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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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andoah valley, potomac highland, wind chill factors tomorrow morning at zero to 10 below. mostly clear overnight. temperatures will fluctuate in the teens to the west of us and winds will stay on the breezy side and we will see a little bit of a warmup i'll tell you more about that coming up in just a few minutes. plus your weekend forecast. leon? >> ok steve. the lingering effects of yesterday's snow is prompting changes to tomorrow's schedule in the area. already, fairfax county prince george's county warren county culpepper county will be on a two-hour delay for tomorrow. we'll let you know as more school systems make their decisions this evening. d.c. leaders, meanwhile, are activating the city's cold emergency plan which will stay in place until early friday morning. that alert provides extra services for the homeless and for those without heat while giving them some place to seek shelter. >> and now we turn to breaking developments in that paris newspaper attack.
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police there say they now know who is responsible for the attack against the french newspaper. it left 12 people dead. 11 more wounded and tonight, they have raised their security alert to its highest level after the deadliest terror attack in that nation since world war ii. scott is tracking this developing story in our abc 7 newsroom. what's the latest? >> alison french authorities are identifying the three suspects. they've also reportedly been linked to a yemeni terror network. a lot is being sorted out. our colleagues at abc saying two of the men may be brothers. there were also some reports that they may have been arrested. that is not yet confirmed. a lot is being disseminated right now. chilling scene, though earlier today in the video of a suspect fleeing. "allahu akbar!" translated "god is great they were yelling.
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cell phone video shows three gunmen dressed in blood leaving the offices of french newspaper charlie hebdo. behind, they leave 10 dead including editors steffan known for publishing drawings sometimes mocking the prophet muhammad. he often talked about refusing to be repressed. >> we contribute and we go to freedom of speech. >> also killed an officer who was his bodyguard and another policeman responding to the shooting. both al-qaida and the islamic state had threatened attacks in france and today, supporters celebrated the slayings. there was, however, instant worldwide condemnation including from president obama. >> to see the kind of cowardly evil attacks that took place today, i think, reinforces once again why it's so important for
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us to -- >> while their getaway car was found, the suspects were not and the fear of other lone wolf type attacks increased. >> they have been inspired by things they see in the internet social media in literature, without accepting the direct order. >> in new york, stepped up security outside the french consulate. and in washington, d.c. flags lowered outside the french embassy. now, as for the shooter, one witness said the attackers were so methodical that he first mistook them for france's elite anti-terrorism forces. that is until he saw them fire on a police officer. alison? >> all right, scott, thank you very much for the latest developments. now, the attack in paris has triggered a massive response all across europe. thousands packed the streets of not only paris but also leon in france carrying signs that read "i am charlie. "thousands more joined in the vigils across the english
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channel. in london's trafalgar square carrying signs as well as pens and pencils. of course, the tools of journalists and cartoonists. an event will be held tonight at 7:00 at the newseum here in d.c. today's terror attack is the latest in a series of attacks targeting journalists. that includes the capture and beheadings of reporters and photographers working overseas. tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 the fight to protect the freedom of the press and what the chairman of d.c.'s museum says is the best weapon to carry out that battle. >> closer to home now, a frightening scene in glenarden this afternoon. a dump truck rams into the police car and investigators say this is no accident. the scene unfolded in the parking lot of the woodmore town center and that's where our kevin lewis is live tonight. kevin, tell us why police think they were targeted here. >> they are really not sure at this point, leon i can tell you since we last talked at 4:00 an
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industrial sized tow truck came in and removed the dump truck. now, crews are back here at the 5:00 hour. they are now working to remove the two squad cars that were rammed in this incident. the one on the bed took the most extensive damage. you can see its trunk and its roof stood no chance in this crash. a mysterious motive in this shopping plaza parking lot. police say the driver of this dump truck intentionally revved accelerated and then slammed into two parked squad cars. both officers narrowly escaped impact. >> i'd say the car is totalled. >> lieutenant bill alexander says detectives are considering all motives. >> there's no evidence at this time to suggest this has anything to do with the narrative going on across the nation. but obviously, particularly in light of and given the fact that two new york policemen were tragically and horribly murdered, we cannot discount that possibility. >> the department's crash reconstruction team was called. it used spray paint to mark where all three vehicles came to a stop. >> oh wow!
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>> margaret fisher was leaving costco when she saw the aftermath. >> wow. that's horrible. >> the dump truck is registered to allstar utility company. a call to the construction business' district heights officened with a click. >> certainly, the investigators will be working hard to ask him some of those questions to feel why exactly he felt the need to take a heavy, huge dump truck use that as a weapon and try to attack our officers. >> it's a shame, you know because these guys are putting their lives on the line for us every day. shameful. what is this world coming to? >> now, this is one of the many surveillance cameras in the woodmore town center parking lot. we're told this entire crash was caught on camera. still, no name for the dump truck driver. but he is under arrest facing some very serious charges, possibly attempted murder. we're live in glenarden tonight,
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i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> all right, kevin, thank you. a bystander has been hurt after police opened fire on robbery suspects in southeast washington. the scene is unfolding right now onartin luther king jr. avenue not far from the suitland parkway. mike kaneen is live there with what happened today. what's the victim's condition right now? >> d.c. department officials, d.c. police department officials tell us the injury was nonlife threatening but when i last spoke with the department official in the last hour she could not give any further detail about the medical condition. a barber told me earlier today that the victim was a man in his 20's, a regular at the shop and he was shot in the hip. and according to folks coming out of the barber shop they say he was sitting in this very first chair when he was hit. they say he was conscious and breathing when he was transported to the hospital. >> let's go! let's go! >> about a mile away from the incident at a prearranged mayoral news conference at the district's homeland security
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headquarters, d.c. police chief kathy lanier detailed what led up to the shooting. around noon she says a store owner flagged down officers to report a robbery. those officers tracked down the suspect vehicle which got stuck in traffic on the 2400 block of martin luther king jr. avenue. she says the three suspects fled on foot. >> the suspects involved in the robbery had a handgun in his hand. and ran in the direction of another incoming police officer. in that exchange officer opened fire. >> none of the suspects were injured. one round went through the window of the barber shop striking a man inside. >> so i'm just shocked about it. >> it's crazy, that you know there's something like that happening right here in our neighborhood. >> so what's happening out here in our community is a shame. >> on this busy section of m.l.k. avenue with several storefronts and a couple of schools, parents especially find the incident unsettling.
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>> that's right. could have hit a student, a teacher, anybody in the school. >> after being closed all afternoon, traffic is flowing on the southbound side of m.l.k. avenue. northbound lanes remain closed bu three robbery suspects were taken into custody. none of the responding officers were injured. lanier emphasized today that that officer who fired his weapon that led to this bystander getting shot that he did so directing that towards the suspect after telling the suspect to drop the weapon. she emphasized that today at that press conference. but we're still told that officers following protocol will be placed on paid administrative leave. mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> one man is dead after an officer involved shooting at an airport in ohio. airport officials say the shooting occurred around 1:00 this afternoon in the outdoor departure area of the port columbus international airport. investigators say the officer killed the man during a
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confrontation. the officer was not hurt. police are a investigating a car involved in the incident. flights at that airport are continuing as normal. >> the university of virginia has reinstated its fraternities and sororityies but with conditions. all social activities have been suspended after a "rolling stone" magazine article detailing an alleged 2012 rape at a fraternity party there. joce sterman joins us with new restrictions being placed to activities. >> the restrictions means when the new semester starts next week, u.v.a. will start to put "rolling stone" behind it. there will be changes to the way events are held. social activities can begin immediately. "rolling stone" has issued an apology for discrepancies in the report. that didn't stop the university of virginia. the school has spent months going over the policies for greek organizations and the u.v.a. president theresa sullivan has issued a statement approving changes. >> i think the university getting involved isn't a bad thing. >> it's getting involved by setting up new rules.
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among them a minimum of three fraternity brothers must be sober and lucid at each function. one must be at each point of alcohol distribution. and another at the stairs leading to the residential rooms. premixed drinks punches or any other common sorts of alcohol are prohibited. >> help keep risk more control of the party if you have sober people. >> control the university wants to regain after reeling from publicity linked to the "rolling stone" piece and last fall's abduction of coed hannah graham. later this month, a new police substation will be added adjacent to campus with increased patrols. the university is also planning enhancements to its lighting and cameras system. fraternities and sororities have until january 16th to sign this new agreemen joce sterman, abc 7 news. >> joce, thank you very much. and still ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00 d.c. neighborhood left without power for more than a day. the latest on the efforts to get the lights and heat back on and
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what's being done to stop it from happening again. >> plus new research shows the best day of the week to weigh yourself. >> and we know children's playgrounds can be a breeding ground for germs. how often do they need to be cleaned to stop illnesses before they start? >> i'm horace holmes and these are the burnt-out pieces of an old boiler of a southeast apartment building that's been without heat since november! but tonight, there's good news for residents. we'll te
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>> washington gas is investigating a gas leak that forced elementary school students to evacuate today. crews were called to alabama avenue in southeast just before 11:00 this morning. students from the elementary school were taken to a nearby church. no one was hurt. authorities have not said yet what caused the leak but they tell us it originated somewhere outside the school. >> work is under way tonight to finally get the heat and the hot water restored to southeast d.c. apartment complex that spent weeks in the cold. now, the sudden shift comes after "7 on your side" went looking for some answers. "7 on your side" trouble shooter horace holmes live tonight with where repairs stand right now. horace? >> well we did have some good news leon, until just a couple
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of minutes ago. the heat and hot water, we're here in the boiler room. let me walk you around and see the boiler and the work that's going on. contractors are here right now. let's move into the boiler room and you can see it's dark in here. these guys had gotten the heat to this boiler working until just a couple of minutes ago when all the lights in the building just wentout. the electricity went out. so the residents have been happy for at least a part of the day. just hours after our "7 on your side" story on this g street apartment building first aired -- the hot water came back on in the evening and her 80-year-old grandmother were able to take showers for the first time since the hot water went out three weeks ago. >> very happy! to have water back. >> residents say the heat hasn't been on in the building since november. >> down in the basement, this afternoon, contractors worked to get the boiler fired up again. >> went through literally replaced everything. >> "7 on your side" has learned
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the can't -- they owned the building and moved to get the boiler fixed. while the heat has been out, oakmont gave residents space heaters to keep their apartments warm. 80-year-old gladys spencer says -- >> the kitchen was still cold! you know? i have to put the oven on. >> and today, more action. a d.c. housing inspector came to take a look at the work on the boiler. >> we'll be issuing an emergency violation for the heat source and we'll do that tomorrow. to check and see if it's up and running. >> the inspector told us if the furnace isn't working tomorrow, shut down the building and have residents move to other houses. late this afternoon, the boiler was back on and gladys spencer and her neighbors were once again warm and happy. >> "7 on your side", they do their job! >> ok. we still, obviously have more work to do because the boiler was working and heating up the building. and then the power went out.
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we understand this is the third time the power has gone out in this building today. obviously, some problems here. we have talked to dcra and they told us that the first complaint about this building from residents came early in december. but they didn't get any permits requested to fix this boiler until around christmas. we wanted to know why did it take so long for the owners to come and try to get this thing fixed? well, we're still wondering because we called the owners of the building stanford realty but they didn't return any of our calls. so we are here waiting for the lights to come back on so that the heat can come back on in this building. we'll stick with it. reporting live in southeast, horace holmes abc 7 news. >> nice going, horace. tell the folks to hang in there. now, if you need horace and the "7 on your side" team to help you out with something, we want to know about it. just e-mail us tips at or call the "7 on your side" hotline at 1-866-236-3401 and take a look into the problem for you. >> we'll go right into the boiler room if we have to.
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>> if we have to! >> all right. well, it's time to take a look at the weather and it is bone chilling cold outside today. especially with the wind. >> thank goodness they got their boiler fixed. it's going to come in great use tonight and tonight add an extra blanket. you'll be glad you do. we had a few snow flurries earlier this afternoon, didn't amo a whole lot. more or less, the conversational type of snow and we'll look for the streamers to continue for at least the next couple of hours or so. but not going to add up to much. so no need to worry there. but the cold is going to bring us bigger problems. 22 degrees right now at reagan national airport and winds are out of the west-northwest at 15 miles per hour. that's what's giving us a wind chill factor at 9 degrees and even colder to the west of us. 30, that's it for the daytime high. our average for this date 13 degrees warmer and the record sounds pretty nice. 76 back in 1907. nothing like that on the way. at least not any time soon. temperatures across the board, frederick, maryland at 19. 16 in gaithersburg.
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look at lexington park, maryland. they're at 22 degrees. but the wind chill factor down there just at 3. we're at 2 for dulles. feels like temperature of 1 in gaithersburg. even colder for western maryland. look at these wind gusts, past hour or so 20-mile-per-hour wind gusts at gaithersburg but the jackpot goes to southern maryland with 43-mile-per-hour gusts and they're going to look for those winds to continue for at least the next several hours. here's the latest from the national weather service. let me get this out here. i'm having a brain freeze right now. a wind chill advisory that's what it is. get it out eventually. wind chill advisory all the areas shaded in blue and it includes all of southern maryland. head further out to the west and the mountains, that's where they're expecting a little bit of snow for the overnight hours and it's going to be cold out there and we're going to keep the cold temperatures with us for another couple of days. satellite and radar, there are the streamers, the snow flurries moving across parts of montgomery county and frederick county once again. nothing that's going to stick to the ground. we are going to look for things
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to begin to fizzle out later on tonight. it's going to be cold, early, early tomorrow morning. 8 degrees. that's it in gaithersburg. leesburg looking at 6 degrees. 9 in bowie, maryland with lots of sunshine. our futurecast looks like this. here are those strong winds out of the northwest. if one cold front is not enough another one that's on the way. this will arrive on friday. that's going to drop our temperatures for at least the first half of the upcoming weekend. and that will rebound as we move into sunday and rebound, we're talking temperatures in the upper 30's. here's our windcast futurecast our wind chills showing temperatures waking up tomorrow morning. what it will feel like below zero across montgomery county and into fairfax and loudoun. looking at temperatures that will eventually rebound in terms of how cold it feels out there as they move through the midday hours and by thursday feels like temperatures back into the teens. so improvements are on the way or it's going to be very slow. 4 to 12 degrees. that's it for an overnight. mainly clear skies. winds out of the northwest 10 to 12 miles per hour.
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wind chills will make it feel much colder than that. lots of sunshine waking up tomorrow morning. and tomorrow afternoon, stays breezy. 20 to 26. wind out of the west at just around 10. and the extended outlook shows 37 on friday. only 28 on saturday. look at those lows. here in the teens. but back into the upper 30's by sunday and monday of next week. of course jacqui jeras has a news blog of what happened with the snow at and tracking the temperatures. great time to download the storm watch 7 app and get everything in sync with this wind chill advisory. 10:00 tonight until 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> even your brain needs to be thawed out. >> brain freeze! >> it is brain freeze weather. and by the way, we heard from prince william county. they also are going to delay by two hours. so we have more than a dozen school systems now who are delaying. so we're going to do a crawl on our screens so you can get the latest updates any time. >> all right. coming up on abc 7 news at e 5:00 this evening winter
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weather made worse. why it's taken more than a day to restore power to one d.c. neighborhood and when the power and the heat will finally be back on there. >> plus why medical researchers say they have found the best day to step on a scale and weigh yourself? >> and simple steps for cleaning and changin toys to keep illnesses in check. >> and tonight a near death experience prompted a new outlook on life on modern family. big changes all part of primetime tonight on abc 7 not.
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>> the flu epidemic has prompted that same caution here every year to avoid getting sick wash your hands. but there's something else that schools and businesses even parents with playgrounds and toys can do to help prevent illnesses from spreading. >> with flu cases continuing to rise, a lot of organizations doing everything they can to help fight germs. we stopped by one children's museum today taking some extra effort to explain in today's health matters. it is no easy task to keep areas where kids play free of germs. and, perhaps, nobody knows that more than owen and oliver's mom who also happens to be a family physician. >> every time we're going anywhere, i have hand sanitizer on hand and we wash our hands about 85 times a day so we definitely try to keep it out of our house. >> the good news today her 20-month-old twin boys and every
5:27 pm
other child here is getting a clean ball of health, you might say. you see, long before playtime, the team here at this children's museum scoops all the old balls and puts them into the dishwasher for cleaning. this happens quite often, not just for the balls but also for anything else kids might put in their mouths. everything from fake food to fake rocks. >> does get washed every single night. >> but this is also a brand new ball dumping day. every 18 months the balls are replaced with brand new ones. all in an effort to keep everything from the flu to other viruses anywhere but in this ball dropping good time. and while this may not be your definition of having a real ball, you might say they actually looked into this scientifically to see how often these need to be changed. >> actually had a microbiological firm come in and they tested after we had the balls out for a month at a time how clean were the balls?
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we need to get them cleaned more often or less often? >> it appears they found the right formula. a big relief to dr. tiffany justin today. she says mainly because -- >> they had a stomach virus over christmas break. we actually all did so -- >> now that everyone is well of course keeping everyone well is always a bit of a tossup. now, kids also need to wash their hands before and after this playtime. and if you can encourage them to do one thing, ask them to keep their own hands off their own face. it is one more reason your health matters. i'm liz bonis, "7 on your side." >> research out aimed for helping people with new year's resolutions to lose weight. this is aimed at making sure that you get the right weight when you step on a scale. researchers at finland's university of technology say that you should weigh yourself on wednesdays. now, why hump day you ask? well, the experts say we all tend to gain a little bit of weight on the weekends many we lose that during the week. that makes wednesdays your true weight day for monitoring long-term progress. >> ok.
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so once a week. every wednesday. all right. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 why a woman said no thanks to a check worth $974 million? >> plus the first amendment battle over a name. why some say a frederick county councilman told a newspaper to never use his name without his permission! >> a day and a half and people here in dupont circle still don't have electricity. we'll tell you how many people this is
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>> well new hampshire avenue is shut down around dupont circle as crews finish repairs to underground power lines. >> those damaged lines knocked out power to thousands yesterday. some still have no power tonight. "7 on your side" chris has more now from the scene. >> crews battle terrible conditions today. frigid air. and vicious winds as they work to fully restore power to dupont circle. early yesterday morning, 6,000 customers lost their electricity. when an underground wire caught fire. >> around $4,000 in one day. >> firehook bakery on 17th
5:33 pm
street was forced to close along with most other businesses in this area including diaggio deambrosia's hair salon. >> we don't make no money. that's no good. >> what also has been no good is pepco's recent reputation. in 2011 citing a high number of outages, business insider named pepco the most hated company in america. beating out delta airlines time warner and comcast that rounded out the top four. lately pepco has improved. d.c. government numbers obtained by "7 on your side" show in 2010, 1.2% of pepco customers experienced yearly outages. lasting an average of 161 minutes. in 2013 those numbers dropped to .88 and 124 minutes. pepco told "7 on your side" we are very focused and the results
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show we are improving. and we will continue to improve. it is our goal to improve the service to all of d.c. to the highest level possible. >> pepco doesn't know exactly how this -- know how exactly how this situation happened. it's going to wait until everybody has been fully restored to power before they start their investigation. live in northwest d.c. abc 7. >> all right, thanks, chris. time now for a look at the day's top stories. authorities say they've identified the gunmen who attacked the offices of the satirical newspaper in paris. there are conflicting reports as to whether the three suspects are now in custody, however. tonight, thousands of parisians attended a vigil for the 12 people who were killed today. president obama has offered condolences and support. >> and back here locally, a dump truck driver is in police custody tonight accused of intentionally ramming two prince george's county police cruisers
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at the woodmore town center in glenarden. the officers were not in their vehicles at the time. the suspects' name has not been released. >> a man is said to have nonlife threatening injuries after being accidentally shot by police in southeast washington. this happened as officers confronted three robbery suspects on martin luther king jr. avenue. a bullet went through the window of a barber shop and hit the bystander inside. all three suspects, though are now in custody. slick roads are being investigated as a possible cause of an early morning crash that left a man dad in glenn bernie. this happened around 2:15 in the morning on route 50 not far from i-97, rather. the crash shut down the entire roadway for a few hours and the traffic is allowed to get through for the morning rush. so far, police say they have not released the victim's name. time now for a check of the traffic situation for the evening. bob emler at his post at the traffic center. how is it looking, bob? >> leon we have a bit of a normal rush hour today on the beltway on the inner loop as you come up from the dulles toll
5:36 pm
road we're bogging down getting to 270 now. 66 is quite slow headed west. no incident. not doing badly on i-95 traveling southbound. slow in woodbridge and then beyond that, it's running pretty well most of the way to stafford and beyond towards fredricksburg. doing pretty well this afternoon headed southbound. take a look at some cameras and see what the volume looks like now here on the beltway and river road it has gotten heavier in the last half-hour or so in both directions but no incidents along the way and traffic on 395 heading south getting down towards landmark with the travel lanes open. i'm bob emler with wtop radio. >> thank you bob. coming up at 5:00 why a woman turned down a chance to cash in this check. check written for nearly a billion dollars, by the way. >> how one area man is using basketball to teach a critical life skill. >> and coming your way tonight at 6:00 protecting the less
5:37 pm
fortunate in dangerously cold weather and learn how the
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>> a local former college basketball player got a couple of breaks and now he's paying it forward in his own way.
5:40 pm
he's been involved in the youth but now he's started a nonprofit organization that uses basketball to engage these kids in school and inspire them to reach higher. and that makes donald curtis this week's harris' hero. >> hey! hey! i like that. perfect! >> four days a week you'll see coach curtis as the boys call him, playing basketball at the richard england boys and girls clubhouse in northeast d.c. but it's more than just playing ball. it's part of a program that donald curtis started in 2013. he calls it soul. students organized to understand leadership. and it targets youth in low income neighborhoods in d.c.'s ward seven. >> to me basketball is a tool to engage kids. >> engage them to focus not just on the basketball court but in school by providing one-on-one coaching. mainly, it's about being someone who cares. >> to me it's letting the kids know that people see you, you know, you mean something to
5:41 pm
somebody. >> it's a message that's making an impact on the boys. >> help me in school and helped me like -- i mean whenever i need help because i had his number. whenever i need help i call him. >> get back on track. >> we can't do good in school, makes us want to do good on the court. you can't, without school you can't go to the nba. >> curtis credits the basketball coach when he was in high school with making a difference in his life. and now he says it's his turn to be the mentor. >> when i looked at the kids i see a positive future. i see where they can go. i think i see things. >> on three. one, two, three! raiders! >> there you go. >> now, curtis now devotes all of his time to the organization and the youngsters there and a little over a year he's seen this program grow from six to 65 youths. and he says he hopes to expand the programs there to work with more children in the future and
5:42 pm
reform. >> absolutely. leon, thank you. coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00, there is a new twist on an old spam. the warning signs to be aware to make sure thieves don't get your money. >> and a local politician's angry facebook post turns his name into a globally trended hashtag. i'm brad bell in frederick. coming up we'll tell you what
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>> a frederick county council member's message to a newspaper sparked a viral story that is spreading around the world believe it or not. >> i know. it's amazing. that message don't ever use kirby delauters's name without permission. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live tonight with what sparked all of this. brad? >> well kirby delauters tells us -- tells through a spokesperson actually says that he was frustrated by what he believed was biassed reporting by the frederick news post and the last straw came when they did an article about his loss of parking spaces here at the frederick county office building. he says his name was in the article and he didn't like it. i tried to talk to frederick county republican councilman
5:46 pm
kirby delauters today. i went to his house. i asked for him at the business he owns. >> looking for kirby delauters. >> he's not here. >> i e-mailed him and left messages. no sign of him. no messages returned. to be clear, i don't have his permission to use his name in this story. now, on "the frederick news post" recently included kirby delauters' name in a story, he posted this threat on his facebook page. "use my name again and you'll be paying for an attorney. your rights stop where mine start." >> you know at first, it was funny. >> terry headly is managing editor of "the frederick news post" and he points out that delauters is a public official and the paper has every right and an obligation to report on delauters' actions. >> so stupid. i don't even know how to respond to a request like that. >> the paper did respond with this on-line editorial mentioning kirby delauters' name
5:47 pm
more than two dozen times. it went viral, the most tweeted story in the u.s. yesterday. #kirbydelauters has people talking. >> i mean, unfortunately, i think he didn't think before he spoke. >> i feel like you know just kind of ignorance at its highest. >> now, billy sleef, his republican colleague on the council says delauters was just kidding. >> biggest joke is on the liberal media. >> he said it on a facebook post. >> the claim that this was all a joke was made about an hour and a half ago. 30 minute ago kirby delauters issued a statement and he says of course, as i am an elected official "the frederick news post" has the right to use my name in any article related to the running of the county. that comes with the job. so yes, my statement to "the frederick news post" regarding the use of my name was wrong and inappropriate. the statement also says delauters says over the years,
5:48 pm
he's written many angry e-mails, he says nothing good ever comes of it. he's just got to learn the lesson that you got to wait a while before you hit that send button. i think he probably learned it now. in frederick, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> tough way to learn it. all right, thanks, brad. now, to a "7 on your side" consumer alert. audio equipment maker monster is suing apple's beats for an undisclosed sum of money. monster claims to have invented the technology behind the popular headphones fortunately monster's c.e.o. says the beat's founders dr. dre and jimmy alvine tricked monster out of its stake in the company and that reportedly cost monster millions of dollars after apple purchased beats last year for $3 billion. beats has not commented on this lawsuit. >> what would you do with a check for $975 million? well if you're a woman in oklahoma nothing. sue rejected a check that her ex-husband gave her as part of a divorce settlement. oil tycoon harold hamm agreed to
5:49 pm
the payout last year. and this week a judge rejected hamm's claim he can no longer afford the deal because of falling oil prices. the judge also rejected arnaud's request for a greater share of hamm's $8 billion fortune. and both sides are appealing. >> you can send me that check. take you to puerto rico right now. >> i know. i guess the check wasn't big enough. she's weighing for a bigger check. >> we'll see how that turns out. let's see how these -- the low temperatures that we're seeing here are going to turn out tonight for us. steve? >> it is going to be cold out there. it's cold right now. it's only going to get colder later on tonight and a really cold start to thetomorrow. that's why so many school cancellations out there. you can head over to com for the latest cancellations. plus they're scrolling at the bottom of your screen. let's look outside in terms of the wind chill advisory from the overnight into tomorrow morning. it includes the district all surrounding counties, to
5:50 pm
southern maryland to the west of us we are look at wind chill warnings and that's how cold it's going to be with wind chills between zero and 10 below, even colder than that off to the west. you can see the areas shaded in pink, already 11 below for a feels like temperature in west virginia, feels like 9 at reagan national and 7 degrees in manassas. satellite and radar skies are clearing out. that will allow temperatures t drop. you can see a little bit of flurry activity. that's going to stick around for at least the next few hours and not going to accumulate. futurecast in terms of the wind chill, waking up tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like zero. if not below zero across much of the area. we will rebound a little bit tomorrow will still be a cold day. but not quite as windy. just on the breezy side with wind chills mainly in the teens to lower 20's for actual air temperatures. so our forecast as we move through tonight mainly clear and bitterly cold. 4 to 12 degrees is the actual air temperature with wind chills about 10 to 12 degrees colder than that. daytime highs tomorrow will
5:51 pm
eventually make it into the lower 20's. if you want to call that a high temperature, we'll be around 37 on friday. upper 20's on saturday for the weekend. upper 30's on sunday. so there you have it a cold, cold week ahead. >> good deal thanks. meanwhile, make a move that may be stalling things out between the team and the fans. >> so true. it's one of those things where we have to just sit back and wait because there's so many reports going on. we just don't know. the wait continues, the redskins still haven't made it official on scot mccloughan's hire as the new g.m. this afternoon, adam shefner tweeted "finally and officially scot mccloughan reached an agreement to become redskins g.m. "pro football tweeted within the hour that the deal is still not lized. however, several reports say the redskins will name mccloughan as their new g.m. and that the agreement is for four years. talking college football now, the florida quarterback made it official today. the 2013 heisman trophy winner
5:52 pm
made his decision to forgo his final two years of eligibility and insert the 2015 draft. his stats fell off a little this year but still had a good season. he threw for 30,907 yards. 45 touchdowns. and had 18 interceptions. when you think of the nfl's best quarterback, some names that come to mind, tom brady, aaron rodgers, peyton manning and joe flacco? well, after the ravens' playoff win against the steelers last week and head coach jim harbaugh said that joe flacco is the best. the best quarterback in football. that one gave flacco's fifth straight playoff win. he was also super bowl m.v.p. two years ago. he's 10-4 in the post season. and has more road playoff wins than any quarterback in nfl history. harbaugh has time to think about his statement and he's sticking to it. >> i said it. i meant it. what more is there to say about? you make your opinions. i have my opinions. i'm entitled to my opinion, all right. it's my opinion. >> yeah. back off! all right. well last time the wizards saw
5:53 pm
the knicks it was a very merry christmas. knicks forward quincy acey and the wizards guard shared some blows. the wiz will look to give the knicks another blow handing them their 13th straight loss and the wiz won't have to worry about one of the best scorers in the league. baltimore native carmelo anthony is out because of a sore knee. hurts to watch again. john wall says he's a player. not a fighter. >> i mean i look at guys now and try to help my team win a game. >> all right. see what happens tonight. >> just tell them.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - upload speeds as fast as your download speeds so files go out in a snap.
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don't miss your last chancto get $300 back when you switch to fios internet and phe for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $300 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today. >> the largest in a phone scam fraud targeting taxpayers is exploding. >> that's right. when the inspector general first warned about the i.r.s. phone scam last spring 20,000 people
5:57 pm
had been contacted. as of tonight, 290,000 people have. with many still reporting losses to "7 on your side." consumer investigator kimberly suters joins us live with why the tide of victims just continues to rise kimberly? >> we just got an e-mail to "7 on your side" minutes ago. it preys on our fear that we might actually owe the i.r.s. back taxes because these are i.r.s. impersonators and they're tricking people out of millions of dollars they don't owe contacting 12,000 consumers in their homes every single week. >> the scam so widespread even one of the nation's chief investigators got a call at home. >> how much money did you owe supposedly? >> supposedly, $750. >> going to come and arrest you? >> correct. >> it doesn't ever happen that way explains the deputy treasury inspector general for investigations but thousands of people fearing the i.r.s. are pressured to pay up. >> you need this kind of pressure on you like you need what? >> like a hole in the head. >> karen rhodes didn't fall for
5:58 pm
the call because she doesn't owe the i.r.s. money. she holds on tight to the cash that she does have. she also holds a degree from the university of maryland in accounting. >> bark up the wrong tree this time. >> stopping the flood of potential victims, 12,000 americans contacted every week is a federal priority. >> anybody who pays money and is you defrauded is financially hurt. in addition to that they're afraid. afraid of becoming victims of further identity type issues but it's a crime that really shakepeople up. >> they advise you to hang up if you get one of these calls and reach out to the i.r.s. yourself. report it to treasury"gov and file a complaint. he warned the i.r.s. impersonator. >> i told the caller that their day will come. >> the impersonators often have strong accents and there can be a significant delay and
5:59 pm
signature of an international call and something to clarify. the i.r.s. can call awe the home and issue an arrest warrant but it's very rare and that unfortunate news would never come as a call out of the blue. you would get a bunch of letters in the mail first. leon and alison, back to you. >> absolutely kimberly. thanks so much for that. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. ahead at 6:00, new details of a deadly terrorist attack at a french newspaper. what investigators are revealing about the suspects. >> a disturbing scene at a shopping center. why police say the damage to some police cars there was no accident. >> and we'll show you how the district is trying to keep the homeless safe in the bitterly cold weather. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> we begin with a winter weather alert. we're finished with the snow for now but the bitter cold
6:00 pm
temperatures are sticking around and make for dangerous conditions. public schools in prince george's fairfax, culpepper, prince william and faquier counties have announced a two-hour delay for tomorrow. we have the full list of delays and closings scrolling on your screen and posted on our website at for a look at the forecast we turn to meteorologist steve rudin in the stormwatch weather center. steve? >> big cooldown on the way especially overnight and into early tomorrow morning. take a look at what we have out there in terms of current temperatures. it's 22 degrees at reagan national airport. updating 15 that martinsburg and 16 in gaithersburg. 21 in fredricksburg. we have a wind chill advisory that will go into effect 10:00 tonight. it extends until 8:00 tomorrow morning and we will see these cold temperatures staying with us for a good couple of days with the wind c


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