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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 8, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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lost in worker productivity will be lost by the end of today. and the plan to give back pay to furloughed federal workers has stalled in the senate. abc's tahman bradley is tracking it all for us from washington. >> reporter: good morning. this is getting dangerous. in just nine days, the country will run out of money to pay its bills unless congress acts. and that, of course, is just one problem in washington. the other, getting the government back up and running. president obama upped the pressure on house speaker john boehner to hold a vote on a clean bill that would extend government funding. >> the reason that speaker boehner hasn't called a vote on it is because he doesn't apparently want to see the government shutdown end at the moment. >> reporter: the speaker says a funding bill cannot pass unless republicans get the changes to obama care they're demanding. but an abc news vote count says that is not the case. 217 needed to pass. all 200 house democrats, plus 17
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republicans have said publicly they'll vote to fund the government with no stranges attached. more and more republicans are backing down because they're losing ground against the president, and blame over the shutdown. a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows 70% of americans disapprove of how house republicans are handling the negotiations. that's up seven points in one week. 51% disapprove of what the president has done. on wall street, there's growing worry on the shutdown's impact on the economy. the dow is down 193 points since the beginning of the shutdown. >> a one or two-week shutdown is manageable. start getting into two, three weeks and longer, and the impact is significant. >> reporter: and a bigger economic threat is looming. on october 17th, america will go into default, unless congress raises the debt ceiling, the amount of money the country can borrow. the obama administration is warning that social security benefits for millions of
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americaning could be put on hold, john and diana? >> tahman bradley live for us in washington this morning. thank you. brings us to our facebook question of the day. what do you blame most for the shutdown. darlene says, the tea party and those afraid to stand up to them. karen is pointing the blame at democrats. i blame harry reid and obama. in that order. kim says, all of them. there is no one side. they each have a part. suspected terror mastermind abab anas al libi, can be held without giving miranda rights. he is wanted in connection with the bombing of two baertss in africa, that killed hundreds of people. police have made a fourth arrest in the terrifying rod rage incident between motorcyclists and the driver of an suv. police say a 29-year-old brooklyn man has been arrested on charges that include gang assault. detectives are looking for three
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more people in last sunday's attack on alexian lien and his wife on a manhattan highway. shooting suspect james holmes will be back in court today, as his attorneys continue battling prosecutors. they are arguing about evidence uncovered by police following the july 2012 attack that killed a dozen people. among the evidence are holmes aeon line dating profiles who include the phrase, will you visit me in prison. prosecutors want them admitted in evidence. holmes' attorneys claim the searches of those profiles violates holmes' rights. across the pond now. new leads in the disappearance of madeleine mccann have investigators cautiously optimistic may they find the little girl alive. maddie disappeared from a seaside town in portugal. cell phone records have turned up leads. and 41 people are under investigation. and it's giving her parents new reason to hope.
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>> in the event that we are getting closer, just by filling in more pieces of the jigsaw. >> you have a lot of temporary visitors. and tracing all of those people, linking real people to the phone numbers you have, is going to be a significant challenge. >> the mccanns sit down next monday for a show called "crime watch." they hope it will trigger more leads that may bring their daughter home alive. now, to a health scare at a los angeles area school. three teachers at malibu high have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. and a third of the teachers have complained about construction on moldy class problems. the results are expected any day now. back here on the east coast, demolition gets under way on the boardwalk in seaside heights, new jersey. that boardwalk was devastated by a fire last month, just a few months after much of it was rebuilt following hurricane sandy. investigators say the fire was sparked by wiring damaged in last year's hurricane. and a giant experimental
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blimp has been damaged by the partial collapse of the roof of a hangar in southern california. debris fell on to the $35 million airship that started leaking helium. a hazmat team was able to stop that leak. the hangar is 17 stories tall and dates back to world war ii. powerful storm in new york city, left behind a trail of trux. >> the storm was quick, with most of the damage limited to parts of new jersey. strong winds uprooted trees, slamming them into homes and power lines. many communities are still in the dark. meantime, some 1,500 miles to the west, the cleanup of a snowstorm continues in parts of the upper midwest. some farmers in south dakota last half their cattle. some don't have power. the rare snowstorm dumped up to four feet of snow. time to check the weather across the nation.
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showers will follow, with snow in the mountains of idaho, montana and wyoming. it's going to be sunny and dry across the rockies and into the midwest. rain showers will stretch from the coastal carolinas into florida, with some areas getting one to three inches of rain. >> cool in the west coast. warming across the midwest. and cooler across the northeast. only a matter of time before apple comes out with another iphone. we're learning about a big feature the next generation will have. plus, a soldier killed on american soldier. who investigators have in custody is getting a whole lot of attention. and the wrong worker to mess with. a gunman comes face-to-face with a clerk with an even bigger weapon. mmemmeemaaaa
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welcome back, everyone. the nation's new $100 bill goes into circulation today. the fed begins distributing them to banks and financial institutions this morning. the new bills have several high-tech features to make them more difficult to counterfeit. last week, we told you about best buy's price cut on apple's iphone 5c. now, radio shack and walmart are following suit. walmart is selling the device for $49 through the holidays. a $50 gift card to buy the iphone, cutting the price to 50 bucks. the iphone has been on sale for a couple of weeks and there's reports about an iphone 6. the next generation will be released in september of 2014,
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with a larger 4.8-inch screen. hard to keep up. >> yeah. general motors testing a pilot program where customers can go through the car buying process online. it's called shop, click and drive. 100 dealers have been participating in the tests. gm says it's resulted in the sale of about 900 cars. meanwhile, have you seen anchorman ron burgundy as chrysler's spokesman. the will ferrell character is in four, new ads. touting the features of the durango, in addition to its fuel efficiency and engine, ron burgundy touts its spacious glove compartment. i have to see that. can we get a commercial for gm? >> you can pack 70 packs of gum in there. pretty big deal, if you ask me. >> stay classy. when we come back, off to the wilderness. a reporter becomes the story after being stranded for days. this morning, she's telling her story of survival.
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now, for a look at your morning road conditions. driving should be slick along the lower east coast, with rain heavy at times. rain will make driving tricky in the pacific northwest, with snowmaking driving treacherous in montana and wyoming. >> storms could cause airport delays in charlotte, north carolina. three soldiers charged in connection with the murder of a fellow soldier are expected in court in washington state. the suspects and the victim were serving at a joint base lewis-mcchord near seattle. >> the main suspect had asked for first aid for a knife wound
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on his hand. according to police. >> he told the person, he asked for aid. what happened to your hand? well, i stabbed and killed a guy over the weekend. >> well, the stabbing apparently occurred when two groups of soldiers exchanged words as they passed on the street. police thought it might have been racially motivated. but now say that is not the case. a newspaper reporter is hospitalized in stable condition this morning after being stranded in the texas desert for two days. kathy frey, a reporter for the arkansas democratic gazette, was vacationing with her husband inside big bend ranch state park. frey was too weak to continue and urged her husband to look for help. >> when they came over the ridge, and they came down there, they told me they couldn't believe i was still alive. that's when i asked if he made it. and they said, yeah. she's alive. he told us you were out here. >> frey was found dehydrated,
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sunburned with bruises and bruises all over her body. police in long island, new york, are on the hunt for a would-be convenient store robber who was chased off by a store clerk who fought back. surveillance video shows the suspect pulling a gun out on the clerk. the clerk pulled out a machete. no one was hurt. the suspect did get away. but he got away empty-handed. and check this out. a horrible shopping trip. the two women browsing the booze aisle. you see a worker there. stands up. next thing you know, that happens. the entire shelf comes crashing down. talk about cleanup on aisle 12. that may have been hundreds of bottles destroyed. everyone's heartbroken. >> cleanup on aisle 12. >> everyone's okay. >> we need backup. >> except for the hundreds of bottles.
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>> that's a shame. now, to portland, oregon. and a controversy stemming from a football uniform. anyone who watched nfl football over the weekend, saw plenty of pink. >> it's part of the league's breast cancer awareness effort. over the weekend, a youngster in portland decided he wanted to wear pink socks, as well, to honor his mom, who has cancer. that didn't go over so well. >> i was walking over the field. and the coach asked me if i was going to play barefoot. i said no. he said i couldn't play because i was wearing pink socks. >> the portland youth football league's commissioner says there's no league rule about wearing pink socks. i have a funny feeling we'll hear from that coach. >> especially during breast cancer awareness month. >> i think he'll say he didn't realize what was up. >> that's the story. time, now, for sports. more sports. the dodgers are moving on in the playoffs. and a walkoff home run in tampa. >> here are neil and stan at espn. >> how is it?
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good morning, neshg. i'm neil. he's stan. we're on the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. >> i'll be baseball. you canome back and do football. >> okay. >> national league division series. the braves and the dodgers. l.a. looking to close it out. bottom eight. runner on second. nobody out. juan uribe can't lay it down. that's strike one. next pitch, can't lay it down. so, tim wallach has a word with uribe. just hit a home run. and uribe, follows instructions. off david carpenter. his second home run this past season. the dodger s win it 4-3. they're moving on to the national league championship series. the red sox looking to close out their series. bottom nine. koji uehara. jose lobaton. gone. lands in the rays' tank. and the rays stay alive to beat the red sox, 5-4. gino smith, 11 turnovers
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this season. none in this game. but there's no way this rookie's going to lead a fourth quarter comeback against that atlanta defense on atlanta's turf, is he? three seconds left, nick folds, kick it. kick it good. 44 yards. the jets win. the falcons have lost three-straight. they are 1-4. >> pretty impressive, gino smith. also, impressive the way you summed it up. >> i think it's impressive the way you summed up how i summed up the highlight. >> let's just end this now. back to you. >> all right, guys. up next, "the pulse." another couple from "dancing with the stars." and no one expected this elimination. and perfect prank. an elaborate set of unsuspecting customers at a coffee house. coming up. ♪ wow...look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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♪ diamonds are forever time, now, to check "the pulse," the stories we think you'll be talking about today. and we're starting with a girl's best friend. diamonds. or in this case, a single diamond, which weighed a whopping 118 carats or the size of a small egg. >> it sold for 30 million bucks. the auction house refused to release the name or the nationality of the buyer. it was me. cue the music. time for our "dancing with the stars" update. the clock has run out on valerie harper's cinderella story in the ballroom. >> harper has become a fan favorite on the show. she danced while bravely battling terminal brain cancer. after being eliminated, harper says it was important to carry her message to those facing challenges.
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and she said, you have to carry on no matter what. customers in a coffee house in manhattan got a few more jitters they had bargained for. >> it all started out with what appeared to be a woman getting agitated with a guy who spilled coffee at her table. watch what happens next. >> get away from me. get out of my way. it was all staged. those are actors, except for the people drinking the coffee and getting scared. wires, remote controls, to promote the remake of stephen king's classic horror film, "carrie," set to hit theaters next friday. >> i can't imagine what it would be like -- and then, she moved the chairs and tables. the books fell out of the book shelves. everybody's freaking out. >> creepy carrie. 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum!
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the social security administration warning it may not be able to issue checks if the debt ceiling isn't rised. chain in a is warning about the global impacts. u.s. interrogators will question terror suspect abu anas al libi on a warship. he is being held as an enemy combatant. and police in new york city have made another arrest on the case of the road rage where a dozen bikers attacked a suv. rainy along the southeast. warming up across the desert southwest. and snow in the mountains of idaho, montana, as well as wyoming. finally this morning, once in a lifetime experience for a father and a son. they are making their way through the lower 48 states with a unique mission. >> since leaving their home in maine, they made it clear across the country. c >> reporter: pete smith and dave smith know a thing or two about
4:27 am
generic names. >> in school, and teachers can't pronounce my name. >> there's 3 million other people with the last name smith in the u.s. but this father/son duo is distinguishing itself through an adventure. 17-year-old dave hasn't always done well in the classroom. so, with his school's permission, dave is learning history and english credits by crisscrossing the country with his dad. they visit historic landmarks. they camp in national parks. and dave interviews complete strangers, with whom the only thing he has in common is a name. >> it was my wife's idea, wouldn't it be neat if you could network with the other david smiths across the country. >> reporter: so, finding dave smith was born. the goal to interview dave or david smiths in each of the lower 48. dave asks about their careers, their regrets and advice. since september 12th, they hit 20 states and met 20 smiths,
4:28 am
camping in national parks. >> then, we hit a big snag. >> until last week. >> we're trying to go to the national parks. a once in a lifetime trip. they're preventing us from doing that. >> reporter: when the government shut down, so did the national parks. forcing dave and pete to improvise. they've decided to wait it out in seattle. it hasn't stopped them from growing the network. they add seattle's dave number 21, the smith show are one-upping the joneses, living the gift of an ordinary name. >> the experience out of it. and trying to figure out what i want to do after the trip's over. >> reporter: komo 4 news. >> he seems excited about it. >> think this is only one of those people and not every smith because that would be trouble.
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>> an overnight fire in a montgomery county apartment building. new details on that, plus, what could help you the next time you get a ticket in the city. good morning to you, washington. tuesday, october 8, i'm scott thuman. >> and we're going to get started right away with your forecast with jacqui jeras. jacqui, fall is back. we stepped outside and it is way cooler. >> we've been weighting eight days for it. october, it is finally here. feeling so much cooler this morning. we have a little bit of cloud cover, mostly cloudy skies. 56 degrees at 4:30 this morning. a breeze out of the north-northwest at 8 miles per hour than will help to keep us on the cool side.


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