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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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y pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and melted cheese. all piled-high on freshly baked bread. taste one at your local subway today! subway. eat fresh. captioned by the national captioning institute news at 6:00 on your side. >> it is another chilly night. some of seen some flurries. >> we will get right to steve rudin. >> seeing flurries out there right now. it is not going to amount to a lot. where you are within the beltway, you might that. south of the sea is where you are finding light activity at this time. -- d.c. is where you are seeing
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activity at this time. the 270 in the beltway began to meet. we do not have any advisories or watches. a quiet overnight ahead, slowlytures the will 30's into thehe 20's. some of us will see temperatures in the teens. we have a warm up on the way. details on when we expect temperatures to be the much as around .0's issued an inside of a d.c. nightclub. inside ining d.c. nightclub. police are still on the hunt for a suspect. this happen overnight it to a club 30 a.m. on the 2400 block of the benning road northeast. police said none of the victims suffering from life-
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threatening injuries. searching for a gunman who they said was inside the nightclub, and to open fire on fellow patrons. -- and opened fire on fellow patrons. that is sad. were gunned down at the d.c. soundstage. is website says the concert features a variety of live , karaoke, and comedians. it is a nice place. >> this woman says she has performed at the nightclub. i have never had a problem. some neighbors say the crowd rowdy, trashing the streets and making a lot of noise. >> security would be a big help. when there is live music, at night -- but no one in the business wanted to comment. police say five victims were taken to the hospital. man was shot in the left eye. another male victim was found
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shot hiding at the back of the building. police are searching for the gunman and clues as to why would do this. activists on capitol hill say it for reminder of the need more gun control. this shooting on benning the dtrict's experience this kind of thing every day. >> the police chief has the down abc to set establishments -- shut down abc establishments after an incident like this. the suspect is described as a goatee, armed with a silver handgun. reporting live in northwest. abc 7 news. happened just a few of gunrom where a group gathered to call for
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stricter laws. summoned miller was there as well. >> she was a first responder at the shooter and a new town. -- at newtown. >> the guns have got to go. we cannot let what happened to kids happen to anyone else. families have joined the today to march from the capitol to the washington monument. >> when is it going to end? >> the protesters want stricter including universal background checks, gun safety buyers, and all on assault weapons and high- capacity magazines. my husband fought in vietnam. those are the kinds of weapons used. we do not need those there. admit picketing any
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change in progress is usually a -- getting any change in congress is usually a problem. >> mayor vincent gray is cautiously optimistic. >> we're hopeful. >> some see the responsibility differently. gun rights activist showed up to protecting such an amendment rights. up to protect second amendment rights. >> this is about and responsibility, a gun safety this is about your -- safety. this is about if you're dead americans. -- fewer dead americans.
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>> those who attended the lawrenceville gun show today said they are snatching up including assault rifles because they're worried be tougher to get the legal in the future. legally in the future. >> everyone refuses to be a soft target. of shares in georgia the -- shirtsst and george's it or against the assault weapons ban. theyeorgia say against the assault weapons ban. not get too far before police captured him. more on this story tonight allow the clock. -- 5:00. christina king of waldorf.
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investigators say she was avenue whenouthern a mini van rented the car. king kept going and then crashed into an ambulance. her car flipped over and caught fire. the ambulance and struck another vehicle. then struck another vehicle. i euro tonight. -- a hero tonight. heading home on interstate 64, fromhe saw smoke coming of a flatbed truck. he pulled up alongside to alert the driver. bertinelli stayed on the scene until emergency crews arrived. >> loved ones will honor the gardner.laura snyder- tomorrow afternoon at the
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auditorium on campus. daughter were killed .n an early-morning fire investigators are still not sure what exactly caused the fire. one of baseball's best players rest today. .t. louis cardinals he played for the team for 22 mbps andrning 3 team to three world series titles. >> a new super bug is racing across the country. it is a new strain of nori -- norovirus. can sanitizers will not help to prevent it. -- hand sanitizers will not help to prevent it. >> we have to be meticulous to avoid getting it. the terms leader for weeks on handles, doors, door makers -- the germs
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linger for weeks on doors, door handles, and coffee makers. the story behind the removal of these rates at arlington national ceremony -- wreaths at arlington national cemetery.
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watching abc 7 news at 6:00. lots of people travel to national ceremony to wreaths. richard reeve has more on this moving story. it is a different kind of cleanup. hundreds of volunteers at
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arlington national cemetery. braving the cold. collecting 112,000 wreaths placed here for the holidays. i am thankful that they did it for us. the rates are often surrounded by a dusting of snow to honorpointment way those who paid the ultimate -- poignant way to honor who pay the ultimate sacrifice. >> weeks later, these use elbow grease, and /ooden poles, even ropes thinking of those who will remain there in their final resting place. we truly do care about the
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service they give to our country. takes a couple of a bitter winter day. loving, tender care on this sacred ground. you actually see the people sacrificed their lives. in arlington national cemetery, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> a fixture in the u.s. senate is retiring. notharkin announced he will run for reelection. the 73-year-old says it is time for him to step aside. he served in the house for 10 years. the senate seat has been in hands for decades and opening fore an republicans next year. secretary of state hillary attentiont a lot of glasses at the benghazi hearings.
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according to a spokesperson, is wearinglinton them instead of contacts because problems from the concussion she suffered in in december. the spokesperson said mrs. did enjoy reading articles on what each of her adjustments to the glasses mean. >> out shoveling the snow. >> just fou
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, a judge in ohio sentenced himself and his staff to do good in their community. shoveling snow for seniors. he says he grew up in this east
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cleveland neighborhood and would shovel the snow for his mom so she could go to work. he and his staff have shoveled 40 driveways. after doing this work, he thinks be a good sentence the bad guys. if we get any snow like this will do that. [laughter] >> i am calling the judge. outside, skies are mostly cloudy. fewe going to look for a flurries. not going to add up to anything at all. then we will see our skies and temperatures fall. windchill factor making it feel @ reaganmiddle 20's national. -- at reagan national. the first time we were above freezing in four days. in la plata.igh en
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children pose a hospital, 29. temperatures across the board, ,othing to complain about considering how cold it was this time yesterday. 30-some degrees in fredericksburg. our 24-hour temperature change compared to what was light .esterday at this time we had snow showers at this time yesterday. degrees warmer right now. an indication of what is on the way. high-pressure overhead for the as skies began to clear. a weak disturbance that is xpected to move our way night.nday if you flurries in your neighborhood. -- a few flurries in your neighborhood.
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those will come to an end very shortly. the next 48 hours, temperatures will dip for the overnight hours. tomorrow, highs around 35 to 38 degrees. increase in the afternoon hours. it is going to give as a chance for a little bit of freezing rain early monday morning. temperatures will rise above freezing freezing rain will to -- freezing. freezing rain will change over. tomorrow, a good deal of sunshine. 32 to 37 degrees. if you like milder air, you have it. mid-toy and wednesday -- upper-50's. , let's see if30's
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extend that offer into fabric. >> -- february. >> we're talking temperatures in that is kind of like -- 50's. that is kind of like baseball. [laughter] >> thousands of fans. ready to give the baseball season started. hoyans
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and know the toyota sports desk, but you by your local tweeted dealers. -- brought to you by your local tweeted dealers. interestingly enough, he
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would play the hero today. .he hoyas he led the way with 17 points. making it 52-50 georgetown. closing seconds. one last shot. no good. otto porter gets the rebound. this wind is impressive, and -- impressive, and jp knows it. >> it speaks to how strong his lead is. you literally have to play well
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night, or you're going to lose. to them.tulations 41-35, len laying it in. terps trailed by 8 1/2. -- eight at the half. e.son plumle check this out. that's a duty. 84-64. lays it in with the left hand. cavaliers when their third straight -- win their third straight. minister when one of the best center fielders in the game. -- managed to find one of the best center fielders in the game. they added another president.
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howard taft. he joins the presidents to the .aces this year nationals signing autographs, pictures with the fans. the team's appreciative the huge show of support. -- teams appreciated the huge support. the d.c. area is taking a huge rise this year. >> very honest. no longer do they all the worst record in the lead. wizard'sone to three games this year, and they have every one of them.
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miami heat fan and made a spectacular half-court shot. at this video. he is a fan, and he made the shot. a bear hug. no word on whether he likes the brush and fall with better. [laughter] >> $75,000. good job. >> and another hour, the
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flurries will completely gone. once we get through some rain on monday, in the upper 50's to around 60 on tuesday and wednesday. >> thanks so much.


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