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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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units took care of two separate units. the two suspects believed responsible for the killing of 12 at the "charlie hebdo" newspaper headquarters today were holed up inside of a printing facility with at least one worker still trapped inside. in paris, hostages were trapped inside of a kosher supermarket in a well-known jewish neighborhood. the suspects were demanding the release of the brothers or they would kill all hostages. shortly before 6 p.m. paris time, gunfire and explosions erupted. french media reported the brothers came out firing. the worker hiding inside escaped, but both brothers were killed. initial reports indicate one police officer was wounded in the crossfire. minutes later, gunfire broke out at the kosher market. one suspect was killed.
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some of the hostages also died in the hail of bullets. the second suspect, said to be a girlfriend, managed to escape, along with some hostages. as the police continue the manhunt for her the other big question tonight, are more attacks being planned?u.s. officials believe several of the people trained in yemen with al qaeda of the arabian peninsula. the brothers and girlfriend are said to be connected through a terrorist cell, which sought to radicalize and train french youth to fight. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> for more on the terror groups and the suspects involved, we turn to richard reeve. he has the suspects backgrounds and joins us from the satellite center. >> fascinating stuff. this group is western authorities greatest fear, close associates of a group that radicalized french youths in
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irawq in early 2000. the brothers, as we have heard, are believed to be connected with a terrorist mosque led by radical leader. they also have linked to a plot to free nigerian radical from prison. the brothers admitted to a french tv network about the yemen connection. the three men were cooperating and he said he was with isil normally in al qaeda rival. the two brothers were on a no-fly list for years. sharif was arrested in 2005 on terrorism charges after trying to join al qaeda to fight u.s. troops. leaders of the radical mosque were also involved with the hijackers from the 9/11 attacks. now the hunt is on for the
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girlfriend because the fear is she may try other attacks. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> our coverage of the paris terror attacks continues on at 5:30, french people in the area talk about their family back home. >> a major announcement will be coming monday in the lyon sister's case. they disappeared back in 1975. they were last seen your the old wheaton plaza mall. two people have been named persons of interest, but nobody has been charged. monday's announcement comes from several agencies, including montgomery county and virginia state police. brad bell will be there for the announcement. stay with abc 7 and and we will have the latest. >> drivers can expect traffic delays tonight as wssc a working to repair a water main break in
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bethesda. the 12 inch water main broke last night on wilson lane. nearly 100 customers are without water. wilson lane will remain closed in both directions as the work is completed. wssc expects to have water restored by about 8:00 tonight. >> the temperatures were in the 40's today, feeling like a heat wave compared with earlier in the week. doug hill is in the storm watch weather center with what we can expect. >> it looks like we will take aid did been temperatures tomorrow in rebound sunday. the numbers right now, after 5:00, in the 20's and 30's. 20's north and west, hagerstown and cumberland, 31 dulles, 34 men, 37 at reagan national. the wind is a factor. these are sustained winds. that will knock down the wind about three or four degrees. it will be clear and breezy.
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the temperatures will get colder through the evening. the temperature dropping to about 24 by 11:00 tonight for stop tomorrow morning, six degrees to 16 degrees will be the air temperatures. tomorrow we will be dealing with the cold blast. highs only in the low to mid 20's across the area, windchill in the teens. more to talk about the possibility of a wintry mix monday morning when i join you a couple minutes. >> the storm is over, but the anger is lingering. stacks of trash, slick sidewalks, and miserable commutes tuesday have a lot of people still reeling. one d.c. leader is calling out all parties for which she considers dropping the ball on d.c. storm response. stephen tschida has the response from northwest washington. stephen? >> this is what we are talking about. some of the recycling and trash is still here on the street.
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it has been here pretty much all week. the frustration over how this has been dealt with extends beyond trash collection to street clearing, plowing, and metro. trash on the street monday, still basking in the sun friday. >> i don't like the trash piled up. >> a lot of people share that sentiment. some district residents wonder how a relatively minor storm caused major problems which are lingering into the weekend. >> i guess they were not prepared for it. >> it was terrible. >> among the complaints, those from metro bus commuters. this person waited a few minutes for her ride today. tuesday was a different story. >> i was pretty cold tuesday. i froze for about 30 minutes. >> one city councilmember demands answers tonight. mary che is troubled by metro's
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abrupt cancellation of bus services because of the young -- because of the unplowed streets. >> i don't think the district was on top of its game. >> the winter is young and more storms may be on the way. >> i want ddot dtw, i went them all to come in and talk to me about what their plans are for next time. >> this woman hopes for better communication next time as well. >> well, it's something that can be improved. >> about seven minutes ago we got a response from the department of public works. they said because of snow and ice in alleys, it did not pick up recycling like this stuff. it said that it advised residents to wait until next week. i have to point out that we are now not in a now a city street. stephen tschida, abc 7 news.
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>> we turn to this breaking news right now in a hit and run that killed a bicyclist in baltimore. baltimore police say that bishop heather cook has turned herself in on charges of vehicular manslaughter drunk driving, and other charges. she is the second-highest leader of the applicable diocese in maryland. earlier today prosecutors announced they would charge her in the crash that killed tom palermo two weeks ago. she is being held at the baltimore city detention center. >> a carjacking and it when a suspect -- a carjacking ended suspect walked into a police station and pulled a gun. sam is live with with the suspect asked the front desk officer when he walked in. sam? >> leon, according to the police report when he walked in he
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asked the first officer that he saw he had a gun. the officer said no. but the suspect had one, at least a fake one that he used to carjack somebody before he ditch the car and walked up here. at an son gas station at new york and bladensburg northeast the 1996 black or sadie's had its -- black mercedes had its engine running. a man carjacked it. then he walked to the fifth district police station, gun and waistband, smoking a cigarette and walked in. the police told him to put it out. he said no. the us the first officer if he had a gun. the first officer said no. the second officer did. when they told him to leave the police station, he pulled his gun. the officer grabbed the gun by the barrel at a struggle ensued. the reaction of the people visiting the station today? >> sounds like you got problems.
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he's lucky he did not get killed. >> the gun was a replica of a nine millimeter. he was arraigned in d.c. superior court for assault on a police officer and having a prohibited weapon. last night when he was escorted to a holding cell, he blurted out that i wanted the police to kill me. the police union says that stations need more security. >> they need to physically hard in those facilities for securing the people who work there. if we are not able to have that security for ourselves, how can we provide security for the city? >> as for the officer being unarmed, they said in police stations, desk officers frequently have to go back and forth into the cellblocks, so they do not always walk around armed. he said he would like to see bulletproof barriers between the officers and the public. live from northeast, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> jesse matthew was back in a
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fairfax county courtroom today, accused of a number of crimes, including the abduction of uva student hannah graham. jeff goldberg is live in fairfax with what matthew acknowledged when he walked into court today. >> it was an interesting moment. jesse matthew walking into court and smiling to his father, who was sitting in the last row. after the hearing, i spoke with his father who said, yes, it was good to see his son, but he would not say anything else. as jesse matthew awaits trial in fairfax, the victim in the case remains overseas. she plans to return home to testify in court. >> she really doesn't want me to talk about her. >> matthew was accused of sexual assault and attempted murder and a september 2000 five incident in which he allegedly grabbed a 26-year-old woman on rock garden drive and assaulted her in the woods. in court, defense attorneys lobbying for $2000 to pay for a
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new dna expert, claiming since 2005 the case has received 17 different analyses from five analysts who considered a different suspects. they said it was time for one single expert. the defense also bringing up a dna scraping underneath the fingernail of the complaint, saying this is the only evidence linking mr. matthew with the alleged crime, adding that no doubt mr. matthew would be prejudiced without a dna expert. the judge ultimately agreed. >> my goal is to have a fair trial. >> the defense also asking for a gag order, which would prevent attorneys from both sides from speaking with the media during the trial. the judge de citing the commonwealth attorney. >> i think it's a port for the public to have access to the information about how the process works. >> jesse matthew was facing
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abduction charges related to the hannah graham case and has been linked with the disappearance and death of morphine arrington -- morgan harrington. the da said he will likely face murder charges in the future but he will remain in jail in fairfax county leading up to his trial on march 9. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> coming up -- the inspector has come and gone. we check to see if the heat is on at an apartment building that was without it for months. >> plus, a massive explosion of fireworks. what caused this pilot? >> and hear from the officers who escaped the dump truck that was heading for there's a place
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>> we first showed you this video yesterday of the dump truck driver ramming a police clruiser. >> now we are hearing from the officers and they are sharing what happened minutes before the crash that the police say was no accident. >> brad bell has the story. >> the video of the attack is
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stunning, a dump truck rams two police cars as the officer scramble to safely. we have seen what happened from the camera's perspective. now for the first time, the officers are sharing what they saw and felt. >> i looked at him and said he is going to come back and hit our car or hit us. we need to get out of here. >> in an interview shared with abc 7 officers jeffrey bag and rodney laughlin described the bizarre incident as the dump truck driver pulls up wednesday with a serious look in hiseye. >> he started making a 90's that we took his brother's life. we try to explain to him we did not know what he was talking about. >> we said have a nice day. >>he said we are about to have a nice day. >> the officers came here to meet a friend for lunch. they were standing here between their parked car when the dump truck pulled up.
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they were between the bumpers when the truck came roaring towards them. fortunately, they had this field to jump into to get away. right now the place is still littered with broken glass. >> i just went home and hug my family. >> i went home, gave my wife a hug, that my dog. >> the officers are back on control. the man, who they say is mentally ill, faces attempt of first-degree murder charges. >> snow, wind, and poor visibility are being blamed for a massive pileup in michigan. roughly 150 vehicles were involved in the crash. this is interstate 94 in kalamazoo county. a truck carrying fireworks was involved. the truck was carrying 20 tons of fireworks.
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that is 40,000 pounds. get this -- another truck involved was carrying acid. the police believe all the hazardous materials have burned off. they urge anyone living within a one mile radius of the crash to stay indoors. officials say the fire will have to burn out on its own. >> what a crazy scene. >> snow, acid, and 20 tons of fireworks. >> tragic, but it could have been much worse. here we had a nice day. i will call it a nice day, 41 degrees. >> it was pretty. >> if you are out late tonight trust me, if you get home at midnight or after, it will be a whole lot colder. here is the story from fairfax. the army navy country club clouds, bright and sunny, the sunshine making a low angle past
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s. now it will be clear and cold and freezing everywhere through tonight. germantown 27, same thing in frederick. just enough of a breeze to drive the windchill into the tns. 34 degrees in northeastern maryland lexington park and st. mary's county the same. north and west, the temperatures already in the 20's. all of this ahead of the cold front that will drop the temperatures. with the wind picking up, the windchill dropping, feeling like 15 right now in hagerstown, 16 martinsburg. it is chilly, but not bitterly cold yet. that will change because the next push of cold air comes in overnight. by early in the morning, wake-up up temperature, averaging about 12. that will range between six and
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16 degrees on the thermometer in the morning. add in the wind and it will feel like close to zero degrees. in the 30's and 40's to the south and east, colder weather to the north. the real pocket of cold air is redeveloping in the upper midwest. five degrees at minneapolis-st. paul. this cold air masses the one that will push and overnight. it is a progressive system. that means it will come and go. the core of high pressure moves out sunday. we start responding to this action, the rain developing through the deep south and the northern gulf coast. that will translate east and had north from the carolinas. with the temperatures very close to freezing or a couple degrees lower, that sets the stage for the possibility of sleet or freezing rain during the morning rush. it is not a done deal, keeping the probability at 70%. one computer model says it will
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a beautiful, cold day tomorrow with a bit of a breeze, then we have clouds sunday afternoon. pleasant sunday with a change in the wind direction to a more southerly flair. then monday morning, we are concerned with the temperatures at or below freezing. moisture will overrun the cold air that we have at the surface. the setup is in place for sleet or freezing rain. not a done deal, but enough evidence that we continue to see of the week and that the confidence will grow we may have several hours of a wintry mess monday morning. hopefully that will resolve and move out and be 75 in sunny on monday. but that's not going to happen. the next seven days, 70% probability of snow -- no snow, rain or sleet. that is changing monday afternoon, then mid 30's next week. steve rudin will have more of
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the possibilities tonight at 11:00. >> we are holding out for the 75 degrees. >> wouldn't that be nice? not going to happen. >> no matter what we get monday morning, the abc 7 stormwatch team will be tracking it. jacqui jeras and the morning washington" will be starting early monday morning at 4 a.m. get weather updates anytime of day by going to >> still ahead, another caught on camera, a jewelry store at a local mall. with these got away with. >> they had been waiting for heat in their apartment since november. the story coming up. >> first, here is what is coming up in primetime tonight.
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>> tonight, people in southeast are warm and toasty. >> the heat is back on and so is the hot water after months without both, and it is all thanks in part to horace holmes and 7 on your side. horace? >> it has been a long, cold road for the residents of this southeast apartment building.
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they had been waiting for heat since last november. finally, the heat came on today and is stayed on. 7 on your side first learned about problems at the g street apartment complex with the boiler monday. the residence have been without heat sin november and without hot water the past three weeks. after we investigated, contractors fix the hot water and d.c. housing inspectors responded. yesterday they issued a violation after the building failed inspections. contractors fix the boiler. last night in early today, inspectors revisited the building. the boiler is fixed and the city has given the ok to all of the repairs. residents are now hoping this will be a nice warm winter for them now that they have heat in their building. in southeast, horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> and they are grateful.
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coming up -- the new big supporter for a washington redskins name change. >> the local french community reacts to crisis in thei
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>> now we get back to our top ory, the terrorists shooting in standoff. >> after two separate standoff
5:31 pm
set a printing company and grocery store, three suspects are now dead. the two men responsible for the deadly shooting at the newspaper "charlie had bo" -- charlie had bo" died at the printing plant. >> now authorities are searching for a female suspect who escaped from the grocery store. the terror attacks hit hard for french people living in the d.c. area. suzanne kennedy continues our coverage. >> we want to show you the scene at the french embassy in northwest washington. here along the bushes, people have left flowers and candles. these flowers with a car that says "to the people of france with great affection." so many people are still in shock about what happened overseas this week. it is the lunch rush, but the owner's mind is far away with
5:32 pm
family and friends in france. >> they are glued to the tv, watching developments. >> this has been a rough week for french citizens here in the u.s., watching terror unfold in their home country. he has spent time checking in with this father, who wondered what the situation was. >> extremely frightening. a few people doing so much damage. >> vincent has a cousin of the small town where the printing company is located. he has been staying in touch with her through facebook. >> they are in their house on lockdown. she is pregnant. she has had several miscarriages, so we are worried. >> while there is a belief that this week's crisis has ended this french journalist says the fight is far from over. >> we are part of the coalition
5:33 pm
against the so-called islamic state in syria and europe. >> the president came here earlier this week to sign a formal book of condolences. others are leaving memorials here at the front entrance of the embassy to honor a country in morning. northwest, suzanne kennedy abc 7 news. >> the other top stories -- d.c. police say they wrestled a gun away from a carjacking suspect inside of the fifth district police station. investigators say the 18-year-old d'angelo hamilton came in to the station and pulled a gun. the officer struggled with him and disarmed him. the gun turned out to be a replica of a nine millimeter pistol. >> jesse matthew, charged in the uva abduction of hannah graham, was in court today. the judge turned out a request on a gag order for the lawyers.
5:34 pm
that charge stems from a 2005 sexual assault. >> the d.c. government taking heat for its response to this week's storm. residents say trash has not been collected yet in the streets have not been cleared. some commuters were stranded after metro canceled bus services. let's see how things are shaping up this evening. no storm to contend with. what is it that you are watching bob? >> dry pavement, but just the rush-hour flow on i-95. heaviest doors -- heaviest towards lorton. just a little bit of a bottleneck. all lanes open. 270 northbound through montgomery village off and on into clarksburg. the inner loop from tysons, not as bad. through bethesda and silver spring, heavy and slow.
5:35 pm
same with 66 most of the way through centreville. no incidents on the way. the cameras on the beltway at connecticut avenue, brake lights on the inner loop side. not unusual. all lanes open. 95, dale city, traffic is flowing at speed. have a great weekend. >> thank you. still to come -- a violent smash and grab caught on camera at a local mall. >> plus, 7 on your side gets results for a family trying to get loved ones possessions back after his death. >> and a grandmother seeking answers after she gets a $7,000 water bill.
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>> three men got away with several watches at a snatch and grab robbery at the edward arthur jewelers on monday. surveillance video shows the men using hammers to smashed the glass of the displays. when an employee confronted the men, the police say that one of them threaten the man with a hammer. the police are offering a $500 reward for information. a troubled are in northeast d.c. will not reopen, but it could
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soon face fines. mcfadden's has closed and its liquor license suspended after five people were stabbed in a fight at the end of december. the abc board held up the suspension until a hearing. at the hearing, the attorney general could bring formal charges. >> a blow to the redskins tonight over the battle of the team's name. the justice department said they will intervene in the trademark dispute. the team lost its trademark after the patent office said it was disparaging. the redskins appeal the ruling. the justice department said it will join in the fight to defend the federal law that the redskins are challenging. speaking of the redskins coming up next, meet the team's new general manager and hear what he has planned. >> and 7 on your side saves a prized possession from the auction block. >> first here is david with
5:40 pm
what is coming up on world news tonight. >> breaking news at this hour, what we learned about the search for the mystery woman. also, the man hiding through wit all, secretly testing the police during the hostage crisis. also, the 170-car pileup. and bill cosby caught on tape. the comments that he made last night.
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>> researchers think they may have determined wide traumatic events lead to posttraumatic stress disorder and some people but not others. ucla studied a group of survivors from an earthquake in armenia. they looked at two genes. those who suffered ptsd had a genetic variation the others lacked. researchers say that means ptsd may be far less random than previously thought. >> a unique volunteer program in
5:44 pm
ohio serves as a national model. >> it allows volunteers with special needs to prepare for patient mealtime. in doing so, they are serving up patient satisfaction. >> it is like any restaurant here at this busy tray line. >> it is getting what you want, when you want it. trays are going to the hospital at all different times of day. >> no matter the time of day this is where it all begins. as a registered dietitian, where it goes from here is a very unique experience. it may be perhaps a restaurant style menu we all could learn from. while trained servers are heading to the patient rooms volunteers are headed there first. they are part of a work-study program. >> we bring students with
5:45 pm
special needs into the community as an extension of the classroom. >> i knock on the door and wash my hands and say good morning. i let them know their breakfast is on the its way. >> once inside the room, she clears the way for the train tray s she lets patients know their meal is minutes away. >> i had trouble breathing and headaches and body aches. >> feeling better now, she says the volunteers have given her a chance to interact and say kind things back. it allows her to show her appreciation for great health care as well. >> it's really nice to know that i'm on my downside and even being in a here, i can help somebody have a better day or they are helping me have a better day, too. >> when these volunteers show up, patient satisfaction goes up as well. >> from 2013 until 2014, it went
5:46 pm
up 10%. >> and patient satisfaction generates jobs side of faction -- patient satisfaction generates job satisfaction for the volunteers as well. >> now we have a follow-up to a story first seen here. a maryland dr. is fighting back in court against claims that he is the next dr. jack of work in. dr. egbert is an anesthesiologist in baltimore. he lost his medical license for helping and assisted suicides. today he filed an appeal. dr. egbert said that his actions did not contradict the practice of medicine. he is awaiting trial in minnesota for allegedly helping in in a suicide there. >> euros a look at what is coming up at 6:00. president obama announces plans for two years of community
5:47 pm
college for anybody who wants it. learn how that will work and also reaction from local students and parents. also, a grandmother talks with 7 on your for help figuring out how she got a $7,000 water bill for a home that has made vacant for months. >> apparently $975 million is enough money for the ex-wife of the billionaire oil tycoon. she accepted the divorce settlement check she originally rejected. the economist and lawyer said she was entitled to more because she helped hamm grow his oil fortune. hamm's attorney says the check has been deposited. >> think that she heard some of the comments from people turning -- about her turning down the check? >> smart choice. >> let's see what kind of choices we have to make with the weather. >> it is cold and getting colder.
5:48 pm
32 degrees outside of the belfort furniture stormwatch 7 weather center. the weather camera in winter green, virginia, 16 degrees. a great winter's night of skiing. the wind will pick up in speed and eventually pick up in speed in the local area, too, as the much colder air mass moves in. 37 at reagan national in quantico, colder further or north and west. the cool air arrives overnight. the windshield dealing with now 26 andrews, 29 in downtown washington. tomorrow morning, these are the air temperatures, single digits north and west, low double digits south and east. through the day tomorrow, we will be watching a bright sunny day. it will be breezy. lower 40's today was the high. tomorrow lower to middle 20's with a colder windchill.
5:49 pm
bright and sunny through early sunday morning. during the day sunday, clouds roll in ahead of the developing system along the gulf coast. low pressure develops and brings rain. this is one model, most of the area south and east of washington. other computer models have that possibility that we will have subfreezing temperatures early in the morning, meaning phrasing rain or sleet is possible early monday morning. a cold night tonight, cold day tomorrow. coming up in a bit, we will see if there are warmer days ahead. >> ok, doug. >> hopefully warmer days ahead for the skins. >> we have a new gm. hopefully it transforms to the residence. the double-shift bruce allen was pulling off is no longer. today the redskins introduce their brand-new gm, scot mcclo ughan. if you don't like the 53 man
5:50 pm
roster, when it's all said and done, blame him. his last general manager position was with the 49ers. he was a senior personnel executive also with the seattle seahawks. he is bring a lot to the table. you have heard about the reputation about trying to turn things around tomorrow. you say sooner than later? >> i think building through the draft, it takes time. it is not a quick fix. the quick fix is going out and signing three or four free agents, overpaying them, knowing that next year you are starting over. my philosophy is you draft well. each year, you take another step up the rung. >> you have been here 24 hours. what has it been like? >> a whirlwind. a lot of cameras, interviews, which is fine full stop with the
5:51 pm
fans to know who i am, my philosophy. if things are not right, it goes on my shoulders, and i'm ok with that. we are trying to build a world championship level organization. >> now a team that is used to winning lately, the baltimore ravens. they will take on the patriots in foxborough. no sweat for joe flacco when the ravens. they have done this before. 2012 they took down the paths in the afc division title game then went on the when the super bowl. -- then went on to win the super bowl. >> is interesting being part of a team that's been in the situation before and has succeeded before. that always adds confidence to the situation, what you are doing, how you prepare, not being afraid to go in there in the playoffs. >> at 6:00, we are talking with rg iii. we will see what he has to say for.
5:52 pm
we will see what the twitter-verse has to say. >> you have heard the excuse "the dog ate my homework" but what about "the dog ate my ring" ? the dog ate the engagement ring and wedding band worth $23,000. it had to be surgically removed. while the veterinarian was there, he found several roxanne sticks. >> and every lab owner says, what else is new?
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>> a disabled veteran from virginia lost his father in a motorcycle crash, then he lost his father's truck to the bank. >> he turned to 7 on your side's kimberly suiters. the truck was supposed to be auctioned today? >> we literally just saved that truck from auction at the 11th hour.
5:56 pm
a month ago, he tried to pay the bank to keep his father's truck from going to auction, but he ran into one dead end after another. arriving on the day that his father's treasured truck was scheduled to be auctioned it has been a frustrating and emotional series of roadblocks. >> my dad was one of those people that was the highlight of my life. >> they feared that they would never see this moment. the truck that the bank repossessed, towed from their deceased father's driveway. this was 52-year-old's james sr ossession. jr said that the bank promised they would not take it but in december, wells fargo did and
5:57 pm
would not take a check to pay off the loan. in december, he contacted 7 on your side to intervene. we contacted wells fargo, which postponed the january 1 auction date and try to find an easy way to find for him to pay. a disabled veteran, he spent 11 days texting and e-mailing to get it done. nally on friday, january 9 the bank accepted his $25,000 check. corporate office fast tracked the clearance and lifted the repo water. >> how does it feel? >> by 1:30, five months in one day after the sun lost his father, he had a piece of him back. the ride back to fredericksburg not as lonely as it has been. >> i feel like me and my dad are back together, back in the saddle again. >> 7 on your side asked wells fargo what can be done to prevent this kind of runaround. the bank representative says
5:58 pm
first and foremost it helps to have a will. also write down names, phone numbers, document your experience, and try to identify an advocate, somebody within the organization you are dealing with who can help you navigate the process. if all of that does not work, 7 on your side. >> we are always there. nice work, kimberly. wells fargo also said this experience will be shared with team members through their company to improve customer service. if you are looking for results in a desperate situation, just e-mail us at that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up at 6:00 -- dramatic raids at two cities in france. they ended in the death of three terror suspects. >> a maryland church official in jail tonight. >> and a woman is steaming mad
5:59 pm
about a $7,000 water bill for a home that has been vacant. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the search is over for thwee two men wanted for the worst terror attack in france. the two men were killed just days after a deadly shooting at a newspaper. the police killed the suspects' associates at a separate raid at a grocery store. rebecca cooper has the latest. >> the search is on for a fourth suspect to escape from the kosher store where french officials found 15 sticks of dynamite inside. the four suspects are linked with an extremist paris mosque and a network named after a paris clark where radicals were trained dan recruited.
6:00 pm
-- a network named after a paris clerk where radicals were trained. the two brothers had been in a standoff with the police and tactical units all day, hold up inside of a printing shop. they reportedly said they were ready to die for their cause. shortly before 6 p.m. paris time, i witnesses say the brothers came out firing and were quickly gunned down. french officials announcing both brothers were killed. minutes later, heavily armed french swat teams swarmed a kosher market in paris. one suspect was killed. for hostages also died. several hostages, most of them women, ran to safety. a fourth suspect escaped in the chaos, the 26-year-old


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