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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 13, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we will see a gradual mix of change over to snow. by the time it changes all over to snow, it will end as the new storm system take shape right up the coast line. we do not think it will have a major impact on the areas out west. temperatures are above freezing. the real issues. temperatures will slowly drop. it will end up around midnight. the sun will be up early tomorrow morning. a very mild day ahead. we will see if there is any more snow or winter weather in the seven-day forecast. >> one day after his ambitious state of the union address president obama hit the road to sell his ideas to the nation. rebecca cooper joins us from the newsroom with how the president's speech was received here at home. >> republicans complained the president used the state of the union to resell ideas.
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the president today took his message directly to voters. we want to recovery county and found the mood reflects the mood in congress, of parsley divided. to go>> that is the american dream. that is what we have to fight for. that has to be the north star that i did everything we do. >> many voters giving the speech of sums up. >> i thought it was a very good speech. it is everything we need to do. >> i like the part about the gun control initiative. >> i think climate change is critical. >> it all begins with education and young people. to cut the economy and jobs. immigration is very important. we definitely have to do
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something about the guns in our society. >> voters remains divided . / . >> you should not give any individual that much power. >> he complains higher taxes on the wealthy will hurt the middle class. >> i am a little kid, i tried to get wealthy, and you cannot do it because the tax too much. >> republicans echoed the sentiment on the tax hikes and criticize the president for creating new government programs without focusing on ways to cut spending. tomorrow the president heads to georgia to promote early childhood learning. >> marco rubio who gave the republican response last night pause to grab a bottle of water during the speech, and the reaction was talked out on
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social media. >> i have to ask you about the water bottle last night. twitter went a little wild. you're laughing at yourself. anything to add from last night? >> i needed water. what are you going to do? god has a funny way of reminding us we are human. >> he took it all in stride. he even posted a picture of the water bottle shortly after wrapping up his speech. take a little more than two weeks until the sequester march 1 when the military will face the budget cuts of as congress and work out a deficit-cutting plan. the house armed services committee republican tried to avoid the blame game. he says neither congress nor the obama administration has clean hands in this thing. president obama's man to be
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treasury secretary says the 85 billion in cuts would put -- would put far too many jobs and businesses at risk. he made the remarks before the senate by the committee, which is considering his nomination. they want to know why he collected a million-dollar bonus at a time when the bank was being bailed out by taxpayers. >> senator harry reid has filed for cloture on the nomination of chuck hagel. that means the senate will vote to end the debate friday. 60 boats will be needed to go through confirmation. john mccain revealed he was reconsidering his promise not to filibuster the nomination. senator collins now says she will not vote for his confirmation. she cites the concerns about his views on those critical threat facing the u.s. >> a protest over the keystone
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pipeline lead the rest of the white house today. robert f. kennedy jr.. protesters are demanding president obama reject the pipeline. they worry about environmental damage and a possible oil spill. to go a lot of talk recently about how to reduce gun violence. -- >> a lot of talk recently about how to reduce gun violence. northern virginia bureau chief joins us live from springfield. i understand this is about the straw man purchases. >> that is right. people who legally buy guns for people who cannot legally buy them for themselves. bob macdonald could be a safety task force and now promoting eight different bills aimed at curbing violence, mostly dealing with school safety. the strong men feel -- strawman
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bill deals with the purchases. take it you ask whether it should result in tougher penalties, you will find plenty of agreement. >> i would hope so. >> i would be in favor of stronger penalties. that is when someone legally buys a gun and sells it to someone who cannot buy on their own like a felon or someone with mental illness. >> if someone is not acting properly we refuse the sale. >> mark warner is meticulous about sales. he opposes new gun laws but thinks increase in punishment for strongmanaw man buyers could be a strong deterrent. >> you need to increase the
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penalties and carry out the wall. at least it is a start. >> critics call this window dressing. they favor mandatory background checks for private sales. closing the so-called loophole. >> anything that reduces the number of guns on the street is a good idea. >> are really going to do something this time? anything is better than nothing. >> the bill calls for mandatory one-year sentence for the person that unless the man to make the gun purchased. this moves it one step closer to becoming law. >> he is stuck in ecuador's london embassy, but that is not stopping the wikileaks founder from plotting the next move. >> more on the work underway at
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the washington monument more than a year after the earthquake struck. to go where things stand tonight on a plan to create
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>> wikileaks founder julian assange plating to run for a senate seat in australia. swedish authorities are
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investigating sexual misconduct allegations against him. he could face legal action from the u.s. government for posting classified documents on his web site. >> metro planning to make land it owns available to the fbi. the property is located in prince george's county. if approved it would be considered as headquarters. it has outgrown the current northwest washington facility. >> leading an effort to create to historic parks honoring harriet tubman. the conductor of the so-called underground railroad who led hundreds of slaves to freedom in the north. he wants to create one park in maryland where she was born, it did other in new york where she is buried. >> the image done to the
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monument park by an earthquake. how long the project is expected to take. >> plus, an update on a wintry mix for test. >> no wintry mix in florida. it is spring training. we will hear from davey johnson. last night's last game may have been a season changer.
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>> a year and a half since the earthquake struck the metro area. several structures were damaged including the washington monument. kevin gibson joins us live -- tonight. >> you are not allowed on top of the monument. we wanted to find out today how long that will be the case. >> this is the last time the washington monument will look like this until at least the end of the year. starting monday and over the course of the next three months,
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the facade of the iconic landmark will change. that is why the amateur photographer made it to the monument today. >> i always wanted to do it. i wanted the pictures before it started. starting next week these construction workers will begin building the scaffolding at the pace of 10 feet per day. i made the entire 550 feet structure will be encased. it will spend the next year repairing and strengthening the landmarks that are still damage from the earthquake 16 months ago. >> i did not know it was damage from the earthquake. i take it will be critical to see it finished. >> some of the cracks occurred during the earthquake, they will be preparing the stones by resetting stones that were damaged.
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>> not only will there be scaffolding, but a large pyramid will remain around the monument, much to the dismay of many visitors. >> some people may never get to see it again. it will be cool. >> park service officials expect that people will be allowed back to the top of the monument by this time next year. >> kind of a rainy night out there. no snow in the metro area. giving you a time lapse. this from washington lee high school during the day. a break of sunshine and then the rain started. middle of the afternoon as we expected. 36 degrees in fairfax right now. 1500 of an inch of rain so far.
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36 and waldorf with light rain. 0.12 inches of rain. this is part of the pattern, the gradual turnover pattern. i think that will continue before it all ends later tonight. 38 and 34 a reagan national. 200 -- 0.2 inches of rain -- .02 inches of rian oain so far. just west of the metro area, the change over to snow. if you look closely, you might see the line inch eastward. that would be the pattern through the night. as the changes from west to east the whole pattern of precipitation will continue to move to the east, northeast. we will not see much of anything. even in those areas, most of the regents are above freezing right
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now. here is a bigger view for you. showing you circulation of the upper level disturbance. there is another system off the coast that will become the primary system. once this is organize it will pull all of the moisture out of here. that will accelerate the clearing overnight. the storm will start to move off and get a bit stronger. the drier air will move in. a lot of sunshine tomorrow and near 50 degrees. a few clouds on friday. friday night the cold front comes through. maybe reins of power and use them showers. -- maybe a rain shower or a few snow showers. later tonight rain/snow mixed. tomorrow sunday near 50 degrees. chance of rain showers late friday night. partly to mostly cloudy. low to mid '30's on sunday with a few flurries.
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back to the 50 degree mark by next tuesday. >> now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> spring training? >> yes, sir. the nationals had the best record in baseball last year. they came within a strike of getting into the national baseball league. the players got their physicals today and the pitchers and catchers officially will be on the field tomorrow. fort mchenry -- >> davey johnson spoke to media for the first time in camp today. he compared this year to 86 noting that this is the deepest bench he has ever coached. he talked about the season
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ahead. >> reporters crowded around davey johnson as he talked about his unusual off-season excursion. >> is a great trip to africa. -- it was a great trip to africa. i thought i was going to get run over by an elephant. >> it is clear that baseball is long overdue. gearing up for the last season of his career. >> johnson reflected on the heartbreak and the playoffs. -- in the playoffs. >> that comes with experience in those situations. >> as he told the media, he does not focus on the negative. >> it is one thing tried to climb the hill. it is another when you have the x on your back. it makes it more fun. >> he will take his time easing
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henry rodriguez into everything. he has told the media before, it is world series or bust. >> the washington capitals have a little momentum on their side. they trailed the last night in florida before rallying. both scored in the final minutes. got that! from the six-by capitals win. two and a row for washington. they play tomorrow in tampa. cincinnati in the first. look at this. he throws it over his head. he grabs it and throws it in before the buzzer. that is our shot of the night. how about will farrell? he went in as a stone-faced security guard in dejected shaquille o'neal.
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just threw him out of the arena. he does this way too well. it looks like he has done this before. he is out of here. so long. the wizards are in detroit tonight. they have one fouwon four in a row. they are on a little bit of a role. >> thi would not try to eject them from anything. >> a final look at the forecast when we
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00, when is too late? the controversial new currency -- curfew. it is the fight to keep pulling after dike -- after dark. >> we a been talking about the rain leading to snow. the transition has occurred now in clarksburg.snow there but roadway temperatures are very warm. it will not amount to much. rain for a while, but then condition will occur. then we will have a clearing trend. back with an update on what to expect. >> thank you.
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