >> a very small number of people without huge amounts of planning and without huge amounts of resources inflicting very severe damage. >> over the weekend, isis posted this video, remix from a threat from last september, there are no specifics. in new york city, police have been warned to stay vigilant. >> target is to go out and kill law enforcement and other officials. >> secretary considery says he'll stop in paris on his way back to washington on thursday to make it "crystal clear how the u.s. feels about last week's attacks." karen traverse, abc news, washington. >> authorities are still trying to get a death toll in that massive attack in northern
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nigeria. officials believe thousands of sevillecivilians may have been killed. reports from the northeastern town say the militants burned the town to the groundment a local government officials says more than 2,000 residents and the surrounding villages were massacred. and right now, crews are racing to repair a water main break in the district. it's one of several breaks that we've been tracking since last night. jeanette reyes is live on the scene. how are the updates there right now now? >> jummy, i got to tell you that things are looking much better now than they were a couple of hours ago. an hour or two ago, water was just spewing from this broken main and spewing out of the ground and into the windows of one of the homes here. we're along 2200 block between
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rock creek parkway and 26th street. d.c. water says this is a six inch water main that broke several hours ago. the water is shut off and at this hour at least 40 homes and two businesses along with one apartment building are being impacted. now, we talked to one resident who lives just feet away from the break. here's what he said. >> this suddenly happened this morning, this eruption in the water. and my wife saw it bubbling up in the street. >> but you don't have water right now, right? >> no we don't have water. hot and cold. >> that will be the case here for quite sometime. in fact, d.c. water says it will be at least four to six hours before they can get this repaired and covered up again. so this is one of many water main breaks throughout the region. the good news is this one is moving along. reporting live jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> what a mess out there and several other water main breaks plagued the region this morning. repair crews are finishing up a
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fix on route 66 right near lee highway in arlington. it's the third break of this type since sunday. arlington water says they hope to have the road reopened any minute now. they're not confident the pipe won't break again since it's so cold and the pipe is so old. in fairfax county a six inch water main break on main street near virginia street last night. at least eight customers were impacted and one lane was closed this morning while crews worked on the repairs. that was fixed and opened back up by 9:30 this morning. freezing rain advisory is in effect for counties to the north but most areas are making the switch to rain this noon. jacqui jeras is timing out the winter weather with our first forecast. jacqui? >> we had a little left of the advisory at the top of the hour. we'll see if the weather service will try to extend it. we know some of the sites in between are near that freezing mark still. this includes you in northwestern montgomery county washington and then morgan and berkeley counties in west
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virginia and back where we're going to continue to see a few slick spots especially elevated surfaces but look at live super doppler radar showing you much of the rain across the area. moisture will come to an end here. i think we'll get a little break to the middle of the afternoon but i do think the rain is going to be returning for the evening drive. moving in from the west. heading towards the east. 37 is our temperature downtown so well above the freezing mark but it feels close to it with our sotherly breeze so our hour-by-hour forecast will show you we are expecting temperatures to be dropping back below freezing again overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning so even though the rain cuts off, anything wet will refreeze and create some black ice concerns by tomorrow morning. i'll have more details on that and when we can expect some sunshine around here. that's with the seven day forecast 10 minutes from now. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, jacqui.
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>> coming up on abc 7 news at noon, getting answers. new developments for the search of what caused that deadly crash of airasia flight 8501. major discovery made by divers today. >> plus church sign dispute. case heading to the supreme court. what it could mean for church and political displays. >> later, how low will they go? we are tracking those gas prices around the region. find out where you can fill up for less. >> and an end in sight for this wintry weather. jacqui is in next.
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>> it has been five years since an earthquake devastated haiti. and there are still mixed reports on the death toll. however, the haitian government reports 316,000 people were killed in the quake. the 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook the capital of port-au-prince january 4, 2010. 3,000 people were injured and more than one million were left homeless. new developments this noon in the search for answers in the airasia crash. divers recovered one of the black boxes and located another two weeks after the plane plummet into the java sea. how the flight recorders will help investigators unravel or cause the deadly crash. >> a major discovery and an essential key is solve the mystery of airasia flight 8501. one of the plane's black boxes pulled from the bottom of the java sea today. >> it is good.
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inside the broken tail. performing well. and we offer -- >> the other black box found soon after about 60 feet away buried beneath heavy wreckage. today, dive teams are working to bring it to the surface. hoping the cockpit voice recorder inside will give them the final clues they need. those last words spoken by the pilot before the plane crashed more than two weeks ago killing all 162 people on board. fewer than 50 bodies have been found so far and search teams are in the water again today still looking for other victims and more wreckage. one official claims the debris found so far indicates the plane may have exploded because of the rapid change in pressure as it plummeted into the sea. >> it could be another two weeks before investigators know for sure. they estimate that's how long it could take to download and analyze the information on the
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flight data recorder. marcy gonzalez abc news new york. >> supreme court is expected to hear arguments today in the case of a small arizona church that's fighting a town's sign law. good news presbyterian church sued the town arguing that religious groups face stricter rules on posting signs than politicians. the town argues the law applies to all temporary directional signs regardless of what the event is. the rain is making it slippery for some air in our area. a thin coat of ice is covering some sidewalks and roadways. how the weather is impacting the roads in montgomery county maryland. john? >> and autria this storm much different than what hit us last wednesday. you can still see a lot of snow there in the parking lot at the loews here in frederick, maryland. this is bucky's town pike route 85 and we can tell you the commute, even though there was no snow, the commute was still very difficult for many throughout the day with all that
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rain and freezing rain overnight. traffic was very light and very slow at this hour, still very cold and still a lot of rain coming down so you want to give yourself plenty of time and you'll go slower on the roads today. when you see the salt trucks today, you will see them, you definitely want to give them a lot of time to maneuver. >> the ice is on the overpasses ramps, some of the bottom areas cold spots, in the valleys. they ice up first because the cold air sits. it doesn't move. and we hit them really hard first and then you know like some of the open areas, they're pretty good. but we do it constantly so fluctuation, temperature up or down and we can have another mess. >> and workers like bret have been working very hard today. he got out here at midnight and he says he still has a couple more hours of treating the roadways. maryland state highway
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administration has 40 to 50 trucks out here today making sure these maryland roads do not refreeze. reporting live john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> all right, john. you're there in maryland. slippery conditions in virginia are clearing up a little bit now. the weather forced loudoun county schools to close today entirely. we spotted most of the slick spots on the sidewalks, not on the roadways. the good news though, most of the roads remained clear. we see those trucks with their plows up not working. they were ready. >> they were ready. >> they were out there. all right, jacqui, what a miserable day! oh, just raw! >> i know. even if the ice didn't get you you know the temperatures with the cold rain certainly -- miserable. a little bit. we've got better conditions down the line. the later, though in the week we get, the better things are going to be. so lots to celebrate. >> exactly. let's take a look at kind of how things evolved here this morning. this tells the story. this is from chad merril in
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gaithersburg on our weather bug headquarters. you can see the glaze on the sidewalks. that seems to be the biggest problem in the metro. this is one of the weather bug cameras from centreville and the thing i want you to focus in on is watch these power lines as we do the time lapse here. you can see the rain that came into the area, low overcast conditions. and look at how that ice starts collecting on all of those elevated surfaces while it just stays wet on the ground in centreville. here's another one from gaithersburg and you can see if the rain and even a couple of pellets of sleet mixing in there making things difficult and the fog will be a little bit more of an issue as we head into the afternoon hours to go along with some of this rain. we still have pockets of freezing rain mainly across northern maryland. you might see a little bit in the shenandoah valley but generally, our temperatures have warmed up enough that this is not a concern. visibility is poor in a couple of spots. we're down to 1/2 mile at dulles and a mile and a half downtown. anything half a mile or less can
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restrict you a little bit when you're driving around. use caution on the roadways especially since everything is damp. how much longer will all this last? our advisories should be expiring by the top of the hour but the rain doesn't end there. we will see periods of rain continue through the afternoon hours for today. so it's going to be a wet evening commute. but notice by about the middle of the evening, to the early overnight, that all finally starts to move in here. low pressure tracks to our east. i think the clouds will hold through much of the overnight hours and we'll wake up with dry conditions in terms of nothing coming down from the sky. but our temperatures will be very cold but i think things could ice up and we could have some black ice issues on the roads as you head into tomorrow morning. so not over and done with this system just yet. so rain at times for today, cloudy conditions with fog this afternoon. temperatures will be in the upper 30's to near 40 degrees. tonight, skies turn mostly cloudy. things dry up. black ice on those roadways and patchy spots. upper 20's to around 30 degrees
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downtown. tomorrow, once we get through the morning, we'll basically see the steady temperatures and it's going to become gusty and breezy so our highs are going to be through 30 degrees for the day tomorrow. wednesday, we have another low pressure system moving on through here that could bring some light snow showers mainly south of d.c. in the morning. right now i don't see this as being a big deal but it's something we'll be tracking closely and once we get rid of today's system, well our computer models will have a better handle of what to expect for wednesday morning. but once we get into thursday things look really good for the end of the week. sunshine, warmer temperatures. melt melt drip, drip. upper 40's by this weekend. looking much milder. things for the end of january if we look longer term are looking above average temperatures. nice flip in our pattern. something to look forward to. >> always good on the weekend, too. >> yes indeed. >> thank you jacqui. they keep falling.
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where you can find gas prices below the national average here in our area. >> and making history. details on the big college
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>> college football will make history tonight. it's the bucks vs. the ducks for the first ever college football playoff championship. number four ohio state and number two oregon kick off at 8:30 tonight at at&t stadium in arlington, texas. the ducks are taking their first championship and first ever win against the buckeyes. ohio state is looking for its fifth championship. go, ducks. >> good luck to both teams. gas prices continuing to fall according to triple a. fuel gauge report the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is t nationwide. that's down almost 50 cents last
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month. in d.c. average price is $2.56. in maryland $2.29 and in virginia, $2.04. not too bad! fill up today even though it's a gloomy and rainy sort of day. >> only one out there doing it. jacqui is tracking the
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>> well, an update to a story now that we brought you last week about the snake in a toilet. remember this one? a six foot boa constrictor shocked an employee at a san
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diego office building. turns out we have found whose snake it is. it wlongs to a person who lives in the apartment above that business. animal services said it wouldn't be hard for the snake to make it through the building's plumbing if it escapes. >> you have to be one fearless person -- >> to have a pet snake. >> to have a pet snake that is able to escape. >> pet boa constrictor. not a grass snake but a boa constricter at that. >> it literally makes me shutter a little bit. >> the weather is making me shudder a bit. >> i know. bundle up today. icy spots are being diminished. it's improving. but the rain will continue. temperatures overnight tonight drop below freezing so anything wet or untreated will become black ice for tomorrow morning's commute. be aware of that. we will finally warm things up later on this week. >> all right. there you go. >> thank you for joining us this midday. >> be sure to watch nbc 7
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