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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 1, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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resolve those differences. tahman bradley on capitol hill. tahman? >> reporter: john and diana, good morning. the republican-controlled house and president obama have come close to this in the past, but they always avoided a shutdown. not this time, though. at the stroke of midnight, the u.s. government partially shutdown. >> this is a very sad day for our country. >> reporter: congress worked into the wee hours of the morning but failed to break the bitter budget standoff over president obama's health care law. house republicans are pushing for a meeting with senate negotiators, in order to work out a deal, that would change the affordable care law and fund the government for six weeks. >> i would hope the senate would accept our offer and go to conference to discuss this so we can resolve this for the american people. >> reporter: but harry reid will only agree to the meeting if the republicans pass a short-term funding bill without changes to obama care. >> we will not go to conference with a gun to our head.
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>> reporter: it's unclear how long the shutdown will last. but for now, 800,000 federal workers deemed not essential will stay home today without pay. national parks like yosemite, are shuttered. >> visitors who are staying in a hotel or a campground will be given 48 hours to leave. >> reporter: and veteran support centers are closed. not everything will be affected by the shutdown. overnight, president obama signed a bill to fund u.s. troops. >> if you're serving in harm's way, we'll make sure you have what you need to succeed in your missions. >> reporter: a tweet from president obama's twitter account, saying despite the government shutdown, the new health insurance marketplace opens for business today. john? diana? >> the president's twitter account has been active all night. have we heard anything from speaker boehner? >> reporter: we sure have. twitter exploded on this topic. speaker boehner placed the blame on senate democrats. saying they are unwilling to discuss the problems with obama
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care. that hard-line position, along with democrats unwillingness to budge is how we got to this mess. >> tahman bradley, on capitol hill. thank you. tahman mentioned some of the far-reaching consequences will be seen right away. nasa's space center in houston is the only operation that's open. >> that's because of the six members of the international space station. in all, 97% of nasa is being furloughed. the air traffic controllers will work through the shutdown. but they will halt work on a new national control system. and the national zoo in washington is closed. the animals will be fed and cared for. the shutdown means that the zoo's panama cam will be turned off. social media exploding overnight with comments about the shutdown. most of the hundreds of comments on our fan page reflect anger and frustration. >> this is one of the typical messages to members of congress. you're fired. now that you have all acted like
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a punch of preschoolers, have fun trying to get re-elected. >> that one from tanya. >> another one here. we want to know what you think. your opportunity to weigh in. you can tell the members of congress this morning. you have to logon to and weigh in. president obama is pushing forward with the next phase of the affordable care act. >> millions of unsured americans can start shopping for insurance an online marketplaces. >> my name's max. >> reporter: max was dropped from his health insurance because of his pre-existing condition. >> i have asthma and allergies. >> reporter: courtney says she can't afford it. >> the thing i need is good maternity coverage. >> reporter: we heard from so many of you. >> will i have more affordable health care? >> reporter: all part of the 48 million americans who do not have insurance. about 15% of the population. >> how do i sign up?
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and when does the coverage begin? >> reporter: just a few hours ago, you were able to logon to this website, everyone regardless of age, gender, income or pre-existing condition, will be able to get insurance. and if you don't want to buy or have been delayed because of expense, you have until march 31st, six months to purchase a plan or face a fine from the government. >> i want to be covered like everyone else. >> reporter: we're finding out how good of a deal this is. but for people like max, he can breathe easier now, knowing he has a choice. >> i want to have a safety net. >> reporter: the big mystery revealed. we know how much the plans are costing and the details involved. today will be tracking the process for these folks. helping them to understand what questions they should be asking and who they can trust throughout this process. diana and john? >> thank you. breaking overnight, students at the university of california at berkeley were evacuated
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following an explosion from a power outage. officials say the blast may have been caused by an underground copper wire theft at a campus substation last week. it may have caused more damage than initially thought. fire crews had to rescue about 20 people stuck in elevators because of the outage. a suspicious train crash outside of chicago has left commuters bumped and bruised. an empty train slammed into a parked train, filled with riders. they have never seen or heard of any train rolling down the track on its own. a 13-year-old girl is the lone survivor of a rockslide in colorado that killed five members of her family. the group were hiking along a trail when rocks came crashing down on them. according to the sheriff, the teenager said her father jumped on top of her at the last
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minute, saving her life. she was pulled from the rubble and taken to the hospital. two marine corps generals have been fired for negligence after a deadly attack on a u.s. base in afghanistan. they for cited for failing to protect camp past yen. they waged a visual battle that left two marines dead and others injured. one piece of legislation that was achieved before the shutdown. caroline kennedy has been approved to be the next u.s. ambassador for japan. she sailed through her confirmation hearing. and her approval by the full senate is expected. scattered thunderstorms along the gulf coast. showers and snow in the pacific northwest. ideal conditions, mostly everywhere else. sunny and dry. >> you can leave the jackets and coats at home. 80s and 90s across the south. you'll need the extra layers in the midwest where the highs will
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barely hit 60 degrees. notice fast food isn't so fast anymore. the new proof that drive-throughs are getting slower. and motorcycle madmen. a violent high-speed chase, all of it caught on camera. plus, a pre-dawn mystery in the big apple. two men parachute into the city. who did it? and why?
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welcome back. all the uncertainty in washington isn't doing your financial investment any favors. with a loss of 128 points yesterday, the dow has lost
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ground on 7 of the last 8 trading days. the shutdown could have a bigger impact than the one '90s. it's expected to last longer and the unplace of employment rate is 2% higher now. the value of your investments may be going down. but so is the price of gasoline. the national average for unleaded is $3.43 per gallon. that's down 7 cents since last week. the largest drop was in the midwest, down 11 cents. ikea will start selling solar panels at its stores in britain. the installation and maintenance of these panels is included. ikea says selling them in u.s. could be next. it's a big day for grand theft auto 5. access to the multiplayer version of the game will be available online. that means that players can create their own avatars and team up with grends. grand theft auto 5 is available for x-box and playstation 3. how fast is your fast food? not as fast as it used to be
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apparently. mcdonald's clocked its slowest average drive-through speed at 3:09. wendy's was the fastest at 2:14. chick-fil-a, the slowest, at 3:23. those are just a couple of seconds apart. not a big deal. >> the fire department, the work to shave off the seconds. >> if you want a big mac, are you going to wait an extra minute? >> you better believe it. >> of course. when we come back, high-speed drama. a man behind the wheel, pointing a pistol at another driver. and crocodile stalks the streets of a resort town frequented by many americans. what's causing the reptilian problem? ery d,y neage,y ste.etsmart your p's hapness as much as you do. that's why we carry thousands of varieties of foods to meet his exact nutritional needs. like wellness®, formulated with natural ingredients
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down to a science. you're the reason we reformulated one a day women's. a complete multivitamin that now has extra b vitamins, which help convert food to energy. energy support for the things that matter. that's one a day women's. welcome back. crocodiles are something of a problem right now in the mexican resort city of acapulco. flooding pushed them far from
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their habitat. eight crocs have been captured in the last few days. one is being blamed for the death of a young boy. you may run into a slowdown in the pacific northwest and along the south in the gulf coast. >> and rain and lightning could cause airport delays in new orleans, houston as well as miami. back to the news now. and our top story. major parts of the federal government are shut down this morning after lawmakers could not resolve their differences. thousands of federal workers are being told to stay home. >> all 59 national parks and federal offices are closed. but troops in uniform will continue to serve and be paid on time, despite late-night action on capitol hill, there's no new talks scheduled. police are investigating an extreme version of road rage. >> the encounter sent a toddler to the hospital with knife wounds. linzie janis has the details. >> reporter: watch as 30 bikers
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take over this new york highway. surrounding this range rover. one of the drivers seems to stop short. the suv hits him, breaking his leg. within seconds, the entire group grinds to a halt. they surround the suv. police say attacking the car and slashing its tires. and that's when the suv takes off, plowing over some of the bikers. watch again. police say the driver in the car with his wife and young daughter was afraid for his life. then, a high-speed chase. the bikers in hot pursuit. at one point, they catch up. one biker tries to open the door door. but again, it speeds away. the chase ends on the streets of manhattan. the driver, trapped in traffic. the bikers surround the car again. this one, smashing the driver's side window with his helmet. >> he's taken out of the car. he is assaulted. he received some stitches at the hospital. >> reporter: police are trying
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to track down those bikers. and pouring over every second of that video. linzie janis, abc news, new york. now, to a terrifying case of road rage. this one also caught on tape. this is on a kentucky interstate. a driver decided to tape a lincoln driving dangerously. the passenger window opens up and a gun, here it is, aimed right at him. luckily, he was able to slam on his brakes and avoid being shot. the man from indiana has been arrested for that incident. police in new york are searching for two mystery parachutists who jumped from 40 stories before landing near the world trade center site. investigators trying to determine which building was used as the launching pad in the pre-dawn hours. there aren't many clues. >> they were scene walking away from the location. no banners. no notes. >> if the two parachuters jumped from a nearby skyscrapers they
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would join a group of b.a.s.e. jumpers, doing this all over the world. october is breast cancer month. and the entire abc news vision is going pink. a new abc news poll on breast cancer awareness shows that one in four women aged 50 years or older have never had a mammogram. one in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. and 80% of those have no family history of the disease. later on this morning on "good morning america," it's going pink. one of our anchors will do a live mammogram. you can head over to our website, abc news goes for more on breast cancer awareness. time for sports. and the playoff picture for major league baseball is set. and drew brees puts on another show. >> here's neil everett at espn with all of the details. >> good morning, america. neil everett in los angeles. a couple undefeated teams in new orleans. drew brees and the 3-0 saints,
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against ryan tannehill and the 3-0 dolphins. sproles set that up from a pass from brees. and the pass for tannehill. and jabari greer jumped it. the ensuing drive, it's sproles again. he had 7 catches 114 yards in the first half and 2 touchdowns. brees, four touchdowns overall. it's a tiebreaker. it's not a wild card game. tiebreaker between the braves and rangers. the winner gets cleveland in the playoffs. the loser will get a tee time. teeing off in the top of the third. evan longoria. it's 3-0. that was plenty for david price. 5-2, nelson cruz back from suspension. that's not going to leave a mark. price, complete game. four strikeouts. the rays win 5-2. and they clinch the second a.l. wild card spot. there's a new podcast on
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espn radio, hosted by our linda cohn. it's called "listen closely." give it a listen. have a great day. another couple gone from "dancing with the stars." this one a fan favorite. and next in "the pulse," jimmy kimmel hits the streets to see if people know that much about obama care. funny stuff, folks. stay with us. ♪ wow...look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin, but i wondered, "could i up my game?" my doctor told me about eliquis. and three important reasons to take eliquis instead. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin.
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i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressive's claims service. we start "the pulse," with apparent confusion about the gridlock in washington. >> the shutdown centers over disagreements over the nation's new health care act. it's called the affordable health care act.
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also known as obama care. >> that's not what people thought. jimmy kimmel found out. >> which do you support? obama care? or the affordable care act? >> the affordable care act. >> the affordable care act is more affordable than obama care? >> the name says it all. >> do you think obama care is socialist? >> yes, i do. >> do you think the affordable care act is socialist? >> do you think that obama care and the affordable care act are the same thing? >> no, they're not. i'm not student. >> a cringe-worthy moment who happened to be a member of kimmel's audience. there she is. we often hear about athletes carbo-loading before an event. but lolo jones is going one step further. supersizing her intake. >> if sosochi olympic, she eats four double cheeseburgers every day. topped off with protein shakes
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and plenty of ice cream. it's about 9,000 calories. jones weighs in at 157 pounds. that's 27 more than her hurdling weight during the london olympics. from packing on the pounds to throwing down. look at this grandma who knows how to move with the music. and you can see why this viral video is going viral. >> her hips are gyrating. i don't know how old she is. look at the young guy she's approaching. he has no idea what to make of this situation. so, he just sit there's and enjoys. and she looks like she's enjoying herself. >> he is not getting up. huh-uh. >> i don't know if i could be up for a challenge like that, either. >> are those jeans hiked up? or are they high-wasted? >> she's so modern is so many ways. >> she does shimmy. >> pretty good one there. >> she does shimmy. >> pretty good one there. >> yeah. ♪
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for over 20 years. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. checking out our top stories. major parts of the federal government shut down at midnight after lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on new funding. no new talks are scheduled. and today marks a major
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milestone for the affordable care act. millions of americans can begin shopping online for health care coverage. and copper wire may be to be blame for an explosion. today's weather. most of the country is going to be sunny and warm and dry. but you can expect some scattered thunderstorms along the gulf. and we have some rain and some snow, even, for the northwest. get those rain -- that rain gear ready. finally this morning, one fewer dancer in the ballroom. when the scores were tallied last night on abc's "dancing with the stars," it was a bit of a predictable outcome. >> and probably merciful, given the condition of the contestant that got ousted. george pennacchio has our update. >> reporter: dancing with an injury is never the right formula to win "dancing with the stars." after a torn quad, bill nye was all but sidelined this week.
4:27 am
he did his injured best out on the dance floor. but it wasn't enough. fewer votes than last week and tied for last place judges' scored this week, knocked him out of the competition. >> it's disappointing. but it's almost certainly for the best, considering the condition of my tendon. >> reporter: brant daugherty who danced with a sprained ligament in his foot, took the lead this week. they scored triple 9s for their quick step. >> i think we avoided the math year. >> for second, christine in a millian. they re-enacted the exhaustion they felt after their fast quick step. just a point away, elizabeth berkley lauren and val chmerkovsk chmerkovskiy. >> i was expecting an 8. >> we saw a three-way tie for sixth place. triple 8s for leah remini and
4:28 am
tony dovolani. >> we're doing better next week. this will be our first ball dance. >> gosh. >> that was the wrong dance. >> nope. see? oh, no. >> oh, no. >> reporter: the dance of the night was not the cha-cha. lack of hip action landed jack osbourne in ninth place. followed by valerie harper who lost her way. but still got a standing ovation. in los angeles, george pennacchio, for abc news. >> there's so many good dancers. >> i was riveted. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is good morning washington. on your side. >> straight ahead, the clock has run out and the federal government is officially shuttered this morning.
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congress missed its deadline avert the shut down. that will be making waves for thousands of people in the days and possibly weeks to come. good morning to you, washington. it's tuesday, october 1st, i'm jummy olabanji. >> we've got complete coverage of the government shutdown this morning. before we get to traffic and weather, want to give you a brief runnian what you can expect now that that deadline on capitol hill has passed. first, nearly 800,000 federal workers can expect to be furloughed. even though some of them in various departments will have to show up for work today, it will be unpaid. >> but the president did address our nation's military. he said he passed legislation that ensures all active duty troops will be paid during the shutdown. >> meanwhile, our area's national parks


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