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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> this thursday another winter weather alert. >> bundle up if you have to go outside today. we are feeling effects of some of the coldest temperatures so far. this season. and that means many roads and sidewalks around the region are still covered in ice. >> several schools canceled classes because of it today. and our brianne carter talked to parents and drivers still
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dealing with the troubling road conditions. she joins us live in loudoun county. what did parents have to say snoo auto well autria some mixed reaction about what's happening with the schools here but certainly some say they understand why because of what they're seeing on the roads. take a look here. you can see this is a sheet of ice. and very slick walking on it. i have to tell you within the last hour, here in this neighborhood, we have seen some changes. this was all covered with a sheet of ice as well and now with the direct sunlight shining down on it we can finally see some pavement. >> we live out in western loudoun county, out by middleburg and the roads are sheer ice. >> you can see it on these roads. that sheen from the ice and snow combination smothered across neighborhood and side streets in loudoun county. days after the snow that wreaked havoc on commutes. >> doesn't look like they've ting or sanding to them at all. but yeah it was a little rough getting out of there. the main roads are much better. >> david henry says he's taking it slow. >> i don't think i'll be leaving
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any time soon. >>ast not today. even though the sun is shining, the air is bitter cold. the combination of hazardous roads and potentially dangerous cold forced loudoun county school officials to close the classrooms again today. in a statement, wayne bayard said we pulled our principals and many said streets to schools were icy. we found sidewalks still covered right next to buses parked for the day. so what do parents think about the students having another day at home? >> i work from home and so having them there is difficult. they've got to be entertained and, you know you want to keep them busy so they don't bother you. but look it is what it is. but it's time for them to get back. >> mixed feelings, you know but being safe is the best thing. i think as long as the kids who walk and we're seeing some more problems on the sidewalks and things like that. >> i think it's a good decision.
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>> however, with this bitter cold some parents are concerned that this situation with these streets feeling more like an ice skating rink is going to last throughout the weekend. reporting live in ashburn, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> i'm very impressed with your move there. >> be careful. >> nice! a 10. we give you a 10! well, 10 is pretty much where we started out this morning as far as the temperature goes and it's only going to get to the 20's today but because of the winds, it will feel much colder. eileen whalen is here with a look at the numbers. it's frigid. >> i know! you walk outside and the cold just slaps you in the face. but we saw brianne all bundled up and it's all about the layerstoday. i want to start off with the low temperature numbers this morning because at reagan national we dropped down to 12 degrees. at least we were in the double digits because at dulles only 4 degrees. these are some of the coldest temperatures that we've had
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since early january of last year. now, we're at 20 degrees at reagan national. west-northwesterly winds at 12 miles an hour making it feel like 8 degrees. look at that clear blue sky. temperatures now in the teens across most of the area but it doesn't feel like that. these are the wind chills. this is what it feels like outside. it feels like 3 degrees at andrews and it feels like 4 degrees below zero in gaithersburg. the wind chill advisory has since been canceled in the immediate d.c. metro area but still, very, very cold. so keep this in mind especially as parents are going out to pick up the kids from the bus stop later this afternoon. by 3:00 p.m. about 22 but still feeling like the single digits in many spots and later tonight, we drop down briefly into the upper teens but then temperatures are going to climb a little bit overnight. so it's not going to be as frigid tonight but trust me it will be cold. sunny and upper 30's tomorrow much that's an improvement but just when you think we're on the up end of the temperature trend, temperatures tumble for saturday. i'll let you know just how cold
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it will be saturday and when our next chance of precipitation is coming up in a little bit. autria? >> thank you, eileen. new at noon the fairfax county public school system responding to critics about its weather closing practices. schools in the county did not close or delay on tuesday when the snow actually hit. now, parents are upset after the school went from a two-hour delay to a full closure today. the school says ththe decision after hearing from bus drivers who couldn't get their vehicles started this morning. >> we recognize that any kind of change beyond what was reported is cause for angst and certainly inconvenience for both our parents, our students and our staff. but we had to air on the side of caution today. >> 9% just 9% of bus drivers didn't show up for work. garza says they'll consider closing on extremely cold winter days in the future. >> autria the cold weather is also being blamed for delays for metro riders. nearly all of the lanes were
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delayed at one point this morning because of complications from the cold. our diane cho is live with what this means for commuters this noon. diane? >> well jummy, a lot of headaches this morning for metro riders who are taking the metro today during rush hour especially during that 8:00 hour when a lot of these problems seemed to arise. right now, we are joining dan stecil, the spokesperson for metro to talk about the latest situation going on right now. dan, tell us what's happening. >> well, very difficult morning this morning operationally. the result of two cracked rails. one at east falls church and the other at prince george's plaza. east falls church just wrapping up those repairs right now. should have that track back in service within the hour and prince george's plaza we had that fixed in the 10:00 ur. in addition to that we had rail car equipment problems primarily affecting the red line also the result of weather and this extreme deep freeze taking its toll on what is 40-year-old equipment. we have new rail cars on the way much more rugged than the ones
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we're using now but they can't arrive soon enough for the passengers who are standing on cold platforms this morning, we know. >> you were saying earlier that the temperature swing really is to blame for all of this. >> yeah with cracked rails, they can occur -- it's because the metal rails expand and contract. and we had temperatures it seems like so long ago over the weekend in the mid 60's and single digits overnight. that swing in temperatures can cause rail breaks. it's not just metro, it's any railroad where seasons happen where it occurs. we know that the repairs can't happen fast enough for anyone who is standing on a cold platform. we absolutely apologize for those riders who were inconvenienced this morning. >> everything should be ok for the afternoon rush snoo auto we're going to do everything we can to have a smooth afternoon and evening home bound commute tonight. we'll have additional personnel out in the event anything does happen. >> thank you. it was dan with the metro joining us right you now for now we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you. to a developing story now. terror alerts are at the highest levels possible around the world
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as the search continues for two suspects in yesterday's deadly terror attack in paris. 12 people were killed at the office of the satirical newspaper which was targeted. one of the suspects has now turned himself in but the race is on this noon to find the other two amid fears they could strike again. marcy gonzalez joins us live with what authorities have learned about the gunman. marcy? >> autria earlier, there were reports that two men matching the suspects' descriptions robbed a convenience store in northern france. so right now, the search is focused about 30 miles away from there. police are surrounding a large forest, trying to track the suspects down. today, an intense manhunt for the two gunmen responsible for yesterday's deadly terror attack in paris. police closing in on an area northeast of the city after reports of a possible sighting. investigators say it was a 34-year-old and his 32-year-old brother sharif who stormed into the offices of the satirical
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newspaper charlie hebdo killing 12 people before making their escape. officials say the brothers have ties to al-qaida and appear to be highly trained. in 2005, the younger brother sharif was featured in a documentary as an aspiring rapper convicted on terror charges that put him in prison for a year and a half. their accused 18-year-old accomplice turned himself in yesterday. police questioning him about the plot against charlie hebdo which has been threatened, even firebombed in the past over its controversial cartoons that al-qaida leaders said mocked the prophet muhammad. the paper's editor among the dead once told abc news he refused to be intimidated. >> we don't -- >> today in paris, and around the globe, mourning and signs of solidarity. >> i am charlie. it's been charlie wherever you are in the world. this is a tragic event! >> and charlie hebdo's
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publishers say they plan to release next week's issue on schedule. they plan to print a million copies. that's more than ever before! one columnist calls this the ultimate sign that the terrorists didn't win. reporting live marcy gonzalez, abc 77 news. >> ok marcy. thank you for that report. in the meantime today, a judge hearing cases regarding drivers who do not pay for using those express lanes. our john gonzalez joins us live outside the fairfax county courthouse with more on how these cases could impact millions of people who drive on 495. john? >> jummy, i want to throw some numbers at you right now. 24 unpaid tolls at $1 and change each toll have now jumped for one maryland man to $1,000 a toll. you do the math. that's $24,000 and this man was just found guilty. he came to court to fight this and he just lost. minutes ago these are unbelievable cases of large fees and penalties that are being heard here in appeals court for
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folks who use these 95 hot lanes. now, a judge, an appeals court judge here in fairfax county is hearing the string of cases slapping thousands of dollars on people who have not paid for these tolls. among the plaintiffs are tony cooley, a woman who owes $10,000, jim diller, the maryland man who was just found guilty. he's been slapped with fees of $24,000 for these unpaid trips he took in 2013 at 171% more than the initial toll, these folks are arguing that these fees are excessive and illegal under virginia law. transsuburban which runs the pay toll lanes claims the fees simply were not paid for years and now includes civil offenses and thousands in administrative penalties. one woman says, well her e.z. pass simply wasn't working and she realized it a11 trips. it sounds like the judge is going to rule on all of these
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cases today. transsuburban officials say they've always followed the law but they did recently make a change to their policy. penalties for first time offenders are now capped at $2 it -- $2200. my colleague is inside the courtroom and we'll have more on the verdicts this evening. reporting live john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> coming up here on abc 7 news at noon enduring the frigid weather. the surprising reasons dozens of people slept outside in these cold temperatures. >> and the battle brewing on capitol hill. the action a senate committee is taking on the controversial keystone x.l. pipeline bill. >> and slightly warmer temperatures on the way. slightly. eileen is in timing out when it will get here next
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>> a winter weather alert now. we are not the only ones dealing with cold weather issues. check this water main break out in atlanta. it looks look more like a geyser. you'd think that was a fountain and supposed to be there. as annette reyes reports, our below freezing temperature didn't stop some people from voluntarily sleeping outside last night. >> thousands woke up this morning to frigid temperatures and dangerous wind chills. >> come on in! >> others spent the night in it. >> it was cold. >> good morning! rise and shine! >> pretty much everyone. at least those who braved the freezing temperatures for over 24 hours. bundled up in these tents. no big deal. >> fantastic! a lot of ttle chilly but it was ok. we made it through the night. >> a little bit chilly. >> yeah. >> it could be worse! yes, that's possible.
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>> much better last night when it was blowing as negative something with wind chill. >> so why do it, any time a new chick filet opens, it holds a competition. first 100 to arrive 24 hours before and get in line get free chicken sandwich meals for a year. the catch is it's only one meal a week. still, it's become a tradition for some die hard fans. >> eighth time out. >> 15 times out. >> 51. >> this is probably one of the coldest but i've been to worse. we've been to like hurricane, craziness! >> for others, it's an item to check off that list. >> and it was on my bucket list for a long time. >> or a way to find a soul mate? >> i met my husband at a chic-fillet. >> proof thaw never know what freezing temperatures could bring you. right now it's still below freezing but a lot of these people have free hot meals for the year and those who didn't get it have an unforgettable
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experience to share. jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> i mean also have like a hospital bill to remember it by for frostbite. >> seriously cold. i mean you can easily get frostbite in about a 45 minute time and some of them were out there until 4:00 yesterday afternoon. >> we're not going to be above freezing for probably another 24 hours. bitterly cold. you stay inside here nice and warm. i want to show you, i know, the bitterly cold temperatures that we're experiencing. you know it's cold when the weather maps are gray. 20 degrees at reagan national. 22 the mildest spot on the map in fredricksburg. currently sitting at 14 degrees in dulles and 16 degrees in baltimore. but those numbers mean absolutely nothing because of the winds. the winds are blowing out of the west anywhere between about 10 and 15 miles an hour. and that of course makes it feel that much colder to our bodies. these are wind chill temperatures.
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so this is what it feels like to our body. the coldest spot right now in gaithersburg where it feels like 4 degrees below zero. it feels like 2 degrees in baltimore. 1 degree is what it feels like in dulles. so as i mentioned, very, very cold temperatures and very dangerous conditions. this is a wind chill chart so it kind of maps out. i know it's a little difficult to see but basically takes the temperature coupled with the wind speed and lets you know how soon you may be susceptible to frostbite. we're not quite in the 15 minutes or less category. we fall right here in the teen temperature department. it could take anywhere from 45 minutes and you could easily get frostbite. so really dangerous conditions. but it's much more dangerous in the upper midwest, chicago 22 degrees below zero is what it feels like. there is some light, though at the end of the tunnel as our winds are going to start to shift later on tonight. temperatures will actually climb. so by tomorrow, we'll be above freezing but then another weather system over the upper midwest will slide through and it will bring us another blast of cold air for the day on
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saturday. so we're kind of going to go up and go back down again. but for the rest of the afternoon today, we'll be sunny, breezy and frigid. our highs between 18 and 25. but with the winds again, feeling that much colder. tonight, it's not going to be as frigid as last night. temperatures are actually going to be kind of staying where they are in the middle teens to lower 20's and has a few more clouds begin to move in that will help to blanket the sky. not allowing us to drop too much. also, the winds changing more out of the south and i'll show you that on the futurecast later on. sotherly winds are helping temperatures to warm up i guess that's the wrong word to say when we're dealing with these cold temperatures but they'll moderate a bit i should say and our futurecast tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. as that clipper moves through, it may bring a few snow flurries to the region. nothing that will impact your commute tomorrow morning. temperatures by tomorrow afternoon will climb into the mid to upper 30's. you'll still want to be bundled up. these are the high temperatures forecast for tomorrow. generally in the mid to upper 30's. 35 37.
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sounds a lot better than today and again partly sun lyliy lyly sunny skies with that southwesterly breeze. 28 for the high. looking ahead to the weekend, it will be dry but it will be cold. 37 for sunday. still watching the next weather system into early next week. that may bring us a few chilly rain showers on monday. forecast hasn't come together all that much. what are you looking at? >> those snowflakes coming down? >> there's a little bit. wintry mix. >> that's day seven, jummy! >> i want a plan! >> i understand. i understand. but the stormwatch 7 weather team will be updating it as new information becomes available. >> all right. look for that update. thank you, eileen. coming up next on abc 7 news at noon, a look at the next big issue that president obama will address ahead of the state of the union speech. and a senate committee is set to take on the keystone x.l. pipeline bill. with th
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>> in fairfax county protesters are speaking out against the death of a man shot and killed by fairfax county police officer back in august of 2013. the group held a demonstration in front of the massey building in fairfax this morning. they are calling for justice and accountability over gear's death. president obama is in arizona today as part of his state of the union tour. it is the second stop of a trip to kick off what the white house calls spoilers from his state of the union address. this afternoon, the president will talk housing in phoenix. specifically, he'll be talking about a new initiative to lower mortgage rates for first time homeowners. the senate energy and natural resources committee is holding a hearing today to discuss the keystone pipeline bill and the
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$5.4 billion construction project is exp approved by the republican controlled senate but even if the senate approves the pipeline, the white house says president obama will veto it. the house is expected to vote on the bill tomorrow. sunshine and slightly warmer weather in the forecast for the weekend! >> not on the same day, though. eileen is next with our las
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>> there it is. can't see any of the cute faces.
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this is a live look at the puppy cam. volunteers at warrior canine connection in brookeville, maryland, are playing with these lovable puppies when they're not napping. it looks like it's nap time there. they're catching some zs all cuddled up. the organization utilizes clinically based canine connection therapy to help wounded warriors reconnect with their life their families, their communities and, of course each other. you know eileen was out there this morning. >> toughest assignment ever! >> you wore them out. now they need a nap. >> look at the total little -- warm to snuggle with. >> they really are. it's going to be cold for the rest of the day. feeling like the single digits but milder tomorrow as you climb into the 30's. doug hill will have more tonight at 4:00. >> all right. thanks for joining us. >> b
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