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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  January 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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mery county into frederick county hagerstown, feels like temperature of only 2 degrees. feels like 6 in lexington park maryland. show you what the national weather service has done. wind chill advisory goes into effect at 10:00 tonight and extends until 8:00 tomorrow morning. every one listening to us in the abc viewing area looking at the wind chill advisory for the overnight as wind chills willlow zero across much of the region. for this evening, mostly clear. windy and cold. temperatures lower 20's. falling into the middle teens. but winds out of the northwest at 20. we'll talk about when we're going to see a little bit of a warmup and, of course looking forward to the upcoming weekend. details on that in a few minutes. alison? >> see you soon thank you. we turn back to that developing story out of paris where police are trying to track down three gunmen who killed a dozen people at a paris newspaper. it is the country's deadliest terror attack in at least two decades. >> here in the streets of paris
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with the threat level raised to the highest level and a massive man hunt under way. at least two gunmen are still at large seen here in this video taken wednesday of the attacks. investigators are now painstakingly going through the video frame by frame. sources say close attention is being paid to this moment when a gunman appears to raise his finger in the air possibly signalling to another car or person. other clues, the gunman appeared to have military training are well organized and shout "we have avenged the prophet" in french. police now have what they believe is the getaway car. forensic investigators will run d.n.a. tests on the car looking for soil signatures which could suggest where the gunmen came from. >> we need to find the actors of this terrorist act. they must be arrested and brought before judges and condemned as quickly as possible. >> in the oval office president obama today condemned the killings and stated the united
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states' support for france. >> the kind of cowardly evil attacks that took place today. reinforces once again why it's so important for us to support them. >> counterterrorism agencies are helping in the investigation looking at a number of groups including isis and al-qaida who might be responsible meanwhile, shortly after that attack in paris, a suspicious package was discovered outside a media company in spain. it prompted an evacuation at the media group's headquarters in madrid this morning. authorities later determined the package was not a threat and the company owns what's described as the spanish version of "the huffington post." >> a group claiming support of isil says it's behind two attacks. it hacked websites of two organizations.
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the albuquerque journal in mexico and the hackers posted pictures and comments in support of the islamic state militants. tv station's twitter account is still under the hacker's control. the f.b.i. is now investigating. coming up at 6:00 here scott finley will take a look at the protections for freedom of the press around the world. stay tuned for that. alison? >> abc 7 is on the scene of a developing story in southeast washington where a person was shot after police exchanged fire with three suspects after a robbery that happened on martin luther king jr. avenue about a block and a half north of suitland parkway and that's where mike kaneen is live with the very latest. mike? >> alison it's a very preliminary information in this investigation is that one of the officers responding to that armed robbery may have fired a shot into a barber shop here on the 2400 block of martin luther king jr. avenue injuring a man and a bystander who happened to be inside that store. in fact i spoke to an employee of that store, sylvester burton
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by phone and told me eight to nine people were inside of this incident and the man who was shot is in his early 20's and was a regular at that barber shop and we move our camera over here into the street where the scene is being cleared and i'll detail what led up to this shooting. but this is a suspect's vehicle that police say not a far distance from here there's a shop where there is a robbery that was reported when the shop's owner ran into the streets and flagged down officers. they then pursued this suspect's vehicle according to chief lanier. the suspect vehicle then she is got stuck in traffic on this block of martin luther king jr. avenue. she says the suspects fled on foot. one of them carrying a handgun and one of the responding officers saw that handgun in the man's hand and told him to drop the weapon and then opened fire. again, lanier saying that it appears that the officer's round went through the window of this barber shop injuring that man inside. sylvester burton, the barber told me the victim is in his early 20's and he was hit in the hip. that he was conscious and breathing when he was transported to the hospital.
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again, three suspects involved in this alleged incident. many people here gathered on the streets. very upset about what happened. but here's chief lanier a little earlier today explaining what led to that shooting. >> but there was one round that we believe was fired from the police officer that went through a window of a barber shop and struck a person inside the barber shop. that person has what i have been told is a nonserious gunshot wound and has been transported but i don't know any more than that right now. >> this is a very busy part of martin luther king jr. avenue and coming up at 5:00 we'll tell you more about this
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shocking shooting that happened a few doors down. back to you. >> in prince george's county a dump truck driver is facing charges after police say that he intentionally hit two cruisers. the police officers were not in the cars at the time at woodmore town center in glenarden. kevin lewis is live at the mall there with more on the investigation. good thing they weren't in those cars, kevin? >> absolutely leon. intentionally, the word you used, that's the key here because police say this was no accident. the white g.m.c. dump truck it rammed into that white prince george's county police cruiser, a crown victoria obviously. it was no match for the dump truck. the roof and the trunk ripped almost off of the car. now, shortly before noon, police say the truck driver began heckling to control officers that were shouting outside of their squad cars in the parking lot here. the officers told the man to move along as he was blocking traffic. now, for reasons still unknown, police say the dump truck driver circled the parking lot, revved
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the engine and then slammed into both parked cars. the driver then reportedly jumped out of his truck, kept arguing with the officers who had just leaped out of the way. they quickly arrestedhe male driver whose truck belongs to a construction business called allstar utility company. when we dialed the district heights office the person on the other side hung up. >> certainly, the investigators will be working hard to ask him some of those questions and figure out why exactly he felt the need to take a heavy, huge dump truck and use that as a weapon and try to attack our officers. >> it's a shame, you know these guys are putting their lives on the line for us every day. so really bad! >> now, this is one of the many surveillance cameras in the woodmore town center parking lot. we're told that this entire incident was caught on camera. still no word on the driver's name but we can tell you he has been arrested and is facing some very serious charges. possibly attempted murder.
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live in glenarden, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> all right. thanks, kevin. abc 7 is on stormwatch tonight as the region hits the deep freeze. crews worked through the night to clear roads in northern virginia after yesterday morning's snow. but icy conditions forced loudoun county to close schools there today even though the system did stay open yesterday. >> they're icy. >> compared to yesterday, this is amazing. >> now, we did find some parents with their kids at forest grove elementary who told abc 7 they thought there was just a two-hour delay and someone named shawn posted on twitter "icy and dangerous back country roads. no way buses would have made it." that kind of support on social media was a far cry from what people were posting yesterday. loudoun, fairfax, prince william and arlington counties all apologized yesterday for staying open after people took to twitter and facebook to vent their frustrations. each o blamed the forecasting in part for their decision. but abc 7 meteorologist jacqui
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jeras said they had more than information to make the right call and she spoke in a blog about it on our question of the day is asking what do you think of the forecast and the decision that some school systems made about staying open and opening on time? go to the wjla facebook page and join our conversation. we'll share some of your comments a little later this hour. and you can always stay a step ahead of the forecast with our wjla web page facebook page and twitter feed and the stormwatch app work for you and they put the forecast right at your fingertips when you need it. >> one sports note for you here. redskins have reportedly finalized a deal with a new general manager. our news partners at wtop say scot mccloughan will be taking the job. he's been a g.m. for the san francisco 49ers and he worked in the seattle seahawks front office. robert burton will have more on the deal coming up in sports at 5:00. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 after three years of record gun sales, what analysts
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say the numbers out of virginia last year are saying about our fears. >> plus one day after thousands turned to metro to avoid the roads, the rails system had its own messy commute. >> and then a little later, the gates foundation has a plan to give you clean drinking water from a pretty dirty sounding source. >> but first, new rules for fraternities and sororities at the university of vi traveling nurse
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accused of sexually assaulting female patients was appear in d.c. superior court today but the hearing was continued until february. police say she preyed on women at four hospitals in our area. the governor offered him a plea deal. he would have to agree to have his nuring license revoked without a hearings. he remains a licensed nurse in iowa and california. well, the university of virginia is now lifting its ban on greek life but not without some new rules. >> it's all designed to make fraternities and sororities safer. >> u.v.a. president theresa sullivan gave fraternities and sororities the green light to start back up. but not without some conditions.
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each of the four greek organizations came up with their own regulations. sullivan reviewed and approved. specifically, there are new agreements that eachy and sorority has to sign before they're allowed to hold social events again. the goal safer life. after their practices came into question during the "rolling stone" article. >> have a couple new rules to control it. >> i think the university getting involved isn't a bad thing. >> a few of the new rules for the fraternity, three sober brothers must be at each party. a sober brother at the stairs with access to upstairs rooms. >> i definitely think it helps to keep risk more control of the party if you have sober people. >> some felt the idea was a good one. whether or not it's effective remains to be seen. >> i don't know what difference it would make. it makes sense. >> there will be new rules on different types of alcohol and where and how it can be served. each sorority and fraternity has to complete educational programs on hazing sexual assault
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prevention and active bystander intervention. so the students think that will work. >> of course, if you go and learn about it sit down for an hour and watch something that can help you learn, i think it would be a great idea. >> some students are just happy to think something is being done. >> it's always good for the university to be taking responsibility for that sort of thing. >> president sullivan says this is just the beginning. she plans to evaluate the new safety measures and see how they're working during the semester. >> that was jacqueline reporting. fewer people are buying guns in virginia these days. virginia state police say that they reported just under 406,000 background checks in 2014. that is 15% drop compared to the year before. now, this is the first time that gun sales have been down since 2010. experts say that in the wake of mass shootings, fears about gun control create a higher demand and they say once those fears drop off, gun sales do, too. >> leonovering metro today and the long delays that
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some commuters had to deal with this morning. problems with the power in a third rail. delayed trains on the blue orange and silver lines and this was at the height of rush hour. hokey esquire tweeted us these pictures from inside the station around 9:00 a.m. the platforms are packed. some of the passengers we spoke with said they had to wait up to an hour to get on a train. >> it was crazy. it was real crazy. >> what about the trains what were they like? >> like people were like this close to each other, like it was ridiculous. >> well, the delays we're told cleared up by about 10:00 a.m. meanwhile, arlington county wrapped up some repairs along north persian drive this morning. a water main break closed part of the road yesterday afternoon at oakland street. >> let's get a check of the traffic situation for the evening commute. bob in the wtop traffic center looking at things for us tonight.
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no weather problems out there, bob, what are you seeing? >> well, dry pavement for the most part, leon and a little bit of a rush hour out there especially on 66 headed west from the beltway. inner loop out of tysons not too getting up to 270. slow never river road approaching the 270 spur and on the outer loop headed towards the american legion bridge where there had been a broken down car in the roadway. that should be out of traffic now. 95 to the south doing ok for the most part. headed south through woodbridge that's the heaviest spot. beyond that the pace is good. take a look at what cameras are like on 270. a bit of a rush hour headed up to montgomery village right now and headed towards clarksburg. it does slow here and there. you can see how dry the pavement is here and on 66 westbound at 123, some volume headed towards centreville but with the lanes open. i'm bob emler for wtop radio. >> we thank you for that. parts of our area have some pretty strict rules for clearing the sidewalks after the snow. in arlington and montgomery county you have 24 hours once the snow stops falling.
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you get 48 hours in prince george's county. and only eight in the district. d.c. bureau chi live in northwest washington with more on clearing in the cold. hi, sam! >> hello, alison. well, yeah, we're talking about clearing in the cold but more immediately, the mayor has declared a cold emergency for d.c. which is to take effect from this evening until friday. we're outside the martin luther king library where you can see a number of the people are lining up soon to take the vans to the various shelters around the city. during the day, homeless and others packed the computer room at the d.c. library to get out of the elements and have something to occupy their minds. while around the city it was a day to bundle up as below freezing temperatures and wind made it rough on the streets. food truck operators said business was slow and pepco workers continued to repair underground cables to restore power to customers, about 150 in northwest and around the city
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residents continued to clear sidewalks of what was now become ice. in some cases the ice was dangerous. doctors at the washington hospital center said they received more weather-related visitors to the e.r. >> it's a lot of people slipping, they're landing on their hands, spraining their hands, their wrists, falling on ankles that twist in ways they're not meant to. hitting their heads and falling on their back. >> we're talking to a gentleman who is one of the people, why are you going to the shelters tonight? >> because it's cold! you got to we can't be outside for long. we have to go inside where it's warm. >> right. but the vents and all the heat is not enough. we have to go inside. but the van is great. >> the vans will be coming here later. here in d.c. it's a hypothermia situation. that goes into effect when the temperature is below 32 but this cold emergency takes effect when the temperatures are below 20 and that is the situation now and to continue through friday morning. reporting live from northwest
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washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> ok sam. thank you. no question it is so cold out there. >> not helping. the wind is kicking. >> the schools are already starting to delay. prince george's county, two hour delay for tomorrow morning because of the cold and i have a suspicion that more schools will do that. wind chill advisory goes in effect at 10:00 tonight and extends until 8:00 tomorrow morning. it is cold any way you look at it. these are our current wind chill factors. it feels like 1 at dulles. it feels like 10 at reagan national. fredricksburg, feels like temperature of only 13 degrees. and we can thank these gusty winds out there that will keep us cold. very cold for the overnight. wind gusts anywhere between 25 and 30 miles per hour. make that 35-mile-per-hour wind gusts down in quantico. 41-mile-per-hour wind gusts in lexington park maryland. show you the wider view for the watch area or the advisory area for the wind chill. this is from 10:00 tonight until 8:00 tomorrow and includes the district, all surrounding
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counties off to the west. shenandoah valley, potomac highlands, areas that we'll see wind chill factors from zero to 10 below and wouldn't be surprised further off to the west higher elevations maybe even a little bit colder than that. temperatures across the board, that big core of cold air 9 degrees in detroit. look at this. here it is middle of the afternoon. 1 degree in chicago. that's the cold air that's on the way. so winds out of the northwest for tonight, into the day tomorrow. but not quite as breezy as it is out there right now. this is your hour-by-hour look at the wind chill factors as they moved through the next 18 hours or so. waking up tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like only 1 degree at reagan national airport. we will see lighter winds. that's going to help boost our wind chills into the teens for much of the area. and then we'll warm things up for the end of the work and school week. talking daytime highs by friday that will be in the middle to upper 30's. 4 to 12 for an overnight low. mainly clear skies. bitterly cold. it will be windy out there and for the day tomorrow talking 20 to 26 degrees. that's it for a high with winds
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out of the west. we'll give you the seven-day outlook coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. >> still to come here on abc 7 news at 4:00, shake, rattle and roll. >> the scientists are saying after a nearly dozen earthquakes in two days. >> and an i.r.s. impersonation scam gets dramatically worse. i'm
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>> "7 on your side" with a consumer alert of a call claim to go come from the internal revenue service. >> the caller says you owe back taxes and that you need to pay up or you will go to jail. consumer investigator kimberly suter is at the live desk now with the warning signs that you need to listen for here. kimberly? >> alison this isn't the first time we've told you about this fraud. but the number of victims has exploded. back in the spring when the inspector general first put out the warning calling this the largest ever phone fraud scam targeting taxpayers. 20,000 consumers have been contacted. but as of right now, 300,000 people have now been contacted. and more than $14 million have been lost. >> it's possible that it will get worse because during tax season, people do deal with the internal revenue service so it's not unusual. they may believe, hey i filed my return so the i.r.s. could be calling me asking me for additional money as a result of my return so we are afraid that there may be more victims during
4:26 pm
filing season. >> so what can you do to protect yourself? the i.r.s. will never call you out of the blue and threaten to arrest you. you are supposed to hang up if that happens. these calls can get really nasty and they want you to report the calls to the treasury inspector general. it's preferable if you can do that on line. very easy form to use because at this rate they are fielding 12,000 calls a week at the treasury inspector general's office. why are so many people falling for th scam? we'll answer that question coming up at 5:00. at the live desk kimberly suters. now back to you in the studio. >> see you at 5:00. thank you. the future is now at this year's consumer electronics show. >> one, two, three! >> all right. still ahead, we'll take you to vegas for a look at some of the inventions making headlines this year. >> turning human waste into drinking water? the plan that may just send shiver down your spine! >> and i'm brad bell in frederick.
4:27 pm
coming up, i'll tell you how a local politician's complaint against his town newspaper has made his name a
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>> chances are you may not have known the name kirby delotta until this week. >> now he seems to be showing up everywhere. maryland bureau chief brad bell is life live in frederick tonight to explain why this
4:30 pm
man's name is trending now. what's the story? >> oh it's beyond trending. number one yesterday tweeted story in the whole world, not just the united states the whole world. it it all begins right here. this is the county seat for frederick county. take a look over here. see the parking spaces? it says no parking. that used to be where commissioners could park. now they're councilmen and they changed the form of government and the new county executive said they can't park there anymore. frederick news post did an article about it and they quoted, they didn't quote, they mentioned kirby delotter and some of his complaints. he didn't like his name was in the article. he's had some problems with the newspaper. he posted on facebook that if they used the name without authorization, he would sue "the frederick news post" and he had
4:31 pm
this comment. he said "your rights stop where my begin." well "the frederick news post" wrote a response and wrote an editorial that mentions this man's name about 30 times. it has gone viral. it's all this town is talking about. they're criticizing him. >> i think to think that's a real thing. >> we devoted a lot of time today to trying to give him an opportunity to speak to us. coming up at 5:00 we'll tell you about those efforts and you'll hear from a colleague of his who now says this was all a big joke and they're actually trying to twist it in their favor and make a little bit of money for their campaigns. in frederick, brad bell abc 7
4:32 pm
news. >> really interesting. >> ok, all right. how about the weather now? bitter chills settle into the area big time today. >> oh man. and tonight's wind chills could become really dangerous if you're out for too long. meteorologist steve rudin in the stormwatch weather center with the winter weather alert. steve? >> it is cold out there and looking at a few snowflakes here. nothing that's going to accumulate. look from the roof camera a little bit of snow you can see falling. now you can't. that's how quickly it comes and goes. 24 degrees at reagan national airport this hour. winds are out of the north-northwest at 18. that's what's giving us the really frigid wind chills. 18 gaithersburg. same at dulles. 19 at winchester. wind chills make it feel like the single digits. just around 10 degrees and we have gusty winds upwards of 30 to 40 miles per hour. 41-mile-per-hour wind gusts at lexington park maryland. this is what we have for the overnight. wind chill advisory for the district arlington, alexandria prince george's county all of southern maryland.
4:33 pm
everything shaded in light blue. that's until 8:00 tomorrow morning. and that's one reason why prince george's county schools will be on a two-hour delay come early tomorrow. we'll talk about the seven-day outlook and when we'll warm up in a few minutes. leon? >> all right thanks steve. now, imagine having a drone over your shoulder everywhere you go. the creators of air dogs are hoping that you're interested in such a thing. they are billing this as a way to record your adventures without having to carry a camera. and it's just one of the gadgets on display at this year's consumer electronics show under way out in las vegas. getting a chance to see a watch that can fly and tvs with even better picture quality at this year's show. >> tad roland shows us some of the hottest items making headlines. >> the future on display in las vegas. big again this year wearables. smart watches, glasses, even a smart belt that automatically tightens and loosens. there are body cameras. this one called the snap cam can live stream. and there's a watch that claims to turn into a flying camera
4:34 pm
that tags along taking video of your adventures. >> let your camera free. >> be the wireless earphones that track your heart rate. this is a remote control and for babies there's a pacifier that takes temperatures and a smart sock that allows you to track vital signs with a phone or tablet. >> you can monitor the heart rate and oxygen saturations of your baby. >> there are new tvs with quantum dots which are nano crystals that increase color saturation and there's a new tv service for people who want to dump cable from dish which is called slim tv. apple's car play and android's auto can change your vehicle's display to mimic your phone and for the home robotic vacuums and smart appliances even light bulbs that are conne monitoring systems. >> it's a glimpse into the future while it's also a snapshot of where the industry is headed. >> c.e.s. runs through friday and you'll need a few days to take it all in. more than 3500 exhibitors
4:35 pm
covering two million square feet of convention space. ted roland abc news, los angeles. here's another item getting a lot of attention. driverless cars. b.m.w. has one that can park itself. it uses wi-fi and a navigation system to make all of its moves. the company also has a car that it claims can never crash? even if you try? >> how close am i? >> it's close enough. >> b.m.w. says its new cars come with another perk. if you're not driving, you can't be held responsible for a crash. if the driverless car gets into an accident the car company says it will take care of the consequences. >> sounds like a challenge. >> i know. >> sounds like a challenge. for anyone buying that car. >> it does. it does. absolutely. >> that takes all the fun out of driving, though. you're just a passenger.
4:36 pm
>> yeah. >> well, all right, that's just me. >> you like -- >> like a lot of other people. all right. trending now the bill and melinda gates foundation is throwing its support behind a project that turns feces into fresh water. aerospace engineers in washington state created the omni processor that turns human waste into dried solids which are then used as fuel rather to generate electricity to power the plant and then drinking water is extracted and filtered. >> we extract the water, purify it and then we have the water to turn around and sell or return to the community. >> tastes exactly like what i get at home. >> and the ultimate recycling. the bill and melinda gates foundation is throwing millions into the project. the machine is now headed to west africa where they hope to provide clean drinking water to those who wouldn't otherwise have access to it. >> right. that's what you got to think about. that's a good end result right there. >> yes. >> if it's good enough for bill gates to drink what the heck? >> yeah, i want to see him drink it. >> they had a quick clip that i
4:37 pm
think he was drinking it. we'll see. >> all right. i may give it a shot. >> all right. we're asking on the wjla facebook page if you would drink that water. marcus answers "in desert or no water for a day 110 degrees, i would say yes". tyler pokes "it's water. yes, i'd drink it." chemistry doesn't mind and this is water on a chemical level. >> and someone with a series of symbols for a name writes this -- "just don't go to the trouble of telling me where it came from. ignorance is bliss." >> pretty much like all our food experiences. don't tell us where it came from. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00. boxing legend takes on a new fight. >> and a little later, "7 on your side" with a consumer alert af a wife targets her mother-in-law's wallet. >> a glimpse into the past all the way back to
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
auto >> welcome back. we just heard from fairfax county public schools that they'll be operating tomorrow morning on a two hour delay and any other school systems we hear from, we'll let you know. leon? >> here's what's trending on line. a time capsule in boston is now opened for the first time in more than 200 years. the contents include a collection of old coins,
4:41 pm
newspapers, other remarkable findings from paul revere and then massachusetts governor samuel adams. there was even a silver engraved plate believed to have been crafted by paul revere himself, even his descendents were impressed. >> this is an object that he touched, you know and was involved in putting in years ago. >> i called him america's quintessential folk hero. i mean he guy. he did his job. he did it well. that's when everything took off. >> right now, the treasures that were inside the capsule are on temporary display at the museum of fine arts in boston. >> wow, very interesting. well scientists have discovered a few more of earth's near twin planets. the telescope captured three to four more planets that could support extraterrestrial life. they're about the same size as earth. they are likely rocky as well.ers say they also get about the same heat from their suns as we do. but while the planets are relatively close they're still
4:42 pm
at least 500 light years away. >> 10 earthquakes have hit the dallas area in two days. scientists are trying to figure out why. the cluster of small quakes range from 1.6 to 3.6 magnitudes. before 2008 there was only one earthquake in that area. since then more than 100 have shaken north texas. seismologists deployed their 15th monitoring device in the region. many suspect fracking is to blame. >> the search is on for a suspect after an attack that could be racially motivated. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 who investigators say they think they're look for after an explosion outside of a naacp office. >> plus progress in the search
4:43 pm
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does breathing with copd.. >> the f.b.i. is investigating an explosion near the naacp colorado springs chapter headquarters. the blast happened outside of a barber shop that was next door to the group's building. authorities say a gasoline canister had been placed next to the improvised explosive device. but it did not ignite. authorities are looking for a white man who is balding. he's in his 40's driving a pickup truck who might have
4:46 pm
information about that explosion. meanwhile, a major breakthrough in the search for the black boxes from missing airasia flight 8501. indonesian officials say divers spotted the tail of the plane in the java sea. >> that's significant because the black boxes are located in the tail. and they could lead to more clues about how the aircraft went down. abc's marcy gonzalez has the latest. >> a major discovery today that could help unlock the mystery of airasia flight 8501. divers taking these pictures at the bottom of the java sea of what investigators say is the upside down tail of the missing plane that disappeared a weekand a half ago. a crucial piece of debris because that's the part of the plane that housed the black boxes. flight and data r key to the investigation because they'll reveal what the pilot said and what happened to critical systems on the plane just before it disappeared from radar while traveling from indonesia to singapore. >> the head of the search effort
4:47 pm
explaining since the boxes haven't been seen and the pingers haven't been heard, they are buried near the tail section. meanwhile, sailors are on the u.s.s. fort worth are helping using sonar to search for more wreckage. spotting this which the retired navy commander said is likely the cockpit. >> that's a really good indication that they're going to narrow this down and they're going to find the rest of the aircraft. >> investigators believe most of the victims may still be in the plane's fuselage. who were on board, only 40 bodies have been recovered. the latest victim found just this morning. and the bodies were brought to indonesia to be identified. meanwhile, if the black boxes are buried investigators warn it could take a while for them to be recovered. marcy gonzalez abc news, new york. >> tonight, legendary boxer muhammad ali is home for the first time this year. ali was hospitalized for three weeks for a severe urinary tract infection. in a statement, his family
4:48 pm
thanked everyone for the prayers and well wishes sent his way. meanwhile, a family spokesman said ali is looking forward to celebrating his 73rd birthday on january 17th. >> covering health care in america. president obama says he will veto legislation that would increase the number of hours needed to be considered a full-time worker. republicans say the law's 30 hour requirement is encurrentlying companies to cut workers' hours. the white house disputes that and says changing it would reduce the number of americans covered by employer-based health insurance. the house plans to debate the measure coming up this week. and making history, 65 women now serve the democratic party in the house. democratic leader nancy pelosi held this photo op for the unprecedented event. the women were sworn into the 114th congress yesterday. it is the largest number of women in a party caucus in the history of the u.s. congress. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 this evening, weeks in the cold without heat or hot water.
4:49 pm
new rush to help residents of a southeast washington apartment complex and the order from d.c. officials after "7 on your side" got involved. >> and science determines the best day of the week to weigh yourself? when you should step on the scales to get the best results. new tonight at 5:00. >> any day that doesn't end in y. >> right. >> wrong it counts if you're pregnant. >> no, it doesn't. no. >> all right. update now on some school statuses coming into the abc 7 newsroom for tomorrow morning. fairfax, prince george's shenandoah and warren county schools will all open two hours late. we'll post more delays as we get the word coming in here on the wjla facebook page. now, several school systems in our area blame the forecast after they decided to stay open during yesterday morning's snow. >> our abc 7 meteorologist jacqui jeras takes issue with that in a blog she's written on so our question of the day is looking for your take on everything and amy writes "any time there's snow predicted to
4:50 pm
be actively falling during rush hour with below freezing temperatures, the schools should call a delay. this information was given by all the major news outlets on monday. i'm a layperson who watches the news and i could have made the right call. joan posts "can't always get it right. the bottom line lies with the parents. at 4:00 a.m. i saw an awful lot of snow. my child would have remained home. all there is to it." >> and elizabeth notes, finger pointing uggh. i would hope that school officials aren't depending on tv to make their decisions. wasn't just tv. you can join the conversation on the wjla facebook page. i feel for them, too, because if they had decided to leave schools or to close schools and we had gotten a dusting, people would be talking about how wimpy everybody here is. >> right. that's happened before, too. been down all these different roads. >> monday night at 11:00, it wasn't going to be a big big storm. however, it was going to be a big, big impact on the rush hour commute and it was. it was huge. so all right.
4:51 pm
now we have the cold weather impact on our forecast and -- >> brutal. >> i don't know what's worse, the cold or the snow. i keep thinking six months from now, what will we be thinking about? >> not snow. 24 degrees right now at reagan national airport. 18 gaithersburg. look at cumberland maryland accident they're at 16. 15 in petersburg west virginia. we'll look at these temperatures to continue to fall and these wind chill factors, nothing fun to look at out there. 1 degree. that's what it feels like at dulles. feels like 11 in frederick. 6 degrees for a wind chill factor in lexington park maryland. look at these winds out of the northwest. gusts up to 25 30 even 40 miles per hour over the past hour or so. lexington park with the 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. those will continue for at least another few hours. national weather service is posting the wind chill advisory. all the areas shaded in light blue and the district. everything inside the capital beltway, off to the west of us shenandoah valley, wind chills as we move through the overnight hours, zero to around 10 below
4:52 pm
would not be surprised even colder the further west you go. our zone forecast waking up tomorrow morning, these are actual air temperatures not wind chills and it's going to be 8 degrees in gaithersburg. 6 degrees and 12 in arlington. district might be 13 degrees if we're lucky. high pressure, that's eventually going to move out of here. cold front on the way. that cold front will eventually make its way to our area. this is not the right map. make our way to the area. definitely not the right map. it will make its way here as we make our way through to friday. winds will be out of the northwest from 10 to 20 miles an hour. that's the wind chill advisory and as we move into the day tomorrow, another cold day. 20 to 26. winds won't be quite as strong and the extended outlook it shows colder air. yep, it's here for at least another couple of days and then the weekend looking forward to the weekend. it will be chilly on saturday and only in the upper 20's. by sunday talking temperatures in the upper 30's. >> ok. and while you were talking we
4:53 pm
heard from culpepper county and they are also going to be on a two hour delay tomorrow. mark that down. >> getting longer and longer. coming up next a consumer alert. >> find out how a woman was
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> back now with a "7 on your side" consumer alert. the ultimate betrayal in this case. a husband discovers that his own wife is stealing from his mother. >> as autria godfrey explains, the family in this case was blindsided by the woman they thought they could trust the most. >> my mother loved her as a daughter and trusted her as well. >> this man who doesn't want us to reveal his identity is talking about his wife. >> she was very organized and good at setting up -- scheduling things. doctors' appointments and reaching out to elderly services and coordinating support for my mother. >> his wife also offered to help his elderly parents keep track of their finances as they got older. the problem, she was actually
4:57 pm
stealing from them. when her mother-in-law would ask questions about the financial statements -- >> she would lie to my mother and say don't worry about it. i took care of it. i transferred to a different i.r.a. that paid to a higher interest or some type of excuse or lie. my mom was concerned. she didn't want to create any problems within our marriage. >> eventually the mom couldn't quiet. that's when she decided to show her son some suspicious on-line banking activity. there were large amounts of money being transferred among various accounts including their discover account, their capital one account and their chase accounts and we are not talking about just pennies here. in all, more than $900,000 were embezzled. and this isn't even the worst part. the son soon realized that his own financial life was in ruins. >> my mortgage wasn't being paid. my income taxes weren't being filed in 2011 and 2012. i had to get a loan modification in order to keep my house. >> when you get married, you have an oath with each other that you just each other through thick and thin. so and so forth. and you don't expect something
4:58 pm
like this to happen so you don't look for it. >> inspectors say the victim is currently filing for personal bankruptcy in order to rectify everything. but the emotional betrayal is even worse. as he is now sending the mother of his children to prison for 18 months. autria godfrey, abc 7 e news. >> no shortage of breaking news as we track stories here, four big stories here at 5:00. the first, a big break in the search for a gunman who carried out a terror attack on the streets of france. plus -- >> why prince george's county police say this frightening scene was no accident. >> and d.c. police open fire on a suspect wounding a bystander. how it unfolded and how the victim is doing at this hour. >> winter weather alert ahead of potential subzero wind chills. >> brutal out there. let's begin now with meteorologist steve rudin in the stormwatch weather center with the dangerous plunging temperatures already under way.
4:59 pm
steve? >> good evening. it's cold out there right now. wait until you feel what's on the way later on tonight. wake up tomorrow morning, you'll see why so many schools are at two hour delays. temperaturewise, 18 at dulles. it's 19 winchester. 23 in quantico. and the wind chill factors make it feel like the single digits. frederick county montgomery county, loudoun and fairfax, it feels like 10 degrees at the airport reagan national. here is the wind gusts. there are wind gusts upwards of 30 to 40 miles per hour. make that 43 approximate ---mile-per-hour wind gusts and in southern maryland wind chill advisory starts at 10e:00 tonight and extends until early tomorrow morning. all the areas shaded in light blue that includes the district. all the counties surrounding it and even off to the west, shenandoah valley, potomac highland, wind chill factors tomorrow morning at zero to 10 below. mostly clear overnight. temperatures will fluctuate in
5:00 pm
the teens to the west of us and winds will stay on the breezy side and we will see a little bit of a warmup i'll tell you more about that coming up in just a few minutes. plus your weekend forecast. leon? >> ok steve. the lingering effects of yesterday's snow is prompting changes to tomorrow's schedule in the area. already, fairfax county prince george's county warren county culpepper county will be on a two-hour delay for tomorrow. we'll let you know as more school systems make their decisions this evening. d.c. leaders, meanwhile, are activating the city's cold emergency plan which will stay in place until early friday morning. that alert provides extra services for the homeless and for those without heat while giving them some place to seek shelter. >> and now we turn to breaking developments in that paris newspaper attack.


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