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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 23, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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what's in store? skies will clear. morning,tomorrow driving when shells to five below zero. >> thank you. problem some the cold stretch across the metro area from slick roads to broken pipes and cracked metro rails. kris van cleave along the orange line with details on these problems. >> one additional issue when it comes to infrastructure, the asking people to conserve power until 7:00 tonight. everybody is trying to keep their houses warm because it is so cold outside. we are seeing an impact on the rails and those water pipes. >> oh, my god.
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it feels like ice out here. >> today is not the day you want to be 15 minutes to catch a train. >> it is just called. i wish i was inside. >> the cold has taken an impact. this crowd of people waiting for the lines. aranda green snapped this picture of a packed orange line platform after the cold cause problems on several trains on various lines. something that happened during the last deep freeze. it juniors are trying to figure out the cause. moisture has different focuses for us. we are trying to get through that. >> crews braved the cold to start repairs on a water main that broke cutting off water to two dozen customers. >> we have water on hand.
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we have lost water. ofa handball -- a handful breaks today. they expect that to change as the temperature drop. >> that water starts moving through our distribution system. then we start to see an increase in water main breaks. >> metro was able to fix that cracked rail in a couple of hours. the agency says they saw fewer of those cold related issues with the train cars today than they did yesterday. amtrak says they're going to continue operating at a reduced frequency between d.c. and boston through tomorrow because of the extreme cold. we are live in arlington tonight. we have a few school closings that have been announced. in virginia, frederick, allowed in and stafford counties will be close. in maryland, anne arundel
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counties will be on a two-hour delay. we have not heard from any other maryland school systems. once we do we will let you know. at the top of the screen updates. in some districts, students are going to be missing the entire week. parents are frustrated and stressed about it all. stephen tschida is live with a look at the impact. >> this empty parking lot behind me, a lot of students enjoying the midwinter break. a lot of parents are frustrated. on iced over roads. children played. parents wondered whether the school system made the right call. >> it -- i do not think it may complete sense. the road seemed fine. >> a full week of classes missed. >> it is kind of awesome.
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>> while some parents are stuck at home or scrambling to find someone to watch their kids. >> i still have to go to work. andoudoun county bills enough extra time. it doesn't have to add schooldays. if prince william county cancels class, it will have to make up time. but what can you do? >> fairfax county is in the red. if school is off tomorrow, students will be looking at an extra day tacked onto the end of the year. the difficulties the school system is facing. >> a goes both ways. why did you send my kid out in this kind of day, and there is a bunch of parents that are light get them out of the house. >> i don't know whether this will be a factor in the
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decisions by the school systems. in fairfax, the wind is picking up. the windchill is biting cold. i just got off the phone with representatives of prince williams and fairfax county. at least in fairfax, a decision about tomorrow is imminent. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> stay connected to everything that is going on with the weather. download the weather app on your smart phone or follow us on facebook for updates. onto other and man walked into a montgomery county 7-eleven early this morning and stabbed the clark in what police believe was a random act of violence. the clerk died and the suspect was caught by police with a box cutter in his hand. kevin lewis is live at the scene with a closer look. >> according to court records, king has been up -- locked up
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seven times before for crimes like burglary, and resisting arrest area did he is facing one count of first-degree murder after he slashed the throat and wrist of a 7-eleven clerk. a well-traveled 7-eleven sat quiet at 2:00 a.m. sean keane walked inside and stabbed the store clerk. the motive is unclear. -- a brutal crime scene. the man that created it was standing in the door frame when they arrived. -- crime text placed paper over store windows as loved ones gathered to remember the native pakistani. , he isyoungest son
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paying for him to be a doctor. >> day lot -- daylight brought questions. customers saw him just last night. , he neverf people complained about work. we know he is really trying. which reopened an hour ago is equipped with multiple interior and exterior security cameras. according to court records, the entire murder was caught on tape. abc 7 news. >> a judge in florida has sentenced eric rivera 257 years in prison -- to 57 years in prison. prosecutors said he shot taylor inle robbing his miami home
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2007. three other men are charged in the case. a fourth pleaded guilty and testified against rivera at trial. >> the debate over same-sex marriage is on. two weeks in the job, and mark herring is taking action by calling the commonwealth ban unconstitutional. live in the newsroom with more on the story. ensure virginia is on the right side of history and the law. after a -- he just announced he would defy the same-sex law. it violates due process and equal protection clauses of the 13 commitment to united states constitution. >> mark herring has gone to the federal court, advising the court they will no longer defend
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the 2006 ban on same-sex marriage. instead his office will join for couples currently suing the state to strike down the ban. >> i cannot and will not defend a law that violates virginian constitutional rights. >> it makes me excited about what is going to happen. she and her partner are not only suing to legally marry, but to secure benefits straight couples enjoy. >> it is about protecting our family as a unit. >> we have a breakdown of the rule of law. with newsblack spoke talk arguing herring is becoming -- who took the notes upload the law. >> americans really have got to come to grips with the fact that we are no longer a self-governing people. say defining below
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is what the ban was ultimately overturned. the same-sex ban is still in place. county court will deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples. areing says he will do what attorney general's did, not defend laws they believe are unconstitutional. >> thank you. we are following breaking news of a massive crash in indiana. take a look at these live pictures. this is michigan city. you can see the tractor trailers and cars. interstate 94. one person died in this chain reaction crash. a lot of snow is on the road. we continue see the effects of this massive winter weather.
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big one.s a coming up, how a special camera helped prince george's county police say the life of a missing elderly woman. [inaudible] >> what the grandfather said happen next. all of that thinking twice before killing off a snowy cars -- before cleaning off snowy cars. >> justin bieber in trouble with the law again. coming up, what he did a miami that landed him in front of a judge. >> welcome back. there are challenges facing veterans coming home and making that transition. what are those challenges? >> they are numerous. from unemployment to
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underemployment. we have service members retiring trying to find jobs. >> what can your school do to help make the transition? faculty works with the students closely. faculty that is serving in the we understand how to better serve our students in a classroom. ande of veterans coming they are dealing with instructors of personnel who know what they have been through. >> yes. they have walked in their footsteps. >> what about tuition? >> we have an assistant plan in place. community takes full of vintage of their
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veterans package. >> call this number.
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>> justin bieber busted in miami. the singers trouble with the law landed him in a jail jumpsuit. >> he was arrested for drag racing in miami and had alcohol and drugs in his system. >> justin bieber busted. wearing an orange jumpsuit, he appeared before a judge hours after his arrest.
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he is accused of drag racing in this tmz video and charged with driving under the influence in a rented lamborghini. all andd consumed out and smoking marijuana, consumed prescription medication. >> the singer was charged with resisting arrest without violence and having an expired license. suvs stopped two traffic so they could race. the speed limit on this residential street is just 30 miles per hour. this isn't the first time he has been in trouble. have lost a felony investigation after his neighbor accused him of acting his house, which team is a said was captured on this video.
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one of his friends was arrested at his home on a narcotics charge. >> it will be a wake-up call. this is a kid with a lot of money. in some ways it seems like he looks at himself as invincible. >> after several hours behind bars, he waved to his fans as he was released on custody. >> he could face up to six months in jail. because this is his first offense, he will likely be put on probation. >> more now on the deep-freeze gritting -- gripping the country. hit 40 degrees. atlanta climbed barely above freezing. hadoston, firefighters trouble finding working fire hydrants. back in alaska, ski areas close because they have melting snow,
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in alaska. >> such a big issue. we just saw that breaking news of the car crash in indiana. >> winter is locked in. it is set up. west of the rockies, high-pressure, they're not having much winter at all. i don't see any major change in this pattern until maybe the sixth or 10th of february. let's start off with a cool time lapse. view this morning. take a look during the day. we started getting snow shower after snow shower. it snows heavily. then there is another one. that has been the day. now we get to sunset. most of the activity is just to the north and west. we're down to 16 degrees in
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leesburg. northwesterly winds at six. morningside, 21 degrees. it feels like 12 degrees. here is a snow shower. individual flurries, you can pick them up. there are little snow showers blowing through. high pressure moves back in. the high-pressure center that is driving the cold air is over kansas right now. we know a lot of cold air is coming. this morning was one above in gaithersburg. only 26 miles between reagan and dulles. that is why we give ranges and temperatures. reagan national is the official reporting station for washington. when your friends here about the low, they will hear was 12 degrees, even- though it was not indicative of
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what was close. farthertemperatures west we go, 24 at quantico. the numbers are headed down. with the wind picking up, advisories will not let up. it goes for hundreds of miles. windchill warnings are in effect. look at this. all of these advisories. that is how cold it is. we have satellite radar. you can see the upper level wind. now we have the mid-level wind coming out of the northwest. a lot of lakes are frozen. it is the cold air coming in. as this travels over large, thousands of square miles of snow covered ground, there is no way for the air to warm up. we are getting pure arctic air.
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shows a couple of changes here. i think we will see a warm-up on saturday. we'll have a couple more chances. more chances of snow flurries. they are the numbers. eight in the morning. 17 by tomorrow morning. no real end to this weather pattern insight for probably the next couple of weeks. >> let's look ahead to warmer weather. billy joel is set to perform at nationals park this summer. and nats teams officials made an announcement about it. singer-songwriter billy joel
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is returning to the district to perform at nationals park on saturday, july 26. >> he performed at the first concert hosted in 2009. solowill be his first headlining appearance. nextckets will go on sale thursday, january 30. tickets for the general public will go on sale soon after february. you can get tickets before they go on sale. we are giving them away. seven pairs of tickets. this -- listen to this. enter forbook and your chance to win. .ou can do this once a day we will do this through february 4. >> that will be a good one. coming up, the dallas buyers
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club actors are getting attention this award season. arch campbell is here to tell us what he thinks. there is a new health warning about soda. this is nothing to do with sugar. >> paramedics rescue of an elderly woman lost in the cold and snow. i'm brad bell. it happened here. it was caught on camera. >> if you want to learn more about continuing your education, call into our phone bank. the number is on the screen.
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>> a missing woman is found cold to a high-techks camera. >> it can detect body heat and is being credited for saving this woman's life. story easily could have had an unhappy ending. nobody could find her. despite the searching on the until the helicopter arrived overhead.
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cold and black is warm. nighttime looks like day. they recorded the incredible moment of arrest you. -- of her rescue. it was a nightmare she felt would end another way. edith charles has dementia. maggie takes care for. they were together in maggie's car. maggie stepped into this room. it was enough time for her mother to wander off. lex i thought i had killed my mom. >> she called police. >> it being so cold, we knew time was the essence. spottedcharles was right away.
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>> it looks like somebody is sitting down. >> it is always a great feeling. there are a few chances were you feel like you make a difference. she likely would not have survived much longer. >> there is a god. she is alive. >> the great news is that mrs. charles is doing well. she was certainly not dressed to be out in the cold. she was wearing warm clothing. her daughter says she got a good nights sleep and now she is doing just fine. >> thank you. a great ending their. ledng up, how this selfie to an arrest. say they could happen to anyone. it is freezing. grandfather's
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warning about what happened to him. to call inrget
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. brazen get >> they still a man's car as he was cleaning the snow off of it.
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tonight, the man is sharing what happened with jennifer donelan. the interview will only see here on seven. >> talk about taking advantage. that is going to continue for several days. we have snow, ice and the car. we pulled out our scraper. here is the deal. you put the key in the ignition. those themes indicate the key is in the ignition. it can make you a target. windchill left cars covered in frozen snow and ice across the metro area. >> they were warming them up and cleaning them off. >> she was getting her suv ready to hit the road.
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off was in the back getting -- getting ice off the back. >> they were both shocked. out of the street.ok off down the it happened just like that. west wall he was scraping ice off of the rare one -- rear window. >> neighbors could not believe it. >> [inaudible] >> it seems really desperate. , she has a recovery system in her car. it was a lesson to all. you have to send the car. i know it is cold. we are going to have to sit in the car.
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>> this could've happened to anyone of us. we did speak with her about the state of the car when she got it back. they took everything out and put their own stuff inside. she also thought that perhaps someone might have had children in the car at one point. >> thank you. look at this. today was noted to be on the water. --y braved frigid couldn't frigid temperatures to but i fire. the flames engulfed two boats this morning. the location the boats made putting up the fire difficult. no reports of any injuries. police officer charged with attempted first-degree murder is now under house arrest. the judge ordered him to remain at his parents home until his trial in april. he has to wear an electronic monitoring device. he spread hisy
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wife in the face and hit her in the head with a light fixture. the police department stripped him of his police power following his arrest. >> administration with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of a store clerk. police arrested shawn king. officers say he was covered in blood and had a knife in his pocket. >> markarian called the ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. he joined a lawsuit challenging the ban in federal court. move him araised the while republicans say that he violated his oath. >> justin bieber is out of jail bond.posing a police arrested the pop star after officers said they found him racing another vehicle on a
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residential street. he faces charges of dui, and resisting arrest. >> a resolution to a store you saw here on seven. admittedn this selfie to stealing a woman's cell phone. the victim was attacked by two men in union station. the victim signed into a cloud account and saw that photo of one of the men that took her phone. an arrest tonight connection with the robbery the mail carrier. gary love is charged with robbery. the postal service offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest. let's get a check on the
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traffic. >> regular brush our budget for some and several days. a lot of volume out there. we're looking at i-95. here, it has been every while. now, one lane is open. the main lanes are open. lots of volume. south, in the meantime we have plenty of volume on the beltway in the inner loop. six -- just volume delays through montgomery village and germantown. beltway traffic very slow in prince george's county. no incidents on the roadway. new numbers on how many more people were involved in the data
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breach involving target and neiman marcus. headsw mcconaughey turns in "dallas buyers club." >> if you want to learn more about continuing education and the job market, call our phone bank.
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>> as we countdown to the oscars, take a look at one of the front-runners in the category. >> a look at the award-winning performances. >> people are starting to discover it because of the awards it is winning. matthew mcconaughey and jerod lehto have won the golden globes and the screen actors guild awards for diet -- dallas buyers club. a little movie worth your attention. >> you tested positive for hiv. woodruff tested hiv-positive. in the days when few understood the disease. up on his condition and
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determines alternative drugs that help more than the few drugs approved by the medical establishment. >> they have good meds in mexico that is better than what you can get in the states. >> e-forms the dallas buyers club am i selling membership with the help of friends. in outstanding performances involving frightening weight loss as part of the story that mixes humor, history, and enlightenment. 3.5 stars out of four. worth your attention. the dallas buyers club. a best bet. along with american hostile and 12 years a slave. >> not much opening this week. i, frankenstein, ipass. dallas buyers club is worth checking out. it has been checking -- it has
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been playing since november. it is picking up audiences. >> thank you. next, the fbi mob bus that has connections to the movie goodfellas.
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>> a consumer alert about the neiman marcus security breach. a data breach may have affected more than a million cards. the retailer discovered malicious software attending to steal information from shoppers at neiman marcus. 2400 cars were used fraudulently. online shoppers were not affect. alert the fda is investigating the safety of caramel coloring found in soft drinks.
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this comes after a recent study found some levels of a chemical linked to cancer. doctors are weighing in. coming up.owl is americans will stock up on sodas. is it bad for your health? after a new study, the fda is looking into the caramel coloring in soft drinks. likes consumer should be aware that the soft drinks they drink contain caramel color. everyone we tested did have the presence of carcinogens. byproduct formed in the making of the caramel coloring. sunup,g five brands of -- of soda, it cause lung cancer in mice. the brains of the highest levels, pepsi one and montoya lawyered --.
5:47 pm
soda drinkers should not be concerned about the current consumption. >> he had to drink thousands of cans a day to reach the levels the mice were getting. >> that doesn't mean you should keep chugging sodas. >> i don't recommend they drink a lot of soda. have the occasional soda. water, bubbly or flat, is the best way to go. has mandated a cancer warning label on products that have a certain level of this chemical. researchers said they hope the fda considers making this a national requirement. a health alert now for couch potatoes. sitting can be bad for your heart. who spend more time sitting have a greater chance of heart failure. exercise helps reduce the risk. something as simple as standing could have a positive affect on your health. michelle obama is teaming up with subway to promote her
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healthy eating campaign. the first lady and michael phelps spoke with the d c area kids at a subway restaurant. there is a new children's menu. it includes low-fat milk or water as a side beverage. >> that was the big part for me. where could i go where i would be a -- be certain that it would be a decent and healthy meal? that is why these initiatives are so important. >> the announcement is part of a let's move campaign. >> they have good cookies to. [laughter] >> let's see what is coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is standing by. virginias the latest battleground over same-sex
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marriage. mayor gray takes his first ride in the new streetcar. it comes as there is a bump in the road on his quest to be reelected mayor. of wagingrty accused a warm women, respond to the state of the union address. >> we will see you soon. i hope you enjoyed the 20. they will not be long for long. >> we are down to 20 now. temperatures will continue to drop. check out the latest temperatures. in gaithersburg. 17 in washington and dallas. oakland western maryland. mid-20 elsewhere for the report. the wind is picking up. hagerstown. hour in the windchill is back.
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right now, 12 above a break and national. one below zero in hagerstown. area west and northwest, even southwest from the metro area, all wind chill advisories from 9:00 to 9 a.m.. effect.l warnings in 17 below was the morning low. we had a few morning lows locally. books at reagan national. the the next couple of days we will see clear skies and cold temperatures. a lot of sunshine. temperatures will make a recovery. teens elsewhere. another chance for light snow with the next system coming through on saturday. skiesl get back to clear on sunday. a cold day in the single numbers.
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you will have that chance of snow on saturday. a few flurries sunday night. >> thank you. i want to update on the scene we showed you earlier. breaking news in michigan city, indiana. two people have died in this multivehicle crash. this is a interstate 94. you are looking at live pictures. heavy equipment is being brought in to help her move cars. traffic is being diverted off of the highway. we will keep you posted. >> on a lighter note, here is what is coming up in prime time. , two more cooks will be sent home. that is 8:00. abc 7 news at 11:00. >> talking with the cold weather. we will talk about the capitals. it was a year and a half ago
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adam roach took over with the goal to make them ready. since then they have won three or more games. i have lost the same amount in a row just as much. the team is soft. the goalies are fragile. the pressure is building. on the surface, they appear to be plenty loose. looking closer, there must be some doubt. they have now lost six straight. >> the guys move fast. out.ust have to figure it >> he is on unchartered eyes. he led the playoffs last season. good start as well. his club is 2-8 in january. , how do you handle that? it is focused.
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we work on the same things. we have to fix mistakes. >> the caps have never missed the playoffs. this year, it is possible. what to do? >> you can yell. the mistakes will still occur. it might scare someone. it still occurs. you have to be professional. is panicking. he is changing. i don't want to do that. >> it is never good to have this conversation. our shot the night comes from high school basketball. let me take you out to the heartland. to play.wn trying he blows it up. he wins it 88-87.
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>> downtown mikey
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>> five alleged mobsters tied to a murder and a $6 billion highs. >> the crimes were per trade in the movie goodfellas. what led authorities to their suspects all these years later's. "goodfellas?" today the fbi says they nabbed some of the real players. five suspected mobsters. they were roused out of their beds. murder, accused of bookmaking, attempted murder.
5:58 pm
it is the highest that has fascinated people for 30 years. >> law enforcement news responsible. many who were involved work builds in order to make sure he many who were involved were killed. remains were found. >> keep your mouth shut. >> e is believed to have murdered all caps -- he is believed to have been murdered. only a fraction of the stolen money was ever recovered. the case is closed. >> how about that. that is something else. >> that is it for us. >> abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. is abc 7 news at 6:00,
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on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> brief glimpses of snow throughout the area as we head through dangerously cold temperatures. the wind is threatening to make it feel even colder. >> we begin with our chief meteorologist tracking it all. as the colds now front passes through the area and temperatures continue to drop. this is the kind of day you miss. lots of sunshine and clouds rolling in. flurries and snow showers. that is going to be the story tonight. gusty wind and temperatures that are colder. 20 in indianhead. look at the chills. more of that i had tonight. south and numbers, east, already in the teens.
6:00 pm
the values of the temperatures will drop and wind speeds will increase. how far it goes. you can draw a line all over minneapolis. we are in the grips of another outbreak of arctic air. , overnight temperatures. we will tell you more in a few minutes. extreme cold is causing a lot of serious problems. >> the most visible is frozen and burst pipes. horace holmes continues our coverage tonight. >> there are many who can stay out in this cold for extended time. think about the pipes that run one or into and out of our homes. this one is frozen all the time. problem


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