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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  January 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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afternoon. no problems as it moves through the evening hours. clouds will begin to increase ahead of system. we're calling for temperatures around 34 to 40 degrees. it's going to be the cool but breezy out there. if you have any plans this evening, not going to want to dodge any snowflakes. tomorrow morning a much different story. freshly updated projected snowfall total map coming up in a few minutes. alison? >> ok see you then. thank you very much. this week's drastic change in temperatures could really take a toll on your pipes. so the washington suburban sanitary commission recommends if you're planning to head out of town for an extended period of time, turn off the heat source to your furnace and your hot water heater. close the main water valve or supply to your house. once that valve is off, turn on all of your faucets to drain them and you should drain your water heater as well. then wrap any exposed pipes with insulation or heat tape. crews with the maryland state highway administration are already spreading a mix of salt
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brine to try to keep the roads dry tomorrow. d.c. is pretreating the roads. they plan to have about 200 plows on the streets by 5:00 a.m. and this is to clear anything that falls of course. the virginia department of transportation is pledging about 500 trucks in loudoun, fairfax, prince william and arlington counties by 4:00 a.m. picking up our team coverage on the approaching winter weather live from greensburg hi rich. >> hi alison. you know this is kind of the chill before the storm. it's cold out here. no snow yet. but take a look over here. this is route 7 here off the dulles toll road. see those white stripes there? that is pretreating. so crews are out there getting ready to deal with this storm. now, we have video from all the jurisdictions. what you'll see here is salt in gaithersburg and they've been very busy here. they have 650 trucks and loaders that are out there working. they're planning to be out very early in the morning. some roadways like i-270 have
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already been treated, as we said here. in northern virginia, they have 500 units and d.c. about 200 snow plows. now, d.c. is using brine to treat these roads so the road materials stick. maryland is sticking with just a mixture of salt and water. listen to these recipes. >> salt mixed with water, mix it together. pour it in the truck and spray it on the roads. pretreat the roads. and after that it should keep it from freezing. >> so as far as the evening commute goes we'll probably just fine. but tomorrow morning will be a big challenge. they are telling us a lot of the heavy stuff will be coming down just about 8:00 in the morning in the midst of the morning rush. in leesburg richard reeves abc 7 news. >> rich thank you very much. our question of the day is asking how are you preparing for this week's cold? go to the wjla facebook page and
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let us know there. we're going to share a few of your answers a little bit later in this newscast. and a reminder here be sure to join abc 7 tomorrow morning starting really early. 4:00 a.m. meteorologist jacqui and eileen will be leading our stormwatch coverage throughout the morning. leon? >> alison jury selection started today for the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing. and as you might expect, security was tight at the courthouse for what could be the most closely watched terrorism trial in the nation since the oklahoma city bombing. chris live in boston with more of what happened in court today. chris? >> yeah that's right, leon and alison. 19 months after the marathon bombings here in boston and this trial is officially under way. now, the defendant himself, dzhokhar tsarnaev was present today in the courthouse while this jury selection process began. and all of a sudden more than 1100 potential jurors will have filled out questionnaires. new sketches from inside a
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boston federal courthouse show the long lines of potential jurors arriving on the first day of jury selection in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. over the next three days these men and women will fill out questionnaires and then a select few will return for direct questioning. all to narrow the estimated 1,200 candidates down to 12 jurors and six alternates. tsarnaev is accused of teaming with his brother to detonate two bombs at the finish line of the boston marathon killing three people and injuring more than 260 others. he also faces charges for the death of an m.i.t. police officer killed while dzhokhar and his older brother was on the run. his brother was killed during a shootout with police. officials plead today that a plea deal was opposed by the justice department. trial could take several months. when it begins defense attorneys are expected to characterize tsarnaev as an
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impressionable teenager who was manipulated by his older brother. >> what the prosecution is going to point out is how much independent action the younger brother had. how many things he did on his own. >> now while he was in the assembly hall today filled with potential jurors tsarnaev did appear to smirk while sitting there slumped in his chair. he sort of stroked his beard at times. now, the judge is going to be presiding over this trial stressed to this jury that it could take three to four months of their time of their commitment. and when all is said and done, if dzhokhar tsarnaev is found guilty this jury will have the significant duty of deciding whether or not he faces the death penalty. leon alison? >> thank you, chris. the man charged in the shooting of two pennsylvania state troopers was in court today for a preliminary hearing. the judge will decide whether his case will go to county court or trial.
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the hearing began with prosecutors playing surveillance video of the attack that killed corporal brian dixon and injured another trooper. authorities say they planned that ambush and then led police on a 48-day man hunt in the pocono mountains. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the case. virginia's former governor is due back in a richmond courtroom tomorrow. >> tomorrow is the day that former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will enter federal courts and find out his sentencing following his convictions in september. now, his team is asking for leniency and thousands of hours of community service. but there is the possibility he could be facing 10 years or more in prison. i'm jeff goldberg coming up at 5:00 live from richmond we'll get some insight as to what the governor could say tomorrow that may help or hurt his case. >> all right, thank you very much. back here in d.c. the race for the district's ward eight council seat. just got a bit more interesting today. that's because christopher barry picked up the paperwork to run for his late father's job. d.c. bureau chief sam ford was
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at the wilson building when barry ended the speculation and joined the race. sam? >> actually that happened today, alison as you said 34-year-old marion "christopher" barry has decided to take the plunge and to run for his father's vacated because of his death, his late father's council seat in a special april 28th election. christopher barry came to the d.c. board of election this afternoon to pick up his petitions. he must get 500 registered voters in ward eight to sign his petition so that he can get his name on the ballot. the deadline for signatures is january 28th. he said he was inspired by all the encouragement he received from voters after marion barry's death. >> feeling the love and being embraced by the people are a turning point, i would say. time expanding legacy of marion barry, of service, of helping the community, the poor, the unfortunate, the last the most
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the least and need someone to speak for their needs. >> now, it will be a crowded field. he becomes the 24th candidate to sign up in ward eight to run for the vacated seat of marion barry and the man who may become his campaign chairman told me today that christopher is going to run under the name marion c. barry. reporting from john wilson building, sam ford abc 7 news. >> crowded field indeed sam. thank you very much. more to come on that of course. meanwhile, also in d.c. today with muriel bowser's first full weekday on the job and she joined the fight for voting rights on capitol hill. we'll take a look at how she and eleanor holmes norton is standing up to restore the city's rights. >> vice president joe biden is scheduled to attend tonight's wake for mario cuomo. the former new york governor died last week at the age of 82. visitation began today at 1:00 in the afternoon.
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and then the wake begins at 7:00 p.m. cuomo's funeral will be held in new york tomorrow. >> indonesia's government is banning all airasia flights on the same route from indonesia to singapore as the one taken by flight 8501. that of course is the plane that crashed more than a week ago killing all 162 passengers and crew. as karen traverse reports, now divers are facing setbacks in their search for victims and plane wreckage. >> the u.s.s. fort worth wrapped up a second day of searching for wreckage from airasia flight 8501. >> we can see everything using our computer. it's all in real time. so incredibly clear. we can see everything as small as a golf ball. >> but bad weather has prevented deep sea divers from getting clues from the five large sections of wreckage that indonesian officials say they detected. there are still no answers as to what happened to the jet which disappeared more than a week ago with 162 people on board. the pilot radioed that he wanted
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to turn and climb higher to avoid severe weather. but just minutes later, no response from the plane which then disappeared off radar. indonesia's weather service offered a controversial theory saying the weather likely caused the crash and that "icing could have broken the engine on the plane because of cooling." but aviation experts say it's too early to know for certain. >> could have had something in total unprecedented, catastrophic failure of the flight controls. >> that makes it critical to find the black box recorders. >> so a couple of days after they pull it up we should have at least an indication of what we want wrong. >> the water where some of the debris has been found is only about 100 feet deep which has aviation experts concerned why investigators have not heard any pings or locator signals from those black boxes. reporting from washington karen traverse, abc 7 news. >> meanwhile, the national transportatioard
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wants to talk to the 7-year-old girl who survived a plane crash that killed her family. authorities say the twin engine plane took off from florida. it was headed to illinois before it crashed in kentucky friday night. sailor gutzler walked barefoot with a broken wrist more than a while through the woods to get help. >> little girl was amazingly composed for a 7-year-old girl who had just been in a plane crash and just lost her parents. >> the girl's parents, sister and cousin were all killed. the girl's father who was an experienced pilot reported engine problems before the plane went down. remaining wreckage was removed today. our suzanne kennedy will have more details about this really incredible story coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> amazing, isn't it? >> it is incredible. >> metro is repairs on more o its escalators here. >> still ahead, which station will have some out of service for the next three years.
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>> wow. a little later, we're tracking the flu epidemic with a look at when the outbreak could peak. >> and look at the new congress before they get back to work tomorrow. >> plus we are now learning what caused a fire that displaced dozens of people here in alexandria. coming up, we'll hear from a woman who says she had to be rescued by
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>> we're back now with this. take a look at the district's new high school. students attended classes inside today for the very first time. the new building features 13 labs 87 classrooms and 356,000 square feet of space. so it is now the largest school in d.c. >> maybe the prettiest school. >> beautiful! >> in d.c. love that. >> congratulations. >> enjoy >> all right. more than a dozen people meanwhile, out of their homes this afternoon after someone started a fire in their apartment building. >> this happened yesterday afternoon along zircon drive in alexandria south of the little river turnpike. diana cho is there now live with the latest on the investigation. diana? >> well alison and leon we have confirmed within the last hour with firefighters that this fire was actually caused by a
4:16 pm
7-year-old experimenting with mat matches in a closet causing more than $500,000 in damages here behind me. fire ripped across the apartment on the ground floor quickly but firefighters say they were able to contain it to that one unit where it started. but heavy smoke and water damage affected several other apartments and it happened just before 2:00 yesterday often at the morningside apartments. we talked to one woman who didn't want to be identified but had to be rescued from the balcony on the third floor. she says the smoke was so intense that when she opened her front door she realized that she wouldn't be able to make it down the stairwell. >> everybody, the management there said hold on. hold on. the firemen will come back. i was panicking and crying. i thought i couldn't get out from that building. >> and she was one of two people that suffered smoke inhalation. we're told a third person had minor burns. they were all treated and released. everyone is doing ok.
4:17 pm
now, the red cross says they are now assisting 28 people that were displaced in this fire yesterday. in alexandria diana cho abc 7 news. >> today was the first big rush hour test for those new toll lanes along i-95 in virginia. here's a picture now of the pricing at 7:30 this morning when the lanes began. $3.40 and $7.25 to go all the way to old keen road in springfield. that's a big difference from the $3.05 and $5.45 that we saw last monday. traffic was a bit heavier today after the holiday week. heading south, lanes are looking pretty clear. get a check of things on that road and other area roads with bob in the wtop traffic center and that looks like a big mess there, bob? >> yeah, leon on the inner loop of the beltway after the baltimore-washington parkway, all lanes had been stopped around the serious crash. now they have the right shoulder getting by on the inner loop and the people involved in the
4:18 pm
accident they've been taken to the hospital so it should be just a matter of time before they clean it up. look and see how the backup looks. it's quite slow as you get around from college park. in fact starting around back by new hampshire avenue. that delay starts on the inner loop trying to get beyond this crash on the parkway. outer loop starts near route 50 getting by. rubber necking delays. on the back route out of tysons 66 out of bright sunshine. volume delays generally doing pretty well. heading down and brief slowdowns. >> ok bob. thank you very much. and we have one more quick traffic note for you. today, metro started replacing the escalators at the woodley park station. those are the longest entrance escalators in the entire metro system. metro says only two of the station's six escalators will be taken out of service at a time. however, the project is expected to wrap up in 2018. yeah.
4:19 pm
>> 18? >> 2018? >> that's not a typo? unfortunately. >> it is 2015 now. not 2014. makes it a little easier. >> wow, we've got some changes that are on the way and eileen was here earlier in the weekend talking about the potential for snow and jacqui was here all day. here it is on our back doorstep. by this time tomorrow it will be completely gone. it's between now and then the bigger problems especially the rush hour commute come early tomorrow morning. take a look at what's going on outside. you wouldn't think that we have snow, yes snow on the way looking at our live camera on top of our station. at least not right now but the clouds are going to quickly increase as we move through the later evening hours and into the overnight. it's 38 degrees at reagan national airport. wind chill factor not so bad out there right now but wait until you see what's on the way later on this week in terms of the colder temperatures. 33 at dulles. 30 in gaithersburg. 34 in frederick. already in the upper 20's for
4:20 pm
hagerstown. 28 degrees in cumberland maryland that core of super cold air to the north and west of us. 2 degrees below zero in minneapolis. win chill factors make it feel 20 degrees colder than that. this is the approaching colder air and that clipper that's eventually going to bring up the nasty weather late tonight and just in time for the early morning rush hour commute. this is where it's located right now. this is getting ready to move into ohio and i see a fast moving system, it's going to zip across the lower part -- i was going to say zip to the south and west of us. as we move through the daytime hours tomorrow and by tomorrow night, we're going to look for gradual clearing. national weather service ahead of this storm has now posted a winter weather advisory. it starts early tomorrow morning. extends until 1:00 in the afternoon and includes the district, all the counties shaded in purple. these are the areas likely to see the most snow. especially to the north around the mason-dixon line where three or more inches not out of the question. closer in, around the capital
4:21 pm
beltway, talking just about an inch or so the further south you go lighter amounts and keep in mind, going to see a very very tight cutoff line between who sees an inch or two and then the higher amounts to the north of us, good news all of this is out of here as we move through the late morning hours tomorrow. this is what it looks like 1:00 in the morning, notice how it quickly moves overhead and then by noontime for tomorrow, not a problem at all. even some peeks of sunshine by later tomorrow afternoon. i'll take you out with a look at the futurecast. getting ready to move into dulles manassas and quantico. then for the rush hour commute, that's when it all starts. we could see a quick heavy burst of snow and then it's out of here. out of here by 9:00 10:00 or so and most of it should be gone by the noontime hour and could see, like i said, about an inch or so here in d.c. download your stormwatch 7 app. >> our coverage here starts early tomorrow morning. >> 4:00 a.m. "good morning washington" will begin and, of course jacqui jeras and eileen
4:22 pm
our wonderful meteorologists will be there to guide you through all of this leading our stormwatch coverage. tune in tomorrow morning. >> look at those smiles. they're happy to be up at 4:00 a.m. >> up at 2:00. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 balloons and more than 28 hour trip.
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>> police are look for three suspects in an armed home invasion at the university of maryland. police say the men barged inside the off-campus home on potomac avenue in college park. the suspects were armed with at least one handgun and the men demanded valuables and took off from the scene. they don't believe it was andom act. >> 7 is on your side with the health alert. the outbreak has been officially declared an epidemic by the centers of disease control and prevention. here's details on the latest c.d.c. flu numbers just released. >> according to the latest numbers from the c.d.c. the flu which has been making millions of americans miserable for weeks is getting worse. >> been horrible! >> 29 states up from 22 last week are now experiencing high levels of flu activity and this year's strain is more dangerous than it's been in years. >> something called h3n2 in the
4:26 pm
past has been linked to bad flu years. more hospitalizations and more deaths. >> 29 children have died from the flu across the country. 68% of the tested flu virus samples have been resistant to this year's flu vaccine and the outbreak is creating long emergency room wait times across the country. some doctors are treating patients by web cam. >> i can tell if they're not any acute distress over the web cam and see if they're breathing well. basically, treat us on what they're telling us. very similar to what i do in the practice. >> even though the flu vaccine this year is only effective 30% of the time medical experts do recommend that if you haven't gotten the flu shot, you should still get it. >> meanwhile, there is a mixed review when it comes to the health of the chesapeake bay. this year's state of the bay report by the chesapeake bay foundation gives the waterway's overall health a d minus. the report found water clarity is improving.
4:27 pm
oysters and underwater grasses are making gains but the number of blue crabs and rock fish are down and that really hurts the overall progress. >> all right. we're tracking the winter weather advisory that's covering parts of the area tonight. >> meteorologist steve rudin will have the full forecast coming up
4:28 pm
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4:30 pm
>> well, it will likely look pretty impressive when it falls. but just how much will fall? >> that's a question. meteorologist steve rudin is in the abc storm weather center. weather center tracking the that will be bringing us some snow tomorrow. steve? >> wake up tomorrow morning, you'll look outside and say there's a lot of snow coming around right now. that's going to quickly change as we go through the mid morning hours. this is what we expect in terms of total snowfall accumulations around the capital beltway. probably an inch. maybe some areas if you see a heavier band up to two inches. further north you go along the mason-dixon line and off to the west of us those will be the jackpot areas. two, three even more inches of snow likely to fall. but the further south you go a very quick cutoff in terms of accumulations. especially down towards fredricksburg if you have travel plans to drive down towards richmond tomorrow morning, i think conditions will improve the further south you go. this is what we have in terms of the latest on the winter weather
4:31 pm
advisory posted by the national weather service. it goes into effect early early tomorrow morning. extends until 1:00 in the afternoon and includes the district arlington, alexandria montgomery prince george's, all the areas shaded in purple are the areas that will likely see the accumulating snow. especially on the roadways during the early morning rush. 2:00 in the morning, this is what our futurecast looks le but notice what happens moving to 3 e e -- 5:00 difference of only three hours. you can see the heavier snow by d.c. gaithersburg martinsburg and winchester. look at how quickly it moves out of here. we're looking at clearing skies. let me tell you, temperatures are going to be cold. 30 to 35 for daytime highs tomorrow and if that's not cold enough for you wait until you see the seven day. we have temperatures in the teens for morning lows. more on that in a few minutes. alison? >> quite a week ahead of us steve. thank you. and be sure to join abc 7 tomorrow morning. we're going to start early at 4:00 a.m. meteorologist jacqui jeras and
4:32 pm
eileen will be leading our storm coverage throughout the morning. >> all right now. police across the country are high alert after a series of attacks and threats. >> in prince george's county they are taking a specific threat very seriously. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in laurel with the details on this. brad? >> yeah they're taking it seriously. not happy about it at all. this is contee road very busy road. saturday, a police officer was driving across here when he saw one of these signs for an apartment complex had been defaced, covered over with a chilling message. we can show you a picture of it. see, it says "kill cops." seems to be signed by someone calling him or herself "the vigilante." the police officer took that photo and sent it into the fraternal order of police, that's the police officers union. they put it on their facebook page with a warning to fellow officers to be extra cautious and watch each other's backs. we talked to the president of the f.o.p. and says he has no
4:33 pm
choice but to take this very seriously. >> it hurts. we're not so naive as to think everybody loves us. there's going to be that 1% that does not like us. we have to be cautious. >> we're still working this story and we'll have much more on at 5:00 including what's going on in the investigation. who is expressing these thoughts and if it's just an idle piece of graffiti or if there's something behind it. we'll talk to some people in the neighborhood who had interesting opinions. kind of understand why people are so angry but they say this crosses the line. in laurel brad bell abc 7 news. >> thank you, brad. now, today's weather wasn't really warm enough for kids to get outside and play. people living near a preschool and 14th street in columbia heights say when the kids do head out to the playground there, the noise is just unbearable. here's more on this fight that's under way there.
4:34 pm
steven? >> this is what it stems from. this piece of property right over here, you see that small playground, well on a warmer day, most days of the year, it is filled with preschoolers. they fill this playground and the residents say they make a lot of noise and here's part of the reason why. look at what we're standing in. see this small area surrounded by condominium buildings and a bit of a condo canyon. now, the residents say they want to turn this playground into a green space, a communal space. the apple tree early learning public charter school says that it has the right to this playground and there's a heated dispute brewing here in columbia heights. >> we've been here since the beginning and this has always been, you know the place where the children have played. we have 165 3 and 4-year-olds that require outdoor activity every day. so this allows us to do it. >> the quality of life issue for
4:35 pm
my son, for anyone who tries to work at home in a professional manner or for anyone who happens to be ill that day, they're unable to sleep and recuperate. >> well we can tell you that the apple tree public charter school has lawyered up and we just spoke with one of the members here and said they spoke with the attorney and it does look like the resolution here likely if it is unable to be worked out between these two parties may eventually do as well as in some courtroom. reporting live abc 7 news. >> we turn to breaking news now out of gaithersburg where we've learned that a person has been hit by a train. this happened along north summit avenue at east diamond avenue and abc 7 has learned that person has died. we will bring you more information on this story as soon as it comes you into our newsroom. leon? >> alison top g.o.p. leader is
4:36 pm
helping newly elected maryland governor larry hogan kick off his first term. new jersey governor chris christie will attend his swearing-in ceremony. that's set for january 21st in annapolis. christie, by the way is seriously considering a run for president in 2016 if you haven't heard that by now. he's also going to be attending an inaugural event for the florida governor rick scott next week. now, president obama is getting a boost in support these days. a new cnn/o.r.c. poll shows the president's approval rating stands at 48% the highest level it's been since may of 2013. experts say the boost is due partly to a stronger u.s. economy and lower gas prices. >> former alaska governor sarah palin thinks people for ethical treatment of animals or peta needs to chill. that's her words. that's the message she sent right to the organization after it criticized a picture of her 6-year-old son standing on the family's dog. that photo drew a lot of attention last week and prompted the head of peta to comment over the weekend that it believes
4:37 pm
that people should not step on dogs. palin then responded stating "at least trig didn't eat the dog." >> ok. there's that. >> there's that. >> ok. well, they're getting ready to head back to work. >> and still ahead, we'll have a look at the challenges facing the 114 congress. >> i'm hungry. >> a little later, a flight delayed by fog. what made these passengers get even later once the fog lifted. >> first a little bit of a challenge for disney's bad bo
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>> and trending now. as they say in the song no one is slick as gaston no one's neck is incredibly thick as gaston. he has biceps to spare. well that's the disney version of beauty & the beast. the beefy gaston in the role of the villian look at this. a tourist at disney world challenged the guy dressed up as the character to a push-up contest. and as you can see, even showing off with some one armed push-ups and looks like he won! gaston. >> all right. >> video has more than three million views on you tube.
4:41 pm
>> that's pretty impressive. >> weren't fake muscles. >> they may not have been. >> they were real. >> get your attention? >> funny video. >> ok. >> all right. folks, you know, you may like the sound of my voice. but does it make your skin tingle? well according to researchers at james madison university probably not the way that alison alison's can. women voices can elicit an unconscious response both in men and other women. those that were heard during the most fertile time of their menstrual cycles. electricity in their skin went up 20%. what do you think about that? >> i prefer hearing your voice. you have a very nice voice. >> that's a bizarre study. >> my voice isn't what made maid you fertile, that's for sure. >> i don't think so. >> you're on your own there. ok. >> different direction. right? >> that's what i love about you. >> take that, peter! all right.
4:42 pm
we're expecting some snow to come here in our area tomorrow morning. >> we are. but still to come a look at where people are already getting socked in by the weather. >> gotcha! >> but first, calling on congress with the voting voice as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - upload speeds as fast as your download speeds so files go out in a snap. don't miss your last chance e to get $300 back when you switch to fios internet and d phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreent and get $300 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today.
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>> we have an update now on breaking news on the beltway today where a serious accident has three lanes of traffic closed on the inner loop. the crash happened just before 4:00 on the beltway just south of the b.w. parkway in green belt. it involves a motorcycle and a tractor-trailer. the motorcycle driver was sent to the hospital and accident reconstruction team is on the scene. traffic is currently getting by just on the right shoulder. so we will continue to update this alert throughout the evening. and we're also learning more now about that person hit by a train in gaithersburg. c.s.x. tells abc 7 news it was a marc train that hit the pedestrian. it happened at the intersection of east summit avenue and east diamond avenue. that pedestrian died there on the scene. marc has suspended service on its line. trains 891 is holding at the rockville station and we're told that metro is honoring marc
4:46 pm
tickets this afternoon. >> all right. you're looking live at the u.s. capitol as the 114th congress gets ready to get down to business this year. the house will welcome 58 freshmen members this week. 43 of them republicans. 15 democrats. on the senate side 12 new republicans and one new democrat. the hot issues this session are expected to include the keystone x.l. pipeline, immigration and health care. the leaders in the district are fighting for a voice in that domain. >> eleanor holmes norton and mayor muriel bowser are pushing to restore d.c. voting rights in congress. jeanette reyes takes a look at the new life for this ongoing battle. >> the fight is on this afternoon to get back to d.c. its right to vote. in a passionate speech this morning on capitol hill delegate eleanor norton expressed her frustration with the district's loss of its voting rights in congress in 2011. new mayor muriel bowser also made an appearance on her first day standing alongside norton as
4:47 pm
the delegate announced in less than 24 hours, she will call on republicans to restore the district's vote on the house floor in the committee of the whole. the mayor offered her support to the cause including renewed efforts to statehood. take a listen. >> i'm going to seek to win back the district votes and committee of a whole of the 103rd congress and i have been able to exercise for three congresses and i will make the point that in a democracy, the vote can never be tied to the party in power. the vote is tied to the people. >> we are 660,000 taxpaying americans that go to war that work hard every day. for how we advance this nation and everybody should be reminded that we don't have the vote in this house. this place, the seat of democracy. and that is not right.
4:48 pm
>> delegate norton was also asked by reporters if she's heard anything from republicans as far as them lending their support to the cause. she says it's still too early. she hasn't talked to any of them just yet. but tomorrow when she makes this announcement on the floor, she says we should all find out whether that is the case although she would not be surprised if some republicans do come forward and back her. jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> today they are blaming dense fog for causing nightmarish delays for hundreds of passengers. this is that picture of that fog. it grounded dozens of flights, and canceled some 20 others. the flight 183 arrived in san francisco saturday it was held on the tarmac for 12 hours! it turned a normally 16-hour flight into 28 hours of misery. >> they kept telling us we were going to leave 15 minutes from now, 20 minutes from now, 30 minutes from now. 12 hours. >> everybody is fighting with
4:49 pm
each other. and the flight attendants were fighting with us and we were fighting with the flight attendants. >> awful! flight 23 to dusseldorf germany was not only delayed for 13 hours by fog, it was also diverted to vienna after a 73-year-old passenger died in flight. they apologized for the delays but said obviously, there was nothing it could do about all that fog. >> really. the day on social media day and age of social media, how in the world do you think they can get away with that? >> to tell them every 15 minutes, we're almost ready. we're almost ready for 12 hours. >> that's awful. folks in southwest china are digging out after a weekend snowstorm that started saturday night and dropped less than two feet of snow in less than 24 hours. the snow buried homes and blocked streets there. more than 170 folks in some 60 vehicles were left stranded on one highway alone there. and now here's one way to deal with the winter weather. this guy in chicago was using a
4:50 pm
snow blower in his shorts. weekend storm brought rain snow and ice to the chicago area and more we hear is on the way. up to six inches of snow is expected there overnight and temperatures in the single digits. >> that's something you would do. >> that's something i would do. as a matter of fact something you might see me do this winter. actually, i think it works. >> ok. >> i don't know that's what he was doing. >> well once that system moves its way through chicago, folks, it's heading here! this way. >> that's right. and once it passes through, it will be cold, really cold. so our question of the day is asking how you're preparing for the big change in our weather. sherri posts, who invited winter to join us? wasn't last winter enough for a decade or so? another writes make hot chocolate and just enjoy. >> david wrote a lot of sarcasm in the wjla facebook page with this. go to the store, buy milk quick, toilet paper! good idea. join the conversation on our wjla facebook page. >> we have sarcastic viewers.
4:51 pm
>> yes. >> good thing. makes it interesting. >> yes, it does. >> all right. weatherwise, steve is here now to tell us really what we can expect for what? the next 24 hours. >> it's not really that big of a deal. however, it's a big deal because of the timing and the fact that we're going to be looking at the rush hour commute and really our first significant snow that we've had this season inside the capital beltway. >> timing is everything. >> timing is everything. that's why the national weather service has gone ahead and now issued or posted a winter weather advisory that includes the district all surrounding counties including montgomery, fairfax, arlington, alexandria prince george's county southern maryland and this will mainly be a dusting for calvert and charles and extreme southern maryland over in st. mary's. further north and the further west you go those are the areas that will likely see the most snow. a quick dump of snow or we could see in the mountains upwards of three inches or more of snow. this is our computer generated model here. and give us a good take as to
4:52 pm
what we expect hour by hour in the morning, we could be looking at upwards of an inch of snow already on the grassy areas on the roadways in d.c. up towards frederick and as we move through the mid morning hours, notice what happens. the snow stops falling and then we are going to look for this side to gradually clear. the grand total for snowfall in the immediate metro around the beltway, probably just around an inch or so. but heavier amounts as you head further to the west. look at cumberland. this model shows about 3 1/2 inches of snow. satellite and radar, it's quiet for us right now but this is the approaching storm system that will bring us that wintry weather come early tomorrow morning. and then as quickly as it moves on in that's as quickly as it will move out. so tomorrow morning, look for periods of snow. a cold start to your tuesday morning. 24 in gaithersburg. 26 in arlington. looking at temperatures around 24 degrees. hour by hour the snow will approach during the early, early morning hours of tuesday. overspreads the entire region by 5:00 in the morning. and as we move towards the mid
4:53 pm
morning and early afternoon hours, it is out of here! >> ok, steve, thank you very much. and be sure we want to remind you, join abc 7 tomorrow morning early at 4:00 a.m. meteorologist jacqui jeras and eileen will be leading our storm watch coverage throughout the morning for you. and time now for a check on the traffic situation. bob emler in the wtop traffic center with the details. hi, bob. >> alison, we have the problem on the beltway in greenfield on the inner loop after the baltimore-washington parkway. red lines getting around it. we can look and see where the crash remains on the inner loop still there and still getting by, two lanes to the right. delays are beginning back in college park and outer loop slow before route 50. right now, things are ok elsewhere. 270 up through montgomery roads, germantown slow headed up to clarksburg and beltway out of tysons not doing so badly this afternoon. >> ok bob thank you. coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00, a new year can mean a new
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
>> 7 is on your side now with a consumer alert. as you start this new year you may be feeling a little charitable. but be careful. not to get caught. >> that's right. autria shows us a scam that plays on euro -- your emotions to get to your wallet. >> a person seemingly clinging to life but in reality, the picture is one piece of an elaborate scam. the victim will receive a correspondence from a dying woman over in a foreign country or a man. and they are explaining that they need a u.s. citizen as beneficiary to their millions of dollars so that they can get this money to a charity. and that's their dying wish. >> the picture note and death certificate are used multiple times in multiple scams. the con artists tell victims they will inherit money simply
4:58 pm
by helping out. helping distribute the large amount of money that will be coming to the united states. >> once the money is shipped to the united states, it miraculously gets held up in customs and they have to pay all sorts of fees to get this moneyry leased. but there's even more they say the money has been dyed black or yellow to avoid detection and send a couple of sample bills and then it's on the victim to pay to have it cleaned. officials call this a black money scam and say that it has already cost victims worldwide roughly $100 million. officials say they've had cases in arizona, minnesota and new york. some advice -- if you get a suspicious e-mail or letter with signs of this scam, report it. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> right now at 5:00 the salt trucks are all loaded and the plows are on the standby right
4:59 pm
now for what could be a messy morning rush. timing is everything folks. going to begin tonight with the winter weather alert because the threat of snow right now hitting us here in the morning rush in the d.c. area. >> our meteorologist steve rudin begins our coverage from the abc 7 stormwatch weather center. what's the latest? >> all right. a lot going on tonight as we move through the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. no problems for this evening. this is where the storm is located, right here over iowa. this moves our way as it moves towards the overnight. wide are view across the mid atlantic and our skies are mainly clear right now. those skies will quickly approach and you can already see across ohio and kentucky this is the leading edge of that system that will bring us unsettled weather as we move into the early morning hours of tuesday. already, the national weather service we have some winter storm warnings in areas shaded in pink. however, closer to home we have a winter weather advisory. it starts at 4:00 in the morning and extends until 1:00 tom afternoon. it includes all the counties shaded in purple including the
5:00 pm
district, prince george's anne arundel, howard montgomery fairfax, alexandria. further north and west you go, those are the areas likely to see more snowfall in terms of snow totals upwards of one to three, maybe even four inches in the mountains. but inside the capital beltway, only around an inch or so. no problems for this evening. here's the clouds beginning to roll in from the west. we'll call for temperatures this evening around 34 to 40 degrees with cool conditions. winds will be out of the northwest at five to 10. we'll break down the snow totals and give you the exact timing what to expect early tomorrow morning. how it's going to impact your rush hour commute going to work and coming home from work. it's going to be like night and day. alison? >> ok steve. as you mentioned, the timing here is really the big issue and it has crews scrambling already to pretreat area roads. as well as remind people about new laws that kick in when the snow begins to


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