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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  January 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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to raise money for search efforts while here at raj yoga where simran and his wife are co-directors. they were very much hopeful that simran was going to be found. they felt strongly that that was the case. again, simran found in a rugged area in the mountains outside of tepoztllan, hour south of mexico city. obviously, friends and family devastated by this breaking news. we're going to be speaking with some of those folks here in the next 20 to 30 minutes. they are in further contact with people who are down in mexico. we're going to have much more on this story coming up tonight at 5:00. until live in sterling jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, a coroner in ohio has ruled the death of a frederick county maryland toddler a homicide. the coroner said cameron beckford died from blunt force trauma to his upper body. wednesday, columbus police found his body in a bag in a creek. his mother originally told police she left the boy at a stranger's house because she
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could no longer care for him. denisha stevens later admit that was a lie. stevens is charged with child endangerment and tampering with evidence. and federal prosecutors will not be charging john hinckley in the death of james brady. the former white house press secretary died in august from injuries related to a is the 81 assassination attempt on president reagan. a jury found hinckley not guilty by reason of insanity and because of this the department of justice said the government is precluded from now arguing hinckley was sane at the time of that shooting. hinckley has of course spent the past three decades in a mental hospital. >> now, d.c. officially has a new mayor. and her inauguration festivities are not over yet. >> that's right. today, muriel bowser became the seventh elected mayor of d.c. what does she have planned for the district in 2015? mike live outside the convention center with a look at today's swearing-in and the start of a new era in the district of columbia. mike? >> a new chapter for d.c.
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government, allison and leon. very visible police presence here outside of the convention center, three hours away from the start of the inaugural ball tonight. today's festivities began at 8:00 a.m. with an interfaith prayer service at first congregational united church of christ on g street northwest. then the inauguration ceremony at 9:30 a.m. attracted thousands of washingtonians, local and regional leaders. current and former council members and mayors including anthony williams and adrian sente, the first attorney general elected to that post karl racine was sworn in first followed by three council members who were brand new to their council posts. headline today, 42-year-old muriel bowser sworn in as mayor representing ward four. she's the seventh elected mayor for the district of columbia and the second woman to hold the post after sharon pratt-kelly in 1991. she seemed to go off script ad-libbing referring to the outgoing mayor and praising him for the last four years and his work in the mayor's office.
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>> mayor vincent c. gray i want to thank you for your leadership. i want to thank you for the ccesses that you've achieved with your cabinet and staff during the last four years. let's acknowledge mayor gray. [applause] >> several seconds of applause for the outgoing mayor and bowser, during her address, promising to tackle affordable housing, transforming the city's middle schools, closing d.c. general and getting the streetcar program right. now, if you're coming to tonight's inauguration event at 7 7:00, the ball gets under way. organizers organizers encouraging you to take metro because of road closures around the convention center. >> mike thank you very much. d.c.'s new mayor is the topic of the question of the day for you. we want to know what would you like to see mayor bowser tackle first in her new role? go to the abc 7 facebook page and give us your answer.
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we'll share some of your comments coming up later in our newscast. and then coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight, d.c. chief sam ford will have more from bowser's inauguration. as vincent gray says good-bye what's ahead for him in terms of legal problems? we'll have all of that still ahead, leon. >> all right. speaking of politicians, another one in the news this evening. senator harry reid had to be hospitalized after he fell and broke several ribs and some facial bones as well. the senator from nevada was exercising at his home when an exercise band that he was using broke. it hit him in the face and he fell in the process and broke several ribs. the 75-year-old was hospitalized but his office says he plans to return to d.c. when the senate reconvenes on tuesday. >> well, turning to the weather now, you know, some people could see some brief winter weather tomorrow. but then get ready for a warmup on sunday. meteorologist steve rudin is in the weather center to break down the ups and downs throughout the weekend for us. hi, steve. >> hi let me tell you we have
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a little bit of everything on the way over the next 48 hours from a wintry mix to rain to cooler temperatures and then a warmup. when it will actually feel like springtime out there. take a look at our temperatures right now. 4:00, 43 at dulles. 45 in manassas. it stays dry but the cloud cover is here to stay. with the clouds, eventually we'll see rain and a little bit of a wintry mix develop late tonight and into the morning hours of tomorrow. that's why the national weather service has now issued a winter weather advisory. north and west of d.c. it does include frederick and washington counties in maryland along the i-81 corridor. this is from 4:00 a.m. depending on location until 1:00 in the afternoon or 5:00 in the afternoon and we may see parts of this extended just a little bit. don't know for sure if any times will be added but of course we'll keep you updated. in terms of what we expect for the overnight, it will stay dry. our temperatures will fall from the 40's into the 30's and eventually out to the west of
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us, in the 20's. talk about the rest of the weekend and next week, let me tell you it's going to get mighty cold around here. seven day outlook you won't want to miss. leon? >> thank you steve. two police officers in west virginia are recovering tonight after being shot during a traffic stop. they say it's all part of a bizarre and deadly crime spree by a father-son duo. this all began with the man allegedly stealing an s.u.v. in texas. they then drove to north carolina where they killed a husband and wife. they set the house on fire and took the car. the suspects got pulled over near lewisburg, west virginia where they began a shootout with police. scott has been monitoring this and joining us now from our satellite center. this is a really bizarre story, scott. >> absolutely, leon. and i just spoke with police in west virginia who say they're checking with agencies all across the southeast now to see if these two committed even more crimes they don't know about yet. in fact, the sheriff in north carolina says if it were not for police noticing the stolen car and stopping them who knows how long or how deadly this crime
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spree could have been. when police first got the call for this house fire in tiny oxford north carolina they had no clue what they would quickly uncover. they say a father and son from texas who arrived in a stolen s.u.v. broke in set it on fire and left with the owners. 73-year-old jerome and 62-year-old dora faulkner taking their pickup truck, too. >> there's no telling from the investigation at this point what we're going to find. >> hours later, it was police in lewisburg, west virginia near the greenbriar who came across the men pulling one of them over and realizing he was in a stolen car. the other suspect pulled over two almost instantly, a shootout. >> they asked for identification. and he pulls the gun out of his waistband and starts shooting. they retreated for cover and the lieutenant returned fire. >> the officers were grazed one in the neck and one in the face but both also took direct shots to the body.
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>> the body armor those two officers were wearing is a strong possibility will save both of their lives. >> i knew something happened besides an accident so i counted at least 40 state police. >> they say the suspects a father and son edward and eric campbell took off but were eventually caught. in the back of the pickup under a mattress the faulkners' bodies. police say they had been killed sometime after they were abducted. >> the community at this point is in shock. this kind of thing does not happen here. >> police believe as of now that that north carolina couple targeted completely at random. both wounded police officers had minor surgery and they are doing ok. could be released today. the older suspect, the father edward campbell was shot in that exchange of gunfire. he will survive. he was also by the way, out on bond at the time of this incident for aggravated assault. alisyn? >> what a story. thank you very much, scott. and developing right now the
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obama administration has announced some new sanctions on north carolina in response to last month's cyber attack on sony. the sanctions target north carolina's intelligence agency. a state run mining corporation and an arms dealer. 10 people working for those entities or the government also face sanctions. many of those individuals work outside of north korea. president obama authorized the sanctions by executive order. and now it is day six and the latest developments in the recovery efforts of airasia flight 8501. search teams have made their greatest progress to date. narrowing those search efforts as the intesht community and the united states step into help. here's the latest on what's now been recovered from the crash. >> recovery teams are making progress in the search for airasia 8501. tripling the number of bodies recovered bringing the total now to 30. >> the fact that they're finding more bodies more pieces of wreckage tells us they're really honing in.
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>> it's a massive effort. 17 aircraft and 29 ships from several countries including the u.s. navy. covering a wide swath of the search area, the u.s.s. sampson, high-tech vessel outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment. the director of the indonesia's search and rescue agency says the american teams doubled their expectations. and now the agency says they're focusing their efforts on an area of just 1500 square nautical miles. shrinking the search area to just 1/10th of yesterday's size. and as search teams believe that they are honing in on the location of the plane, each clue brings more questions than answers. >> the fact that people didn't have life preservers means it wasn't a controlled ditching and the fact that we have people strapped to their seats means it wasn't a high speed impact but just exactly what it was and whether the airplane broke up in flight before it hit the water is still a big puzzle. >> three more victims have been
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identified. they include an 11-year-old boy, a college student and a flight attendant. in new york lona zack abc 7 news. >> investigators in italy are searching a burned out ferry for more victims of a deadly fire. that ship arrived in port this morning. last weekend's fire killed at least 13 people and forced the evacuation of nearly 500. there's no word on how the fire started. but authorities say the flames were fed by the dozens of cars and trucks that were parked on the lower decks of that vessel. >> still to come tonight, a 7 on your side consumer alert. how a contact solution mix-up has some people's eyes burning. >> an underaged new year's celebration turns violent in alex andrea. hear what happened inside a hotel. >> a look at who's in and who's out when it comes to this year's super bowl ads. >> more than $100,000 in jewelry missing from a hand full of local homes. right after the break, i thank you
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>> we have a warning tonight to residents who use cleaning service professionals. >> in the last three months montgomery police have charged seven people all of them individually for allegedly stealing jewelry and other
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valuables out of their own clients' homes. >> only on 7 now, montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is here to explain how to protect yourself. >> we are live in a potomac neighborhood. it was here that a trusted cleaning lady recently stole two rings and a gold pair of earrings. and police say that family is now out $9,000 and they are not alone. according to police sources and court paperwork obtained by abc 7 news prosecutors here in montgomery county have charged seven people since october for stealing their clients' valuables. there are at least 18 victims and as you can see, they span the entire montgomery county map. this isn't exclusive to cleaning womans. a hvac repairman, nanny and caretaker are also charged. for example, before hiring a service worker, ask family, friends and neighbors for referrals .
4:16 pm
only deal with companies that are bonded insured and perform background checks. lastly, keep all valuables in a locked safe. >> when you leave somebody in your home unsupervised and alone, it's easy to do if you don't detect it very quickly if you're not looking around checking that piece of jewelry that you had. you might not notice it right away. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, we'll introduce you to a cleaning lady that was just charged with stealing from a home in this neighborhood. plus tell you why she's claiming her innocence. for now, we're live in potomac, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a truck driver in oklahoma loses control and ends up stuck on a power pole. no word on what caused this new year's day accident but look at this. we do know the roads in the area were icy. wow. >> look at that. >> police say they have responded to dozens of accidents as freezing rain and snow continue to sweep across oklahoma city. meanwhile, oklahoma is not the
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only state starting 2015 with that wintery weather. take a look at the south rim of the grand canyon coated in snow. this is part of a system that delivered a foot and a half of snow to flagstaff, arizona. covered the mountains there with a light dusting of snow. >> something wrong with pictures that have cactuses and palm trees and snow. >> right. doesn't look -- >> all in the same picture. >> doesn't look real. >> something wrong there. >> i know. >> today, they're enjoying mild temperatures while we're dealing with this. >> not. >> what about sunday? it's going to warm up. >> sunday is going to warm up for one day. that's it. after that we go downhill and next week, it's going to feel like the middle of winter, i promise you, with temperatures in the 30's. we'll talk about what's outside right now. and this is national harbor looking towards old town, alexandria and the clouds are here and they're here to stay i should say for the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. it's 48 degrees at reagan national airport. the winds are out of the north at three. at least we don't have to deal
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with a wind chill factor. temperatures holding in the 40's this hour. 43 degrees over at dulles international airport. 45 at manassas. 46 in fredericksricksburgfredricksburg. looking at satellite and radar high pressure that was once dominating our weather forecast moves on out of here and we are going to look for the cloud cover to continue to increase. head further towards the south into the west of us. this is our next big weather maker. this all moves across the mid atlantic. first, a warm front followed by a stronger cold front. that will bring us a mixed bag for the upcoming weekend with the wintry weather come early tomorrow morning. already, national weather service areas shaded in purple including frederick and washington counties under a winter weather advisory. this is early tomorrow morning until 1:00 in the area and they shave a few counties out. they may do that also.
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i believe that's going to happen early on. this is what it looks like 7:00 in the morning. areas of rain and showers mainly rain for us in d.c. further west you can see areas of purple shaded in cumberland and over in martinsburg and winchester, that's where we have the advisory. that's where the higher elevations may pick up a little bit of ice. not going to be a big ice storm by any means. be on the lookout for slick roadways come early tomorrow morning. all lifts out of here. that's part of the warm front and temperatures will warm for the day on saturday and high there at 60 degrees. cold front moves on through. chance for a few thunderstorms and colder air for the start of next week. cloudy yiy and cool overnight. mix of rain for the late night showers. temperatures will range from 27
4:20 pm
34 degrees. coldest air to the north and west of us. for tomorrow waking up in the morning, look for sleet and rain inside the beltway and like i said, not going to amount to a whole lot. temperatures at freezing around gaithersburg and the daytime highs range from 36 to 42 degrees. that's well above freezing. here's your extended outlook. it shows warmer temperatures for the day on sunday. look at this cooldown come monday and tuesday and wednesday we slide from the upper 30's to middle 30's to around 30 and the grand finale thursday. as a high. look at that morning low at 15. these are in town temperatures and colder to the west. >> be prepared. >> let's see what we should expect on the roads tonight. bob is in the traffic center. >> leon not a typical rush hour today. what we're seeing are a lot of people traveling on i-95 in virginia. southbound traffic on i-95 you can see by the red lines headed
4:21 pm
south from quantico to fredricksburg and northbound delays in a few stretches coming up through fredricksburg and prince william county we slow down here and there. that's it. if you travel up to 270 running at speed in both directions between the beltway and interstate 70. we're not seeing much in terms of slow traffic. here on the beltway at river road, in fact running pretty well as we can see not your typical work day commute at all. 66, 395 i-95 each running well and generally doing fine in both directions on i-95 as you head past newington at the fairfax county parkway. >> all right. thanks, bob. check back with you later. we turn to a 7 on your side consumer alert concerning contact lens solution. it turns out that some customers are getting common celine solution mixed up with a disinfectant that can burn your eyes. 7 on your side consumer investigator joins us from our newsroom with a look what you need to be on the lookout for when you buy your next pack of contact solution. tell us about it. >> leon my eyes are watering
4:22 pm
thinking about it. the problem is you wake up you're groggy and don't have your glasses on or your contacts in yet. and you reach for what you think is wetting or saline solution. but in this case, using a cleaning and disinfectant made of 3% hydrogen peroxide. over the last four years, nearly 200 consumers have complained to the f.d.a. and consumer med that they're getting chemical burns on their eyeballs from this product. that it feels like acid. that they're ending up in the e.r. because of user error, not realizing this solution should never touch the eye. 30 minutes ago, i got off the phone with the manufacturer of this product. the spokeswoman told me it's been on the market for 30 years. they just made changes in 2014 to warn consumers making this cap red enlarging the warnings here and here. as you'll see coming up at 5:00 consumers are still making a very painful mistake. back to you in the studio. >> all right. thanks kimberly. check that out for sure.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 what caused a massive pile-up on a highway in new hampshire. >> what medical experts are telling people concerned about the flu epidemic.
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>> as the flu epidemic escalates across the united states medical experts are giving more advice on how to protect yourself from the common, yet deadly virus. here's a closer look at this 7
4:26 pm
on your side health alert. >> from the sneezing to the coughing. flu season is in high gear. already declared an epidemic by the c.d.c. earlier this week the c.d.c. reported there was high flu activity in 22 states. >> it starts in the southeast, the midwest and then spreads from there and we've just had the holiday vacation. people spread the flu as they travel around. >> with the flu vaccine less effective against this year's strain, flu-related hospitalizations are up. in milwaukee, more than 220 hospitalizations. more than double the number at this time last year. >> i'm sick right now. so i'm sick right now so i've got the flu. beyond calling your doctor there's a growing practice called telemedicine. get on your computer or tablet log into a virtual waiting room and then connect with a physician. >> we can see that they're ok and not in acute distress and treat them the same way i would treat them if they came in.
4:27 pm
>> health officials say people in the highest risk groups for severe flu include those older than 65 children under 5. pregnant women and people with medical conditions. beyond flu shots, the advice from abc's dr. richard besser don't wait too long to begin treatment since anti-flu medications only work if started in the first two days. for abc 7 news john erlichman, los angeles. >> new numbers from the world health organization tonight on the ebola outbreak. 23,381 cases have been diagnosed since th outbreak was first reported in december of 2013. 7,989 people in west africa have died. liberia and sierra leone are the countries hardest hit. >> the winter classic is over. hockey time is not over at nats park. take a look at a special game that was held there today. >> certainly in the future you know, just pay closer attention to it. >> and what small business owners need to look out for in the mail to make sure they don't
4:28 pm
fall victim to scammers. >> late night gathering of teens at a big local hotel ends with three of them stabbed. when we come back we'll tell you why
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>> a party inside an alexandria hotel room turned violent overnight. >> three teenagers were stabbed at the hilton hotel on seminary
4:31 pm
road earlier this morning. brad bell is there now live to explain why others at the party were taken in. what's the story, brad? >> yeah well leon, this was a drinking party police tell us and it was in this hotel the mark center hilton popular with business travelers here in alexandria. last night two rooms taken by a group of young people. they were there to have a party. at 1:30 violence broke out. three of them were stabbed. miss police arrived to a mess. >> they rented hotel rooms for a party. there were numerous underaimed drinkers at the party. >> in fact 14 people were charged with underaged drinking. the three that were taken to the hospital one is in serious condition. 18-year-old boy. the other two suffered not life
4:32 pm
threatening injuries but they were badly cut. 18-year-old and 17-year-old. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you what the hotel manager is saying about what happened. and why there shb a lesson for all teenagers. in alexandria brad bell, abc 7 news. >> thank you, brad. a police chief in georgia is under investigation tonight after shooting his wife. margaret mccollen is in critical condition at an atlanta hospital right now. her husband told a 911 dispatcher that the gun was on the couple's bed. he said it discharged when he moved it earlier yesterday morning. residents in that small community are confident what happened was an accident. >> he does a really good job as police chief. he's out patrolling christmas eve. that means one of his rank and file guys got to be home with his family. good people. >> early reports that margaret was shot twice turned out to not be true. the georgia bureau of investigation is looking into
4:33 pm
the incident. chief mccollum has not been charged and authorities say he is cooperating. >> meanwhile, no word on what caused what appears to be a house explosion in illinois today. here's the scene in illinois. that's about 40 miles north of chicago. no word yet if anyone was hurt or what caused this big explosion. and snow squalls in new hampshire appear to be to blame for two separate pile-ups on interstate 93 involving at least 35 vehicles and tractor-trailers. there were injuries but none were too serious. northbound lanes of the interstate were shut down for cleanup. >> that's an ugly mess there. >> uh-huh. let's check and see what's going to be an up-and-down weather weekend for us here. what are you seeing steve? >> quiet and dry as we move through the evening hours and through most of the overnight. some changes are on the way. especially for the day tomorrow. take a look at our temperatures right now. we're at 41 degrees in
4:34 pm
gaithersburg. andrews air force base at 44. looking at satellite and radar, clouds have arrived. with the clouds we will eventually see rain. that's late tonight, after midnight and even some wintry mix especially to the west of us. scanning the skies with abc 7 live doppler radar, nothing to speak of around the capital beltway, that's definitely good news for the rush hour commute. what little there may be. here's the winter weather advisory that goes into effect 4:00 in the morning. it does include frederick and washington counties, the panhandle of west virginia. this is the areas that we're likely to see wintry mix maybe ielths bit of freezing rain especially the higher elevations above 1,200 feet. now not looking for anything like that around the beltway. cloudy and chilly for the overnight. as we move into the day tomorrow waking up to periods of rain freezing rain out to the west of us. temperatures upper 20's to middle 30's. talk about the rest of the weekend. brief warmup and big, big cooldown when we look at the
4:35 pm
seven day in a few minutes. >> the fun at nats park tonight after that thrilling last minute win by the caps yesterday at the winter classic. another team went out there and took the ice today. suzanne kennedy tells us what this opportunity means to this very special hockey team. >> more than three dozen wounded warriors are having an opportunity to play on this temporary ice rink put up here at nationals park for winter classic. take a look on the ice here. you can see members. u.s.a. warriors facing off against each other. this team is based in rockville, an organization that provides education, motivation training and encouragement for military veterans injured while serving their country. many of them love the opportunity to play in this competitive sport despite their limitations. >> when i got hurt, everybody said all these things that i'd never be able to do in my life and never be able to achieve and be independent and i found hockey through the help of some other veterans and they pulled me into the sport and i fell in love. since them i've been able to do more cool things in my life than
4:36 pm
i did before i got hurt. >> we'll tell you more about what motivates these vets to play hockey. >> very cool. suzanne, looking forward to that story. thank you. how about this? a cleveland family welcomed a new baby on new year's day and now, mom dad and baby all share something very unique. this is little autumn stover. dad says she's one in a million but she's actually the third new year's baby in her family. dad was born new year's day in 1978. her mom was born new year's day in 1980. >> actually love to have your daughter born on the same day. like i said, it's unbelievable. it's a blessing. >> it really is unbelievable. dad says they will each get their own cake next year. and they may even spread out their celebrations, you know the 31st the 1st, the 2nd so
4:37 pm
they each get their own day but he thinks eventually they will all just share. i don't know. i don't think autumn will have any sharing. >> no, i don't think so either. >> going to want her own version. >> what a story! >> that's great. a couple took their love of the oregon ducks to a whole new level at the rose bowl over the weekend. >> and 7 on your side mail warn we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. stop living with half-fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. so his homework won't be so half-fast. that is up to him. get this great price online guaranteed for two full years. plus a $400 bonus with two year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> students at a virginia nursing program is locked up tight after the state shut it down. finally have transcripts in hand but not the thousands they paid. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 the next step some students are taking to finish their education and hopefully get their money back. >> all right, josie. thank you. they arrive in the mail looking like official government documents. >> that's right. in this 7 on your side consumer alert, autria godfrey said looks can be deceiving in this colorado case. >> these forms claiming to be from the colorado corporate compliance office look authentic at least to scott harris. >> like any small business, i get an awful lot of these from the state and federal government and i thought -- i really didn't
4:41 pm
give any thought. >> harris runs a small consulting firm. >> they had information about the name of the company, the date we incorporated you know, other details like that. >> but the whole thing is a scam that's actually gaining ground and specifically targeting people starting their own businesses. >> asking for some kind of periodic report. and what they're offering is a service to provide documents to file with the state that aren't even really required. >> in this case harris never sent the fee in but hundreds of others did. inspectors say if you own a small business do your homework. >> it's not a compliance issue that you're familiar with. there's certainly going to be a phone number or an e-mail address that you can contact to ensure that it is something. >> most states have very helpful websites. you can look that up. and you can call them to see if
4:42 pm
it's a legitimate mailing. >> certainly in the future, you know just pay closer attention to them. >> and some final advice from officials. always check with you state's attorney general or your local business bureau to see if the mailing you've received is legit. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> a million powerball ticket was sold locally. >> a look at what to expect from super bowl ads this year. >> plus take a look at some of your question of the day comments. we'll have that for you coming up next.
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4:45 pm
>> you know the nfl playoffs start this weekend but we're already looking ahead to the super bowl and of course the highly anticipated commercials. >> that's right. so what will be the new standard for this year's pricey and coveted super bowl spots? b.j. holmes takes a look. >> super bowl 49's commercial roster is filled with rookies. smaller players like website design company wicks, smartphone case maker and lock tite super glue. some others are making their game day debut as well. carnival cruise lines letting
4:46 pm
fans vote on line for which commercials will be its first ever super spot. >> vote and you could win. >> and believe it or not skittles has never tasted the rainbow on the world's biggest advertising stage until now. returning veterans coca-cola, mcdonald's and pepsi will also be joined by snickers coming off the bench with a four year hiatus but without m.v.p. betty white. >> better? >> better. >> doritos that has already showcased the fan created ads on you tube heavily featuring cute kids. >> hey, dad can we have some doritos? >> sorry, guys i don't think i can reach that far. >> and cuter dogs. and 11 time mainstay go is turning in its racy playbook. >> ♪ go daddy ♪ >> and a fully clothed danica patrick with this 9-week-old puppy who was named buddy in a
4:47 pm
recent twitter contest. fan favorite volkswagen star wars homages. the latest adventures of the m&ms and sorry, ladies. david beckham and h&m have reportedly been benched so far. >> ♪ nobody ♪ ♪ nobody ♪ >> forget something blue. a pair of oregon ducks fans hope that the green and yellow will give them some good luck on their wedding day so they changed their initial wedding plans when they learned the ducks were headed to the rose bowl. instead of a beach wedding in july, they got married in a tailgate party at the entrance to the pasadena stadium on new year's day. just minutes before the big game. >> it felt right. we're not traditional. we love football. we love the ducks. there's no better way we could have done it. >> just ducky. 25-year-old teachers said "i do" under a green and gold arch. the newlyweds should be pretty happy. the ducks beat the florida state
4:48 pm
seminoles 59-20 in what was basically a nationally televised beatdown. now it's the ducks against the ohio state buckeyes at the national championship on january 12th and they may have to renew their vows to make sure the ducks win. >> could not have picked a better game for ducks fans at least. >> for ducks fans, yeah. >> someone is starting off the new year richer after winning a million dollar powerball prize in d.c. the winning ticket was purchased at sheffield wine and liquor on connecticut avenue in northwest. and here's the winning number. it was 17 27, 37, 40 53. the powerball number was 35. ticket holder matched the five winning numbers but not the powerball number. >> actually look like our temperatures. >> unfortunately. >> i think you're right especially the 17. >> yeah. >> we'll see what steve has to say here in a bit. coming up at 5:00 as well, we're following developments out of mexico where a missing virginia man is found. >> today as vincent gray leaves office, what could be next for
4:49 pm
the former mayor in the midst of that corruption probe. >> and a man lives for more than half a century. 50 years with a turn signal from his car lodged in his arm. he says he never even knew it was there. >> what? >> how he found out coming up here at 5:00. >> ok. >> now let's get back to the question of the day. what would you folks like to see mayor muriel bowser of d.c. tackle as the city's new mayor. >> on our facebook page antonio massey writes "bring in more extracurricular activities to the public schools. also some study abroad programs for the city's high sch students would be nice." angela sales mayberry says affordable housing especially for seniors. >> brian towns wants to see crime reduction and fixing the horrible traffic and condition of the roads in d.c. if you want to join the conversation, go to the abc 7 facebook page and let us know what you think there. >> all right. meanwhile, there's probably a few complaints about the weather. but we got a nice day on sunday except for the rain. we got warm but rain.
4:50 pm
>> if you don't like the snow, this has been your ideal winter at least so far. early on and we have a ways to go. but still, no big snowstorms on the horizon. at least not for us here in washington. so sorry for that. all right. take a look at what's going on outside on our weather bug network. 43 degrees in woodbridge. that high today of 46. morning low of 29. hopefully you're able to enjoy the milder temperatures if you want to call it that. we have a big big cooldown on the way for next week. 44 in washington right now. morning low of 37. final stop of our weather bug takes us to silver spring oakville elementary school at 41 degrees. their morning low was 10 degrees colder than that. satellite and radar not a whole lot gon across the mid atlantic at this time. high pressure that's brought us nice weather for the last few days moves out of here and the next big weather maker to the south and west moves our way during the day tomorrow and going to run into a little bit of colder air. that's why we have a winter weather advisory that's been posted for much of the area.
4:51 pm
it starts at 4:00 in the morning and mainly to the north and west of us. frederick county maryland and washington county, maryland panhandle of west virginia along the interstate 81 corridor for the morning hours and into the afternoon. and could be looking at a little bit of a wintry mix. the district and surrounding counties, arlington, alexandria fairfax, montgomery, and prince george's all southern is not included. we're expecting mainly rain around here. during the morning hours, you may see it mixed in with a little about the of sleet. this is what it looks like at 7:00 tomorrow morning, all begins to lift off towards the north and east. see a lull in the action late tomorrow afternoon. a warm front will boost our temperatures for the day on sunday followed by a stronger cold front and that may bring us a few thunderstorms with temperatures a whole lot colder behind it. monday and tuesday talking daytime highs only in the 30's. 27 to 34 overnight. wind out of the northeast at four to eight miles per hour. highs tomorrow 36 to 42 degrees above freezing. that's the important note here. we're looking at mainly rain just in the d.c. metro.
4:52 pm
wintry mix off to the west of us. temperatures near 60 on sunday. then from there, it's downhill. 38 on monday. let's fast forward to thursday. that's when we'll see daytime highs in the upper 20's. morning lows in the district only in the middle to upper teens. >> like you said, no big snow planned in the middle of that. >> we have enough cold air for it. >> yeah, we do. >> ok thank you! >> stay tuned. >> all right. let's check on traffic. bob in the wcop traffic center with details. hi, bob. >> hi alison. not a typical commute. you'll see a lot of green, not too much out there on the main roadways on 66 traffic is running at speed both inside and outside of the beltway. pretty quiet commute. more traffic at the malls. there has been a crash, however, in maryland on the left side of the beltway. hearing about a crash northbound george washington parkway near slater's lane.
4:53 pm
this is what 270 looks like only briefly slow getting up towards german town and traffic doing well here on i-95. heaviest is southbound from thank u cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible fference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. so join the millions who enjoy the difference fios makes. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two whole years. plus now get $400 bonus with a two year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> you know when marty mcfly went back to the future way back in the day he jumped ahead to the year 2015. >> can you believe that? oh! and now that we've actually arrived at 2015 did everything come true in steven spielberg's classic film? here's a look. >> where? >> back to the future. >> in 1989 when "back to the future 2" was released we got a glimpse into how hollywood pictured our future. >> there have been a few changes. >> the future is now. doc brown and marty mcfly used a modified delorean to time travel to 2015. the car was a bust. on this the first day of 2015 social media themes were packed with comparing and contrasting
4:57 pm
the movie with reality. >> when robert demarcus did the movie, he didn't want to be scientifically correct. he wanted to have fun with it. >> alvin jones, host of planet vehicle on wjla 7.2 me tv said we are indeed obsessed with looking ahead. >> i think "back to the future" gave people the feel of being a kid and the possibilities. >> if you take a close look at the movie, we don't have soaring cars automated gas stations or a skateboard that can do all the things that hover board did on the silver screen. people, though sure are trying to make a hoverboard for mainstream consumers and those self-lacing shoes in the movie, nike says they're in the works as well. but we do have jumbotrons, large flat screen tvs and 3d movie screens. who would have imagined? >> throw a couple of things that did come to fruition and something that didn't pan out.
4:58 pm
>> that breaking news coming out of mexico where we have just learned about an hour ago that a missing virginia man has been found dead. >> hari simran hadn't been seen or heard from since tuesday when he went for a hike in the mountains about an hour south of mexico city. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is outside of his yoga studio with reaction tonight. jeff? >> alison in the last 45 minutes, we spoke with a close friend of hari simran who read us a statement from the family. family saying that simran was found dead with a fatal injury to the head that he had fallen during that hike. that he died instantly and did not suffer. mexican officials saying his body was found in a ravine in a mountainous area near the town where he was staying. take a look. this is the last picture seen of hari simran.
4:59 pm
it was sent to his wife. it was a selfie he had taken during that hike one afternoon of december 30th. he later sent a text message to her saying he was running late and another text to a friend saying he was lost. that was the last anyone had heard from him. simran and his wife traveled to a yoga retreat last friday in tepoztllan, hour south of mexico city. on tuesday, he went on that hike in mountains wearing a t-shirt and shortsz carrying only a liter of water some trail mix and a knife. that was very rugged territory. his body was found this afternoon. >> he was always an angel. he was an individual that always inspired everybody. he gave so much love and just true essence of what a real human being should be. and he's very selfless and my hope is that one day, i can just be 1/10th of who he is. he's an amazing human being. >> also reading that statement from the family in which they expressed obviously a great deal of sadness but also a great deal
5:00 pm
of gratitude for those who took part in this search effort which involved more than 150 people and both the mexican and united states government obviously, a great deal of sadness and shock here at the yoga studio here in sterling. coming up at 7:00 tonight, there's going to be a prayer service in honor of hari simran. abc 7's richard reid will have that story for you tonight at 11:00 and much more on this very sad situation. live in sterling jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> ok thank you. a couple is dead. two police officers injured after a multistate crime spree. and it came to an end yesterday in lewisburg, west virginia, when police arrested edward campbell and his 21-year-old son! this was after a shootout. police say they found the bodies of jerome faulkner and his wife dora inside one of


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