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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  May 20, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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parts of the nation's midsection, leaving at least one person dead. forecasters warned that area could see even more severe weather today. good morning to you. it is monday, may 20. i'm scott him in. >> i am greta kreuz in person a simpson. meteorologist jacqui jerris joins us. no tornadoes around here. >> no, but we will see what weather again today. we will have lots of opportunities in the weeks ahead to get some showers and thundershowers. we are back into the warm sector. our temperatures will be hotter and more humid for the rest of the week. we do have a little bit of patchy fog am especially north of the metro area. places like hagerstown, frederick, hagerstown seen a bit of that. the rest of us are dealing with cloud cover. as we take a look at 66peratures, mid 60s, degrees in washington dc. our weather headline, warmer and more humid week. a frequent chance of showers, and a cold front approaches to change things up i the end of
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the week. we will have more specific details coming up in your seven- day forecast. onht now, let's check traffic. good morning, it is monday. >> good morning. so far, so good on the roadways. we do have one incident along the bw parkway that may slow you down a little bit. this is going to be near route 100. that is going to be a tween route 100 and i are 90 -- i 195. ,hat is going to be northbound not southbound, but northbound headed up towards baltimore. be prepared for those delays. looking good otherwise. no incidents to report. he had an earlier crash on the beltway that cleared up. it was just on the shoulder. coming in from 95 where we usually have delays due to construction, smooth sailing. let's check out a camera so you can see current conditions on 395 at king street. you can see light traffic there. northbound, the cars headed
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away from us, and headlights headed towards us -- those lee the southbound lanes. a very light conditions in both directions. day of ouranother $700 gas giveaway. we actually have two more days. today and tomorrow. you can still win that 700 -- $700 in free gas. all you have to do is go to -- excuse me, watch for the phone number before 7:00 a.m., be the seventh color, and you can win that $700. he do have more info on david j /freegas.-- >> more storms are expected today in the nation's midsection. that is hours after a series of tornadoes wiped out several homes. >> that's right. at least one person was killed, more than a dozen hurt, in the twisters that struck from oklahoma to iowa. devin dwyer reports. >> it was a storm chasers dream.
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a parade of powerful tornadoes from kansas oklahoma. the twisters created massive swirls of debris as they tore across the open plains. ominous funnel clouds dropped from the sky and supersized help help the drivers on the roads. the storms created a trail of terror, a massive tornado pulverizing homes and killed at least one man in a mobile home park south east oklahoma city. high winds toppled power lines and tossed tractor-trailers off interstates, spilling their cargo onto the roads. in kansas, a flurry of hail was so strong it took paint off homes. ,> the wind was unbelievable the hail and everything was coming straight sideways. >> rv's and their owners got badly battered. >> the wind came up all of a sudden. the rv started shaking. i'm thankful that we weren't hurt more than we were. ,> the threat now marches east
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stretching from texas up to wisconsin and illinois. or casters say eastern oklahoma and central missouri are most at risk for more dangerous tornadoes later today. devin dwyer, abc news. >> turning now to the day ahead, the man charged in deadly crash in prince george's county is scheduled to go on trial today. he faces motor vehicle manslaughter and other charges in a june 20 crash on indian head highway in oxon hill. prosecutors say he was drunk and speeding when he rear-ended a car that was driven by eugene johnson. johnson, his wife cordelia roberts, and her sister were all killed. another person in the car survived. >> the fbi is mourning the loss of two special agents from quantico killed in a training exercise. it happened friday off the coast of virginia beach. special agents trista 4-wood and stephen shah were members of the fbi's elite hostage rescue team. shipwere aboard a military
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when the accident happened. the cause is under investigation. >> it is 4:35. onto business news, any local governments are already banking on the internet sales tax bill coming into play. >> investors have their eye on yahoo this morning. let's get to linda bell. happy monday morning to you. >> happy monday morning to you. a new trading week upon us. we have yahoo holding a big media event in new york today. we are accepting an announcement that yahoo's board has a -- approved in a of the blog site tumblr. the deal would be worth over $1 billion. yahoo is excited to update the photo sharing website, flickr. andress has not agreed to tax-free shopping on the internet, but some states are laying out their plans on how to them the money. "the wall street journal" says maryland and virginia passed transportation bills counting on this revenue.
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in the district, two city council members proposed spending the money that dc would collect from online sales taxes on houston for the homeless. earlier this month, the senate approved legislation on this bill. it faces an unclear future in the house. when you're on your next flight, would you rather sit next to a crying baby or a smelly adult? you may be surprised at what pet peeves we were able to put up with and what we were willing to pay extra to avoid. i will have more coming up in the next hour. light a bloomberg headquarters, i am linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> that's always be that's -- that's always fun, being wedged between crying babies and smelly people. [laughter] thank you. it is 4:36. 65 degrees. >> still to come, it is going to be a tough week for commuters up in connecticut.
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>> 4:40. we had a mixed bag over the weekend, everything from sun to downpours. >> i've got my lawnmower -- lawn mowed, but that was it. showers.ween the sunday ended up being a little bit better than other day little bit better of a day than we expected. we've got a much warmer week ahead. if you did not like the coal 60s on saturday, i think it is looking better out there. waking up to 60s. 66 in washington dc. windsor coming out of the south. coming out of the south. we do have some fog invisibility issues to the north. you can expect that in places like martinsburg into frederick, probably dipping into winchester and gaithersburg. even annapolis could get in on that. i think we will be ok in washington, dc. you can see our visibility is between 6-9 miles.
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we have a fairmont of cloud cover to start the day. 68 degrees. a few showers possible midday. by 5:00, partly sunny, unit, he one degrees. -- 81 degrees. i will have your seven-day when i see you again. here is amanda. , we are pretty quiet on the roadways. we do have a few incidents including the disabled vehicle we just picked up on the outer loop trip this will be coming across the american legion bridge. just after the bridge on the right side, there will be some delays there. that is on the outer loop. that is going to be headed onto the gw parkway southbound. just before that offramp on gw parkway southbound, you will run into a few delays. it is a bit of a blind curve. you may need some brake lights there. people are surprised by that disabled vehicle on the right and there are emergency vehicles hopping about. we've also got some construction. the bw parkway between route 100 and route i-95.
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-- i-195. they are experiencing lane closures because of construction. stay to the left. here is a shot of i-270 through gaithersburg. you can see smooth running traffic in both directions so far. if you do want more information on any incident that you find, you can always follow me on twitter. check my feed before you head out of the doorway. @gridlockgoddess. use the search bar, and you'll find me. >> thank you much. for: 42. 65 degrees. >> rg3 is not responding to criticism of allowing fans to buy him gifts. >> year after year, gw sends its graduates into the world on the wings of advice from esteemed leaders and thinkers. this year, you got me. [laughter] returns toshington
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>> it is going to be a messy morning for some commuters in the northeast. that is because crews will have to replace 2000 feet of tracks after two commuter trains collided near bridgeport, connecticut during friday's
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rush. dozens of passengers were hurt. there is still no amtrak service between new york and new haven. amtrak says the disruption could last up to one week. no word on the cause of the crash. tonight nasa will host a tobute at the kennedy center the first american woman in space. dr. sally ride passed away last year. her many account bush wins include the creation of sally ride science. her mission was to get students excited about science, technology, engineering, and math, also known as stem. whoe are waiting to learn is the winner of saturday's record $590 million powerball jackpot. there was one winner. you do know that winning ticket was sold in his efforth -- in zephyrhills, florida. other tickets are worth up to $1 million. food line in northern virginia
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won one of those tickets. the winner can came -- can claim the prize beginning today. >> president obama will meet with myanmar's president today. that is one day after giving a commencement speech in georgia. the president traveled to atlanta where he spoke to students at the historically black morehouse college. he talked about his own experiences when he was young. i put off my own failings as just another example of the world trying to keep another black man down. i had a tendency sometimes to make excuses for me not doing the right thing. but one of the things that all of you have learned over the last four years is that there is no longer any room for excuse. >> 500 students at the all-male school graduated. he also attended a democratic senate fundraiser during his visit. >> actress kerry washington was on the national mall to deliver the commencement address for for her alma mater, george
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washington university yesterday, and she couldn't help but throw out -- a joke about her abc hit "scandal." >> i know what some of you are thinking. you're thinking, we are celebrating our academic and intellectual achievements with the lady that is having an affair with the president on that tv show? >> washington graduated in 1998 and also reference other famous alumni, including: powell, she revealed is actually her cousin. the actress also received an honorary degree. there is plenty of good news for the cast of "scandal." the season finale was the most- watched episode for the show. it was also the most social show with more than 571,000 tweets. that is the highest number of tweets the show has received so far this season. read and quarterback robert griffin iii is responding to criticism over the actions of some generous fans. >> all the boxes of items that fans purchase from his wedding
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registry that he created at bed bath & beyond. a funny picture. he received a lot of criticism for accepting the gifts. he tweeted out "i didn't ask fans to buy me anything, they responded on their own and decided to get what they could. smh at all these debbie downers." >> oh wow. [laughter] i guess there is no room -- >> jackie, what you think about that? >> i'm not commenting. >> you bought him something didn't you? >> no.
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move on.y, let's i digress. let's talk about temperatures. it's feeling pretty comfortable out there. we are back in the warm sector. we will be back into the 80s today. things will be a lot warmer and a lot more humid in the upcoming days. we've got 66 degrees in dc. 67 at dulles. 66 in frederick. quantico, 66 degrees. i do not know what that is. there we go. after the map and you can see we had a couple of light showers that moved through the overnight hours. nothing too big. our airmass is still unstable. things could be popping once again this afternoon. just scattered showers. it will not be a complete washout. he might see a few peaks of sunshine. there also watching the severe weather outbreak in the planes, more than 20 reports of tornadoes. there were more than 50 reports over the weekend. a good section around here, we had a disturbance in the upper level of the atmosphere.
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that could turn into a few showers, especially through the midday. our futurecast is showing you those widely scattered across the area this afternoon as we get very warm. how warm? 79-84 degrees today. it's good to see the 80s again. mostly cloudy with showers possible. otherwise, 62-68. our seven day test, look at tomorrow and wednesday, getting into the middle to upper 80s. wednesday should be a dry one. a few lingering showers possible the cold front that moves through on thursday into friday. temperatures will cool down. what a great looking weekend. cross your fingers. 70s and sunshine. let's check on the roads this morning. >> good morning. so far, we do have incident- free roadways as far as major interstates. we do have construction that could slow you down. we have reports of two right lanes open on the bw parkway right near bwi between route 100 and route -- and 195.
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stay to the right through there. he also have a look at 270. we can see between frederick and gaithersburg, eminent southbound -- coming in southbound, not the early- morning volume as usual. we also have a live shot through that stretch. this is along 270 your father hurley. you can see very light traffic in both directions. starting up little bit southbound, really no big delays there along 270. we are giving away $700 in free gas once again today. listen before 7:00 a.m.. you could win that $700 in free gas. today and tomorrow are the last two days to get in on that. i will send it back over to you. >> 65 degrees. 4:52 is your time. >> a standout moment from the billboard music awards. for all the wrong reasons. ♪
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[ male announcer ] fight stains with the touchch of a button and get extra cleaning power with exclusive steam assist in ge's most advanced washystem ever. ♪ visit bray & scarff and pay no interest for 18 months and save $100 on select ge washers and dryers. hurry in for this limited time offer. ♪ >> tonight marks the finals on "dancing with the stars." kellie pickler, jacoby jones are competing for the mirror ball trophy. >> each star will perform three dances and included previous routine. tomorrow, the winner will be announced. cynne simpson is in hollywood as we speak it you can look for her life tonight on abc seven news at 11:00.
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i'm sure she will give us all of the inside scoop. >we are also sure that the stars are still partying in las vegas after the billboard music awards. the show.closed ♪ country singer taylor swift was one of the night's big winners. she won eight of 11 awards, including pop artist. justin bieber won three awards while rihanna won four. congrats to all them. singer miguel had a memorable performance. >> i think that is a fair per -- fair statement. he jumped up the stage and landed right on a girl's head. there it is. the singer later tweeted out that he got caught up in the performance and that rock 'n
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roll made him do it. he says he's is glad that the girl is ok. billboard tweeted that the girl was seen backstage holding an ice pack, and even said i "adorn" him, which is a plan words to one of his famous songs. >> it is 4:57. 65 degrees. , honoring former wizards star jason collins a few weeks after he made
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