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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  January 4, 2015 11:35pm-12:01am EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> words of praise and a final farewell for a new york city police officer. chuck sievers and shows how the law enforcement community paid their last respects to officer liu. >> a wall of blue closed round a fallen comrade. shoulder by shoulder by the thousands, under gray skies. officers from across the country
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made the pilgrimage to new york city for the funeral. the 32-year-old policeman was shot execution style, along with officer ramos, on december 20. the police unions accuse mayor bill de blasio taking sides against them. some in the crowd turned their backs as the mayor spoke inside. police commissioners seem to offer an olive branch to his angry rank-and-file. >> why do we always lose the big ones? it's the law of averages. the most all of them are good ones. very few are not. >> liu's father was overcome with heartbreak, recalling a dutiful son. and his wife of just two months. >> he was my soulmate. >> said goodbye through her tears. >> my loving husband and a loyal friend. i love you.
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i love you. i will forever love you. >> liu's grave is in the same cemetery as ramos, who died beside him. >> the new year means a whole new life for a nine-year-old d.c. boy. he survived what doctors first thought was a fatal gunshot would. tom roussey shares his big plans. >> i will be sitting somewhere sitting with them. >> they plan to ring in the new year. jaden had more plans, but he wanted to go to bed this way. >> i'm going to drink apple cider if i don't go to sleep. and then go to sleep -- by myself. >> as you can tell, behind a sweet smile, he is one tough kid. >> you say you can't do this, he will go right in therapy and show the therapist i can do it. >> when he left medstar national
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rehabilitation hospital on new year's eve, it was not just a miracle that he was walking. it is a miracle that he survived at all after getting hit by a bullet not meant for him three months ago. >> i cannot walk all the way yet , but it's getting there. i can use this. >> you can punch? >> that is important to yes. >> -- that is important to jaden, who loves basketball and wrestling. he is already ready to get going. >> i think god for where he is today. that is beside me. >> tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news has followed his incredible recovery nearly three months, including the first interview with him and his mother as he faced new surgeries.
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at a look at his rehab program. watch all of those stories right now at count on 7 to continue tracking his progress as he reaches the next phase in his recovery. the long-delayed streetcar in northeast washington will open the week of january 19. that is according to a statement released wednesday by now-former mayor vincent gray. final safety inspections are underway. new mayor muriel bowser is expected to address the streetcar later this week. officials hope the nearly 2.5-mile project would be open by the start of the new year. a maryland doctor is fighting back against claims he is the next dr. jack kevorkian. abc 7 news broke the news of dr. lawrence egbert, who lost his medical license for helping in an assisted suicide. josie sherman spoke with the doctor about the allegations. >> it right behind the year.
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>> dr. lawrence demonstrating how to end a life. if he seems comfortable, it's because he has seen this scenario play out 100 times since 2006. >> is it a humane way? >> it's painless, if that's what you mean. >> giving people an option to end their lives with dignity. he said he gave them to people with terminal illnesses. >> we did not buy the equipment. we did not turn the equipment on. we did not connect it. >> he said he provided a hand to hold and advice. the maryland board of physicians called it unprofessional, revoking his license after learning he participated in six assisted suicides here. how do you feel as a facilitator helping people make that choice? >> i'm proud of myself.
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i think that every doctor should be willing to do that. >> willing to risk his career and freedom. he has been tried and acquitted elsewhere and is facing trial in minnesota, although he no longer -- although he does not face criminal charges in maryland. it is illegal and he believes it should be your choice. >> would i? i would. >> dr. egbert said he will abide by his attorney's request to not get involved in any similar cases for the time being. if you have a story that you want 7 on your side to investigate, send an e-mail to or call 1-866-236-3401. coming up, former virginia
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governor bob mcdonnell is back in court this week. and we do not have hoverboards or flying cars, but several predictions from "back to the future" have come true. >> the weather forecast is coming up.
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>> jury selection is set to begin tomorrow in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect
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dzhokhar tsarnaev after a court refused to delay the trial or move it from boston. three people were killed and over 200 wounded. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. republicans will be in control when the hundred 14th congress begins tuesday. mitch mcconnell says the first vote in the senate will be to authorize the keystone xl pipeline. they are also likely to challenge the president's executive order shielding 5 million people from deportation. the gop will hold 54 seats in the senate, the largest majority since the 1930's. also tuesday, former governor of virginia bombing down will be sent its federal corruption charges. the jury convicted bomb at and his wife maureen. -- the jury convicted bob
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mcdonnell and his wife, marine, and they will be sentenced tuesday. a popular airshow was coming back. and here is hoping that you enjoyed the warm weather.
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>> fans of 1980's cinema had an idea of what 2015 might be like because of marty mcfly's trick
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in "back to the future 2." >> you have to come back with me. back to the future. >> in 1989, when the movie was released, we got a glimpse into how hollywood picture the future. well, the future is now. doc brown and marty mcfly used a modified delorean to travel to 2015. social media was packed with people comparing and contrasting the movie with reality. >> when he did the movie, he did not to be scientifically correct. he just wanted to have fun with it. >> alvin jones says we are obsessed with looking ahead. >> i think "back to the future" gave people the feeling of being a kid and that the possibilities are endless. >> we don't have flying cars,
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automated gas stations, or a skateboard that can be a hover board. people sure are trying to make a overboard, though. and the self-lacing shoes nike says they are in the works as well. we do have jumbotrons, large flatscreen tvs, and 3-d movie screens. who would have imagined. >> a couple things came to her for russian, some things do not pan out. -- a couple things came to fruition, some things did not pan out. >> that brought back some memories. let's get to the forecast again. we are looking at single digits in the suburbs? >> yes, by the middle of the week. plan ahead with the kids. especially the bus stop. you want them to be bundled up in the morning for the first day back from the long holiday break. not too bad, but it is windy.
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you may be hearing the wind gusts. 20 form opera wind gust at reagan national, currently 54 degrees. -- 24 mile per hour wind gust at reagan national, currently 54. 45 45 gaithersburg, 51 andrew's, 53 lexington park. 47 mile-per-hour wind gust in martinsburg, west virginia. the wind is really going to be helping usher in the cold air mass that is knocking on our door. 34 degrees in pittsburgh. the core of the cold air is over the upper midwest. we have another cold front slide through tuesday that will bring a reinforcing shot of cold air. that is where the temperatures will be dropping overnight, into the single digits and teens. satellite radar a little quieter, we had some light rain showers earlier. now just some clouds, but the skies were clear of her night.
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the colder air starts to spill into the region. tomorrow morning when you are waking up, temperatures in the 30's. with the gusty wind, it will feel more like a 20's. it will be windy tomorrow as well. noticeably cooler after the high today of 66 at reagan national. probably only about 39, 40 degrees, but sunshine. kind of eight gray and dreary weekend as we head into the day tomorrow. tomorrow morning, with the wind, it will feel like the 20's. prepare for that. even through the afternoon, as i mentioned. the high approaching 40 degrees, but the windchill at 2:00 forecast to be 28, 29, 30 degrees. definitely want to bundle up. tuesday, another cold front approaches. that will deliver the really bitterly cold air for the middle of the week. it will also bring the chance of light snow showers. i think further north of d.c.
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may get a coating on the ground. we will have to keep an i on it. i think the timing will be in the morning. by wednesday and thursday, blustery cold, 29 the high wednesday, 23 thursday. overnight lows in the teens. again, that is in the city. i don't think we will be quite record-breaking temperatures but nonetheless, regardless, it will be cold. feeling like january finally. join air base andrews will host an airshow after a two-year absence. show that includes the u.s. air force thunderbirds has been canceled in recent years because of budget cuts. this year's show will commemorate the air force's birthday. the smithsonian will receive $14.5 million of additional federal funding for the 2015 fiscal year. officials say much of the increase will go towards rising
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costs for salaries and expenses. there isfunding for the national museum of african american history and culture. it is set to open next year. the new year means the end of an era in arlington. summer's restaurant in clarendon closed thursday after 33 years in business. the owners try to sell the restaurant, but could not find an investor. business was never the same since a fire next-door force them to close part of the bar. known for showing soccer matches. summers also played host to make jager, it jerry seinfeld -- to makeick, jagger, jerry
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>> we have a 7 on your side consumer alert. chik-fil-a received information that there might have been a data breach. he will pay for free protection services and credit monitoring for those affected. vw is recalling five models because of a fire risk. they say that a fuel leak in the engine may cause the fire. the recall involves 2014 and 2015 beattke, jettas, and
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passats. dealerships will make the repairs free of charge. they say that in the meantime, owners who smell gas or see their vehicle control like no one need to have their vehicles inspected immediately. gas prices have fallen 97 consecutive days, the lug a streak on record according to aaa. -- the longest such streak according to aaa. the increased supply also comes at a cost. they can 80 and company is laying off 700 people at a facility in california. >> it is stressful. i have to support my family. >> ensign specializes in oil
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well drilling and testing. the company has not said if the layoffs are temporary or permanent. a barrel of oil on the world market costs $51 less than
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